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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 09/20/1987
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sikh Dharma

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Whahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sikh Dharma has a classical proclaimed position and without that proclaimed position one can not call himself a Sikh. This may give you an idea how depressed you can be. But the technology is not to find God the technology is to experience God and when the God is experienced there is no place for depression, unhappiness. And to ridicule one's own human being, home and identity is to insult God.

Not accepting the gift of life is a human tragedy. You have to understand how God works. There is nothing in the planet which cannot be divided into two things. One is energy, the other is matter. It is a simple scientific rule there no two opinions about it. So energy can be made to change into matter and matter can be changed to energy. Ultimate balance cannot be disturbed. As much matter will be created that much minus will be energy.

The planet earth and the humanity has gone through four destructions before this time. Because too much matter was created, too much less energy remained and it created an imbalance and the world started all over again. That is forty-two years drought when it never rained. There was an ice age when everything froze to death. There was a time, in Noah's time when water came and engulfed the entire earth and humanity and everything got depleted. So things do happen on this planet unexpectedly, heavily and forever. But that is what planet earth will do and then that we all will go along with it. Because it will be beyond our control but the situation which I am discussing, our daily life, our little planet earth, I, the individual who goes through pain and unhappiness and displeasure more most of the time. And goes for prayer, "Guru help me. God help me." Which is ridiculous. It is a ridiculous way to live. Beggars all the time begging a happy moment, all the time stimulating commotions and then asking help
from God. Now tell me most balanced earth, most balanced God what can he do with your commotions? Where is the relationship? Explain it to me. So what are you asking for?

First you create a commotion, create an imbalance then you don't want destruction. How is it possible? Is it possible that I create a commotion, I create an imbalance and then I can be steady? Impossible! Imbalance means to be not steady, steady at all. You take any house, blow up it's foundation and then want all the stories to stand right. What are you asking? That's why your prayers are not answered.

You talk of love and you bring tragedy to the person you love and you want to be loved. You love life, you love happiness and you bring tragedy to the soul, a part of God. You never connect inside all you connect is outside. Out, out, out and out you go. This world, this success, this status, this whole thing is out. "Anter Guru aradhana jeva jap Guru nao." You don't go inward at all. You don't create balance.

If Cherdi Kala is the principle thing in Sikh Dharma and we are supposed to be practicing it, our strength should be elevated, our life should be elevated, our disposition should be elevated, our personality should be elevated. It can not be elevated because there is no balance between in and out. Everything is out. I am successful as a doctor, I am successful as engineer, I am successful as a Yogi, I am successful a religious leader, I am successful as a man, I am successful as a father all these successes are out. They are good successes. Good food also can become poisonous. It is too dangerous to be too good. It is not required that you keep on being good, good, good to the extent that you have nothing to relate to.

I'll tell you a little story and just understand how God works. I think stories make sense to the kids and you are all children in spirituality. I think that will do justice.
There was a very saintly man, so saintly that he became very good. One day he took a vow, "I shall not directly, indirectly relate to anything wrong." So one day he was walking and he saw a person. He was doing something very wrong. He turned his face and passed away. He went a little bit further and he saw another wrong happening. He turned his face and walked on the other side. Then on that side there was something horrible happening. He turned his face and went to the other side. In the end he didn't know where he was. He sat down and he figured it out where he is at. And he understood where he was at. He came back and all he saw wrong, horrible, miserable. He came back and he bowed and he said, "Oh Lord, what is happening to me?" God appeared and said, "Oh fool, you were very happy because you had the desire to deal with the wrong to make it right. Once you have left that desire that you have nothing to do with that wrong now there will be nothing but misery in
your life. Because purpose of life is me, the God.
Purpose of life is me, the Creator and it is given to you as an identity so that wrong that is Me you can enjoy to correct. And that is the living purpose of life but when you start denying Me as wrong and you do not participate to right. I can do everything right I am God. I can do anything I want. I give you a chance because I give you life. I give you a soul. You have denied the soul. Soul is me. And the sole purpose of the soul is that wherever you see wrong, you see that it becomes right." If you do through service then you are a divine person. If you do through authority then you are a government. Justice can be administered by counseling, justice can be administered by punishment. Humanity adapted both ways. And religion believes in counseling. Counsel those who are wrong. In Sikh Dharma it is called "Mat, Sumat, Gurumat." If somebody is wrong give him "Gurumat". Share with him certain Guru's words, share with him certain Guru's experience so person can guide himself. Governmental
way is arrest him, try him and hang him. In the name of justice more people have been killed, in the name of religion more people have been slaughtered because people in authority use the force. Force in Dharma is only one force. Word. In the beginning was the word, word was with God and word was God. In spirituality counseling, sharing with words is the way of life, not the authority. Majority of what happens is when you become religious you become many people, you become authority and then you start dictating. There would not have been Christianity today at all as a religion but for Paul. But for Paul there would not have a religion called Christianity. It was Paul who said, " Those who believe in Christ shall have no condition." Peter said, " No, no, no they should have to be circumcized. They have to be initiated. We should check it all out." And Paul said, "No. Lord spoke to me and he showed me the blindness and he showed me the light, therefore in the name of Christ all
shall be accepted.

Because Paul had all the Greek converts behind him and Paul has all the money behind him so they could not ignore him. It was pure politics. But his intention was so universal that the person born a Jew, could relate because Jesus was a Jew. He taught in the temple which was a Jewish temple, his congregation was Jewish but the religion became Christians.
The division was brought by simple person called Paul. The influence was not of the Jews because Paul converted the entire Greeks. Greeks were very fine. There was no problem. Whatever they talked with they made a God into it. That is what God is about. They scattered God into so much goodness that everywhere you find a God, God of a, God of b, God of z, God of air, God of water, God of sneeze, God of laugh, God of ..... They made God into so many fragmentations that God didn't know what to do. So God had to destroy that so much scatteredness to bring one fanaticness of one God.

So God is equally as good and crazy as you are. So don't misunderstand because Creator and Creation can not be separated. Guru and Sikh can not be separated. You crazy Sikh, the Guru is crazy. You don't like it what I am saying, I know you don't like it. But the fact is whenever you want to prove Guru is crazy, you act crazy. The Guru is crazy. You can not be separated from Guru. That is the problem being a Sikh.

In every other religion you have a hide out. In Sikhism you can not have a hide out, that's the problem. That is why the Guru said, "Rehet piare mohai ko Sikh piara nahe." There are yums and niyums, there are do's and don'ts. And you can not cross and one of the biggest do is Cherdi Kala. Let your spirit be in excellence. Now that is a command. Now do you understand? You don't understand the meaning of it. And in English I am going to explain it to you. I have talked to every Punjabi knowing Sikh in my fifty-eight years, none knows the meaning of it. And I am shocked that is the foundation on which Sikh Dharma is based.

"Nanak Nam cherdi kala tere banai sarbat ka bala." This is the one line which I am explaining to you. "Nanak Nam cherdi kala." Nanak for the sake of the Name, let the spirit be exalted. And for that sake we wish good to all. It didn't say kill the evil. All, all means evil and good, all. It is the totality of the infinity on which Sikh Dharma stands its foundations. Evil is no evil. Bad is no bad. Bad is a work to make it good. Good is a work to keep it going. "Bala", the shabad is "sarbat da bala" and it can be only done if Sikhs understand the fundamental of being compassionate and kind. That is why the main problem is as a Sikh you can not hide your identity. Sikh has an identity. I once met a man. He was totally a shaven Sikh. And I just said to him, "You seem to be a Sikh." He said, "Well, I used to be." I said, "What do you mean by used to be? Are you a Sikh or not?" He said, "Well, I am afraid of you." I said, "Well, I have done nothing I am just talking to you. I
feel from you that you are a Sikh." He said, Yes, I used to be a Sikh but you know Yogiji I don't look Sikh now." I said, "Looks doesn't make a Sikh a Sikh, you are a Sikh. But the bad thing you are doing is you are hiding. And you have gained the looks to make it possible that you may not look like a Sikh. And I know that you don't look like a Sikh but I am telling you you are a Sikh then tell me who is a Sikh and who is not? I look like a Sikh and you are afraid of me, that doesn't make me a Sikh. Because nobody should be afraid of a Sikh. I said the very fact that you are afraid of me doesn't make me a good Sikh. I look Sikh but you don't look Sikh but I can smell it, I can feel it that you are a Sikh."

So basically it is a character. It is a commitment. It is a caliber. Sikh is a caliber which wishes good of all. And that comes to it when it has an elevated spirit. This elevated spirit, Cherdi Kala, is the foundation, is the fundamental of a Sikh. And there can not be Cherdi Kala if there is a personality imbalance. And in personality, imbalance is right with every religious person, they want to find God outside. What happened to that part of God inside? You know if you don't feed your own child and you give neighbor a lot of food your own child will revolt. He'll revolt, he'll act neurotic, he'll create fuss. You find God outside you do not relate to the soul inside. You create such a neurotic disaster in the spiritual realm that you will be totally miserable. That is why you all are miserable.
"Nanak dukia subh sansar say sukhia jis nam adhar." The identity becomes your food. And your identity is not outside you, your identity is inside you. That is the relationship with soul. That is why we meditate. "Jini Nam tiaiah ghey masakat a ghal Nanak te mukh ujulay kete chuti nal." This dhiana is a very simple it is a meditative relationship.

You are alive because of soul. When soul leaves you, you are dead and you don't relate to your soul. Some people were telling me yesterday, "I am lonely". I say it is a lie. No, Sir believe me. I am very lonely. I said that is a lie too. I do not know, why don't you understand I am lonely. I have no husband, no boy friend, no friend, nobody to relate to. I do not know what I should do. I am lonely. I said this is the third lie. You are not lonely. She said what is it? I said Angsung Wahe Guru. Well here is Wahe Guru. I said your soul, your very life which breathes in you is Wahe Guru. Don't waste one breath. You are not lonely. Fifteen times per breath God comes through the life of breath and kisses you simply you don't remember. You are ungrateful. You have no gratitude. You have not even appreciated the gift of life. Now you want to appreciate your gift of life then you want to give gift of counsel to other people and then you give their life happiness it's a long way to go. But basically what
you are required to know is you are not lonely. There is no such thing as lonely. Saying you are lonely is directly denying the existence of God. It is the worst uttered word in the realms of consciousness when you say I am lonely. Secondly you say I am starved.

"Selpetermey jant oupa- ey taga rayic aghai karta raya."

If God wants to feed you he has already created food for those who are in the store. Then you say I am freezing. You do not know what freezing means. You are not dead. Sometime you put a mink coat on and then you say I am freezing. These are the subtle lies which you speak through the word and the reaction of that is that you become miserable.

Because there is nothing in God except the power of the word. And word must have a relationship with your soul. We don't do sadhana and we don't meditate, we are already great. Simply we connect. You have to open the faucet to let the water in. You have to have some time to relate to your soul. You relate to the whole world. You want to have a very good car. You want to have a very good house. You want to have a very good playmate. You want to have all.... I am not asking you for God's sake don't misunderstand me, do what you want to do it is none of my business today to tell you do this and don't do this, but one thing you should do, should do, must do, spare some time to befriend your own soul. Those who do not befriend their own soul shall never have anything to do with all mighty God. I tell you why. If you insult the ambassador of a country you can not have relationship with that country. In this ego manic body, soul sits as the ambassador of God. It is a relationship. Americans should
understand this relationship so well. Relationship is between Israel and America. We pay for everything. Even the billboard on which is written "This Is Israel", America pays for it. But still they are independant. Mostly you can't tell them what to do though they do exactly what you tell them. That relationship between Israel and United States is that relationship between soul and body. Because a lot of things are done in this country so that a lot of purposes are achieved. But America has one purpose, "Lok Raj", democracy. America can not go away from it. First in the beginning America decided no Catholic will be president because they came from that. But now America is becoming Catholic. And it is a problem for the Catholicism because once the Americans become Catholic there will be trouble. Because they will seek democracy. And John Paul II is in a lot more trouble. He might have wished in his heart there should be no Americans because they are questioning "What about the
woman? What about a priest for a woman? What about this? What about fathering properly? What about parenting properly? What are you talking about?" And he is saying, "Nothing can change." He doesn't know Americans are nothing but change. He tried his best and they tried their best but both parties know there is a worst underneath. Because nobody can make an American to understand one thing and that is why can he not talk? I agree with you. I agree with you. Let you meditate and talk with your soul. Because talking you can not stop. Pope can not stop it, Catholics can not stop it. And how can a Yogi stop it? It is your nature to talk. Then talk to your soul for an hour, twenty minutes, two hours. You do want to date. You are not committed to a relationship. You don't believe in surrender. You don't. I am not asking you to surrender. I am asking you to date and flirt with your soul for awhile in a day. What actually I am asking you is, don't forget the source of your life and still think
you can live. And worst of it is then you think you can live happily you are the worst of ever God could have created. You are neurotically sick.

It's not that you need a religion, you don't need religion for it. You don't need me for it. You don't need Bible, Torah, you don't need anyone for it. Just remember that what ever you do with the entire world for a small token of time do it with your soul. You ignore your soul to extent that it doesn't exist. And then you want to be happy? It is not possible. You have a date with your girlfriend, you go. You want to have a intercourse with your girlfriend, you do. You want to invite your friend to a hotel, you go to the best. You want to do the best thing. Hey fool that soul because of which you live is that bad? That you can't take it even once a day? All right if you don't want to shake hands with your soul, telephone it. Do something. If you can't close your eyes, open them. If you can not sit stand up. If you can not do anywhere, go in the bathroom and do it. God do something, soul is pure. It has no belly. I wrote once a poem. My soul has no belly it has not to be fed.
You don't understand the meaning of it. Maybe a thousand years from now you will write books on that poem. That one poem gives the entire sacred secret of Godhood and Manhood together. You once read it but you forgot about it. Well you can't.

If you do not want to pay the toll in life. You do not want to suffer. You do not want to be miserable. You do not want to be depressed. You've got to relate to your soul. That is the sole purpose of life. You want everything. I agree with you.

You know it was funny, yesterday somebody told me, " Is there any meditation which can work for me?" I said, "What are you doing now?" The person said, "I am hitting the wall." I said, "With what?" He said, "With my head." I said, "Do one favor. Put a pillow between the wall and your head and keep on hitting." He said, "What will that do?" I said, "It will be conscious act to put pillow between wall and you." Do it consciously. If you hit the wall unconsciously you may break your head. "But is that a meditation?" I said, "Yes.
Meditation about how pillow is saving you being hurt from the wall. Meditate on that and then call me back." Twenty minutes later he said, "I don't want to hit my head with the wall." Don't you understand that is called Guru. Pillow has become Guru. The word of the Guru has come in the pillow. Now pillow does not let you hit with the wall. He said, " Well I have selected a thick pillow." I said, "Try it with a thin one." "I don't have a thin pillow." I said, "That is logic." Thick and thin is rational logic but fact is when pillow came between you and the wall, hitting lost its purpose.

When soul and man becomes friend misfortune loses its purpose. When soul and a man start dating misery and depression lose their purpose. When soul becomes the sole purpose of life, God loses his purpose because the man becomes God. "Harjan hardoai ek" These are Guru's words. I am not saying something from outside. Normally when I say in English and people who do not understand English they think that Yogiji teaches his own things. I am not teaching anything my own. I am just teaching what I have shared, what I have experienced and what Guru has taught me to be. "Harjan harddoai ek" The man of God and God is one. They are always one. Realize this.

You don't have to suffer. Suffering can not go away. So long you will deal with the life on the surface, suffering will not go away. When you go in the life to the depth of the soul, suffering can not come.

And a little story and I'll go. There was a person on whom came a huge bird and grabbed him from the waist and wanted to fly away. But the weight of the person and the wings of the bird became wet and he could not take him and fly away. Those times must be when there were huge birds. The man thought, "Now I am in the big beak of this bird. It has to take me away and how can I get away from this?" Man thought, he took a deep breath and he dived. Now because he dived the beak of the bird went with it. When bird could not breathe he let the man go.

When you take the misery, misfortune and you take the suffering and you dive into the pocket of the soul in the light of the soul the pain, depression, misfortune let you go. You understand what I am saying? And it is very important also because you are only alive, because you have a soul, you are miserable because you deny the soul. So don't accept God but accept the soul. Because God is a whole. It may not be possible to relate to it but soul is you and you can relate to you. You within you is the soul and that is what God is for you. That is why we can simply say, "Anter Guru aradhana jiva jap Guru nao, netri sat Guru pekenah serni su Guru nao, Sat Guru seti rattan dharghai pai tao." These things are very simple. There is an inner world too. What ever you do during the day for the outer world, do equally for the inner world. Balance will bring you automatic happiness. It is a simple relationship which you have to establish. But when the outer world becomes great far beyond,
very vast, the inner world becomes so little it cracks under the weight of it. And then everything in your life collapses. This secret of Cherdi Kala, lies in one thing. "Kala" is curling up and this energy which is the soul energy when arises then happiness comes. "Nanak Nam cherdi kala" The purpose of chanting nam, meditating on nam, taking the name of the Guru, "Japa tapa sanjam dharm" that has one purpose only that your spirit be exalted.

I tell you this. Purpose of life is to be in cherdi kala. Purpose of life is enjoying that happiness of cherdi kala. And that is very evident which you can get in the names of God. So when you achieve that then you can do good to all. "Tere banai" for the sake of that you wish good to all and all does not mean good, good. All means the worst and the good. That strength is required and that strength only can come to you when you have a relationship with your soul.

My explanation may not be very befitting to certain people who are fanatics and it may not serve the purpose for those who are, whose religion is depressed. There is a one religion, I call them depresso-ism. And these people are those they will always complain, they will always negate, they will always feel and say things which hurt horribly and they live on people's sympathy. Because they do not live on the sympathy of their soul. If they start getting insight and sympathizing with the soul they'll get much more satisfaction than what they get from the outside. And in our young days we used to call them psychic sharks. Psychic shark is a person who comes and lays down his/her unhappiness and her frustration on you. And the best way to deal with that person is to take that person to your altar where you meditate and tell them to sit and meditate for an hour. Next time they won't visit. I tell you to get rid of anybody is very easy. Never say never. Ask this person, "Welcome, come on very blessed are you.
Let us both meditate." Do it three times if the fourth time the person will come he is your friend. You don't have to test a friend because you want to belong to CIA, FBI, negative group, positive group, what he wants from you, he wants your money, nothing. It is a simple thing. Get a person and ask him to meditate with you and you don't have to meditate just close your eyes and sit calm. After all you have to invest something to know what this person is about. Three times, fourth time person will not visit you. Isn't it the best way to get rid of all negative influence in your own life? And when you can get away from the negative influence which others bring to you, you can get away from the negative influence of your own.
When you are very upset, you're uptight, you do not know what to do, calm yourself down and just go inward and touch your soul and you will touch the whole world.

This is the Guru's way.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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