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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 06/24/1988
Category: Summer Solstice
Location: Ram Das Puri, NM

There is No Reason That You Should Worry


(Note: This lecture preceeded a set of meditations which were given afterwards. For the mudras and the music involved, please contact Siri Ved Singh of Golden Temple Recordings in Espanola or Los Angeles for the video. (If you wish, you can simply leave a message on SikhNet addressed to: SIRI VED KHALSA)


Sit down, sit down, sit down. Have fun!

Hello kids! What are you doing down there? Well, there are three generations I have to address. One generation is the people who were born in my hands, and they have become now almost not teenagers, and they are teenagers.

The second generation is which I am raising now in spite of what you elders did to me for which I'm grateful. So that is the second generation I have to deal with. Third is you who are still hanging around and wanted to know what is going on.

I do not know how long it will be possible to serve you in physical body but whatever the Will of God will be done. But it is not that I am alive because of any reason. I just have to be honest and be grateful to you and for your prayers. I don't think any medicine will ever act, or I'll be safe or I'll be nice, and things will be good for me. I don't expect it. Because you must understand that life is nothing but consolidation of a conscience... and that conscience has to be real. And that is just what missionary intoxication is.

This life is very painful. You can't get out of it. And when you just have doubt, "param" they call it... "May I, may I not?"... Some people say, "Don't doubt." I don't agree with that. Because whenever the shashara will release the thousand thoughts per wink of an eye, any thought which your intelligence will let it go is not under your control. And the thought will come out, a thousand thoughts per wink of an eye, and your id can catch it, which is normal. And if your id catches it, then your ego has to process it. And when your ego processes it, then this ego will say: "May I, may I not? Should I, should I not? Am I, am I not? Is it, is it not?" Then you will see two sides of the coin. And that's natural. And at that moment, if you do not have knowledge, then you cannot have consciousness. You have to know by your heart where you want to go.

Knowledge, courage, and grit -- that makes consciousness. Consciousness is not that I am awake and somebody's supreme conscious. No... that doesn't work. People are befooling you left and right, and that's no idea.

Consciousness means you know where you are at and where you want to go, and for that you have the courage and you have the grit. You have the power to do it. If you know the truth and you do not have the courage to face it, your life will be worse than the earth snail. Then it's nothing. You can't live that life. It's very painful.

So basically there is a tremendous amount of pain in life, but it doesn't... pain doesn't mean anything for those who are doing the "karam." Karam means action. Difference between Dharam and Karam is: Karam is the action which has a reaction, and Dharam is the action with reaction totally decidedly to go to the objectivity of destination. So the man who is living a Dharmic life... it is not that the pain is not there. When you take asprin the pain IS there, but you don't feel it. I am not saying life is going to be greater than what you think it is. But once you don't feel it, what it means to you? Nothing! You understand? And once you have an ecstasy of that feeling, bliss, anand... the mission that I am, I am!, and this is what ME is, then the duality doesn't bother you. Then people do not bother you. Then slander doesn't bother you. Then poverty and richness don't bother you.

You know, poverty is a very painful process to live, but people who are rich have more pain than the people who are poor. You know, poor has one objectivity. Poor has the objectivity, "I am poor, I should be come rich." Right?

Rich has a problem what to do next. Rich has a bigger problem. And rich person will be always very stupid person. Rich are not those who are very intelligent. Have you seen any great artist in his lifetime selling those paintings for millions of dollars? No! Have you seen any man who has done something creative... that we are proud of on the earth... was ever rich? No! Actually richness is a THOUGHT given to a man where he gets confined what to do and what not to do.

I know you all want to be rich. I have no objection to that. But you have first to decide you want to be rich for what? If you are even a king, what you will get? Before your death you can build a palace, fix it, do everything. You go in India, Nizamadin where I live (the name of the section where his house is located in Dehli), there is a graveyard of that saint, Hazarat Nizamadin Olia, a Sufi saint. And there is a great Mogul king, his grave is there, too. You know, here at the Olia's place people worship, people come, there are always things you can be proud of. On the other side, in that mogul king's place, all you can get is how many pigeons are born and how much droppings is there. So, to be rich without a purpose and to be poor without power.... poor is very powerful. He doesn't care what. He can do anything he wants. Richness is very confining.

But I am telling you where happiness lies. Happiness does NOT lie in how rich you are, and how poor you are, how healthy you are or how unhealthy you are, how honest you are, or how dishonest you are. Everything is a comparative study. Happiness lies when OVER you, you can serve another person. You understand? If you can overlap your personality, your ego, your need, your anything, whatever you have, and you can give something to somebody beyond you, that's the first time you have earned the right to be happy! Number two, if later on you do not become stupid and start bragging that, "I did it." That is the worst thing. If you can do it over and above your personality.

Look, learn from me. I came in this country, I earned money. Whatever anybody has given, that is a deposited, that is the Guru's thing, that is Dharma. Whatever Dasvandh there is goes there now. For my own living, I earned every penny of it. And not that I just earned cents and dollars. I earned hundreds and thousands of dollars. I paid my taxes exactly as they were to be, and then drew couple hundred dollars for my personal money; and everything that I earned worked for you. Because I want to establish with you a relationship. I came here to serve you, not to rule you, govern you, guide you, preach to you, teach you, convert you, destroy you or build you. No! I have no such purpose. I have come to United States to pay my dues.

You don't own me anything, and you don't owe me a thing. That's why some of you sometimes become very rude and abusive. I just laugh. Because that's a kind of karma. Because my job is very simple. You have a promised soul and it must find its way to its destiny. If it does not, it is your loss. It is my loss. It is our loss. I know some of you are very commotional, some of you find it very hard even to cover your head. Some of you cannot look like this. Some of you cannot.... because the attitude of the man is, "hide and hunt."... you want to look like a commoner. You do not want to stand out and say, "I may be the sickest person on the earth, but I shall take care of you." You do not know the honor and the gratitude and the grit of a soldier who has three bullets in his body but he still picks up the comrade and takes him to the first aid. That is the beginning of Sikh Dharma!

I asked from God, "Give me the highest excellence in my spirit so that I can wish... do... practice good for others," and that one line, "Nanak naam cherdi kala tere bane sarbat ka bala", is the essence of that life which you have to live. It doesn't matter if you are five, five hundred, five thousand, or five million. All we need is a one saint which can just say, "God IS!" and may believe it and may prove it.

Your life has one question only, "Can you do some good for others without expecting the return?" If you ever expect a return, then there's no difference between you and a businessman. And any relationship which is based on a business tendency has then bad and good in it, loss and gain in it, and it shall be decided on business ethics. Now, spirit is not for sale and spirituality cannot be done like a business.

So the business in spirituality is, give so that God may feel obligated to give to you. That is spirituality. And give to whom? Whomsoever is needy. Don't feel, "I am holier than thou," and don't feel, "I am more humble than thou." That is an ego game.

There are some people who are very humble. There are some people who are egomaniac. Both are rascals. They don't fit in the picture of God. Neither you should be great, nor you should be small. Not you should be wonderful, not there should be pity for you! Because you are made by God.

Your parents never knew what kind of nose you will have and what shall be the color of your eyes. Don't misunderstand. It is a helping moment, it's a reality. You are YOU and that is what "Sat Nam" means. Your identity is Truth! You have a truthful identity.

And I have yet to ask you to sit down, investigate, and find it out why humans have the longest hair on their skull. Work it out. And why men grow beards? And why there is a Remington advertisement on every TV show. Have you seen that guy? What is his name? He sells razors. You like it? That guy is everywhere! He tells you that your hair can be totally eliminated for 20 hours. And then you have to do it again! Well, why don't you just become very powerful -- the most powerful person is that who just says, "God, listen, I don't want this beard." And God says, "Okay, granted. " And it will never grow. (laughter)

Eighty percent of you do not know what to do with the hair on your skull and on your face. If you are bald-headed, you spend six thousand dollars to artifically grow them. If you have long hair, you spend fifty dollars to chop them up. I do not know what you are doing! Somewhere I have found that man does not know what to do with the crown of himself. To me, that is the beginning and the end. If on the face your hair grows up, then you go to a doctor. When they don't grow up... there are some men who don't grow beards... then they are looking for some massage and some oils and some miracles. But it is a very great pity. The most modern man, logical man, rational man, the wonderful man, the most graceful man who can land on the moon and can understand the space and can fly in and out, and who can do wonderful things on this planet is unable to decide about himself whether he should have hair or not or if... Why?

There are 230 million Americans, ask them why God has made hair. There are medical people... ask the AMA, American Medical Association. Why God is growing on your face, folks? Oh you men! Every man who shaves his face has to be mentally one quarter impotent. Mental impotency is very important. You only know other things. There are people who cannot face what they should face ordinarily.

Do you know, many centuries ago, if a man was convicted of a thing for which there was a death sentence, he had three choices. One was to shave off his hairs and live like a slave. Or, he can go and redeem himself by his self-suicide. Or, he can pay a coin to the executioner and get his head chopped off. That was the world then. Today everything is considered convenience. And you know, we are so quick and for convenience that we bring inconvenience conviently upon us. And that is what the tragedy of life is.

What we are going to do, and ask you to understand, is that you are not just people. In sixties there was a revolt. Very constitutional, very elementary. An evolution came in the American society. We told ourselves, "All this wealth is for what?" And we took a very courageous stand as young people and wanted to know, "what is the consciousness?" "How the good of all can be done?" And you are as there is a grass, grass is eaten by cow, and the space makes it into a milk, then we turn it into cream and then we get butter out of it. You are the butter of that cream. It is that great evolution through which you have come.

I have done my job and my job was to serve you. My job was not to initiate you! None of you ever has been initiated by me! My job is to tell you where your destiny is. Because the fight between destiny and fate is always there. Fate is when you meet the fatal accident of your soul's pathway and blow out of orbit. Or, you reach it, make it, live it, and redeem yourself here in that blissful state.

Now, you have a second thought that, as I am looking, can I be I AM? And is it a handicapped situation because millions of people are that way. Well, in two thousand donkeys, a horse is always better. But the difficulty with you is, when in two hundred thousand donkeys, you have to show up as a horse, sometimes you start behaving worse than the donkey. And that creates the doubt.

If you call yourself Sikhs and you just act and live as Sikhs, you don't need any opportunities. Opportunities will come to you from all over. It's a truth because people want somebody to trust.

There is one thing on this planet which everybody needs. And that is trust. Love and hate, sex and no sex, sex and celibacy, high and low, holy and unholy, rich and poor, is all a game of words. One must trust and one must have something to trust. When trust, courage, puts itself together, it is called belief. And when belief and grace come together, it is called "faith." You have never learned that way, I know. "Have faith." Do you know what are the ingredients in it?

So basically it was the guidance of Guru Ram Das that I had to come to America to see you. And very soon if this apparatus keeps going, I'll be completing my twenty years with you by numerical numbers. But I do not remember which year I became the national of United States. Anybody knows? 1976? So '76, add 18 years, what it comes to? That is maximum I have stayed in one country. Eighteen years. So I think I'll hang on for a few years. Is that so? (Everybody starts clapping.)

In case I hang in, I'd like to tell you something, and let us share it openly now. THERE IS NO REASON THAT YOU SHOULD WORRY. The ONLY thing that will hurt you is when you worry that you are poor, is when you worry that you are insecure, is when you will worry about yourself! The day you start not worrying about yourself and worrying for other people, you'll be rich, prosperous and happy as much as you can be!

Why I am asking you? Not that I control you, and you control me, or we can talk and I can't talk to everybody else. That's not true. That is what your basic soul, which came in human birth, needs to do. It needs to serve others. That's the kind of brand you are. So band up together and finish the job. You know what I'm saying?

Hey, suppose God comes, appears before me... "I am Almighty God, how are you Yogiji? What do you want?" What am I going to ask him? I'll ask him, "Well, give me sopapia." And he'll say, "Black or green or yellow or pink?" But if you start living with God, what it matters, though?

It has been sold through the guilt of this Catholic Christianity. It's unbelievable. "Find God, be God, track Him down, go after Him." For what? Nobody has explained so far, why we are looking for God, huh? He doesn't look for us. Why should we look for Him? God is in you!

I tell you when you are divine. Minus compassion you are not divine. Plus compassion you are divine. The moment you are kind and compassionate, you ARE God! Moment to moment, at any time that you are insecure and crazy and worrying, you are the devil. That's the simple difference between the two. Because when you worry, when you feel upset, when you feel unhappy, when you are scared, when you are phobic, when you go neurotic, you know then you forget that the supreme power, God, is with you. That is why Sikh Dharma has only one thing, positive, negative, neutral, whatever you want to call it, that is: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." "With my every limb, God lives with me."

That one line is specific. No cheating on it. And if you all feel God is with your every limb...you know, you are ten trillion cells. Ten trillion cells. Each cell has three units, electrons, protrons, neutrons. So you are 30 trillion dancing shivas or God at one moment. And still you are trying to search and find God?

You've got to know it now. Now folks! Time has come when you go out. Do it this way: go out and touch not the people... touch their hearts and take away their pains. You will have hundredfold pleasures given to you by God. Don't now look saintly. Go and spread it, serve it, share! Talk in "Thou," not "I". "I" is too shallow, too limiting, and too non-promising. It creates inferiority. It creates doubt. It creates inferiority complex. It creates uncertainty. If I say, "I want to live well," then you'll say, "Well, do we fit in or not?" That's the first question. If I say, "We want to live forever," there's no place for doubt. Change your language. Speak in 'thou.' That's what the words "Sat Nam," the greeting which we have, that's what it means.

There are many of you who have come, you are new, you have come first time. Many of you who have come here. Why we come here? We come here for a very, very, very selfish purpose. There's absolutely nothing other than that. We come here to recharge ourselves. There are three gunas. There are five tattwas. There are seven chakras. There is one aura and it needs to be balanced in life. We come here for general aura. I'm not saying you go from here and you will not have doubts. You will. I'm not saying if you come and take your car for a custom made cleaning and polishing, when you drive it on the road it won't get dirty. I'm not promising you anything. I am not also asking you when you drive on a freeway there's no possibility of an accident head on. I'm not asking that. I'm not asking any tragedy, any misery, any misfortune to go away from you. All I'm asking is that you should have courage to overcome it.

You do not know how to pray. Never pray that you'll be saved. Pray that you'll be victorious! That is what it says, "Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" To win the battle is living. To slide along is cruel. And to be a coward is a disgrace.

Are we friends? Do we know? What do you pray for? That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous! "Pleeease...." (Talking in a whining begging tone.) What the hell does 'please' mean? Why? Is it that God has gone on a holiday and is not with you? The moment you forget that "Ang Sang Wahe Guru," that is the time you become humble, humble and with a ridiculous inferiority complex, phobic and not sure of yourself.

Hey, how can you represent the Guru if you cannot represent yourself? How can you? You are the base, you are the foundation, you are the perfect Guru. "Khalsa mera Satgur poora." This is the word of that man who gave us the Siri Guru Granth. Who gave us the shape. Who gave us the life. Who gave us oneness of the God and didn't ask anything in return, except now we have to live him. Hanky panky won't work. There are two ways, folks. One is to live, and one is to just pass the time. Make a choice! Those of you who just want to pass the time, fine. Bourbon on the rocks and rocks on the bourbon, and you are in the bed, and bed in you, and all that stuff. But if you want to live, decide it! And then confront it, and then WIN it! Purity of soul must shine through the crystal mind with the clarity of the activity of the body to give you victory until Infinity. That will represent Guru! Don't waste this life, which is the best present, hiding away, and throwing it away.

You know, if I go away physically, those of you who love me, they will be more bothered than those who hated me. So start hating me now, because then I'll hang around with you guys, you know what I mean?

You know, we are three types of people: those who are here to look at me... how do I look? There are those who look at me and want to find out how do I really look. And then there are those who have already known how do I look and they don't look at all. Because you look around for something which you have lost. If something is in you already, why you should look for it? So whether I come or not, I teach or not, I am here or not, I am alive or dead, what does it matter? If I am in you, I am in you. Just don't suffocate me. You know? You got me, but for God's sake, don't suffocate me now! Now let it go, let it glow, and let it grow.

Many of you will handle it well, and many of you who have the doubt, just understand: doubt only happens when we in our mind feel the absence of the Infinity of God... Hari. There are simple things for most complicated affairs. So please understand, wherever God is guiding you, and bringing you to the very sense of your own obligation, that is your reality.



Copyright YOGI BHAJAN, 1988

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, 6/28/88

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