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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/22/1990
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Self Healing

Do you know that our total energy, we take seventy percent under these great spiritual auspices of fear, pain, insecurity, tomorrow, and 'may I', 'may I not?', 'be I?', 'be I not?'"? Do you know that? Seventy percent of your life energy which is meant to be enjoyed, you don't enjoy. And you are mentally trained that you can't heal yourself. You can't switch your gears, so you are mentally trained how 'I want to be this'. You have never put a penny's worth of, "I AM this." You don't tell people: "I am this. Accept me or reject me."

What difference it makes? Those who are going to reject you, after you say you like an orange juice, so they are going to reject you anyway. Big deal. Let somebody have the guts to reject you straightforward.

Once I remember I came in here and there was a situation. The girl said, "I love you." I said, "I love you too, but I can't." "Why not? You are a spiritual teacher." I said, "I am an idiot. I'm not a spiritual teacher for your purposes. When you are talking to me that you love me, you do not know even how to spell it. Do you know what you are saying?" Love is an experience of one's self within one's self. Where is your self?" She said, "How do you know I don't know?" I said, "All right. If North Pole caves in and kisses South Pole, where they will meet?" She said, "Into the center." I said, "What is wrong with meeting all the way to South Pole?" She said, "Where I am wrong?" I said, "You have still demarcations. You do not believe in the power of infinity. If North Pole, which can never cave in, caves in, why should it stop at equator? There's a license to it? It can go all the way down."

Our total thinking, our total thought form, is infinite but limited. We are infinitely secure and limitedly neurotic. And it is not that it is not human. It is what we have been taught. We have been told that tomorrow we have to care for, tomorrow we have to worry for, tomorrow we have to build it, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. It becomes so hammering that all we hear is, 'tomorrow, tomorrow' and we have no sound system even to tolerate what today is and we can't even think that yesterday went by; today is already going; tomorrow is no big deal. That is what human illness is. It is sickness.

It's not your fault. It is the fault of the religion. Religion does not give you this reality. Religion deceitfully and absolutely untruthfully told you that you've got to be careful, you've got to worry, you are born in sin, you are guilty, you are this, you are that, if you don't this you will have hell, and hell will fry you alive and make popcorn out of you. And they will goad you, they will torture you. You mean people don't torture here anybody? What's the big deal? When you are in hell and the atmosphere is torture, you will become habituated to it. Big deal. If I go to hell, I'll teach Kundalini Yoga there and find a few students, it's not a problem. What is the big difference? Going to hell or coming to America, is there a difference? Not at all. Hell is more warm than you can tolerate it, and Alaska is more cold than you can tolerate it. I was in Moscow, we were freezing under all circumstances. We tried everything known, even those red chiles we put in our socks. They
failed. So somebody told me, he said, "Sir, if you just move around as much as you can, I tell you, it takes about ten years to be acclimatized with Moscow atmosphere, so there's nothing you can do. It's too cold."

What I am trying to explain to you is: are you ever going to forgive yourself? Look into your own hemispheres, atmosphere, hemisphere. Try to understand between your axle. I am giving you these healing classes because I am so tired. Moon is indirect and Jupiter is retrograde, and now Pluto is spinning for five months. Five months of confusion, nonsense, mistrust, everything mental. It has no reality, everybody knows it, and everybody understands it, but nobody believes it. "How are you?" "Why you say? Why you say that? Why? What is wrong with you? Why are you saying it?" Now this is going to happen, and it happens every day. Everybody is thinking, "What is going on?" Nothing is wrong. It is just a mental energy -- no big deal. But those who are calm, quiet, disciplined, meditative, do not go through these transactions.

We do sadhana selfishly. We don't do sadhana to please God. Take it out of your mind. I have never done sadhana with an absolute feeling that I'll please God, or I'll have good luck or my tomorrow will be fine. I have absolutely no understanding. Zero percent. I do sadhana so that when I'll be put on the fry pan, I'll just cry a little less than anybody else. That's all. I'll have maybe ten percent more chance of self control than another person. Sadhana has nothing to do with God the Almighty and everything else. Sadhana is: "I take bath because I don't want to stink. I do sadhana, because I don't want to go out of control." When I have to change my... what you call it? Gears?... If I have done sadhana, I can change them whole day.

People do not understand religion. People do not understand reality. People think everything is a joke and they can just... 'yeah, you can get by'. So the deer, so the cat, so the dog, so the monkey, so the birds. What is the difference? Mistake is a mistake, folks. When you miss the 'tek' you miss the take.

"Rakhe rakhanhar aap ubaarian, gur kee pairee paaeh kaaj savaarian. Hoaa aap dayal manaho na visaarian Saad janaa ke sang bhavajal taarian. Sakat nindak doosht kin maahe bidhaarian... "

"Tis saahib kee tek"... Mistake, and this "saahib kee tek...".

These two words can decide your destiny. Do you trust Infinity?

I was talking to somebody and the person was in a very unique situation. They said, "The people come to me for pain. They are in pain, they are in trouble, and they talk. Yes, people do talk when they are in pain and I bring them to Infinity." I said, "Wrong. Bad communication. When a person is in pain, he comes to you, he talks negatively. Listen to that negativity, measure it, and put equal positivity. Do not stretch that man to Infinity. Don't! It is such a bad thing to do and it is so confusing, it has no meaning. Person says, 'Oh my God. I am sick of this world. Everything is a cutthroat.' Touch his throat, that person, and say, 'No, yours is intact. Nobody cut it. Earth is still rotating. Sun rose this morning, will set tonight. Don't worry about it.' " This is a gentle, calm way to be truthful. Don't add your ego, "Well, if you go into the infinite of the space and understand, then the angel will come through..." and that kind of stuff. It's useless. Person is not
interested. They get hurt more. You don't need that.

Self healing is a process and tonight we are healing. I do not know how much I can tolerate the med fly... whatever they call it here... in the air. (refering to the med fly pesticide being used in southern California) I thought I am human but according to the California rule of southern California, I am a fly. And I don't know... nose swells up and eyes bleed. I didn't go out of my house today, absolutely intentionally. I tried to look out and I understood it is not nice. So I imprisoned myself today so I came in here because I promised to be with you.

Now, what we are acting today is, if you believe in old times (which you don't believe in now) that the automatic thing which nurtures you is your blood... Remember the word blood? It's red in color. It's a liquid. It has white corpuscle cells and it has red corpuscle cells. And there is a thing called 'liver.' An organ in the body which makes you live. And it has a spleen. And it has a lot of glandular system. And your blood automatically through the pump called 'heart' comes into the lungs and kisses the oxygen and gets a little red and your veins are blue, your arteries are red. Do you remember all that?

Today I would like to see, do you know that you have a blood? Blood is based on the proportion marrow in your bones. Do you know that? Huh? And all terminal diseases will come to you when the strength of the marrow... That is why spine is called Mule Dhand... all terminal diseases... this is a very considered, ancient opinion that if a Mule Dhand, the stick -- spinal stick -- in the inner structure of your bones, your marrow does not have a quantity or the quality it requires, whatever disease you shall catch, good or bad, shall be terminal.

One line decision. Supreme court of diseases rests with that. Do you know what I mean? And I said, "Wow, this is something funny!" All other methods, they say, are usable and body can recuperate even at very adverse circumstances. So we are doing something very nice today. And you will experience it. It is not something that you are going to get out today, "Oh well, we went to Yogiji's class and we did a great meditation." No, no, today you will just experience your own self.

(Meditation starts....)

(After the meditation): A chance rose to personally serve our altar, our beginning and our being, and that was Guru Ram Das Ashram. It is a very special job, which is a matter of heavens and earth in the heart of people. It's not something, what it is. It is what it does. So, there were many volunteers, and it was the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. But my compassion came through. So I have taken a team of people and given it to Holly. So she will be responsible for certain upgrading, and there are certain people, I have given them certain days to work it out. You can leave this seva anytime you want. Just give us one hour notice, we'll substitute in. It's a matter of self-honor. It's not a question of doing it under any duress, any situation, or anything.

So, I've tried to accommodate everybody. But just understand, there are certain things I can't do. And there comes a time in my life where I am admittedly admitting that I am very limited. I meditated and whatever the answer came, absolutely, without using any part of me... my situation, my ego, whatever... I just dictated it. I hope God will be merciful to me if I have been not accurate or correct. So please understand, it's a privilege; it is not a right. So wherever the God has put His hand, it is His will. I play absolutely no personal or impersonal part in it.

So, Nirinjan has that... Nirinjan, my chief of the staff... has the dictation and she will just let you all know. I just admit it was very difficult. I am not saying it was very convenient for me. Normally, you know my nature is to say, "Hey, you! Get up! You do this!" That's the way I want to deal it. But democracy, I think, is in the air. I have to sit hours and hours and hours, and name came and came and came. And I said, "No, not possible!" I did whatever I could do. And finally it was what it was. Period. So, it is all done and thank you very much for volunteering yourselves. But just please understand, it is your sense of being a volunteer for one of the highest self impositions. It is nothing... it is between you, between Guru, and between God. It is absolutely nobody's part to be played directly or indirectly. So if you feel ever that it is, that this imposition is not for you, please walk out of it. Just give Nirinjan the notice, and we'll stand by this. There's no problem. There is
absolutely... it is a pure, simple, self privilege. So, Holly, I tried to remit your name as many times as I could and I tried my best but it was what it was, so you will find the details. But it is very light. Not something that...

All right, how you feel? Feel okay? You must understand that these three days I have taught these classes from absolutely the oldest scriptures. I was not born then, so this tradition is from heart to heart. It is just out of memory. And that is, I think, what I intend to do. To leave with you, as Americans born on this land, the sense of knowledge and experience. You can have an understanding. It may not work. That's the greatest blunder everybody does. Knowledge, everybody can have, but experience only few have. Understanding, you can build. Anything which is where you can use your intelligence and intellect is okay. But where comes the consciousness, then it is a problem.

And one thing which I am trying to work on it is, how we can eliminate freak out in our life. We do not do all freak outs. We do subtle freak outs. We do not lie openly, but we have a very calm, subtle way of freaking out. "I think I am getting a cold. I think." But, neither there's a cold nor you think. But you just don't want to socialize. And when you just announce, "I am getting a cold," everybody pulls their Kleenex on their nose, because nobody wants it. So, this is a social way of lying and rejecting yourself with the psyche of the environments which you don't want to touch, or feel. It has nothing to do with people. It has to do with you. It is you who withdraws. It is you who pulls yourself in. It is you who pulls yourself out. And it is that jerking which makes you a joker.

God has not made one human being to suffer. I talk to Him. He said, "I don't suffer. How can out of me, suffering come?" But question is, we are not infinite. We mobilize ourselves to synchronize and expand. That's what we do, and in this jerk-yoga, we are in trouble. In the morning we are fine. In the afternoon we are sad. In the afternoon we are happy, we are not happy. Today we are friends, tomorrow we don't understand. We do not know, it is all done.

In India there is a village called 'Hoshiapur'. It is a district headquarters. And there is a Brigi Singh Da. It is very old scripture. The story is that one day Rishi Pregoo went to Lord Vishnu to visit him and Lord was sleeping, and Rishi woke him up and Lakhshmi, the Goddess of wealth, got angry and said, "Shame on you. You do not let the god sleep! You have been not very respectful". Rishi said, "I was invited, I came, and I wanted to see him, and he is sleeping and I want to talk to him. I woke him up. Why you are interfering?" And she got mad. She said, "Wherever you will be, I shall not be." In other words, whosoever can predict the future shall be a pauper. That's exactly what it literally means. And Rishi Pregoo said, "I'll make a scripture where that will be, you'll go one million times a second." So he sat down and through the drishti, through intuition, he wrote the five hemispheres of the planet earth. You know? Five life cycles of the planet earth. And according
to... if you see that Mayan calendar, we are in the fifth cycle. And it is very true. It is very calculated. It is that calendar, the Mayan Calendar, is out of Brigi Singh Da. So, I visited that place and I shuffled through papers and there came a paper: "The man whose first name is 'Ha' shall appear with two persons whose name is 'Aa' and 'da da da' and this is this, and their birthday is this, and this day will come. He's born on such and such day. His father is this. His gutar is this, his family is this..." I said, "My God!" I just sat down there. I said, "Wait a minute. Somebody told him?" They said, "No, nobody tells here. Just keep on listening." And I kept listening and I was just asking.

Now thousands and thousands of years ago those pages have been written. You go, you ask for it, they don't play any game with you. They start looking and after a while, they say, "Here it is." If it is not, they will say, "Sorry. Come some time again, we can't find it." That is just for information. Not to believe it. Don't trust it. In 1991, if we'll go to India and make an organized trip, we'll go to this place and you will be shocked. Page comes exactly. It tells you longitude and latitude where you were born, and where you are from, and where are you now, and what you are doing as work, what is happening to you, and blah blah blah. If a man like Rishi Pregu can write thousands and thousands of years ago, why we are worried?

I think the best tape of the '80's was, "Don't worry, Be Happy." Yeah, it was very simple. Isn't he a South American, the guy? Isn't it? No? Where did he learn? Where? Which America? There are so much long America. Canada is America too. Where he is born? (Student: New York.) Oh. The urge is there. But even that message, though it was the best selling tape and all that and people played it, it did not sink into us. You do not know one of the most beautiful actions which we can take in our life, with a lot of courage and wisdom, is to relax. And I always say it: one who takes and has the power to rotate the earth shall take care of your routine. Trust it. Some people think it is fatalist. Some people think it is irrational. Some people think... but I'll just quote Nanak here: "Sabh ni chaaraa maariaa, kartaa kare soeh." Everybody is jumping at their best, but what God wants, exactly that happens.

And play that "Hukam razaaee chalanaa." You don't have? That tape, that simple tape? That guy, "Sochai Soch..." Mata Mandir Singh gave me a visit by through this tape in Germany, and sent me this tape. And I'd like you to listen to this. It is very simple. Mata Mandir Singh is Mata Mandir Singh. I cannot describe it. I take no responsibility to say anything but he introduced himself me through this tape. So I take that much responsibility. And please listen to this. This is the first step, first pauree of Japji. And his voice is beautiful. And if you know Japji, you can sing with it.

(Tape by Mata Mandir Singh, "Sochai Soch Na Hovaee is played." It is very mellow and sounds like he is the James Taylor of 3HO in this tape.)

(SSS translates 1st pauree line by line):

Sochai Soch Na Hovaee Je Sochee Lakh Vaar: By thinking you cannot think. You can think a hundred thousand times.

Chupai Chup Na Hovaee: By silence you cannot be silent.

Je laa-eh rahaa livtaar: Those who may meditate and tune in.

Bhukiaa Bukh Na Utaraee Je Bannaa Puree-aa Bhaar: By hunger, you cannot relieve your hunger, though you will tie all the food on your belly.

Siaas Siaanapaa Lakh Ho-eh Taa Ik Naa Chalai Naal: With all the clever wisdom, nothing will go with you.

Kiv Sachiaaraa Hi-ee-ai Kiv Koorai Tutai Paal: Then how can I shed the true... how the wall of this falsehood will drop?

Hukam Razaaee Chalanaa...: If I walk with the Will of God,

Naanak Likhiaa Naal: Naanak, which is destined to be writ, be with me. The writ is written with me.

That's what exactly it means, literally.

Simple words. "Lakh" is 100,000. Vaar means many times.

"Siaas Siaanapaa" - hundred thousand wise strategies. Hundred thousand wise strategies.

"Ik Naa Chalai Naal" - one won't work. What you did in San Francisco when earthquake came? Everything went flat.

Hukam Razaaee Chalanaa: With the Will of Thyself, one who flows sees the heaven on the earth. That's my translation.

This is Mata Mandir Singh from Amsterdam.

Thank you very much. (Tape is turned off now) It was Mata Mandir Singh's personal gift, and it was very handy in Germany and it was very soothing. And when I went to the treatment with that doctor, he predicted that I'll sleep about eighteen hours straight and that happened. And this tape was also very helpful. It is just calm, quiet and it did help a lot. But as far as Mata Mandir Singh is concerned, he's Mata Mandir Singh. Period. Nothing plus, nothing minus. And he has a very folksy kind of tune and he comes out from heart chakra, very smooth and calm and quiet and peaceful. So we brought it with us.

And do you have that lady who runs the Symphony? That tape? No, all the religions? What's her name? I forget her name. Loni? Well, this is a very pretty girl. She's American and she lives in Germany and she runs... You know that guy with the stick? He makes everybody do whatever he tells them to do? Conductor? Yeah, that's what she is. And we made up this tune. (Tape is played of people chanting "Haa-Lee-Luu-Jaah... Saat-Naam, Yaa-Hoo-Vaa..." etc.) I think she's favoring "Sat Nam" a little bit. But it was fun. The Germans sang so perfect. You know, every religion, if you understand, it is based on one word: Yaa-Hoo-Vaa, "Yaa." Haa-Lee-Loo-Yaa, "Haa" Laa-Eh-Laa, "Laa" Raa-ee-Maa, "Raa" Saa-Taa-Naa-Maa, "Saa" Period. The basic sound, what they call "Beej Mantar" or "Ik Ashtaree Mantar" is only one word. Rest is how you can organize the business and how you can send the bucket out. What they call it? (Collection plate) I'm not using the word 'collection' because
it is very... 'collection' is very middle age, collectors came and took away your chickens and all that. You remember all that? Tax-collectors. So, when I was serving in the customs in India my boss's name was 'Collector.' So 'collector' is quite a word, as far as I'm concerned. So I just say: 'the basket'. Right? That's polite. Donation basket.

And there's a very beautiful word in English: "Expected Donation." You know, it's funny! It's so stupid that even we price spirit. Isn't it fun? It's a wonderful planet. It moves. And every time when things happen like that, it moves my heart.

Sometime in my own remoteness I look at this planet earth and its people and I become an amalgamated part of everything. And you will, if you will see me in that state of mind, normally I take everybody out. I crack up. I laugh so loud it is unbearable. Sometimes I think my chest is bursting out. And it is such a lunatic state which I enjoy. It's true. Philosophers and lovers and lunatics belong to the same category with a degree of difference, that's all it is. And it overtakes me totally and I enjoy it, and I say, "Wait a minute. God runs this planet and all planets and the whole space and everything. And here we are discussing ozone!" And we are talking about ozone and you know, everyday we are eating up the lung of the earth equal to the size of a football field, every second. We are nibbling at the lung. The rain forests of Brazil are responsible for creating oxygen and we are blowing it over. I mean to say, it is absolutely a dark day of life. What we are doing
to Africa and what we have done to this Brazil area, forget it! I mean to say, there's no part of any wisdom which can even forgive us for that. Everyday. Everyday we are nibbling at the very lung of the planet earth. And we don't care.

I mean to say, just understand, what is this, 1990? In 1990... 80... right? After the Christ's death, right?. And forget about how many B.C.'s are there. We are honorable in our minds to resolve a difference between black and white. Absolutely there is no black and absolutely there is no white. It's totally a lie. White went with the... uh, Chinese made that damn thing, called gunpowder. Yeah? And these Westerners used it and they conquered certain territories and now they don't want to let their super standard go. It's all economics. It's absolutely... there's no black and there's no white, there's no yellow, no pink. It's totally a lie, and can you believe what? Fifty years ago in United States, the country of the human rights, huh? There were two fountains on which blacks can drink and white. I think riding behind the bus in the back seat is very comfortable, hey? But question is not riding behind the black seat, question is the insult. Human insult, we cause. It's not....

And you know I have seen, myself, in Mexico, with my own eyes, every white girl, EVERY white girl, absolutely, they use iodine and their palm oil to put on their bodies to become black. I mean, they are just tan. This is nothing. It's no big deal. Now what you want to do? All the blacks should take a knife and take their skin out? What is this humanity? What knowledge has done to us? What it has brought into us that we cannot think and imagine that other human being has exactly feelings like us, simply we are pale and they are not? And we are angry at them. Actually it is ridiculous! It's amazing!

Everything is justified by super powers and it is not justified by small country. It's amazing. But I tell you something. There's nobody who wants South America. Nobody wants. Everybody wants bananas. It's a banana war. It absolutely has nothing to do with Mr. Mossaw and Mr. Tossaw, whatever that was. It's just a banana thing. We want their bananas at our terms. So it is trade locking. It is not something we are very wonderful about.

And just understand, the great man, after 27 years in jail. Can you believe? Somebody went very young, came out totally gray. Right? They couldn't kill the spirit. He's exactly talking the way he used to talk. There's not a difference of opinion. So one thing is in a man... excuse me, for all your wisdom and intelligence and everything... one thing is powerful: it is the spirit of giving. The greatest angel of the planet is Santa Claus. He's the greatest saint. Santa Claus. Because he makes the sales go. And you miss the crisis because all the money you spend in the month of January and February... you look around and who invites you? Nobody. You remember that? And people who have birthdays in January or February are very fortunate because they are the only source of feast. Everybody in November and December spends every money and such a spirit of giving and gifting, competitively. Not that you have to do it.

And do you know Santa Claus was manufactured in that Brooklyn, in New York in that garment area? And somebody just made up, by mistake, a lot of socks. They were not selling, and they made up this cartoon saint and here it goes.

And the most popular art of all is the Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is known to more people on planet earth than any prophet. No, no, no, no, let's watch CNN. Don't bother me. I just listen to those factoids, which they show up. Mickey Mouse is more known to people than... and then have you read the column "Believe It Or Not"? More people know about Mahatma Ghandi and this, our Martin Luther King, than any king so far has been born and ruled. Do you know that? These are those little columns, "Believe It Or Not". I think that you don't care. You spend so much money on newspapers. It costs what? A dollar or something, the Sunday paper? It's quite a money. And how many people, each time you give a dollar out, read on it: "In God We Trust"? That mantra? And how many people have microscopically looked at that 3rd eye thing? How many arrows are in the... with the eagle? Come on. Thirteen. We know that by knowledge. But how many now, you have personally have counted? Ha ha ha! I know you. It is one of
the most miraculous things that the most precious and extremely religious and highly sophisticated piece on the earth is our dollar bill. It is the scripture of the scriptures. If you look on every part of it, sometime take a lens, and look at it, you'll be shockingly aware. It has more knowledge in one paper than anything else.

I was in Germany. I bought a little ball. It's very... you can't even understand. It's a little ball, but if you open it up it becomes toll cross. One, two, three, four, five, there are pyramids in it, and it has every Christian... and what they call these carpenters? Masons?... mason sign, and if you wear it around your neck you will not even know, except it is very small like an M & M. That's all it is. And it is so sophisticatedly made that I appreciated the art of it. I thought that was the one thing we should have in the archives.

This time in Germany we found two conches which are the original Tibetan conches of the ceremony which I think... I don't know how they... which way and which route they caused and how they came through, but I think the future generation will very proudly see that, and see it. I went to a one shop there and it was all dusty and I said, "Could you see what that thing in the corner is?" And she dusted it off. She said, "It's a kind of... I don't know what it is." I said, "What you want for it?"
She said, "Ten marks." I said, "Don't you want something more for it?" She said, "No. Ten marks." I said, "No, no, no. It's too little. It's good stuff." She said, "Ten marks." Germans can't change once they say something. It's set. If it's ten marks, it's ten marks. And I said, "Okay. Here is ten marks". And I brought it home. And I had a book in which that sacrificial knife is mentioned. Ten marks. That one I gave to you to preserve it, to gold plate it. So we want to preserve it for the archives so that it should go along.

The museum we are going to build in which we want to leave a certain time capsule. I collected some winding watches, you know? And everybody thought I was crazy. I was not. Because maybe a 100 years from now, it used to be a thing that people used to have a winding watch. It always be that battery stuff. And now they say the battery watch is bad because it causes heart attack. Do you know it increases the chances of a heart attack forty percent if you have a battery watch on your hand? Do you know that? Ask Dr. Saram. He has that machine. One day he tested. The machine started crying, "Dee doo dee doo." It was very funny. I took the watch off, it was just purring like a cat. And moment I put that on, it started crying so loud and so nasty that you can't believe it. Then I put that watch which has a self-winding stuff, "Purr purr" and it amazed me that day that it increases forty percent chances of a heart attack if you have watch on your hand which is run by a battery. How about that?
You know, it is very essential. More people die, more work for mortuaries, more coffins, whole stuff. It increases the economic value, isn't it? God, three thousand dollars for that box! We need to run this economy, a super death rate and four divorces. New home, new curtains, new refrigerator, new house... husband and wife fighting with each other, then each divorce means another new marriage or possibility of single parent. It also increases the possibility of a tax to reduce the deficit of the country. Single tax is higher than the double. There is... what? What is the percentage of, they call it 'unnamed children?' That means children who existed but are not reported as missing. It's a huge number of children which are wandering in this country and they are registered as born but they are missing in American action. You know for one MI, one Missing In Action... we are after Vietnam and all that and we are doing everything... there are millions of children which are just
gone, or asked to leave or left out or something, and they are missing in action, and they are not on our any record. And these are certain things which come with the industrialization.

I think now I feel and see your auras and your mood is very settled, and you feel a little present and you may go back home.

May the Long Time Sunshine Upon You, All Love Surround You, and the Pure Light Within You, Guide Your Way On....to home, and relax and sleep, and go and eat. Hey, eat. Eat! You must eat. Something green you must eat. Otherwise you can have the responsibility of diarrhoea on your own shoulders. Go and eat something. Huh? If nothing, couple of oranges. But full -- not juice. Something to move through the digestive tract. Okay? All right, good boys, good girls, thank you. Good night. Sat Nam.


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