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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/11/1987
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

What is Marriage

Today you have celebrated a marriage. For all of you, marriage is a coincidence of love, circumstances and environment. If it is qualified with the blessing of spirituality, Guru, or God, then it is considered holy or special. But if you do it in private affairs, then it is just a relationship, sexual, simple, sensual. The actions are the same, done by two people, or considered to be done by many people. Anything done with a higher consciousness, purity of heart, and understanding, gives you the
strength. Anything done with your commotions, with your commotional feelings, in which you are not involved from the point of view of your own stability, will destroy you. Actions are the same. It is absolutely not true that the actions can be different than anything.

Let us take an example of the most common thing called sex, whether you are a religious person or not a religious person, each one of you is involved in sex. Sex, when it happens in the interlocked states of higher consciousness regenerates the body, the psyche, energy is very powerful. It rebuilds. It gives person initiative of achievement and success. It creates the sixth sense, it makes a person intuitive. I'm trying to sell sex to you, no, I'm telling you state of mind of involvement. When sex is a situation of indulgence of two individuals to exchange commotions, feelings, and personality, it destroys. It makes both human beings weak, it does not take them anywhere.

But action is the same. There are mantras, you chant them, you penetrate, and you exalt yourself. You become most powerful person. Same mantra, you chant them, you meditate them, and you perfect them, they will destroy you. Question is not what you do, question is from which chakra you are doing it. With what consciousness you are doing something. Human life is not that complex that it cannot be understood. It is made to be complex. Simple things are being considered complicated.

You must understand, whether you understand religion or not, whether you are religious or not, that's not my point of issue, if there is no powerful unisoness of your own spirit behind your actions, your thoughts, and your projections, you shall be destroyed, doesn't matter anybody wants to protect you, including God almighty. You must understand, God has three faces, to create you, to maintain you, and to destroy you. There is no reason to misunderstand death. Death is an essential part. Lot of things die in us, and one of the things that should die in us is the commotionalism. Marriage is an essential part of the union, of the yog. We unite in oneness. Is marriage that two people fall in love, and they cannot recognize their commotions, emotions, and feelings, and cannot reconcile their attitude and attributes to the oneness of the self? Are we going to call it a marriage? No. Marriage has been well described by Guru Ram Das himself.

The levels of all thoughts and feelings can be reduced to the basic fact of four steps. Those four steps are very unique. First step is we want to merge, it never says we want to get married. It never says I lose my ego to you, and you lose your ego to me, and let us shake hands on that, this is the agreement. Marriage is no agreement, marriage is no relationship, marriage is not good, marriage is not bad. Marriage is not a reality, marriage is not a non-reality. Marriage is not spiritual, marriage is not non-spiritual. Marriage is two people merging in consciousness. That's exactly what it is. It is total alliance of two forces.

Bad and good, good and good, super good and super good, worst and worst. Doesn't make any difference whatsoever. That's why we bring God into it. Good and bad, we belong to you oh Lord. That's why two people who come before the Guru, or before the priest, or before the temple, and want to get married, and take a vow to get married, and bring all the relatives, and all the feasts and everything, it is that union.

When a Sikh wears a kara, he gets married to the Guru too. That's a marriage also. When a Sikh takes amrit, he gets married to being a khalsa. Marriage is a marriage. It's a merger of two personalities, two egos, two good and bad forever. It cannot be measured by time and space, and that is where love begins. Love is not what you think love is. Otherwise, you are in love, tomorrow you are not in love. Oh yeah, yesterday I was in love, what happened Friday, I'm not in love anymore. When you are in love, neither you hear, speak or see. All five senses have one sense of ecstacy.

Otherwise please don't misrepresent yourself in love. Just say, I am in very natural feelings, I feel very commotional, I feel very drawn. Or you say, whenever I see you darling, I feel very sensual. Say proper words, English is a good language, you can express yourself, but don't use this word love. It has no meaning, when you don't understand what goes with it. It is just like asking some people come please my dear, there is a whole food for you, and you spread out seven, eight, empty plates, and you serve nothing, and a person comes and he eats and eats, fulfilled, and he should say, oh great meals, thank you very much, who's going to do that to you?

That's the relationship between a Sikh and Guru also. I am Khalsa, I want this, I have everything nice, wonderful. When it comes to doing, he says wait a minute, I didn't ask my wife. Let me go home. It was very funny. There was one day very big commotion being Khalsa, I said allright, this time we will have Akhand Path at your home, they freaked out, they said Yogiji you are exploiting us, we never came here, it is too much time.... I said wait a minute, Guru going in your house, being read and understood by people, langar being served, purifying your house, he said too much work. Yes, for some people love is too much work. Life is too much work. To be pure is too much work, to be divine is too much work. Noble. What is nobility? Nobility is when other good takes priority over you. What is divinity? When you serve all without duality, and tolerate because God's spirit is in you. Matter is not how are you, and what matters to you, that is your personal nonsense. Matter
is how much spirit you can develop in you, that you can face all that what challenges you, and still deliver the goodness to others. Being good to others is not enough, being nice to others is not enough, that is selfish, and every selfish person will like to be nice to others. Delivering goodness to others, having a priority over yourself, and then thanking for it, that God gave you that opportunity, is the beginning of a human consciousness. It is where love begins. My father, marriage has taken place. It is a merger has taken place. Consciousness has united. Grace has become one. Reality has taken its roots. That is the beginning of a human life. Otherwise, marriages are done by dogs, cats, birds. They make a beautiful home, they select a very proper place, they lay their eggs in the beautiful nest, they make it cozy inside, they see the living room is proper, and everything is perfect. They bring the leaves, and roots, and herbs, according to their own needs. Nest of a bird is not a small situation, it
is a whole living science if you look into it and test it out. They understand, now we are going to sit and hatch our eggs and do that. After the little ones are trained and done they both fly away. Leaving the nest to the time to come, to be consumed by the circumstances or by that.

Humans are not birds. Marriage and mating happens between any moment, one provides the heat, one provides the cool, circumstances are done. Is that a marriage? Marriages are done that two people decide to get married, they hire the priest, pay him $21.00 and he speaks few words of God, sanctification happens and marriage takes place. Marriage happens here too. People come before the Siri Guru Granth, they take the four rounds, they take the four vows, and they feel and consider blessed in all the prescence of the friends, and the relatives, and before the divine sanctification, plus the minister will certify. I with the powers bestowed on me, declare you husband and wife. That is continuous process, but there are two merger characters, husband and wife. Marriage is a process after which man doesn't remain man, and woman doesn't remain woman. They lose their individual identity and become united identity. Don't call them great who sit together, live together, be together. Call
them great who in two bodies have one common soul. This common soul cannot be practiced because there is individuality. I am feeling hot, you are feeling cold. I am feeling tired, you are feeling fresh and young, you want to do something. I have an idea, you have an idea. My idea and your idea clash, my needs and your needs clash. My environments and your environments clash, my circumstances and your circumstances clash, my vision and your wish does not meet together, I go north and you go south. This is not what marriage is. Marriage is not "what about me". Me doesn't exist. I doesn't exist. They do not exist, I does not exist, me does not exist, after marriage WE exist.

Sat the tenth Lord, sat in a solitude and in a simple self. Sat and sat and sat for eleven months and eleven days and sung and sung and sung Hummee Hum, Toomhee Tum, came the mantra Wahe Guru. That is where Wahe Guru took birth. We and thou when meets, Wahe Guru happens. Wahe Guru doesn't happen by chanting, my apologies.

I know, these lectures before my death are going to make you, find no other way to dismiss me, in my spiritual capacity, and I'm very ready for it, I have to go anyway. For a few days in the last days of my life, let me tell you certain things. You are very badly mistaken, if you as human beings, think you can become religious, you cannot even become real, forget about your real estate, you are so grounded in this earth. You are so ego maniac and so wishful, and your thinking is so impure and shallow, its very difficult to even comprehend God, it is not possible. Let me make it very explainable.

All this facade of this religion you have created has no meaning. You are not recognizing the fundamentals. Fundamental is first you have to become we, and then you have to have marriage with Thou. When we marry Thou, out of that comes Wahe Guru. Then the basic fundamental of Guru Nanak can be practiced, Nirbao, Nirvair, Akal Moort. First you have to become fearless, you have so many fears. You not only practice them, you live with them. Sometimes you adore your fears, sometimes you nurture your fears. Sometimes you create your own fears and whenever a fear will multiply with time and space, it will create a vengeance. It will create war. So the very fact in Mool Mantra, Nirbao, Nirvair, you can't be. Fear is the basic situation of human destruction where human loses his grace. Human loses his grace before only one thing. There is nothing that human can be conquered with, fear.

Create a fear, conquer a human. Any ordinary fear. Hi, glad to meet you. She said, yeah thank you very much Yogiji. You look pale today. Just one thought. Believe me or not, that person the whole day will be dead pale, because you seeded that one thought, you look pale today. If you immediately believe in the Guru, you'll say, it's great, Guru wanted me to look pale to you, but to me I look very red blooded. If you can exchange the thought with the thought, if we and thou can mix together, then you can win the life.

During the day, as many people you cross, you share fear. Within the aura of your eighteen feet, you cross people, the merger of the aura crossing through each other, and departure, creates fear. That is how much fear is bombarded on a human being. That's why each time you have to remember, you are not only a living human being, you are a human living beauty of God's grace. You are a living purity, you are a living strength.

Somebody asked me yesterday a question. How can you call yourself healthy happy and holy when you are very sick? I said, well, that's the nice thing to say. You call me sick, I'm a Sikh, I'm not a sick. You know your body is this, that, I said this body has to go, thank God, I'm so happy to go home. Quicker I go, better I'll be. I said, have you seen this thing going to the moon, to the space? It left its boosters, that's the youth, then it left its propelling shell, that's the middle age, then it leaves everything and then floats into space and sends you signals. Right? Do you understand that? Do you see it on television? I said, that's me. Don't criticize my arteries got closed, my heart is going bad. This heart has done overwork, poor thing must stop. It should not be asked to pump whole lifetime. You know, we did a little bit ballooning, open it up, that's enough. It'll give few years more to extend, a few days more, a few weeks, to just serve the sangat, to let you know, the most beautiful thing is whereas I am closing my
eyes to go, to merge at my own self and home, you are opening up your eyes to the reality that you have to carry yourself with dignity, divinity, and nobility. My dear friends, marriage, nobility is a must.

Let us define nobility. Not the way you want nobility. Let us define grace. Grace is at the cost of your total self you bring happiness to those you meet, deal, or deal with. Doesn't matter who they are. That's called grace. Divinity. When you are not divided for a second to help those who you can help. For their happiness. That is called divinity. Nobility, divinity and grace. You cannot live in this earth, you can buy people richness, it won't work. You cannot control and manipulate people, it won't work. You cannot relate to all the people, it won't work.

A flower cannot be with every nose, but its fragrance can go to the entire universe. Rose is not known by its petals and trunk, and this and that. Rose is by a smell, fragrance. Rose fragrance you cannot stop, it can cross all walls and barriers. So your good will of the Akhal Moort, you are the picture of God. That is what Guru Gobind Singh has given us. Surprisingly, you have not yet decided who you really are. Forget about this picture of being that of God. Undying God you represent, you represent the facet, the faculties and the features. The facts, the facet, the features, and the faculties, four things of undying God you represent as a Sikh. It's not a small situation.

No religion even will talk about this reality, they have certain rites and rituals where they want to satisfy you. Siri Guru Granth stops not for anything less than that. In the very start it says Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, can you believe that? You are the creation of One and your identity is nothing but Truth. Karta Purkh, accomplishment is your right. Nirbao, Nirvair, you are fearless, and you have no vengeance, and then it gives you the right of Akal Moort, you represent God. Then it guarantess you Ajuni, Saibhang, Gurprasad, that is a guarantee. And a Sikh asked to Guru Nanak, how will I get it? The Guru said, Jap. One commandment in the entire Siri Guru Granth, which has no suggestion.

Siri Guru Granth is a very suggestive Guru. It tells you with examples and with realities and with stories. It does all the work a Guru should do, but it also does one work, it gives a commandment. Direct command. No maybe, maybe not, if and if not, maybe should I, should I not. Jap. Stand to attention. Jap! And then Guru says, Aad Saach, Jugaad Saach, Hebi Saach, Nanak Ho Si Bi Saach. That truth becomes the virture. Truth was in the beginning, through the times truth is, now the truth is, and truth ever shall be, sayeth Nanak. And that is what Sat Nam means. My truth and your truth, and circumstancial truth, and geographical truth, and real truth, and non real truth, and black truth and brown truth, white truth, Ku Klux Klan truth, liberal union truth, and you have made truth like sandwich, served anywhere for any purpose. That is no damn truth!

Truth is to recognize the infinity of the other, and offer yourself to maintain that infinity in service, and experience that you could do it. That is the experience, that is the strength of the truth. That you can serve other person and feel happiness in you, and maintain the grace, the divinity, the exaltedness of the other person and still feel humble that you got the opportunity to do it. It is something which has nothing to do with any business or profit, give and take. So is the relationship between teacher and student. Law of spirituality is simple, obey, serve, love, excel. It doesn't say excel first, it didn't say first love. It didn't say first serve, it didn't say commit because how can student commit? He is going to fault everyday. How can a crawling baby run a mile race? There is no commitment in life. Commitment is that character you build in yourself which is flawlessly in service of the other.

If you want happiness there is only one way. Sacrifice. Sacrifice, happiness will be yours, don't sacrifice you will never be happy. Don't play games. You don't want to give, you want to take, everybody will know you so fast, your reputation will talk faster than you. You don't need a public relations, public relations you do with your own mouth. Open the lips, and sink the ships. Few neurotic words said by you will hold longer against you than all the goodness you're talking about. It is also very good to know that you are good at heart. It is very good to know that you love yourself. It is very good to know that your chakras are married to your consciousness, not your commotionalism.

Learn certain things please, these things are not taught in 7/11 stores, they are not on sale, that 24 hours it is open, you can buy it anytime you want. Neither Sears will give you that stuff. Neither you can find it in a church or a temple. Not a priest will give you about it. You have to become your own preacher and you have to become your own priest. You are the altar of God, and the altar of God has to have no alternative. It has to be consciously served and continuously resurrected. No fault is possible, it is a state of faultlessness.

Death and life, insecurity and fears, are your creation. Marriage and divorce is your creation. Love and hate is your creation, wisdom and foolishness is your creation. These are all measures you judge by the virtue which you have, and you don't have more than 3% of your brain, even to be used in the best of your IQ. Who trusts you? Ninetyİseven percent of your brain is lying empty and you don't know what to do with it, because you never developed your intuitiveness.

I agree, you are a shell of a human, you look very pretty. Filled with garbage. That garbage is essential, because it's cozy. Once you fill yourself with inner beingness; hey you're willing to pay for a pillow which is filled with down, you pay less for one filled with cotton. You don't want to pay anything for one filled with shreds.

This planet earth is God's creation, it didn't get created by you. You were asked to come here to visit, not to ruin it. Not to spoil it. You came here as ego maniacs, divided into territories, built up your armies and arsenal, and tried to exploit each other. Lost the law of harmony. Where there is no harmony, there cannot be peace. That little Persian Gulf is going to engulf you. You started there as a joke, now you are waist deep in there, you can't even come out. That's how small things are preİambled to big events. Small mistakes offer the great destructive day. Unwise commotional movements can spoil any life.

Marriage is not a matter of convenience, it doesn't promise coziness. I don't believe you get married: something good happens. It is only a virtuous moment where two people before God, promise to be together, it doesn't matter what. If a personal togetherness is not there, togetherness with another person will be impossible. You must understand, life has one virtue which God loves. When his sent human beings becomes together, all this temple and priesthood and rituals and religions and all hankyİpanky you do for centuries to centuries, has only one purpose basic and fundamental, to be pure, to be a Khalsa, to be one together with the spirit of almighty God. That is why you being the son of Guru Gobing Singh, daughters of Guru Gobind Singh, has to learn a lesson, I'm not asking you should hurry up and do it, because I'm saying it.

It will take you two, three, four, five generations, to understand what a Khalsa is. Meanwhile a little bit of hanky-panky, and sometimes we counsel you and advise you, forget it, it is a commoners attitude. I have the right to marry, I have the right to divorce, I have the right to jump, I have the right to sit, I have the right to mentally cripple, I have the right to be mentally beserk, I mean you have a lot of rights. These are all your rights. I have the right to be neurotic, I can express myself anyway I like. Who stops you? You have the right to be a baboon, you have the right to be a monkey, you have the right to be a gorilla, you have the right to be a pod, the right to be anything. Who is taking away your rights? But you don't have the right to be human and live, and live to the extent that everybody on the first sight of you says "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" Or "Sat Nam Ji", I acknowledge your identity as Truth. That is the right. That's the rightful right. Somebody came to me and he said, I
have been thinking for a long time to see you Sir. I said, oh, there is something coming. What is this "Sir" has to be looked upon for a long time, what I have done so bad, that you have taken such a long time to see me, I am everywhere. She said no, no, you are very saintly. I said who told you that? I'm not saintly at all. Bless me. I said learn one thing, don't ask me to bless you. What should I do? I said bless yourself. Don't find me to become a saint, become yourself a saint, that's what God wants. Don't ask me what I can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for yourself.

I am your student for a long time, I said please become my teacher. Do the other way. I don't need students, I didn't come to have students, I come to have teachers. How fast you want me to be a teacher? I said yesterday. How much time it should take to be good? Before birth you promised with God you'll be good, you forgot it, and if I remind you you become mad at me. You know I used to go to the gurdwaras, God bless them, and I used to speak on a reminding subject, (speaks Punjabi) and then later on they said, "Yogiji, you know in the gurdwara congregation comes people who cannot take your words so politely." I said what do you mean politely? It's not polite to wake up a sleeping man? It's not polite? It's very polite. You know, there are different kinds of people. I said, what kind, sick? Who will never wake up to their sleep, who will never recognize their father Guru Gobind Singh, who will never live in the rehit, who will always tell me, this is my house, look at it,
this is my car, look at it, they will never recognize the whole planet earth belongs to them. Is it polite or impolite to make them recognize what in this universe what belongs to them? A Sikh belongs to the whole universe, the whole universe belongs to him, he's not micro, he's macro. He's a living consciousness. How can I recognize a Sikh? Crippled mentally, sick spiritually, and cannot even glare, cannot even shine, and I'm told to recongnize him as a living son, Louis VIII. Are you kidding? It won't work. You don't have to tell people how great you are, your own handicaps tell people how handicapped you are. To get rid of the handicap you have to have a relationship with your own soul. You have to marry, and this marriage has to be forever. It is a merger of you and your consciousness. (Speaks Punjabi.)

The Atman says, hey man, love me, you are alive because of me, it is just like a meek woman, telling the husband, the brute, who is drunk, and just yelling and screaming and macho, who doesn't even button his shirts, the atman is saying: "Please this whole thing is because of me, just please, look at me.", and the guy drunk says, who are you? I don't want to hear this conscience voice, this little thing, shut it up. I want to hear the rock and roll. I want to hear....These days a funny part is going on in the world of yoga, as well as religious people, they want to hear the drums and the flutes and God knows, bells. I said why don't you go in some park and hear the birds and the dogs, they are something alive. What do you want to hear inside you? You want to go crazy? Well what should we hear? I said, one thing in this world we have come to learn here, nothing but the sweetness of all, good of all. Virtue of all. See nothing but the glittering beauty of all. When you see the worst man who
you hate, and you are not very late to recognize the guy is the worst jerk, whatever you want to call him, call him any name you want, it is your privilege, but just recognize one factor, that God created that person, and you owe a relationship. That is called compassion.

When you see wrong, see how fast you can serve to correct it. When you are in love, see how fast the person is exalted. These are what Guru wants you to do. Because God loves these things, you have not to love God. Give God a chance, so he can continue loving you. You know I had a communication with God, I said "How can you do all this? We people, we just do everything weird, we don't obey your one commandment, we don't like your hukam, we don't care, we come Sunday to take the hukam from the Guru, we do the opposite at 3 o'clock", I said "where do you get this patience?"

He said, "That's what makes me God. Patience pays, didn't you say that?" I said, I say to people to inspire that, I'm getting very impatient myself. He said, no, you're not impatient, you're pretending to be impatient so these people may learn patience, the depth, the strength.

What is patience? Patience is self experience. When you have seen yourself, and you have experienced yourself, you shall not be disturbed, doesn't matter what. That's the real beauty, that's real spirituality. When there is no force which can force you, good and bad, you have achieved patience, a state of patience. When nobody can tell you what is left and right. Please understand that you have to stand under your own self, own canopy. You have to make every effort to merge. Marriage takes place with every breath. The breath comes in, get married with your system, and keeps you alive. A continuous process of divinity, keeping you alive so that you can learn that great experience for which you are born.

Just remember, there are two ways to prosperity. One is you hassle and bring prosperity and die in vain, because at the end of the time when you have worked so much, you lie down, stretch your legs, on your death bed you say I have 36 mansions, 250 million cash, I married 9 times, divorced 36 times, God knows, you guys have the long list to go through. The purpose of religion is at that moment when you lie down, you always feel happy, glorified and smiling that you're going to your own home, to meet your own Creator, and you have that consciousness. If that is not achieved, and somebody asked me yesterday, well how am I going to achieve that. I said, it's very simple, don't growl at me.

Everybody has the past life animal in them, it comes out very soon, and especially these days with me, everybody becomes that, and it's funny to watch. Human body, and animal habit. God, the beast, it's fun to watch. Anyway, that's a privilege. However, I said, look do you sleep? He said, yeah, I sleep. I said during the sleep you do not know if you are male or female, good and bad, what you have, what you are. He said, oh yeh, that's deep sleep. I said before sleeping, lie down straight and look at the roof and try to think. If you think for tomorrow, you have not achieved nirvana, you have not achieved peace.

If you think, or try to think, and you only think sleeping and going into that deep sleep, you have found God. If you want to sleep and you find shuniaa, you have found all what you wanted to find. I said, when I want to sleep, I just want to sleep. Do you not want to get up next morning? I said, who wants to get up next morning. I said do you know the story of Mahabarata? When Arjan was taught he was asked to aim at a bird, and then his teacher asked what do you see? He said, I see the tree, I see the bird, I see the eye of the bird, the other said I see the tree only and I see the bird, and somebody said I see the bird and I see everything, the whole thing. When Arjan was asked what do you see he said I see the eye and see the tip of my arrow in the center of it, I see nothing else.

When you go to sleep, go to sleep, and go to your inner sleep, and your inner God. Sleep is nothing but a process of body which tells you time is shut off to go out, let's go in. If you can do that consciously, you can totally renew yourself for the next morning if you ever get up. If you don't what a wonderful sleep that was. Relating to this body and its senses all the time will create a fear and that fear will destroy you and your happiness. There is no treatment of that, just remember this. If going out will not be balanced by equal time of going in, you'll be out of place. Merge out with a lot of glory and vigor, merge in with a lot of power and strength and depth.

Touch all the people in the world, but touch also your soul. That is what "Ek Ong Kar" means. You are the creation of the One, go out and touch everybody as oneness with you, go inside at night and touch your One self within you. And when within and without we lose the meaning to you, you will become the Sikh. When you can take all what it takes to be, then you take the nectar of the Guru and you become Khalsa. Purity and piety is a matter of expression. But in action, blessed are those who believe that to be pure is to serve with a pure heart.

Therefore please remember this day and its beauty and its glory. Every minute in life calls on you to merge in your higher consciousness. Every minute in your life you come out duly totally coated and joked into what is called the commotionalism. The real religion of this planet is commotionalism. The rest of the "-isms" just try to override this. Commotionalism has absolutely the basic religion of the mankind, because it gives to you on the spot, it is alcoholism, it is what the drugs give you. Everything spaces you out, and being commotional you get so beautifully spaced out from reality to non-reality. The tragedy of human is when his imagination becomes reality and his reality becomes imagination.

Some people cannot sleep at night because they have dreams. But what about those who have daydreams and walk around? You don't know them. They have daydreams, daydreams and night dreams, these people live in the world of dreams, and there is no real touch of life. They believe in their dreams so much. You know the funny part is, there are a lot of things going on. Past lives, future lives, now. Who am I? What I am? What I will be? Neither you were, nor you are, nor you shall be. That's all you have to learn. What will happen? God will take over, because law of vacuum is there is no vacuum. When you practice nothing but "Krishna", when you practice that, at that time the obligation of God is He has to come through. God is everywhere, He comes through absolutely where there is space for him and nothing else.

Those hearts which are filled with anger, grief, negativity, commotionalism, where the word of the Guru has not yet been established, cannot yet invite God to preside. My blessings and my prayers are with you. But I am also an ordinary human being, and Guru has blessed me with certain experiences. As many days as I have to live, I'll like to share with you each day how I feel, what I have learned, so that one day perhaps you can open the book of your life and say ah ha, yeah!, he said so. Basic idea is to see you grown. See you experience reality before the darkness hits. So that you can see your own glory, experience your own grace, and give yourself an understanding of your own divinity. When you can conquer your own pull of negativity, when you can destroy your own destructiveness, when you can bring your own dreams to a reality, and you dream no more.

It is not today, not tomorrow, not virtue and unvirtuous you are. It is not your creativity and nonİcreativity. Blessed you are because you are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Deva. The entire history tells you how to live. It is that life which has a virtual experience of becoming Wahe Guru. It is that we are seeking, that we are calling on you. The beauty and the makeup and the fashion and the strength and the power and the money, political, spiritual, arm power, whatever you want to do in your life, you want to express yourself with the strength that you are somebody. The world is looking at you, you are somebody to begin with. That's why you are exclusively, wherever you go, you don't have to introduce yourself, everybody tells you welcome Mr. Singh. The literal translation is "Come on Oh lion, Come on Oh lion, King of the beasts." People expect from you that you have conquered the beast, by your very appearance, but when you talk like a donkey and deal
like a fox, and you start showing your expressions other than that of a life, people get very perplexedly annoyed and angry, because they feel betrayed. They feel they have openly said to you "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh", that you belong to the purity of God, and may the victory be to that purity.

Later on you start territoralizing, controlling, playing games, people don't like it. People are not naive. Seeker is never naive, because he is seeking. He's seeking love out of you, he's seeking comfort out of you, he's seeking strength out of you, he's seeking virtue out of you. Everybody is seeking from everybody. Therefore what is desired is to come out in the glory what God has given you through the Guru's words. You want a territory, you want a home, you want a land, the world can bow to you and shall bow to you, when you take the Guru's words, let it reside in your heart, and you offer your head to it. That's what Guru Gobind Singh asked, I need a head. One got up, second got up, third, fourth, fifth. What we call them as alive today, five beloved, five loved ones of the Guru. Why? They gave their head.

You can give your head. We don't ask you to give your head to us physically. We want to give the garbage of your head, and bring it to the state of purity, and we want your heart to be presided by the word of Guru Gobind Singh. We want you to share with people nothing but the words of the Siri Guru Granth, so that all who are seeking to be uplifted, and who want to share virtues, you can give them the virtues. It is in giving virtues to people, which makes you virtuous. It is giving people directions to the home of God, which will make you Godly. It is with the goodness, the kindness, and the love you serve with, which will make you lovely, otherwise you don't have a chance.

Serve your ego, and hear your own echo, you can just pass and destroy this most precious time and for the sake of certain seashells, you can lose the virtuous diamonds of life. That's not real. Marriage is not sensual/sexual, economic/socio-political, power/no power base, controlling/not controlling. Marriage is a merger of unisoness, of properties, projection, thoughts, action and deed into oneness of the goodness. Blessed are those who live through it, experience it, and practice it. May you have to perhaps, give yourself a clarity of mind and thought to understand. May you share something common and learn something real.

Love is a very powerful thing. Three love letters could make Arjan, Guru Arjan Dev. He just wrote three letters. When he came before Guru Ram Das then Guru Ram Das said all right, elder brother, you want to be the Guru. He said, it's my right, I'm the elder brother. Guru said, "No, Crown of spirituality cannot be conquered, it only can be bestowed on a deserving head. Remember this!" He said, "All right, there are three letters, write the fourth one." Couldn't. The reality came out. Couldn't deliver. Then Arjan Mal wrote (speaks Punjabi) Guru became so one with him, transformed his light unto Guru Arjan Dev. Guru Ram Das knew that his son, Arjan who has to carry that light, had to sit on a hot plate and still say "Wahe Guru." Here you touch a heater you cry. The press iron burns you, you show to the whole planet, "look my arm got burned." Guru Arjan Dev sat, and sat, and sat, and smiled, and smiled, and blessed, and blessed because that was the first lesson of the Guru to
the Sikh. Patience pays. He merged with the pain of the entire people of India at that time, all the spiritual people. People who had no human right. People who were being pushed around, people who were being destroyed. People who were picked up for the kings game. Humans were lifted and taken away for the game of the kings animals so that they can eat the meat of the flesh of the human. That is how humanity became good for nothing. It was the sacrifice of Guru Arjan to bring to it the reality. That reality became a reality to the kingliness, to the imperialness, to the royalty of Guru Gobind Singh.

That's what you all represent. That's why Guru Gobind Singh said in very clear words (speaks Punjabi) Don't please beg that you want to be pure. You are pure! Look at your heritage and make it yours, adapt it as yours. You will never fall short of things. Just understand one thing. It is you and you alone who can practice the relationship with your own soul. Until that marriage is not practiced to the strength of infinity, every other marriage and merger shall not be experienced fully. Let it be clearly known and recorded today that all of us who call ourselves the wards of the Guru have the responsibility towards the Guru. Don't ask for a land where Guru can preside. Go on the entire land of this planet and let Guru preside in every heart you meet. That is where your home is, your home is to install Guru's words in the hearts of people. Their heads shall bow to the glory and the grace and the experience of the Guru. You will have Guru's home everywhere. That's how a Sikh has to
act. Open your hearts and open your homes and serve. God shall serve you!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

___________________________________________________________________________ _


Sire Nam Dev

There is but One God, by true Guru's grace he is obtained.

Some say the Lord is near, some say that he is far. This amounts to saying that the fish of the water is climbing up a date tree. Some say the Lord is near, some say that he is far. This amounts to saying that the fish of water is climbing up a date tree. Oh man, why talkest thou not then? He who finds the Lord can still heed this fact. Becoming a pundit, thou utterest the Vedas, but ignorant Nam Dev who only knows the Lord, who utters the Lord's Name retains the stain of sin. The sinners become pure by uttering the Lord's Name. In the company of the Lord say Nam Dev has acquired faith. He has ceased to fast on the eleventh lunar day and why should he go on pilgramages to shrines. Says Nam Dev, I have now become a man of good deeds and good thoughts, who and which have not gone to heaven by uttering the Lord's Name under Guru's instruction. This verse narrates the play of three good illustrations. Pause. In the potters home are pots and in a king's home the she camels. In a Brahmins
house is a widow. Say thou the widows, she camels, and pots. A grocers home has hing, and the he buffalo has horns on the forehead. In Shiva's temple is a lingam. Says thou the lingam, the horn, and hing. Oil is in an oil man's house and there is sandal in the forest. Plantain is in the gardeners home. Say thou plantain, sandal and oil, the Lord is within the saint's mind and Krishan. God is in Nam Dev, say thou the Lord, Krishan, and God. The Lord is within the saint's mind and Krishan and Gopal. God is in Nam Dev, say thou the Lord, Krishan and God.

Siri Singh Sahib explains the Hukum:

That the faculty produces the facility, faculty produces the facility, in the Sikh's house there is a Guru's vibration, in Sikh's heart presides the Guru. As oilman has an oil in his house, the goldsmith will deal with the gold. Some people say God is near, some say God is far away. It is just a fish jumping up out of the water and trying to go on a date tree. The example is very simple, neither God is very near, neither God is far away, God is just God, and leave him alone. It is you who have to represent God in your own heart first. Let God preside in you, so that people will see the presiding God and they will believe you as men of God. That's as simple as you want to understand it. Therefore, let us have a very honorable situation. Bhakti gives you Shakti, Shakti gives you Bhakti. If there is no energy in you you cannot do good deeds. Good deeds if you do, you will get the energy Then where is the problem? Problem is fear, your short breathness. Your fear of being not capable,
your fear of being not this.

you have never recognized that you are in the image of God, and you do not let God take care of you. Moment you try to take care of yourself with that little ego you have got you mess up everything and reduce everything to be so little it becomes useless. Simple rules. That is why Guru Gobind Singh gave us a word to say and speak, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh." Pure ones belong to the Wahe Guru, the glorified God is Wahe Guru. Just understand. God and glory cannot be separated. It is recognized. Victory belongs to the glorified God, not to any person. Kirpaa (speaks Punjabi) Guru Gobind Singh when he won the war he said "Oh God, it was your blessing that I had this victory today." He didn't say ,"I and my men fought so well that we got the victory." That is called living dedicatedness.

This is what the hukam is today. There was a beautiful thing which happened in the middle of the hukam, there was some extra sound. So just understand, when God speaks, confusion also takes its chance. That must be irritating many of you, so that's what this maya is. Maya irritates man from the path and story of the maya and irritation is very well known. Somebody was put to a slavery in an 84 door castle. All the doors were closed, and one day he was told, you are liberated, you can go out. So he tried to find out the door as he was blinded, to find out the door of liberation, he searched every door, touched and touched and found them closed. Then he came to the open door, irritation started getting over him, instead of touching the wall and finding the open door, he started scratching himself, and with that time he passed the open door. Thus start another circle. What I mean to say is be conscious and let this irritation not disturb you. Understand that you've got to find your own reality, your own oneness. Before we chant, I'll ask Arjan Kirpal Singh, he's a representative of the mid-west, mid-land, England. He would like to give you his greetings. If you can accept or not, that is your problem, some of you don't understand what greetings are. Maybe you have to find out some cards and send back. This is the time we have to understand, and we have to greet each other. I'll ask him after we finish this first our proclamation before the Guru, to come and share his greetings with us.

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

İ YB Teachings, LLC 1987
Above Article Copyright İ Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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