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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/16/1987
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Courage and Realism

It is a very special day today. We are celebrating the birthday of Guru Saran Kaur, who took the shelter of the Guru 18 years ago, and was the first yoga student. I couldn't believe that is not something we can look upon, she does cry also, very fluently, even now, but in those days she used to cry to the extent that we never used to have enough napkins to take care of her tears. Let us see today the logic, the reason, the psychology, and the strength. We are sitting here, we have lost certain people who were leaders in this Dharma, they were Mukhia Singh Sahibs, they couldn't carry on. They couldn't carry the responsibility which was bestowed to them, which they earned, I'm not saying anybody was favor of anybody, they earned something but they couldn't carry on. Look today at Guru Saran, she's still here, and that's all that matters. It isn't the life that matters, it's the courage you bring to it.

I'm not saying that there are not weaknesses, I'm not saying that she was not crying, I mean yesterday she busted out, the day after I just got an emergency call, her car has been towed away. I had to suspend everything and tell my chief security officer to go on rescue mission there. She did throw up I understand quite a bit. Went through the entire symptom of Guru Saran Kaur Khalsa original. That's what I call it.

This morning she brought a cake, everything was fine, she's right here at her birthday so I am very proudly participating in the eighteenth of her, and my coming to the United States, it's very coincidental. I remember those days in East/West Cultural Center when she used to do yoga postures and she used to cry equivalently. My only fear was that the carpet will get wet and they will cancel my classes. You can well understand this situation. However, through odd and even, through good and bad, through worst and the best, she's here, and that is what matters. It doesn't matter who is doing what.

As well as my beloved son Vikram has brought the idea we should serve our brothers from the Indian origin. Actually Vikram, the fact is that they are from the very Guru's origin, they do not recognize that fact. Eighteen years we have been telling one thing, you come from the land of the Guru's, you are all very beautiful. We do not want to dominate you, and you do not have to dominate us. We are telling you the alleys and the ways and the paths of the West.

It's very surprising, in the Western world, the western world is the world of the gangsters, you cannot deny it. There are sophisticated gangsters, there are elementary gangsters, there are professional gangsters. We call them ethnic groups, very politely, to make ourselves look good. Ethnic groups are nothing but a gangsterism of certain people who want to survive and want to survive at any cost. Because they have something common which is being challenged. Their authenticness, when it is challenged, then people make ethnic groups. It's like a clan of people getting together.

Among such a hypertension, high blood pressure situation, we who are flower children, who thought peace is the only thing, and piece by piece we can be, but we are not going to let peace go. We survive with absolute dignity, and absolute stand out solitude. We may at home shake our legs on occasion, but outside, when we are challenged we are as strong as steel can be. Why? That is what Sikhism is. A constituted beauty of courage, and that realism. I do not understand in my own option, why these people who came from the Guru's land has to here merge in anything. Some do ask me, that is money, money, money, you know what I mean. Moolah, that's what they are talking about. Where the money will come, we come here, this is not our land.

After eighteen years, I can tell them to come to the meditation altar, the 35 dollars which I brought in to the United States in my pocket, are still in that conch. I didn't spend them, they are still intact as they were. How do I live? Where this moolah came? Did I manufacture it at night and spend it in the morning? I was challenged on every step. I was told, Yoga has nothing to do with Sikhism. My father Guru Gobind Singh, in Siri Guru Granth, there is Raj Yog so well explained, there is nothing in the world. There is a technology. Technology is a subjective penetration, it is a psychology, it's a simple psychology, subjective penetration is, you become humble enough to let the opportunity come and you nurture it to multiply within your own being. It is called subjective penetration.

Psychologically the psyche manifests the magnetic attitude towards the orbit in which the frequency is fixed in good will, and wealth, opportunity, and prosperity shall run to you as in a low temperature high winds come in and brings with them rain, the greenery, the lush, the prosperity. What can stop it? The stoppage can be when your ego only cares for you, then you cannot create that low atmosphere to bring high winds.

Sikhism is not a joke, it is a religion of conquerous prosperity and creative consciousness. It has a cultural dimension of not a limit of the ethnicness but of the universality. It is as pure as Ganga, therefore it has not the tone of gangsterism in it. We couldn't be ethnic to begin with, we are not ethnic today. We cannot be ethnic tomorrow.

Because our identity is so identical that it doesn't need any perfection. Yesterday a question was asked, Sardar Vikram Singh, Yogiji, why these Sikhs from the Indian ethnic culture, I'm using word ethnic now specially, do not like you? I said, I love it, they should hate me, and they are right, they are very blessed, may Guru bless them to continue not to understand me. He said, are you sure? I said, yes, they are very intelligent people, they are so good, and so perfect, you can't believe them. They know more than I know, because they see the Americans wearing bana, bani, simran, and no excuse, and no flaw, and nothing is omitted. They are so scared, that if they come near me, that will be first thing they have to do, which they don't want to do, they do not want to do. They want to completely please American, English, German, Canadian, Swedish, God knows who they want to please. We do not want to please anybody, including ourselves, except our father Guru Gobind Singh, and we shall not be demolished, we shall rule.

What matters is a simple essence, do you live for yourself, and do you live for your Guru? There is no service to God which you can perform, because all is God. There is no gift which you can give to the Guru, because all gift is Guru itself.

Do you mentally live for the glory of the Guru, and do you understand the beauty in you when you dress up, when you talk, walk, deal, as the Sikh of the Guru? Do you understand the meditation of it? One day I was walking in that little knickers, and little shirt, and luckily my security messed up, and I was alone. I kept walking, I didn't go more than half a block, there were six people, and I was surprised, whosoever saw me walking alone, stopped the car on the side and started walking. I saw that phenomena and I asked myself, God can be alone because he is the One, I cannot be alone, and my Guru walks through these Sikhs with me, there is nothing to be worried, there is nothing to be alone.

Now when people ask me, will you go to hell or heaven? I say no, I'll not go to hell and heaven, I'll visit both places, and look at them, how they are. There is no hell and heaven. We don't belong to something hell and heaven, and Eve has not told Adam to eat the apple. We eat apples every day, no Eve tells me to eat an apple, I go and pick it up and eat it, it's a good fruit, apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Guru Nanak, the great Guru, has blessed us, to take us about, almost out of doubt. Brahma, Dharma, Karma. When there is a doubt, actions become painful. Today I was being asked, well how come you are such a holy man and you got sick? I said, well thank God I got sick, at least I can cool off a little bit. Otherwise, I say, you do not know the pain when the Golden Temple was attacked.

My father wrote a few lines sending me a message, he said, "My death is inevitable, I would not have died for anything, but when outside the gate they destroyed the kanda, which was at the entry of the house, it almost killed me. It will not be a long time now, it will be a few days and I shall leave. I believe if a carved sign of the Guru on the gate in a marble stone, is broken or removed, can kill a man, what about these Sikhs who kill the Guru's ordained and God given everything themselves. Who should come to them? It is not a defiance only, it is a virtual riddled attitude against God itself, believe me or not. Do you really believe that God will tolerate it? What happens is, it's just like an artist who creates the art, and somebody takes the brush and chops off certain areas, would you ask that artist how happy he feels? And what is the difference between God and you?

God created you in the very first image of its ownself, Akal Moort, Ajuni, Sai Bhang, Gur Prasad. I'm not worried about those who have not touched the feet of the Guru, blessed they be when they will do it. But those who come from the land of the Guru, those who understand the purity, the piety, the power, the projection of it, how can they mishandle themselves? And for what? So Vikram, just tell them, they have not to create heavens, heavens shall come to them, provided they understand that one line, Akal Moort, Ajuni, Sai Bhang, Gur Prasad. They have to understand, as we have understood, it is not the bana, the clothes, it is our identity, it is our declaration, it is our affirmation, it is our grace, it is our divinity, it is our dignity, it is our whole being, it is the blessing of all blessings, it is God in totality, which we represent when we come out in our perfect being as the Sikhs of the Guru. We remove the doubt. If one removes the doubt, one finds the God. I tell you, when
I dress myself for presenting to the Guru, or the world, I do not have a doubt, therefore I have to do nothing. If something makes you to do something where you cannot represent yourself as a Sikh of the Guru, there is something so wrong that its got to go.

Unfortunately, there are religions and religions, they are beautiful religions, but they do not have such a declared, flashing, outstanding identity, as the Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh. That's one thing which will live, in our hearts, and around us and everywhere. That's what people will like. The achievement is not to have God in the palm of your hand, the achievement is that your hand can feel its ownself, in the identity of its own attitude to confirm that your very infinity is in your hands, and you are a Sikh, not for the time being but right now.

It takes courage, and that courage has a cost. Vikram, with Guru's grace, we are paying it, and tell them that they cannot be behind. I remember Guru Saron's attitude, I never normally fight with her, I like her very much, but one day there was some dispute on a turban, she'll forgive me, bringing this personal matter, and she said to me, you have never been so bad to me, what is today? I said today is a day when I have to be nothing but very, very bad. The hell I created and havoc I blew on telephone only, I do not know what happened, but in the end she said, if you forgive me, I'll never do it again. I said I don't worry about whether you do it or not, but if you ever do it again, I'll just be ten times more than this. I felt responsible, something told me, if you love her, don't let her destroy her. Don't let her break the crown of the shield. We don't put turban as a piece of cloth, we crown ourselves. We tell the whole world, we are the rulers of our own destiny. We tell the
entire universe and all living beings, we are absolutely independent and by ourself. We can stand alone through the tragedy and the torture of time and space, but shall always identify to be Sikhs of the Guru.

Do you understand what that means? That means nothing my dear ones, that only means that God has no other option but to love us and love us and love us. That's the only one way that God loves his own creation, when creation creates an environment where identity becomes a priority over all assets of life. I think it is a privilege to celebrate the birthday of one person who has continued to identify with the basic identity she believes in and Guru's grace. She has given me a very good daughter, I'm very privileged, and I'm very privileged with her growth and the environments. Guru Ram Das Ashram owns her.

She is the only one child who can keep the privilege, that in the playpen of Guru Ram Das Ashram she grew up, and I can take the privilege that I did change her napkins without knowing what to do, but in spite of that, the vibrations and the fundamentals are so funny, I never knew to what, and one day she ate up a paper and it got stuck in the throat, she started choking, so I put her from those little feet, up and down, and put a finger and took it all out, and she vomited.

Three days later, one of my students wrote, you are a man of God, and I love you so much, but you are so cruel, what you did to that little child, I cannot forgive you forever. Ten, twenty days later, I think somewhere on the street he met me, I said, you hate me, he said, what you did Sir that day, I said saved her, because she saw the papers as biscuits, she ate them all, they got stuck in the throat, I said, man if we would not have done something at that minute, the matter would have come to an end.

Rescue mission, Vikram, is good but let these people not eat their own identity and ask Guru to come and help them. Ask them, that the world waits for them, world loves them, but they have to come through too. It is my dearest feeling, that today all you have come for personal non-personal reasons, you have come here to celebrate the birthday of a Gursikh. Common in oneness of all, today God has no option but to bless you.

We are not going to ask it. You must understand one thing, I mean this is one thing all Sikhs of Indian origin never agree with me and I love them for that, I don't care either, God is a very delicately, delicately, very agreeable, and when things and actions are done in good faith, in a common cause, and in salutation to Guru's instruction, it becomes God's will, and that brings the blessings.

That's what you have all done today. We could have had a party and done a private way, and done that way, that would have been only individual show, but today Guru is the master, and Gur is the master of ceremonies of this show. We are very grateful to the people who have come and sung the shabds of the Guru, and to all of you who have participated, and brought yourselves in that grace.

This is the Sikh way to celebrate the birthday, this is a graceful way, this is a loving way, and let us make this as a loving tradition. We may not come for our prayers, but when we come to celebrate the birthday of a Gursikh, that day a Gursikh gets born in us, that day Guru comes in us, and that day God loves us.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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