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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 01/01/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You are the Perfect True Guru

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

It is the first day of 1989. It is a year of Infinity. They understand that one cannot recognize, realize or reach the Infinity. It is only because of the Guru's grace. These are not my words, these are the words of ALL the scriptures. This is not my experience... this is the experience of all men of practice, that when you experience Infinity, it is because of the Guru's grace.

Now, question arises: what we have to do on the first day? This year will be the year of prosperity. This year will be the year where there shall be enough inflow to soundly and profoundly strengthen the roots of the Sikh Dharma. It is the time to start Sikh Dharma. First was the layout. First was just on the paper. This is the year when we break the... what they call it? Earth. Ceremony. (Ground breaking ceremony.) This is the first day. Next year is the 9, that's the year of blessing, the year of God. And these two years will decide our growth, our prosperity, our power, our projections.

There's one word. It is called 'kirpaa.' Kirpaa means, non-religiously translated: blessing. Well, actually it is called te-paa. Do it and get it. This one word only tells you, so shall you sow, so shall you reap. This is the year when we shall sow. Tomorrow next is the year when we shall reap.

Now how to become quickly prosperous? There is only way. If the weather is right, the land is, when tilled, starts sowing. That's how it is. All of you who are the teachers, who are the ministers, and you are hiding back in your bedrooms, there is a bad news: get out and sow. So shall you sow, so shall you reap. That's a kirpaa.

And the tragedy of the Sikh Dharma has to be confronted. Not just confronted but it has to be totally faced, confronted, and openly and honestly told. It doesn't matter which quarter we have to speak. Guru Gobind Singh said, "Khalsa meraa satiguraa pooraa." Khalsa is my True Perfect Guru. And all these Khalsas who are playing this absolutely ridiculous lie: "Ji, we are very humble. You are this and that." They are the first liars and deceitful cheats in Sikh Dharma! They should be bifurcated, dishonored and bypassed! A Sikh who is a Khalsa who IS a Khalsa and who is a Khalsa and says he's a Khalsa, and he says that, "I have taken the Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh," but then does not obey the law of BEING a perfect true Guru, and does not hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world of its spiritual, mental and physical disease is to be shunted out. That's a dishonorable existence of cancer in the body of the Sikh Dharma... Khalsa.

A few honest people will turn the world. Majority of the dishonest will shadow it. And this is the very critical time when YOU have to decide, and if you even don't decide, that's what you have to do. You are left with no choice. You must understand: either Guru Gobind Singh you honor or you dishonor. There's nothing in between. Those who call themselves Sikhs and Khalsa and and they dress up like that, do not know where the honor is. And if you follow the same path, you will also belong to the same category and same conception. You are no good, you are also useless.

"Khalsa meree jaan kee jaan. Khalsa mere praan kee praan. Khalsa meraa satiguraa pooraa." These are Guru Gobind Singh's words. The same Guru Gobind Singh who told you, "Siri Guru Granth jee maanio pragat gura kee de." Same order, same domain. It cannot be bifurcated. It has been cheated.

"Haa, haa, haa, haa, we are very humble." See their teeth? See how they are... I'm sorry, I am Siri Singh Sahib, I am not going to say. Just _ _ _ _ _. And you treat them as humans? They are deceitful prostitutes who are out there to spread dirt and confusion! They are no good. They never were, never was, are never going to be. They ridicule. Are you going to take it that your father is being ridiculed publicly and openly and you are going to accept it? Where you come from? This is the decision you have to make this year. This play of humble, "Ha ha ha, Sat Guru, Guru does it.. heh heh heh." Well, YOU are the Sat Guru! What Sat Guru does?

There are five words: Gur, Guru, Sat Guru, Siri Guru, Wahe Guru. That decides it. Wahe Guru is our mantra. Guru Mantra is Wahe Guru. Siri Guru Granth is our Guru. And Khalsa is the Sat Guru. Pooraa. Khalsa Meraa Satiguru pooraa. Khalsa is my Perfect True Guru.

Now the problem is they can't behave like that. They know their weaknesses. Because, I tell you, the weaknesses will never go. There is only one way weaknesses will go: when you dedicate yourself totally and complete to the Great Guru. Wear around you, put around you Wahe Guru. Ang Sang Wahe Guru.

Now, I am going to go on record. I am going to be 59 years old. Or 58, or 60, something like that. I am very poor in earth calculations, so you just forgive me. There are certain things I don't know. Certain things in heavens I know. Earth is now possible. And I have possible yoga practices which no human being in the age and sage -- because you must understand. A school of yoga is bifurcated into six aspects and I didn't spare one. I not only perfected them, I mastered them. And I know all the tricks of the trade, and I also acknowledge and I knew knowledge of the known and the unknown. But was I fulfilled? Was I satisfied? No. You talk of the tattwa siddhis, I am talking of perfection, command over tattwa siddhis. Will that give you the edge that you feel happy and great? No! By opening up the chakras, will you feel the ecstasy? No. I opened them all. People open one. By astral travelling and by soul travelling and finding soul mates and all that demagogy, are you going to be perfect? No.
You fly at night and you throw people out of the bed, are you going to be perfect, happy, because you can just control them and tell them you are powerful? No. If somebody sits on your bed, bed goes up and down, is that the power? No. Then where is the satisfaction? Is there someplace?

You must hear this from the very fact and mouth of a yogi. Now, you can abuse me, slander me, do everything, but the world cannot do one thing; they cannot not recognize that I am not a yogi. In my passport I am, in my profession I am, in my acknowledgement I am, and the universe knows it. I am what I am. It will take millions of years for the mankind even to understand what I am. They may search it out after I am gone what I am. All that I know. I don't need your certification. I don't need your inspiration. I don't need your acknowledgement. But I am telling you as sons and daughters of the Guru Gobind Singh, as a humble Sikh, that there is nothing on the planet earth which can offer in psyche, in bifurcated projection, in control of the tattwas and the chakras, in the centripetal and centrifugal throws, 'ahmaa sultaa, samaa sultaa, samaa satnaam, sahaa ahman,' all those scriptures and powers and manipulations and permutations and combinations, I knew all. Did it, too. But was that a satisfaction? No, it didn't work out.

Then you'll ask the question, "Why you are talking, talking, talking? Tell us immediately where the satisfaction came?" Satisfaction didn't come in doing things which are abnormal or which are normal. Neither the wealth nor the health, nor the holiness nor the status nor the respect, nor the power and not the virtues could satisfy. Now, is there something beyond that? Yes. Guru Nanak said that:

Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee ho-eh.
Navaaa khandaa vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koeh.
Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i kai jas keeat jag le-eh.
Je tis nadar na aava-ee ta vaat na puchhai ke.

--from 7th pauree of Japji Sahib

The satisfaction came by cleaning and rinsing those cloths at that perkarma where this government of India took their tanks.

Now can you believe what shall happen to this government and this India? You do not know yet. Let me tell you what will happen. As they have put their deep steel prints at that holy area precinct, they have just disturbed the psyche. Temples are just stone walls and construction, angles, arches, doors, gates, windows. But these doors, gates, and windows, where they open, that is what you have to deal with. That was Harimandir. That was not temple of the Sikhs only. That was the mistake. That was the blunder. "Gareeb gomat sadaa gareeb rodegaa. Sunai gaaoh sakaa chaanai vaalaa tojerse kogegaa." Don't torture the poor man. Poor man will only cry. But the One who loves the poor man, who made the poor man a poor man, if He comes to action, He will root you out. Then there's no defense. That's what is going to happen. It is not attack on Golden Temple which matters and bothers me. Golden Temple has been attacked so many times. I'm just worried and bothered about those who are blind enough not to see the history.
Those who attacked Golden Temple, what happened to them? And that is going to be the history. It can never change.

And I'm asking those who call themselves Sikhs, where are you, who are you, what are you? Aren't you the true perfect True Guru? Isn't that what Guru Gobind Singh, the father, said? We are going to sow it. We have to come out of the closet! We have to come out feeling Ang Sang Wahe Guru!

Wait a minute, I'll tell you something: "Fake it, you'll make it." Who cares? You say Wahe Guru is with you. If Wahe Guru is not, that's Wahe Guru's problem. Don't hassle too much. Wahe Guru knows where he is being stuck. It's a relationship between a father and a son, between a mother and a daughter. It should be honestly and truthfully practiced. Ang Sang Wahe Guru is the safest way.

I know some of you go to Guru Ram Das Ashram and clean the marble. I also know that we have to make a tough marble. I also know we have to practice. I also know the pain that they took away from us to visit the Golden Temple. I know. There was a first song we wrote, "Take hold of your Golden Temple." Take care of your Golden Temple. First American song ever sung and written, more than 15 years ago. It was written by Guru Singh. I wish he should have been here to sing it today, but we can sing it. At that time we were just a handful of a few American Sikhs in America. That's what they called us. But we were just the Sikhs of the Guru. And that was the first song we wrote. "Take hold of your Golden Temple." At that time you were not only asked to visit Golden Temple, you were received, you were garlanded, you were thought to be the angels. Everything was available, but you still sang that song, "Take hold of your Golden Temple." Don't forget that. "Ang Sang Wahe Guru" is so much with you, you have to simply feel
it. Sometimes you look 'chad badane aas'. Some time you look around to other things. No! Wahe Guru is with you. It shall never leave you! Even you turn your back to it, even you give it in writing: "You are not my Guru, I am not your Sikh." Still it will keep that paper in the belt, and tear it up on the last day of asking. Guru is great.

You are not Sikhs, your souls are Sikhs. A guy was telling me that day, he said, "Sir, how can I be a Sikh? I gave up everything." I said, "Try it." Now he gets nightmares. He reads whole Japji in sleep. Never read it when he was a Sikh. The question was, "Can Japji haunt me?" I said, "Japji cannot haunt you. You have been reading it for centuries. Your soul wants to read it."

I saw this morning something. Those two Shakti shoes, under one of the shoes there was some sticky garbage. That's why people leave the shoes outside, not to bring the garbage inside. You never know what is sticking, what garbage is sticking under your sole. I didn't have to lecture here. I saw it this morning. I had to clean my sole. There was very sticky gum sticking situation and it was right there. I never knew it. On the top the shoe was perfect. It fitted perfect. Underneath there was a sole. And the sole was very stinkingly stuck with a dirt. "Janama Janama kee maal lagee kaalaa hoiaa siaa. Is man ko..." For centuries and centuries the darkness and the cloudiness has totally perpetually covered this mind. It has become pitch dark.

Somebody once asked me, "Where IS the soul?" I said, "Under your foot." Where is the sun? In the sky. Or, what you produce, you call it son. Is your son, which you have produced, shines like the sun that God has produced? God put sun there so you idiot blind should know that your son should also shine as the sun in the sky... the son of God shines! Just don't become a bogus parent and a stupid man. Sun must shine and moon must reflect. And you call that as a family? Are you familiar with the rule of the family? Guru teaches you that rule, that your own born son and own born daughter must reflect the coolness, the grace, the shine, the brightness of the moon and your own sun must shine. You want to know God? Know His creation, know His rules. That's what we have to know. We have not to go on producing children. We are not an assembly line. This is not China where a pig sells for $145, a child for $445. "Why not to produce children." It was an article. Troubles are there to torture us. Troubles are there to tease
us. Troubles are there to confront us. Troubles are there to break our spirit. Troubles are there to break us. But we are us, U-S. We are born to survive. We are born to excel. Because our soul is a Sikh. We didn't become Sikh because we were just dropped from the airplane. We became Sikhs because Guru adopted us.

Sometimes you wonder why we started at 3HO, Healthy, Happy and Holy, and THEN we became Sikhs. These are three very essentials to become Healthy, Happy and Holy. And these Indians are very funny. They play holy every year and they are afraid to BECOME holy. Sikhs play "Oh Lama La." They know holy better than anybody. But you ask them, and they don't know they are holy. They play the festival. (Holi festival) They spread the colors, they spread the light, they dance, they enjoy, they are springy. And what we did in America? We started to be healthy, to be happy and to be holy, and moment we completed that stage in definite passing marks, we became Sikhs. And then our soul merged with the Guru and we became the Khalsa. That's what this council was about. Body where purity prevails.

What is a Khalsa? Khalsa is a man by action, man by thought, man by dreams, man by imagination, man by projection, man by reality, man by non-reality. But the gauge is the percentage of purity... and tell me on this planet who is willing to pay for impure stuff? Even the drugs do not sell if they are not pure, forget about gold and jewels and silver... and you think men are going to be acceptable if they are not pure? You think if somebody just goes and just pretends to be a Khalsa, and in their heart there is no purity, he is going to prevail? Forget it, this is a joke! It won't work. It won't work. Impurities do not go very long.

Your body becomes impure, it catches arthritis. You can't get up. Your knees give way. Your ankles - uncles may come through but ankles won't. Uncles and aunts will come and give you a hug and your own ankles will say, "good-bye." You may know everything but you cannot stretch your knees. You may be happy that you got all the wealth, health, people, family, happy, but your hips may say "good-bye." You can build a house of marble and gold and whole thing, but your rib cage may not be happy. You can go east, west, north, south and you may have bad gums in your mouth and you will not know what to do about it. You must remember, it is the purity which provides the privilege to prevail! Do you understand me? It is the purity which provides the privilege to proceed, to project, to procure, to prevail, and that is what Guru Gobind Singh taught us, and that is what we have to do. And if you can't do that, you are no good. You don't need to be here. That is definite.

Now your conflict is with the time. Year of Prosperity has come in. Time of suffering has gone. You are not going to get sympathy through apathy. "Things are not working for me. Things are not going right. I don't get up because of this." Forget it! This won't work. You gotta get up in the morning whether you like it or not. You ask me. When they told me at 11:00 I have to come to the gurdwara, God, I had to drag myself! There was nothing. Last night I was sooooo happy and up and up. I didn't

know what is the sleep. Couldn't believe it. Pretended to sleep, tried to sleep, didn't work out. Who wants to sleep? One day I have to sleep. One day I am going to sleep and I'm not going to get up. Don't sleep, don't weep, and don't become a creep. Take a nap, take a crap, and get going. There's nothing in any happiness but in the greatness to have the grit on life.

There is a sticker on the cars, "Have you hugged your kid today?" I am saying, "Have you dressed your kid as a Khalsa today?" You, the Khalsas. I know these Khalsas. I went in London. On Sunday they came, they were great Khalsas. So I got very impressed. I said, "Oh my God. Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly, ho! I have come to the Western world. Look at so many Khalsas." They brought two buses. I was so happy. My joy knew no bounds. I was so happy. On Wednesday, I just walked into that place which was their source of coming. I was shocked. I couldn't believe their ties and their pants. And I got somebody from the tie, you know, just nicely, I said, "Hey, who's ties you are with? Where are your ties? Sunday you came and made a fool of me and showed me the face and the ecstasy, the bana of Guru Gobind Singh. And today who you think you are?" You know, those days I was not that unhealthy. I had him. I mean, I just dragged him all through that street. I said, "You and your Jethadari. What happened to that? That thing, you
were dressed up all the way up and down. And now I can't even recognize you. What hypocrisy is this?"

That is why Guru Gobind Singh said something very simple. Nanak said, "Sat Nam." Sat Nam is a panch shabad, body is of 5 tattwas. Sat Nam is a vibratory control of stimulating controlling and balancing the 5 tattwas. Sat Nam is no big deal. You jappo or you don't jappo. It is your problem. Sat Nam has no problem. There are 5 tattwas:

1 . Ether, to know the unknown. 2. Air, dreams come true. 3. Fire, to be alive. Agan granthi, fire, to be alive. 4. Water, to expand. To be fatherly. 5. Earth, to exist. Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. This is panch shabad.

Nanak said, "Sat Nam." He said, "Ik Ong Kar." Just understand the Mool Mantra. Don't hassle yourself. "Ik Ong Kar." We are the creation of the One. Ik. I was in India and it was a meeting of the highest ones and I asked them, I said, "You are talking about 'om.' Can you chant it?" They said, "Yeah." I said, "Go ahead." They couldn't. I taught them how Guru Nanak chanted 'om.' That's why he put the one before. "Ik ONG Kar." "Om" can be chanted kecharee. One who knows kecharee can control all the ecstasy around and over. That's the law. There's no lie about it. And every Sikh who can pronounce "Ik Ong Kar" correctly can only chant in kecharee. That is why kecharee kriya is very important, great secret, great sacred. Forget about it. But the beauty of Guru Nanak is he put it all out. He gave this 'gupat ka jaanaa' - this secret treasure, to all the trustees of the humanity, the Khalsa.

Guru Nanak said, second word, "Sat Nam." Guru Gobind Singh made you to live it. There is no difference. Some people say, "We are the Sikhs of the Nanak." I said, "What happened to Guru Gobind Singh? He went on a holiday?" "We are Sikh inside." I said, "Put the hand inside and bring it out. Let us see." "Is it essential to have hair and all that stuff?" "Ask God. Write an application, 'Almighty God, we are tired of shaving and doing the whole stuff. It doesn't work.'"

You must understand, Guru Gobind Singh asked for the head. Above neck you don't live! That's the first step Sikh has to understand. Sikh is a headless birth by the double-edged sword. Because we are supposed to live by heart. Karta Purkh, that will come only then. And once then Karta Purkh is established, then Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibhang, Gurprasaad. Statement is clear. How to get that too? Jap! There are ten commandments in Christianity. There is one commandment in entire Siri Guru Granth. Go through 1430 pages yourself, and you'll find one commandment only. Direction? Yes. Suggestions? Yes. Asking? Yes. Commanding respectfully, this, that, whole thing will continue. But there is no absolute command except one: JAP. Attention! About Turn! Command is that which is precise and absolutely effective. Command is not that which is suggestive, which is directive, or which is instructive. It is an absolutely effective single statement. You'll find in the army that without command
there is no army. In the entire Siri Guru Granth, there is ONE command: JAP. And then it says, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, Heibhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach." It is a long way. You can't understand it. I'm telling you, don't even go into it. How you are going to do it then? "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." Then "Aad sach, jugaad sach, Heibhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach," will dance around you.

Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar.

--4th pauree of Japji Sahib

Then you will see the liberation and then the cloth of honor, the robe of honor will come on you. That's all it can be. No man is supreme. God is. But you can be covered. The principle is not in your supremacy. Principle is, "Are you covered?" You write a check. Are you covered? Answer me, "yes" or "no"! If the answer is no, you are messed up. Don't you understand what mess is? Mess is when you write the check and you know the check is hot. That is where the mess is. When you know the check is cool, you are cool. If there is no credit, you can't move. And you worry for your credit line and you don't worry for your spiritual credit line? Aren't you stupid? Aren't you dead wrong? Aren't you illiterate? You are blind? You are insensitive? You worry for this earthly credit so much.

I saw that day that wife yelling and screaming, "Sir, tell him he is messing up MY credit!" If you can do something terrible to somebody in the western world, mess up his credit. Send TRW a wrong report. That's it, done. Just write down a letter to them, "So and so, house number so and so, (put the whole identity) owes me so and such and is not paying." And just shut up. See what happens. You mess up somebody's credit and he's messed up forever. It takes 3-7 years to clear that bad credit. You mess up your driving license, you've got to go to school.

And a Sikh messes up his faith, "Sardar ji, he he he." And anybody who throws the party, he's the leader. Have you ever asked him whether he can read Japji correctly or not? That is the duty of Sardar. The leader in this spiritual panth is the one who knows the spirit, not who drinks the spirits. You have to understand, those who drink the spirit are no good to us. They are the cancer. They are the gangrene. They are dead. They are the insult to Guru Gobind Singh. They are disrespectful, slapping across the face of the Guru. They are Baymukh, Manmukh, Saakat. Because they drink the spirit, 80 proof, 90 proof, 100 proof, God knows. They have to give you proof. I have nothing to tell you about them, but it stinks, doesn't it?

So please understand, there's a one thing in you which is the source of life and that is your soul. That is under your foot. Don't tread on it. And this year you can do it. This year has its own identity of Infinity. So if you are just thinking that you can just fool around and play around, go back with the spirit of Guru: Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World! And don't bother, don't be ritualistic. Brahmin has to do it, because Brahman has to live off of you. Brahmin knows the knowledge. He knows the knowledge of Brahma, that's why we call him Brahmin. But he has to play the game because he wants your money also. You don't have to have that. Guru spared us from this game.

We are exactly doing what Guru said: Do your own kirtan. Prakash your own Guru. Sukhasan your own Guru. Bow to your own Guru. Be with your Guru. Be over the Guru, and under the Guru, left Guru, right Guru. "Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru." Don't go for numbers. Numbers shall come to you. Don't go for prosperity. Prosperity shall come to you. Don't go for health, happiness and holiness. All shall come to you. This is the year. It is the year it shall come to us. Let us be US! And what is "us?" You and your Guru make "us." This is the time for prosperity. We SHALL prosper. We shall have more money than we can buy the whole world. The prophesy is: "The Panth Khalsa shall be a nation which shall be all over, beyond all territories of the nation, beyond all boundaries of the law. It shall rule the earth for 5000 years." This is the prophesy. It shall come true. It cannot escape. That is the will of God. Simply, some will live to honor it, some won't. In some areas, sunshine... in some houses, the son
shines. All we need is a one son which shall shine and one moon which will reflect. It'll be okay.
So please, there is a one commandment: JAP! Repeat. 'Aad sach, Jugaad sach, Heibhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach'. And when time comes and things don't move, and you need a spank... you know what a spank is? Roots don't move. This mantra writes down the root of prosperity, sets the root of prosperity in your personality. That's what Guru Nanak gave. Guru Arjan understood it. Guru Arjan went to Baba Siri Chand and said, "Saibo, I am writing Sukhmani. I am writing the great situation and combination of the words which will give people comfort. I want to produce on this earth everlasting comfort."

You like money. Money is what money does. Sukhmani is what Sukhmani does. That's it. It is the same money. No difference. It is golden color, not green. That's the only difference. It is the money (mani), Sukh-mani. Sukhmani got stuck. Guru explained the situation. Went to Baba Siri Chand. Baba Siri Chand said, "Wait a minute. I am not a part of it. Go, go, go! This Guruship and this Gurbani and this bringing Sukhmani and Dukhmani is your problem. Get out of here." He said, "No, Guru Nanak gave us Aad sach, Jugaad sach, Heibhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach. Guru Nanak sowed the seed of everlasting happiness. Now this is the time I shall ask thee." He became happy. He said, "Okay Arjuna. Listen: 'Aad sach, jugaad sach, Hei- BHAY sach, Naanak hosee BHAY sach'... all that stops shall move."

(note: This was the hukum for the new year at the opening of the Khalsa Council meetings)


So we have come out of that what stopped us and now we shall move. We have a mantra for this year. We'll Jappo, Jappa, we'll do the Jappa of the mantra which has never ever missed the target. It shall not. It has never. We will jap this year the Panch Sundee Mantra and we will put "Har Har Har Har Gobinde, Har Har Har Har Mukhande....." (that's the Guru Gaitree.) It has 8 words in it. Gobinde, Mukhande, Udhare, Apaare, Hariang, Kariang, Nirname, Akame. There are 8 facets to Infinity. You write 8, one circle over, one circle under, makes 8. Even in Urdoo, you write 8, you spread it this way, it is 8; you spread it that way, it is 7. You spread it this way, it is 6, put the strike. Akhar tells you something. And this is the year of Infinity, year of prosperity. How it will come? Let us chant it, practice it, so that we may not go home thinking, "What did he say? Did you hear him? What was he saying? He said something about 'jap.' Did you understand? He was saying something. Did you pick up anything? Did you
write a note?" Now let us do it so that we may not have to go through the rigamarole and drama, all right? All right. Hey, you! Livtar! Come on. Hey, you come on. Come, come, come. Hey, Secretary of Religion, come up. And where is Kirin? Oh, she had to go. A lot of people 'HAD' to go. What is this 'had' to go? All right, all of you are okay. Now, set up the tune today and let God come here. Let us create it. Oh, you chanted last night all right. Who did that? (sangat: "Prabhu Nam Kaur") Oh, Prabhu Nam Kaur... is she somewhere? She might have "HAD" to go. ("She's here") Well, why can't she come? Doesn't she get up? Your knees and ankles are all right? Your daughter is fine. She knows how to do that. Come on, let us do it! And let us do it in the sense that we can do it and see how God and Guru prevail, okay? Okay, three beats, four rhythm, taal perfect. Come on. Let's do it. You have 31 exact minutes. (Sangat chants the mantra for 31 minutes.)

If you have a bow and an arrow and you do not have the string, it won't work. I asked one Sikh once, I said, "Do you give the one tenth of the time to the Guru Mantra, and you chant 'Wahe Guru?'" He said, "No. I chant as much as I can." I said, "Have you perfected the Mool Mantra?" He said, "Why we have to do that?" I said, "Why they call it 'root mantra' then? If there is no root how the fruit will come?"

So there is a lot of confusion in a lot of our minds. The science of spirituality is being realized through the rituals of the demagogues. And that is why things do not work.

Now this is a panch shabad, 40 strength recitation. Let us put it in a simple way. "Charlee jap jaap chaleesaa teh tapeesaa so hoee, kis enaa kehee kis enaa sohee, Kis edee ghal naa koeh." And when the man goes to the mind of ecstasy, the heavens move. And there is a way to move heavens. All of you try to move the earth, I know. You are bulldozers. Some are big bulldozers. But will that do? No! If you do not have the sophistication to move the heavens, you won't move anything. Dust to dust, that's your end, that's your beginning. Dirt to dirt, that's what you are. We have to pull out of it forever.

And these were the 31 minutes. For many of you they were very boring. For some of you were VERY boring. It did bore through. It did the boring. You can't get the oil from the earth until you do a very long, deep bore, and you have to piston it up.

People who think that without jappa they can understand Guru Nanak, they are dead wrong. The only one commandment that Guru Nanak gave was "Jap!" This is a Guru Gaitree. This is sung by Guru Gobind Singh. We are family people, we are householders. We can't sit to do the chaleesaa, and we cannot do the tapa. "Jap tap sanjam dharma nee kamaa-ah." So what we have done is, that we have done the sanjam of it... jugatee of it. Without jugatee there is no solution. So what we had to take is to take the bow and to take the arrow, and put the string and pull it and let it hit, strike the bulls-eye.

You must remember that Baba Kardak Singh told us to chant those two lines. What were those? Remember? "Aap sahaaee hoaa, sache daa sachaa dhoaa. Har Har Har." We did it. We got what he told us we'll get. Remember that. Words never go fault. This year is a year of prosperity. We need the health, we need the wealth, we need to plug a lot of holes. So we are going to have super holies, therefore please understand, we have to go to the roots and dig it out. So this mantra we'll chant throughout the year, continuously. And the best thing is take the tape... Now God has blessed us. We have automatic reverse tape... Put it on at night so that our subconscious can hear it, and clean yourself out. Just remember, this is "US"! This is our year! We gotta prevail now! And if you want to straggle behind and you think that you can make it, that's not the way. Let's go one step ahead. Woman who is not one step ahead of the man, cannot contain him. Man who is not one step ahead of the time, cannot sustain him. So law is
a law. And it will never change.

My prayer, my blessings, my greetings, my gratitude for your prayers, for your values, that I could share this year with you. It is not that your virtues are not real. I understand... I am well and alive because you are doing well, and let us keep it that way. Let us keep going, let us keep growing, and let us do clearly and with understanding what they call it: "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!"

YB Teachings, LLC 1989
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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