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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 06/26/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Espanola, NM

The Khalsa Shall Win

I am asking you to come in because I do not... what I am going to speak to you is for your future, not for mine. I enjoyed mine. So all those who are hanging around, thinking there will be another tomorrow lecture must forget it, so you better move in so that we can talk face to face in the presence of the Guru. I will not feel obligated there after. You will not feel obligated because we are done and said, said and done. All right?

I have written a poem which is towards you. Does anybody have the copy of it? Huh? I am sorry I came unequipped. I thought my staff is very efficient. I have been let down again because I said to somebody yesterday, "I'll like to have that poem tomorrow before I start." Well, let's wait until the end and let us start, okay? I have the permission? Thank you.

There are two things in life which you have to face in human body. Even you may be an incarnation of God... "Guru Arjan Partakh Har", Guru Arjan the personified God, that's what exactly it means. Literally. And Guru Arjan the personified God was not only certified by those handful of devotees. Guru Arjan as a personified God was also acknowledged by those who were spiritually high in the enemy's group. One of them was Hazarat Mira Mir. At that time the greatest known Sufi saint to which the kings of Delhi and the governor of Lahore bowed in reverence and respect. So I'm making it very clear to your consciousness that Guru Arjan Partakh Har, the personified God, had to sit on a hot plate and had to have a boiling sand, grilling hot red sand on his body, and has to go through the process being boiled alive and finally be told that he'll be sewn in the rawhide of the fresh dead cow. Before that he requested that he should be allowed to take a bath. He was taken to the River Ravi where
they couldn't even find the skeleton. Everything disappeared. That is Partakh Har. Last moment God could not take human insult because God could not reach the end. God is endless. And that's what the miracle was.

So, we who belong to the House of Guru Ram Das and call him a father must understand his heir to that thing, and his son in blood was Guru Arjan. But it is not untrue that Guru Ram Das, the great lord, had another son -- Prithi Chand. Prithia, who was just a living nuisance, pain in the neck, and neurotic to the extent that he can bypass any American who thinks he is perfect. So, I mean, you are not spiritually equally neurotically miserably available. But Guru Ram Das was. And Guru Ram Das came so much in poem that there is a shabad in Siri Guru Granth that he said, "Oh my son, why you are insulting those who have given you life and nurtured you to health? And to fight with a father is a sin." In other words, in a very compassionate and painful thing he could not tell him directly, "Shut up," because he knew he wouldn't.

Because the conflict is, one HAS to be neurotic so that the other can excel. Life is a comparative study. Duniaanaa Dohnee-ai. It has two faces. The world has two faces. It has an angel side, it has a devilish side. Whenever you take the angelic side, you shall not suffer. Whenever you take the devilish side, you SHALL suffer. Anybody who says, "I am suffering," that person is inviting to himself or herself the suffering. There is no such thing as a lie, suffering, and a misery. Misery is our intelligence in short circuit. Lie is our non-attitude to confront the truth. Non-confrontation of truth. We want space and time...and that's called lies. And suffering is when our, OUR, OUR!, wisdom....(wisdom means intelligence and courage, with consciousness) fails.

So sometimes we have to suffer to set the rule. And now there was a question asked this morning on the telephone and I'd like to reply to the whole sangat about it. "Why a Mukhia Singh Sahib leaves? Why a Sikh who practiced ten years as a practicing Sikh, he leaves?" That is the question which I'd like to answer to you.

The natural law, the truth is, truth is -- understand there are three types of truth. One truth is which you know, and I don't know. One truth is which you know and I know. And one truth is truth which I know or not, you know or not, we know or we don't know, that shall rule beyond you, beyond me, it is all way over us! It is to which Guru Nanak sang, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach."

And, in Sikh Dharma, input is very direct. And when input is direct, it expects an output. But that expectation of an output, because input has been put in, does not fit in the ego. Because everybody has his own agenda. And when the input is direct, and it cannot take to match the output, it must burst. There's no way out. Because then there will be no nature, there will be no natural law. Input MUST equal output.

You will ask me, why people are showing insult and animosity to me in person. Practially it has simple zodiac answer. I am a Virgo, I am practical. And my input is very short cut. It doesn't leave a chance for romance and love because I have found that love and romance doesn't pay the bills. Sorry. Therefore, things have to be done swiftly, smartly, wasting little energy and gaining the maximum and that is the character of a Sikh. Excellence! Cherdi Kala. Excellence.

Sikh without excellence is a direct insult to a human being, to a personality. And may I tell you very frankly, God feels It has wasted a chance. You are not human if you are not excellent. And that is the tragedy of conflict between human and Guru Gobind Singh. I don't represent a conflict.... I represent a conflict which Guru Gobind Singh faced. I, as his son, have to face the same conflict. And every son of Guru Gobind Singh has to face the same conflict. And what is that conflict? Guru says, "Rehit piaaree moeh ko, Sikh piaaraa naahe." Living a characterized, a channelized life is my true love. Not a person.

If you call yourself a Khalsa, then you must identify in silence by your behavior, by your appearance, by your thought, by your company, by your talking, by your communication, by your deeds, by your acts, by your reality, by your non-reality. You cannot represent yourself and call yourself a Khalsa. You've got to represent Guru Gobind Singh, the owner, the founder, and the master of this clan. And there's a conflict. People want to look like Khalsa and be like Khalsa, and they do not represent the spirit of Guru Gobind Singh. And that conflict we have to go through, as a nation, as a tomorrow, as blessed ones.

Those of you who intend to survive or feel like going on, must understand... don't count your wrongs, count your blessings and you shall not fail. Any human who calls to be a creature of God is insulting to God and devilish to himself... is a living non-reality... who does not count MANY times during the day the blessings, but only counts what he doesn't have... because a Sikh has no option, by the word of the son of Guru Ram Das.

In a simple terminology:

Ayk beenaa day, das vee har le, taa mooraa,
Ka-oh kee-aa kare. Jis thaakur se naahee
chaaraa, tis ko karo sadaa namaskaaraa.

If God doesn't give you the one you are so eager about and takes away from you the ten he has already given, tell me, oh fool, what you can do? And with that God, you can't fight! You'd better bow. That's the first direct lesson between God and man and a reality and non-reality. And Sikh has to learn that song...let us sing that pauree. End of that pauree is,

Jis hath jor kar vekhee soeh, naanak utam neech naa koeh.

I taught you that, remember? I expect now you call me back and pay me back, first installment. Read that pauree. No, no, in that musical form. I remember things. Go ahead. (Sangat tries to sing.) You know, you are a car without the gas. Come on, start now. I cannot get it recorded. It is very insulting. Come on, go ahead. (Sangat sings again pauree from Japji: Akhand jor chupe naa jor...)

This was the shabad, the pauree of the Japji, you were reciting before I came, is that true? And this is the Japji, and the same pauree I wanted you to recite in the middle of my speaking and how efficiently you recited, you can well understand. If you can forget from that to that moment, the whole thing, why not you forget what I have said? I don't have a chance. If you can't remember what Guru Nanak said, how can you remember what Yogiji says? Forget it! There's hardly a chance.

But the problem you and I have got it... I am keep on saying and you are scared to death of when this man is going to die so we don't get it out of him. And the problem is I am not going away fast. That is the problem. Because your problem is that you have your own hidden agenda and you have your own romance and imagination. I love to be romantic and I love to have imagination and I love to love and I love to have romance, but I know romance and love put together does not pay the bills. And one who cannot go pay the bill is ill. And that's rare. And we HAVE to develop a skill so that we can pay the bill and not look ill. And I put pressure, definitely, for people to have an excellent skill. And some of you are refugees. They don't want to grow. So they have no option but to go. And that is why a Mukhia Singh Sahib is supposed to be a Mukhia Singh Sahib and he has to come through as a Mukhia Singh Sahib, he has to deliver as a Mukhia Singh Sahib. For a lot of Mukhia Singh Sahibs that
is a big deal. Talk of a Singh Sahib and there's no place of playing jackpot.

Life, in religion, is as straight as between two line points, there's one straight line. Because the planet earth is in absolute harmony... absolute harmony. I can predict today when the sun will rise tomorrow. I can predict today when sun will set tomorrow. Is that understood? I can understand the very routine of the planet earth. Do you understand that? Do you hear me? I cannot predict your routine. I can, with 20% efficiency or deficiency, predict the weather of the planet earth, but I cannot with 2% accuracy predict your mood. You are living on planet earth and I cannot know your routine and your mood! That unpredictable idiotic person calls himself a human, the light of God. It is the tragedy with which God has to live.

We in Sikh Dharma are in conflict, because Guru Nanak has ONE command to offer: "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach." You should be SO angelic, SO graceful, SO perfect that your mood and your routine can be totally predictable so that people can trust you. You want people to trust you but you don't want to be open. That is an insult which NO human being, how rotten he can be, can accept it. That's why you lose people. That's why you lose friendship. That's why you lose relationship. Because each one of you as a human being, has a problem.

The problem is that you have one thousand thoughts in the shashara, the seventh chakra, which is released in one wink of the eye. And any thought which is released automatically, which is none of your problem, has to be caught by the id and has to be processed by the ego. And whatever this ego will process, it shall have duality... "May I, may I not? Should I, should I not? Is it, is it not?" That's called processing. Otherwise there's no processing. And when the ego processes, only at that time, if the faith, your wisdom, your courage, your commitment, your consciousness comes through, you will go through it. And you will come through it successful.

The doubt, the paranoia, will force you to process it to the action and reaction... karma, and if faith and courage and knowledge (giaan) is there, then Dharama shall win. So those who are dying in Dharma, spiritual death, their faith is weak, they couldn't carry through.

And I saw the radiance. They start from north pole. Many don't make it. And if anybody does not make it, we should not be angry and feel betrayed. It's a natural process. It is a living organism, this earth. One of you who wants to be a leader, anybody of you who wants to be a leader, which you all want to, and I know, that's your hidden agenda, has to do first thing first. You should be predictable. And you should be in a position to be acknowledged at your routine.

You ask me, in twenty years, what is my strength and what is my weakness. My strength is compassion, and my weakness is compassion. And they are equal. My strength is that I don't hire and fire people and I don't know how to say 'no.' That's my strength. And my weakness is, I don't know how to say 'no,' so I get into the trouble.

People who want 'yes' from me, my answer to them is: "Work it out... There's a positive possibility. There's no 'no'." Because you don't understand. You are all blind. I believe in Guru Nanak. And Guru Nanak... Nanak, means in him there is no 'no.' Na-nak. There is no 'no.' That is his name. If I'm not idiot to say, 'no', I'm sorry. I'm just acting in belief in my faith. I'm not lying to you. I know you are stupid. I know you are an idiot. I know you are commiting your spiritual mistake. I know all. But God, I cannot say 'no'! I have to say 'yes, keep up.' Because I know there is a chance. I know somebody gave ME a chance. I know I've got to give you a chance. You can cut off your hair, you can mess around, you can have 20 boyfriends, you can go strip dance, you can do anything you want. Those people are very popular. They make a lot of money. You can walk naked. You don't have to wear bana. You do whatever you want, but for God's sake, FACE the fact!

How many times people invite prostitutes? And how many times dinner in honor is given for the pimps? Then don't expect life will treat you nicely if you do not treat life nicely.

Sikh Dharma is based on treating life nicely... ALL life nicely. And Sikh Dharma is based in excellence. That is what it means, "Naanak naam cherdi kalaa tere bane sarbat ka bala." Otherwise do not spread the fake Sikhism. It is an insult to Guru Gobind Singh. It is an insult to Guru Nanak that Sikh Dharma has been practised by those who do not understand what a Sikh is. These damn enemies of the Guru are spreading filth and spreading hatred! It cannot be tolerated! It cannot be accepted! And if I do not live physically, and if you believe in my spirit, do not let the Guru down and do not let these people to make Guru let down. Because there is no 'no' in the house of Guru Nanak and we shall NOT face a defeat! We SHALL win!

Because our victory is not assured. It is planned. Because Khalsa has an absolute command on the Word and Word commands the Khalsa. In the beginning there was the Word and Word was with God, and Word was God. And the command of the Khalsa is, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!" Fateh belongs to God and God can never lose. Khalsa belongs to God, therefore Khalsa CANNOT lose! And it's my belief. It is my spiritual belief.

I do deal with the phony world and most of the time just I have to cater to people because truth is painful, it is hard, it is direct and it is straight. It is not that I have to lie. I have to cater because I know certain people do not have the nervous system or the wisdom or the quality or the quanitity even to see what I say. They don't. They are not blessed. They don't have the caliber.

You know people come to talk to me. They talk money. You know what money is? Money is the wife of the Narayan, (God), Lakshmi. And if you sit in a private party and talk about anybody's wife and not about the man and if he gets to know it, you know what he is going to do to you? You understand? And I see these men and these people who think they possess money, Lakshmi, the wife of God. And then they expect Him to kiss them! Forget it. They are kissing their death and misery in the spiritual world.

People should be very respectful when they talk about money, about wealth, about Prakirti, because that is the wife of Narayan, the God. Lakshmi. Siri means money. Siri means money. SI-RI means wife of God. "Siri Sahib Ji Sahai." Sahib, the Purakh. Siri, the Prakirti. "Help us," that we say in our ardas. And then we feel and talk to other people that we possess money, we possess Siri. You are forcing God to divorce and break His family. He'll come back after you. And that is the human misery.

You have to understand the logic. This world is based on truth.

Ay jag sache kee ay kotaree, is meh sache kaahe vaas.

This planet earth is the house of truth and truth lives here. So please understand there are certain fundamental basic ways of behavior. Sikh has to present the purity. What is the purity? Purity is if you are weak, let everybody know you are weak. If you are strong, let everybody know you are strong. Being weak to represent you are strong, being strong to represent you are weak, is living a lie. It is not Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach. You think you are diplomat. You think you can play a game. You think you can run the world along with it. Forget it. You are presenting yourself cheap, not as human being. Human being, Hu means light, Man means mind, Being means now. Now you are the mental light of God. Therefore you have to represent it as it is.

And these are just a few things, few things. What a Sikh is? Who has learned to touch the heart! When you will know to touch heart of another person, when you shall serve other people who need to be served, without demanding anything in return, when you will give without taking, God shall give you enough. And when you will touch the heart, the heads shall bow at your feet. God is nothing but giving. Giving in His Name.

Anything which you give for which you expect is a business on the earth. Anything you give and you don't expect anything, it is a business directly with God, then He is bound to give you hundred-fold. There's no other rule, there's no other law! Give to God, not to any human, not to any animal, not to any bird. Just see God in all! All is God.

That is why Guru Nanak put "One" before "Ong Kar." God - His creation, "Ong" means creator, and "Kar" means the creation. God's creation, "Ong Kar." He put "One" before it and that "One" stands. That "One" stands as one. The entire creation is One, the creator is One, and Nanak says it is One. So you be one with that One. Not that One is one, and you are two!

In entire spiritual world, every dharam, 22 dharams are practised by mankind, they stop in One God. There is BUT One God, and One God has to be achieved for blessing, for power, for beauty, for heavens, whatever. Sikh Dharam does not stop there at all. Sikh Dharma becomes one with the One. And that's the tragedy to all of us. Finding One God... having known truth is not Truth. Putting a bible stack on monkey's back doesn't make him a priest. Quoting scriptures, knowing scriptures, fine. But LIVING the scriptures is Sikh Dharam.

That's why if father of this nation said, "Rehit piaaree moeh ko, Sikh paareaa naaeh." I love the living of the Sikh, not the Sikh... and my input is, for bana, for bani, for seva, and simran; it is very offensive for those who feel they are old, they are ugly. They do not understand, bana takes away from them their weakness of appearance, their life and character. Rather it gives them a commitment and grace.

You have not learned to live by the decoration, beauty and makeup or grace. You have learned to look beautiful by a makeup, and you cannot improve on the work of God. Your makeup does not make any sense. That's why spending all the money on makeup, you are miserable. The great Creator, the Artist, whose creation you are, NOBODY can improve on it! Guru Gobind Singh knew it. That's why you gave him five heads and he gave you bana. I know bana works! You don't. If bana doesn't work, folks, then Neiman Marcus, whatever that store is, that won't work either. Simply you end up with less money and poor. You understand what I'm saying?

You think by logic, by reason, by argument, by stealing the show, by makeup, you can win life? No! Life is a spirit. Without spirit you are dead. Life is being spiritual. Without being spiritual you are dead. And nobody keeps the dead at home. When you die spiritually, you are outcast. That's why my input is for you to be spiritual and to be very spiritual. You don't like it, you cannot give me the output? Fine. You cannot give me the output, then you shall not have any input. And that is how God acts.

Don't be stupid not to understand how God acts. God acts with His input and He wants the output. Those who cannot match up the input with the output are living miseries. That's why hell is bigger, heaven is smaller. Few make it. "Virale se janaa, virale ke-ee." Far and far inbetween are those who have recognized the Truth. You understand that?

To complete the task of today, God blessed me with a poem. We put it on the Sikh Network. But for those who love me intimately and excellently, and those who have worked and stood with me through time and space, those who believed I am a missionary for Guru's cause... those who understand that my living and my life is a threat to many, those who recognize sophisticatedly that I have a tremendous security problem in the hand of those who are innocently idiots and they do not know what to do with me, but acknowledging the word of mine for 20 years, because my own child which I raised, Siri Simran Kaur, became 20 years old and that's the first child I raised without the help of any nurse or a servant or anybody and on the 24th of this month (June), she became no more teen-ager, she was 20 years old... So, acknowledging that fun of life, understanding my life with you and your life with me, and sum up the history of 20 years, history of 20 years, words came through. And to my wife and to my children and to my relationships and
to my students and to the Sikhs of the Guru and to the Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh I today humbly present my 20 years work in this poem, and it is a gospel truth. And I'd like to ask Hargobind Singh to stand up by my side and read this poem to you and after this, I have nothing to add or nothing to say. I will leave your intelligence and your intellect and your life to judge me as you want it. I have judged myself as it came to me.

The heading of the poem is "NOTHING." It is based on the line, "All things come from God and all things go to God." That is the basic foundation of it. But it is a reality which I want to share. It is a reality. You can digest it, have it, throw it away, or not even understand it.


by Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

They told me they loved me. They knew nothing. They couldn't even spell. Instead of love they created hell. They loved their neuroses and their insecurity. In the name of love, they play dirty. Dirt to dirt. And that is all that they know.

I took a long route, I took a long way. I was slow to give them a time of their destiny. To make them understand the symphony, it is the harmony of every note which creates the essence of life. Which cannot be wasted in strife. Instead of growing up, they learned to throw up, the great lotus of life.

Theirs was a visit to earth, it was for nothing. My prayer is they should achieve something. They hurt me, they hurt me, they hurt me again. But for me, pain and pleasure is the same. They enjoy hurting and causing suffering. They thought they achieved something. It was nothing. It was nothing, it was nothing.

They prosecuted me, they prostituted me. They were out for my grab, they were out for a grab. They thought they stabbed me deep enough. My wounds won't have a scab. They hurled the insult, they called me a 'cult.' They called me names to shadow my fame, without knowing they are hurting the shadow and I live in God's meadow.

They cannot reach it, they cannot reach it. They are not humble. Time cannot teach it. They cannot learn from me and from my kindness. They love their blindness. For nothing, for nothing, for nothing.

There were some who I called my own. They let me down. They spoke lies with which they will die in their spiritual realm. And in the spiritual world, for nothing, for nothing, for nothing.

Let us pray to the sun shining ray that they may realize in their deep, that this life is a chance to keep Up, and up, they have to grow. Up and up they have to keep the lotus of life, they can't throw For nothing, for nothing, for nothing.

What a waste and with what a haste, they are forgetting. They are earthlings of God's creation. They have to see it through crystalization. They have to achieve purity through sublimation. They have to let the animosity go through meditation. WIth the heat of the sunshine they can see the great light. In prayer, in prayer, in prayer.

There is no might which is all right. To be humble, to be humble, to be humble You don't stumble. You walk the path of life. You walk the path of life with everything noble, But you have to fight the lance of the night With its golden bullets bite.

I pray when they come back again it may be for nothing, for nothing, for nothing.

Yogi rejoices, the seeds have grown. And the Guru shall crown. Victory of the purity finds nobility, great divinity. It is beautiful... and something instead of nothing.


This is my heartfelt conclusion of my 20 years with you. And now we start again, a new leaf in life, a new chapter in life, to reach excellence, not for us... for All! And that is what Guru Nanak said, "Nanak naam cherdi kala, tere bane sarbat daa bala." And if we seek, make, share, work, adapt to give excellence to others, then God through the blessings of the Guru, shall give us guaranteed excellence. And life without excellence and war without victory is not the Khalsa way.

And let us sing that song now, "The Khalsa Way." (Sangat begins singing -- off to a weak start.) No, no, no! Learn one thing. If you are a woman, I can tolerate this. And if you are a Khalsa woman, start with a cannon fire! Exactly at the same time wtih the same rhythm as one life. That's the Khalsa way! Not, "eee, oooh, yuu, yaa, yukkk, yuukkkk." It doesn't work. Wobbling wheels are no comfort. Wobbling wheels are no comfort. And who are neurotic and nonsense that they create wobbles in their wheel of life, are going to suffer in the fire of hell. Not after death, but NOW! And let us not wobble. SING! (Sangat starts singing.)

If should need counseling, you have to pay between $70 - $120 - $150. Sometimes a good man will charge you $250 also, plus driving, plus getting ready, plus putting on a make-up. Plus all that stuff. I'm not concerned with that.... that money can buy. When I'll be gone, you may need counseling and I'll not be there to counsel you physically. Some of you will feel me, some won't. But I'm giving you a way out. Sing your own songs. Your problems will be gone. Instead of sitting in one-hour session and going through what you should have done in the restroom, and making somebody's office as a public toilet, using and leaving there your mental roughage in a most stinking manner and instulting Almighty God who gave you the body, the mind, and the spirit and the soul, and you haughty, arrogant, innocent idiots who just pay to just spread your dirt all around, why don't you just sit one hour and sing your own songs? And if you cannot sleep, and if you have not had a good day and you have a
problem and you do not know what to do, then why not you ask Guru Ram Das to put you to sleep? Let us sing it. (Sangat sings Guru Ram Das Lullabye.)

You have a problem. You want a solution. You are a child of God. You are in the image of God. You are the soul of God. You have a part of God, the pearl, the soul in you. Can you not sing this song to you and sleep? Let us take it for granted that you do not know the words, and you can't. There's a tape available. Put it on. Sing with it and sleep with it. Next morning The Almighty God, that is everywhere invincible, has to prove to Himself to come through to you to take care of you. And your problems? If by tomorrow a problem lives, God doesn't live. That means He has slept too. And God doesn't sleep. He loves to work.

You sing your song of Khalsa. It is the biggest scripture. You sing the night song of Guru Ram Das. (Guru Ram Das Lullabye.) It is the biggest comfort. And you have become miserable beggars! Your story is no different from that of the king who was sitting on the throne and unfortunately slept. And in the dream he became a miserable beggar and was being tortured. And out of the pain he woke up. He was surprised. What is the reality? Reality which in your dream, in ego, in your imagination, in your hidden agenda... is that a reality which is conflicting with God, or is it a reality that you should flow with the Will of God? Which is the reality? Your reality which is based on lies? And for which you will lay in the dirt, dust, dirt to dirt? Is that a reality? Is it that a reality where you do everything in love, and to cash in on it you turn into the vigor of vengeance?

You think you are forever? It is ridiculous! Haven't you seen your grandparents and their grandparents have died and you will die? You know, why don't you agree you will die? Because soul never dies? But you want to spin your soul into the ugliness of 8.4 million lifetimes? Go ahead and do it! You do it, and you sing with it. And if my input is, "Don't do it", and you don't like it, then have a nice day. God will take care of me. My Guru is neither poor nor weak nor compromising. I shall break but I shall not bend!

So though you have got ridiculous designs to think because I am sick, I am not well, I cannot take care of things, therefore you can rough around and sneak around and lie around. You are damaging yourself. Fools! Don't misunderstand me. If there are 32 dishes, 36 dishes on the table, and your cavity in the tooth starts hurting, you can't chew it... you can't eat it. If you want your life to live with the cavities of your neuroses, you won't enjoy the life. Your degrees, your wealth, your homes, your cars, and your comforts, will become a furnace of misery, insecurity, and mental agony.

Man doesn't suffer if he is poor. Man suffers if he has poor notations of mental vibrations. There is no God for such man. He's arrogantly disillusioned in his own ugliness. God is sorry He created all that, but God is compassionte. He gives trial. It is you who have to test it out on the orbit of life, into the self-esteem and with the understanding. Either you decide you belong to God or deny it! Don't hand in. That won't work! If you are a coward or you are a princess, you belong to Guru Gobind Singh! Then live it or leave it! Don't play tricks. In the end you'll be getting bricks in your head and you'll be nowhere! You have promises. Guru came through. Gave you the honor of the princess of the House of the Guru. And THAT is a Khalsa Woman! And forget living as jerks. It won't work!

You have no mental agony to go through. Just believe and understand what Guru Gobind Singh has said for you. That understanding, that development is priceless. There's no secret of success. Only those persons will succeed whose mind will serve them. They will fail who will serve their mind! That's a simple secret. There's no nonsense about it.

Just understand once and for all WHO you want to belong to and then live it!! We... we who have chosen to live by the double-edged sword, WE who have chosen by our free-will to be the daughters and the sons of Guru Gobind Singh, must live pure and bring victory to the pure!

Somebody said, "What is the job of a Sikh and a Khalsa?" I said, "Be pure and bring victory to the purity. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh." That is what it means. That is what it means. You who for thousands and hundreds of thousands of eons waited to be baptized by the double-edged sword must recognize that it needs fulfillment. And it needs you to fulfill it. And now is the time.

Among Sikhs there's no temple, there's no mosque, there's no church. It is called, 'dwara', guru's gate. Either you are in, or you are out. No congregation can be at the gate. That is why we call our place of worship, our altar, Guru-dwara, Guru's gate. Get in, and then remain in. And if you want to go to the restroom, in every gurdwara there's very respectable place called 'rest room.' And they are different for ladies and men. Don't commonly use them. Woman has her own grace and if she wants to unload something, "unspecificed," she should go respectfully, silently to ladies' restroom. And if a man has something to do, he should go to gentleman's restroom. Otherwise, live with that discipline of divinity, dignity, nobility which the prince and the princesess are supposed to live. And that is what is called, "Sikh Dharma."

If you can't take pressure, we can't take you. Period! Because pressure and time make the crystal. Crystal is what is the gem quality. What see-through is. If the world cannot see through you, (God IS the world that cannot see through you too) you are opaque. You are gross. You are no good, and God is good. Therefore, what is cherdi kala? Is it eating samosas? Or what? Spaghetti? Ice cream? Double sundae? No! Cherdi Kala is keep on putting pressure within the given time to specifically each one who has to achieve clarity, reality and gem-quality of human self. That is what Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa means. And then excel... excel to serve others so they can feel fulfilled.

The difference between a man and a spiritual man and a religious man and a Sikh is, Sikh fulfills the needs of others. Others fulfill their own needs. Sikh is very proud that Guru gave him a chance to do it. Other is very proud that he did it. The fight is between the "I" and "Thou" and it is a cutthroat fight within the given time and space. It can never be a matter of chance. Religion, or no religion, God or no God. Man or no man. Reality stands revealed and it cannot be different. Therefore, those of you who have faith, rejoice! Answer to all problems is, beads of truth. Count the BLESSINGS and forget the disgrace.

When you get a cavity in your teeth, you go to the dentist, get it filled. After that you don't count your teeth. How many of us count how many times we chew the food? None. I don't think so.... God does it. I'm not saying Guru does it because then they will tell me, "Siri Singh Sahib said something against the Gurus." I think nobody does it in human body, to count how many times a morsel of food has been chewed. But there is an intelligence understanding the morsel of food we put in our mouth is chewed and is ready to go down. Exactly life is just a wonderful gift, like a beautiful food, which has to be chewed and understood intelligently, then we are ready to go home.

And this course which we are going to start, if God gives me the breath of life... which is, I am on leased time... it is called extension. And it is your chant which is working. You know, I was just telling somebody, he said, "Are you sick or not?" I said, "So-so." He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "So long they are chanting, so long I can't die. And I can't die because it is not in my hands. And God doesn't want to do it because they chant so hard." And he said, "Why it is happening?" I said, "God is proving to them that their chant works. It is not for me, it is for them." He said, "How come God does those kind of things?" I said, "Why God being Himself had Guru Arjan sit on a hot plate? It is just to prove that sitting on hot place and being calm works." Isn't that true? Guru Arjan can sit on a hot plate and get a hot sand and smile, and you, even to wear a good bana to look like princesses feel loaded. What kind of mind you have got? You cannot even be willing to cover yourself gracefully as you want God to cover

Hey, you earthlings, if you want the grace of God, live in the grace of the human... God shall come through. And I tell you, all you have to do is, sit and sing your own songs to you. It doesn't mean that I'm telling you don't go to Sat Kaur. That is called social-psychoanalysis. She is good at it. I don't want that you should not get massaged or you should not get your psychology done or you should not take your medicine or anything. I am telling you a PREVENTITIVE medicine. And that is ONE thing alone: sing your own songs! You wrote them, you rhythmed them, they came to you from God and Guru. Sing them to yourself and you shall not suffer!

I guarantee this. Anybody who is rather troubled in the day, by the time he reads his Kirtan Sohila, and he wants to thereafter sleep, sleep under the protection of Guru Ram Das and let the song ring your ears. It'll ring out all your problems and God has to act on an emergency basis because by morning if things do not come out to be all right, Almighty God is in trouble. And remember this, when I was in trouble, I didn't remember it. And now I am out of trouble, I am suffering and I am thinking, "Why I didn't I do it myself?" So I thought I'll share with you.

So long your faces shall smile in the Guru's bana... so long your faces and your tongue will speak the songs of God and Guru which came to you in your language... so long your sleep at night, singing or hearing the song of the 10 Gurus to put you to sleep... and so long you wake up with the purity and the victory unto God, you shall have no problem whatsoever. Then it shall be obligated on Mother Nature to serve you. And that is the life of a Sikh.

I humbly pray to Guru Ram Das, those who have done to me all what they have done with their vengeance, with their anger, with their rudeness, they were innocent. They never knew me... neither they tried, nor they will. And my bypassing in the aura and the arcline of them, in any form of relationship, physical, mental, spiritual, known and unknown, was just the payment to the karma. May they be forgiven and blessed so that a soul can have a chance for another tranquility. And my prayer is, if Guru Ram Das is my witness and Khalsa is my body, then let all those be given a chance of the human life again, out of the kindness of the house of the Guru. And this is my prayer as a son to the Guru. Because innocent error must not be fully punished. That's the law of God's own kingdom.

And to those who have pressured or have argued or I have reasoned with just to give my input, I say, "I was innocent." I never meant one thing which I cannot be. I do not believe in failure; for which I am sorry. I might have had to have that obsession with success... maybe to serve this mission, maybe to serve this cause. I don't mean harm to anybody. I don't mean to push on anybody. I don't mean to say anything to anybody. My life is very simple. I am blind for your purposes, but I am very, very enlightened for my purposes.

And sometimes out of affection and love for you, I over proceed the boundary and I do tell you what is good for you. And sometimes my input is considered a mistake for me, and for you, because you feel obligated for the output and I feel obligated to see you successful. In that we conflict. We conflict not only in our minds, we have started conflicting in the courts of law. But I can tell you, I fight very well. Don't misunderstand me. I am nice, I am reasonable, but I am NOT a coward. I shall fight, not for you, not for me, but for my great grandchildren which are born in my own hands. I shall fight for them. I shall prefer dying fighting so that when they shall read my life and my story and my history, at least they can be proud of one thing: I never gave an inch. I may not be worthy to be Siri Singh Sahib, but now I am whatever I am. I just promise them 'til last my breath, I shall live for THEM, as Siri Singh Sahib, and nothing shall shake that promise. What the Akal Takhat gave to me for them, shall
belong to them forever, forever, forever! And it is their destiny.

I was talking to two parents yesterday. They said, "We have a conflicting nature. We have gone to counseling. We do not understand why we are doing this." I said, "You both are stupid. And you are practically stupid and God cursed you and you should shred like a piece of paper as Oliver North, whatever he did to all those documents." He shredded them. And I said, "You should feel shredded." And he said, "Well, what is the better way to come out of it?" I said, "All right, both of you close your eyes and think of your only child, that innocent 5-6-7 year old sitting here. And then closing your eyes, imaging your child right here, you talk to each other." You believe me or not, they couldn't talk. Ha ha ha! They said, "Now we realize it's not necessary."

If you just imagine that you have brought on this earth an innocent child and you have no right to ruin the present of that child... forget about future... what you can give to the child? In the presence of that child, you will never fight with each other, doesn't matter what. You will learn to live in harmony. You will learn to live in tolerance. You will learn to respect each other. Do you understand what I am saying?

And what is the child of everybody? Does everybody know what is the child? There's a child to everybody, those who are even childless. The real child of God which you have to live with is called, "tomorrow"!

There are three words: Kal, Kaal, Kalu. Tomorrow (the Kali-yug), the time, and the death. Child is the child, and tomorrow is the child of all. And tomorrow only presents you the message of destiny. And today tells you the chance of victory over fate. And yesterday is to thank it because you survived.

The war between destiny and fate is everyday. And each day you survive is the Fateh!, is the victory, of tomorrow, the destiny. And that is how God counts. And that's the way God thinks. And that's the way God sees.

I am good or bad, it doesn't matter. If I have survived today and I am ready for tomorrow, I am a plus in the eyes of God. Nothing else. And that is the joy of life: that I can see another tomorrow and win it again, and win it again, and win it again! That's God. God is not church, temple, scriptures, money, wealth, power, government. "Je jug chaare aarajaa, hor dasunee hoeh. Nava khand vich jaanee-eh naal chale sabh koeh. Changaa naoh rakaa-i-ke jas keerat jag le. Je tis nadar naa aava-ee taa vaat naa puchai ke." If you don't see that tomorrow, tomorrow you have to fight again... then you don't know God. If you do not see tomorrow you have to fight again and win it, you don't know God. And if you are not grateful and rejoicing for today that you are alive, you have finished... then you don't know God. If you are not paying homage... fully thankful to the yesterday which you have survived... you don't know God. These are the conscious rules of God and His existence. You have to practise them!

We know each other from centuries, from times to times we meet, we conflict, we love, we follow, we sacrifice, we abandon, we write letters of disqualifications, denial. We have gone to the Mugal courts or to the English courts and to the American courts in many lifetimes. That's the ritual. That is the dance.

But the outcome is... the Khalsa shall live and the Khalsa shall win!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

- END -


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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