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Self Therapy

If a person can hurt you, can hurt your emotional interest, then you can be heavily damaged, and you’ll never progress the way you need to progress. Those people who hurt you emotionally are not your friends. These are people who hurt you socially, people who down your character, people who down your integrity, and people who damage your progressive interest. These things form your personal credit; this credit is your future security. Wherever you go, your credit will go with you. All of this is you. The best way to deal with personal problems and decisions is by using the following therapy. We used this therapy when I was young. We didn’t have tape recorders, so one person would talk and the other would take dictation in longhand. We would choose a subject, and then penetrate it mentally by talking, assessing, analyzing, and judging.
The subject is woman. The object is to describe a beautiful woman. Take a tape recorder, talk. Replay it and listen to it. Assess it. Analyze what you said in that talk, and then judge yourself. Follow? These are very wonderful times when you can just use a recorder. We used to work with another person on the basis of “I’ll do for you and you do for me,” but then the personality of the other person comes in. They sneak in a word here and a word there. With this system, I don’t think you will have any problem.
Suppose the greatest problem for you is sadhana. Record the plus for it, post the minus for it. Talk about it. You can go sixty minutes talking about it. Assess it, analyze it, judge yourself. You’ll find your deepest personality and your problems with that personality. Write them down and then call your teacher and receive your assessment. Mostly you will find the answers yourself. If you cannot, just call for help.
This system is better than self-hypnosis, it is better than group therapy, it is better than anything you have done so far. You can do the same thing with decisions. Take a problem, consider the plus and minus of the problem. Talk it out. Take the pros and cons, the odds and evens, the achievement, and then analyze and come to a result.

1979, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
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