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Lecture by :
Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/24/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Espanola, NM

Patience Pays

"Patience pays," as well as gives a new technology of the shabad of Japji Sahib.)

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We have been talking all these days the Sikh Dharma, the avenue of excellence. We do call it religion, I understand, because you have to express yourself one way in a competing world.

Prosperity, excellence and success are not based outside of the human. They don't come to you. Actually they are within you. How cool, quiet, calm, universal, affectionate, mannerful you are, it is based on your attitude, and then the APTITUDE of the attitude.

I'm not saying that every Sikh is a rich and happy person. What I'm saying is that every Sikh SHOULD be a rich and happy person. There's no reason not to be! Because when you are born, you have nothing to share. You need even the diapers, you need the milk, you need the guidance, you need... everything in the world, you need. It cannot be said that when you are born, you have everything. Whether you have rich parents or you have poor parents, that's not the attitude. But ultimately in life, it has been found out that very, very, very, very poor people have become very, very rich, and very, very rich people have become very poor. Things do change and they will change continuously.

It has been seen that there is an "X" amount of energy in us which is called "psyche." Some people waste it out of pure anger. They are angry at themselves, they are angry at the neighborhood, they are angry at the people who gave them birth, they are angry at the friends. One way or the other. Sometimes they are angry without knowing why they are angry. Now you look at it, where did they take the anger? It is their life-force. It doesn't come from outside.

Your anger, your commotional passion....what is commotional passion? Commotional passion, it doesn't matter how wise you are, shall make you insecure. Commotional passion will hit you at your knees. It will make your life difficult even to walk. You mean, people are not commotionally passionate? Many? You mean, people are not inside angry? Many? People are not lustful? Well, what lust does? It puts your total realm of space...you remain spaced out. Lust is one thing which takes away more time through day-dreaming during the life of a period of individual than anything else. Lust is positively, a very bright situation. You want to keep everything polished, you want to keep everything shiny. But are you who really you think you are? No! That's not true. Are your five tattwas balanced by you within you? No! You don't work on it.

Guru's process was to understand human, and human weaknesses. And did not put down the human, but explained to him that your downfall is your own creation. Your excellence is your own creation. You can be as excellent as God is, or you can be as poor that you can start hating yourself.

I was given to understand there is a beautiful article on suicide. Why people commit suicide. Suicide is a self-hopelessness. Why people are poor? The poverty comes to you from non-tolerance. Do you know that? You know what the key to richness is? Tolerance. And when I say, "Patience pays," you don't understand what I am talking about. People who do not have excellent patience, and absolute gratifying tolerance, shall never be rich. They can't be rich. It is not possible. Who knows how the opportunity is going to come? If the opportunity is to come, it needs two things: 1. you should be open-hearted, and 2. you should be very tolerant and you should be very sophisticated. If the fly can know that spider has woven a net, will this fly walk into it? It won't. So when people are very crude, rude, angry, unsophisticated, and non-tolerant and still want to be recognized as spiritual, why?

Some people ask me this question, "I am very spiritual?" Yes, you are very spiritual. You are pretending to be spiritual. Spirit has no end and no beginning. A spiritual person shall not draw the line. A spiritual person shall never judge what is right and what is wrong! A spiritual person will always aspire to make other people feel right and feel good. Somebody said, "Who will pay for it?" And I didn't have a lot of time. I said, "God." Because such people who can tolerate can also cash opportunities. Some people who have patience can also develop understanding for which wisdom can sit with you.

Sikh Dharma has a very specific way of life. It is a way of life of rich people to the... Look!... first tenet: "Naam jappo." That's selfish. Naam jappo is a selfish process. Naam jappo is not political, it is not social, it is not religious, either. Naam jappo is totally selfish. Why Naam jappo? If you want to clean your mind, Naam jappo. If you don't want to clean your mind and clog it up, don't jappo. People who do not meditate, do not chant, do not recite the holy Naam, they have very clogged up arteries of the mind. They are out to get a heart attack... Mind-attack. They are sick people. They need a spiritual hospital. Clogged up mind is a very bad symptom. It gets clogged up within 23 hours. Capacity of mind is 24 hours, minus 2-1/2 hours. Mind has its own personality. There's a moment in everybody's life, whether you are a king or you are a beggar, when you do not know you are alive or you are dead, you are male or you are female, you are a man, or you are a woman, you are rich, you are poor, you are American, you are German, or
you are nobody. That is deep sleep. Mind needs 2-1/2 hours of this deep sleep. And normally 1/2 hour of such a deep sleep will be enough for mind. And some people say we should sleep 8 hours. I agree with you. For muscle relaxation, if there is no other way, then you SHOULD have 8 hours sleep. But do you really sleep 8 hours? No, you don't. You dream 5 hours. You thought form 3 hours. That's how 8 hours you sleep. Thought form sleep is a very, very hazy subconscious intercourse. That's the politest I can say. Actually, a human which can sleep 1/2 an hour, 1/2 an hour in 24 hours, is very fortunate and lucky. On average a person sleeps 10-11 minutes per night.

But basically we all feel that we are human, we have rights to everything. Yes, you have right to everything. But first you have one right to yourself: Are you a balanced human being? And if you are balanced, are you using that balance as a tolerance? If you don't have a tolerance, you have no patience, you cannot be rich. Nobody likes impatient people. Unfortunately Sikh is a very outstanding person. When Sikh is outstanding, impatient, lies around, doesn't tolerate, doesn't behave good, has no good manners, cannot give... takes, takes, takes, does all the weird things, then Sikh gets doubly sick, because everybody notices it. That's why you find most of the Sikhs coming here, they come from India very good, they look very good, they come from very good Sikh families, and they are very good. They come here, they cannot be.

One thing about America I like: It puts you on a silver platter. American society is a society of immigrants, is a society where your existence HAS to be a primal factor. Now question is, do you want to exist WITH God, or do you want to exist WITHOUT God? You'll find in America two things -- there are people who want to exist with God, and there are people who want to exist without God. But nobody wants to talk about it. Now question is, can you exist with God? Yes. Can you exist without God? Yes. So what is the difference? The difference is when you are with God, your patience and tolerance is Infinite. When you are without God, your patience and tolerance is zero. That's the difference. When you exist with patience and tolerance, you are very happy. Because you are fulfilled and contained. When you exist not with patience and tolerance, you are very shaky, very abrupt, and your aptitude has more ruptures in it and your attitude stinks. It is a human psychology. It is not something you have to
learn from some book. It is a simple, human psychology. Money can never and will never and shall never buy you happiness. It can give you an illusion that you can buy things with money. It gives you the sense of power. So is the bottle of vodka. You take a bottle of vodka, you feel very high. But in the morning you need crutches to get up.

"Posat bhang afeem mad. Utar jaaeh parbaat. Naam kumaai Naanak cherdi rahe din raat." These are the four intoxications. Posat is poppy. Bhang is marijuana. Afeem is opium. Mad is wine. If you drink them at night, you can just be all right that night. The next morning you will be two times more weak, more negative, and more weird.

What then is life? Is life richness? Is life spirituality? Is life tolerance? Is life Dharma? What is life? Life is an aptitude for an attitude of grace. There are three words to it: An aptitude, for an Attitude, in Grace. That's life. Then things come to you. Then grace comes to you. Then opportunities come to you.

I am asking you, those of you who are married, those of you who want to be married, those of you who have boyfriends, those of you who have girlfriends, I am asking those who are social, friends, married, relatives... I'm asking you one question. Is that true that you have relatives, you have friends, you are married? I'm sitting in the presence of Siri Guru Granth, I am telling you, you are living a lie. You do not know the meaning of relationship. You never created a relationship in the balance of your tattwa, in your chakras, and you never created a balance within you and your soul. You never created balance between your intelligence, and your consciousness. You never related to your intelligence and consciousness and don't have a grip on it. How can you talk that you have relative? That this didn't come through, that didn't come through, that's not mine, that is mine, I live for it, I love so and so? You don't know what love is. You are so ridiculously negative you don't even love your
soul which keeps you alive. How many times you talk to it?

You want attention, the whole world pays you attention. How many times have you paid attention to your conscious standards? Give me a break. How many times during the day you have paid tribute or said hello to your intelligence? Who are you? Fat pigs who eat, show off, have cars, have these homes, pass 65 years without knowing how stupid you are who have passed those 65 years? You call yourself human being? I tell you, every animal barks at you just jokingly. They laugh too loud. They do not understand this two-legged animal who made it and why it is in existence anywhere. It kills everything which it doesn't understand, including itself. You have no peace because you cannot put your own pieces together. Your whole game is not together. You don't have that depth. You don't touch your roots. And you want fruits?

People do not understand Siri Guru Granth. Siri Guru Granth does one thing: within 8 sutras of it -- you read it any time, in English, in Persian, in Japanese, in French, I don't care -- you read Siri Guru Granth, and in 8 sutras it will make you to touch your root, solid and firm. You can cut a tree from trunk. You can cut off the branches. If the roots are strong, it will sprout again. You pull a tree, best one, and pull its roots, you will never find it will sprout again. That is why we have a great hope with Siri Guru Granth as a Guru. Once we start studying it, understanding it, and believing in it, what it says. All it says is to have roots, and fruits will come.

You know, what is Gita? Best spiritual book in the world. Best spiritual saying. Now there is one saying in Gita. Krishna tells Arjun, "Arjun, karam kar. Palki yat naa naakar. Pal meh deh to(n)." Now these are all Gita, total. "Arjun, do your act. And don't ask for the fruit of it. Fruit I'll grant. You act." When a man does his best, her best, then God does the rest. When we have roots, fruits are not far away.

Sikh gets up in the morning to deepen, to nurture, to nurse his, her roots. We are not crazy. We are Americans, you are Americans. Simply we are alert Americans, intelligent Americans, graceful Americans. We get up when you sleep, and we meditate on God, the Lord, the Creator, our own God. To clean our mind, to energize our tattwas, and to be ready for the day so that during the day we do not flip/flop and insult our Guru. And then Guru comes through.

You think I am weak enough I cannot slap the face, cross anybody? I can. I am pretty good. And I know how to do it also. Why I don't do it? It doesn't behold a Sikh to become idiot within idiot. That's all. Why you apply brakes to your car? It doesn't behave well of you as a driver to get head on. People change their lanes, so their moods and so their daily lives. They are not realistic, they are not honest, they are not truthful. You know what is their truth? How they have it, how much they have it, where they have it. Boundaries do not do more than they bind you to your own death. And you have to sink with your this earth and its weight.

People who do not know how to elevate their minds and relate to their consciousness and intelligence, do not exist in the log book of humans. You know what they are numbered as? Animal number such and such in the body of a human. We have three forms in us. God made us that way. We have a beast in us, we have a best in us. Our best is our friend. Our beast is not our friend. We all have beast in us. If we want to act evil, crunchy, obnoxious, abusive, there's no limit to it.

You know, it is very funny, how uncertain people are. Watch this. I once met a nurse and I saw her for the first time in doctor's office and she had a very long hair. Fine, it's her hair, I have no problem with it. And next time I saw her, she had very short hair. And she laid a huge explanation, it wasn't very easy, she couldn't handle it but she said, "I got in a problem. Now my husband doesn't like me any more." I said, "Honey, don't worry about your husband. Sometimes God doesn't like it anymore, either. People don't care."

Well, mind you, if you give somebody something, and they don't keep it, and they don't have reason for it, will you like it? And you think God is stupid? He has no feelings? What God is doing? God has created a man and given him a length of "x" amount of pranic breath. You don't live by your health and happiness and all that, forget it! You have "x" amount of pranic breath you must breathe before you die. And that can switch off four times. Fifth time you have no help. You can't postpone it. That's the rule. You have tattwas, it's a machine. It's a car. It has a gas, it has the brakes, it has everything. Now, tell me, in a situation where you are driving your car where you should apply the brakes and you instead apply the accelerator, what you will do? And how many times you do daily to your own life which is called "kar" also? And then you blame other people? And then you blame God? How can you do this? How can you do this? God gave you this body, God gave you the five
tattwas, God gave you the intelligence, God gave you the reality of life, and instead of applying a brake, you are putting the accelerator on and you don't expect to be having an accident? No, this doesn't work that way.

That is why life of a Sikh is on the automatic. It is on the Guru. His plan is laid out. We are not asking you to get up in the morning to disturb your sleep. I called somebody today, it was 9:00, and I said, "I am sorry it is 9:00." The reply came, "Yeah, yeah, it is Sunday 9:00. It is too early." I said, "Yes, you should get up normally at about 1:00. That'll be nice afternoon." And the person said, "Well, why SHOULD we get up in the morning? Every day in the week I have to be on the job at 7:00." I said, "Idiot, if you would have got up for the God and yourself at 7:00 for yourself, you would not have been hustling, going in the morning."

You hustle your life. You don't get up in the morning. Getting up in the morning and meditating and chanting Naam is absolutely a selfish act. If you take bath you don't stink. If you meditate, you don't flip. Simple. Why these two things are not understood? You understand how bad it is? I just ate that one plum. It was beautiful. I watched it. I put it in my mouth, it was absolutely stinkingly bad inside. I threw it away. And Golden, who picks up any fruit, picked it up in his mouth and then threw it away, and didn't like that. And I said, "He cannot even accept it." How can you, who look so beautiful, and flip and act so dirty, except from other people to be your friends for life? You stink, you lie, you cheat, you deceive. Why? Because you don't have a trust in God. You forget: "Ang sang Wahe Guru!" And you call yourself Sikhs? God bless you! Have a nice day! But it won't work.

Sikh has to decide one thing: either his Guru is with him all the time and he works and lives for it, or forget it. Join something else. It won't work. There's a one thing which is very important which you must say and speak and understand with reverence. "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa," purity in us, clarity in us belongs to the Wahe Guru, God. And victory belongs to God. That's dedication. If this is understood, that a man can live with five thousand followers, fifty thousand followers, great money, great wealth and he says, Guru is very much with him and he is a good Sikh, I think the guy should be shot down before a firing squad. He's insulting Guru Nanak to begin with. Guru Nanak said:

"Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh.
Navaa khandaa vich jaanee-ei naal chalei sabh koeh."

--7th pauree of Japji Sahib

If that whole thing is understood and if you do not understand, you are nobody.

Listen... Prosperity and richness is a part of Sikh Dharma. Because Naam Jappo, Vand chakko. How you can vand chaakko, how you can share when you have nothing? Do you understand what Guru says? Vand chakko? You stink! You TAKE from people! Sikh doesn't TAKE from people! Sikh takes from Guru! Sikh takes from God! And it does come.

It is very funny. Forgive me for that. When I see a Sikh manipulating, I really love it. Because at that time I see a donkey in lion's clothes. Manipulating is not the Sikh way of life. And people, properties, witholdings, all that won't work, either. What will work? Your connection with your conscious self. That will work. People love you, people revere you. People will bow to you. People will touch your feet and feel blessed. It is all true. Provided you belong to God. And everything which you have belongs to God.

One day I was talking to a Sikh doctor. I said, "How come this person is not healed? What are you doing?" "Sir, I am doing my best." I said, "Idiot. Your reply is wrong. You didn't say, 'I am meditating on Guru Ram Das and I am getting the answer.' You are telling me you are doing YOUR best! You are off the wall! Do your thing! You won't heal! You forget where healing comes from!" And seven days later the person was healed. I said, "How come it got healed?" He said, "After you snubbed me, I locked my room and I sat and I sat and I prayed and I prayed, I meditated and I meditated, and then I got the answer." I said, "Isn't it your job to do it every day with everybody?" He said, "There was a rush of work." I said, "For who? Who you are rushing and who you are working for?" I said, "You think Guru Ram Das doesn't know what he is doing?" I said, "You have the greatest child to take care of it. It is called Dharma. You don't have anything."

A house of a Sikh is not a house of a king or not of a beggar. No! Not true! House of a Sikh is a house of the Guru! And THEN see what comes to that house. And if house of a Sikh is a Sikh's house, then it's no house! Because it's a house of a fraudulent who's living a double standard life! A thug! He's a thief. He pretends to be religious. He acts totally non-religous. Sikh has no alternative. Cheating does not work in this religion. Either you are or you are not. It is a Guru-dwara. Gate of the Guru. Either you are in or you are out. No nonsense. If you are out, stay out! God bless you, halleljuiah. Who wants you? And if you are in, be in!

Three simple things: Amrit vele, jaago, naam jappo. Rise in the ambrosial hour and meditate. So that during the day you may not mentally stink.

Hooray! it is very funny, you Americans are real idiots. You should be all dumped into the ocean. You take bath, you take all those soaps, you do the whole thing, and then you have all these colognes and these perfumes. The whole thing. Idiots! This is all physical. What about your mental? With the best perfume on the body, you mentally stink and you are spiritually dark! One who comes to you, he doesn't seek to steal your purse. He seeks from you the light! Sikh is a lighthouse! The ship is in trouble, it sees from it the hope that there is a land but it also sees the shore is not good. And then it can navigate itself to the nearest port. That is what a Sikh is. To reach ALL people to their peaceful environments. And when a Sikh is disturbed himself, what Sikh is he?

I have a personal experience. In the last 20 years, since I have started teaching Dharma (before that it was my individual game, hardly anybody could have a reach, I did what I did), but since I have decided that I love Guru Ram Das, and it is my responsibility to serve him, I think there is not a single ten minutes which has passed somebody doesn't want to disturb me. Sometimes I recognize not where this person is at, and then answer comes. This person is not disturbing me. He is very disturbed himself or herself and needs a help.

And now some of you who have taken help through the years say, "Well, Yogiji will say this, this, this." Well, what should I say? There's a one truth and that can be spoken as many times as you are going upside down. I cannot change the truth. Is it very unprepared on my part to tell you that you are not looking inside you? You are not working to keep your balance, and you are absolutely lonely, you don't even have a relationship with your own soul? Should I tell you you are the most calm person who is manipulating your own life to dirt and filth? It's not going to be beautiful anymore. Will that be befitting? Or, what if I say, "Keep up, look to Guru Ram Das. Meditate. Start today. You can work it out 'til tomorrow."

You know, everybody wants to be rich and to be happy. I know. Two things everybody wants. Whether one is religious or not religious. And the key to both is one thing: you can be rich and you can be happy if you have in you the patience. And the only stable thing in you which is as patient as it can be is your own soul. Your mind is a flip-flop from negative to positive. It can go one infinity to another infinity. To keep your mind, "Guru shabadee eh man horee-e. Baahe jinaa dee pakareeai, sir deejai baahe naa choreeai." If you have somebody's hand, or give hand to somebody, let the head go but not the hand go. That much patience. And turn the mind around with Guru's shabad. And that is the beginning of the prosperity.

Once I was taken out on a boat. Weather became very choppy. And on the boat they were telling me, "Do you enjoy the ocean? Do you enjoy?" I was trying to think where I have to find a place to vomit. And they were telling me, "Do you feel happy? Sir, do you want to eat something? Sir, are you feeling good? Do you like the breeze?" And I said, "Where is the bathroom where I can vomit?" That weather and choppiness, that beautiful boat for which a lot of money was spent, all that beautiful fleet, great party, the whole thing, ended up with me vomiting thrice. All right? And this happens to your life every day! You prepare a big feast, get into your boat, and your behavior becomes choppy and you start vomiting left and right. Nobody likes you, you don't like it either. Now you call yourself spiritual or non-spiritual, idiot, non-idiot, American, non-American. Does it matter? Your choppy mood will bring you nothing but pain in the stomach. Vomit. And you will stink.

Spirituality has one thing. Sign of spirituality has one thing. You don't have to go and find, "I am holier than thou." No, no, you don't have to find a holy man. Don't be foolish. As a Sikh, don't even find God. Just test the patience of another person. If the patience, loose temper, his aptitude and attitude are not together, you don't have to work with that person. "Mil-ay sant musht tor-ay-eh." You meet an unsaintly man, by-pass him. When the arteries get clogged up, final stage is by-pass. When heart doesn't work through, by-pass. You must understand, you learn from your own heart. If heart doesn't keep his rhythm, every doctor gets worried. You idiot who lives because of heart, you don't have rhythm at all. And you don't want people to be worried? You do not know what you are saying, you do not know what you are doing, you do not know who you are. You do not know where you are going. You change every day, every minute, and you want everybody to love you?!?
God, who wants that? You think God is a joke. He creates the whole world, rotates it. Everyday. To give you peaceful night, early morning. Done!

Here in New Mexico it is very funny. "Ahhh, sunset is beautiful." I said, "It is a set on you forever. Sunset is beautiful. Do you ever know sunrise?" Everybody here talks about sunset. Well, balance it out. Also talk of sunrise sometime. And when the sun is going to rise in you? No, no! Sikh is a sun in the sky of human race. If Sikh is not light, he is no Sikh. He is a dead moving institution of filth. And this bogousity cannot work out that you call yourself Sikh and do not live up to it. People will be very confused. People want to trust you. Why, why in this state where you are a handful of Sikhs, why you are so loved? Because you earned it! You delivered. You created a trust. Not that you are a great power.

For God's sake, learn one thing, what Guru Nanak said. Guru Nanak said your hanky-pankys won't work. "Sochai soch naa hova-ee, je sochee lakh vaar. Chupai chup naa hova-ee..." Can we read that? Again? What is it? (The sangat recites the first pauree of Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak.) This one pauree can decide everything. It tells all your hanky-pankies, possibilities, your covetness, your cleverness, your in and out games. In the end it says it won't work. Then Guru Nanak questioned, "Kiv sachiaaraa hoeeai kiv koorai tutai paal." How can we then find the truth? And how can this false will fall apart? "Hukam razaaee chalanaa naanak likhiaa naal." Hukam, the command of God, command of God. And in the Will of that command, what is that? What is the will of God? What is the command of God? It is the beginning of Siri Guru Granth. "Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad." There is a One Creation, One Creator of all Creation, and it's Guru's grace.

And that's why in Sikh Dharma Guru Gobind Singh, who told us to believe in Siri Guru Granth, also told us certain things. "Khalsa meraa satigur pooraa." That you are my true perfect Guru. "Khalsa mere jaan...." You are the jaan, you are the life, you are the praan, you are the self. You are the embodiment of Guru Gobind Singh. How many of you act like that way? You lie, you do other things. He never lied in his whole life! How many of you can decorate your sons and send them for the peace to fight the enemy who's just....How many of you are dependable like Guru Gobind Singh? That your enemy may salute you? What are you talking about? Where are you coming from? You think life is a joke? You think we do rituals and do all this thing? Guru Gobind Singh absolutely has no brain? He doesn't know? You are just nothing but a brash? No! He took scum of the world, scum of the humanity and made them gods. That's Guru Gobind Singh! You mean to say at the time of Guru Gobind Singh, there were no freaks or drug addicts? Don't
you understand?!? Guru Nanak said... let us chant that, "Asank chor haram khor." Hooray, count them. Start!

"Asankh moorakh and ghor, asankh chor haram khor.
Asankh amar kar jaa-eh jor, asankh galvad hatiiaa kamaa-eh.
Asankh paapee paa kar jaa-eh, asankh kooriaar koore phiraa-eh.
Asankh malechh maal bhakh khaa-eeh, asankh nindak sir kareh bhaar.
Naanak neech kahei veechaar, vaariaa naa jaavaa ayk vaar.
Jo tudh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar, too sadaa salaamat nirankaar."

--17 pauree of Japji Sahib

(Sangat recites pauree in a very weak manner.) I am not wrong. "Guru shabadee eh man horee-e." The Guru's shabad should come to you handy. Reading the Japji, it looks like you are dragging yourself. A car is being dragged without tires. It should be fluid. It should be handy. It should be there. It should be on. What are you going to do? You are going to face the situation? Run home, get the gutka, open it, find it out, what it says, call me, get the meaning and then work it out? It's not going to work out that way. I know you have a telephone.

And you are so dependent. I tell you how dependent you are. One lady wrote a check, after leaving...I saw it myself. She left the whole thing there, went in the car, brought that tech-tech business, and then balanced her check book. She couldn't take the check out of the amount and write it down what she has. She didn't know. And I said, "Oh my God." And she said, "Did I do something wrong?" I said, "No, no, ma'am, you are perfect. You taught me a lesson." She couldn't figure it out.

Asankh jap...Loud! I want to hear it!

"Asankh jap asankh bha-o. Asankh poojaa asankh tap taa-o.
Asankh granth mukh ved paath. Asankh jor man reh-eh udaas.
Asankh bhagat gun giaan veechaar. Asankh satee asankh daataar.
Asankh soor moh bhakh saar. Asankh mon liv laa-eh taar.
Kudarat kavan kahaa veechaar. Vaariaa naa jaavaa ayk vaar.
Jo tudh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar. Too sadaa salaamat nirankaar."

--17 pauree of Japji Sahib

I don't think there is anything which remains out of this declaration. And there are many. Asankh. Uncountable. Uncountable jap. Uncountable great people. Uncountable granths. Uncountable. And also Asankh chor...

"Asankh moorakh and ghor, asankh chor haram khor.
Asankh amar kar jaa-eh jor, asankh galvad hatiiaa kamaa-eh.
Asankh paapee paa kar jaa-eh, asankh kooriaar koore phiraa-eh.
Asankh malechh maal bhakh khaa-eeh, asankh nindak sir kareh bhaar.
Naanak neech kahei veechaar, vaariaa naa jaavaa ayk vaar.
Jo tudh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar, too sadaa salaamat nirankaar."

This how Guru goes. He says there are uncountable japs and uncountable theives. He put it together. And both sides if you put together, you will understand, both aspects of life are well-defined. They are well-defined. So, then comes the solution.

"Asankh naav asankh thaav. Agam Agam asankh lo.
Asankh keh-eh sir bhaar jo-eh. Akharee naam akharee saalaah.
Akharee giaan geet gun gaah. Akharee likhan bolan baan.
Askharaa sir sanjog vakhaan. Jin e-eh likhe tis sir naa-eh.
Jiv phurmaa-e tiv tiv paa-eh. Jetaa keetaa tetaa naa-o.
Vin naavai naahee ko thaao. Kudarat kavan kahaa veechaar.
Vaariaa naa jaavaaa ayk vaar. Jo tudh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar.
Too sadaa salaamat nirankaar."
--19 pauree of Japji Sahib

"Jiv phurmaa-e tiv tiv paa-eh." Read this line again. I'll tell you from where it hits you. (Sangat repeats line.) Read it from the beginning. It won't hurt. (Sangat repeats pauree.) If you get angry at somebody, you are willing to give him six times the same abuse! And if you cannot understand, you cannot read the pauree of the Japji six times??!? Come on! Start from the beginning! (Sangat repeats pauree.)

"Jin e-eh likhe tis sir naa-eh." Wait, wait, this is one line you have to deeply understand. Repeat it again. (Sangat repeats it.) Next. (Sangat repeats next two lines.) If you just understand these lines, you understand ALL about God. And you'll never have to worry. Repeat it again. (Sangat repeats from beginning in a weak fashion.) If somebody will hear you he'll say there are about 200 ducks sitting here and they call it a gurdwara. This is Guru's dwara! It is a Guru's bani! "Hei turakee bani aaee. Je sabalee chit manaa-i." And you are chanting it like 'quack, quack, quack.' It won't work! It is an insult! Repeat it again! (Sangat repeats pauree from beginning.) Repeat those lines again:

Jin e-eh likhe tis sir naa-eh. Jiv phurmaa-e tiv tiv paa-eh.
Jetaa keetaa tetaa naa-o. Vin naavai naahee ko thaao.

You are getting better but still there is not one voice. Ik Ong Kar means there is One! Whole sangat has to repeat it in one voice. Come on. Go ahead. Try. (Sangat repeats these lines.) This is two stanzas in the Japji. WHOSOEVER SHALL HAVE A MASTERY OF IT, HE SHALL KNOW THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF HIMSELF, AND ANY PSYCHE WHICH CONCERNS IT. Repeat it again!

Jin e-eh likhe tis sir naa-eh. Jiv phurmaa-e tiv tiv paa-eh.
Jetaa keetaa tetaa naa-o. Vin naavai naahee ko thaao.

Loud and clear! I want to hear it one voice! (Sangat repeats.) Close your eyes and repeat it with a loudest voice from the navel point, from the anhad. (Sangat repeats loudly.) Say it again!! And Again!! From the navel! You are lying! God!! Sitting right here I am surprised I am still alive! And see you can't chant bani from the navel! You are all speaking from the throat. Dead wrong. Get to the navel! When you are going to learn? Your power is in the navel. When you were in the womb of the mother, at that time you had no breath of life, you lived! That is a secret. And when the bani resounds at the navel point, your energy gets balanced automatically. Nobody can defeat you. And there is no substitute for victory. There is no substitute for Fateh! Period! Those who do not win, they do not live. And life of a slave is no life. You want to live as slaves? Go somewhere else! Don't even dirty this space! Otherwise learn the secret. Say it again. (Sangat repeats
lines.) It's better. Say it again. Concentrate on navel!

Please listen. Any scripture which is written in the Siri Naad, if repeated in the head, will make you go crazy, ego-maniac. If in heart, it will totally make you absolutely zero. You won't even move. Everything is God... God is everything! And you are nobody! Then why you exist? It HAS to come down, neither at the throat chakra, nor at heart chakra, nor at the ajana, head. It HAS to come to the navel! Your birth point! Ik! Ik! Where you were in the beginning. And where in the end you gotta go. Your all center of your subtle power is in the nadee, in the navel point. So concentrate and repeat these lines. See what they do. Concentrate first. Remember to concentrate, for God's sake.

Come on. (Sangat repeats the lines plus begins reciting the lines which follow the above lines.) Did I tell you to repeat that? So why you went further? You have no brakes? You want to finish it so I'll be silent and say, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh," so you can have ardas, you can have prashad, you can have langar? That's what you came here for? And that's what once in a Sunday you get caught in a gurdwara and you are not here. Which shopping center you want to go in, in the afternoon? Who you have promised what? Hooray, be here. When you are here, be here and now. Repeat it! (Sangat repeats lines.)

"Jin e-eh likhe tis sir naa-eh. Jiv phurmaa-e tiv tiv paa-eh. Jetaa keetaa tetaa naa-o. Vin naavai naahee ko thaao." Whatever He created as God is His identity and without His identity there is nothing else. "Aval aalah, noor upaaiaa...." The same will apply. From one light everybody is created. Nobody can judge what is good and bad. What is the job of a Sikh? See bad, and be grateful that it is not you. See good and be grateful that you can be. That's the free will. It is set discipline of the Sikh. If you cannot do it, you cannot be Sikh. You can pretend to be. I have no objection.

The first word of Japji is Ik Ong Kar. One created the creation. Or, we call it in convenience, "There is but one God." If there is but one God, where is the duality? Why you hate black? Why you do not sit with Spanish and eat? Why you call them Chicanos? When you are driving all right, why you make a mockery of a low-rider? Tell me! Try to understand, God is in you, within you. And it can be perceived by another person by your tolerance. And it can be shared by you by your conscious. That's why you need intelligence. Intelligence is to govern your patience and your conscious.

Therefore, please remember, you don't need power. You need YOU. Guru said about Siri Guru Granth, "Thal vich tin vasatoo paaeeo sat santokh veechaaro." Sat means truth, satya, shakti. Santokh means patience. Veechaaro means dialogue. When you dialogue the essence it is called veechaar. "Soch" means when you think and worry. "Veechaar" means when you dialogue the performance. But, "meh binaa santokh, naa-he koeh, raaje." Nobody's king without patience. Patience is the key to richness. Patience is the key to happiness. And look at this patience. I give you the example. You want to know the example of the patience? Huh? Char sahibzaadee, punj piaare, chale mukhte, shaaheedaa, mooreedaa, hatiaa, jappiaa, tappiaa, sir guanaa. Now look further. Jin vekiaa din keetaa, band band kutaaee. Limb by limb they were cut. Boiled in the boiling pots. Shredded at the tooth wheel, cut, sawed in the center as a log of wood. Burned alive, put topsy-turvy with the trees and with oil. Totally smashed under the wheel
of the train. How they could tolerate this? Because they were patient. They have understood patience in them. They were rich in tolerance. There's no God if He would not have got tolerance. And those who work for God, those who pretend to be with God, those who feel they are sitting on the right side of the God, have to have right tolerance. Patience pays. If you don't have patience, you are a patient. Much worse! Please understand.

I was asking somebody that day, I said, "Hey, I saw you out and you were not wearing bana. Normally I never see you without it. Well, why you were without bana?" She said it very wisely, "I like it." She said, "I never wanted to be recognized as a Sikh. I don't want to be known as a Sikh." I said, "Are you a Sikh?" She said, "Yes, I am a Sikh." I said, "Why don't you want to be recognized as Sikh?" She said, "That was a question I was going to ask. There's something in me. I don't want people to recognize me as Sikh." I said, "You want to be a lighthouse but not have a light? And you don't want the ships to catch from you?" She said, "I never thought that way. But hold on, Sir, I'll show you something." She went in her car, she pulled out the whole thing, dressed her up in the car. I said, "Why you are keeping it?" She said, "For emergencies." Couldn't believe it. It was the shock of my life. I thanked the person.

Guru Gobind Singh has lined it. "Jab lag khalsa rahe niaaraa, tab lag tej...." When you'll be identified -- niaaraa means when you loud and clear identify yourself. Exclusiveness. When you exclusively call on people, "I am the Sikh of Guru. Tell me what I can do for you." Because there is nothing which you cannot do because you are going to do it in the name of the Guru. Victory shall come to the Guru because Fateh belongs to the Wahe Guru. Why not to give a call to the whole world, "Come! We are born to serve you." And that is seva. Seva is not giving paratha and puri to people. If feasting and fasting could have brought God home, everybody would have done it. If money could have brought God, rich would have got Him by the nail. If health would have conquered God, all these machos would have had Him in the prison. GOD BELONGS TO THOSE WHO CALL PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF GOD! God belongs to those. He doesn't belong to doctors and engineers. He doesn't belong to saints and yogis.
It doesn't belong to

priests and pious people. God doesn't belong to anybody! People, listen to me! God belongs to only those who call in the Name of God and serve others in the Name of God, at the cost of themselves. And that is the beginning of the Sikh Dharma. And less than that, you can fade away. Just understand, for God's sake! Realize this reality. That is why Guru Gobind Singh, your father, gave you to live in the very face of what God made you to be. "Akaal Moorat, Ajooni Saihbhang, Gur Prasad." You didn't come to go... You came to serve! And you go serving! And what service you can give? You can call on people in the Name of the Guru. Ask them to come, and uplift them. That is seva.

Sikh Dharam is based on four things. Seva, simran, bana, bani. Why bana is so essential? Because we want to identify ourselves. 50% the war is won when we stand out and identify. People see us, they see Guru in us. There are a lot of people running around here, but wherever you go, people say, "Who are you. Where have you come from?" What is the identity? "Koot naam so." What is your name, hei? That's literal meaning. "Sat Nam, ji." I'm talking to you, five hundred years ago. "Koot naam so. Sat Nam ji." What is your name, hei? My name and my identity is Truth! That is what Sikh of Nanak used to do. "Hei kitha waat so. Gur prasad ji." What is your value? What is your worth? "Kitha waat so." Hey, what is your value? "Gur prasad, ji." It's Guru's grace. That was a Sikh. And it was identified. The Guru's Sikh would identify himself in Guru's name. And that is what Sat Nam means.

I hope those of us who have come to the House of the Guru, understand this opportunity. Understand our love. Understand our reality. Understand our personality. Understand who we are. And thus, let us make it.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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