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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 08/26/1988
Category: KWTC
Location: Unknown

Meditation Leads to Prosperity

Let me teach you about meditation. When you meditate, the entire garbage of the subconscious starts floating. Meditation is not pleasant. Meditation cannot be pleasant, otherwise it is not meditation. You are doing something else. Meditation is just cleaning the house. Now, you have a Hoover going on, and you say there was no noise? There is no dust? How is that possible? Whenever you are going to clean the house, you are going to see the whole thing upside down, and when you are going to release the subconscious, you are going to find not only dirt of this life, but of lives and lives and lives and lives and lives.
Meditation is a must process. It is an act of selfishness which a person must do. What will it give you? Unpleasant labor. It’s a labor of sweat. Now, what happens in meditation? When you meditate with the Guru mantra, it must have respect… it must have reverence. There are two things which must be there. When you sit and meditate, your mind goes berserk. It is a wrestling match. Give your life a chance. One tenth of the time belongs to the Guru. I’m not asking you anything. I am not judging you, I am not telling you anything. But one thing which I have learned, and I am telling you, Guru as my guarantee: there is nothing good in living except those personal hours of meditation. Something has told me it can work. Those of you who devote one tenth of your time to the Guru with love and devotion, have received his blessing. Greetings to you. But those of you who are still half way, they should make today a decision. Let us do it for 40 days. If it doesn’t suit you, then leave it. That’s how I started.
Purpose of meditation is prosperity here and hereafter!

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