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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 06/07/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Love and Fear

We are very simple human beings born in the image of God with definite destiny. Because you must see in the heavens that everything has an orbit. No conversion, no movement in the universe, space, or here is possible without first confirming the psycho-magnetic orbit of it. It is a law which if God wants to change himself he cannot do it. Psycho-magnetic orbit is essential. So our movement is essential to us. We must move. We must breathe, we must live, we must die, we must have, we must not have. We can be powerful, we can be weak. We can speak the truth. We can lie. We can do this, we can do that. We are happy, we are unhappy. In the scale of divinity it means nothing. You are happy, you are unhappy. In the scale of divinity in the abstract form, the psycho-magnetic field is moving on the orbit, either taking a positive circle or taking a negative circle. That is all it means. Feelings are yours. Concept is yours. Projection is yours. Action is yours, reaction is yours. It has nothing to do.

If you take a brighter picture or greater picture of the cosmos... what you think and what actually is... At about 8,036 miles an hour you are moving when you think you are total stationary. Earth is moving. The whole star system is moving. Then star is part of the greater galaxy that is moving.

Within you the cells are dying and being reborn. The only thing you have got in this life is the sense. You have five tattwas, you have five senses, six senses, seven senses. Call it any sense, it doesn't matter whether you have made any sense to this world or not. Your mental process comes from two sides. One is love, other is fear. Love I can guarantee you in writing you do not know. Fear you all know. Because love is defined. Love is a process in which ego is lost and infinity is experienced. Your love is I love you, you love me, I give you a rose, you give me a kiss, I like you, you like me, let us go here. Let us go there. Your love is that when the movement is passionate, satisfying or sophisticatedly interlocked you call it love. We call it a moment in which pretentious fear is missing. Fear is there. Because why your love gets into hatred? Why your marriage got into divorce? Why you fight when you do not or should not? Why you say I am your friend and then you're not?

There is always a positive and negative in everything you do. So basic force is fear. There are two forces in this world, love and fear. Love has been saying the lot, love has been romanced too much. Love is everyday's affair. It is a common word which even the person who cannot spell it uses it. It is a game we play and we are good at it. But I am asking you a question. Do you have any idea that if you will not switch your potential movement from fear to at least a neutral understanding you have nothing to do with your own life? I sometimes wonder do you understand it or not.

You say, "I am alive." You say that. I also agree. You are alive. But for what? What are you alive for? For eating, for sleeping, for driving a car, for coming to a yoga class? What are you alive about? Reading the newspaper in the morning? Going noon at lunch? What is the experience? Do you experience that totality is infinity? Infinity is a reality and reality is the totality which you are. Have you in any way, form and shape established this relationship? That is the first understanding about God.

This is my wife, this is my son, this is my daughter, this is my house, this is my country, this is my world. Then what? Do you know the proportionate existence of planet earth? It is point one, point 2 trillion zero point one two. Point one, point two trillion zeros, one, two. Twelve and that two one point two. That is the proportionate reciprocative, magnetic force which earth exists on the scale of the star cosmos. Just understand, you big machos... humans. We have cannons. Somebody is fighting in China, somebody having democracy... Russia. Somebody is having election.

You know in a redwood forest you are just a little bush. You don't exist on any scale and then with that proportion, think of you... you. You are just an electromagnetic field in a psyche... in existence. You mentally move through your emotions, feelings and commotions. Your expressions, your projections. You spiritually move to go to a church, to go to a holy man, go to a yoga class. Sometime on TV you sit down and you watch an evangelist program. Something you know, something you know somewhere you have a soul. But you are not very edgy, not very deeply concerned about it. It is not something. Because soul doesn't need bread or butter, it doesn't need a car, it doesn't need a gasoline, it doesn't need a blanket. Soul is by itself. Though it is a source of your life... though it is your life... though it is a source of your senses... though it is a source of your emotions... though it is a source of your feelings... but it is not the main thing you talk about. You never say,
"my soul feels". You always say, "I feel". It means your ego feels so. You don't bring your soul into in your conversation. That is not way of you talking.

You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. Once you have a negative thought either it will destroy you or whosoever you give it will destroy that. Positive you can't be because you are afraid. Somebody asked me a question: "I want to be liberated." I said, "Jump out of the window. Easiest way, won't cost much. You will fall thirty stories down. You will be gone in no time. And you will only know you are going. There is no other liberty." He said, "That is a suicide." I said, "You are committing it every time. Every minute on every step of life." Every breath of life is the precious gift and it is wasted in pursuing a thing called fear. That is why Guru Nanak said, after just a few words he said: "Nirbhao, Nirvair." Have no fear and have no vengeance.

You are very vengeful. Not to me, not to her, not to them. You are vengeful to yourself. You get up in the morning, clean your body, put your suit on. You are ready for the business. Have you done your business towards your own body? No. You are vindictive. You want to look good to somebody to impress somebody. Have you looked good to yourself? Aren't you ashamed you are a human being and you will speak negative thoughts? You know how terrible that looks? How tonight is the night? How to switch this mental degradation? That was my idea before going to the summer, disappearing from you.

You know I am very attached to Los Angeles, city of angels I call it. It is very good. My idea was to let you know that it takes. I am a believer of something. I believe something. I have experience about something. It takes same energy to remain poor as it takes same energy to become rich. Same energy to become sick, it takes same energy to become healthy. Energy is just energy. It is a one unit. It can't be two units. It takes same energy to be afraid, and it takes same energy to be loved. Question is, which love? Love which replaces infinity and brings us to reality and love which makes us to move through our feelings of emotions, commotions, and our chaos.

God is organized. We are chaotic. It is very funny. Earth moves, planet moves, star moves. In the water the current moves. Low pressure, high pressure balances itself. Why can you not balance yourself? For getting balanced you go one hour to a psychiatrist, sit down there, talk, talk, talk, talk. You come back a little relieved because your steam is out. Next day you are ready on the same frequency. What is a religion? Nothing but a psychoanalysis. Religion is nothing but a directive psychoanalysis. Little mystery with it. Modern days. I have seen a priest. I talked to him, I said, "Can we meet tonight?" He said, "No, I have my counseling session." I said, "Perhaps he is going to give counseling." I said, "Okay if you are going to give counseling." I said, "Wait a minute, what counseling you need? Who can counsel you?" He said, "I have a difficulty." I said, "I can tell you your difficulty. This is your difficulty." "How you know?" I said, "Is it or not?" He said, "Yes." I said, "This is the answer." He said, "That is
too easy. Can't accept it." I said, "Then go for counseling. Get your counseling. You go and hassle the guy and he hassles you and if that is the counseling you want, that type, fine." I said, "But I know this is your problem and this is the answer. Take care of it." He couldn't.

You know one thing you cannot handle. Simplicity. Everybody who is sitting here, if given a simple way of proposition to do something, you won't. You won't trust anything which is simple. What is a miracle? Something happened in which you... somebody... told the miracle is something which you cannot experience. I said, "Dead wrong!" Miracle is in which you do nothing but it is there.

Tonight is very wonderful night, it is a jovial night. It is not something I will hurt you. Normally I do. Most of the time you don't come to my class because later on you get tired, right? Then you get a good sleep that is fine. Tonight is a fun class. Tonight is a class where we are asking our mind to come through its own power to redeem our own self. And today is our night. It is a simple night. It is a night of the innocent child who is tired and gone sick of crookedness.

I was looking at Rome at something and I said, "What is this?" He said, "It is an egg." I said, "I wish you should be like egg round, not zigzag." "No, no, they are." I said, "I don't mind egg, egg is a very good thing for you. It gives you cholesterol and kills you faster than anything else. It is a very beautiful killing agent you know. You can eat as many as you want. But at least learn from it. It is kind of basal."

So are you ready for the mental class? Huh? Okay. Now I don't want you to participate, I don't want you to expect anything. I don't want you to be convinced it will happen. Just do it. That is all I want. And whatever happens, happens.

You see this hand like this? Just put it like this. Three fingers straight, mercury, sun and saturn straight. Jupiter and Id put together. That is the situation exactly as I am saying. Just like this. And this finger, this finger just like this, like this and right before my eyes and consciously relate to it that you are doing something abnormal. Consciously relate to its abnormality before your eyes. Why to pay $580 for a lesson of self- hypnosis. Why don't you hypnotize yourself. It is nothing. It is self- hypnosis. It is nothing else. It is not a miracle, but it will kill your fear and negativity.

We are going to create a magnetic field with a higher frequency. That is my job. Your job is just keep on moving. Look, idiot! Doesn't matter! No, no! You follow your eyes. In that hole, the holy hole your eyes move. They go back and forth. We are powering our optic never to create a pressure on the back of the central... and underneath there will be irritation which will remove the fear block. Very divine. It is a divine, yogic way of self- hypnosis. Simple. As far as I understand, this is what it does. But keep the eyes within that hole and make it move and move with it.

Now I tell you, all these religions are based on one sound and we made a tape in Rome. And we are going to put that tape just for a fun of it so that you may know something divine is happening, add some mystery to it. Ah hah! You blond why you are not doing it? I see. Now listen to me. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!!

Now you are getting very relaxed. That is not the purpose of it. You know why? What we are going to do? Our thought hypnotizes us. But that is not us. They are our thoughts, they are not us. Do you understand? Your thoughts are not you. They are released by your intellect. We have got to reach it. We have got to reach in the twilight where interlock can be separated by our ego. That is what I want. Come on, now you have done it. I didn't interfere. I am now going to interfere. I am going to tell you exactly how to do it. This is the way to do it. Quickly. Set it up. Go through it. It will be very painful. I am not disagreeing with you. It will blow your mind. But stick with it.

Stop, stop! Put your both hands at your heart. Close your eyes, look at the tip of the nose and get out. Hurry up, hurry up. Be gone, beyond the space. Let your mind take you beyond the space, get out. Inhale deep. Inhale deep, deep, deep. And now pump your cavity of the rib cage, from diaphragm to make the movement of the rib cage. Expand your chest and contract it. Chest. Chest. Rib cage. Exhale. Inhale deep. Deep, deep. Move the rib cage please. Not your whole body. Expand the chest. I know you don't know, what should I do? Expand your chest like they do it in the marine corps. Let the breath go. Inhale again. Very deeply, hold it. Very deeply, hold it. Expand and contract the rib cage. Let it go.

Please keep your eyes closed and put your hand on the top of the head and bless yourself. Just virtually bless yourself mentally. On your head, put them on your head and bless yourself. It is a very simple physical thing to do. Don't bless your neighbor, neither your enemy nor your friend. Just yourself. You may feel funny but just do it. The highest priest is just blessing you and feel those hands are of the highest priest. Inhale deep now. Keep your hands, while blessing through the breath energize your every part of the body and heal your body. Heal your body and clean your mind. Relax. Relax. Open your eyes and talk to each other now because you have got to go home. Now immediately become human right now and start talking to each other quick.


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