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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/19/1988
Category: KWTC
Location: Espanola, NM

The Secret of Success

Try to understand the greatest secret of success: The greatest secret of success is not what you want to be – that’s not great – but how you carry what you want to be. One smile can make the world for you. One frown can lose it. And just try to understand one thing very painfully –when you are not committed, either in expression or action, you have lost the game of life.

The secret of success is not who you are. The secret of success is how deep you are. That is the greatest secret of all. You must remember, people love to worship. If you make a deity out of stone, it will be worshipped. What about you? You are human beings. The question is what do you represent to people, how do you look to people, and what do they have to look to? A neurotic nonsense, ill-communicating, bitchy person who is frowning and using foul language about everything? Or someone who people can talk to and feel happy and relaxed with because there is a frequency of communication?

The greatest secret of success in a human is not to waste time on belittlements and smallness. You will be confronted with eighty percent smallness situations and twenty percent idealistic situations during a work day, out of which you can choose only one. That is the proportion. Do you understand? No you don’t.

Eighty percent of your working day is spent confronting smallness, just to get by. People who take away that eighty percent of “getting by” and instead give input to one situation are always successful politically, religiously, economically, socially, and otherwise. Now, they may not enjoy it, they may not relish it. They may not feel happy because once you achieve something, you cannot look down.

People who look down at others and look down at themselves have no right of happiness. You can call it a curse, or a self-curse, or a self-condemnation. You can call it a psychological or a logical reason. You can call it anything you want. Facts are facts, ladies, and facts cannot be two. There can not be two truths. There is always one. What others are is none of your business. That is not our business. Whenever you make a business of what others are, you are doomed. You are dragged. You are emptied. It is not your position to look down at others for what they are. God created them. They are what they are. Uplift them and you will uplift yourself.

Don’t look down at people. And don’t look down at yourself. These are the two things you have to guard against at the same time. Uplift everybody and uplift yourself. I have yet not found any other way except these simple few lines.

To give you the ratio proportion of actuality, life has eighty percent mundane realities. And they should not take more than eighty minutes of your day. A minute a day for a mundane thing is the maximum you can afford. You have twenty objectives to follow. Take one minute to decide which out of those twenty is the top priority. Serve the top priority and you will be at the top of the world. Understood?

Now, let’s talk about the relationship between a man and woman. All right? Man and woman have no relationship at all. Sex, no. Marriage, no. Children, no. Is there any relationship which a man has with a woman? Can anybody here tell me? What is the key word which makes a man need a woman and makes a woman need a man? Man needs one woman he can trust, and woman needs one man who can protect. It is a trust and protect game. Everything else is all bizarre. A man has to sell that he can protect a woman, and she has to sell that he can trust her. It is a sales job. It is not natural, and it will never be neutral. You as a woman need a man who has enough grace that you can feel protected. And he as a man wants your clarity to be strong enough that he can be reflected. You clarity is to reflect the hidden agenda of the desire of the male, and his faculty is that he has grace or charisma so that you can feel protected.

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