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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/08/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Espanola, NM

Me and You

You are going to go back on time. You are not being detained here.

Now, we don't have a problem which we had with Metab Singh. Now the question is that first of all we have a lot of land. It is not on the slope of the hill... though the slope of the hill was fantastic because setting sun gives us a longer sunlight... but it is down below, in Dehra Dun, where environments are much less cooler even than you are facing in Espanola. So we will have this way the school we want, and it is being constructed for 200 residents of children.

I have been told that there are 200 people working right now and they'll complete it by the month of March. They are also completing the science section which is essential. You have to understand, in India certain things are very severely looked into... especially when there is a private school... and there are not only private schools which you are having, there are private schools which Americans have, Cottonwood, and that other thing, and the whole stuff. Something like that.

School shall have not only the program in which you will be studying there. And when you come back to America, you can straight go to American college. We are definitely in affiliation and the standard will be maintained. The only advantage of this will be that we'll try to computerize the school plus we will like to teach the martial arts and other types of things which we teach here, and songs and all that. It'll be all free. It'll be not that we do not want the American kids and they are going to take over our school and all that. It is not theirs. It is yours and it is for you and accommodations may not be at this time too much adequate in the sense that... but later on we'll add some big houses for the staff and everybody else. They are all in the plan and it is going to be not bad. But those of you who stayed at Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School were the pioneers.

There's one thing I want to let you know. America is great, and American education is great, but what American schools are is nothing but dirt. What goes on in the school -- we are not avoiding to be in America or to study in America. You must understand, it is very hard for us to send you 12,000 miles away. But we are very helpless because what goes on here in the school goes is so ugly that we do not want to deal with it as far as we are concerned.

Number two, it gives you a personality by itself. I know, I'm not worried about that some of you are idiots, some of you will do wrong, some of you will even develop wrong. I'm not worried about it. Well, let me tell you, so shall you sow, so shall you reap. If you grow wrong, you'll be sick and you'll be wrong, and you'll pay for it. That will add a little sorrow to our life that we loved you so much, and you were so stupid that you didn't take a chance and become who you should be becoming.
But let me give you a message. America is not that what you thought. When you grow up to be Americans, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and two lovers will work exactly 8 hours, 365 days of the year, and shall not make a good living. That's how America is going to be. So have no dream that dollars grow here on the trees and everything is going to be fine.

I have a master plan in my mind. I do not know whether I'll live or not. I didn't share that master plan with anybody. And I knew some of the parents are stupid, and they are not going to come through. And I also know some parents are deadly... as that day I was counseling somebody and I said, "You are a father. How can you allow this?" And he said, "I am the stepfather." I said, "You are step backwards father or step forward father?" And the guy did not have any chance and he's the worst manipulator I talked to. And I said, "I am ashamed to call you a Sikh. What was your old name? You better go back to your old name and get out of it. I am not proud of you being a member of my congregation who has such a manipulative personality. We don't do these things to our children, whether they are stepchildren or they are real children. We even think the neighbors have got children and we love them." But the guy was totally A over Z minus 10 over 9 -- so stupid.

There were two opportunities which I wanted to explore. One was that we put some of our businesses which I initiated in the very early time which grew, so that we can later on have funds to work it out. It didn't go very well as far as I wanted and the way I wanted, because you must understand, all they are, your parents have respect for them, but they have a kind of attitude, "We are being manipulated." And these people are just a pain in the neck! They are not manipulated. The future is at stake and we've got to do something!

You might feel that there's another problem which I am going to face, and that is that some of the parents are not going to pull through. So some of you will become a direct responsibility of the Siri Singh Sahib. And that way, we'll try to carry. I do not know what shall be in the end for all of you, but one thing I want to tell you: If you waste your time on temporary emotional nonsense... that's what prostitution is. You know what prostitution is? When for your emotions and feelings, you for a short few minutes of satisfaction sacrifice the entire grace of life. Because you must understand, how beautiful woman you may be, out of you, some will grow up. It will mean nothing... dime a dozen, girls are available in this country. How many you want? Tell me, I'll bring them to you. That's not the great big deal that you are a girl. And going and sleeping with a man and romance and all that nonsense is just a waste of your future. You will have no energy left and you won't make it.

Number two, if you get into this drinking and drugging and all that... One of the girls which was picked up by us and we supported as a community all the way through the school and sent her to India and all that, went to a bar and drank and got pregnant and this and that, and that kind of nonsense. That may be very American, but as far as we are concerned, we are not going to tolerate it. And then you will be on your own.

Barring those two situations, if you just go in India and just educate yourself in a one plus A form, and build your personality with a simple truth that tomorrow when you have to walk, you have to walk with your own feet, you have to stand on your own feet. Your parents may be today, or may not be today. And when you want them they may not come through. And when you don't want them, they may be all over you. And I'm not interfering in this whole thing. All I'm saying is, parents are given by God, they try their best, they love you as much as they know to love you. But whatever parents want, and whatever we want, also there is a third factor: what YOU want. For you there is a clear-cut, straight-forward opportunity to educate, pick up yourself, and not become an emotional wreck.

Some of you are into romance. And some of you are into love. Romance does not heat the food, and love does not pay the bills. I just want to tell you. And you can be a 16 year old girl and you can get pregnant and you can be an 18 year old boy and you may fall in love, then do one thing: sell your books and chew gum. You are not going to be anybody in life.

One thing about America is the worst, and it is also the best. Here you have to compete. America is a free country and a free nation and great, blah, blah, blah. I am not bothered about that. Whatever America is, America is. But one thing in American society is very typical and that is, each one has to compete and the competition is cutthroat, and there's no mercy. America is very, very, very vast, beautiful, blue skies, and good seashores and 250 million people, and a lot of wealth and everything. Technically it is very advanced, militarily very mighty, but mentally absolutely insane. And that insanity also works through a cutthroat competition, and in a cutthroat competition you have no choice. You will be facing the cutthroat competition in the social, economic, religious and personal world.

And number two: In America things don't last forever. Today they love you, tomorrow they hate you. Today they are with you, tomorrow they are not with you. Today they marry you, tomorrow they kick you. Today they pursue you, tomorrow they sue you. So America is a very indifferent pervert society, a bunch of individuals who have been put together to enjoy opportunity, and in that opportunity Americans even do not know who they are.

Let me tell you certain things. It takes about $22,000 to keep a prisoner in the camp, or a jail, or an institution, whatever you call it. It takes about $11,000 to keep him calm, at peace, and through welfare and other community programs to keep him on the road and keep him going. Americans have decided to build more jails and put more people into the jails than even do any social programs. So America is a country of trends and moods, and one thing is popular today, it is not popular tomorrow, and the insanity of the Americans is known. They follow the trends and pursue it and it is never true. They are never together as one unit, real!... who deal with a grace, tranquility, or anything.

So basically when you are going to grow up, you have to decide who you want to be. If you want to have no manners, no etiquette, no personality, no grit, no perpetuality, no standard to compete and grow, you can be as idiotic as anybody can be. But if you learn my lesson, come, work hard, stick to your grounds, follow the ground rules, work honestly, take care of people, uplift people, tolerate, have patience, go through the insult, challenge, anything in the world and just see you are here, the banner carrier of the Guru's mission... and you have got to do what Gurmat says or what Guru says, and be kind to all and be compassionate to all -- the world will come to you. There's a one way which can make you prosperous. Everything else is out. It absolutely won't work. I can bet with you whether you like it or not.

There are people who are my students who are parents, and I don't care to tell you one thing. Some of them have come through thick and thin in life and through their emotions, and through their feelings and through their neurotic nonsense and I counsel them every day. But I don't want you to tomorrow be counseled. I want you to learn one thing. Neither the psychology nor the psychiatry nor the education nor the discipline nor miracle is going to help you. Don't believe in anything! Just understand one thing definitely works. Lift yourself and uplift others and keep up! Three things! Everything else is just a plain nonsense! Keep up, you shall be kept up. And lift others, you'll be automatically lifted with it. That is Guru's way.

Whether the mission here is successful or it is a failure, nobody cares. After all, it is a beautiful looking society, but there's nothing in it. I saw that day on the television, they were saying, "Don't eat red apples. It has a total tendency to cause cancer." Red apples. They spray something on it so it makes it more red and more sturdy. But it has been found out to cause cancer and they made an experiment to feed it to the rats and rats developed cancer so fast they couldn't even believe it. They had to come out in public.

At least in India, in Dehra Dun where you will be living, you have a breath of freedom. You love your parents and they love you. Better keep away as much as you can. And this love should be maintained. I know these parents very well. They started with me. They were students. I have files on them. I know them. They talk to me very openly and freely. I talk to them. It is all over. But the idea is not whether they are bad parents or good parents. You must understand one thing. You have absolutely no right to blame them. They did their best, what they could. Let's put it this way. But the fact is, they are tolerating, in spite of the fact that they don't have the brain to tolerate, in spite of the fact that they don't have the heart to tolerate. But just thinking for your good, they are sending you to India, and you will be absolutely idiotically foolish if you do not exploit that opportunity and put your heart, head, mind and soul into your studies. Nothing else will work in the United States, but you have to be one step
ahead of everybody you compete with. Is that understood? You follow the law?

Now you can tell me, "My papa is this, my mama is this. They are not married, they are not separated, they are not hanging, they are not upside down, they are downside up." Whatever you want to tell me, I do not have anything to do with it. My only relief is, whether they are sick or they are healthy, they are good or they are bad, they are neurotic or they are absolutely psychotic, they know anything or they don't know anything, at least they are giving you a chance to be yourself. You got the idea? Don't blow it.

I know some of you are very hot and you understand those girls who are very hot and they cannot live without boys. They'll end up messing up their future. They will be like a postcard which doesn't have a proper stamp. They'll go door to door, post office to post office, man to man, pregnancy to pregnancy, and their life will be nothing more than a living hell. And they'll end up going for themselves, going in the shopping centers and stores and work for $6.00 an hour. If you want to be that kind of person, go ahead. Feel free. And if you think that your parents are going to leave millions of dollars for you, I have not yet seen anybody, and neither I am going to see it.

So, between the two legs of you, there is a one little piece of meat and one little piece of hole. If for that damn one little place you want to blow up your entire future and your career and because you do not know who you are, go to hell! A nd create your own hell and then live in it! There's nobody who can advise you straightforwardly like me! I have absolutely no mercy with those who bring the absolute disaster on them and invite it because they are stupid!

We have an intelligence service in India and we know what you people do. But I have a place to myself... even my staff sitting here, Nirinjan, she checks all my mail and everything. Very few things she knows. I don't want any idea about you that you are wrong. But wherever you are wrong, I know it. Wherever you are right, I know it. And if you are good, I know it. If you are bad, I know it. If you are rotten, I know it. I don't worry. My idea is: go there, study, educate, have a career, have some special career that you can be whatever want to be, and then be on your own and be strong to face the society and the tomorrow. Is that understood?

So may I take a word from you that you will not blame your parents for anything or anything in the world? (Yes, sir.) Is that clear? (Yes, sir.)

Some of you are developing certain things and I would not have said this thing, but I met a very beautiful boy.. that black boy. Ram. Now neither he is a Sikh, nor he is a not-Sikh. So he is in the twilight zone, you know what I mean? "Oh, I don't want to be this. I want to do this." I said, "Look, 20 years ago I came and I am hearing all this language. As I know Japji from the last 48 years, I exactly know what you are talking about." And many of you don't understand certain things.

Then I want to explain that to you. Listen to me carefully. Don't do it, don't agree with it, don't believe with it. Some of you are neurotically an offshoot of no grit and no character because your parents did not pray when they conceived you. So you are born out of not-prayer. You were bought when your mom was horny or your papa was horny. And you got conceived. And that's a fact you should understand. But you got conceived in a privileged place where when you came out of the belly of your mom as a boy or a girl, you are out there and you have the Guru. And if you accept your mother and accept your father and do not accept the Guru as it is, you shall be handicapped. Do not ever feel Guru is big. Do not feel Guru is small. Do not feel Guru is right or wrong. Just feel Guru is with you and you are with the Guru. Many of you cannot do it. You don't understand how to do it.

There is one simple line in Sikh Dharma: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." A secret step of being prosperous, rich and righteous. A simple meditation. A simple behavior. I'm not going to lay rules and regulations and everything on you. Just understand: with you, "Ang" means with every limb of your body, and "Sang" means with you -- Ang Sang Wahe Guru. You understand? In your body there are 10 trillion cells, each cell has 3 parts to it. You have 30 trillion cells. There are 30 trillion "Wahe Guru" with you. And that's how much "Wahe Guru" is with you.

Jinee naam dhi-aa-iaa, gae masakat ghaal.
Naanak te mukh ujale, ketee chhutee naal.

--from Slok of Japji Sahib

Why to get threatened? Why not read the first line?

Karamee aapo aapanee, ke nerai ke door.

Through out deeds we DECIDE God is near to us or God is far away from us. You understand?

And nobody's going to help you. You have to help yourself, because you must understand, you have 9 gates. Two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, two ears and the lingam and the gouda. And gouda is what you call what? Through which you poop? The anus. And either you have a penis or you have a vagina, whatever you call it, it is called yoni or lingam, and then you have the body as it is, and then you come here, you have a mouth, tongue through which you speak. And the problem in your life will not start anywhere except at a certain area, and that is what you speak and what you eat. That will decide your life. Nobody has ever gotten in trouble who speaks right and who eats right. Because I tell you how it works. "Jesaa un, tesaa thun, tesaa man, tesaa thun. Ay line, hei." As the food is... if food is pure, righteous, you eat with a prayer, you do right thing, and that is the food... that is how the body will be, that is how mind will be, that is how wealth will be. "Jesaa un, tesaa thun, tesaa man, tesaa thun." It is
your choice. If you think there is something between your legs, and with that itch you want to ruin the entire rest of the body and you want to not have any discipline and you are afraid of this and afraid of that, it is your problem. You can blow it any time. There are a lot of people who get absolutely nowhere in life because of that. You play no exception role. Your exception role is to understand.

To follow Guru Gobind Singh is very simple. You want to know what that is? At the time of Guru Gobind Singh, in spite of the teaching of the Sikhs and everything, there was no direct combination of purity and victory. There was no slogan: "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" And that slogan only means, "Purity belongs to God and victory belongs to God." How to achieve purity? Everybody was afraid, people were taken to dogs, just as a king's dogs' food, and absolutely there was so much repression and no human rights, and people were living like animals, cattle. They were sold, they were given away, they were taken away, there was nothing. He created a nation of the Khalsa. He asked for the sacrifice. A head. Five people gave the head. He gave them nothing but bana. Bana is your identity and your integrity. You will never, you shall never have identity and integrity so fast, so fast in your life and career, if you do not understand bana. If you want to dress up for others, you will be for others. Then others will take
you like sheep. It's a simple law. "Kaan Paan Peraan." These are certain things which you must learn.

Bana, then bani. What you speak, it should look like a God is speaking through you. "Gurmat" means "Guru's words." If you speak according to the trace of the Guru's words, your track is on the Guru's words, people will respect you, people will trust you, people will adore you, people will admire you. And there's no other way to capture the society so fast than bana, then bani.

Then simran. Why we do simran? Why we get up in the morning... ambrosial hours? And why we in the twilight zone in the evening do Rehiras and at sleeping time Kirtan Sohila? That is a simran. That is to keep our mind clean, our habits strong, and our direction linked with God. It is a perpetual personality which we develop in link with God, in partnership with God. Khalsa is the human which is in partnership with God.

And then seva. We lift ourself and lift others. And that gives us opportunity, prosperity, and peace of mind. Now if you want to learn something beyond that, you are very free. You can learn anything else you want, and you will pay the price for it. Remember, one thing will never work for you. If you sow poison, you shall not get nectar. A father who cannot deal with a stepmother and stepson or stepfather, and a mother who cannot deal with a stepson or stepfather, is the most wretched person. She's only one step away, or he's one step away. We are supposed to work with the whole universe. And that's what seva means. Seva means you neither hate anybody nor you manipulate anybody.

There are two things in your life...I tell you why. I'll tell you a straight answer that nobody else will tell you. If you manipulate somebody, you will have one victory temporarily. Then you will manipulate second time. You will have second victory and you will feel sure about it. Then you will manipulate third time, you will have third victory and you will feel dead sure about it. At that time, the other person will know you are a manipulator and you will have no respect. And you will be outcast out of that life, and mood will change and manners will change towards you and you will never be trusted again. Do you understand? (Yes, sir.) Deal always direct.

First understand. There are two things which I can share with you and you will be fine with it. First see where is God in you, and second see where is God in other person, and connect the God. Don't connect yourself. There are certain fundamental rules which must apply for health. Economic health, social health, political health, personal health, professional health, family health. It depends on you alone.

We'll be in a position now to teach all that which we couldn't teach in Fifth Centenary School, and we'd like to take that opportunity and send you back. There's a problem which we have that some people owe about hundred some thousand dollars, hundred fifty and above thousand dollars have not been paid, as the dues, and that Foreign Ed. is in debt. But even to send you back, all of you, as it is, we need about $78,000, which we have to come up with somewhere, to put you back in the school. And I'm not saying which parents have paid and which have not paid, which want to pay and which don't want to pay. I don't want to go through all that drama, but the fact is that you need education and that it's a fundamental education, and you need three educations. One is the education to face the world. The second education is to face your career. And third education is to face yourself. And I hope and I pray in this new school we'll find those opportunities possible. Do you understand? (Yes, sir.)

I am not asking you not to be a bad boy and bad girl. I am absolutely not asking you. I am asking you be a bad boy and bad girl, but understand that your life will not be good thereafter. It will hurt me, and I'll feel bad, and sick about you, but I'll be helpless. All I can do is give you an opportunity, force the circumstances that you can get the opportunity. I can bring a horse to water, but I cannot force the horse to drink it. If you have no self-control, if you have no self-manners, if you have no self- desire to be somebody, I cannot make you anybody.

I was asked a question, the girls do not want to wear bana. Well, don't. Get $20 from me, go and cut your hair, and stand on Sunset Blvd., and ask for clients. What the hell I care? There are girls in this country, a dime a dozen. Why we should waste time and invest in you when you are nothing but a burnt-out desert? Mind you, if you have the mind to give us a bad time, we will not return the bad time, but we'll sit still. That means you are on your own.

Some of you are exploiting the parents by playing games and then going and doing rotten things. I was shocked that day when a father told me, he said, "I wish we should not have conceived this child." It shook me in my self. And all I said is, "Don't worry. Much has not gone rotten. We'll take care of it. Don't worry, we'll see to it. We are trying to do our best."

So please understand, you need one thing in life. That is the grit. And that means you can face anything and everything and still be victorious. That's what it means, "Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" You understand? (Yes, sir.) And less than that, nothing else will work.

This country needs four divorces per minute to carry on the economy. In this country 3 million children run away and lose their future absolutely. This country needs 6 million girls to make them to be call girls and prostitutes to provide to the sales and sales force of this country and for the economy of this country to keep going there... to be used as bribes, and this country has so much wine rolling around and making people go brainless so that you can't even deal with it.

I just want to tell you something very sick: India took marijuana and lost its sovereignty, became enslaved, lost all its wealth, lost all the gems and jewels. All the gems and jewels, you go in Iran and Tehran and you'll see them. This room is nothing. One room is heaped full of diamonds and all that what they stole from India... British stole from India. India went under, under marijuana. China, the great civilization, great wealth, great people, went under, under opium. Great civilization of Egypt went under peyote, that desert mushroom which is hallucinating and after that, man forgets it and becomes a zombie. And great civilization of Rome went under the alcohol, wine, the liquor. And you, America, has all of them, plus you have crack, you have pot, booze, everything, and PCP.

Now another situation I want to tell you about. PCP is very hard to repair. And now the cousin of the PCP is this crack, this low quality... and brain doesn't become... you know, after that it isn't there. So, I mean, I'm not worried what will happen to you. I am worried what you are going to do to yourself. So, you have to understand once and for all that you want to learn to be strong, stronger and strongest. That's our desire. If you don't want to cooperate, I don't mind that you don't cooperate. I mean, there's no favor. But if you want to cooperate, I'll do my best to put you there where you can just surmount and just come out with absolute excellence. This opportunity, your parents didn't have. That's what I want to tell you. What you have, your parents did not have it. They didn't have a teacher, they didn't have a Guru, they didn't have a God. They were searching for it. Then they found it out, they stuck, and they want to. And when you say, "I don't want to wear bana." Well, go ahead and dance naked, what do I

A very beautiful shaped, very well done girl, as a call girl is available for a night for $120. If you just want to be that kind of prostitute or you want to marry in your life 6-8 times and have 2-3 children and, "This is from my father, and this is that one's father, and this is from that father, and this is from that father." I have no objection. If you want to create your own hell, you have to live in it. Do you understand? It is a very straightforward, clear deal. I don't want you to harass... I don't want you to harass me.

You must understand my problems. Some of your parents are very emotional and extremely neurotic. Some of your mothers and your fathers are extremely manipulative. And some of them are stupid enough that they do not know that I know too much. First I have to deal with them just to keep you there, and then you there are messing it up. And how you think I'll have a peace of mind? Plus I am physically not right. You know it hits three ways. I am physically not healthy, I can deal with it. I am not working and my not working means I have to pay ten thousand twenty two dollars, or something like that, a week to the Dharma to keep everything going. It's no nonsense!
They didn't throw me away as Siri Singh Sahib because I'm very powerful and they love me. They don't have half a million dollars six monthly to pay. None is that strong. And don't misunderstand that the conspiracy was not made to ship me to India and da, da, da. And some people have not done treachery and betrayal. It's all there on record. So don't think that I enjoy all the confidence and peace as it looks to you. I have been sued and lawsuits are always there. Sometimes they say I have raped, sometimes they say I have prostituted, sometimes they say I have done this or that, and they don't let me be in peace. They have spent $700,000, something like that, in lawsuits, to disgrace and do character assassination and they give me a condition, "Tell the American Sikhs to go and nose out of Amrit and tell them to give us all the wealth and we'll have our punj piaras to use." I said, "Go ahead and do it. So it is not all a bed of roses on which I sleep, which you think it is. And there are a lot of problems.

Plus, I'm not working and my health doesn't permit me to take the stress and strain. When I was working, healthy, I never cared, you know, "Oh, it is not possible. I can take it. This check can take care of it." I did what I did. And I'm still trying to do what I am doing. But if you understand, I have a problem. I have very many stupid students of mine. I wish they should not have been my students. And some of them are your parents. I don't want to name them. I am very sick of those people. I don't want to open my mouth, but when I open it, fire comes out of me. Curses come from the depth of my heart. They are so cruel to their own children that I can't even believe it! Number one.... number two, these parents are giving me a bad time. And I do not want you to be in their clutches.

Let me tell you something very beautiful. One mother went to India, took her daughter. She was married to somebody, he freaked out, she freaked out. I told her, I said, "Your daughter is eleven years old. Don't you have a shame?" She said, "When I was eleven years old, ten years old, I was prostituting myself. How she will know what her mother has gone through?" And the daughter was 12 years old when the mother got another boyfriend and that daughter was raped with the compliance of the mother, and I am a witness to it. And that man whom I worked on and put in so much work is still on the FBI wanted list. He's wanted for so many robberies. So it is not... don't think that I'm very peaceful and convenient and everybody touches my feet and I am Siri Singh Sahib, and it is all perfect. It is not. I have a lot of stupidity to deal with and I have to do a lot of propaganda, a lot of pressure, a lot of reason, a lot of argument, a lot of... even now I'll pay and we'll take care of this way, that way, just to keep you in
India. And you stupids! If you do not want to take this opportunity to become something, who the hell will tell you that you have any wisdom? You understand what I am saying? (Yes, sir.)

And we jumped the school because when I learned, Hari Kaur told me that our people are told that they are not Khalsa and they can't distribute prasad, this and that, that broke the straw of the camel. I decided we are not going to go. I called Raja Singh, I told him, "This is it." And they are doing their best and you are going to go to school. In case school will not be ready, per some circumstances which we cannot deliver, we'll take you on an India tour, but you are going back. Okay?

How many people in America are lucky enough to go 12,000 miles and go by the way to London and all that, to come via Hong Kong back home? Aren't you fortunate? But enjoy it. When you'll be at your own from Espanola to Santa Fe, sometime you won't have the money to go. So, take your bet. Clear?

Number two, though I am not medically permitted to work, I have been trying to get healthy and I am trying to get to work so that I can have my own extra money to help you wherever I can. But it's not as much as I used to have. Plus, being myself not working for two years and being sick, some of your parents are giving me a lot of trouble. They are a pain in the neck. Neither they leave, nor they stay. They are a hanging nuisance around my neck like Shivaji has a cobra. And I am dealing with it very sadly. And moreover I cannot deal with it so directly and angrily because I have a problem that some of you are somewhere involved. So I have to drink that poison just for the sake of you. So go back, take care of yourself, study well, live well, educate yourself, so if ever something goes wrong with me and I am not there, at least you must remember I did my best to give you an education. There's no respect for a man who's not learned. Nobody respects me. I don't care. But I am learned, I am wise, I know. And that's

Life is a lie if you have not found truth, and what is truth? You must absolutely be learned. There are two, three routes to learn. One is: uplift yourself, be in the cherdi kala, and make everybody to be in the cherdi kala. All knowledge will come to you automatically. You don't have to worry about anything. Then angels speak in your ears. You are kind and compassionate to all, it doesn't matter what. The intuition will bring you opportunity and richness such that you cannot even dream about. And accept Guru as a total and give yourself to Guru total. There is nothing to worry. These are the three short cuts, practical things in life to do. You have to build an attitude. You understand? (Yes, sir.)

I have a very beautiful thing. I have not met him yet but that guy in San Francisco, what is his name? You know in India, he was the most mischievous. Sadhu Singh. If I tell you the file of Sadhu and the principal's letter he wrote and the apology letter I wrote for him, and the bribe I gave to keep him there in the school, you will be shocked. I mean to say, it is a dead case, right? But I kept going and if the principal says, "I can't keep it," I would send a gift to the chairman. If chairman said, "I can't keep it," I called the minister. If that one said, "Couldn't keep it," I called the deputy commissioner, and you know, I did everything and didn't let him come out of school. He did it, right? He's the finest man, now. The toughest cookie you can even deal with. So I mean, it is not something which comes out wrong.

There's a guy sitting, Mukhia Singh Sahib, you know? What is his name? Livtar Singh. You want to know his story? He comes from a very rich family, his father is a doctor and whole thing and they are very update. I went to Atlanta Georgia and I said, "Livtar, don't leave this town, even if I tell you." Time tested it once, and time tested me. And I am admitting before you, confessing, I told Livtar to leave the time. Circumstances were so rotten. You know what he told me? He said, "Sir, you can come to Atlanta and leave it. I'm not." And he's still there. You know what I mean? He may be an absolutely Mr. Nothing or Mr. Everything, but Sikh history which will be in the Western hemisphere shall record it and our generations will go by it, and my prayer is he should live by that until his death, so he can become a legend and people can believe it. It's not that I don't have respect for him. I don't have to go now and bow to him. He's after all my student and he's Mukhia Singh Sahib and I'm Siri Singh Sahib. He's my son
also, and I am his father. But I have so much respect and tremendous admiration for him in my heart, you can't even believe it. There's not a one single day has gone in my memory when I have not specially prayed for him, to date.

True, some people love to steal everything I have got. But I have another son, when I was sick and we knew it, that there is X amount of money which is needed and you know... palace intrigues started, who wants to be next Siri Singh Sahib, who is going to get this and blah, blah, blah, blah. And somebody came through and said, very privately, "Sir, I am totally here because of what you made me to be, and please take it, it's done." I said, "What?" He said, "Just, uh, two years ago. It is done." You know my habit? Give this guy the money, give that guy, you know? I have absolutely. I go. Just now I was coming to this office and there was one little kid. I gave him $20. I said, "Have it." He said, "Have it back." I said, "No." Then I took another ten dollars, five dollars, one dollar, and I said, "Pick one, which one." And my idea was if this guy picks $20, this little kid of one year, I'm going to give him the whole thing. And he was so shrewd. He picked up the twenty dollar bill out of this. I left. That's the way I
am. There's no problem. And you know this habit is a very strange habit who supports it. You follow what I mean?

In this Dharma I am very proud, I have a son who I have never ever asked and I never ever had a chance that it is not done. So don't misunderstand, everything which has gone, and gone through and created has gone rotten and wrong. It's not. Some who could not live to their identity, and directly to their destiny, left. They took their children away. But there are a lot of people who are strong, committed, and they want good for you. And when you write the word, "Good," just remember "God" is in it. It takes G-O-D, God, and G-O-O-D, good. "She" contains "he." "Female" contains "male." "Woman" contains "man." And "Good" contains "God." Just remember that. And when I say, "Do you understand?" It only means, "Stand under." Don't try to be over smart, don't try to be under smart, and life shall be yours. All right?

You see the snow outside? California is pretty warm. I left them a month ago, came here for you to be with you. I am not a great thing in your life, but I am a great hope in your life. Why? Twenty years ago I came with $35 in my pocket. I built the whole empire for you. This shall belong to you and I am very lucky that I have Bibiji as my partner in life, and you know, we both decided that whatever has come to us, it has come in the name of the Guru, and it'll belong to the generations of the Guru. So let us be realistic and straight, and I do not promise that there will not be stupids and idiots among us, and there will not be a very inconvenient future, because those who are idiot to manipulate, they are not human. They are just those snakes which happen to be on the pity of the man of God and became the human body. And they only know to step up their negativity and some them will fall apart, some will go away, some will give us a little bad time, but in the end, this Dharma shall rule this earth for 5000 years and you are
the beginning as promised by Guru Gobind Singh. You understand that? You and your generations shall rule this planet.

Just understand, by the way. Don't misunderstand. 1989 years ago there was no Christianity. 3000 years ago there were no Buddhists. 16 or 1800 years ago there was no Islam. And 5000 years ago, before Vedas, there was no Hindu. And 520 years ago there was no Sikh, no Khalsa.

Well, we are pretty good. We are not being eaten by the lions yet, and we are not being dragged and stoned death to us, and we have the right to practice our religion in the best spirit of ours. And you have that opportunity. And actually, this Dharma is your parent. Some of you have experienced... some of you want to go to India and the entire Sangat comes out, puts the money together, and says, "Okay, do it." You know what I am saying? And it's not funny. This Gurupreet Singh and Kaur's children are here, you know these two? You know what sacrifice their parents have made? Just to teach, he left everything in the United States, absolutely, and went there to teach and share with you. It's not something I don't recognize or I do not reconcile. All right? Understand? If you have any time to talk straight, face to face to me, I'm very straight, I'm very blunt.
I want to tell you my own introduction. I was not born in a pure family. I was born in a very rich family, and in seven families I was the only boy, first boy, and heir to the estate. So I have seen richness, you cannot even spell it. And also when I was 18 years old, I was standing in the New Delhi railway station with one underwear and I had no cloth to cover my body and I was given from a refugee camp the black grams, and I took from the automobile... that railway steam engine, the hot water to make them soft, and I remember the best thing at that time happened when two days later somebody gave me some salt so we could put it in it and eat it nice. That's how we started.

Eighteen years I lived in Punjab, which is Pakistan now. Eighteen years I lived in Delhi. And eighteen years I left Delhi and came here. And came to this Canada. And when I came in Canada they gave me $25.00 at the airport and said, "You can buy the underwear and toothbrush." Every piece of the luggage was gone. Period. You won't believe, when I came to Montreal and all those papers were done, I came to Canada, the man who was supposed to have received me had died. I never knew where to go. I had $25.00 in my pocket and one paper in my hand and absolutely no luggage. I was wearing a silken nightshirt, that gown. And outside it was minus 45 chill factor, and I didn't know what to do. Twenty years ago. So I ran around from there to come to California, saw the situation there, started working it out, and did a good job, and I am going to complete my 18 years, soon. What I am telling you is, I have seen poverty you can't spell it. I have seen richness, you cannot measure it. I am, I am, the humble servant of Guru Ram Das, whom
Guru Ram Das adopted. I didn't even adopt Guru Ram Das. We fell in love at the first sight, somehow. And if you want to know that people have not abused me, I can tell you how painful my life is. If you ever make a picture of mine, take the peanut shells and that many scabs I have from treachery, betrayal, lies and manipulations and schemes drew me in. Guru survives. Is that understood?

So don't give up on anything. Just keep up. That's my formula. Don't give up. Keep up. Be with the Guru. Three things have made me a Sikh. "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." "Nanak Nam cherdi kala tere bane sarbat ka bala." "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh." And my bottom line is, one line from the Siri Guru Granth will belong to you and I'll share with you my line,

"Ketiaa dookh bhookh sad maar, eh bhi daat teree daataar."
--from 25th pauree of Japji Sahib
And those people who have never seen richness, nothing, if they read eleven times this "Bahotaa karam likhiaa naa jaaeh...Jisno bakhashe sifat saalaah, Naanak paatishaahee paatishaaho", they'll become so prosperous they won't even be able to deal with it.

Never ever manipulate the life. If you are a wife, never tell your husband, "There is nothing." If you are a husband, never tell your wife, 'There is nothing." Because nothing or 'no' is only to those who do not belong to Nanak. "Nanak" means "no no." Always remain in cherdi kala!

That day Sopurkh was telling me, "Well, how much you love your children?" You know, she is my financial secretary and chief comptroller, and she is very mischievously harmoniously humorous when she comes to run her ship. And she said, "How much you love your children?" I said, "Well, you know I am going to go, Sopurkh and I am going to teach them good things and I don't know if my health will permit or not, but at least they will feel I have come. That's enough." And she said, "Well, you know, for a mere $157,000, there's no one there, and you really want to send the kids back?" I said, "Yeah." "Oh, oh, oh." I said, "Don't worry. If demand has come, money is on its way." She said, "How come?" Because she maintains books, right? "How come?" I said, "Nanak naam cherdi kalaa, tere bane sarbat ka balaa." If the kids have to go to India, Jahaa, dhaanaa, thaanaa, kaanaa. "Nitnaam parameshare." Where there is a food to be eaten, you shall eat there, and every day it is God's name which prevails. "Nitnaam parameshare" And I
said: "It'll happen. Don't worry. Keep going." Sat Kirpal Kaur might have been touching somewhere in Albuquerque tonight, midnight. Tomorrow she will be with us. She told me, "School is getting on well."

What I am trying to explain to you is that I do not know whether I have done it right or wrong, but in my heart I have given you a clear, free understanding and ability and time and space so that you can develop yourself as Gursikh. And those of the girls who want to be Playboy bunnies, and prostitutes, I have absolutely no objection. I see them in Hollywood and I live in the area called 90000 building. That is where I lived. I have seen every nonsense that you can imagine, feel. They were my neighbors. It hurt me. I saw that sewer garbage and that dirt, stinking life to begin with. So, don't do it for me, if you cannot do it for yourself. If you want to sell yourself cheap, go ahead and face it.

It is very stupid of you to think that you can sell yourself cheap... emotionally and feelings and all that bullshit... and somebody's going to respect you. Absolutely not! Have you seen diamonds being sold on the roadside like melons? It is the gem quality, it is the purity in the gem, which fetches the price. Carbon gas has absolutely no value. You can get a cylinder of 50 pounds carbon gas for $20, totally filled. You can get a charcoal which is also pure carbon, for $5.00 per kilo, or ten kilos, whatever the rate is for charcoal. But you cannot get today a pure carbon, gem quality diamond for less than ten thousand dollars a carat. You can very well decide what price you want to put on you. You understand? It's all carbon. Carbon as a gas, carbon as a charcoal, and carbon as a diamond. It is your decision.

We are doing good. Thank you very much for preparing those beautiful songs and showing me the chewing gum drama. I appreciate it, and we'll be teaching again on next day, Friday, and Saturday I am leaving back for L.A. because I have to go for my medical checkup. I'm sorry I can't stay any more. But it'll be my privilege to see you and we'll see you through.

In 1991-92 India will be again open to us and we'll go to Golden Temple as it is, and things are going to be fine, so up to that time, just understand, keep up. There's a one word which I shared with your parents the first day I met them: "Keep Up." And I'm just sharing with you. Keep up and God shall keep you up! There's no great thing to go down.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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