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Lecture on: 03/13/1990
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Love and Desire

(A child hands SSSji some flowers)

Here, you want to give me flowers? That's okay. Thank you. Looks like a rose, but it doesn't have a smell. That's for you. It was a very eye- opening situation for me. There's a friend of mine who also helped me when I was not well. And he's a very well-respected doctor. And I didn't know why he took all the journey from the valley on the way to meet me. We ended up having a dinner and invited him, and we were very happy. He asked me a question. He said, "I just wanted to ask you. I'm in such a position that I can't stop and I'm buying each day from the other day." And I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "I know what I have to do I have to stop, I cannot stop. I should not be at this pace where I am. I know if I keep on going like that... I'm very respected in the medical situation... I'm in a very high position.... it will all go and I'll end up like you, so I have come specially. One day I helped you. Today I want your help." So I taught him little meditation. I told him, "You
don't do much. You need just little of this, and you'll be fine." I looked at him. Now, if you go to his office as a doctor, this wall is not enough, and that many degrees and appreciations that guy has got. And he is very authentically known to be a very successful man. He does surgery, heart, lungs, brain, you name it, but when I looked at him and looked at that situation... and then a word came to me. "Man on the loose." That's what stress does. He controls 2,500 doctors. He hires them and fires them. What are you going to do? He's totally, absolutely in a position. So he said, "Can you help us all?" I said, "Why don't you arrange a lecture? When I go to rehab I'll come for one hour. I'll give you the lecture there at your facilities. Make it into groups." He said, "No, we'll pay." I said, "I don't need payment. All I need is a biggest payment is you, when I come, you just attend it to help yourself and to help people."

That's what's coming for us ahead. Then we get into a rigmarole and we move and we move, and we move, and we can't stop. We can't stop our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts. Who are we? If you start a car and you sit in the steering and still you could run anywhere you like, but car starts running itself. What was that little car, the bug, that little thing? Volkswagen? What's the name of the movie? "Love Bug" or something? I saw that movie. That was the only movie which made me laugh to death. I couldn't believe that car could do what it wanted to do. It opens up, it talks, it runs where goes, it's always ahead of space. But if you understand, you enjoy the car, but have you understood the most miserable faces of the people who are in it? Have you any idea? Because you want to go where you want to go. And you have been taken where you do not know.

What is a divorce? What is a bad friendship? What is a bad day? What is a bad experience? Look at all this....bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. There's nothing bad. It's man on the loose run by his mind. Either you are stuck or you are in a pit, or you cannot move, or you are moving and you do not know where you are moving. Isn't it amazing that in 1990 we'll have this kind of state of mind?

It is true that we have a lot of yoga teachers and it is true that there is a lot of yoga, but there is a problem. It is a problem for the teacher how to live. There is a problem for the students how to learn. Both have problems. Teachers don't work on themselves and students do not want to work at all. The best thing is, students want that on a silver platter health should be given to them. And teacher wants the student should lose his shirt and serve him totally blindly. In a rhythmic sense it is true that student should absolutely serve the master. That, I am not disagreeing, provided the other person's a master. That is very rotten that instead of man is a mister and you think he is a master, you are.... "Unaa guroo da mo-ay chilay." If a guru is blind the disciple shall be drowned. You have a choice to have a teacher. Don't hesitate to have a teacher. Must you have. But just see that he IS a teacher! That is your choice. And don't make an idiot your teacher because you will lose your shirt for

And that is why the problem is that you don't want to learn, and teachers do not want to teach. Because teacher cannot cater to your emotions. Your feelings, your emotions and your desires and etc., etc., etc., have no meaning for a teacher. And secondly you are American. You don't deserve to have a teacher. Your ego is bigger than the whole Montana sky... what do they call it? Open sky? Big sky.

I have seen in 20 years in this country, you earthlings think you are human. And that is so disgraceful to think, where next minute you are emotional. Even you are THINKING that you are human is very emotional. I'm not saying there's no place for emotions and feelings. I think they are very important part of life. But what about your consciousness, intelligence, and all together what about your sentiments?

You cannot be noble, you cannot be honorable, and you cannot be graceful if you do not have very committed, pure sentiments. Yes, thought, thought, feelings, emotions, desire -- in between there's a most important part, and that is sentiments. Human is not a small institution. It is the only institution through which God takes incarnation, and it is the only institution which brings God on the earth. If human history is true and it is not biased and not prejudiced, that's what it is. A teacher is a personal friend and impersonal judge. His judgement should be and shall be, (and may be or not... that question doesn't arise), but SHOULD be impersonal. I'll tell you how Buddha was a teacher. Proven fact, hei? It's a proven fact. His personal attendant who cooked all his life and served him as a master and was a disciple was bribed. Coerced, bribed, whatever.

(Talking to some new students walking in the door...) Welcome you guys, only you are six minutes late. It's not a bad idea.

Buddha's personal attendant, personal devotee, and personal cook. He cooked the food for the master, he served him, bathed him, washed his clothes. He was his personal attendant. And all his life he was personal attendant. He was bribed, coerced, whatever you can call it, and these disciples told him, "This man is not dying, and therefore this dharma cannot spread." You know, Buddh Dharam has two lines: One is "hoo(n) yang," and one is "saa yang." "Saa yang" is whosoever believed Buddha is fine. "Hoo(n) yang" is whoever BECOMES Buddha is fine. So Buddhism is a very qualified religion. It's not something for everybody. But you know how many millions of Buddhists there are by certain practices?

So anyway... this guy agreed to cook the poisonous mushroom into the food that day. Now a miracle happened. When he served the master, did the prayer, normally he used to taste the food. But that day Buddha said, "I'm very hungry. Oh, don't worry. You don't have to taste." And he started picking those mushrooms and started eating. He left the whole plate. Out of the whole thing he picked those poisonous mushrooms, and he ate. Now that blew the mind of that person. When almost he ate 3/4th of the plate he said, "Master, master, stop it!" He said, "What? It is so tasty. You did it so good. What a wonderful job! God, from where you brought these fumis (they called them)?" He said, "Master, please. These are poisonous mushrooms. Within the hour you will die." He said, "My son, it was the Will of God, but just take me to my bed and lie me down and let me go in peace and grace." So Buddha lay down. He took him there. He lay down in peace and he put his hand under his pillow and
brought out golden pieces. Nobody knew why Buddha always kept that little bag of gold pieces which he never opened, never used, never gave to anybody, but wherever he went, he put it under his pillow. Everybody knew that. He took that bag and gave it to him. He said, "Look, what you have done, you have done. Now take this money and run. They shall kill you because they don't want to know that you have poisoned me. Therefore they shall kill you, and I do not want any death. My death is inevitable. But I don't want you to die. Now take this money. If you are my disciple, then you just obey. This is last commandment of mine, that you take this money and you run."

The man disappeared. He took the money and ran. Whatever his master said. Those guys came, Buddha died. So everything went, ceremony happened, whole thing, this and that. Then the guy who killed him wanted to be next in line... you know, it's all intrigues. Don't misunderstand that spirituality has no intrigues. Spirituality is politics, economics and nonsense. Three things works in it. Because the man who has become God's man becomes so pure he cannot look into all that, and those who are not, they try to grab. And crown of spirituality can only be bestowed, it cannot be conquered. So that's why normally next generation... third generation a lot of phonies come up. You won't find it's that way -- it happens.

So basically, the guy who was second in command, he was all in control. He could have even reached the point to poison Buddha, so he wanted to be incarnated as incarnation of Buddha. He started saying, "Yes, spirit has come in me. Now I feel the master speaks." He even copied his sound as he used to speak. On that day when he was to be given the tilak... (tilak means he was to be crowned as the master), this servant appeared and said, "Master, can I now serve you?" "Why you have come? Who, who, who? Well! Who, who, who?" Like a dog he started talking, yelling and screaming, "Take him away, take him away! He doesn't deserve to serve me. Why he is alive? Kill him!" Everybody said, "This is Buddha?"

Self-control is not a discipline. Self-control is not a break. Self- control is not something. Self-control is whether you are in touch with your soul or not. It's mental, it's not physical, it has nothing to do with all nonsense.

When you are in touch with your spirit, you are vast enough that you don't have to get bummed out. Do you understand what I am saying? Otherwise you are very petty, shallow, hollow and ready to jump. It is easy to serve God Almighty, to worship. It is easy to sacrifice, but it is the most difficult to serve a master. It is impossible. The greatest master which ever lived on this planet was Milarepa's teacher. He was so hard on Milarepa that one day the Milarepa did not come to learn in his class, he stuck wooden sticks under his nails. He tortured him, and tied him upside down to the tree, and also he hung him with the rope that if he tries to ever loosen himself, he'll be hung. And he said, "Don't you ever walk to my class." He said, "Yes, Master."

So unfortunately rain came, lightening happened, and the branch broke. He fell on the ground. When he fell on the ground, in that shock his hand got loosened. So he figured it out, "I can't walk to his class," so he started rolling. And he rolled to his class. He said, "You came!" He said, "No, I rolled in. I didn't walk." His teacher laughed. That's why the entire writings of Milarepa are so loving, so peaceful, so inspiring and so forgiving and so much inviting. Because he went through the living hell himself.

I can say so because my personal experience is absolutely no different than this. I was fortunate enough to study under a teacher who did not understand what is the difference between ant and me. Yeah, yeah. One day he told me, he said, "Hey, you, less than an ant, come here." It's true. It's very true what he said. He said, "You know the difference between an ant and you is that ant has an intuition and knows where the sugar is, and can go, but you can't find it." And I said, "Yes, master. Ant has many legs and unfortunately I have only two. But I'll try to find where sugar is. Do you need it?" He said, "What I am asking?" I said, "Thank you, sir."

I went in and I found there was no sugar, but unfortunately there was a crystal honey. Now look at the intuitiveness of this man. So what I did is, I rolled over that crystal honey and put it in a cup and brought it. And then he looked at me and he said, "Isn't this honey?" I said, "In your kingdom, whatever is sweet, even honey becomes crystal. What should I do?" And I just barely escaped. (Ha ha ha.) I knew the next minute he was going to say, "Go and bring sugar." And God knows it is 28 miles which way we can find it. But he was satisfied so he put that in the milk and he drank and he said, "I'm going to sleep, but we have to reach the destination within an hour." And I said to myself, "Destination is 2 hours away. He is going to sleep and then we have to do that. It doesn't sound right. He means something different. It's not what he's saying. It is something he is putting me to a test." So I had another friend of mine with me and I said, "Kiddo, do you know what we have to do
now?" He said, "I don't know. You know everything what he wants. He is going to sleep, he is going to sleep, and then we have to reach there within the hour. Which hour is that, we don't know." I said, "Yeah, he didn't say what hour. He said, 'within the hour, when he gets up.' When he gets up, he's to reach within the hour, but if we walk, we'll take two hours. So..." I said, "Get up on that tree, look around and see if there is any horse or pony around here somewhere. Otherwise we'll be in a greater trouble." He said, "Yeah, I do see a ranch house at a distance." I said, "What's the difference? Let's go and get two best horses. We can get it anyway." He said, "Well, everybody knows you. You go." I said, "No, you go in my name. It'll work better."

So he ran and he went to the ranch house and they recognized our village and everything. They asked, "What we can do for you?" He said, "Well, the grandson of so-and-so is waiting there resting, and we have to reach the destination and great master is there with us. We need four horses." So instead of two, he brought four because he was afraid if one horse in the middle of the trip goes wrong, God knows what would happen then. So he brought four horses, and ready, and their men came with them. Naturally each horse has three men in attendance and two men to serve.

So you get five men with each horse. So it's not... it's a good company. So, by the time he got up, twenty minutes later, we had the horses ready and securely turning around and everything, it was 29 minutes exact. I looked at my watch. And he said, "We have to reach that place within the hour." I said, "No, if you jump on the horse, my lord, in one minute, we'll be there in exact 30 minutes." He said, "You bet?" I said, "Sir." And he was one of the best horseman I have ever seen. He could ride with the belly of the horse if he has to. And we were on the spot.

Question was not what he wanted me to do. Question he wanted me to do was how to be prosperously successfully, projectedly wise and absolutely organized. That is what a teacher does. A preacher will tell you wonderful things and go home and sleep himself and tell you to enjoy your day. You are at your own luck.

These are the few differences in life. But you have your own choice. Teacher you must have. You meet your teacher only once in life. It will never be without it. You can miss him or you can have him. You have to make a choice. It is a progressiveness of life. It is not what you think. Your idea is that teacher is very pious, holy, wonderful and he's going to deliver you. No! Teacher is going to cook you, fry you and then make a mince out of you, and hash potato out of you and then he is going to eat you so that you can be well used, digested, so that nothing... so long you can suffer in the hand of time and space, you are not learned.

Paying karma is all right, but with a knowledge. So you must have intuition. Through intuition only you see the hand of God working. Then it doesn't put fear in you. That's the difference between knowledge and intuition. Intuition is in knowledge -- what you see behind the Creator's hand. But in happenings, you see time and space working, and that is very annoying. And that is the difference between a man with intuition and without intuition. A man with intuition doesn't become humble. He becomes humble comparatively because he sees the greatness of infinity working. That's the difference. Otherwise our attitude is, we should be prosperous, we should be successful, somebody should take care of us and we have such a security and our roots should be so deep, never to go, never to die, never to this, never to that. There's a friend of mine. He's a very respectable swami and a great yogi. I mean, I'm not denying him for his privileges. And he's very international. He works with the
whole universe. And there was a World Parliament and Religious Conference and planning and all that in San Francisco, and I was there, also. He came to me and he was very happy and he wanted to show me the picture of his guru. Well, it was a marvelous piece of art. I mean, forgive me for that. I fell in love with it. If he would not have said, "That's my guru," I would have bought it or I would have killed him to get it.

That's how much I liked it. It was fantastic piece of art. I mean, it was such a thing that you feel something very light. I loved the artist who might have made it. And it was done on the ivory and that big ivory is not available today. It must be some old situation that they could do that. And I appreciated it and I said, "Thank you very much." Even I gave my offering of money, $108.00. And I said, "Wow! Surprising!" I was very appreciative. I liked it. I was going to ask him, "Can we have your guru's picture in our archives?" I just wanted to somehow convince him if he could leave it with me. At least so future generations can find it out that people can work that much good. That was my idea. We were sitting down, and he started talking to me. He said, "You know, my guru lived 450 years on this..." I said, "On this EARTH?!!!" He said, "Yes." I said, "Wait a minute." I said, "Swamiji, what's wrong with you? The guy was not needed by God for 450 years? He lived in Motel
that long? Why couldn't he go home?" He said, "He could have lived even up to today." I said, "He should have. Then you would not be having any trouble."

So people think that if they live long, live healthy, live rich, live powerful, all that etc, etc, etc, that is the sign that they are people, they are human. Not true. Not true. A person is a person... per his sun, he has seen the light within and without. A spell it not right...per-s-u-n. Sun. If one has seen the ray of light within, within, one has seen one's sun within, one is a person. Praanee, they call it. Who has acknowledged the prana in person, is called 'prani, pranee.' So just think about it, how many of you realize that you have the light within? If the candle is a candle and it has the whole thing and it is new and it is not lit -- it's a candle all right, it's supposed to give light, but it's not lit! Then candle is just a stick of wax. But if it's burning it's a candle. And if it's burning its end, then it is no use either. That's why to yogis and swamis and all those nathas, Guru Nanak said, "What is wrong with you? You have gone to the mountains, enjoyed your life, and do your things. What
about the common person? If a candle does not light another candle, it breaks the continuity." If you have not done one good thing today to elevate one person, you have wasted your day. If you have not inspired one person today, if you have not served one human today, if you have not smiled at one person... take all good qualities of you. If you have not used them all today, one way or another, you have lost a part of you. And it is each day. And that's the difference between an animal and a human. Human has an impulse of consciousness to ignore light -- or be lit with it.

I'm teaching these two classes today, today and tomorrow. Then I'll be gone. But I'll be coming in to teach two days to complete my part of the bargain. So I'll fly in, I think, Thursday and Friday to complete the other part of it. I'll expect you Thursday and Friday of next week, to drink as much orange juice, lemon juice, eat kiwis, those green little things. What else is citrus? Grapefruit. Anything which is citrus-oriented. Grab it, eat it. And then I'll be here Thursday, Friday, 22nd and 23rd. Something like that. And then I'll be gone again. And I think that if that doesn't satisfy me, then we'll discuss then what we are going to do next. I don't know, it's just a duality. One side is the call of duty which is right to be done. Other side is you guys. So I thought it'll be better. It's just two hours away, there is Santa Fe, I can fly in. And people now commute everyday. Do you know that? Three hundred people commute from Santa Fe to Los Angeles to work, and go back! Amazing! People start liking the air.
I think everybody should commute to Montana to see Big Sky and come back here. We never see stars here. But, are you ready for the class, or we can keep talking and in half an hour we say, "May the long time sunshine upon you....?"
(MEDITATION BEGINS...) Okay, we are working today at the frequency of our electromagnetic field and shall recognize our psyche during that. But don't stop. There's a possibility that... it is called 'Jum-bush Haavan.' (Comment: means something that moves like a volcano.) There are two words of it. In the locking -- no, no, it is not difficult. Don't bother. I did it in the morning for so long. It was nothing. It is very pleasant.


"Go get"... that's what our problem is. "Go and get." And then do what with it? Hang with it? Let things mature. "Go get" is the worst psychological mental state in which man has suffered in spite of all his richness and his intelligence. Let things come to you. Don't go after them. There are a million things. How many things you can go after? Today was Guru Amrit's birthday. We went to buy present. And in one situation they said, "Well, next Tuesday is her birthday. What do you think?" I said, "Wait. This thing we take. It this fits it, God wants it. If not, forget it." Well, we came home. We brought her and said, "Your birthday is next Tuesday. You put it on." She said, "I can't put it on. It will tear up my flesh. It's not right. It's this, that." I said, "Come on. It can't be that wrong. I mean to say, it can be different, but just turn it around and just stick it in, perfect." Because everything belongs to everybody. Everything doesn't belong to everybody in the sense when
everybody wants everything. When you don't want, then everything belongs to you, what should belong to you.

Just understand, there's another power. It's called 'the mind.' You have a mind and you have an ego. But mind and ego come of the Universal Id. You are part of that Universal Id. Every mind computes its desire without you, and the master mind responds. When you can develop that response, life becomes comfortable, happy, relaxed. If you go after two hundred things and you are achieving, "I conquer this, I conquer this, I won this, I got this," you are a hustler. You don't make sense. But things will come to you. Only get ready to be deservingly maintain and receive them. Some people even do not know how to receive a gift. If you are such a Romeo/Juliet you cannot live in the world, why don't you ask the very soul, the life, the God. Why can't you love that much? You cannot live. Why can you not put your love all in the One who gave you life, gave you body, gave you senses, created you?

The most beautiful thing, the most wonderful man is Tulsee. Tulsee wrote Ramayan. A Granth which is remembered, worshipped, loved, and it is fantastic. One Ramayan is by Balmi -- Krishee Balmik. Balmik was a dacoit and he turned to be a Rishi. He wrote Ramayan in Sanskrit before Lord Rama. And that is exactly true. And Rishi Balmik was Rishi Balmik but Tulsee Das was a devotee. He wrote Ramayan, too. Tulsee's Ramayan is very popular. It is in Hindi. Language is Bakree Vaashaa. Bridge Bashaa and Hindi mix, it is called Bakree Vaashaa. It's beautiful poetry. Entire wisdom of the world he tried to insert in it. He was a great man then.

He fell in love with a girl and he married her. And you know, there is a custom that at certain time girl goes to parental house. So, she went back to her parents and she was supposed to live there for a month. He got so neurotic about her, he ran and travelled at night and all that. At night he put a rope on the house and went in. She saw her husband, she received him, comforted him, let him sleep, fed him, and all that. In the morning he said, "See? I love you." She said, "You are my God. I don't want to say anything. If you have an iota of self-respect... an iota... little left in you, you should love God as you have loved me. You should have run to temple. You should have worshipped one month there. You should have clarified your soul and elevated your consciousness. What you have done? The whole village came that you came running after me. What they will think of you? You are a Pandit. My parents will be insulted. I'll be insulted. And you, as my husband who is my God, will be insulted. How can I live with
this? What kind of love is this?"

He said, "Devi, goddess, don't talk. I came through this rope, I'll go for this rope. Now I'll come and see you when you'll be proud of me." He went and got lost. He wrote Tulsee Ramayan. Your love, your desire....even to be desireless is desire. I said, "Desire. Desire to become one with your Creator." Love. Love your consciousness.



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