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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 08/07/1974
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Location: Unknown

Self Healing & Knowing the Self

The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior. Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul. It is a contract, a union. When a person prays to the merciful Lord, he is extending himself outside, but the reaction is happening inside. Every action has a reaction, equal and opposite. You may pretend you are praying to the heavens, but actually you are changing yourself inside. It is you who are changing. When you are blessing the sick, you beg of the Almighty, but actually you are not begging for anything, because from inside your being, energy is pouring into the other person. It is from a state of compassion, of compassionate meditation, that the healing activity of God, within the being, flows.

My divinity is in my purity. And my purity is what I am within myself. Sometime you may tell yourself that you are not pure, but that is not true. You are merely trying to pretend you are not pure. You are pretending to be impure because you don’t like the responsibility. You are holy, but you don’t want to be holy. You don’t want to be known as holy, because then everybody has the right to criticize you if you fall short of that image and you don’t want to be criticized. Sneakiness and cowardliness are the unfortunate result. Everybody wants to sneak around and withdraw, but they also want things to happen.

Look at this drama in the individual play. If the stomach did not have the capacity to give you hunger pains, no one would eat. When the juices come, then the urge to eat comes, and at that time you should eat. Instead we see that it is six o’clock, and feel we have to eat. It doesn’t matter if you are hungry or not, you eat, because it is eating time. But in reality there is no such thing as eating time. Any time can be eating time. When you eat without the urge to eat, sleep without the urge to sleep, and so on, then you begin to do what is wanted by you, rather than what is needed by you. Actually, your itching soul was purified, given a human body, and sent on earth to enjoy, so that God could take a little rest. That is why an individual has to understand his Self. Understanding the Self means to stand under your own Self. And one who can stand under his Self, can stand under every Self. And then that person is known as a beloved of God, because God is in every Self. This is the basic secret behind every happiness, behind every joy that a person wants to experience.

Once a person called the doctor. The doctor came and he gave medicine. The next day the same request came again and the doctor came and the doctor went. Then the doctor brought two doctors, three doctors, four doctors and finally a surgeon. The doctor tried everything.

Finally one day the doctor told his wife, that this patient appears to be dying. She said, “Yes, my dear husband, I know. The way you treat people, they should all die.” Now, this hurt his ego, and he wanted to understand what she was saying. She said, “Whenever you see someone, you just give them medicine, but do you ever tell them that they have to help themselves to get cured, as well?” He had never done that. She said, “Well, then you only give them half the medicine. You should tell them, that this medicine will help them to help themselves get cured.” He had studied eight years in the medical college, but nobody had ever taught him that God cures. All you have to do is send a message or somehow establish communication between the mind and body of the sick person. The mind should be in peace, so that the body can do the job. That’s all the cure is. The body cures itself. Medicine allows it to get into that space where healing can take place.

There is no need to blame the doctor for not being able to cure you or for killing you, or to praise him for saving you either. Actually, he has done nothing. He has merely diagnosed the ailment and given you the medicine so that your own body, your own self, could help itself to become all right.

It is the same with the mind. The mind has to be given the medicine of thought. The higher thought is the medicine of the mind that allows it to help itself cure itself. Otherwise the mind is a shattered piece of glass. That is why we do, “japa.” Japa is the thought, “Sat Nam, Truth is Thy Name.” Japa is calling on energy that is beyond us. The moment we know and experience that there is something beyond us, we are connecting with God through the power of our thought wave. And, my dear friend, on this earth there is nothing except God. The intellect will generate thought waves anyway. Why not beam these thought waves on God?

The only thing that comes to you without asking for it is the breath of life. Everything else you have to ask for. But the breath of life is in infinite gift from God. You are a slave to everything except the breath of life. The breath of life will free you if you let it carry you to God.

Too much awareness requires too much patience. Normally when you become wiser, you become less patient and you start shouting like an angry, roaring idiot, because then you see every mistake. When you see every mistake, what are you going to do? You are going to shout, because it is difficult to tolerate mistakes. That is why for the last six years I’ve been saying that patience pays.

Have patience. Not because it matters to me, but it will matter to you. If you have patience, then you will enjoy happiness. And who can have patience? He who can tolerate. Who can tolerate? He who has strong nerves. Who can have strong nerves. He who has the strength of his moral mind. And what is the moral mind? A learned discipline. What is a learned discipline? A self-training. How can the self be trained? Through meditation.

You must learn how to grind yourself. Only the one who learns to grind himself knows his grounds. Otherwise a person is just floating. When you do not know your territory, you do not know where you are. When you do not know where you are, you are not aware of what you are and you do not know what awareness is.

There are two ways to know: the inductive method, or the deductive method. Either deduce or induce. Both come to the same thing. You can know mysteries through mystic ways. And you can know mysteries through mystical ways. And you can know mysteries through analytical ways. Either through shakti (power) or through the gyan (divine wisdom). Through power, or through pleasure.

Why are some people black? So that others would know they are white. Why are some people white? So that others would know that they are black. There is no other reason. But now they both fight with each other. This is known as a trick of Maya. The black did not make himself black, nor did the white make himself white. If white is the best color, why are anemics given a hospital bed? They are almost white: dead white, they call it. If that is desirable, why must they take iron pills every day?

The reality is that nobody knows, everybody imagines. When imagination becomes the known experience, it is known as duality or maya. When experience becomes knowledge, it becomes reality, the Truth, the Sat. Those who understand ‘Sat’ are able to relate to ‘Sat.’ When you love somebody, what do you do? Don’t you call his name, or her name, all the time? When you love somebody, you like to call the name of that person. If you love the truth, then you will call ‘Sat Nam.’ You become identified. And when you say ‘Sat Nam,’ everybody knows you are a ‘Sat Namer.’ You become identified. And when you say ‘Sat Nam,’ it means you are Truth.

My dear friend, there is a dharma of life. This dharma has to be understood as a dharma and then it has to be watched as a dharma. It has to be experienced as a dharma. The life of dharma is the life of the seeker, the Sikh. The seeker must seek. He must suck the infinity as nectar. There are no two ways about it.

If someone says there are many ways to God, that is sales talk. If someone says that there are many religions, that is a sales talk too. There is only one religion. Join your religion. Know your religion. Understand your religion. Be your religion. By belonging to religion and not experiencing religion, do you think you are religious? Never. Denying religion or accepting religion means nothing. It is the experience of religion, my dear friend, that can hold the mind. It is the desire to experience which matters because that desire is the outcome of an energy that matters. Your ego desires you to be finite, to be limited, but you must experience infinity, because you are a part of infinity. Why shouldn’t you experience infinity? Instead you take your ego, and you inflate it like a balloon. The air goes out, and you fall on your face. Then what a silly creature you are. You blame the Creator, and you don’t live in gratitude, and you call yourself a man. Without knowing the manners of life, you call yourself a man.

The seeker must know the art of finite and infinite, and the science which teaches him the art of finite and infinite is known as the science of yoga. It is a technology that makes a seeker, a Sikh, a man of God. Where the man of God goes, there goes God. To whomever he talks, he brings God. Wherever he sits, there is God. When he gets up there is also God. Around him is God, above him is God, under him is God. God created man and man created God. The man of God telephones about God. On the telephone, he listens to talk about God. He hangs up the telephone if there’s no God. He watches the television to feel God. And if he doesn’t feel God, he shuts it off. He eats and says, “God.” He gets up and says, “God.” He takes a shower and says, “God.” When he has a fever, he says, “God.” He belongs to God and God belongs to him.

That is actually the way it is. But the middleman who made this simple, safe God so difficult to get to not only makes a normal man believe that he is a sinner, but collects a fee for doing it. The one who lives off the sinner makes the sinner believe he is a sinner. Not only that, but after telling the sinner that he is a sinner, he does not purify him.

Only he can purify you who is himself pure. Only the one who has experienced God, who has seen God, who has a gratitude for God, who feels the goodness of that infinity, can be pure, because he will constantly call the Name of God. Every lover will call the beloved God by name, will become pure and healed and have the power to purify and heal others.

1974 YB Teachings, LLC

“So there is no disease. It doesn’t matter if you give medicine; you can give food instead. It will heal. You can give water. It will heal. Some spiritual healers take a glass of water, put their hand on it, chant a mantra over it, and hand it to you. You can call it quackery, but it works.

What is life? Life is the rhythm of prana. If the rhythm of prana is out of phase, you are in trouble; if it is in phase you are right. That is what heals. As much doubt as a person has in his sub-conscious, that much pain he will have in his life. You can take it as a granted fact. Have no doubt about it. One who does not belong has no experience of what belonging is.”

“Whether you are healthy or sick, there is no separation between you and God. When you are healthy, you are the health. When you are sick, you are the disease. There is nothing beyond you; there was never anything beyond you, and there shall be nothing beyond you; provided you believe in yourself. If you have rhythm within, then you have found reality. When there is no rhythm within, when you don’t listen to your own heart beat, how can you listen to the heart beat of others? All charity begins at home. If you have not loved your Self, how can you love somebody else? If you don’t keep yourself clean, how can you appreciate anyone else’s cleanliness? This is the secret of ease and disease.”

“The art of healing, the art of ecstasy, the art of God-consciousness has millions of names in mystic terms. It has to do with rhythm and reality. When the body is in rhythm, there is ease. When the body, or any part of the body goes out of rhythm, there is dis-ease. Disease is nothing but an out-of-rhythm body. When a body is out of rhythm, there is neither a body nor a soul, because without the mind there is no reality. Even if you have God and God is your slave, still it is useless. There can be no happiness.”
1974 YB Teachings, LLC
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