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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/18/1979
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Unknown

God Relies on Khalsa

The subject today is how to invoke God’s will and Divine power. There is a very powerful word in the scriptural world. It is called tek. Tek means help, leaning on, base. Tek has so many meanings. What stands behind any creativity that stands is called tek. Tek is the power behind the throne.

For every power which exists on the surface, which is known as chittar, there are equally many, many powers behind it, which are called gupt. Chittargupt is the value and the play of this world. Chittar means what is visible, what can be seen, drawn, felt, understood. And gupt is what you cannot explain. Gupt is the tek of that chittar.

If you want to confront a chittar you must know the entire gupt. Chittar means the known. Gupt means the unknown. Fight with the unknown and known both if you ever want to fight, otherwise don’t fight. Because everything which is chittar, which is known, has multiple gupt. You only look at one facet of something; that is why you get defeated, you do not know what to do, and life is a mess. There is no need to get into a mess, and there is no need to understand life as a mess.

You must understand the world is nothing but an iceberg; ninety percent of it is under water, unknown, but there is a tip of the iceberg. Now how big a ship are you going to have if you hit the iceberg? You are going to smash yourself. And not knowing the full extent of the chittar and gupt is a human problem.

Now to invoke the power of God, (which we want to invoke) is not what you do, but that is what you rely on. Do you rely on the Ultimate? That is your tek. Is your tek on Guru Ram Das and his embodiment, Siri Guru Granth Sahib? Or is your tek in your arms, your head, in your strength, your psychology, in your methodology? The tek decides everything.

Some people are very sick; they think their career is their tek. They think that if they get a Ph.D. they’ll be very happy. Rather they may become miserable. We call it Ph.D.: physical death. You kill yourself doing things and you don’t reach anywhere. Some people think getting a good salary and a good job in the government is a tek. So what we do is our ultimate concept of reality, and similarly when we see where ultimately our reality lies, that is called tek. Now what is the tek of the Sikhs?

Siri Guru Granth Sahib is our guide and our Guru, but our tek is in the Khalsa. Our tek is not even God, and if our tek is not even God, how can Guru be our tek? Now understand it, when we are learning as Sikhs, then our tek is Guru. But when we merge in Guru then our tek is Khalsa. Because God has a tek too, and God’s tek is Khalsa, the living purity of essence in reality, and in duality, God has a tek and that tek is Khalsa.

An Indian patit Sikh will misinterpret my remarks, even say “Yogiji said, ‘Guru is not tek,’ so throw him out of the Panth.” These native Indian patit preachers who are taking certain liberties with Guru’s Word and do not have direct experience of Guru’s teachings or guidance, are going to interpret things, which brings up one main problem of yours.

You do not see the light of things. You think that every Indian who reaches America is another saint. That is not true. People come to America either to exploit America physically, emotionally or mentally. They do not come here to exploit Americans in their essence of spirit. America wants to be exploited spiritually. For Americans giving a few dollars and going through hard kriyas doesn’t mean anything, provided it gives them spiritual experience. America is ready for spiritual exploitation provided the person who wants to do it is perfect.

What is happening is that many people come from India; in your naiveté you used to touch the feet of anybody who had a long beard and a form in the shape of Guru Gobind Singh. I have seen it with my own eyes. Today you want to check and inquire better than the FBI: Who is he? What is he? From where does he come? What is his motivation? What is his purpose?

Secondly there is a cultural difference. Indians think if somebody serves them, he is their servant. And Indians come here ordering you around, not knowing that you do not even listen to the orders of your own parents. Indians are very foolish in that respect, I have seen. They fail, and they fall in their tracks.

Thirdly, in mentality you are different from Indians. Indians can keep their face and the first job you would do is tear their mask. But there is one thing very unique in you. You want to achieve, and that is where the secret of your strength lies. If you somehow can understand that your tek is in Khalsa and can give this value to your children, you will achieve something that nobody can even tell. If I am a man and tek is in man; if I am a Sikh and my tek is to be with Sikhs, then I should be friendly with all the patits, because they are in majority and majority rules things. No, my tek is not in anybody. My wife may not like me, my children may not like me, my students may not like me, this government may not like me, this world may not like me, it doesn’t effect me. If I as an individual can understand that, I do not see why you should not. The elevation does not effect me. Betrayal doesn’t effect me. Because I have a tek too. And my tek is in the Word of the Guru. I believe that my Guru said that there shall be 960 million Khalsa and Khalsa shall rule this planet. I believe it, and that is where my tek is. And my tek along with that, is that Khalsa will be unique. And also my tek is I shall not serve my wife, nor my children, nor my father, nor my relatives, nor my students. I am saying this in the presence of the Siri Guru Granth, my Guru. I don’t owe them anything, and whatever they want they can have, but if they want to really have me, they have to share the tek with me that I have.

Similarly you, who have studied with me and who have walked with me unto the door of the Guru and who have accepted who you are really and what you are really, have to understand one thing further. You have to convince yourself to get to that tek, and you have to give these values to your coming generation and your children. Otherwise, there will be tragedy, as in the coming five years, tragedy will engulf the Indian Sikhs. Heavens will shower tragedy on them. I saw tremendous, awful things in my meditation today. Therefore, it is very essential that your tek should be where Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s tek was: in the Khalsa. That is why Guru Gobind Singh said in true meaning and understanding as our Father:

Khalsa meree jaan kee jaan,
Khalsa meree praan kee praan.

The very life in essence of me is Khalsa. You may not understand the meaning of these words, that is why I wanted to share with you and make you understand. You are going to stand as unique, you are going to put your tek where God’s lies or where your heavenly Father and earthly guide Guru Gobind Singh put tek. Towards that tek, towards that elementary essence, Siri Guru Granth Sahib as a Guru guides you, and that is the relationship which you have to understand as individual Khalsa and as a body of the Khalsa. You will be opposed by many who have the body of a Gursikh but the mind of a treacherer, and they will play political treacheries and games with you, but just remember that you have to put your essence on that tek, as that is the Khalsa. It has another facet too. I also saw in these twenty-five years that there will be many, many turmoils and trials on this land, yet, the body of the Khalsa will flourish here.

These so-called Sikhs will see their utmost downfall in India, therefore there is tremendous responsibility on your part to serve the Khalsa Panth around the world. But also remember, you as people of this land will be subjected to very hard times, and if your tek is not the Khalsa, you will not be absolved of the karmas. If Siri Guru Granth Sahib is your living Guru, all Siri Guru Granth says is one thing; that your tek should be that of the Khalsa.
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