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The Story of Narad

I’ll tell you the story of spirituality. Learn from this. Narad came to Lord Krishna and went back after being received. Again he came to Lord Krishna, again was received and went back very happily. Everything was fine. One day he came, and he was received, but he started walking around. He saw immediately that they dug out the earth were he sat and threw it away.
He went in and asked Lord Krishna, “What’s wrong with me? I am Narad Muni. I am direct bhagata of Narayan. There’s no difference.”
Lord Krishna said, “There is. We receive you, Muni Raj. We are in debt to you. You visit us, we are grateful to you. You can sit anywhere. But where you sit, that earth becomes soiled and impure, and I have to remove that dirt.
He said, “You have no teacher. You are teacherless, great man.”
He said, “Nobody told me.”
He said, “Yes, that’s true. That’s why I never bothered. When you come, sit, we receive you, treat you very well, but after that, we take the earth and throw it away. That’s what we do to get rid of those vibrations. Otherwise I myself will be polluted, and my satisfaction, fulfillment, and divinity will leave me. I can’t deal with that. Too Nirguraa. You have no Guru. Nirguraa daa naa buraa. Even taking your name, Narad, is a sin.”
Narad was very puzzled. “My God, I used to think I was directly between God and me. I am direct. But this is an indirect situation.” He said, “Lord Krishna, do me a favor. Tell me where to find a Guru.”
He said, “Muni Raj, you know everything. Find out who your Guru should be.”
He said, “This is not an easy situation. Please help me. You have helped me by digging my earth and throwing it away, and making me feel depressed and telling me what really you think about me. I want to solve it right now. I want to find a Guru right now, right this minute.”
He said, “Not right this minute. Get up in the morning and meditate, then go and adopt whichever person you see. That will do.”
He said, “What are you talking about?”
“I am not talking about anything. I’m just telling you that’s the only way you can find a Guru. Otherwise finding a Guru for you is impossible.”
He said. “You become my Guru.”
“No. I am not competent to be your Guru.”
“Tell me why.”
“I’ll tell you later.”
So Narad went and had fun, then got up in the morning, meditated and prayed. “Narayan, Narayan, Narayan, Narayan.” He did the whole thing, came out and met a fisherman. Now the Pandit Narad met a fisherman who was stinking. You know how fragrant fishes are! And he said, “Who are you?”
He said, “I am so and so.”
“What do you do?”
“I am a fisherman.”
“I have to adopt you as a Guru. I am Narad.”
“Forget it. Guru of Narad? What’s wrong with you? Are you real?”
“Yes, I am real. I am Narad Muni. I can show you anything you want.”
“Prove it to me.”
“What do you want to see?”
“I want to see this tree become gold.”
“So be it.” The tree became gold.
“I want to see what path I am going to take.”
He showed him all that he was going to do. He said, “Anything else?”
“One more thing. I want to see what I am.” And he showed him, and he saw that he was his Guru. He said, “All right, I am your Guru. Now I have seen it. And I can’t get out of it, but I’m a fisherman and I don’t know what to do.”
He said, “No, no, no. This is beta, this is my offering. I am your disciple…I touch your feet. Here I am Narad.”
He said, “No, no, no. You are Narad. You showed me I am your Guru, and no, no, no, I can’t be your Guru.”
And Narad also thought at that time, “How can this fisherman be my Guru, whom I have showed three miracles? This guy is just a baboon. He’s agreeing to it.”
He said, “Okay, okay, okay. You take care of yourself, I’ll take care of myself.”
Narad came home but felt restless. There was no peace. Things didn’t work it out. He realized it was his ego. He went to Lord Krishna. He said, “Lord Krishna, I am back. Tell me why you don’t want to be my Guru.”
Lord Krishna said, “You want me as a Guru. That is your ego, ‘Lord Krishna is my Guru.’ Forget it. Rishi Viyaasaa is my Guru. I have a Guru, you don’t. I told you your Guru will be the first person you see.”
“But that was a fisherman who stinks. I showed him three miracles, and he agreed he’s a baboon.”
He said, “He is a baboon. But for you he is Guru. Go, go to him. It won’t be solved.”
He said, “Well, what should I do?”
“Go, accept him.”
“I accepted him. I gave him money, I bowed to him, I touched his feet. That was all formally done.”
He said, “No, your ego didn’t give up. And you proved that to him with miracles. You did not honestly deal with him consciously. Narad, consciousness is the way to God. Nothing else is the way to God. Games don’t work out, Narad.”
“Well, you are my Guru. You are teaching me.”
He said, “No, I am explaining to you. You so badly want me to be your Guru because I am Lord Krishna. Don’t you understand that fisherman is your Guru?”
So Narad came and knocked at the door of the fisherman. Whatever he told him the catch would be was correct, and it was stank even more. Narad was cleaning the bellies of the fish and taking their head offs, and doing the whole thing. And he said, “Well, fisherman, you are my Guru, and there’s no way out. I’m back here and you’ve got to help me.”
He said, “Narad, look, how can I help you? You know what God can do and what He cannot do, what is happening, and what has happened. You have the knowledge of the three universes. You have everything in the world, and you are Narad Muni. Kings rise when you enter. You appear and disappear - ‘Beam me up, beam me down.’ You know you are not bound by time and space, you are immortal. How can I…what are you talking about?”
He said, “Let’s not discuss that, sir. You are my Guru, and I humbly ask you, how can I solve this problem.?”
The fisherman said, “What’s the problem?”
Narad said, “I sit with Lord Krishna and he receives me, and it seems everything is fine. But then they dig out the earth where I sat and throw it out because I don’t have a Guru. Now I have you as a Guru. How I can solve this problem? Suppose I go, and he does it again? And he will, I know him.”
He said, “It’s very simple. It’s so simple. You do not understand. Lord Krishna respects you?”
He said, “Yeah?”
He said, “Go and sit on his lap. He’s not going to dig out his lap. When he tells you where to sit say,
‘I am going to sit in your lap,’ and then sit in his lap. Matter ends. Don’t sit on the earth, where every man sits. Sit in his lap. It’s a simple thing, don’t you understand? It’s simple common sense. All he does is dig out the earth where you sit; he says it is impure, right?”
“If they dig out the lap, there will be no Lord Krishna. Matter will be solved. Nobody will insult you like that. If you are my disciple, I cannot tolerate your insult.” That’s one thing a spiritual teacher cannot tolerate. He can tolerate his insult, but not the insult of his student. That is purely true.
So Narad went to visit Lord Krishna and he said, “Welcome, Muni Raj. Come in. How are you?”
He said, “I have found a teacher.”
“Fine, let’s hear about it. Please sit down.”
Narad said, “No, you sit down first, and I am going to sit in your lap.”
Lord Krishna said, “You have a teacher. Now there’s no need, we won’t remove the earth anymore. It’s over. You need not even think of it.”
He said, “It’s true. I was blinded by my ego, I was blinded by my power, I was blinded by my right as a great Muni, but I had no privilege to deal consciously.”

1988, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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