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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/22/1988
Category: KWTC
Location: Unknown

Steps to Prosperity

If you are poor and you are miserable and you are not well, the reason is that you do not bring your subtle beauty out. “Make-up” beauty, and “set-up” beauty is not the beauty which attracts wealth and prosperity. It is the subtle beauty which attracts wealth and prosperity. It is the subtle beauty which is always in you till death. When that starts flowing, then God starts working for you. Do you understand?
If today you have all decided that you are not happy, remember you are proportionately not reading your own script. You are not relating to your own subtle self. Spiritual communication and spiritual strength all over the world will only relate to you if you relay the message through your subtle self, because subtle self has a common center of knowledge and activity. That’s why the soul leaves the physical body inside the subtle body.*
If you feel that you did not get what you wanted, move subtle with a subtle (something is cut off here) their grace within are very happy to be graceful. And who will not pay tribute to grace? Don’t get mad, create tension and try to ignore the faculty. Don’t shut up your own self-excellence.
The problem today is that you have been asked to learn subtleness from others. No, you can learn means through education, but you can not learn manners through education. You have to invoke in you your faculty to be sophisticated, subtle and sincere. These are the three things, sophisticated, subtle and sincere. Write it, please. Subtle is the way, sophisticated is the projection and sincerity is the strength of it. If you put these three ingredients together in this life, prosperity will come to you like the wind, like a star. Is that understood?
Life is a very magnificent trail on which you will find hardships, tragedy, treacheries, pain and disappointments. But please find those three qualities. What are those?
STUDENTS: sophistication, subtlety, sincerity.
YOGI BHAJAN: And you will find success. When you put those three ingredients together, that trinity, success will be around the corner.

*At the time of death, the soul departs in the subtle body leaving the physical body unoccupied.

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