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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 09/12/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Resounding Sound Of Self-Esteem

...What is this? I'm supposed to eat now? People are getting a taste of it? Oh, that tape is ready?

Subject is very fine this weekend. Subject is, "Getting It Together." Yeah, "..With a mental strength," that we know.

We as people, take certain things as automatic, such as breathing, heart beating, circulatory, brain computing, body developing, getting sick, getting well.

As much time we spend on our physical body, we spend very little in proportion to our mind. To the Western world, to meditate is a very, very new thing. Why to meditate? What it makes sit down? It is very difficult. It is so difficult that last 20 years I have met a brick wall. In the West, nobody understands that meditation is just taking a bath in the morning. Why to take cold shower? Why not hot water when it is available? We are Americans. Oh, we know you are Americans. That's not what we are talking about. Question is, when you take a cold shower in the morning, the blood runs from inside to outside -- to defend the body temperature -- and that flushes the capillaries. It keeps you young. It is that maintaining of youthfulness. That's what cold shower is. And cold shower is not one minute. It takes about half an hour. Stand there and keep on massaging 'till you become hot. Otherwise, don't take cold shower. Otherwise be youthless. Doesn't work the purpose.
Take cold shower, get hurt, massage your body, go again, get hurt less, massage your body, get hurt again, little less. It will take three to four times. It depends on your circulation, how you can take a cold shower. And one cold shower a day can keep the capillaries open.

And then afterwards, they say -- the Jews are very important, they take shawl. They do not know. Now the shawls and yamulka have become little. That's the tragedy of it. But, shawl has to be on the shoulder, around the neck, all over, and it should be warm. You sit with crossed legs. What that does? Not much. Take all the blood from the outer areas, to the inner organs, and strengthens them. So it is a very nurturing situation of the body, mind, and soul. But the mental strength we talk about mostly and if you go to all the spiritual world, there is one way or second way hidden for mental strength. Jews have Kabbala, and that minerva (?) meditation is called 'theoretic' which they don't know. I have talked to all rabbis. They say, "Well, it is a Minerva, you know, we burn candles, we pray." Christians burn candles in the church, they don't know why they are burning. Why you are burning candle wax? What for? For light? What it has to do with the person? Why you burn a candle and waste money? For light? Yeah,
in those days there was nothing. We used to burn candle, it's understandable. And we used to have a candelier and now we call it 'chandelier.' We put 30-40 candles, bring it down, and then pull it up, and let it burn, and at night we put it off. Now it is electricity -- switch on, switch off. And sometimes we will have electric candles. But the strength of the mind which we are very proud of, is not in the body, not in the knowledge. It is not what we know, it is not what we have. Then what is it? It is in switching gears from a negative mind to a positive mind to a neutral mind. It is a very simple process. If person does not train himself or herself in those gears, life is lost.

It doesn't matter if you are a Sikh or a Moslem, or a Hindu or a rabbi or a Christian or Jew, it doesn't matter. You are a millionaire or a pauper, that doesn't matter either . You are beautiful or ugly, that doesn't matter either. You are wise or foolish, that doesn't matter, either. If you do not know how to switch those three gears, you may be wise and powerful, you will do more damage than anything else. You will be more dangerous.
Can you believe a man driving a car and getting stuck in the fourth gear, and that's it? Can you believe how miserable that will be? Or, once you start a car and you get into adversity and there's nothing you can do about it. Can you believe what that can do to you? Can you believe if an airplane with 500 people tried to go upwards, and instead it goes nose down, and you have no stop to it? Every accident in your life, any destruction to you or to any person because of you, is because of your using your only God-given gift of negative mind. God gave you negative mind. That's the first mind you deal with. That is your mental strength. Negative mind will tell you, "Oh, oh! Watch. There's a danger for you."

Creating intellect doubt and mind enforcing it. Intellect gives you thoughts and mind enforces negative thoughts. It is the job of the negative mind. Without that, no human being can live. It is a requirement to be negative. It's not anything... because God gave you right of life. So long you have right of life, you should think negative. First thing is to think negative. But is that all? Yes, for the majority of the people, 95.6% of people, think negative and get stuck with it. That's how we live. And to get rid of the negative mind, we have to drink, we have to dance, we have to socialize, we have to take crack and cocaine, we have to smoke marijuana, we have to do sex. Our 99.9% all activities of life is to get rid of the negative mind. And we keep on developing it. It is a God-given gift. It's a must in life, also. That's our mental strength. How it is a strength? When negative mind tells you what is negative, could you ask the positive mind what is positive? No. Subconscious will take up all the fears and the
complexes to tell you that the negative mind is right. Everybody gets lost in this game. That's why there are divorces. That's why you can't love. That's why you rape each other. That's why you call names to each other. The whole world is based on simple "subconscious enforcement", they call it. It is a mental enforcement.

Negative mind tells you negative. Positive mind pulls up everything negative from the subconscious... from the memory... and says, "Wait a minute. We are two witnesses, subconscious and the memory. You remember in 1976 this happened? You know, in 1932 it was read in the newspaper? You know 200 years ago in the history of United States I read that?" You go on enforcing. Memory and subconscious. Unfulfilled dream... unfulfilled records of life... they join together with the negative mind and enforce it, and that's the only positive you have. Positive mind is meant to not touch the subconscious. Anybody whose subconscious memories are related to the positive mind is negative. And that's why the majority of us are negative.

Positive mind is, "This is it. This is negative. What is the other side of the coin?" That's the positive. Without any help of memory in subconscious. And then there's a third part where you have to go to. It's the neutral mind. What you should do. You cannot do in life anything by negative mind or positive mind, by negative thought or positive thought, by negative emotion or positive emotion. You can't do a thing, you can't move. Don't move; be still. And to conclude all that strategy, you have nine seconds. If you cannot conclude the entire mental strategy in 9 seconds, and be absolutely actively prepared for it, that part of the confrontation of life, thought form or situation or facet you have lost.

Have you seen certain people, you ask them a question, "Well, what is this? I'm talking to you. What is that? Can you not talk to me?" "Hmmm." That's it. Nine seconds are lost. Whatever reply will come to you, will be a lie. It'll be in self-defense and it'll be totally at that time to save the face of the situation. Don't we all deal like that? Yes, we all do. That's why with all the wealth, all the richness, all the clothing, all the love... with all the sex, all the drinks, with everything, every religion, with biggest church in the world and synagogue and temples, the yogis, the swamis, the priests, the spiritual teachers, the courses and seminars and colleges and universities... we are all sick. Because we have not learned how to have transmission, how to switch. Plus, there are 81 areas of the mind which work at the same time. Mental integration, mental correlation, mental alternation, mental speculation, mental penetration, mental, mental, mental -- these 81 areas
also work at the same time. It's not a small game. It's a reality of life. It's a human. Human is very virgin, unexplored. Human mind is not touched.

Human brain is being found out now. They talk about it. There are certain things in human mind which meditation can do. All people I have seen so far in my life, they come, "Oh, in meditation, I enjoyed. It was so blissful." You know what I say inside? "Oh, God." I don't want to say that word because I am a holy man. But you understand. It starts with "s." Because no meditation can be beautiful, wonderful and blissful.

You know what meditation is? Meditation is... have you seen a cesspool? Have you gone where city sends all the things you get it together? Meditation is opening up the lid on the cesspool and cleaning it out. All perpetual thoughts, unused perpetual thoughts in subconscious, all samskars, (a penetrating thought of the past), all focal and vocal thought created by the galaxy itself, all that acting on together, you deal meditatively and clean yourself out by a mantra. Negative thought is this way (moves hand left to right), mantra goes this way (moves hand from up to down) cuts it, makes it a plus. Finally, after lonnngggg, long meditation and the habit of it, the negative thoughts can be rinsed out very clearly. You know, you get out of the seat, you have a lever and you press it. Within a couple of minutes, with the water, everything goes out. Your bathroom is clean. There's no other remedy of the mind than that of a rest house or a bathroom in anybody's house. And meditation is
nothing but taking a mental shower, cleaning yourself, calling the nature. That's mantra, answering the call of the nature -- that's mantra. And what is mantra. Doesn't matter what happened, and how negative it is, a man will say: "Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru." Irrelevant to what he is going through. Whatever ..... "Sat Nam." (Or it could be,) "One, seven." It doesn't matter. That one word which you think has the vibration which can control your five tattwas and correlate to your intensified life and relax it to the facility that you can understand your life, is called 'mantra.' A resounding sound of self- esteem. Resounding sound of self-esteem.

Mantras are not anything you can pick up in the West, they say, if you say, 'one, one, one,' that is a mantra. Yes, it IS a mantra. "Ik" is a mantra. We translate it into "one." But try to understand how it works. If you don't take bath a lot of times, maybe couple of weeks, and you don't go to bathroom, you get constipated. And suppose you can't even urinate. And there's no urologist around. And what that state of that person's physical will be? Just imagine that mental state of you. You can't ease yourself and you can't clean yourself. It is that inter-stinking which makes the life unfulfilled and miserable and that is where everybody goes berserk. You feel emptiness, you feel unhappy, you feel angry. Anger makes you numb, you react, you become revengeful, you get upset and you lay it on others, you become hysteric, you have nightmares. That is a whole long class. And then you love, you promise, it is not good, then you promise and it is good, then you say, "I'll do
it," then you don't do it.

Every weakness in your mind is because you are not in touch with your neutral mind. Neutral mind is when you are not bound down by the negative force or the positive force. Then YOU are the force. Then that's God. Look, if you are looking for God, there's no such thing. It doesn't matter how religious you are, you have no touch of God. But when you become a neutral person -- in the negative, positive vibrations you remain neutral, when the pair of the opposites do not affect you and higher altitude is received of that of Infinity, and the personality becomes so dominant and so radiant, the person can understand that within all, all is, and the effectiveness all becomes one, that's God. Not what you think God is.

I have met a lot of people. I have not wasted my life. I am very happy what I have gone through. Yes... suffering, hardships, negativity, slander, insults, abuse. That's all earth. Comparative to the joy to uplift people, to elevate people, to make them happy, to plan them, to neutralize their depression and make an impression that they can have happiness in their life. That's worth. That's the worth. You cannot need any enemy. You have your own nightmares, your own fears, your own insecurities, your own aggressiveness. You don't have anything to worry. And some of you in the Western world I have realized (and now also it is same situation with the Eastern world) they can find very possible that money can buy everything. Money cannot buy meditation. Money cannot buy that experience. And without that experience, you are nobody. You will wobble.

How many of you have a wobbling car experience? We change our cars very soon, but does anybody have an old car? No. You can't even enjoy the joke. If you drive wobbling car, you put the steering wheel and you drive and you go this way, the car goes that way. It has it's own situation going, and it shakes like an old man. And Guru says about it: "Sir kam pio pag dag magay, nain jot taaheen." Eyes can't see, hands shake and body shakes and hands shake. Feet go one left over right and the man is still walking, feeling alive, unfulfilled. But here you think you are physically strong -- you are mentally not strong. Your mental clarity is not there. You want gem quality in everything? Your mind is most foggiest mind in the... "is man ko, janam janam kee maal laagee kaalaa hoaa siaa." This mind has come through the coat of blackness, and blackness, and blackness. It has no clarity to see. Human life is given to see through that gem mind, see through the light of God, the minerva... where candle is the symbol of that. That is the mental
strength. All right, this is my negative. Now, what is the positive? This is the positive of this negative. What is neutral. This is the neutral of the negative and positive."

No, majority of the people who cannot think right and get struck with the ideas with their negative mind are very rude in their conversation. Because they cannot understand that rudeness and abusive language is made to wake up somebody, not to curse somebody. It has a use. Abuse is a shocking language. It can only be used when somebody is totally deliberately asleep and you are entrusted to wake him up. Mother does to a child, teacher does to a student, and God does to humanity. Thunderbolt, lightening, storms, this mother nature has a language which we cannot even understand. And then the earth starts shaking. Then there are earthquakes, destruction. It's nothing. It's just to shake you up. They say, symbolically, it is a symbol. There's an ox. On the two horns of that ox... negative and positive... negative mind and positive, stands the planet earth, the ball. And when that ox gets tired on its four feet, it shakes people, horns and earth tremble. Whether there is an ox or not, we don't care. Whether there are
horns or not, we don't care. But fact is, the earth trembles, and when the earth trembles, there is earthquake. Go and watch the history of San Francisco, what happens.

And do you know in your life every two half hours... within two and a half hour by the change of the nostril... there is a small earthquake, about 3.5, 4.5, 5.2? Do you know every human being goes through those turmoils and those earthquakes in their behavior? Within the space time of 2-1/2 hours because after 2-1/2 hours nostrils change. You don't notice, right? You don't even know. It's true. Your behavior pattern, if you do not know how to change gears to the neutral mind, shall give you an adverse attitude in projection within 2-1/2 hours. You'll be out of gear, out of rhythm, out of harmony, and out of self-esteem, self-thought, self-respect, and self- fulfillment, self-confidence. Everything positive with self will be shaky within you. People normally say, "Oh, because I was greedy. Oh, because I was not thinking." That's not true. These are our only expressions. Whenever the negative mind works for you, it must be brought to a neutral.

Meditation does not mean that we'll get rich and we are going to shake hands with God. What that means? Nothing. If God shakes hands with me every morning, what happens? I get 16 fingers? What is all this about? Man was told the God is Infinite. Man was told there is a One God, the Creator. Because man IS the Creator. So he was told not to be multiple creator and be diversified, be one creator to join with the unisonness of... then the man has to work it out. When the pair of opposites do not work on a man, man knows the oneness of oneness. And that unisonness is that what God experience is about. And that is the mental strength. When the relevancy of the centripetal force and centrifugal force coordinate and does not create any hiss of the sound and stir of destruction, man finds that total freeze, and in the valley of that, there is a breeze and fragrance and divinity and song and music which is heard for the harmony of all that is. Call it any way. Call it a poetic form, call it a medical form, call it a
mathematical form, call it a religious form. These are all expressions. Mind has to be neutral, otherwise you don't have mind. And you cannot mind your own business, and you cannot get peace of mind if you have no neutral mind. Then the idea will be: you put a fire on, put a wood in it, and it burns. Put more wood in it, it burns more. Put more wood in it, it burns more. Desire after desire. One day you will be consumed. That shall be the end of you without knowing where you are going... because the subtle body will take the soul with the strength of the neutral mind development to go to the Infinity of God.

You need three things. You need the soul which is always there. You need the subtle mind which is always there... subtle body. Nothing goes with you -- your subtle body does. And how you go? With the strength of the neutral mind. To the unbiased God's land. To the ever shining, ever living, all potent, ever present, that God, that One God. Not your God of Los Angeles and New York. Not the God of Rome or Greece. Not the God of Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Not the God of the Buddhists.
Not the God of the yogis, swamis, and these naddas or siddhas. That God which has form and no form, which has light and no light, which exists but doesn't exist, which is now and ever. That God where there is no polarity, no sides, no dreams, no sections, no plus, no minus. Zero, shunia. THAT God. Can you be all that neutral? Can you think neutral? Can you think neutral? Can you act neutral, can you rationalize neutral, can you classify neutral?

For example mother is stuck on the child, "It's MY child." My child. And if she takes the care, she works, she loves, the hugs, and does the whole thing. In services thereof, the child looks back and smiles. And this way the mother teaches the dependency to the child... takes away his sovereignty, takes away his intuition, and makes him a cripple and an absolutely lethargic, dependent idiot. And she calls it, "love." Well, every side has the other side. "Oh, she's beautiful. She's wonderful. I love her. God, it's a beautiful life. Wonderful sex, everything is fine." And he cannot get up next morning on his own feet. Legs shake. "Oh, I can't live without her. I can't do without her. It's impossible. It's all there." Look at the blindness.

We get so stuck, and get jammed so bad, even ordinary machines don't do that way. We have no flexibility of mind at all. We can't switch because we can't educate and cannot clean the garbage... clean the mirror... so we can see through the gem quality of it that light of that Infinity in experience. That is how you get it together with your mental strength. Then life becomes blissful. Then poverty and richness, then beauty and ugliness, then nothing and everything doesn't mean anything to you. "Matee kanchan ayk samaan." The gold and the earth is the same. Then the thief and the saint looks alike to you. Then beautiful and ugly looks unique to you. That's the mind we are talking about.

Are you ready tonight to go deep into that mind? (Meditation begins.)

(After meditation... talking about the clapping motion made in the mudra.)

It will create the sound "Har." And in that sound you keep on co-relating and co-relating and co-relating and mentally coordinating the sound with it. You will reach an experience where you will see all that garbage to start floating through the subconscious. Once you can develop that release, then you have something to clean. If subconscious only releases to you through the dreams and through the nightmares and through the daydreams, and through the imaginations and the speculations and through the projection, you don't have a chance in your life to be you.

Who you are telling you belong to? You don't belong to anybody. You belong to your daydreams, you belong to your night dreams, you belong to your fears, you belong to your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You have never belonged to you. Because YOU is above all. You is not a criteria which is negotiable. You is Dharma. You is the God. You is the Truth.
All what is in, is in. But there is something above this in: ultimate experience, ultimate reality, ultimate truth, ultimate light. You can see it. That light you can see through the gaze of your mind and you can see in your soul. That is how you get it together. Through your mental strength. That is how you find God through your mental strength. That is how you find experience, through your mental strength. Is that understandable?

Do you have any questions? We did it for 11 minutes, something like that. Did you feel any rhythm between your physical and your mental activity? Can you do it for 62 minutes at home? Yes or no? Don't do it for me. It's not my prerogative. I have done it all my life. I have realized when I was very young. If I do not know Me, why I am cheating people, why I am lying to people, what I am talking to people? I don't know Me, and Me is talking. Which one is talking, Me or I? When I is talking, Me is not talking. I talk, Me doesn't. I don't know Me. You're not confused about what I am saying. You make love with I, you talk through I, you have expectations through I, you have everything through your imagination of I. You have absolutely not opened the third eye, and you have no Me. "Aaj Paaj sagalee moeh chutay danday moh." False love... and it is just aaj paaj. It is in between itself. There's no realism, there's no reality. Nobody knows anybody. You think you know
anybody? Yes, you know the I of everybody. You don't know the Me of anybody. Because I doesn't know its own Me. Then you are calling, "Why this man is divorcing me? Why this man is in love with me? Why this man is negative to me? Why this man is better than me?"

What else they can do? That's all they know. Rock has to strike against a rock. And it creates a spark. Sometimes it burns the house general, it doesn't matter. It is a continuous process from century to century.
"Eh man meriaa too sadaa raho har naale." Oh my mind! Remain with the God always. "Har naal raho too man mere dukh sabh visaaranaa." If you remain with God, then all the pain and the disease and everything will be gone. "Angikaar oh kare teraa karaj jis savaaranaa." That one who moves your limbs and gives you the strength to live by, that's the one who adjusts your affairs. "Sagala gala samarath suamee so kio manho visaare." Oh my mind, why you lose the one God who's capable and competent of all what there is. "Kaho Nanak man mere sada raho har naale." Sayeth Nanak, Oh my mind, remain with God all the time.

That's what Nanak is. Not the way Nanak we present. And Nanak saw within his I, the third eye, the Me... and me is very easy to see We. And moment We is realized, Thou sits in it. And that's the state of ecstasy, called turia stage.

Tomorrow come here to the class on time and class will be little longer. Those who don't want to come, don't show up. Some new will come. God knows what you do. And tomorrow whole day with a straw, take lot of lemon juice. Lot of it. Lot of it. And don't substitute with Vitamin C and all that kind of thing. You know, you are Western, you don't care. What you want? "Vitamin C, I'll pop in". No, that doesn't work. Fresh lemon squeezed with a lot of water, good water. Drink it with a straw so that you may not lose the enamel of the teeth. Many of you don't have it. But whatever you have, keep it. And then at about 4:00 or 5:00 stop drinking that. And then come to the class. Six to 7 lemons squeezed, if you can drink during the day, that should be enough to put you through the class.

Fair? Oh, no, food you can eat. You can eat a whole cow, I don't care. I don't care what you eat. Oh, God, food! All you know is food, mood. Rest I won't say. I'll apply brakes. Yes, yes, eat, eat, as much as you want to eat. But drink lemon and water, as much as you can get. Half a dozen squeezed lemons' juice with 5, 6, glasses, without hurting your enamel should be sufficient. It should give you... because you know when we meditate, we need a certain body energy to support it. We need certain rejuvenating energy to support it, and there's a reason for it. All right? And we shall meditate tomorrow. This was just to attract you. But listen, if you have any appointment and somebody wants to see you and you have any place to go to, attend that. Even there comes one person here, we'll do it. But if you come here, then don't think of baby sitter and going home. We'll go tomorrow when we have to go. All right? Come tomorrow to a class for class time, not for your time. "Okay, it is 8:00. At 11:00 I am going
home." And don't tell your friend you will be soon home.

We'll go through it again and again, and again and again. Fine. If you can reach an experience, then it is worthwhile. If not, then maybe next week. God knows when you are going to learn to meditate, but I am tired of this meditation: eyes blinking, body moving, mind circulating. Everything going on and... Fair?

May the long time sunshine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure Light within you guide your way on.

Now guide your way on to one thing. We have reached a state of life and we want to clean it out. You know why we fold our hands? It neutralizes our magnetic field. We greet each other on a neutral ground. When we do this, this is no man's land. When this is it, it is a blessing. When this is it, it is grace. Sometime I'll teach you those languages. But when we do this: when we shake hands, it is welcome. It is an exchange of energy. My right and your right meet. This all human body languages are just to account at each other, one psyche into another psyche, one psyche out of another psyche... but there's a mind, too. We'll continue. Thank you very much. God bless you. Sat Nam.


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