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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/29/2001
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Espanola, NM

All is One and One is All

Today we are talking about one aspect that Guru Nanak emphasized. It’s the foundation on which he based his whole understanding and teaching about religion. His concept was very clear.
He saw that a human is nothing but 10 trillion cells combined on the axle and the orbit within its own scope which we call chakras in yoga. This is where the central nervous system distributes and impulses everything. The pulse of the heart and the pulse in the leg both reflect the heartbeat. As humans, have we understood that we can also create the same rhythm at the same frequency with the same magnetic field and the same projection with another human being? Do we love each other enough that our pulse and rhythm can become the same?
If not, we are kind of a lost cause as the human race. And that’s actually what Guru Nanak was saying. The sensitivity that he projects is so subtle and so clear. Inside the skin we can have a behavior with manners, with virtues, and with values and with that sensitivity that all is one, and one is all. But the reach is not there. Even with the essence of spirituality there’s a lot of spiritual ego. “I am this, I am not that.”
On this planet actually what we are saying is everybody else is a fake, and we are real. This is our subconscious belief and that’s why it is our problem. But Nanak says inside you there are the same reality and the same God working as in somebody else. I mean if we just understand we are made of 33 trillion cells, then we look huge. Thirty-three trillion is a big number. And if we understand that 33 trillion, then the hugeness gives us a chance to see there’s a chance for us to survive because we are so extensively wide and effective.
This universe is a wonderful thing. Scientists say that whatever a man utters goes beyond this planet and these stars and into infinity. But nobody wants to pursue that thought, the sense of limitation is so much, but Nanak, in a very simple language, in one line, Nanak sums it up:

Jis hath jor, kar vekhai soi; Nanak uttam neech na koi.

If somebody says he’s mighty and powerful, OK, let him try it. Everybody is uttam (the best). Everybody thinks they are par excellence, and everybody else is secondary. We feel that if I lose something that’s my loss. If somebody loses the same thing, the feelings for that person are not there. Somebody’s loss is not my loss. If somebody’s loss doesn’t become my loss, then somebody’s happiness doesn’t become my happiness. The sharing is not there. The communication is not established. It means we don’t understand that the frequency of the psyche into the electromagnetic field of another person’s projection affects my molecules in the same sense as my molecules should affect another person. We don’t believe that is true.

So basically we are living in a very untruthful world, and then we are emphasizing truth, but whose truth? These are the simple human questions I’m going to leave you with so you can understand that you have some work to do, something to look at, and something to feel.
Yesterday I was thinking that every projection should give a message. As I looked at the heavy iron gates in front of my house, I thought that the message in their projection is: Be something! This you should understand. Our projection for the coming of the Age of Aquarius is beauty and strength and standardization of our personality. The way we talk and our values and virtues should be so impressive that everybody should feel the same as we feel. I believe the message of Nanak shall prevail and we who walk on this path will fulfill the dream of the Age of Aquarius.
2001 YB Teaching, LLC

A Time to Be America

Edited from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on September 16, 2001These are the days of calamities, and this is just the beginning. These calamities will continue. Our businesses, our economics, our family life, our way of life, and even the way we think will be affected. It’s a really hard time for America, and America has no choice but to react, because there is an enemy that will continue to act.
It is our responsibility to inform others to follow certain basic rules during these times of stress: Don’t go out alone, try not to go out at night, and make a headquarters where people can come to be uplifted and given solace. This is where we can practice our spiritual activities together. There are people who are angry; there is no doubt about it. Don’t give them a chance to attack. Fly the American flag to remind us of our spirit, and so that people can see our spirit reflected in that great banner.
This situation has come on us. There’s no running away from it. And the fact is, information can be twisted—there will be a lot of rumors and gossip. This is the time for everybody to get on the Internet and send a message of peace, tranquility, respect, and grace. Say who you are.
The feeling at this moment is that it is a long haul. Let’s say 25 years. It’s not just going to finish tomorrow. Astrologers say the stars are not in favor, and that is true. But remember: Collective effort is the one thing that can change disaster. Now we have to go two or three hours earlier to the airport. There are long lines, long hassles, and we cannot check our stuff at the curb, but it will curb our movements, and it will put us through things. We Americans can go through it.
Our policy from birth to the end is that “We have got to make it.” If you really want to know America, this is what America is. This is a time to be together and, if there’s a virtue in you, you must carry with your virtue all the people you can carry. Get out, touch people; help them. Let them understand how to act, so that we can avoid any incident or coincident.
God is with us, and God shall protect us—that we know. So let’s act in His Name.
2001 YB Teaching, LLC

Our Journey

From a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on July 28, 2002We come here to start our life at a certain latitude and a certain longitude. There is only one thing that we forget: We come here to travel our journey and distance unto destination. And, we’ve got to go.
Each molecule in us is put together with that essential map of the past and the karma of what we earn here, being rich or poor, balanced or imbalanced, mentally wise and creative, depressed or oppressed, discoverers, losers or gainers, conquerors or defeaters—or whatever each of us is.
The opportunity that we are given for a life of consciousness is to clear this debt and live in the highest peaceful allocated self. Guru Nanak said it all starts from Ek Ong Kar, “the one Creator Who created the creation.” To live in the highest Self is what human life is all about, but we waste our life on small things. Our poverty doesn’t hurt us, but our neighbor’s richness does. We are always competing and comparing and planning and imagining things. We rarely allow the flow of life as God wants us to flow with it.
But now, as we are entering the Age of Aquarius, we have to know what life is all about, and we have to become responsible, outspoken, leading teachers of this Age. That’s what we have trained for, and that’s what we have grown into. You cannot live under a camouflage. You have to live openly, honestly, brightly, and forthrightly. Your words should be so strong that they affect every heart; your truth should be so pure it lifts a person’s soul to the heights.
You have to have an understanding that you are like a lotus flower in a pool of mud. You are not to let your leaves get dirty with it. The skies are yours; so is the land; the mountains are yours; and so is the ocean. They all belong to you during this time that we are entering. It is a time of prosperity, good will, and good luck. The sophistication of the Shabd Guru1 to which we bow, and the knowledge and guidance of the comparative study of the Shabd Guru are our rewards so that we may not have to be on any shaky ground. In our integrity, in our personality, and in our duty, we have to keep going and taking along with us all those who come our way to those heights of experience to which we truly belong.
In our “micro-consciousness” we have to be pure, so we can build a “macro-consciousness” that should just be a constant flood of purity. Let us decide once and for all that love is the essence of life. And let us qualify it to the extent that we can go to that beautiful end of life, when we can say “Wahe Guru,”2 with all of our accounts cleared and all things checked. Even if life is lived with purity and piety, in happiness and in abundance, still it’s the journey, which we are supposed to take and supposed to finish. Let us finish it with victory, so nothing falls short in our lives. God and Guru have given us this chance with every breath of life, every moment of life.
1992 YB Teachings, LLC

An Ideal Marriage
From a lecture on July 22, 1976Love starts after marriage and lasts up to death. Marriage is an institution that depends upon honoring the Word. That is why the Scriptures say, “Whosoever honors the word of his marriage is honored in the court of the Lord.” The Word of God is nothing but a test of two individuals—a given promise. The Guru says, Bhai jeena dee pakareeay sar deejay bheheena choreeay. Once you give your hand to somebody in the relationship, let your head roll off but let not your hand go.
The institution of marriage can be anything in ritual. But in reality it is an honest, living word of two individuals. And it must be lived unto God, unto the last breath, through time and space, come what may. If this is missing, everything is a sexual, physical, emotional relationship for temporary convenience. It is mental prostitution. So don’t misunderstand the institution of marriage and its cause and effect.
The best course for a human relationship is that each couple, when they get married, should take a vow to do their job and play their part right. Whether your parents and relatives approve of it or not, it is important to be respectful to them. Every marriage can become successful if both partners play their part honestly.
In marriage dark days will come. In reality marriage is an institution where two individuals decide to build a cozy environment which is called home. Then through the “thick and thin” of the times, they are constantly adjusting their behavior. Without adjusting the behavior, no marriage is possible. People feel that divorce is a way out when two cannot live together. But no divorce has solved the problem. Basically divorce creates problems. If you divorce a man with 28 mistakes and marry a man with 18 mistakes, you have only overcome ten. And then after a couple of years of marriage you may find that the guy actually has 38.

The question arises: What is an ideal marriage? An ideal marriage is a way of life in which a husband and wife compromise to face the time and space together for the security of their own life and their children. These days many marriages are dissolved between the age of 36 and 45. That is a period when marriage has become boredom, and everybody wants to look to new values. You must be aware that nobody looks to new values, and there is no such thing as boredom. Marriage is an institution that cannot get boring because it is a continuous battle against time and space. How can a thing become boring when you have to exert every minute of your life to keep going?
1976 YB Teaching, LLC
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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