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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/02/1977
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Unknown

Alert Mind or Flirt Mind?

Woman without an alert mind lives an inhuman life. There is no alternative; either you have an alert mind or you have a flirt mind. This thing has been kept a secret for all these years, so that human beings may not know the workings of the mind, so that some human beings can exploit other human beings. This is from time immemorial. Religion has been used. Just understand, for the spread of religion, Buddhists want bikshoos, people who just live with whatever is given to them by the householder, to spread the teachings. So that they may not have any personality, they shave them. You'll find all bikshoos with shaven heads, all bikshoos everywhere, so that we can have people who are passive, who won't take a stand on their own.
Also to produce a passive race, the male organ was circumcised. Now if you tell a Jew this thing, he will say, "Kill this guy; he is talking against my religion." No, we're not talking against any religion. We are only talking about how the religion has been used. There is a secretion in the ring of the male organ, that secretion must meet with the secretion of the female organ. It's very important. It is very important! Now if somebody tells me that God is a fool, I can't accept it. If God has said that every male child should be circumcised, couldn't God do it Himself?
Somebody once asked me, "Why should we have beards?" I told him, "Come with me. I'll tell you something. I'll explain it to you." I took him before the mirror. I said, "Do you see yourself?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Tomorrow, bring me a picture. Your picture which your mom or dad took when you were about two, three or four years old." So the next day he brought the picture to me. I took him before the mirror. I took the picture out. I said, "Look at this picture. Look at yourself. Here you are a baby, and also here in this mirror. Look at this. It's a big baby. Here you are a baby, here you are a big baby. You are always a baby. You have never accepted to be grown. Your hair on your top is exactly as when you were a baby." He said, "Yes, that is true." “Hairs grow, you shave them off, you don't want them. You want to be a baby. Big baby, small baby. You are subconsciously trying to always flirt around, because you feel as a baby, nobody watches you; everybody gives in to you. Everybody gives in to you. That is your karma.”
I agree! It is very difficult. It is because when you live this way of life, you are left with no option for hanky panky. There is nothing. Anybody can hold you and say, "Wait a minute. You dress like a Khalsa woman." You say, "Yes." "Are you a Khalsa woman?" What will you say? You have to say, "Yes." Then he will say, "Is this an act of a Khalsa woman?" You become answerable. And people do not want to be answerable to anybody. There is no problem ... problem is very simple...we want to flirt, and we don't want to be caught. We are not alert enough to understand that whenever we will flirt we will be caught. Flirtation will come out by itself. It will be known. Corruption is known.
All sages and saints have been crucified, in one way or the other. They were framed, and they were physically killed. When they were framed and physically killed they were spiritually alive, and their radiance went through the entire world. Nobody can kill anybody. The government said, "Jesus must die, and the thieves should be allowed to go." The government said, "Guru Arjun must die, and die in such a way that there is no end to human torture of him. Put him on a hot plate. Put hot sand on his head and bake him so that no drop of his blood should fall on the earth," because it is the belief of those people that if they kil1 a holy man, and his blood drops on the earth, that many holy men will grow up there. So they said, "No, we will kill him in such a way that no drop of his blood will fall on the ground." So they put a burning hot plate under him and burning red hot sand over his body. Were they successful to kill Guru Arjun? No, they were not.
Guru Arjun was a great Guru, agreed. But any human being, little human being, who dies for righteousness with the right consciousness and right spirit and who has an alert mind to die goes directly to God. Dying with an alert mind is going direct to God. Only people who have flirt minds will suffer. Both types of persons do the some thing. Man with an alert mind also puts on clothes, he eats, he sleeps, he does earthly things, but in the earthly things he never forgets the ether. The man of alert mind is bound, but knows the beyond. When you are bound and you know the beyond, then your mind is alert. Man of flirtatious mind goes into Espanola, in the Seven-Eleven Store, God knows where. Once you have a flirt mind then while dieting you eat ice cream. That is one example of the flirt mind.
Once I met a yogi, very professional, high class yogi with all the hanky panky of a yogi perfect. He asked me, "I understand, Yogji, that you are married?" "Yes, I am." "How come?" I said, "I am so heavily married, you can't even believe me. I am very much married." He said, "Yogis are not supposed to marry." I said, "Yeah, you are absolutely right." I said, "Is it that yogis should have X-rated dreams every night?" He said, "No." I said, "Well, I do not know, I never dream." One thing in my life I cannot explain, whenever anybody talks about dreams, I do not know what they are. But I said, "You dream a lot.”
He said, "How can you say that?" I said, "No, no, I don't want to say. Last night, with the princess of Bharatpur, whom you happened to met a month ago, you had intercourse. Is that true or not? You got up, the time was 4:00; it was yesterday. If you don't agree with what I am saying, I am going to tell the whole thing about you." He said, “That is true. But that happened once yesterday." I said, "No, a week ago, there was a disciple of yours who came to you, and you had intercourse in a dream with her. Is that true or not?" What could he say. I said, "I can tell you the list of intercourses you have done in dreams. And you have discharged, ejaculated." What is the use of trying to think this, trying to think that when your mind can create a dream and make you ejaculate? It may look like the whole thing is real, but when you get up, all your clothes are wet. These are the stories of the flirt mind.
The mind flirts. You have a mind, a mind, each one of you has a mind and that mind never remains with you. It flirts. The worst cases I have seen are people who have a flirt mind and flirt with their bodies. That is the worst. There are some who put up a war. They say, "Oh, bloody fool, you flirt, I don't care; You go ahead and do. You have an intercourse, I'm going to read my Rehiras." They fight, they put up a very good fight. I have seen some people. They say, "OK, mind, you go where you want to go, I'm going to do what I'm going to do." At least they put up a fight. There are other worse cases, they just go along with their mind. The mind flirts and they flirt with it physically. They are the worst. They are worse than animals. They will never have a grace. A man (or woman) who will flirt with his (her) mind, will never have a dignity.
If you ever choose to flirt with your mind on this planet earth, you will never live a dignified life. Period. Full stop. Therefore, the mind is required to be caged, because it is given with the body. Something which is given with the body, must remain with the body. The only way the mind will remain with the body is when you direct it with your soul, and soul is when the whole soul situation is alert. A whole soul alert situation is when you know you do not belong here. You belong there and from there you are here. You are a visiting person. When you know you are visiting, you are not permanent. The moment you think you are permanent, you goof, because that is the lie you live. This earth is temporary. You come here to go. That is the problem. I tell a lot of people: "This is your karma." They say, "Who are you to tell us karma?" I say, "No, I am nobody. You do what you want to do. Have fun. What do I lose?" What am I going to lose? Nothing. I have nothing to gain, nothing to lose.
When you know, when you know, you remember this body, this mind and this soul. Three things: this mind, this body, and this soul have been given to you. Why has it been given to you? It has been given to you to give you a chance so that you may experience, experience, the great creativity of the Creator. The great creativity of the Creator! This is the purpose. You have been created...you have been created by the Creator to experience His total creation. Among many, many planets, and many, many solar systems, and many, many universes, the planet earth is what they call the “hub." It is called the Planet of Experience. Everything which has been planted in this planet has to go through experience. Hey! Sometimes we do not remember why we have been created. If we live thirty years, we are supposed to have the experience of thirty years. If we live fifty years, we should experience for fifty years. If you live two years, we should have experience of two years. If we live one day we should have experience of one day. if we live one hundred years, we should have experience of one hundred years.
There is absolutely no problem. There is no fear of death. That is why Guru Gobind Singh said, "Oh, Khalsa, oh, Khalsa, you are not the Karma. You are the observer. You see, you watch, you see the happening." Some people go to a movie, see a very pathetic scene, and start crying with it. Now everybody knows on that piece of cloth a photo is being put. It is put in a sequence and you start crying with it. Why? Tell me. Why do you cry if the movie is that way? Because you become the movie. You spend $3.00 to cry. Is that true?
In India, a friend of mine once said to me, "My wife is very wonderful; she has every merit, but she is not very beautiful." Her color was like my type color. You know, not very white. We are an African kind of people who are dark, baked by the sun! When he said that to me, he wanted to have a kind of sympathy. He was complaining that his parents have arranged his marriage, but you know he wanted to marry a girl who was very, very, very pale-looking, like powder. I just cracked up. I couldn't stop my laughter. After awhile he said, "What happened to you?" I said, "My God, do you sleep with your wife with your lights on?" He said, “No." I said, "Friend, what does it matter? Does it matter? Does it matter at night when you sleep with her whether she is dark or she is fair, and what is what? Or do you keep the lights on?" He said, "Who keeps the lights on?" I said, "If nobody keeps the lights on, what does it matter to you?” He said, "No, there is a kind of feeling." I said, "No, you have not married, you have never been married." He said, "No, no, I got married." I said, "No, you are prostituting with her. You are not married. You think you are married, and you think she is not beautiful." I said, "What is beauty? Define the beauty." I said, "Your parents married you because you were flirting with another girl. Right?" Now, I knew all about him.

Remember those days when people used lipstick and powder and the whole thing? Remember those funny days? For one preparation of one intercourse they pay about fifty bucks. More than that, you go for a hairdo, then you use about five dollars on that lipstick and that powder and the whole jazz. You understand? Then you dress up, go for a dance and all that to provoke the situation because you don't have a stimulant in you. Then you have to have a dinner and booze; that is another twenty to fifty dollars, so almost one hundred dollars is the cost. Then you come home and start snoring and sleep. You spend all this to provoke one thing: to have a good intercourse, right? A lot of Americans do it. I'm not telling you a wrong thing. Eighty percent of the people do this. "Honey, how are you? Come on, we'll have a date, da, da, da, and the whole thing that goes in between." They booze so much, they eat so much, they dance, they come home so tired, they fall in the bed, somebody else removes the shoes.
Once a wife told me, "My husband is so wonderful. He takes care of me. But, will we ever have children?" I said, "What is wrong with you?" She said, "No, nothing is wrong with him or wrong with me." I said, "What is the problem?" She said, "Yogiji, every time we plan that tonight we will have a good physical intercourse, we plan it perfectly, then something always goes wrong. It is now the sixth year of marriage. Sometimes he drives home; most of the time I drive home. Every night I remove his shoes. He comes from work tired, or he comes from dance tired, he comes from dinner tired, he sits on the bed and says, 'Oh, God,' and thereafter all I know is 'blum.' I have to remove his suit, I have to remove the whole thing, and then he gets up in the morning. what should I do with such a man?" I said to her, “This is the life of every individual. They are never alert what to do, they flirt around with different things. Wife flirts, husband flirts, father flirts, mother flirts, son flirts, daughter flirts; it is a total congregation of flirts.”
The sage says, "Your mind has become a flirting kid. Don't let it become an adult. Because if you let it become an adult it will become so strong that it will ruin your old age." Because your mind started flirting when you were a teenager, it is eleven years always younger than you. That is why some people when they are fifty years old, just look like a baby. And they create babyish habits. It is surprising to me that no human being wants to be adult, they want to look like a baby, they want to behave like a baby. . . I know of a woman who talks like a baby. That is why when she told me, "It was so beautiful," (high voice), a forty-two year old damned woman talking to me in total baby language, I couldn't believe it. "Yogiji, when you spoke to me, it was so good." (High voice). I said, "What was good in that?" (High voice). I also started talking like that . . . you know, just to press the upper tongue you start talking babyish.
They dress like babies. Have you seen that traveling by air, when you come to Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, or whatever ... have you seen every mirror coming out, and there is a little red stick going on every lip? I have seen that scene. Now if they don't have any blood in their lips, what are they posing for? By putting on that red lipstick you think your white dead lips will become red? And what does that lipstick have to do with your kissing? When you kiss, you just spoil another person, too. Why do you create this film in between you and somebody else? What for? What is this hypocrisy? They are all Christians. Jesus says don't live as hypocrites, but they are all practical hypocrites. There is not a single Christian here. They say He is the Son of God. He is the master, right? We are all slaves unto Him. The slave does what the master did, and when did Jesus Christ apply this lipstick? Do you know if Mother Mary applied it? What are we talking about? No, no, we flirt with reality. We flirt with religious message. We flirt with everything we create. We are so alert, we are so alert, we use our entire alertness to use our mind to flirt. It's just the reverse, it's just a negative.
This is a very particular thing I want to tell you. Every woman thinks if she can grab this man, this man, she'll be powerful. No. No woman will ever be powerful by attaching herself to anything, because woman is only powerful when she is a woman. If she is anything else, she is weak. As a mother she has to give in to her children, as a wife she has to give in to her husband, as a secretary she has to give in to the boss, as this she has to give in to that, but when she is a woman, she is just she, and when she is she, he wants her very much. You understand that? You understand what I am saying? He wants what? He wants a she. He wants a she. He needs a she. She is the polarity of he. But when she’s not she, what the hell does he have to do with it? Some of you give birth to a child, you totally get wrapped up with the child, and your husband starts flirting around, because the husband got married to the wife, and now there is no wife; there is a mother. I know one husband who came from the office and wanted to kiss his wife. She picked up the child and put it in his lap. He kissed him. It was a boy. He said to her, "I'm going to call Yogiji tomorrow." She said, "What for?" He said, "I have one point to clear." So he talked to me, "Yogiji, what should one do when one wants to kiss his wife, and instead he is made to kiss his son?"
I said, "He should take a gun and fire it in the air." He said, "I don't understand." I said, "Lodge a protest, very strong."
We always forget these things. Some people are married to money. Women has these areas: either woman needs the wealth of the man, she needs the health of the man, or she needs the fame of the man. Health, wealth, and fame. A woman who goes beyond these three really gets the man. If the man is weak and sick, they let him go. If he is a famous person, they will run around him. All these singers have got groupies around them, but when the singer is no longer a famous singer, then no groupies; even his wife doesn't go, I was shocked yesterday. Bob Dylan's wife, after so many years, with so many children, has divorced him. Yesterday it was in the paper. Some women always want money. They always ask: what is your salary? How much have you got? What do you earn? How about giving it to me? You give that woman all the wealth of the world, she still wants twenty cents more. Those women should never consider themselves married, because those women have never married a man. They are married, but they use the institution of marriage for their psychological neuroses. Marriage is a state of happiness when the soul merges into another soul and oneness is experienced. Oneness is experienced.
Suppose you do not have a good dress. Your husband calls you, "Darling, I am coming with my guests." Don't start yelling at him; it is his prestige also. Once a woman fought a very simple case. She said, "Ay, don't bring your friends, I don't have anything to wear. I want to look good before they come home." Look good to whom, lady? For whom do you want to look good? “Those are the queens who are the beloved of their husbands: Soe raaneeaan jo khasame paaneeaa(n) baakee karnaa man maaneeaa(n)!” In these three lines, the entire psychology of God and His consciousness are totally pinned down. "Those are the queens who are the beloved of their husbands; the rest are just flirting around with their minds." Guru Nanak says in the Gurbani: "Dhan pir eh na aakheean bahan ikate koi. Ek jot dui moortee dhan pir kaheeai soi: Don't call them great who sit together, live together, eat together, be together. No, great are those who have one soul in two bodies, union."
There are women who are married and their entire marriage is complaints: "My husband doesn't kiss me at night, he doesn't hug me at night, he doesn't come home and bring me flowers," as if they had married a flower. Once I was so messed up on one situation, I got very rude with somebody. I said, "Hell with you, tell me where is your marriage contract, tell me where it is written the damn guy should bring a flower to you?" She said, "I expect it!" I said, "Then he expects it that you should not complain to him." When I talked to that guy, he spoke to me, "Yogiji, five years have gone by, this woman is a Miss Complaint I have married." He said to me honestly, "Yogiji, if you would have given this woman the name Complaint Kaur, that would have been most appropriate." There are a lot of Kaurs: Complaint Kaur, Bugging Kaur, Uptight Kaur. The identification name is different, but the general name is Uptight Kaur, Insane Kaur, Neurotic Kaur, Complaint Kaur, Bugging Kaur; these are the general category names. Why? Because that is all you do.
The job a spiritual teacher has to do when he reads the fate and the destiny, and in the destiny he finds the destination, is to give it an elevated word. A person who is very down-trodden, he gives that person the name, "Amrit Kaur," princess of nectar, so she may remember that she has to live away from complaint, bugging and all those poisonous things. She should live pure, she should talk pure, she should feel pure, she should deal pure. Pure, pure, pure, pure, pure. No pollution. Now this is a concept which has to be lived. That is why I told every husband: “If you want to be married, try to remain married, and want a family to happen; then give these women a chance to be women. If a woman is not a woman, she is never going to be a good wife, she is never going to be a good mother, she is never going to be a good anything.” Until the Bugging Kaur doesn’t know what Kaur is and how to get out of the bugging, why should she get out of the bugging? Every Bugging Kaur has to turn opposite and become a Hugging Kaur. A Complaint Kaur has to become what they call a Patience Kaur. A Money Kaur has to become a Service Kaur. These are the areas of the change. A Flirt Kaur has to become an Alert Kaur.
That is why from the time of Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh, a path to know was laid down, a path to know, a path to travel. Guru Nanak’s sons, Baba Siri Chand and Lakshmi Chand, could not become Gurus. Guru Ram Das’s eldest son, Prithi Chand, was such a neurotic man you can’t believe it. Guru Har Rai’s son even altered the Guru’s bani. It took all this time to come to Guru Gobind Singh, whose sons could stand erect and be bricked alive at the ages of seven and nine and still say Wha Guru! The path is complete. It is a laid down path. It is practical path, where it was proven through generation after generation how a custom can develop, a tradition can develop. If you talk to a Jew: tradition, tradition, tradition. Tradition is a great thing. Do they live it? What made the Guru’s two sons, seven and nine years old to be bricked alive? Today they are seven, eleven, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, they don’t listen to you. Why? Because Guru Gobind Singh was Maryada Prashotam. Maryada. He lived in a Rehit, code of conduct.
When a husband and wife live a code of conduct, out of them children will be born that are saintly and graceful. You can’t teach a child to be
obedient. A child has to know that his father is a very disciplined man. That's all. He must know it. If he knows his father is not a disciplined man, you can never have a disciplined child. You can always judge the discipline of the parents from the children. If the mother is weak, they will be sneakers. They will talk this, that talk. If the father is disciplined, but the mother is not, you'll find the difference. You can immediately know from the child's behavior who is goofing. If the mother and the father are both alert to be parents and they live to the discipline as parents, and they live their life as husband and wife in a very disciplined way, the children will automatically be disciplined. Maryada: father gets up at 3:30; mother gets up at 3:30; then maybe one day the child will know that at 3:30 he has to be only with God. These two guys are not going to take care of him.
Our mothers say, "I cannot go to Sadhana. I have a baby." That is the destruction of the woman when she uses the child as an excuse. At that time there is no woman. Think the woman dead when she is so mean, so low, that she uses her own child as an excuse for her comfort. It is the meanest act on this planet by the highest individual. It is the highest which becomes the meanest. It is always the law: the highest will become the meanest, and the meanest of a woman is when she uses her own born child for excuses from righteousness: I can't do sadhana, I can't read Siri Guru Grant Sahib, I cannot do this, I cannot do that, because of my child. She is putting oil on the root of a very small tree. She is ruining something which could be very great tomorrow. A majority of the mothers do it. It is called the worst curse. It is a curse because you cannot do righteousness because of that baby. The soul cries. Actually each time you are putting a curse on your child.
Guru Nanak answered this way: "Oode ood aavai sai kosaa, tis paachai bachre chhariaa. Tin kavan khalaavai kavan chugaavai man meh simran kariaa.” These ducks lay their eggs in the North Pole. Somewhere there. They leave their eggs behind and fly all the way to Florida. Guru Nanak says, "Who hatches their eggs? Who takes care of them? Who feeds their little ones? Are they not mothers? Can't you learn from the animals? The birds? They leave their eggs behind. They get hatched, the little ones grow, in the egg there is enough.” “Sail patar meh jant oopaae, taa kaa rijak aagai kar dhariaa: Even the life which has been created in stone has its food created with it.” "Here is a foolish human woman, the creativity of God, the doorway through which the God can manifest as a human to experience the earth-- the mother of Lord Rama, the mother of Lord Buddha, the mother of Lord Jesus, the mother of Lord Guru Nanak -- and she says, “I cannot go to sadhana because of the baby."
I am not telling you something that God is speaking to me in the heavens, because in the name of this fact that God spoke to me, a lot of holy men have created a chaos on this earth. I am telling you what my consciousness and your consciousness speak to all of us. Most of the acts we do are not mature; they are immature acts because they come out of our flirtation. The worst state of mind is when flirtation and ego are combined. When flirtation and ego get together "bas (bs): That is it!" That is the last state of insanity, because one is flirting mind, second is ego. Ego won't let you even listen to the word of Truth. The combination of ego and flirt mind is good-bye ; it is a good-bye to any chance of divine consciousness. What is the problem with ego? A person with ego will never listen, or feel, or try to change if he or she is wrong. When you are right you are okay. When you are wrong and somebody tells you you are wrong, there is no way. In our life, God has created us to experience His creativity.
There may be some woman in this camp who may not have anything to do with 3HO. They must have been here for unknown reasons. Last camp I met one. I looked at her. She was not this, not that. One day I asked her, "How did you come to the camp?" She said, "I just walked into it." Why? Karma. "Ankare Karm,"5 good deeds of previous life. We act on this earth and sometimes goodness comes to us from the acts of a previous life. We have some good blessing from our previous life. Otherwise, why are you as a bunch trying to live a way of life in the face of two hundred fifty million Americans. Can you tell me? Have you gone mad? Somebody has brainwashed you? What has happened? Have you deeply understood what is going on? No. "Ankare karm." The promise of God was with you in a previous life. When God said to you, "You have to have a birth, and you'll be born a woman, and you'll be born in America," you freaked out. You said, "The American woman doesn't know what woman is. She's a chick. God, why don't you make me an egg to be born in a hen? So, at least I can be a chicken and go to Colonel Sander's Kentucky finger-licking process, or somebody can make a barbecue of me?" God said, "No, no, no. I will try to do some good to you. You will walk into Ladies' Camp. You will no more be a chick. You will be a Kaur, a Princess of divinity and grace.”
That is what the word Kaur actually means: a Princess of dignity and divinity. "Kaur" means there is no "no." Nobody else. It is it. When the combination of dignity and divinity happens, that is the highest state of consciousness. It is the highest alert mind. In that alertness, Guru Gobind Singh gave the woman the title Kaur. "Ka-ur". "Ar" (Ar ) means something else. "Kau" (kO) means which. Then there is "Kaur". This is the naad of it. "Ka-ay-er.” When there is nothing else, it is, "I am the Kaur." You understand? Then when you say I am the Kaur, that means you are the You. Then you will exactly deal with everything from that point of view, so that you can always know what is grace and what is disgrace, what is high and what is low, what is right and what is wrong. Then you can always choose what is right, what is graceful and what is nice. Actually what 3HO is, is that an Uptight Kaur can become a Relaxed Kaur, an Unhappy Kaur can become a Happy Kaur, and in total sum a chick has to become a Kaur. I presume this is the greatest miracle to ever happen on this earth. The chicks have become Kaurs. It is a funny thing.
Have you seen these American ladies talking, "Oh boy, oh boy." You understand? They always think everything is a boy. There are never men on this earth. "Oh boy! Boy, oh boy. That's great!” Have you heard these moms? It's their way of thinking. From language you always know where a person's consciousness is. "Oh boy, oh boy!" It is the hippie language when they say, "Hey man." Hey man. Hey man. Hey man. Amen. Amen. Aum. Aum. Just watch my language, how I press different meridians in my upper plate and how the sound comes. Aum, aum, aum. It is the sound of a yell of a lion from where the word man has come out. Aum. And there is the word aum. Lions yawning. If you have heard the yawning lion, it exactly creates the right naad. That is why the lion is called the master of the beasts. Master of the beasts. That is why Guru Gobind Singh gave men the title of Singh. Singh means he who has mastered his beast. Singh and Kaur. If one is truly alert that he is a Singh and she is a Kaur, nothing more is required. When a Singh and a Kaur unite, Khalsa is born. That is why Guru Gobind Singh could give a name of Singh and Kaur. Guru Gobind Singh created a Singh and Kaur so that Khalsa could live. The Siri Singh Sahib: I don't know what I should do, I like to give the lectures, there are a lot of them, very interesting and everything, but then I feel you will become attached to me, and I have to go. You know that. And, this time I have to go because of you. I have to go, so that when you go, it may look alright. And my personal feeling is that if you have decided to stay for four weeks or eight weeks, whatever the case is, remember in all the doing there is one thing which must be done, and that is, try to be a woman. When you become a woman, then shape yourself to become a real Kaur. That you must achieve, whether it takes you four weeks or eight weeks or one day.
Today Sat Simran was telling me a lot of people want to see me. I started thinking, why do they want to see me? I go to their class every day; don't they see me? Am I giving a class to all the blind people? A hundred and fifty blind women have come to Espanola? They don't listen to me? Are they deaf? I know none of you is dumb. Am I teaching a class of deaf and blind? Eight years have gone by. Eight long years. And I have said one and the same thing, again and again, that each human being is born out of God, and each human being has to merge in God. During the last eight years, I have been sharing technology, the way, the method for doing it. Still people have eyes, but still don't see. They have ears, but they don't hear. What can I do? Guru Nanak said it very well: "Chhad chhakreeaiaa: Leave these clevernesses." Because these clevernesses and these schemes and these things you cook, these cookies, cookies will never substitute for a good meal. With this you agree, right? Then why do you want to live on cookies? You cook, you scheme, you manipulate, you think, “This will be all right, that will be all right, this will happen.” But nothing will happen. One thing should happen and you have come here to let that happen: here you want to be with God, and fill your heart with God. Let God sit in your heart. Clean it out. Clean your temple. Clean your head. Don’t go after these clever flirtations. Don’t flirt. Flirtations will make earth hell for you. Be alert. Get up! Rise! Awake! Be a Kaur! You have come here to learn to be a Kaur, to be a woman who can hold the man. As the word woman holds the word man in it, that is how every woman should hold man. If woman doesn’t know how to hold the man, she’s not complete, she’s only wo, wo, wo, wo, wo. That’s it. She’s wo, wo, wo. Woman should contain the man just as the word woman contains the man. From there she becomes a Kaur, and when a Kaur merges with a Singh, then a Khalsa is born. Otherwise you give birth to a litter, another chick. And this is what will happen. This is a flirt mind: “How can I marry him? I don’t know him. What will happen to me?” How can you know him at all? You never knew Him who created you; how can you know this man? Him, Him. You never sang the hymns to the Him. You never knew Him, you never played to Him. You’re never grateful to Him. You never thanked Him. So, how can you marry this man and know him?
You know, I have the funniest karma. It is the most difficult thing. Never try to be a holy man. You have to know everything, and you have to pretend you are the biggest fool. Because, how can you deal with a fool? Unless you come down to his level you can’t deal with a fool. It is a most painful thing. Every time you have to fall from the sky to the ground and pick the guy back up, and then you have to carry the weight all the way. But, the path of Guru Nanak is so simple, so direct, and it is so beautiful
because there is a hope even for the hopeless. Guru Nanak says the hopeless has been created by the One who is the hope of everybody. That is why I always tell you, "Keep up." That is the Maha Mantra, the great mantra. "Keep up." Whenever you sing the Song of the Khalsa, you should go deep into these words and remember, and see that your children remember this as a first thing, so that within the framework of this entire maya we can learn how to live and so our children may not have flirt minds. People who do not do sadhana are not anybody's enemy; they are their own enemy, because sadhana changes the flirt mind into the alert mind. It is a procedure, it is a process. And an alert mind takes you through the whole day. That is why Guru Nanak said, "Amrit velaa sach naao vadiaaee veechaar: In the primal hours rise, do your sadhana, praise the Lord."8 Be great. Come out. Share your greatness the whole day and you'll be covered the whole day.
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

YB Teachings, LLC 1989
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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