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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 12/01/1983
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Unknown

Naad Yoga

The art of speaking is very simple. If you speak to communicate your honesty only then should you speak, otherwise you should never speak. If you cannot communicate, what is the purpose of speaking? The purpose of speaking is to communicate your self. I want to carry myself to you and I want you to carry your self to me. What is the purpose of Naad? Why did God give you a mouth - to create sounds? If you are a dragon you can shoot fire out. If you are Indra, you can let out a blast of water. The police use this these days for controlling crowds. They have learned from Indra. And the napalm is nothing but that dragon fire which burns miles and miles. Understand that your mouth can shoot flames and it can also shoot water and it can create a breeze and be soothing and healing, or it can create an upset and nonsense and everything.

My expectation is that my student must be successful. That’s all I know. I don’t know anything else. I don’t believe in failure. I believe failure is anti-God. It is Satan. You know I am from the Sacred Heart Convent and my first education was in Christianity. I believe that failure is Satanic and to be failing is to worship Satan. Everything else is God. That’s how I have divided the universe. You may say you worship God. I say you don’t. If you have directly or indirectly anything in your consciousness which accepts failure then you are more attached to Satan than you are attached to God.

And I believe success is my birthright. Success with woman, success with intercourse, success with physical intercourse, success with the communication intercourse; everything in this universe is nothing but intercourse. God didn’t know anything more than one thing - intercourse. And communicative intercourse is the very, very beginning of everything. Physical intercourse is later, cyclical intercourse is later, projective intercourse is later, electromagnetic field intercourse is later, projective field intercourse into the psyche and reversibility is later. Intercourse of reversibility of cycle into the psyche of another person in emotions and commotions is later.

The science of Naad, the science of communication, is very old. The entire scriptures that guy used to read for his reference was written on bamboo strips. They were written in gold, liquid gold. I asked him why? He said that this is the only thing which could be kept preserved. Otherwise everything gets eaten up. The entire knowledge was beautifully done and written in liquid gold on very well balanced bamboo.

Normally we want to talk, so question is why do we talk? There are many reasons why we talk: to express ourselves, to relate information, to blend two beings, to release pressure from the mind, to persuade, to convince, to win, to get, to grab, to project our personality, to cause changes, adjustability. Change is a heavy word when you use it and there your language has to be corrected. If you say I want to make a change you are causing a challenge: you want to change and I don’t want to change. To cause ‘adjustability’ is also a heavy word, but it is politer and it makes more sense.

To raise the consciousness of ourselves and others is another reason we talk. If you want to know a thing, read that. If you want to learn a thing, write that. If you want to master a thing, teach that. If you do not know how to raise the consciousness of another person, you can never raise your own consciousness. You may know the whole world, the entire knowledge of the universe may be with you, but that will not achieve any effectiveness.

Story-telling is a most powerful purpose for talking. Story-telling and humor are the two ways of communicating where normally you do not get burned and have a loss. Two ways to win in the world are to tell stories and to talk through humor.

To penetrate is another purpose, but to penetrate is not the proper word. A more accurate term is to rape the psyche. That is our basic need to communicate. The purpose of communication in the beast part of us is to rape the psyche of anything which is within the range of our aura, multiplied by a hundred, and then multiplied by a million. Within a hundred mile radius we’ll like to talk and we like to communicate within a million miles, that is, all over the globe. So, the idea is to rape: my animal wants to rape the animal psyche of you. It is the most inhuman way of talking for a human to rape the psyche of another person. But you’ll be surprised to know, seventy-percent of the time that is what we do. And that’s the urge, to talk, to project into. Not only you project, but you interlock yourself. You know, have you seen the two dogs having intercourse? They do the intercourse and then they turn their backs to each other and get stuck. And that is the normal intercourse of communication which the beast in us does to the beast in each other. You know how unsophisticated and ugly it looks? In the scriptures there is a picture of two dogs, their tongues coming out with dog breath, and they are locked. And the majority of us in our unacknowledged and unaware life speak like that.

If you really analyze yourself sweetly and without prejudice, without putting yourself down, without putting yourself up, you’ll be surprised that the majority of you talk like that. Because you want to create your baby, you want to create your puppies. You don’t care what you want. You want to create a third thing called puppies.

If you really want to communicate you will respect the other person and the other person will respect you and there will be a lot of reverence.

Actually, what is the purpose of communication? The purpose of talking is one and only one. As there is one God, one humanity, one light, one planet Earth, there is the one purpose of communication. It is to discharge your honest being. I am literally translating: “To discharge your honest being.” When you catch the honesty and communicate rather than carrying garbage with it, that is communication. The first purpose of life is to know where your honesty is. The second purpose is to know where your heart is. The third is to know where your head is and the fourth is to know your totality.

Honesty is a totality. You give yourself, a part of you, to somebody. You don’t give your total self to somebody. Therefore no relationship can be honest. You are going to get a flashback and flack back and somebody is going to be mad at you, because you are not honest to begin with. And you are not carrying your honest self to somebody. What happens through communication is that somebody is going to find your dishonesty later on... If you will keep your mouth shut, nobody will ever know what you are doing. But you cannot keep your mouth shut. Therefore, the source of knowledge is nobody except you. Because the source of knowledge comes from you in bits and pieces, therefore there is anger against you because you’re not straightforward. And the other person takes a long time to think about you and then they find out you were not trustworthy. This is how you lose trust.

And that is how I gain trust with your hearts. I come right out and blow your mind. You never like it, you always avoid me, you do everything, but I don’t care. Whatever the situation is, I come right out and put a big cannon ball into you. That is what you have to learn to do. Zero yourself and let yourself go, your total self, not a part of you. Nobody is forcing you to speak, nobody is sitting over your head and saying come on, speak. But boy, when you do it should be right out, total self, right out. It doesn’t matter what wrong it does. Whenever the ball is going to be in some person’s court, let that person deal with it. You let it out. You know what you’ll save? You’ll have no heart attacks, no regrets, you’ll be calm and clear, absolutely compassionate and very, very forgiving. It comes from one source: Speaking your total self.

Don’t try to do it with all that show of lunch and dinner and then some sexy movie. You know that you want to take her to bed. You know that, and she knows it too. And you are playing such a long game. And that is the story of every life. We need cohabitation, we are very sexual. Even with God we are sexual. We need intercourse. We don’t want God, God is everywhere. But what is our job? We want to produce God and have a talk face-to-face. Is there any human on the Earth who doesn’t want to confront God? I mean, you are so neurotic, you believe me or not, God is everywhere. Leave him alone, He will leave you alone. But it’s not true that you want to leave God alone. You want to do anything in your power to produce God, and have an intercourse, a communicative intercourse.

You were born out of intercourse, you live through intercourse, you want to have intercourse with God. That is what communication is called: cohabitative intercourse. The finite wants to achieve intercourse with Infinity. Simple! Let us make things simple. But if you are the finite and you want intercourse with the Infinity, then why not first learn to have intercourse with the finite?

Speaking to people and communicating with people and trying to convince people is something, but there’s a great blunder which we commit, and that is, through communication we try to control people. And the danger in that is, if you try to control somebody, you have to also be in control of that person’s problem. You think you can get away with just a person, but the truth is, that you are getting away with his problem. Everybody wants to be controlled by everybody, because they want to get rid of their problem. And when you are out to get a person, you are out to get the problem, which is not very effective. It is not effective in the life scale. And it is rhythmically wrong. It is wrong, as an association, it is wrong as a cohabitation, it is wrong as an intercourse. But you can’t control your urge to control.

There’s a basic security in us that we think we want to have control. The fact is that nobody can control anybody, all you can do is flow. You can flow with each other, like rivers and streams flow with each other and they all end up in the same ocean. All things come from God and all things go to God. It’s a very simple formula which you have learned.

The problem is that in our brain there’s not a nerve connecting system of sending messages from one part of the brain to another. It’s kind of a mixture, a solution. It happens very fast, but the fact is, there’s no wiring there. That’s something you have to understand. Now I understand why it has to be like that. Because man can improve his whole life by changing that chemical material which carries the messages. And my personal feeling is that man must have found it out centuries and centuries ago. Actually that might be tomorrow’s solution to make us healthy, to make us better and to make us energized. Because, actually your total strength is not in your muscles, your total strength is in that chemical communicating solution. Rasa actually means solution, rasaa means juice. Naad means communication. Namoda means addressing. And it is from so many hundreds of thousands of years ago that this line existed: Naad namod rasaa. It is that chemical solution which interconnects each part of the brain and each part makes a different chemical solution. the messages are transmitted and the reaction is very fast!

So, at that time whether surgery existed or not, they might have opened the brain to find out how it is under the skull. When they wrote about it, they were very accurate. I was told that those rishis or swamis or yogis used to go into every part of the body and find out the size, shape, transmission power, tissues, nerves - everything.

What is the best in you is your own honesty. There’s nothing better in you or best in you than your own honesty. Sometimes you’re beautiful, you think you are beautiful, sometimes you are professional, you think you are professional. You are so many things, but the greatest effective thing which you can transport and sell and give it or gift it out, is your total honesty. Suppose somebody gives me a beautiful sweet, and on the top of it there’s a dead fly. Am I going to eat it? First, I’ll think it is black pepper but then I’m going to look and I’ll see the wings and say, “Wait a minute!” What I mean to say is that the whole work which was done is lost. One bug in your life, one neurosis in your life, can take away your whole joy of life and waste it. That is why Guru Gobind Singh gave you the Wahe Guru mantra, to clear the bugs out.

What we have tried to embody is how to honestly communicate your personality out. If there will be a chance to teach another course some time I’d like to teach how to receive the essence of honesty in the communication which is being blasted towards you. There is a two-way system, you know. You communicate and you receive communication. And what happens is, what you communicate and what is being communicated, between the two, your computer in your sub-conscious stores the memory and works out your patterns, and then that becomes your life style. You have to understand that neither your ego works nor you work, that it’s all that mechanism. The mechanism has no value. The process of passage is not designated and designed and covered by you! It is covered by two processes: Your communication and your receipt of communication. Whatever that subconscious process is, that is what you are.

And our next effort will be to talk about your communication and talk to your subconscious and try to style out the patterns. The art of communication is whenever you open your mouth, remember to give out your honest self. A relationship is not based on communication. A relationship is based on how honestly you are being trusted. And there is no such thing as a relationship which has no foundation. A dishonest foundation has no relationship. If you value your life, you have to have a foundation of communication, and it has to be solid and honest and trustworthy.

You can love the whole world, but you can trust few. And the few you trust, become the lead in your life, and the few you trust, when they hurt you, you are hurt so bad, your money, your bank credit, your wife, your children, all get hurt.

The technology to avoid that and to get through that is the science and the knowledge we are pursuing. It is with the ancients and it is called Naad Yoga: the science and art of communication. And in this, there are words, or there are naads, and these are all sounds which you have chanted. Through these naads, the chemistry of the communication serum is changed.

Nobody outside has injected you with anything. You have injected within yourself and the process will make the change. And that is how it is done. I believe no change is possible or worthwhile if it does not change the foundation. What matters to you is what matters to you and patchwork will never ever give you the satisfaction of you. And the best effort is not to do the patchwork. The achievement is to hit right at the base, and build it all the way up.

There are three ranges of speaking the same thing. Let’s say the purpose is to ask for a glass of water. “Could you please get me a glass of water?” That’s called medium-soft. “Get me a glass of water!” is called harsh, and “Could you, my dear, be so kind as to please get me a glass of water?” is soft. When you speak soft you are exalted. When you speak medium, you are acknowledged. When you speak harsh, you are hitting at yourself. Anyone other than your spiritual teacher is not publicly, morally authorized to raise his voice. Because we are only entitled to shout and yell and scream when we have to project and penetrate the aura, otherwise, it’s one of the most animal jobs a spiritual teacher has to do. Because we have to break your arc and ego and penetrate, then we have to play this badminton match, this tennis game, whatever you want to call it. You serve the ball really sharp, and serve back, and you hit and return. It is called wrestling, it’s not called communication. In battle, the communication is not communication at all.

The idea is, that the person should be invincible. That is how I believe. Good times and bad times are just times. Good times are good times and bad times are bad times, but both are times. But you should remain you. And I believe good times can destroy you and bad times can destroy you, so destruction is both times.

So, if you think good times will not destroy you, forget it! And if bad times will not destroy you, you also are mistaken. Neither good times can save you. Rich are also more sick than the poor. If richness would have bought God, everyone would have bought him in pounds! And if success would have brought you respect, then every successful man should be respected. Actually, successful men are hated the most.

Words are the power of God. You can play words. What you can gain through words is the entire world. What Guru Nanak did, what Jesus did, what Abraham did, what Moses did, what Rama did, what Krishna did, is in the game of the words. If Krishna would not have had the Gita to his credit, who is going to worship a man who has eighteen thousand wives? If Rama had not had the Maryada Prashotmi to his credit, who would have worshipped that man who made his pregnant wife run away from the house?

So, if you think all your life you have to have a measurement to always be right, that’s not true. Good times and bad times, and bad times and good times will continue. Question is, who you are. If you are who you are, and you come out to be who you are, you have done it.

Beloved God bless us, besiege us with Thy Love, nurse us with Thy Light, and give us the chance to experience the most beautiful word of yours. And when the end comes, may Thy praise be on the tip of our tongue and may we leave for our final home in absolute grace, divinity, and dignity. And may we all be blessed by Thy company alone.

1983 YB Teachings, LLC
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