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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/15/1988
Category: Khalsa Council
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

The Spritual Twilight Zone

Let me start with: Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

I was going to talk to you something very wonderful and marvelous and beautiful, and I've tried to get in some part of it, but there is something which happened this morning that was very ugly. And I realized something: there was a Singh Sahib and he is very emotional and he is very devotional and he is very realistic and he understands what a Singh Sahib is, but this morning he was questioning me. "I need support. I need some people to this. I want a balance, I want to chair this committee." I listened and I listened and I listened. And in the end I said, "Singh Sahib is a very lonely, extremely individual, and perfectly nothing but a grace. You don't need anything, you won't get anything. All you have to do is to understand you are a Singh Sahib and God and righteousness is on your side. And if you do not know how to receive righteousness, I cannot make an operation and put it in you." He said, "Am I wrong?" I said, "You are not. You are a baby Singh Sahib, and I want you to act as a mature, honorable, honest, truthful,
honest Singh Sahib. Don't seek help. You are reversing the whole constitution. You are supposed to give help!"

I understand that we have come from the sixties and I also understand imaginatively that the revolt was very costly. There were twenty million people in America which started the revolt. Constitutional, honest revolt. Out of that, today, the sixties rules the United States and if we are not aware of it, we are highly handicapped. When I used to travel in my last two years, I'll sit down in first class and I'll meet some people, very funny people. Those kind of people never used to be seen in first class. And normally you go either for a telephone, you stand there were they make the phone calls, (these days there are phones in the airplanes) or you have to wait for the bathroom, or you go and talk with those ladies to have a good time.... And once in a while I'll see somebody there who says, "I think I have seen you." I said, "Maybe somewhere, but I do not recognize you." Then they say, "I passed through New Mexico. I met you in Santa Fe."

People remember from last twenty years how many times they have seen me, met me, talked to me and understood, and I don't know anything about it. And taking an average of any such people in a fifteen or sixteen or fourteen seats in first class and there are two or three people like that. So you take three who belong to the old age... going to die, three who are willing to die, (six), and three who are there perchance of luck, (nine) and three or four are there who are yuppies or old 3HO's....well, the happy, happy, holy, that's all it is about... it is not a big deal... and one or two of us, and that completes the whole cabin. So there is quite a percentage of the people whom you might have met and have forgotten. And now it is a time of reunion, and you might have to meet them again and let them know that you belong to them, put simply, you qualified yourself to take care of your own control and environments.

OPEN UP TO PEOPLE! And NOW is the time to open up! The only successful way for us to open up to all the people is to open up to understand that we have to GIVE them something to open up, not TAKE something from them if we open up. Don't make such a thing as a sucking section. Make something to spread the light. Talk to people. And my personal feeling today is you have more experience and more knowledge than anyone. All right, this is what I honestly have to tell you the assessment. If all the knowledge which you have, you have, then I was studying... I have a very small part of it. So you have a lot of knowledge... practical wisdom. I call it, "Applied wisdom." And if you just share with people your applied wisdom, without consideration that you have to influence or aquire something, or you require something, you will have masses of people loving you and following you. Because you are very unique people. You are the by-product of the evolution of the United States of America which you went through and this evolution will
effect this country for the coming 5,000 years. America will never be the same again, and you are the cream of that... like white butter comes out of the majh milk.

A lot of people have died, OD'd. It was an evolution in the shape of a revolution. People revolted, people discussed, people challenged. And then they mellowed down and then they merged. Out of that merger we find a class by itself. Absolutely classic class by itself, merged to be a Sikh Dharma of the Western hemisphere. And it organized itself, it grew into a cohesive body of intellectual, intelligent, and practically committed people who have a personality in the face of 250 million people with all their weakness, to declare: "I am the Khalsa, mighty mighty Khalsa. Everywhere I go people want to know, who I am, so I tell them. I am the Khalsa!" That is what your kids sing, you practically live it. And that's a very powerful, unique experience and a practical acknowledgement through which everybody has to go.

So I am not unhappy with what is happening... and what I am wondering about is, it all happened within my last twenty years, two decades. It's not a big deal. Now, the last twenty years, don't you think there were earthquakes? There were, right? Tidal waves, right? Hurricanes, storms, the twisters? Count them all into the numbers...we the Khalsa Council didn't experience THAT much tragedy. Though we were hit by twisters. What do they call them? Tornadoes. We were hit by tidal waves, we had earthquakes. That's what happened. We had a very powerful lobby to conspire to see that we may disintegrate. There are people who wish that we should be wiped out off the planet. You know why? Because they see into the future, they are very psychic. They see in the future that these little guys with white turbans and white banas and all that, if they happen to continue like this, they are going to take over.

I'll tell you the law of the physics: If in the existence comes an existence which does not merge itself into the existence, it always takes over the total existence. It is a law which can never change. If your existence continued to be identified as it is complete... in spite of a little cheating here and there...hey, you know, I'm not saying 100%, but I wish, IF it could have been just 100%, your existence AS it is, in bana, bani, seva, simran, exists and continues, and you can pass on from one generation to another generation to another generation to another generation -- do you know one thing? The entire vicinity will be forced by law of physics, by law of nature, the entire force of life will start merging with you and multiplying with you without your asking.

Where you are, you are valuable. But comparatively comfortable. You have problems, you have solutions, too. But you do not apply the solutions to your problems! Whenever a person cannot solve his problems... he cannot solve the problem only when he cannot sacrifice. Remember this law: Every problem needs a solution. Problem will not go away. Every problem needs a solution and every solution needs a sacrifice. And every sacrifice will bring harmony. As you buy something, you pay in dollars... as you buy happiness, you pay through sacrifice. Nobody has achieved infinity, grace and tranquility within it's own component units without sacrificing one thing: his commotional concept before his idenitification. I'm not saying that you have not the right to feel, that you have not the right to think, that you have not the right to be.... But you have not one right. With all knowledge of thinking, feeling, emotions, commitions, desire, responsibility and understanding, you don't have one right: YOU CANNOT
ACT AGAINST YOUR OWN IDENTITY! If you ever let yourself act against your own identity, you are your own worst enemy.

Please understand a simple secret of totality. This question was asked yesterday evening in a discussion. "How the Infinite God becomes slave to the finite man?" It was a direct question asked and the reply which I shared with that person, I share with you. When a simple humble mortal man starts believing, trusting, and loving his identity over and above his feelings, emotions, thoughts, and ideas... at that time the Infinity of God becomes the Infinity of the man and because of that beauty
and success, God surrenders Itself to the very little tiny man we call human. That's the only process available in this universe. That's why from human beings we become the Sikhs, and from the Sikhs we become the Khalsa. And then we live to the purity of it, to the end of it, so that we can be free from beginnings or ends once and for all.

Life has two attiitudes. One is to live for the sake of..., or you live for the sake of yourself. Nit nem, namit. Namit is "for the sake of." Nit is "daily." You live your daily life as daily life -- or you life for the sake of the Guru. If you decide to live for the sake of the Guru... each day of you... then God shall live for you forever. That's how ordinary people born in the ordinary way of life become holy and become messengers and messiahs. We do say when Jesus was born, we saw a star and it guided those three people. Those days tales were like that. So this is one of the tales. When Guru Nanak was born, something happened. A great thing happened. It was a full moon when it happened. His date of birth has been shifted to that full moon to adjust it. Actually he was not born on that full moon. Guru Nanak never needed a sympton or a sign to be great. Because 'Katak de pooran maashee', because that full moon of katak is considered to be the holiest, the most
pious... So they tugged Guru Nanak into it. Jesus was born on 24th of August. Because of the white holidays of the Roman times they took one Friday to another Friday and looked and they made him Capricorn. Now he is Capricorn? Now he is Capricorn... believe me or not. People do those things.

And, point of termination is point of determination. Your negativity terminates before you when your determination becomes complete. ALL problems in our lives are because we don't have determination. Termination of negativity, weakness, cowardness, shallowness is only experienced when determination of identity, personality and reality through identity is objectively known.

One day I'll be gone physically. I'll be better gone than to be here. But it is no secret to my mind and to my heart, there are many of you, all of you or some of you, I'm not getting into numericals, whose prayer has drawn a triangle over the square of God's order of death. In my own experience, lying on that surgical table, I did experience death for a second time in my life. I was gone. But when I... whereas I heard the shout of the doctor, "Yogi ji, Yogi ji!", I did hear the chant and prayer of you all, too. I apologize to the doctor for answering him little late than I should have. He said, "Are you here? Are you okay?" I said, "Yeah, I am fine. I am enjoying. Don't worry about it." He said, "What?" I said, "Well, you don't know. Go ahead. I am okay, now." And after that the entire circulatory system collapsed because it clotted. And I have never seen such a burning sensation in my entire chest. It will look like I am on a hot plate. Fire! Being roasted!
And then I said, "Actually, there is something wrong." And they took me back again and did the whole thing. But that was fine. That was fine. Again was over.

So what I am trying to explain to you, is that many of you may not recognize your identity, your power, your spirituality, your realism. But you have that graciousness. The only purpose of life is not to be scared of insecurity. Insecurity does nothing but scare a person. It's a scarecrow. It is a scarecrow which will not let opportunity and grace come and sit and be friendly. Insecurity is the most...listen, what is going to happen is going to happen! There's nothing anybody can do! If you feel insecure for it, bad things SHALL happen! If you don't feel insecure, they go away! That's the tragedy. That's the catch-22.

You know, the purpose of prayer is to tie in with Infinity. I mean, it is a simple mathematics. Let me explain to you. Purpose of prayer is to tie into Infinity, and when a zero ties into Infinity, it becomes Infinity. Infinity means "all powerful." It only means you are not scared, you are not afraid. That's all it means. You project your fear through prayer with Infinity and multiply and tune in, it means your fear goes away. When your fear goes away, the Divine takes over. Fear and divinity do not live together. That's why in the entire Siri Guru Granth, they say if you are afraid, be afraid of God. Any fear of God is no fear. It is an awe, a reverence. In the Western mind, fear is a very dreadful thing. In Eastern mind, fear is a reverence. When you are afraid of somebody, you have reverence about it. You don't understand this concept! I think I am talking to zucchinis or eggplants! I know that my words will go over, untouched and unheard. But this is what it
is. To me, 'Bao' and 'Bhao'. Fear creates reverence. When I go to the Gurdwara, I am afraid I should not do wrong, so I am very self-contained. I have complete reverence and command of myself and when I bow to the Guru, I have a great reverence for the Guru. Now the Guru's not sitting there and pulling my ears or doing something to me. But I have a great reverence because I am afraid if I misbehave in the presence of my Guru, it will be wrong. The fear to be afraid to act wrong gives you the reverence. If you do not know where reverence is... you think that if you can insult somebody emotionally, commotionally, say it all out, that you have reverence? No, that's not reverence. That is called unloading what you couldn't unload in the bathroom. You do a lot of it, in spite of the fact that you have all factories and all situations where you know the loading and unloading department is always separate. You know that? And you may make a million dollars worth of a house, you cannot have an outhouse in
it. That becomes inside story.

And I was hearing yesterday, somebody was telling there is house available, five bedroom, and five and a half bathrooms. And I said, "What is the beauty about it?" He said, "Half bathroom more." I said, "What is the beauty of that?" He said, "Moment you enter, you take off the shoes, you do the whole thing, the closet is like a living room and there is a half bathroom there so guest can ease himself." I said, "New idea." So there is a half bathroom right available. You take your shoes off, put your coat on a hanger and there's a mirror and there's a washing thing and then there's a bathroom available so you are all set. Groomed. But if a man comes to five million dollars of a house and he has to go out in an outhouse and come out, how lucky second time he will visit you? So when you unload yourself in public, it is just unloading yourself not in a bathroom, but in a livingroom. I call it always, "mismanagement of the brain wavelength of a personality" not to relate
to the decor of the environmental institution of authoritative replacement. Because when you misbehave publically, unload yourself publically, you do feel you are very truthful... it is not true! Inspite of the fact you may be truthful, but you are mannerless.

Three things are very important for a man to progress. Reverence, manners and kindness. Reverence, manners and kindness. When these three things will become a mode of life... then comes compassion. Compassion gives you three things. Compassion for people will give you the authority over your own passions, compassion for others gives you the authority to relate to the reality of others, and compassion gives you the authority that you can get other people's trust without even asking for it! Therefore in the decor of the human, one can be highly decorated if one understands that compassion is the key to success. And intelligently, if you are compassionate, you can put yourself in other person's position and totally understand the psyche. And therefore you will not be having any confrontation... you can avoid the issue.

So in my realism, I feel that future holds a very bright and promising graceful time for those who will continue to serve the Sikh Dharma and the Khalsa Unity with their own integrity, identity and self on the line. It is my very beautiful experience that if there is a challenge you should start finding a solution. Don't waste your time in challenging a challenge. Because the greatest challenge to a challenge is to find the solution. It is in my brightest feeling that God has... "Jo tis paaeh so aykaa vaar". God has given us all what He wanted to give us once. And we can use it as we want it. But, when we start using things GRACEFULLY, they multiply for us! The grace extends happiness in our life. The graceful attitude determines happiness. And you can very well take my example as personal. I came here 20 years ago, I never knew which boulevard, which country, which city I am going. I wandered, a man without direction. But I knew God is asking me to come
here, there's a purpose. And whatever I was told in India I am coming for all junked out. I'm not going to say, 'failed,' I said, 'junked out.' I went to the university asking, "I am supposed to be in the university teaching." They said, "Well, I don't know what will happen, but we can start your classes under the engineering department." Now how yoga and engineering got into it? And I said, "What is yoga has to do with engineering department?" They said, "Well, there are funds available there more than in any other department." I said, "Any philosophy department?" They said, "No, they are all under funded." So under engineering department I started teaching Kundalini Yoga. Can you believe that? I didn't believe that myself, but it happened, and only it will happen in Canada, nowhere else. So my realization was that, "Wow! look at this!" And then when I came to America, there were many many opportunities. Bright and beautiful, offered. There was once an opportunity that I have not to raise my pinkie for rest of my life, and I
can sit and I was suggested that funds were so much that I can advertise through every billboard in every city in the United States. And they even suggested that I have a huge picture of mine telling them, "I am, I am." And even the whole thing was suggested. All I had to do was put my little hand on this little lady's head and say, "I initiate you." I said, "No! In Kundalini Yoga, nobody initiates." She said, "Why not?" I said, "If a man is not worthy or a woman is not worthy to initiate himself or herself, the law of the Kundalini Yoga is that person should not be taught, and I'm not going to flaunt that law."

This is only one yoga to make you... guarantee you... that you'll be happy. Guarantee you! There's a divine promise, divine guarantee to make you healthy, happy and holy... provided you initate YOURSELF into it! Self-initiation. Because it says from self-initiation to self- enlightenment, the path is guaranteed. You hear me? And you have been practising it from last 20 years, 18 years, 19 years, 15 years, 12 years. You are on the right path. It may not be absolutely perfect, the progress may not be right, according to you.... because you are wrongly assessing it. Let me look at the assessment the way I look at it. Who you are? You were a commoner. You were very lucky. You were special. You were a commoner with common weaknesses. Now at least you are a special looking person with a common weakness... though you practise those common weaknesses. But the fact is that you know they are common weaknesses. And also you might be going for counseling, and understanding, and asking
group support and people support, and all those things. You know you are a commoner with common feelings and you have common solutions for it. But sometimes you pretend to socialize... well, man is a social animal by it's own grace, so basically everything you like to socialize.

People are very afraid to be lonely. Extremely afraid to be lonely! The luckiest one is to be lonely! There's no highest bestowed experience of Infinity and divinity but to be lonely, because God is lonely. There's only One God... we don't see the second... so who He'll be doing with? Name the person! God is very lonely. Extremely lonely. Because when you are lonely, you are forced to be self-fulfilled. There's an automatic in it. Self- fulfillment comes ONLY when you become lonely. Self-degredation and self-inferiority hit you only when you are lonely. Because you have a right of life... therefore you challenge that loneliness and what it brings to you. And from that you start creating a society. For a teacher it is a factual fact that he HAS to be lonely! Because from that loneliness he gets tired like God, and God created the universe. Therefore a teacher, when he starts feeling, and starts getting depressed with loneliness, that's why at that time he'll start teaching more classes. Believe me or
not... All weirdos become great teachers. All great teachers are basically those weirdos who never wanted to be lonely but they have no option but to be lonely. So they create like kind. It is called "twin intercourse." You have never heard that word, have you? Twin intercourse is, if a person can have a physical intercourse with a woman, and with himself at the same frequency of experience.

When interlocked is created between two psyches of a male and a female, twin intercouse happens. Well, for the Western world it's just a matter of just putting a thought out... God knows whether you know about it. You haven't heard it. Maybe some people will write a book on it five thousand years from now. And our generations will write. But practically, twin intercourse happens in three states: in a physical body, in a mental body, and in the spiritual body. In mental body it is very tasteful, and extremely wonderful. So much so, that God took a human body and his consort to enjoy twin intercourse in a mental state. And under that heading, I'm not going to explore more on that subject because you look like I am somebody from a different planet and you are not with me. I won't tax you... all right. But anyway, if you look at the life of all great people, you call them special incarnations of God, their life story will be based on a twin intercourse. Mental psyche explores the balance
of their physical existence and their spiritual exaltedness. And this you have to explore further to find out what I am talking about. But the human body is exactly curved, cut and made with an idea to have that experience.

However, in a spiritual twilight when you exist in the light of your own souls spirit, in the guidance of your own spirit... your own spiritual twilight zone... then God seeks you. You don't have to seek God. And to enter into your own twilight zone, spiritual twilight zone, you have to have a twin intercourse with your own soul. Your identity and your soul relate to each other in a dialogue, in an understanding, in a flow... and establishes the frequency which creates the magnetic field through which the attractiveness is not fatal, but fortunate. There can be fatal attractions but there can be fortunate attractions... and it is that fortunate attraction which brings you prosperity, happiness, love of friends, glory of God, and understanding with the mother earth and the universe.

Honorable members of this council, wisdom and knowledge are the beauties. I, in my humble opportunity of grace of God, work to understand that I have three things to count on. One, I experience that I served my teacher flawlessly. You have a magnitude and attitude about service. Let me tell you my own experience... and I'm not telling you to be right or wrong. I might have done certain wrong things or right things in my innocence, or in my coveredess, whatever you want to call it. But all error is human, no big deal. But in one thing I found myself to be very honest within myself: I served my teacher flawlessly. And that was a very graceful experience. Then... I served my Guru very humbly. Extremely humbly! Because when I was at Amritsar, posted, the only job which I loved and liked and looked to, was mopping up the floors of the Perkarma. That was my second experience. I served my teacher who gave me the knowledge... the basic knowledge... flawlessly. And I served the
Guru very humbly. And I served any office given to me, with the utmost dedication. With utmost reverence.

Wherever I ever got posted, I used to say to the people, "Look, I do not know what I am. But I'll do everything to serve this office in which I am." That's why I developed a habit to ask opinions. Even one day I was asking opinon from my doorman. And one of my inspectors came and asked me, he said, "My God, why you are asking the doorman?" I said, "He met that man first. I want his impression before I make mine. He was a very ordinary doorman standing at my door. This man must not have hidden his personality at all when he passed him. With me he might have hidden his personality." So picking up a knowledge from everywhere and anywhere to use it for your benefit. There are two ways to decide things: inductive method and deductive method. Deduce things to come to conclusions and also induce the environment to see that what you deduce fits in. Otherwise there is a possibility that your decision will be wrong. And you have to develop in you automation. Automatically, you, when you induce things, you
should deduce the result. And when you deduce result, the environments should induce to second your deductive results. And when you start doing like that, thinking and inducing and deducing things, actually you are learning to become intuitive. Whenever you'll decide everything inductively and deductively, you are becoming intuitively self-plus and then surplus. Once you become surplus in your intuition, you'll have the day. There's nothing to it!

My personal dedication is that by Guru's grace, '88 is coming to an end.... and so are my personal problems. Whatever is left here is Guru's own. And in my own recognized acknowledgement, I bow down in salutation to the very existence of the Khalsa in the West and to their experience, their organization, which we call "Khalsa Council." I do also bow to the head of this council and the working capacity of this council and also the man who is the dejuro, defacto responsiblity of it, the Siri Singh Sahib. I really pay my homage to the Siri Singh Sahib today, in my most utmost reverence and acknowledgement, for his grace, for his encouragement, for his courage, and for his method of serving the Dharma. And I'm very grateful personally, had it not been Siri Singh Sahib, be Siri Singh Sahib as it is, I would not have enjoyed this day today within you and me. So fundamentally, those of you who understand life and the legacy of life have to start thinking, talking and acting like that. Because all complication comes when you mix
up so many things for nothing.

As a principal attitude you must have pigeon holes where you put your things completely in one square, but separately and precisely. Those who have been bestowed with the office of any spiritual domain under the authority of being the clergy, or the minister, or the counselor, or the preacher, or the member, or the lay-member, they have to serve that office. And then you have to qualify how good a servant you are, how dedicated a servant you are. How flawless you are. How determined you are. How courageous you are to be a Sikh... to serve the office of a Sikh. Sikh is not a person. It's an identity! Khalsa is not a person. It's an identity! And an identity has only the domain of Infinity. When you serve an identity, you've got to serve it up to Infinity. And when you have the determination to serve an identity unto Infintity, you merge into that identity until Infinity and that's called "liberation." There's no other nonsense about it. You can read 200,000 books on spirituality. They don't
even have this paragraph one there! It is a simple law: SERVE THE IDENTITY UNTO IBFINITY... You shall be rewarded by merger, the grace of that Infinity in that identity.

So those who shall serve the Guru, shall become the Guru! Lehna served the Guru... he became the Guru. 'Amaroo Naa Thaavaa'... without a place. Serve the Guru!... Become the Guru! Jetha, the orphan poor kid became Guru Ram Das because his dedication was flawless. May you all be blessed with your own tomorrows and may the grace of the Guru be with you and may the purity of being Khalsa carry you through the time and space.

I shall be walking my own path, with my own staff, and carrying my own daily load, and I don't intend to surprise you, but I have to do what I have to do. I have nurtured you, I have groomed you, I have loved you well enough. And I'm very personally grateful to those who stood with me mentally, spiritually and physically. Half and half, totally, two point one, one point nothing, negative, spilt milk -- it doesn't matter. But now the call is on MY head. I'm not asking you to follow me, and I'm not commanding you to relate to me. I have to do what I have to do. If anybody of you has the purity of heart and clarity of consciousness and understanding, and wants to help me and join me, you are most welcome and invited. But I will not like you to disrupt your lives, your future, your comfort and your glory. Let us say in one word... dust to dust. Now experience it and feel it, and let us resurrect to the requirement to the tomorrow which is ours.

I'm not very philosophical about it, and I'm not undetermined about it. I have a responsibility which I have to discharge honestly. Your expectations about me may not come true... but I don't want to be judged by five billion men on the earth. I want to go one step beyond it! I want to be judged by the page of the history which all mankind can read. So it will be just little twisting of the way.... It is not a splitting of the ways. I have in my responsiblity the eleven million Sikhs of the Guru, whether they are or they are not. I have in my responsiblity the 18 million people. I have the responsiblity of your tomorrow. I do not want you to misunderstand me or to create any confusion about it. Sometimes my compassion and my kindness is not understood by you, and it does create confusion. Then you start judging at your level of consciousness and I start acting at my level of consciousness. I believe that ugliness is ugliness, and sometimes it is a stinking ugliness which is called manure,
but it is necessary for certain plants to grow with it. I believe there are very many dedicated people in Sikh Dharma and there are many many dedicated people in my staff of Sikh Dharma. We have never appreciated them and we just take them as granted. Rather, most of the time we are very rude to them because we feel they exert an authority. But I'd like to offer you an opportunity. I'm willing to give a three months leave to every member of my staff and I ask you to come and walk in those shoes, under the same environment of salary, compensation and everything. I'd like you to see how the wind blows. But today I'd like to be on record. I, Harbhajan Singh, feel honored to be associated with these dedicated people. Including those who have left and caused the law suit. Those who have left and slandered. Those who left and challenged, and those who intend to challenge now. They are the most beautiful people who kept us awake, conscious, progressively united and
caring for our tomorrow.

Those who are here to serve with a mission and a zeal and a dedication and... serving the personality of the identity of that office, they work 18 hours with very meager means and sometimes extremely strenuous health circumstances... but they get on the banner. Let the beat of the drums which is going by the side of their flag-carrying... and the effort may be rewarded by Guru in his own grace and mercy, and may God be their friend forever.

And all of those of you who have honored the purity of the Khalsa Council and have come in spite of your many earthly attractions and distractions, and fatal attractions and spiritual and mutual and understanding, may you all be honored one day by the page of history which your ancestors may write today within you... and your generations may read it with grace and reverence. And let your actions become part of those lines, so that many people can come and find out, like as that Vietnam statue of memory in Washington, D.C., of those 150,000 people. People come all over the world to find out their friends, their names, their relatives... and still I see some people leave the American flags they are flying. That little flag has much more value in the heaven, on the earth, than the flag which flies on the White House. That little tiny paper flag put before the name of the one who gave his life to the country in obedience. The one young marine who might have died when he was only 21 years old or 19 years old... who had just been given a
training in a boot camp for six months and shipped right across. In the name of country. Whether it was right or wrong, I'm not discussing it. But just understand his majesty of obedience. Those black stones in which their names are carved stand for our future to remind us that we must not do that kind of black hole mistake. But one thing is very straight and special. Your name cannot come on those stones... even through the act of Congress. Every American has absolutely no judicial, legal power to become a part of that wall of stones. It only belongs forever to those who served, obeyed and sacrificed. Obey, serve, love and excel. This is a monument of those great yogis, great Sikhs of the time and space, whose exalted Guru guided them to protect the domain of the country. Maybe the executive decision was totally illegal, wrong, unwanted, political, and crazy. But may I also request of you that you leave behind you a line on some wall through your dignity, divinity, service, intelligence, and
nobility, so we may not find it difficult to find you.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

(Khalsa Council presents a gift to the Siri Singh Sahib ji.)

You mean there is a present? That looks like... It is the most enjoyable moment when a present comes to me. It means I have to handle it, hold it, open it, and preserve it for the future of tomorrow. But you are giving me a lot of presents. I love to have them all, but you must understand, you are also in a national debt. I was estimating about five million dollars because we have to build a memorial to all the presents for our future. What do you call that kind of a house? Museum! So that our tiny teeny-totters...I was thinking that day that with all the museum we should have a railing... a high path railing going through... because I go to the restaurant and they give a raised seat to the child, you know that kind of a seat? And we should have a railing pathway all running about that museum where our children can just crawl, but can see things to their own glory. And they don't need to have the domination of the parents because they happen to be piece of furniture because some lady, some man put it
together. That's not what we want. We want to give them a basic training in that museum that they can crawl all the way through every piece of it, and enjoy it all by themselves, whether the child can do walking, another can do staring, another can do studying. But that's another gift... When are you going to give me that? <laughter> You know, nobody listens to the asking. <laughter> Wow! Well, anyway...

(A plaque is presented by Mukta Kaur of the Tucson Drug Program.)

I don't deserve any credit for it. I deserve to put my comments on the dedication of Mukta Kaur who is very one pointed about it. And this is what I was talking about today... This is what it produces... Certification. When the identity is identified with the realtiy of the mission, certification is guaranteedly produced. So thank you very much for all this. And it is another good day.

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Transcription by Tej Kaur Khalsa Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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