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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/29/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Why do we Need a Guru Anyway?

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

I'm going to share with you something very specific. It is called "Dharam." In English you normally call it "Dharma." There are eight major religions. A religion is called "Dharam." Religion means: "science of reality". Religion does not mean a sect of people or a cult of people who practice a certain thing. That's not true. But man has always turned everything great into everything very small, little, belittling, personally useful, controlled, organizing people, exploiting people.

Whatever is wrong you must talk about it. We do not even discuss it. We say, "Yes, yes, religion has killed more people than any war." Correct. "Religion is worst." Right. But is there anything possible beyond religion or without religion? No, because man has to find some science of reality. Man has to make some sense of reality.

I'm not willing to discuss whether religion is good. Let us say that religion is the worst thing that has ever happened. It is the opium of the mankind. That's what Communism says. That's also a religion. “Religion is the opiate of the man,” it is just the insanity of the man. There's no such thing as religion, there's no such thing as morals, there's no such thing as ethics, there's no such things as etiquette, there's no such thing as diplomacy. You can say anything. There’s nothing.

All right, accepting everything as nothing, what we are going to do? We need some tool, some method, some understanding to feel fulfilled. This world is called Jagat. "Ji-gat." It means jagat. "Ji" means the soul. Soul has come here to get gaddee. "Gaddee" means redemption, fulfillment. As a part of the whole, God has come here to become the whole again. You do not understand the process, that's why this whole complication is happening.

Soul is here, good or bad. Whether you remember the previous incarnations or you spend five hundred dollars to know the previous incarnations, it doesn't make any sense. Past is past. Those who live in the past shall have no future. Call it a curse, call it a blessing, that’s what it is. WHOSOEVER SHALL RELATE TO THE PAST SHALL NEVER HAVE A FUTURE! Because past is nothing but a history, biblica, bible. It is the past of the mankind. It may be a gospel truth, but it is past.

Many times in the Bible, Jesus said that you are created in the image of the God. Real God. You believe him? No. You didn't believe Jesus. Neither are you going to. No man is intelligent enough to believe the truth because your ego is your own enemy. You like to rationalize truth. You like to argue with your own truth. First of all, it has been very commonly understood that a person does not understand what a person is. Mostly your impression is what people tell you. Or you feel what people feel about you.

The idea of becoming a yogi is not to have occult powers. The idea of becoming a yogi is not to become very serene, religious, and beautiful person.


"Liv." Liv means your attachment to Infinity. "Lo" means your light, the soul. The soul has come to attach itself back to the Infinity. It is an agreement in consciousness that we are separate from God because we have come as a part of God. The part of God in us is soul, and soul has a mind to process it, and it has a structure, body, to carry it. It should be very simple. It should not be very complicated.


So, we are here to merge with the complete, with the total. So the part is here to join the total. Is that the purpose of anybody sitting in this Gurdwara? Including me? Answer is, "Half yes, half no." You mostly come here so that Guru will give you peace of mind, or you will make a lot of money. Or you will have better cars, better women, all those things. That is the purpose of prayer for man. Man has totally not understood the purpose of prayer. The purpose of prayer is to get to the Infinite power. Once you get to the Infinite power, you don't need all these hanky-pankies. These things then look very small. People look very small. "Ay janta ke vas kush nain". These people have nothing. You can only say this when you know that the Highest One, the Biggest One, the Total One is with you. Otherwise, you are not you to begin with, because you are off-base, you are off-purpose. Your purpose is to merge.

Jagat. "Ji," is gaddee. Jagat. This is called jagat. The soul has come here to get itself redeemed and redeemed from what? To experience from here, niyat, niyat, niyat, namo, namo, namo. No, no, no. I bow, I bow, I bow. No, no, to what? No is that totality is not going to become completely fulfilled in you. Yes, yes, yes, God is, God is, God is. But do you agree with God? No, you don't! God made you in His own image & you get up in the morning & you shave your own beard? Now whose image are you making? You are making YOURSELF in your own image. I'm not preaching Sikhism. You must understand. I know 22 religions. I did a comparative study. I'm a practical person and I'm a yogi, so I am not going to preach something which is not in my experience. I'm not asking you to understand or not understand. I am asking you… You stand before a mirror and you take a razor and you shave your beard, then, after that, you look in that mirror. Who are you looking for? You are looking for yourself, you are not looking for God. God created you.

Then the question arises, "Should we tie a turban or not?" That is it. Then don’t also wear a shirt. "Karamee aavay kaparaa..." This is Guru Nanak's language. Guru Nanak's teachings are so truthful. You have to understand. "Karameee aavay kaparaa naderee moakh duaar". When you will be living in the image of God, you will be covered from every side and the foundation, the gate of freedom, redemption will be in your sight. "Naanak aavai jaaneeai"... Naanak, Thou, thus, you know.

Now, there's a misunderstanding about Sikh Dharama. Dharam has the opposite side of it. That is called "Param." Param means doubt. People who think that they have no right to doubt or that they can get rid of doubt, are foolish. The shashara which is your brain or head or central thought system you have, is given to you by God. It is a part of you. Its job is to release one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. You know how many thoughts are there? Now you get caught in those thoughts one way or the other. Once the thought will catch you, another will catch you and you are nothing but a bunch of thoughts. Man is nothing but a bunch of thoughts. To him, God is a thought, too.

So what you are doing in your life is, you are thinking and every thought poses a problem when it touches your ego. Moment it touches your ego, you have a basic problem. The moment the Ego catches your thought, the ego has to process it. That's a law. Moment your ego, out of those thousand thoughts per wink of the eye, your ego catches one, it is like a malaria, it is like typhoid, it is like cancer. Once a thought can touch an ego, the ego has no option but to process it. And any thought which ego will process will put you in duality, in doubt. It’s a law. It is not something that a Hindu can get out of it, or a Muslim can. It is totally ridiculous. Religion without understanding is a waste of time, it is ridiculous, it is absolutely not needed or required. I can sit here and say there is no religion on the earth. None is practicing it. All religion has done is to group people, to look at each other. Some are good, some are bad, that’s all. It's ridiculous public relations. Without understanding the basis of the fact that the moment the shashara releases thoughts and the thousand thoughts go out, any thought which is touched by the ego must… MUST… be processed by the ego of the man. MUST! Then what? It HAS to be processed! There is no living being who lives that can get out of this cycle because this is our basic construction.

Now, once your thought has to be processed by your ego, doubt will happen. People say, "What is the need of the Guru?" I'm explaining to you in Dharma why the Siri Guru Granth talks about the Guru all the time. Because when a thought process has to go through your ego, at that time you need wisdom. You need a specific wisdom which should not be changeable.

I have dealt with thousands of thousands of thousands of men-gurus, human gurus, living gurus. And to be very frank I have to add my personal experience. I have manipulatively changed their opinions. Then how dangerous am I? But if I try every day to change the opinion of the Siri Guru Granth, I can't! That is why I became the Sikh of the Siri Guru Granth… as a last resort, as a man having no other option. As a man whose intelligence and wisdom could not, COULD NOT, accept non-reality! And my non-reality was, "Let me see who is he?" Later on, in all the travels of my life when I reached the end and bowed to Siri Guru Granth, I said, "This is THE Guru." My father, Guru Gobind Singh, did one nice thing for me, though I have taken a long time to understand and accept it, but that's what it is. To you it is a book. You don't come and read it, you don’t come to understand it, and you don't come to relate to it. You must understand, when the ego will process the thought, which is automatically natural, you human beings must understand, religion or no religion, it doesn't make a difference. I am not willing to accept a religion which does not make a man fulfilled and happy. It's a crude way of wasting time, money and just following another person because he happens to be a priest. Ridiculous! When you do that, then you don't have any common sense.

Therefore, you must understand, the ego SHALL process the thought which your ego has caught. And duality SHALL be experienced. In that duality the word of the Guru will come in handy. "Paasaa ganat, shabad ganat." Money which is in your pocket and shabad which is in your heart, which you can recite, repeat, understand, know. Well, if you cannot readily do it, when you are in a terrible doubt, go and take the hukam. That's why we call it "hukam," "order." Because Guru orders. Guru doesn’t discuss. Guru doesn’t logicalize. Guru will never use logic and reason, Guru will order. And what do we say? "Hukam baksho." “bless us with the order." And you perhaps feel Siri Guru Granth cannot give you orders because you are too clever. No! Siri Guru Granth has the psyche to use YOUR psyche to give you the order, what you are asking for, correct! It will not give you an incorrect answer.

I had an experience. One day somebody called me. "Whenever I take the hukam from the Guru, the Guru tells me the same thing." I said, "What do you mean?" "Three times I have opened it up and hukam comes on the same page." I said, "Well the Guru must be insisting. Why don't you understand it?" The person said, "No, I don't want this hukam." I said, "With Siri Guru Granth, hukam shall come only which comes." Person said, "But cannot I open it somewhere else?" I said, “Try. But that will be conscious cheating. That is no hukam then. That's an ego hukam. You want Siri Guru Granth? Open it and get the order. Whatever it tells you, does it fit? Can it damn fit well?" I said, "My God, what else does anyone want? If something fits well and three times it has come, it has come from the Guru and you have not tried to change it, why not accept it?"

Process of life, people, is to fulfill. Atma must go back to Paramatma. The finite must merge with the Infinity. That's all what religion is about. And to live and to live in acceptance that you are living, or willing to live, or going to live in the image of God, not in your own image.

Progressively we human beings try to create an image of our own. Man is at war with God. And man shall continue waging this war and wasting the life experience. Man will try to use religion and religion will try to use man for useless purposes. What we have done? We have built churches, we have built ministries, we have built money, we have built riches around God without understanding what God says, without understanding what God is, without understanding what the job is.

You know what we have done? We have filed a contract. "Give us a contract. We want a job." What job? We don't know. Job is very simple folks. The soul has come. It has muscles - mind. It has a shell - body. It is a unit. This unit is the image of God. It is not God.

How a man can merge back in God? It has to merge back in God, but how? With money? With sixty billion dollars? No! Becoming the president of a country? Going to a beauty salon & becoming “beautiful?” No! By becoming a prostitute? No! By totally becoming a nun? No! By becoming a hero? No! By becoming weak and meek? No! These are all lies. Man shall only become the part of the total God when, while processing the thought which has been caught by his ego, man has the wisdom to balance himself towards God. His compass takes him towards God, not to himself. When a man can sacrifice himself for the total good, that is a man of God whose kindness and compassion is endless. Rest is… (I'm not going to use abusive language but I'm telling you), rest is a total thievery. It's not religion. It's a deceitful human thievery, cheating people of their time, cheating people of their money, cheating people of their youth, cheating people of all that they could be.

All man can be is very simple: man has to rise whenever he rises, but he rises towards God. We rise with the sun towards the light and we sleep for the light. Our natural processes are very simple. It is our complication which has complicated the whole affair. We all try to beautify ourselves for someone else. Nobody wants to beautify for himself in the image of God.

If the Christian starts being in the image of God… if a Buddhist starts becoming Satya Buddha, his wisdom only becomes the truth. If a Muslim becomes totally humble and zeroes himself… if a Christian just gives nothing but love which is his essence as Jesus told him, and if a Zoroastrian only purifies himself like a fire, and if a man in Shinto understands that life is everywhere, in everything, and if the Jew who believes in the Bible says, "Thou shall not kill," and does not eat a meat-filled kosher meal, I can understand the sacrifice. The commandment is, "Thou shall not kill." If a Rabbi sits and kills, it's fine? It’s done as personal convenience. Don't eat pork. Don't eat cow. Eat everything? I mean, what is the law? It is a hodge-podge of nonsense? If a Hindu takes a cow and eats the cow, he goes to hell. A Muslim eats pork and he goes to hell. A Christian eats pork, he goes to heaven. Look at that joke! Bible says, "Thou shall not kill." A Rabbi stands and says a few words, then kills the poor thing and then they sell it for more money because it is "kosher." These jokers who exploit religion do not have the guts to speak the truth. They cater to people who are seeking for the truth so that they can suck money out of them and live rich for themselves. Or, according to Communism, religion is the opiate of the mankind. It is true. Those Communists must have been hurt badly by religion. You only wake up when you are hurt. "Jabe baan laage, tabe rost jaage". When the arrow hits you, you say, "Who is doing that to us?"

You are the Sikhs of the Guru. Try to understand. Mankind has been very badly hurt by religion. Unfortunately your religion has gone through hurt many times. Because your basic religion is to understand your self. It gives your self-understanding. Siri Guru Granth talks many, many, many, many times to the mind. "Eh man meriaa..." you will read it when you finish this. "Eh man meriaa too sadaa raho har naale." Oh my mind, be with the Guru. Be with the God. Why you are talking to your own mind? Because your mind is a separate identity. Your soul is a separate identity. Your shell is a separate identity to which you have given a name. When I was given a name, "Harbhajan Singh," from the Guru, I understood at that time what my destiny is. I have to sing the glory of the God.

So every person wants to become popular. The most attractive thing is to become popular. "How many people walk with me? How many people talk to me?" People ask me, "How many students you have got? How many centers you have got?" When a person comes and asks me like that, I don't punch his face because I am a yogi. That's the biggest test, being a yogi. If I meet a stupid person and tolerate him totally well, that's the test of tolerance. That comes out of my compassion and tolerance. Otherwise why should that stupid man even come in my presence and waste my time? You understand what I'm saying? And just sit in my position and see how much time you waste. You are the Sikhs of the Guru. You worship Guru Nanak. You know what Japji says? Read it with me. Oh you Sikhs, read! Read this...

Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh.
Navaa khandaa vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koeh.
Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i-kai jas keerat jag leh.
Je tis nadar na aavaee taa vaat na puchhai ke.
Keetaa andar keet naa doshee dosh dhare.
Naanak nirgun gun kare gun vantiaa gun de.
Tehaa koeh na sujh-a-ee jeh tis gun koeh kare.

--Guru Nanak, Japji Sahib, 7th Pauree

You understand this? You understand? You understand what Guru Nanak has just now said? "Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh." If my life becomes, living process becomes for the four yugs, and becomes 'hor dasoonee hoeh.' It should become multiple into twice, ten million times. I mean to say, if life were to go on forever. "Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh."

"Navaa khandaa vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koeh." Including space and all the regions, there is naa-o khand. Khand, barmand. These words you have to understand from the Siri Guru. They explain the whole space, astronomy, psychology, whole thing. Try to just base your time once in a while. Naa-o khand. Nine khands where people live with impulse and consciousness. "Navaa khandaa vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koeh." In the naa-o khand we are known and worshipped, and everybody takes pleasure in walking with you. I mean to say, you are worshipped among all the nine khands. "Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh. Navaa khandaa vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koeh."

"Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i-kai jas keerat jag leh." If your name is so pure and beautiful like "Raam," like "Jesus," like "Krishna," like all that, then people love to jas keerat, people take your name and sing and praise it. You do it. Everybody who has sinned yesterday the priest will do “Hail Mary” 25 times and Hindus will do all rites, do this Raam chant and the whole thing. You all do it. None is above it. So... "Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i- kai jas keerat jag leh."

"Je tis nadar na aavaee taa vaat na puchhai ke." Je tis nadar..... karamee aavay kaparaa... look at Gurbani. Karamee aavay kaparaa naderee moakh duaar. Je tis nadar na aavaee - if your sight, psyche and intuition has not seen the God in the gate, vaat na puchhai ke...you shall not be acknowledged. Do you understand that? No!

"Oh, Yogi Ji comes on Sunday, he just speaks, he's fine, we heard him. Man he speaks the truth. It goes over me." Something goes over you, something goes under you. When is it going to go into you? Is that day fixed? Are you going to learn after death or while alive? Or have you already learned in the past? If you have learned in the past, you should not have come here! If you are going to learn after death, you should not be here at all. "Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i-kai jas keerat jag leh. Je tis nadar na aavaee taa vaat na puchhai ke." Next?

"Keetaa andar keet naa doshee dosh dhare. Naanak nirgun gun kare gun vantiaa gun de." Even in the smallest of the small and in the ghor dukhiaa, in the situation where you have been totally blinded, alleged to have done this and that, doshe dosh dhare. all has gone wrong. All has gone wrong to the extent that things can go wrong. Keetaa andar keet naa doshee dosh dhare. Naanak nirgun gun kare gun vantiaa gun de. That Nirankaar, Ongkaar, Satkaar, Ik Ong Kaar, if still blesses you, then you stand blessed. Gun vantiaa gun de.

"Tehaa koeh na sujh-a-ee jeh tis gun koeh kare." There is no ne who can come in my thoughts, sujh-a-ee. Again, word is same. Tehaa koeh na sujh-a-ee jeh tis gun koeh kare. There is none else who can do this, except the One God.


The conscious living of the intuitive self into the thought form of the psyche, in which the interaction of the magnetic field within the person's own orbit in rotation and impulsation of the person's projection into the mental self of its own cubical cross-root, to the fact that its square meets the situation, confronting to split into triangles, is called salvation.

If you know mathematics, figure it out. The block is called square. When a block is broken, it always ends up in two triangles. Your blocks break into multiple parts because you do not know even how to break the block. If you know how to break the block into two triangles and angles of the two triangles are the same, you will see all aspects of life and you will become your acknowledged, self-attained, self. You understand that? So, I say to those who do not understand the Tantric, diagonal energy – when the diagonal energy breaks the block into two triangles will have the same angles. They will fit in. It means the 'yes' and 'no' of life and 'right' and 'wrong' of life, the 'positive' and 'negative' of life shall be known to you. You will be fulfilled while alive. While alive you will be fulfilled. You will be redeemed.

And that is the purpose of having a human body. An animal is redeemed of that incarnation the moment somebody eats him up. There's no conscious redemption except for humans. And if a human does not know how to break the block with the diagonal energy, and make it into two triangles, to know the both sides of the coin, then life will be without balance. If somebody is physically beautiful and mentally neurotic; or if somebody is physically very beautiful, mentally very beautiful and spiritually neurotic; what can you do with those people? But if somebody is physically looking ugly to you and mentally chaotic but he's spiritually beautiful, you go and bow to that person. Of all the people I have seen spiritually, about thirty percent of those are eccentric. I mean, they don't even acknowledge you. Who are you?

Once I remember a Chief Minister of a state went to see a sadhu, a saintly man, and his disciple. That holy man's attendant said, "Holy Sir, he's a Chief Minister." Holy man said, "Yeah? Have we done some crime to make this guy come?" The disciple said, "No, sir, he has come to visit you." The sadhu said, "Visit me for what? Have you done something wrong?" His disciple said, "No." "Then have I done something wrong?" "No." "Then why is he visiting me?" Disciple said, "Sir, to honor you." "In what way can he honor me?" the holy man said. "What honor? What's an honor? Chief Minister of state has come to honor me for what? He's wasting my time. Tell him to go. And you are wasting my time!" "Sir, he's a Chief Minister of the state." The sadhu said, "He's a Chief Minister of the state. He's not the Chief Minister of the heavens. Get him out." And the Chief Minister said, "Please, please, please. I just want one minute, please. Please, I just want your blessing." I saw that drama starting at 11 a.m. and going until 6 p.m. The Chief Minister of the state who wants to see this man and his attendant is now not in a position to go and request him. Chief Minister had to camp out. He camped there, in that tragic environment. He had to. He came unprepared. He thought, "I am Chief Minister, I come, I come, I conquer, I go." It never happened.

The next day the drama started again. And about one o'clock when we were eating, this man of God started asking certain questions. And he asked a very funny question, he said, "How do you know that you have found what you are meant to find?" I said, "I don’t have to find what I am meant to find. I have found something which is meant to be found, everything which is able to be found, but finding is not my purpose. It is already found by the process of grace." He said, "You talk too much." I said, "I have to explain it to you because you asked me a question." He said, "But how?" I said, "I have found a simple rule to life. Life runs in a circular motion and kindness and compassion is the hub of it." He said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we should be very kind." I said, "You are very unkind." He said, "No, no, no, no, no. I am never unkind. What? We are talking." I said, "Look, that's the Chief Minister, that's the idiot, whatever you want to call him. He's sitting there and he's not going to go, and he could have gone and done damage to people
or served people, but what the hell he is doing here with you? Why don't you see him and kick him out? He's not going to go. He's sitting there. He's camped himself." He said, "Yeah, you are really kind. But this guy has to understand, he can't get everything when he wants." I said, "Well, teach him." He said, "Well, yeah, that's what I'm teaching him. He thinks as a Chief Minister he can get everything whenever he wants it. I am telling him it is just a non-reality. That's why I'm making him sit there. Once he learns that he can't get what he wants, he is going to figure it out that things come to him."

Yes, my dear folks, the Guru gives you the situation where things will come to you. You cannot run around for everything. You can only run for one thing: run for the wisdom of the Guru, the entire world will run to you, otherwise you will run for each item and you make no sense. That's why the life of the Sikh is. The life of the Sikh and life of the Guru is life of the God.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Chaar pukaare naa too maaneh, khat bee aykaa baat vakhaaneh. Das ashtee mil ayko keh-i-aa, taa bhee jogi bhed naa leh-i-aa. Kinkuree anoop vaaje, jogee-aa matavaaro re. (Rahaao.) Prathame vasi-aa sat kaa kharaa, tritee-ay meh kichh bha-e-aa duteraa.

Dutee-aa aradho aradh samaa-i-aa, Ayk rehi-aa taa ayk dikhaa-i-aa. Aykai soot pur-e manee-e gaatee bhinn bhin bhin bhin tanee-e. Phiratee maalaa baho bidh bhaa-eh, khinchi-aa soot taa aa-ee khaa-eh. Chaho meh aykei mat hei kee-aa, Teh bikhare khaan anik khirakee-aa. Khojat khojat duaare aa-i-aa, Taa Naanak jogee mehel ghar paa-i-aa. Eho kinkuree anoop vaajei sun jogee, Keh man meetee laagai. (2nd pause.)
--Guru Arjan Dev, SGGS pg. 886

SSS ji: You have heard the hukam of the Guru. The entire science of yoga is explained in this shabad and if you want to know the detailed translation, take this hukam and add on to what we have spoken before and you will fully understand. There's nothing so difficult. So that is how they say, "Guru partakh hei." The Guru is now. So whatever she is going to speak now, just carefully understand and it'll tell you all your life story as it is.


Raag Ramkali Fifth Channel: I Know that I am One with God. THIS IS THE TRUE GURU’S GIFT.

The four vedas shout but you cannot hear them.

SSSji: Uh huh. Say it again. (Line is repeated.) They have to understand it today. The four vedas shout....four vedas tell you whatever they tell you. You do not obey them. You listen, that's a fine thing, but you do not obey.

English translation continues:

The sixth shashtras, too, tell of one thing. The eighteen puranas combined speak of One God. Even then, O Yogi, you do not know the secret. The Lord's lyre plays beautifully, O drunken yogi. Pause. In the first true age, everyone lived in the town of truth. In the Treta age there was some falling off. In the Duapar age only half the truth remained. In the dark age only one foot remained and then the One Lord was revealed by the Guru. The beads are strung on one string. By means of many, many knots, they are kept apart. The rosary beads are lovingly told in many ways. When the thread is withdrawn, then all the beads fall at one place. Through all the four ages, the Lord has made the one body His dwelling place. In that difficult place there are nine doors. Searching, searching, searching, the yogi comes to the Lord's door. Then, O Nanak, he attains an abode in His mansion. There, the Lord’s lyre plays beautifully. On hearing it, the mind of the yogi is filled with joy.

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

SSS ji: Very secretively, if you see a rosary, there are beads on it. They have a string through it and when the string is withdrawn, they all fall together in a one pile. The string is the soul in the body. Once the soul is taken away from this body… dust to dust, we always say. And there are nine gates in your body through which you accumulate, assimilate, and ask lot of things. But basically it is the inner self where you will reach within yourself. It is the inner self.

Antar gur aradhana (jehavaa jap gur naao)

In your essence, worship the Guru and with your tongue recite the Name of the Guru.

--Guru Arjan Dev, Rehiras Sahib, SGGS p. 517

It is the inner self where you reach within yourself. There you shall hear the celestial music. After the age of the truth, first one quarter was lost, and then half was lost, and when only one fourth is left in this age, truth is revealed by the Guru. But the only union of the yogi will bear conception and shall deliver when in your inner being you will hear the celestial word of Truth. Otherwise, pose not, and suppose not. There's no threat. Simply this most precious life which you earn:
Gur kirpaa te bhagat kamaae taa maanas de-ee maaeh.

Through the grace of the Guru and your bhakti and your devotion and your good deeds, this human body, which you got, shall not go to waste. An opportunity of fulfillment shall not go to waste.

You go to a person who is very rich and he is dying, ask him, "Are you fulfilled?" He'll say, "No." "What do you want to do?" He'll say, "There are four, five works which I want to complete." Nobody's fulfilled. Once you get fulfilled, then going home is not difficult at all. Process is very simple.

Today what you have to understand in the depth of yourself is: Beautify. Be beautiful. Live. Be alive. Be rich. Be prosperous. Have knowledge. Be very wise. But don't forget for what. Do everything and have everything just to serve the other beads of the mala. That's the highest, biggest and most perfect rosary. And it starts from this, do you all believe that you are the beads of the same mala? That's the first acknowledgement of wisdom. Bad and good, shapely or unshapely, as the beads are, they are. Its none of your business.

Are you willing to accept them as they are? Dirty? Different colors? Different shapes? Different things? But once the mala is done, are you willing to understand the fact that they are the beads of the same mala? Are you willing to understand the message of the Guru?...

Aval alah noor oopaa-i-aa, kudrat ke sabh bande.
Ek noor te sabh jag oopajai-aa kon bhale ko maande.

First is God. He created the Light. From One light
everybody is born. Who is good, who is bad?

--Bhagat Kabir, Siri Guru Granth pg. 1349

or do you just read it? There is but One God and from the light He created the whole universe. This whole universe is from that One light. Who is good and who is bad? Are you willing to accept that? Are you willing to accept what the Guru said just now? That you are all beads of the same mala? And what is the rosary? The rosary is uplifting other people.

Whenever you have a question... whatever question you have, health, wealth, happiness, intelligence, knowledge, is that handy and available to uplift another person? How many times have you done something… have you not hung up the telephone on another person? When you hang up a telephone, that is the end of your patience. You have at that time reached a point of zero tolerance. You belong to the Infinite God, how can you reach zero tolerance? When you become zero tolerance, you have forgotten the One which is Infinite and at that time when you are about to hang up the telephone on the other person, just remember, you are God, and you will never fall short of energy. You know the secret of why I do not hang up on you? Because when I reach that point, that zero-tolerance point, at that time I serve, I talk, I communicate as God wishes to talk. And this has to be called "meditation." Then the inner being should start speaking, not you.

Therefore please understand what Guru has said today. It’s a very methodical, simple system. Have everything. There's no respect for not having anything. If you do not have prosperity and wealth, nobody will respect you. But, be respected for the grace of the Guru. Have glory towards God. Have victory, "Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh" Unto God. Be pure, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa," be pure of God. Have victory unto God. These two lines decide our total self. And if we can do it ourselves, we can give the greatest gift, we can give the greatest virtue to our coming generations which are a part of us, which are our forward shadow. To manifest and blossom in the future of tomorrow. And if our children know that we the parents believed it, lived it, tried it, and we ARE it, then our children will be ten times stronger than us, and time and space will put the questions and they shall have the answers.

The greatest victory of all victories is when you are given a call and you have the capacity, direction and self to answer the call. That is why we say, "Jo Bole Sonihaal," "Whosoever shall speak shall be fulfilled and blessed," Sat Siri Akaal! Truth is great and undying!



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA
Edited by Guruka Singh Khalsa, Espanola, NM
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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