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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 01/31/1988
Category: misc
Location: Espanola, NM

This is the time to wake up!

I shall be sharing with you the imagery... Imagery of life and Sikh Dharma. In 1430 pages in Siri Guru Granth, the beloved Guru, the great Guru, explains many aspects of it. But, sometimes, for the mortal it's very difficult to go in and search it out. Even if you search it out, it's very difficult to acknowledge it. It is very difficult to trust it. You all know the Truth, "bij mantra sarab ko gian", everybody knows the Truth, and you have the knowledge of the Truth. To know the Truth is not difficult, it's a waste of time to try to know the Truth. Truth we all know, but why then we waste our time. We waste our time because we do not want to do one thing in our life, we do not want to TRUST the Truth. We waste time, we do research, we run around, we square ourself economically, socially, politically, personally, impersonally, logically, illogiclly, because one thing is a net challenge before us, and that is: Trust the Truth.

Guru Nanak goes one step farther than trusting the Truth. Guru Nanak spares none. He said live the Truth. If you do not trust the Truth, how can you live the Truth? You are a monkey, you are a baboon, that's why God has created so many monkeys, so that you can see your initiation base. You can't sit, you can't think, you can't imagine. You create a creativity, and creativity is created to waste the lifetime, intentionally, consciously, absolutely, because you cannot trust the Truth. Once you trust the Truth, you have to live it... and you don't.

Therefore, en bloc, we all lie to our own soul. We all do. Nobody tells us. All preachers, teachers, saints, whatever it is, that lives off you. You pay for it. You pay for every corruption, every tragedy, every grace, every ecstasy, you pay for the presence of God, you build His temples, you build in stones, paper, many things. You call it many things, but you cannot believe in one God, because you cannot trust one Truth. Therefore, you cannot live one Truth.

There is an imagery. Death is imagery. I was talking to somebody this morning. I said, "How do you feel about death?", he said, "scared. It's a scary word." I said, "No, I died last night." He said, "No, no, no, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru." I said, "No, I did." At a moment when you do not know who you are, that one moment when all tattwas, and all vayus intermingle, it is called a sleep. If your consciousness is in state of ecstacy, then it is called Turya state. When you know all, and know all by knowing nothing. You get to the top of the divinity, and handle the Infinity by being humble. The most difficult thing on this planet is to humble yourself. You have to become zero, to understand Infinity. Among yogis, and among yogas, it is my own opinion, and I do not want the future generation to even acknowledge it. I tell those idiots who will follow me, that without shashara being brought to its own containment, in the moon cavity, which in the spiritual realm is called Kamal Bhagasia, or opening of the shashara lotus, there is no
possibility to become humble. You cannot become humble if you are not a practioner of pratyahar.

Sikh Dharma has a line of pratyahar. Yoga teaches long pratyahar. Majority of the books and things do not even touch the subject. They go, Yam, Niyams, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Samadhi. Everybody wants to be in samadhi, the perfect state of the perfect one. You know what that state is? A complete living Infinite boredom! Nobody has ever gone to samadhi, they don't know what they are talking about. When they talk to me in my presence, I do not even understand what they are trying to do. What is a samadhi? An absolute boredom in which almighty God was. That is why He created the earth. Why we want to go there where He was upset? Something which could upset almighty wonderful Lord, the creator of the whole universe, "Soon Samad, Bhaie Samadus." If in that absoluteless, that samadhi, God couldn't exist, why you are asking for it? May I know? What is wrong with you? If almighty God would have been so wonderful as you all tell me, and you have been telling me for centuries, ask Him why He created all this universe? Why He did this thing to create this universe, tell me. He couldn't live himself in that, and neither you could. Nobody has the capacity to be. What God doesn't have, we don't have. What God has, we have. Guru Nanak very elaborately in an explained way tells us all about this. Look, if in the muscle, a sand doesn't get in (the touch of the Guru), it cannot create the pearl. Pearl is in the rub of the muscle, and the grain of the sand. God you want to get to see, but you are very perfect people. You have imagery. Death is an imagery of life. Life is an imagery of death. Everybody dies every night.

There are two processes. One is fertile mind, one is dead mind. Fertile mind sits and vibrates, lets things come. Dead mind goes out... naked, by itself, beaten by the environments and circumstances, comes home injured and empty. That is where we all get exploited. God gave us the tattwas, the shield, ten body shield. Whenever we get out of our shield, we'll be open to attack. Without contentment, without Santokh, nobody is a king. Without being in yourself, following your own being, going inside.

You know, you do everything for the world, you decorate yourself, socialize yourself, beautify yourself. You do everything for the world at large, but one thing you cannot do: you cannot eat to please others. You only eat to please yourself. That's called nursing the tattwas. Then, you have to nurse your mind, nurture it, and you have to nurse and nurture your Soul. When Soul is not nurtured, mind is not nurtured, body is not nurtured, then two are suffocatingly dying, and one is enjoying, you call it a justice? If it is injustice, it will cause you lot of pain, trouble, unhappiness. Happiness does not come, happiness runs in a circular motion. Can we sing that? (sangat sings) You remember this, and then you do silly things? Then you do wrong things. You remember it, you know it, you understand it, it is in English, and you don't believe it. You don't trust it, you don't live it. You live an imagery of your human radiant life, and you ruin your gift of life. Tremendous waste. Unbelievable waste. Life was given to you as a gift by God, and like a Gulliver and Lilliputs, sleeping Gulliver you want to tie. Awakened Gulliver will break up your stakes, chains, ropes, and you all will be dead by those missles through which you want to tie him. That's why this earth will become a boiling cinder, by all the missles and warheads, we have created for our defense. This earth will be a boiling dust for hundreds and thousands of years, totally radioactive, for a human being not to live. That's what we are creating. What we are creating for our defense, is also for what we are creating for our destruction forever. In our personal life, whatever we are creating to satisfy our commotion, it will always destroy our character. Character is not built, it's a ridiculous teaching. These people when they teach, I feel they should be put through a firing squad and shot. It's totally ridiculous, a blunt religious lie, a stupid human conversation, to tell a human being that human being doesn't have a character! Who says so? You
have a characteristic character!... inborn on you, the very spermatoza!... the egg knows what to do. It didn't happen without a character!

Character is there. You don't take care of it. You let it go. You don't trust your character. You are the light of God. God created the universe out of boredom, He couldn't remain bored. How can a whole cannot be bored, and His creation unit can be bored? Boredom, depression, and unhappiness, is not your way of life. You create it for your own nonsense and lies, which you want to live. Anti-God. You belong to the villages of de-will. You don't have the will to trust your Truth in you, therefore you do things which ruin your own tomorrow. You create imagery, of non-reality. You count in that imagery your gain and your losses. Do you ever consult your Soul? Do you ever ask your neutral, positive, and negative mind? Did you ever sit with these four? There are four, three minds and Soul, within you. Did you sit with them ever? Talk to them? Have you befriended them? They have understanding with you, you have understanding with them? You want to befriend the whole world. You want to be the nucleus of the whole universe. People should look at you, people should know you, people should understand you. You should make phone calls to the whole world, the whole world stops when you don't talk. My God, you do not know Nanak at all. "Je Jug Charey Arjaa", let us read it (Sangat reads pauri from Jap Ji) God is "Dya guna sugh-jaee". That you cannot even imagine. Whom God gives the merit, the blessing. This is His world, His universe. He got bored, He created it. You want to steal it from Him? You build bomb proof houses, one earthquake comes, you get trapped, nobody can get you out of it. He shakes the whole planet under your feet. What you have against that, what protection you can have?

One who created this universe should be worried. It is His creation. Why you worry? You create His universe? It's created by Him, He is worried. You create universe of your own, and you are worried. You're not worried about God, you have no relationship with God, you don't care what God is, what you care? You care for your own God, and your own universe. Therefore, you are an image worshipper. Doesn't matter you are Christian, or Jew, God knows who you are. Basically, you are an image worshipper. Idol worshipper. Your own world, your idolism, is always before you, therefore that gives you a margin to get away from God, Infinity, unisoness, and cosmos power. You are unTruthful. You lie to your Soul every day. You are insecure. You are treacherous. God, to begin with, gave you all. Your whole destiny was written. After that, according to that, a body was given to you. You do not want to pursue the destiny, therefore you will not reach the destination. What you are doing is, you are creating an imagery of
destiny, which is the fate, which shall be fatal to your Soul. Which shall not be real!

Have you ever thought, you want to look beautiful, you dress up, you make-up, you do the whole thing. You come out, right? Have you done the same for your mind, which is trapped in you? Have you done the same for your Soul, which is trapped in you? Then you expect your prayers to be answered, my God, what a lie. You go, and shoot the telegraph man, and then send a message? Aren't you perfect? You have no relationship with your Soul, and you want God to listen to you or God to talk to you. My dear, you kill his agent in you, ignore it, suffocate it, don't feed it, don't relate to it, and then you want God to talk to you?!? Hallelujah! That's the best I've ever heard! You are the best Jew, you are the best Christian, you are really the best Muslim, best Buddhist, because you are a living dirt. You break the natural law! You offend the divine law! You ignore everything with the process of your mental imagery. You create that reality and then pursue it. Reality is sitting there waiting for you to be! Just be warm
with, enjoy with, be real.

Guru Nanak is Guru Nanak. You go out and you want to bait people. You go out, you want to date people, you go out, you want to hook people. You go out, and you want to conquer people, you want to control people. Oh fools! Conquer somebody's heart, it will beat for you, conquer not the heads, you will have a hard time. Giving people yourself, you will never get empty, you will not get shallow, you will not get hollow. Law of vacuum is: there is no vacuum. Vacuum can be created only to let God in, when you give yourself openly and freely. No, you don't give yourself openly and freely, you hook the other person and you put the bait of your personality, words, charm, senses, sexuality, sensuality, imagery, and whole thing. This imagery makes you, later on, look like you are nothing. When one sees the iron hook in that whole facade, he runs where you cannot reach. Similarly, your own Soul in you is in pain. You do all these spiritual rituals, and do them very often, to satisfy what? You know, you are very funny. I knew a friend very well, he opened a school for girls, he paid for it. Five hundred thousand rupees he paid for a girls school, "Mayla school" he called it, girls school. When he said, "Any woman, girl, who cannot be paid the fee by the parents, he will pay for it". I got very impressed, the guy seems to be very good, I should try to see him, who he is. I went to see him, I was shocked. He mistreated his own daughter to the extent that I couldn't even sip that cup of tea while sitting in his room. He was so rude, obnoxious, ill treating to his wife, that I felt if the earth will split, and I get into it, the center of it, the point where lava is, and never come back again, I'll be very happy. This guy opens up a girls school, gives free education, provides all the facilities. What a facade outside, and what a tragedy inside. What a spirituality outside, and suffocating one's Soul, which is part of God inside. What is the relationship? Have you ever given a real honest thought to it?

God imagined Himself to be alive, because He was not very happy with the boredom. He created all the creation you can see. I tell you, even you took one feather of a bird, and look at the science of it, your engineer cannot match it. You're too limited against it. You take one petal of a flower, just one, you can create it in silk, it will almost look real, but I tell you, the liveliness, the vibration in it will not be the same. You ONCE talk to your Soul, you shall never be weak! You just tell your mind to obey you, you'll be king of this universe! Rest is all beggary, beggary, beggary, there is no Truth in it.

You see these days the Khalsa world prevailing everywhere, we are like discs, throwing it in the universe. Khalsa woman, Khalsa man... Khalsa woman or a man is defined when a purity of Soul brings piety of mind, and compassion and kindness becomes the act of the body, Khalsa is established in that human being. Can you repeat it now in that way? That's how intelligent you are. When the purity of the Soul brings piety of the mind, and compassion and kindness becomes the act of the body Khalsa is established. Read it.

You understand what Khalsa means? Do you know when such establishment exists, it will not be loved by God? Fools! For God's sake, listen to me before I drop this dead body! You don't hear me directly! Never, ever go seek God! It is a ridiculous trip, the most foolish waste of time. An absolute lie which religion has exploited to get your money, your time, and make fool of you. Let God seek you! Let Him which is everywhere come down, and tell you He loves you. Religion is a total machinery of looting, exploiting, and plundering human working people, who earn through blood, sweat, and hard work. Telling you to seek God, where? You can't seek God! It is a waste of time! Going after Infinity is an Infinite waste of time in the process of life. Therefore, create that Infinity in you, that is your own Soul. Don't listen to these guys. Everything is wrong.

You know, man wants to be good, noble, nice, to look upon. Right? Actually, you become noble, nice, and good, so that people can trust you. Right? Then when people trust you you want to exploit them! What a wonderful way to live, huh? Is there any better cheat than you? Rather, people should trust you, you should serve them, exalt them, bring excellence to them. They shall be ever grateful to you. It is that gratefulness which is the real prayer. God listens whether he likes it or not. Everything else is a performance, means nothing, is dead. When you serve someone, his gratitude becomes the prayer of almighty God. Otherwise, there is no prayer. Doesn't matter who says what. Rest is, to train your mind into the attitude of prayer. All spiritual rituals, rites, ceremonies, doings, are to prepare, when you get to the trust of someone, you do not exploit that one... you serve that one. That is called divine action. That is divinity. Otherwise, everything is duality. Yogis used to get occult powers, well, it's very easy, it's not difficult. With the power of the mantra everything can be bound down. Creation of everything is a mantra. Mental vibration is called mantra. We have a mind, we can concentrate, beam out, beam in, and we can control the whole universe. It is possible. I'm not denying it, but it's ridiculous. All right, you control a part of the tattwas, universe, mind of people, then what? You'll be an egomaniac. "I control, everything listens to me." Forget it! You don't get a chance to serve, therefore you don't recieve the prayer of liberation. You are great on the earth, but you are dirty in the court of God. What a comparative study. You are beautiful, decorated, here everybody worships you, and loves you, gives you, sweetens you, in the court of God you don't exist. Is that the relationship you want to create?

God wants to see how much you have related to its given Soul. You are like a son-in-law. Let me tell you what I understand. You're like a son- in-law, married with God's daughter called Soul. Her name is Soul Kaur, you know what I mean, and you are a human Singh, you know what I'm talking about? You got married, village where you got married is called life. Ceremony you call getting married is called love. You understand? Children you produce out of this marriage are called compassion and kindness. They are "Dharm Kapoot" Am I explaining all right? You understand this marriage, this sexual intercourse? Do you understand the playboys and playgirls? This is the play. Not the playboy play, not the playgirl play, this is actually the play. Now, if you torture somebody's daughter, and go to the father-in-law, how welcome you will be? Huh? If your daughter says, "He doesn't talk to me, papa. He doesn't smile with me, he never takes care of me, says hello... I don't know where he lives, when he comes, I don't
know where he goes, I just live there, I don't know whether he exists or not, papa." You know what he'll do? Get the double barrel gun and run after you. It's called gunshot introduction. Remember that introduction? There are two possibilities which gun does, marriage and introduction. The guy pulls out the gun, says you date my daughter, you do or not? Yes, yes, yes. You love her, want to marry her? At that time you have no words to say, because you know the two bullets are going to go right through your stomach, you'll be dead in a minute. He has come after all concentration to deal with you direct, right? And you marry. The whole life you tell her, if your father would not have brought the gun, my God, that other girl was in love with me, the other girl was thinking about me, but I married you, that's what a double barrel gun did. Just imagine, something which is your love life and grace, you ignore it totally, your Soul, and then tomorrow you go before God, father of that Soul, the daughter, and you ask sympathy from him. What you will get? "O Janey Jetia Muu Kaie-ay" That one knows who is beaten up by shoes on his face. That is why the theory of karma, Guru Nanak finishes forever. "Bhahauta Karam Likia na Jiae..." (Sangat recites pauri from Jap Ji)

Those who take, and then egomaniacly talk about it without gratitude, then he knows how much shoe beating he gets on his face. Your problem, my friends, is not you, and not your karma, dharma, whatever you want to call it. Your problem is your own limited scaredness... insecurity! When insecurity is blended by ego you create your own, spell it, H-E-L-L, I won't even speak it. How it is created? It is created by insecurity multiplied by ego. That is equal to H-E-L-L. I into E is equal to H. That's why we created the hydrogen bomb, so nothing can live. We created the atom bomb, not the apple, the atom bomb. A is atom bomb, B is the bloody war, C is crest of E, D is death, E is eat up everything. I don't want to go further explanation. I'd like to preserve my status as a holy man. I want to speak the Truth, but not that raw, not that naked. I'll just...Guru Amrit is looking at me, I have to obey the Secretary General. I just stop myself, I'm not trying to be more elaborate. I'm trying to explain to you, this is the time to wake up! You have to wake up! As I close my earthly eyes, so you open your divine eye! Please relate to the Soul, the daughter of God! Otherwise, forget about God. Don't have any relationship. Don't create imagery of your own life. When imagery within you, is the reality of life. Do you understand that? Love is a living process! Love is a living process, of what? Complete the sentence. Love is a living process of what? Love is a living process of living sacrifice. It is only the proportion of love in you, which gives you the relative proportion of sacrifice. Love is not hugging, kissing, sleeping together. That is an exchange of spermatoza and bacteria. Skin lovely, feelings great, because when you touch somebody's skin, you also touch the subtle body. When the subtle bodies interlock, it is a great relationship. When you want to get rid of it, you complete it. Thank you very much, that's the process. That's why we make the babies, or we satisfy each other. We become the babies. There are two ways the sex gives you, either create the babies or become the babies. That's your initiation, in your own reality. Don't put down sex so badly, that is a sin....it is a good thing to do once in a while.

The proportionate ratio of love gives you proportionate power to sacrifice. That's what love does. Giving is impossible. Sikh Dharma says Vand Chako. Share, Give. And giving is impossible. So what is true? You have to have the love of Guru to sacrifice your earth. You have to have love of heavens to sacrifice earth. Otherwise, earth will eat you up.

I was passing at that road, Cerrios, it has a deaf school, Indian school, in between was a cemetary. They really cement it. I was reading, there was a little house of somebody who died a lot of years ago, I said "Look, here he is, backed up in this house. Can't go. Cemented in. Poor thing, must have lived nice life, because the thing was pretty rich." But all the richness of the earth, bought him a permanent stake on the earth forever. Until Santa Fe lives, the city cannot even remove those stones, you understand what I mean? Great memory, but nothing around. That was the tragedy which struck me. The man must have been a good man, that stone was good, but there were no flowers, nothing. You know what I saw? Pigeon droppings! Those who do not have heaven more in proportional than the earth, on their memorable beautiful places, graves, you have the audience and droppings of pigeons and birds. But, those who have more proportion of the heaven, and less of the earth, on their places candles are lit,
flowers are laid, and head bows.

You can understand what you want to be. Please understand, you all are married to daughter of almighty God called Soul. Therefore, start relating to it! If you don't relate to it, she will divorce you. What will happen to you? You'll put on a bunch of wood, pyre, you read that last line of the shabad, what was it? Read these lines, take out those papers. As the fire makes the ashes of the pile of the wood, the divorce of your Soul will make your body either to be eaten by the earth worms, or to be burned in the wood pile to be ashes. It is a very costly divorce which you want to have. There is no 50-50 in it. One hundred percent this way, hundred percent that way. I'd like to explain to you today that imagination is a good thing, imagery is a good process... but make it natural. Believe God, trust God, live God! That's why when you go home you have already dwelled in God. In God I Dwell. That is the imagination and imagery we have to practice, if at all we want the imagination. Let things come to you. Don't go after things. Attract them mentally, what you need. That divine release. Sometimes your record is bad. You imagine to have very brand new shiny car, you end up with a cycle.

Yesterday I was in a situation where everything was right. Person was given the key, told "Car is yours, but you can't take it out." The person said, "why?" "You don't have insurance." Nobody gives Saturday or Sunday insurance. So, the person will get Monday insurance. What is life? You have to have insurance, you have to have perfect record, called character. Then, you should be awake when you are driving. Otherwise, one accident can put you through all what you do not want to go through. Please understand, it is Now... and Now is the life, which is imagination. Let me put in the scientific way, that thousand years from now people will understand it better... In the psyche of the creative imagination of the mental attitude in which the man is made to dwell within the development of that Soul, and in the projection of the radiation of the shashara, which is the creative magnetic field, and the neurons have the capacity to understand every molecule, psycho and magneto available to it, in the creativity of its own projection. By that the duality is erased, and unification and unisoness lives. A man shall experience bliss by creative action of his own self. Complete with himself, he shall be the king of the king of the kings. God of the gods of the gods of the gods. Divine of the divine of the divine of the divine. That is a very simple scientific law.

Macro consciousness and micro consciousness will all emerge into one unisoness of that, and then the space will become absolutely creative. Weightlessness gives the light and the bliss to those crossings which are called hurdles in the blue ethers of life. Into the fourth level when person can cross, and then in and out shall become freer to the extent that liberation will be experienced while alive in the five tattwas... inbound by the bodies, the gunas, and by the creative chakras, a man will be elaborated, in that liberty which he will enjoy and call Wahe Guru, God, Hallelujiah, Shalom, or whatever his Piscean sayings were.

Thus, in the Platinum Age, people shall be God and God shall be people!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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