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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/28/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Are you with me?

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Yesterday I spoke in a gathering which was to pay homage to the martyrs of India and the sangat got upset that I was there. I was there and I was not being acknowledged. And in this game some of the people went to the man who was organizing and said, "Well, Siri Singh Sahib has come and we'd like to hear from him."

So under those pressure tactics something was finalized that this man asked me to speak and I did speak very fairly and squarely and did say what the Sikhism is about and what we are going through and what it actually means to all of us. And there was a lot of "Bole So Nihaal's." But you know what I ended up with? I said,"You have all loved what I have said, and listened what I have said. But you are not going to do one thing about it. Because I have been telling you for 18 years to do certain things, you have not done for 18 years, and you think by this lecture of mine you are all going to do it?" No, they won't.

People do waste their lives in many ways. Life is not an un-precious gift. It is very precious. And I do see, I do see how I was raised as a child and I do see how we are raising our children. I do see. I do see my ingrained independence. I do see my strength, in spite of my all weaknesses to go and confront and shake hands with tragedy. I do see the power, I do understand. I was... the whole day in the morning I was thinking that what life could be without tragedy. I mean, what is the university examination without test? I mean, how we'll decide who's graduated and who's not graduated. What is going to be the criteria? What is this?

Like an earthworm we got born. I mean what is problem with you guys? You don't understand stupidly enough that Jesus Christ is only the son of God who sits on the right side, he earned it by going on the cross? One Jesus Christ sat on the cross and hung on the cross and they said, "You who walked on water, now fly in the air and we'll accept you as a Messiah." Right? "It is your history... Jesus Christ."

Sometimes it bugs me to the point. Right from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh to his son and thereafter the lineage of the entire Sikh history is the history of the Christhood. And sometimes you talk weird and I'm to sit and tolerate. I'm being told that truth should come in. The man who for 58 and a half years has chanted, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach", is being told to speak the truth. Can you believe this? They do not know even how to spell "truth" or spell "lies".

I tell you what I speak. I speak what Guru guides me to speak. And let us understand what we are going through. We are going through a very crucial time now. It is a misunderstanding you all have. As Sikhs you have an established identity. With your psychoanalysis, with your psychiatric problems, with your physical problems, with your medical problems, with your economic problems, with your social problems, I'm not worried problem...let us list problems. All problems plus all defects plus all weaknesses, plus all nuisances, plus all dangers plus all ridiculous criteria of effective and non-effectiveness, we still have an identity, and THAT is what is being attacked! Because so long we have this identity and so long with that identity we have what America offers of the freedom, America offers us to do what we want to do, and America offers us what we can do, and really want to do, the people who do not want things that way do not like it.

State terrorism... state control and state terrorism, that state is all, mother/father, holy ghost and God, is the Russian idea. Don't misunderstand. In Russia people do vote. Don't misunderstand, there's not one homeless in entire USSR. Don't misunderstand. You are paid and given privileges for all that. And don't misunderstand that we are terrible here. Everybody is a lobbyist, everybody pays the money to get a man elected, lobbyists pay, people pay and later on they get it back. I mean to say, it's our system is pretty corrupt. I'm not justifying it. But I'm not also justifying. In spite of the corruption of the system, there's a feeling of freedom. In spite of the totality of Russian system, there's a feeling of no freedom.

I have been told to tell you the finances. I'm not working from last eight months and I'm very grateful to those who are supporting with ten thousand dollars a week. I am not a spiritual teacher who is getting paid. I was a spiritual teacher who was paying! Period. When I came to India I took a vow that I will never ask. I will give. And with Guru Ram Das as my witness and Guru Ram Das as my grace, I have kept my vow and it's His grace that has kept his vow.

I gave a message to the Indian community last night that minus us you can't work. Plus us, you cannot tolerate us. Because basic identity is very simple. Basic identity is right here. Let us draw a line. Guru Gobind Singh understands this psychology. He understands that a man who cannot sacrifice, cannot achieve and cannot enjoy. All great people make great sacrifices to achieve greatness. That's the law. Law is: sacrifice gives you satisfaction. You want satisfaction and fulfillment? Sacrifice! You don't want to sacrifice, don't ask for it... but the problem is, you ask for satisfaction, fulfillment and you are not willing to sacrifice. I don't WANT to sacrifice. But I have to LEARN to sacrifice. How do I learn? I look to compassion, look to kindness. Since I have heard, "Daya dharam kaa poot hai", Kindness is the son born out of Dharma...I have learned that. I feel a man who cannot wish "Sarbat Ka Bala", I feel the man who cannot wish good to all, doesn't know God at all, doesn't matter from which platform he is talking. I
honestly feel that.

I feel that the man who does not know "Cherdhi Kala", rise above it....Hey, I am athlete, I am track man, and one thing I used to think... you know those hurdles? You jump and jump and run that race? I think that's life. I think you jump. I am not willing to accept that that hurdle race can be without hurdles, and I'm not willing to accept that life will be without hurdles. But you jump, you cross, you leap over. Have you seen somebody? Many of you do, I've no objection with that, "I just want to be loose, I just want to just be free. I just want to be a bird tonight." Well, be a bird! Well, then why are you talking to me? You don't...I see birds as birds. I don't want to see a human as a bird. "I just want to do what I want to do." I have seen animals everyday, they do what they want to do. Why are you laying this number on me? What are you trying to tell me? You have even forgotten that I am your spiritual teacher. Have some courtesy or some respect somewhere. I
am the key to your happiness and resourcefulness of your own installation of your own criteria of psyche which will give you at least one step to rise on the magnetic field and the frequency to interlock yourself with the cosmic energy. Don't you understand? Money cannot buy that! Crown of spirituality is always bestowed and it cannot be earned... don't be stupid. Law of law of law of Truth is always law, law of God. YOU humans cannot change it! And it shall NEVER change! It SHALL be the law! Everybody loves God but there are some whom God loves. It is a law... and they sacrifice. Love gives you ecstasy. It takes you above reason, logic and nonsense. You go for it. Guru Gobind Singh didn't love his sons? You love your children more than you love Guru Gobind Singh? You love your house more than Anandpursahib? Can you ever have a house more beautiful than Anandpursahib? What are you talking about? It is said by a visitor that in the entry hall of the Anand Ghar...I'm not talking of the four forts
around it....the silk carpet was so fluffy and so beautiful and so well designed that he didn't want to put his foot on it. He was the emperor's ambassador, messenger. He writes that in the entry path of the Anandpur, Anandpursahib, Anand Ghar, the carpets were so beautiful, so well designed, such a silk, that it was impossible for him to put his foot on it, and he did not find anywhere else that he can have some path way to get out so he had to walk through it. That is the Anandpur Guru Gobind Singh gave up. And sons like Ajeet Singh, Jujar Singh, Jorahvar Singh and Fateh Singh he gave up. Well, what was wrong with him? Huh? He didn't have any psychologist or analyst to work on him? Huh? Hey you! Those of you who talk, why don't you speak now? You love your stupidity so much, you love your insanity so much, you love your nonsense so much, you will never make sense as human beings? You want to be free like the birds and you want to be emotional like animals? That's all you want to do? Go ahead, my love is with you.
I've done my job. I've brought you to Guru's feet. Go do what you have to do. You shall not find fulfillment!

Fulfillment comes when your standard of element...now listen to this English...when your elements coordinate with your frequency and create a magnetic field where there's no complaint, no weakness, no punishment, no priority to anything negative, and only positively you flow to give and offer and share and uplift everyone you touch see and feel, that's the basics of spirituality.

Give me in history every man or any man who has walked on the path, who has not been tortured to death. There's no problem. Problem is basically, you love your weakness so much that you can't get rid of it. Your mind has become your playmate.

I was just there somewhere and the guy... friend of mine, I'm not giving you the situation, he was good student and he was looking at this Playboy magazine. Seeing me, he immediately hid it. And you know me, I walked into it and I pulled it out, I said, "Let us see who is the bunny tonight. And how does she look?" Well, I started discussing, I said, "Her angle is right. I mean, if she would have had that angle, it would have been very impressive in this position." I could see his embarrassment. And he..I was enjoying it really to let him know photographically what beautiful it could be and he said, "I'm sorry I have this." I said, "No, what is this sorry? Well, the whole world has it. Half of the world is a woman. Every woman has it. What are you looking at? It is a very common thing. Why you pay about five, six dollars for it? It's all right. Well, let us discuss it, now you have it. Why you are so shy to discuss it? Don't you think if she would have been just angled like that it would have been pretty?" He's a
good student of mine, but stupid doesn't understand that everything is mind. It's not the picture, it's not the Playboy, it's not the guilt, it's not the action, it's not the reaction...it's the MIND. Mind has become your playmate!

And you know the worst situation, when the positive mind play becomes your playmate. That's the tragedy. Because what happens is, the negative mind...I love negative mind. It tells you where the wrong is. I mean, it comes out right. It is the very active part of it. And because it works very hard it becomes more active. And the positive mind pulls. The relationship in a human is when his subconscious and his subconscious become intertwined related, husband and wife, then they kill you. Then your life is done and gone. Because you can never reach your neutral mind. You can never sit and say, "Prabh paavey bin saas diraakay." If God wishes He can save a man even without breath. You cannot believe it. You cannot believe even today that Guru Gobind Singh really chopped up those five people and gave their heads back and made them alive. No, you think goats were killed. I mean, a lot of psychos....and you cannot believe in spite of the act it is written by the enemy journal, that Baba
Deep Singh put his head on the left and started chopping up the army and army ran to Lahore. You think it is a fairy tale. You can't believe it. I do. I have seen even person not chopping his head but putting his head on the palm of his hand consciously and walking and penetrating. I know those people.

I know nothing more than you know, but I know one thing more than you. The joy of devotion and giving is MORE than God. I know it. I think God is a very limited concept. You don't understand the ecstasy and joy of Wahe Guru. It is that power in a man...man is nothing, piece of meat, who cares? But you know what a man can do? How wrong he can be and how right he can be?

You know in Punjab things are happening. Eleven million Sikhs are hostage and everywhere there's a killing and there's hardly anybody helping. All these American Sikhs here, Indian origin Sikhs, they are just making a lot of noise, hardly a penny has gone to help. I didn't want to tell you. Don't misunderstand that I am coming up with something. There are two, three active groups which are working very limited, very limited. I mean, it is peanuts. No big deal. But you know, there's one thing which they do not understand. It doesn't come from any resourcefulness. It is coming from inside of those Sikhs, and in spite of the fact that in the last three months the army has been made three times more, and checking has been done totally throughly and everything, things are very effective.

Because psychologically it is very impossible to depress the Sikhs. Sikh is a very bouncy element... more you push him, more he bounces back. They have tried to kill, onslaught, catch up, you know, people are going from village to village. Hey, wait a minute, there were two situations which you have to understand and share in. School, school, football, rugby, we call it. DAV College and Khalsa College, ________and Jullander, they were playing and it was no big deal. In that ground they were playing. God knows those teams. And besides which the Sikh team was, these guys came, shot them all and they said they were terrorists. Others were not, these were. In spite of that they are still playing on that ground. They won't give in.

It is not the life that matters. It is the courage you bring to it. And courage won't let you give in. And consciousness won't let you talk negative. What are you talking about, spirituality? It's a fraud. I think this is a daily fraud of being spiritual. I think it is the most, biggest lie if anybody practices to be spiritual. You talk knowledge, books, whole library, you practice nothing! You practice nothing! You practice nothing, you think your children are going to practice? Have you ever seen a dry seed, dehydrated seed, going into a tree? Hey, where are you coming from? Don't you understand? Hand of God is very slow, unseen, and when it crushes, it crushes.

Do you understand? Do you understand right and reality? Reality is a reality and reality has all the rights. I saw it yesterday. I never went to that Gurdwara to speak. I never wanted to even to request that I should be asked to speak. But it was such a reality and when I spoke there were so many "Bole So Nihaals," and there was so much joy to listen to me. And I enjoyed it. And then I said, "One last word," I said, "You have listened to me and you have enjoyed me. You have said appreciation bole so nihaals, but you cannot, are not going to back even one thing I have said!" Because knowing truth is great, but it's useless. Knowing truth is a great useless nonsense, waste of time. Associating with the truth and knowing and discussing and theologically logicalizing it is just a pure waste of gift of God and His life. Living truth, only for a moment, is millions times better than all the libraries where you have truth and God and religion and Christ and Jesus and Nanak and Buddha and
all that is all joke. They came to tell you, "Wake Up!" and you are still snoring and whole universe is hearing it. God is sick of you. "Grr, grr, grr...", you snore like idiot pigs sleeping all the time. And when you talk, "Ha ha ha ha."

You know, it is very funny. I went to this restaurant. It is a pretty good restaurant... French restaurant. And this lady was just very charmed by me. I don't know what I had that day. "Ha, I love you and you are very Indian, da da da da da doo doo doo doo." I said, "Okay, now, gee, she is not going to leave me alone," I said, "Come on, sit down and talk to me." And she talked thirty minutes on salad. Thirty long minutes she discussed salad! I said, "Lady if you would have discussed God for thirty minutes, you would have been another living Christ... Messiah would have come. But I'm sorry, you are a salad Messiah. You are not a human Messiah. But what are you discussing? Salad?" And I said, "I appreciate.. really, from my heart I'm going to thank you. You have told me about salad. It's so good, it's so green, it's so well...." Oh Gosh. She was writing a Sukhmani of salad, Jap Sahib of salad. It's...it was unbelievable phenomena I went through. And I said, "You will be graduating about salad."

You are where you put your energy. Huh? Do you hear? What did I say? And God gave you the energy of life to put back into God. It will multiply, fools. It is a simple thing. There's NO other way to reach God. Forget about being holy and unholy. Everybody who has nine holes is holy. And if you have ten, thank God you have one extra. And please don't open your third eye, it is open all the time. You day dream, you night dream, you are crazy, anyway. Stop it. Close this third eye and see inside you.

You know, there was a person... this lady, she met me in the airplane. I was waiting for bathroom and she just came and stood behind me and she said, "Aren't you Yogi Bhajan?"
I said, "I think so." I mean, you know, introducing myself is very difficult. They know me anyway. I said, "Yeah, I think so, I'm Yogi Bhajan."
"I want to talk to you."
I said, "Here?"
She said, "Where I can get you? This is the best place."
I said, "Well, my dear, you know..."
She said, "Don't worry, nobody will bother. I want to talk to you one thing."
I said, "What is it?"
She said, "I want instant enlightenment."
I said, "Well, go to Mahesh Yogi. He does that kind of stuff."
She said, "I have been to him."
I said, "Go to this Kriya Yoga, there are a lot of people who do that."
I said, "I don't do anything instant except instant tea." Instant tea, you know, you put it in and it becomes tea.
She said, "No, no, no. Now you are joking. Could you be straight with me? I want... I don't want to accept you as Guru, I don't want to get initiated more, I don't want to give you anything. I have been ripped off enough."
I said, "Everybody has been ripped off. You are not the only one. I got ripped off, also."
She said, "How did you get ripped off?"
I said, "You are ripping me off. You are not paying my fee. You are taking my time. I am waiting for bathroom. You want me to give you a whole lecture. Right now, instant enlightenment. I mean, that is too much. It costs money. Maybe ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars."
She said, "I'm not going to pay a penny."
I said, "I agree with you. Your honesty is not, but your experience that you have suffered enough. Anyway, you paid my friends, thank you very much."
I said..."Well, you know, everybody who is spiritually commercial and cheats others and takes away the money is one of the biggest frauds on the earth and everybody does it. Why not? We all, animals live off each other. It's totally ridiculous to deny it.
She said, "No, no, no."
I said, "Well, I'd like to compensate the situation like this."
She said, "What?"
I said, "Just feel," this is what I said..."just feel your spine is a light tube... light. Just personify, just imagine. Just imagine your spine is a tube of light."
She said, "What kind?"
I said, "Just a tube light." Right over us on the airplane there was a kind of glass. Underneath there was a tube light. I said, "Just feel your spine is a tube light. And your two eyes are like a lighthouse lights, or the airport lights." And, I said, "Keep on imagining this."
She said, "What will happen?"
I said, "I don't know. Something instant will happen when you perfect this imagination."
She said, "How?"
I said, "When you make fake look real, real gets ashamed and walks in."

Don't you know that? Hey, you don't know that? Fake it and you'll make it? Do you know the story was there was one lover, they were two boys and one of the boys, they were two friends, they were very buddies. And one was, fell in love with the princess, and he looked at her with the vernacular and he said, "She is the only, all women are alike but a rich woman is really....it gets more stimulation, it is something to conquer, something to...so the men go very crazy about it. So he told his friend, he said, "All right, let us go and have a last supper."
When they ate, he said, "You won't meet me tomorrow."
He said, "What's wrong with you?"
He said, "I'm going to commit suicide."
He said, "Idiot, what for? We are fine."
He said, "No, you know, I saw that princess and I can never get her and I can never reach her and I can never approach her. And, I can't live without her."
He said, "That's all your problem is, or tell me anything more?"
He said, "No, if I can go and reach her, it will be all right."
He said, "All right, don't commit suicide tonight. Tomorrow we'll make the arrangements and you'll be there."
He said, "How?"
He said, "Well, just trust me. One more day I want extension."

Extension was granted. He made a wooden Garuda, that God of the wings of the air. The God of the air is Garuda. So he built a wooden one and mechanized it and in the evening when no one could see he dressed him as Narayan, like Vishnu, like the whole forehead and all that stuff. He said, "That won't hold."
He said, "Just do what I say. Promise between you and me, is to go there. And when you reach there, put it off and take care of everything. But tonight you have got to do the whole thing."
He said, "Okay." So he wound him up, the bird flew with him, and this girl was just taking a night stroll and you know, ladies are very fascinatingly fantastic. You know, woman is a fantasy. Spelling when you write... punch on it "Woman". Woman fantasizes..they fantasize so much... God!... otherwise they are sixteen times more intelligent than men. They can make a man a yo-yo in seconds. But fantasy is their only thing. They don't know where they are, who they are, what they are doing. So in that thing the men do their number. So there he goes and he landed and she said, "Oh my God, Oh God, Narayan, Wow! wow! jao!"
He said, "I am God Narayan and I am in love with you."
So all he did is took her to bed, and did everything which a young boy does and in the morning he said, "Now, I have to see the universe. Before the sun comes, I have to go back." So he sat on the bird like that, put up on his costume and came down.

Thing went on and on and on and on. Nobody took care of it because there was no spiritual organization between two friends. They were buddies and everything was set. And the woman really believed that God comes and has intercourse with her every night. It was a very passionate kind of God, you know, it does the whole number very good. It makes you feel good even, now what I'm saying.... it's the woman's fantasy. She wants to create the opposite male organ and organically cosmic energy into her. That's the polarity of the female.

Anyway, the guards and everybody in the palace started noticing a big huge bird walking in every evening, coming out in the morning... it couldn't be a secret anymore. Until you are, you just put blinders on your eyes, things are.... "Haray aapay mar jaanagay jar jit peingaraa." Those who walk in the heat of the summer they should die automatically. You should not kill them. There's no problem going after anybody..some people accuse me of inaction. I'm not supposed to do any action. I'm not supposed to take an action. You go to the north pole, you will freeze anyway. Why should should I send the ice cream there? That's not the problem. Just relax.

So everything got known, and everything got known so well, and the king was in a very duality and he said to his Grand Vizir, "What should I do? She is my only one daughter, she is this, she is that."
He said, "Lord, there are two ways to look at it. If he's really God, I mean to say... among us, nobody can fly up. If he's really God, then you are having a fight with God, and you are only a small king. But if it is not a God, just wait. Trust your daughter."
He said, "It is getting...things are getting out of hand."
He said, "I am a Grand Vizir, I know more than you. I am the one who could have brought you notice but thank God you were brought your notice by your wife."
Anyway, ten days later they got the report, the neighbor country is going to attack them. So the king called the daughter and he said, "I understand my daughter, you have a relationship with this God, Narayan, and now question is, he is not my son in law because you are not married, it is all illegal. But sometimes it is good to exploit illegal for legal purposes."
And she said, "Father, I don't understand."
He said, "Oh, understand one thing, that if your, that lover, who is God, Narayan, can take care of this attack and army, and we can live in peace, I'll forgive his visits." And that kind of deal he struck.
So she said, "Don't worry. He's coming every night. He'll come tonight, I'll talk to him."
So when he came, this young boy, very passionate and all that, she said, "Hold on... there's one situation. Now, you are God and my father said we are going to be attacked and this is going to be all okay and you've got to do it."
Now for this young kid who didn't know anything but to go to bed on the back of the wooden bird, that chariot, and back down, he didn't know any more about it. But you know, when you start visualizing, feeling, lying, chanting, and doing all kind of your self hypnosis about it....he said, "Hold on... Just hold on. Let me see how my other Devtars, how my other demigods are working."
So, yeah, yeah, it is true. It is true story. Don't you know? That's the way you get time. "All right, I will not, just hold on. I have sinned today but you know, let me confess and later on I come again, you know?" In the same box.
So he came down and told his friend he said, "My dear, now this is what it is." And he said, "What you are going to do?"
He said, "But how much this bird can fly? Is it from here to there?"
He said, "No, no, it is not. It can go with this spring up. It can go down with this. But on the side there is a spring with this. It can go flat. And with this it can go little higher but not so high. Don't be stupid, I mean, you are going to show her acrobatics?"
He said, "Yeah. That's what I'm going to do."
He said, "What is the demand?"
He said, "She wants a show...this daily affair is too boring." When life becomes easy and things become daily affair, things become boring.

You know what boredom is? When you have no challenge and you know what stupid living is? When you have no confrontation. When life has no challenge and challenge is not hard enough, life is very boreing. That's why rich people die of boredom. They don't die of anything else.

Anyway, he went back and he said, "All right, all right, all right, let us enjoy tonight." So they went into their silken bed and did their thing. In the morning coming down he said, "Just watch." He got on the bird and just flew in towards the enemy. And Narayan in his deep meditation got up and told his real bird, "Garuda?"
He said, "Yes, my Lord, ready!"
He said, "Get into that wooden bird."
He said, "What are you talking?"
He said, "Idiot! If that wood bird will fall, Narayan bird will fall. Nobody is going to differentiate whose bird is whose. So the whole imagination is at stake. Get into that and I'll take a little time and I'll come."
So when this enemy army saw this huge bird flying over them, they bowed and they retreated.

Anyway, what I was trying to explain to you is, sometimes all this meditation, all this spirituality, all this ritualness, and all this discipline is totally fake. It's not real. It is done by human with a limited mind. But while doing it, once you get out of it, you just start experiencing the reality. That's what reality is, which Guru Nanak said, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach naanak hosee bhee sach."

It is just like... Hey Inderjeet... what is that guy whose mother used to give him sugar under the...huh? (Farid.) Oh yah... "Fareedaa, sootiaa, so ban samaaj jujaar." The mama wanted, mama decided, "My son should become a very great saint." So she told him to do the prayer. The masala is the little carpet you wear and on that you bow and do your prayer. We call it 'asan', they call it, 'masala'. She used to put sugar underneath so when he will sit down and meditate and do the whole stuff, then he will wrap up his masala, he'll find a big chunk of candy underneath so he'll eat it. One day after long time the mother just could not remember to put that and she was talking to the neighbors and wasted that time in there and couldn't come. So Farid came and took the masala and sat down on that and did his prayer and when he covered his, wrapped his masala, there was no sugar. And mother thought, "My God, I have created a hell. Now my son will know that I was cheating and I was the
one who was doing." Because she said, "When you do good thing, God provides." She came and she said, "You didn't get the candy." He said, "Mom, today I got candies and candies and I got the One who produces candies. You don't have to put under my cover. Under my masala."

That spiritual teacher is just a same stupid old bewitched, possessive, obsessed person who wants your bird. He sells you bill of goods. He wants you to become great? He's not a very nice person, according to you. You think he lives off you because if you will be all gone, where he is going to eat? "Oh Paleh banee paraal av pachay...", what he has to get is already prewritten, predestined. You are not the one who is responsible for that. But his joy is to just mulch the garbage to make manure out of it. Mulching the garbage to make manure out of it. And out of the manure, comes out the roses.

And all what we are going through this middle aged crisis, is that one rose. That one rose which I can give to the lady sacrifice... Hey, listen to this story! Out of all this garbage, become mulch maker manure, and make that one rose which we can give to the lady sacrifice and she can bear us tomorrow's message, which can let the human live the life which Guru Gobind Singh laid down in experience. How about that? We need that purity, that Khalsa, that mental purity. I'm not asking this physical purity... Hey, this is something very funny. Let me tell you something. Can we talk on that subject, freely and openly? You guys do lot of cleaning, huh? Washing, cleaning and $30 for nails and $20 for that. What do they call those things which they can't...some of you are so tired, they can't cut off your own nails! What do they... the whole thing is? Manicure!... and I don't know what kind of cures you do. Out of those bunch of cures and bunch of fashion and all that nonsense, you
try to look beautiful, right? Now, what a false life is that when you are looking so beautiful and mentally you are ugly? And spiritually you are dead? And you can't say a few inspiring words and cannot say any elevating mental thought. What is going on? Huh?

Are you with me? I'm asking a question and you just want to hear it and not answer me? How many of you get up early in the morning and take a mental bath? In English they call it, "sadhana." I don't like these hands like this. Are you wrong? Have you a tennis elbow? Can I see it all the way up so God can count it? Now put it down and let me tell you something... It is the greatest obnoxious prostitution against divinity to not clean your identity of the mind! It's worst. It's a non-reality.
"Dekho ji". Don't go and read books. You can go and read the entire Bodhi Tree shop, and you won't find these three words: "Sadhana, aradhana, prabhupati." And you know why I'm lecturing like this today? Hey, we are going to go. And we are going to write a page in the history of the glory of the Khalsa. And many of you will not walk, many of you will turn away. We are going to create another Baisakhi. We do not want to be known as white, white Sikhs. We white skinned, "gori goriaa". Not at all. We want also to be a part of that history.

Some of you... look, some of you have beautiful wives and relationships, some of you have very pretty children, some of you have a lot of money and you are very comfortable. Keep your thing going. We are not asking you or forcing you or brain washing you or even inviting you. But some of us ARE going. Is that clearly understood?

God bless you with your earthly homes and earthly relationships and with your earth. We are going to talk to heavens. All right? And no grudge and no nonsense and no complaint... and no expected green dollars, do you understand that? We are going to do what we are going to do, and time has come to do it. And that's the way it is, and that's the way it was and that's the way it will be. We are going to cross the line and we are going to walk unto a reality of fact that we can not allow the human torture to be practiced in the light of our American spirit. We love freedom. We are religious people. And we have something to share.

Can we share? You share your love affairs and you share your shares. But there is one share which is sharing, going on the cross. Huh? Picture it, picture us sitting on the hot plate. Picture it! Picture being bricked alive. Picture it! A little tragedy happens... you go frenzy, you go berserk. I'm not talking of that. I'm talking of picture with all, and now tell me. Shouldn't I tell you and bless you, "Thank you very much, and should I go, or you are coming?" You great lovers. Come on. Let us see the beat of your heart, let us see your intellectual brain. Let us see you use your logic and reason. We are going to walk into the valley of death. "Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to do and die"... rode the six hundred inrto the valley of death. That is what Charge of the Light Brigade people said. Whole world war, Second World War has no memory equal to it. There are two things, victory of the Waterloo, and the Charge of the Light Brigade.

All right... let me see. What do you think of that? I'm not going to upset you. Tomorrow you have to go seven o'clock to work, huh? You have appointments, right? Well, just listen, I have appointment, too, and I have to go to work, too. And my prayers are with you and my blessings are with you. I have to do what I have to do. Is that understood? Is that understood? Clearly? Or should I be speaking in French? "Soo saa see saa saa". Or should I speak in Chinese? "Chii chee, chee, choo, choo"... What do you want to hear? In which language do you want?

Listen! The path of men of Truth is the path of sacrifice. They meet death half way. They don't wait for an invitation. Those who are you waiting for invitation, God bless you all over the country and may you be blessed in the stars and the spangles whatever it is. But the flying eagle tells us the story. We always meet the challenges half way. All right? And we take care of the affairs. Run the rituals and run the congregations and check up account books and listen to the gossip and do what you have to do. Hey! Are you there? Are you hearing me? Do those nominal things which are normally done. They are very important... and continue... raise your children, and tell them you were cowards. And tell your wife you are physically very potent and mentally absolutely impotent and spiritually you do not even exist. All right?

You know, I'm giving you a call and you are going to stall? It won't work, babies. Call is a call, babies. Answer it or stall it, see where do we go? Should I leave you here, or press you little more? Oh, I love you anyway. I'm not supposed to say a lot of things, but I just want to tell you... The difference is, this is what I feel. After living 50 years a fulfilled life I have found out exactly what I found out when I was eight and a half years ago. I found out the entire essence of knowledge is when a person can excel, and entire excellence is when you can sacrifice and not feel the pain of it. It is the painlessness in the statutory moment of the moment of the psyche of the factual truth that person can walk and engulf with the universality of life and truth. That is called divinity. Rest is a beautiful service. Whatever you want to call it. It doesn't work that way.

Lot of people, talk tall. Their steps are very small. Big talk and big snores. But they don't have a deep sleep. It is God in experience which is more precious than all the virtues. I'm pretty good. I've got everything I have, but you know, I have to do what I have to do. I'll miss you. I love you. I'll write you, I'll say a lot of things to you. Am I not a good actor? I'm really very impressive, right? I'm good with words. I wish you all should be that much good with words. Open up your hearts and you'll be as good as it needs to be.

Well, family....we are who we are. And we are not going to change our identity because of this or because of that, okay? And we are going to go. And some people are very ritualistic. Well, you know... it is words, it is a paranoia, it is that whole thing because Jimmy Swaggart and because of this and that. No. It's not true. Our religion is on trial. And it is now. And now we have the strength and we are going to go back and take care of ourselves and take care of those who are taking care of us. And we are going to match up. All right? Is it not human? Is it not American? Huh? Am I talking from what? Istanbul? Or it is still Los Angeles? Where we are coming from? So shape up your bodies and have some muscle to have some stamina. I need spiritual, mental and physical stamina. Dollars can't buy it. You understand? Well, that's what we need. Well...it's getting late, you might be needing for the langar and the prasad. You know? All right. And... Huh?... Oh yeah,
let us sing for two minutes, that little song my children will sing after my death, and I want to hear it while being alive. "We are the Khalsa.." Hurry up. Come on, quick. I want a march. No, no! One! Two! Three!... (Everyone sings, We are the Khalsa, Mighty Mighty Khalsa)

Hey, whatever I have taught you in 18 years is not one millionth equal to this song you have taught me. Do you understand that? I'm basically a Catholic, I love to admit things and do those Sunday service, "Father I have guilt, I am guilty." You know, basically I am a student of the Sacred Heart, so I can't help it. But let me confess one thing. Whatever I have taught and whatever my generation will learn... and my generation shall rule this planet, it is destined to do that, and that pandit couldn't be wrong when I was 7 years old, so I believe it. May be you think I am wrong or right, who cares? I'm not asking for vote. It's not an elected office, so have fun. It will be as it is, but whatever I have taught, whatever I have spoke, whatever I have done for you, for whatever you have obligated me, we are square. Just this song is a million, million, million times more positive and beautiful than all that I have done. Quick! Hurry up! (Sangat sings for couple of minutes.)

I have one obligation to give you a personal message. This message is from Gurujot Singh Khalsa who has been arrested a few days ago in the cross fire of the two administrative agencies of the United States. His message is, "To all people who love me and hate me, for all of them equally." He feels very honorable.... the situation has come up this way... He feels very strong and he feels he will come out with his own honor, that is what it is. And he does feel because he is a pillar of success and all that, some people do feel betrayed and hurt. And he also wants to remind you he was in charge of national security and that's not kind of a very child play job in which things are very easily taken and loved and liked. However, his message is that "don't convict me before I'm convicted. And sometimes conviction is very Christ-like and I'm feeling very okay. I'll keep up the spirit and you should keep up the spirit. There'll be a lot of gossip, lot of telephones, lot of stories.
You have heard about me 18 years, so this is Phase II, so you'll hear a lot." But it happened... the guy is in a good shape and he understands. And we understand the way it is and we'll see what we can do and what wrong has been done.

And, I just wanted to let you know myself that last night I was, uh, a few days, at about eight o'clock, day before, normally they don't give me messages because of my heart condition and all that. I got that message and I wanted to know the truth, yet all the details are not known. So last night on the wire, he was allowed to make a phone call and that was his phone call and that's the message he said and wanted me to give you.

Now there are two ways to do it. One of you can become birds and fly gossips and do the thing. And some of you can just do prayer. Last night there were a lot of people who were being sacrificed, and we went there for prayer. And there are another three people who are in that kind of danger, too.

So anyway, what I wanted to give you the good new is, the ball is rolling. And we are not very ineffective and some people are very alert and they can pick up here and there. And there may be some people who'll be crushed aside the line, but, well, let us see how the history will judge them. I'm nobody to judge them. I'm nobody to even say anything. I'm just simply giving a message.

So don't waste your telephone calls and...well, if you enjoy gossip like an ice cream you'll get pimples. So if you want to gossip on the subject, it's fine. If you don't want to gossip, you just stay steady and the second part with you is, you can do prayer. Second is that we are going to fight the bail tomorrow. We'll like the gentleman should be bailed out. And we do not know what shall be the net result of it, but in case not...if they want to really crush the spirit, that's what the background is, they won't. And then we'll fight in the court. We'll go through it, it's all right. Well, we are not making a lot of hue and cry about it. And, that's the way it is. All right... sing now. (Sangat sings....)

Oh by the way, he has a message for teenagers. He said that, "I have been alleged with very neurotic charges", but he wanted to let teenagers know that one day when the truth will come out, they shall be proud of him, and there's no reason to walk in shame or talk in shame. But at this moment things are.... kind of message was... that we have been enlisted in the boot camp. And now we'll go through a training and parade and let us see what comes at the side of the war. So the Indians have been praying... Indian Sikhs have been praying for a long time that when we are going to participate. Well, what we want to tell them is, that we are equally good Sikhs as they are, and we have been trying our best. We were little sharper but somewhere along the way we slipped, so it's okay. It's not we you should be worried about.

And governments do what governments do and the people do what the people do. Agencies do what the agencies do and the agents do what the agents do. And if you are an agent of God, expected from you, there's only one thing: prayer. We are not asking any other help. We are just asking if you believe in "Sarbat Ka Bala"... Good for All... the best sale of good is to just pray. One of us has been trapped. Not dead yet. I know some of them are very happily waiting for the day when they hear Gurujot Singh has been shot in the detention camp, but I don't think that will be. We'll keep the vigilence, but that's why we requested this solitary imprisonment through the court order, immediately on his arrest the request was made by the defense attorney that he should be given solitary because we do not think that in non-solitary conditions that he'll ever come out to explain his story. And it was granted. So we are on the way. It can be very serious charge of things which we don't want to hear
and discuss, but basically we do not know yet. Is that understood? I'm just talking because you love him all and I think every one of you is going to get hurt and feel bad about it. Sing! (Sangat sings...)

We are not United States of America to give 17 billion dollars under the table to Israel and 3 billion dollars to Nicaragua and to all that, and you know what I mean? We are just humble, simple Americans. But we do feel that in the village of Punjab there was no iron blade on the plow and there was not a sickle to cut the fields and there was nothing to do anything. We understand what the tragedy is going on, and we understand lot of things which are happening but fact is, that in his words, the man said, to his belief he was right and he will be vindicating himself. The only favor I am asking is that don't be stupidly negative. You have the right to be negative because you have a very strong mind, and you can go ahead with it and do yourself in for that. But I'm not worried about that.

I feel that if as an officer of National Security for Sikh Dharma if he has done something illegal he should be punished and he should stand it honorably. And if he has involved anybody else, I think we should not like to defend him in any way. But if his statement is, maybe... in a situation like this everybody gives a statement. Maybe you don't have to believe the gentleman. But yet he has not been even charged and he's being harassed and we are very much in shock. Actually, I do not know what I am saying. You know, I am an unconscious man, you know? I don't do right things most of the time. It is 18 years experience of yours. And, my personal feeling is that, right or wrong, let history judge it! Let people not judge each other. Is that a valid request of invalid? And I want all the money which is going to be wasted on gossip telephones should be given to the Das Vandh. Is that an honorable suggestion or not? You are going to make long distance calls and it is going to cost
lost of heavy bills and...there's a one guy, I was telling him, I said, "My dear son, you have become a mosquito." He said, "How come?" He said, "You are spreading malaria." Ram Das Singh... Do you know what the charges are clearly yet?
Ram Das Singh: Not exactly.
YB: Not exactly. That's enough. That's what I'm trying to say. That we have a system, we have a chancellor, he's flying in right now to educate me. We have an assistant chancellor right here, and we have a very well organized system and we are trying to look into the matter. All right, now sing. (Sangat sings...)

And one invitation along with that, all right? One invitation I want to alert you. If at this Guru Ram Das Ashram, what is that police that deals with underground, that mafia, what do they call that? There is a special section. You dealt with it... Hey! Yah...Organized Crime Unit. We got a call...here's me, I Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib, cut it out. I Harbhajan Singh Yogiji, in my personal capacity, is making a candid explanation. Ten minutes to eleven at Guru Ram Das Ashram, I received a call from Chicago, "Yogiji?"
"I am so and so."
"You have a back door to the ashram?"
I said, "Yes."
"Get a car, split."
I said, "What?"
He said, "The Organized Crime Unit, two constables are coming to ask you to come and they will ask you that they want to take you to the police station to question and on the way they will pick a fight and they will arrest you for attacking a police officer, peace officer, and you will be put in a jail. And the instruction is, pick up a car and go out!"

Sat Simran, brought a car behind, and I sat down and we left. Ninety days about? Yah, ninety days we lived in jungle ravines and dry breads of the whole thing. We didn't tell you? It's a news? Many of you know. Anyway, look at this fantastic story. We went here, we went to the airport, we did that. Anyway... after 3 months, here at the district attorney's office, before Guru Terath Singh, right? The police officer said, "We only beg that we should not be charged for what we are going to do but we have the instructions to do it to this man called Yogiji. Because what he is doing is not acceptable to some higher ups." So what we did is we put our higher ups, they put their higher ups. Deal was decided in Washington. It was decided here in district attorney's office, and that's my personal experience of freedom of everything. And one of the freedom...because the guy said, "You know, I am a law man", when the guy said, "These people are coming from organized crime," I said, "What
the hell organized crime has to do with me?" You know, FBI has come and I can understand local police has come. But what organized crime has to do with me?

Oh yeah, the person who could use organized crime was in Chicago and his influence was very great and so the idea was not to arrest me. Idea was to ask me to go for questioning and beat me up over there in the presence of Guru Ram Das Ashram so everybody may hear it and then say I have attacked a peace officer who just came to investigate. Do you understand that? So I don't want to speak of any other experience. I just want to let you know my own personal experience. I think that day I was initiated into America. And then later on when I went to Washington I was told, if you want to do any work, either you have some godfather or a senator or a congressman at the beck of red line call. I never understood still what that is. But I just want to explain to you, things are like that. (Sangat sings.)

Those who have paid so much money to bring law cases against us, if they pay any money to get rid of those cases, we have absolutely no feeling, we have just prayer for them. But fact is, we are not a party to it. And neither we will be, nor we want to be, neither we can afford to be. Is that understood, once for all? All right, now let us sing last time. (Sangat sings.)

And I am not associating myself with the whole episode. I am just, as a religious man, I am asking you to waste no time on the gossip because this dharma has an organized situation and it will be taken care of in an organized manner. Is that understood? Is that understood? So, what other news you want? It's raining today. You can go home and meditate.

Hey... by the way, is it possible that some people can give me a little assurance to boost my ego that many of you who have never come to sadhana all these days for one reason or other will start coming from tomorrow? I didn't see anything very solid. I'm just...uh,....Okay, Guru Singh, for 120 days, lead sadhana, and report to me every day in the evening how many people came. It is not my job to honor my trusted friend with a situation which I feel he has done successfully before by experience, correct? And I am not asking you to agree or not agree.
Guru Singh: I am not agreeing or not agreeing. I got it clear.
YB: Okay, my prayers and my blessings and my satisfaction is with you and 18 years of my history has a very proven track record that I am always misunderstood and if I get misunderstood for something tomorrow, I'd like you to understand something... that I am SUPPOSED to be misunderstood. So it is not something very wrong. It is... it comes with the territory. All right? But I do feel it isn't the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it, and time has come that we should start writing our own history as golden, as good, as Sikh Dharma deserves to have. All right?

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! ___________________________________________________________________________ ____
- end -

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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