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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 11/17/1989
Category: misc
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Healing Your Handicaps


We are starting on the subject, "Healing Your Handicaps", and one of the psychological and biological, and also mental feelings is that when a person starts aging, to everybody... whether you lie about it or you are truthful... it doesn't matter... aging, you feeling like you are handicapped, and that over 40's, over 60's, "I am this, I am that"... and the skin is not that soft, and hairs are not that good, and actually to be very frank and honest with you, you bring on you more wrinkles than you help yourself.

The physical body must go through its own changes, and there are ten trillion cells which must change in exactly 72 hours. And in first ten years, you just grow up to look at yourself growing and then by the time you are 18, 19, or 20, you are grown up. Your growth can continue till 27, but the cycle of life is of 18 years. So first 18 years and then another 18 years. 36 is the limit. After that the process of changing the cells will start getting 73 hours, 74 hours, 75 hours. And that is what can be stopped a little bit, that's all. It's no miracle. It is no hassle. It is a question of how you want to live.

You can live to be very old and very strong, and you can be very young and absolutely without any strength. And there are three strengths you need. You need a mental strength, you need a physical strength, and you need overall a spiritual strength. Now, when we talk about spirituality and spirit, it takes a brand name called 'religion.' So it's, "My Rabbi says this..." and "My Padre says this..." and "My swami says this...." and "My guru says this." And you are very confused animals in the kingdom of heavens because you have no four legs to be stabilized, so you walk on two legs and you just get into a certain area and you say, "This is it. This is my abode." And actually that's not true.

In your life, your concept that you are growing up should not have any direct or indirect fear. Now this is how it works. If the proportionate wisdom of growing up does not relate to the years of life, you become more afraid. Problem is not how old you are, how poor you are, how much world has been cruel to you or will be cruel to you. That's not a problem. Problem is how many times you have been betrayed, how many times you have been taken advantage of... that's not either the problem. Problem is: do you have the guts to face it all and then out come plus? That is the problem. Problem is not how much IRS is taxing you. Problem is not how many times you got mugged. Problem is also not how much money you have lost in stocks. Question is: do you have enough cash flow to meet it?

Life is not what you think it is. You can look beautiful and after ten minutes you are down. That doesn't solve the problem either. In your life there is only one thing. They say in real estate only three things work: Location, location, and location. And in human life, only three things work: strength, strength and strength.

Are you tired? Now doctors will say, "Well, sugar came down, sugar went up. Thyroid is not working all right. Metabolism is all wrong. Lungs are not breathing." The fact is, we don't have 21% oxygen and we don't breathe deep enough. You know, these days they are saying, "Running and exercise is very essential." You know why? When you do that kind of thing, you do have a powerful oxygen reaction in your bloodstream. That is the best vitamin, that is the best health capsule you can ever take. The best capsule you can ever take is your own breath of life. And it has been medically investigated on record that only 11% of people know how to completely or deeply breathe. You understand that? Eleven percent people, deep breath is their concept of life.

Now, we are very great people who live in Los Angeles and survive, and you must have recently read that report that we have now 33%, our environments and our air quality has improved.

You have come here... you will meet a lot of situations. Massage, herbs, psyche, relaxation. Every booth down there has something for your betterment. You should feel better and they should have money. And actually you deserve to be charged more, because if you pay too much, then you value too much. But the problem is, are you going to value health? Because you do not pay for it, therefore you don't value it.

I mean, you know that you have been invited by a friend, and then open up a bottle of wine and they are very ceremonial about it... it's very receptive. You know it. It's not something bad or you should feel bad about it, but you know when you are drinking wine, you are messing up your liver. You know it. It's not a secret. Anything which you eat in your life which turns into a quick sugar is a death note to you. It doesn't matter what: fructose, sucrose, honey, it doesn't matter at all. It doesn't matter what you are eating, anything you are directly eating as a sugar and it hits your bloodstream... your liver cannot take it. And that is the heaviest handicap in which from the childhood we go, "Ooh, baby, don't cry. Here it is!" And you put something in his mouth. If a man comes... "Here are the snacks!" We are Americans. We are just nothing but Mr. and Miss Fad. We go on taking oat bran, and everything is oat bran. If we get into carbohydrates, everything is carbohydrates.
We get into meat, everything is meat.

We do not understand that this body needs 108 elements. There are 108 elements in 5 tattwas. They have to be balanced. And your mood... Some people are just very beautiful, they are very rude. You want to blame them? No. That's the way they are. Any person who is mentally irritated and feels deprived, shall be very rude. You can't help it. Any person who will feel that there is too much to do, will use one or another kind of a drug.

These are all basic psychologies. It doesn't have to do with any medical or psychological or biological or religious or geographical background. There are certain attitudes in life, if you face them, then correspondingly action shall have equal and opposite reaction. And there are no two choices about it. Take for example: you want to be happy, right? Eat chocolate. I don't know, I'm suggesting. Eat chocolate.

You'll be very happy. Next day if you want to be happy, eat another chocolate. Third day, if you eat chocolate, instead of happiness, you'll be jittery. Fourth day, it will start affecting you more and more, and in a couple of days you'll be your own guinea pig. You don't have to ask anybody.

Fundamentally life has one privilege only, and that is to be happy. Well... don't take me wrong... I don't believe that believing in God has any other purpose but expanding one's consciousness to that extent that you can be happy. I don't mean to put you in a jeopardy, but even your sex, your sensory self, your projection, your making money, your being married, your having children, your being American, your being Japanese, all that only has one common sense: you want to be secure and you want to be happy.

You do your prayers for mental cleanliness, spiritual advancement -- nothing else. People ask me, "What is a religion?" I say, "It is a very, very most powerful selfish trip. It has nothing to do with God, I can assure you that." No, no, no, don't misunderstand me, it is true! What? God is bothering you? God is everywhere, you are nowhere, what is the problem? I mean to say, we have no problem. To feel spiritual is to feel your own spirit. It doesn't matter which religion you belong to or which person you belong to. After all, you have to complete your day. And there's no B12 injection all the time you can keep in left arm and right arm, you can make your day as it's your day. Your day not only has to be your day, but your day has to be everybody's best day whom you meet that day. That is called "one day." If your day is your day, you goofed. It doesn't make any sense because that day you made barely your day. But if that day you met fifty people and the fifty people have not
made their day then you have lost fifty opportunities, fifty chances... and that is the sacredness in life that you go, you feel, you touch and somebody's day is made.

Then what happens? One day you make one person's day, next day you make ten people's day and 3rd day you make 100 people's day. In the end of the month you've made 10,000 people's day. Then you have 10,000 psycho magnetic energies focusing at you. "Oh, he is a good man." It's a mantra. It's a constant vibration. "Oh, he is a good man." It's a mantra. It's a constant vibration. Now bad cannot come near you. Power is in the remembrance. "Remember God, meditate on God." Whatever they call it, that doesn't mean anything.

Power is in remembrance. Your child is somewhere in the university, your power is in the remembrance as a mother, as a father, as a boyfriend or girlfriend. That is the power. It is psycho magnetic communication. That's the only power man understands or has, even without knowing what he has got.

I was just running around here. There are so many booths. Some people are going to discuss UFO's. Some are going to discuss internal medicine. Some are going to say a lot of things. But I tell you, if for example right now, you know everything you want to know... everything you want to know you know... in the end you will find that you have wasted your life when you are an empty shell and useless. Because what fulfills you? Money? No. Sex? No. Your power? No. Political, physical? Nothing satisfies you. Satisfaction is automatic and is never seen. It is never other than the good will. You feel and you understand the good will you have with other people. And even that is not enough. To have good will with other people is not enough, folks. You have to have good will with yourself.

Now how phony one can be? You get ready, and you want to be good to everybody. No, no, no, no! That is an act, and everybody can act. But first you have to be very good to yourself. And that appearance... which will be your face, your eyes, your attitude, your words, your communication... will tell that you are very good within. That is where another person will get trust in you.

When I came in United States, 20 years ago, I didn't have even the dress to look like a Yogi. No, no, not at all. A pink polka dot turban... I mean, it is a fact. Pink polka dot turban, strapped pants and hazy color of a bush shirt, that's all I had, because everything got lost and I never had clothes. And you know, I never bothered too. Now, I didn't have a billboard on my forehead that I am a yogi. I didn't have a lot of friends, either. And fact is, those who were my friends... when they said I was a yogi... in India they knew me as a high officer and a rich man, whatever, but when they say, now I am kind of myself, they started cornering themselves, "Na, na, na, uh, we'll meet you tomorrow. We'll call you, don't call me." You know that attitude? Fine.

Anyway, some of my students made a great effort to arrange my lecture in YMCA. That was my first introduction in the United States in Los Angeles. Now watch me what I am saying to you. Remember it, too. I went there, hall was bigger than this. There were a lot of chairs. Stage was highly decorated... a lot of flowers. They made really big cushion and put all the flowers around it. You know how many people came? Me, my driver, and my microphone. And I gave a lecture that day which shall be the best ever, so long this earth will rotate. And we have published it so many times, repeated it, given it to people, and it is a very simple, straightforward thing: How to cover your Handicaps, and How to be Healthy.

When I say, 'healthy,' that doesn't mean you are healthy physically and mentally you are off, or you are mentally very healthy and spiritually you are off. I mean, healthy, healthy, healthy! In every walk of life, you should feel youthful.

And there are certain techniques which can help you without money. That is why I am here today. Such as, for example, you do not know how to communicate something that is bothering you, and you have to go to a meeting to talk. Sit down on a table across and press this finger underneath. Nobody will ever see.

(Demonstrates: The pad of the thumb presses down on the nail of the pinkie

You know, if I am just sitting here, do you know which finger I am pressing? No. I just told you. Just press your little finger for about a minute. And then touch it.

(Demonstrates: The tip of the thumb now touches the tip of the baby finger.)

Your entire sense of communication shall come on your command. For that you don't have to have initiation, you don't have to belong to anybody, and you will carry the day. It's not religious, it is not non-religious, either. It is a reality that when your ego will press on the mercury finger, it is just telling the horse: "Baby, let us gallop." No, it is a total, physiological situation. And when you will touch this (the thumb tip and pinkie tip together) and sit, it means your mercury has to be dominating along with your ego. There's no reason that you should not carry the day.

Now, what your manners are? That's very important... how you talk. Because in the beginning there was a word, word was with God, and word was God, is God and Shall be God. Question is: how you speak? There are three things in the word of yours.

When you speak, understand that somebody has to hear it. Never speak for yourself. You are useless, time wasting and a garbage if you talk for yourself. Talk what others are hearing. Not what others want to hear. That's a waste of time. Talk so that others hear you, and talk others hear you and that talk sits here and now, in the head and in the heart of the person. And then you talk with a simple flow, then you talk with a simple flow of certain authority, certain command, certain radiance, and that is how you can cover your handicap in your business world and in your personal world. And if you do not know how to talk to people, you do not know how to talk to God. It's a very catchy subject.

In every church, in every synagogue, in every temple, people tell you what to say. They are the registered voice. They give you a visa between you and God. But question is, if you want to learn how to talk to God, you must learn how to talk to His creation. If you do not know how to talk to a redwood tree (it would look like insanity to you, but that's a fact) After all, life must talk to life.

Is redwood tree not alive? Doesn't it grow at its own rate? Doesn't it have its own identity, own shape? Do you know how to talk to the ocean? Do you know how to talk to winds? You think all this is a lunatic, that's what you think. No! You are lunatic because you have never learned to talk to the entire atmosphere which God created around you. If you do not know my entire house, how can you walk into my bedroom? You've got to meet the man outside. You've got to meet and sit in the waiting room. You have no relationship. And anyone who has no total relationship with the entire earth, cannot claim to be happy.

You know when they made me a religious head and gave me the title and all that, I couldn't refuse and break their heart, but I cried inside. Somebody asked, "You should have been very happy. It's one thing in the life that can happen." I said, "No. You know when I went to America, " I told him, "I saw they take the livestock and they tie them down and they take a hot iron and they brand them." And I said, "This is what you have done to me. I came here in a religious pilgrimage. I was a very happy man and then you saw me around and you said: 'that man has to be heckled', so you brought me up in a situation, and then you put some title on me and now I am branded." I was a very free soul by myself within my own rights, and my understanding is: what is that God and what is that man who cannot enjoy happiness throughout their day and throughout their night? Why you can't enjoy it? Now these are the few questions you have to understand.

Because your body can only create "x" amount of energy and you have to distribute that energy throughout that day. And, (are you listening? I mean, none of you is doing it, but I am telling you), within the qualification of every 31 minutes, you must breathe 3 times consciously. (Demonstrates: deep breath.) Three times only. I'm not asking you to go to somebody's room and look like... (demonstrates: breath of fire.) That's not the purpose. But within 31 minutes, person must fill his lungs full three times. Inhale deep three times and exhale deep three times. Will it hurt? It will change your entire attitude. You don't think I get tired?

Oh my God! Sometimes I'm like this: "NOW what am I to do?" "Now you have to teach a class." "Okay. How minutes are there until we go?" "Five." "All right." I go in a bathroom, I take a cold water, splash on my eyes because optical nerve is the nearest thing to the brain. It is a direct thing. Take a cold water, fill my mouth, take my finger, massage my gums and my teeth. All set. Take cold water, put around my ear, pull my ears myself, all alert. Watch out. Take cold water, wash my hands, wash my elbows, put something in the armpit, put my feet into the tub, and let the water flow and massage myself with a cold water.

I come out saying: "Hello, let's go!" They say, "My God, this guy was falling apart five minutes before. What happened inside?" No. Strength is in the water, and cold water does create spontaneous circulation and alerts every cell in the body. You don't have a time for prayer because that is classified information, but you do have time to deal with the cold water, and any time you understand that sixty percent of you is water... so to invoke in you the sixty percent, here and now, is not a bad idea.

And try to understand that your body needs three things: It needs oxygen (which is free and you can do through a breath). Not the oxygen... some people are very funny these days, they have got their oxygen machines. They put it on the nose and they breathe. They think they are doing great service. They are doing harm. That's not the way God made it. The best way is to breathe deep, thrice within 31 minutes, and make it a system. Calculate your time. That is called "Conscious breathing." That is called "Conscious living."

We are the most zombie-like animals on the earth. We keep on walking as it is. Either by the circumstances or by our jobs or by our environments, or the way our habits are. We have no period in our life to think that there is some time that we have to stop for ourself. You are a friend to nobody. You will have nobody. You know nobody, because you do not know and you don't have a time to stop for yourself for three seconds per every thirty one minutes requirement. It is a human requirement. And then later on we become senile, things get rough with us, we go wrong, we are in pain, and we don't know why we are the way we are. It's all unnecessary.

Suppose in your life you have eaten food. You remember when you eat, you require two hours to digest it. It is a normal requirement. In other words, when you eat, for two hours you are not supposed to do anything strenuous. Why? Because the body needs all the energy to digest what you have eaten. That's why when you go to Spain or to these kind of countries, at lunch time they disappear for two hours. They don't do business. I was in Spain, it was a very funny place. You go at 9:00, and at 12:00, three hours later, then they have an interval. Then at 5:00 they open up and at 8:00-9:00, they are gone again. But they take their three hours.

It was very funny in my own experience. I just bought something for two hundred dollars, and the guy said: "I will like to get in American dollars the 200 dollars, otherwise in this currency you have to pay this and this." And we started collecting, "All right, you have $50.00," and as luck would have it, it became 12:00 on his watch. One, two...we heard that. And we said, "Here is the money." He said, "Come at 2:00." He put that little string and he said, "Come at 2:00." We said, "Well, wait a minute. We are tourists. Come here at 2:00. That's totally ridiculous. Why should we waste two hours?" He didn't answer. His wife came out and she said, "Now is our time and as a courtesy we say come back at 2:00. Everything is off. Please don't talk to us anymore. We are resting." I have never seen this business, but I didn't believe it. I said, "Well, we'll check it." We went at five minutes to two to their shop. There was husband, wife, sitting, laughing. I said, "Hi." They looked at us, and they
looked at us and they looked at us. And exactly at 2:00 they both got up and they said, "Hello. You are welcome." Now, that is religion. I said, "That is religion!" I said, "That is self-esteem." I said, "For a Spanish to let a sale of $200 go, because you are just one minute, one second off..."

Now that kind of discipline you need in your life. There is no love if you don't love yourself, and there's no love if you do not value yourself. There is no love if you have nothing for yourself. You have everything for everybody. People tell you what kind of pants to wear. People tell you what fashion is. Now black is in. Brown is gone. Yellow is in, pink is on. Short hair, long hair, big eyes, small eyes. Spank and span and all that stuff. Somebody designs for you. Do you have any time when you design for yourself? Have you ever decided what you want to eat? I'm telling you all this because everything, if there's anything wrong in anybody, check your own routine, check your own route, and correct it. Everything will be corrected. It's not a big deal.

Why am I qualified to talk to you like this? The reason is, you are all common people. I am an internationally recognized, professional yogi. Yeah, it takes quite a lot in the making to get that recognition. It's not a joke. But it's real. And when at some time my people got injured in the Punjab... things went wrong, people were... Golden Temple got attacked and whole thing... within two years of that, my four arteries of the heart got clogged up. There's no reason for it, and there's no reason why I am alive today. And there's no reason not to admit that medical science did its best. All it gave me was five minutes of death.

You have to remember how to cut out your own handicaps. Suppose... Is there anybody right now? I want to test it out. I need one volunteer. Would you like to volunteer? All right, you volunteer. Correct. Now, she has volunteered. I don't know her name, nor her house number, nor her telephone number. Is that true? She has just read in the paper, and she thought, "It is a good guy, let us go and listen to him", and that is how it is. No big deal. Now, can you... without saying anything... can you think something that is really, really bothering you? Deeply hurting you? Pre- focus it. You have to close down eyes and sit down, and face these guys. No problem. Now please watch this volunteer individual. We are very grateful that she has offered herself and we should be very proud of it. Now, you have to only watch her face. Stare at her, and that is called 'tratrik.' Put your eyesight on her. And my dear, you think something which is really effectively... close your eyes and go
inside and profile, figure it out, something which is really bothering you. Not bothering bothering, but REALLY bothering you! And there is always one thing which is very easy, so on the surface you just catch it.

Now whatever that is... that whole profile... bring it between your eyebrows and reconstitute it there. Now it is a physical exercise. It has nothing to do with any kind of born again Christian or being a perfect Buddhist. It is simple thing. But that's what yoga is about. Concentrate between your eyebrows that thought which was very negative in your life. Effectively or ineffectively, I'm not worried about that. And now take your left hand and put it on your forehead. And take your right hand and put it on your navel point. And now please reproduce that negative thought again. Whatever that problem was. Maybe it is a bank notice. May police are going to arrest you tomorrow. Maybe some death is bothering...it doesn't matter. But whatever it is, your top pain which you have concentrated, now reconstitute that thought and play it like a ball between navel point and forehead where your hands are, a couple of times. Bring it down, feel it down, feel it up, feel it down, feel it
up. That you can move that thought.

Now start eating that thought. Just as you eat spaghetti or anything in the world, just eat that thought. Just be very personal to it. Chew it. It is not a bad thing to just... it is for the sake of all these people you are doing... and whatever you are doing, it has to be to the best of your efficiency. And now feel relaxed with it. And then feel satisfied that you have eaten it all the way, and it doesn't exist. It's a mental hypnotic sense of projectivity in which you are creating a psycho magnetic phenomena in which you are totally winning. There's no defeat in it.

All right, now open your eyes and relax. And I don't want you to confirm yet. There's another thing I want you to do, also. You are a good volunteer. Your profile is very good. Now I don't know anything, you know, I am just a kind of a man, but do you have any discomfort? Without... don't announce it, nothing. Any discomfort in your physical body? Yeah. Okay, I can read it from the back. Don't bother. All right, now inhale deep. And exhale. Inhale deep and exhale. Put your left hand over your head, and close your eyes and any area in your body... put your hand over that and command it to be healed. Then go to your doctor and get it checked. Don't bother. No, no, no. Just do as I say, just a few minutes, and get it checked tomorrow. I just want to be very practical about it. Whatever that area is, I don't know. But you know it and I don't know what that disease is, and I don't want to ask you any one word. I'm just asking you to put your own the top of your skull, and wherever that area you feel where you
are not well, whichever area you want to heal, put your hand over there, and by your own human will... just how phony you think you are, don't bother about it... command it to be healed. Open thy mouth! It shall be fulfilled! You don't have to go to anybody. And just do it again to check it that you are sure. You don't need a magician or a miracle man. You ARE the miracle man! God couldn't create anything better than you. If He could have, He would have. Well now, that perfect God is not stupid. He does what best He could. We don't understand Him. That's not His problem.

Now third time, "Thou become the light of Thee! Thou become the light of Thee, and HEAL!" (Said in a commanding and booming voice.) You understand my power of voice? Exactly inwardly you speak that loud to itself, and tell this monstrous thing to leave you alone, get out of your body! Unwanted guest is not going to be received. Command it out! There's a one English word for it, "OUT!" And tell it mentally and strongly, by thy divine will. You don't have to go to church and ask the priest to do it. You can do it yourself... become your own priest. Command it! Now inhale deep and hold the breath and get it into the breath of life all that what it is, and now like a cannon fire, breathe out! (Volunteer does this.) And now relax. Now can you look to me? How you feel? (Volunteer: Relaxed.)

The greatest disease on this planet is self-stress. And that is the biggest handicap, folks. It's not a miracle. You can go to every doctor and you can go to every attorney. Attorney never becomes a judge, and doctor doesn't become a healer. Healer is a healer. And you must understand, there's nothing more precious than self-healing.

Now, we need another volunteer to show you certain things, otherwise I can give a good lecture and you will have a fine time and I'll be gone, you'll be gone. Tomorrow... you can't come because tomorrow I'm going to give a workshop and coming to my workshop is a very very hard stuff. You know, that's the kind of man I am. I'm not seeking publication or being in charge. I believe I have the right to be happy, and I am. And everybody has to be. Come on, you volunteered? Come in! Now!

All right, look towards these people. All right? And you know that thing right? And you know that thing, power? (Volunteer: Yes.) Make your right hand like that. Close your eyes and make tough. Get to be tough and then... I have to close in two minutes? Oh, I never noticed. Give me a minute and I'll be out. Now, tough yourself and close your eyes yourself and close your outside eyes, and take your beautiful left hand and just put it around yourself as if you are painting yourself with gold and with radiance and with shine. Yourself. Close your eyes and just go around your body by your own, but keep that toughness as you can. It's your body, honey. Wherever you're going to put your psyche, it's going to be young, I can bet on it. Now inhale deep. Deep! Hold the breath and feel full of energy. And now all of a sudden, totally relax. Drop everything. Now open your eyes... look towards me. How you feel? Do it all the time. It doesn't cost money. Did it?

Now is it that my time is up? Is that true? You mean I have spoken forty- five minutes? Is that true? Well, my idea is, folks, last minute for last questions do you have, and that is a girl who raised her hand. You wanted to ask some question?

(Question: You mentioned fructose earlier and....)

Can you stand up and speak louder?

(Question: You mentioned things like fructose, sugar and honey having a damaging effect on the body...)

If it is directly taken.

(Question: Okay, so fruit itself is not damaging to the body?)

No, if you sit down and take 26 or 40... you know, people go crazy. Anything which your body cannot normally... normally anything in excess in sugar can create effect of a Sugar Blues.

(Question: Okay, but isn't it necessary to have a little bit, though to balance out the chemicals in the body?)

Little bit is good. That's okay.

(Question: Thank you.)

Well, tomorrow... where is she now? How much time I have tomorrow? (Two hours, sir.) So folks, excuse me for today. I couldn't get started, but tomorrow... Thank you. We'll like to do a workshop tomorrow and if you'll care to come... and because there are two hours and I'll like to touch everybody so be in the seats little earlier so we don't waste time.



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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