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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/13/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Define your own Nobility

the verbatim of SSS's comments in the text, but a summary and explanation of the mudras is contained at the end of the lecture.)

I thought you wouldn't come today. Now you are all here. How many of you were here yesterday? Oh, Jesus Christ! It means I HAVE to teach, huh?

We are teaching a very, very special course. It's not very dramatic, but it works wonders. We are working with mind. Power behind you, you think is body. Soul, or spirit, or pranic energy, or praan energy....(looking at the translator), oh, it is you! We are going to have a problem now. You love me so much in spite of the fact that I sent you away, I married you away, you are hung up on me and you are going to listen to my words and you are going to space out. Who's going to translate? You think I don't know your weakness? Now just listen and translate. That's orders, okay? Good. Good. If you want to sit, that's the price of it. Good. She's a better yogi than me. Therefore I have to tell her what to do.

So, 'praan' energy or the Chinese call it 'chi' energy or Indians call it a 'ji' energy, it is all that one energy. Because of that you live. You decorate the body, you take a lot of vitamins, good food, good sex, good relationships, big house, cars and boats, and everything for body's comfort. You do not know that that won't do. Your strength is not body. Your strength is mind. If you have a good mind, everything will come to you. If you have a good body, you have to go to everything. You understand?

It is better to be a king or to be a beggar. You have to make the choice. Good mind -- you are imperial. Good body -- you are only a subject to be exploited. It has been done by the mankind for centuries. It will never change. Strong mind can attract opportunities. It can attract good luck. And it can cash it. It can organize it. It can use it. It will give you answer quicker than the situation demands or needs. It will make your wisdom effectively work. But if you have a confused mind, or mind of duality, with all the comforts of your life, you shall be unhappy.

I have seen people in America, they have 17 bathrooms, forget out of the bedrooms. Five and six maids, ten people working in the garden, cars, limousines, chauffeurs, chopper, offices, buildings, money -- still they are very unhappy. They don't have a place to cry. They go to bathroom, keep the water running, and they cry very good. They are afraid people will hear them cry and feel bad. Like this electricity is on, but if fuse goes out, it will be all dark. That's how the mind is. Life is on; if the fuse of the mind goes off, you are all in darkness.

Many of you have many moments when you do not know what to do. Not that you don't know what to do... at THAT moment you didn't know what to do. Your thing doesn't come through. That is why we have a pain in our life and we live pain to pain, to pain. Somebody's happily married; children do not work out. Somebody's in romance; boyfriend doesn't work out. Somebody's in a job; work doesn't work out.

We have to have an intuitive mind. We have to know our own meditative point. It doesn't matter WHO we are, but it DOES matter that we are happy. And we MUST be in a position to share our happiness. Some of the people you see -- this white turbans and clothes and all of that -- they follow a way of life of happiness. Even THEY refuse to share happiness. Because some of them still have more of the background what they have adapted to. The law of vacuum is: there is no vacuum. That's the law. It means if somebody asks of you something, go for it! And leave it to God to cover it. That is why when they put Jesus Christ on the cross, they asked him one thing -- "You claim yourself to be the son of God. You claim to be walking on the water. Now fly in the air. Show us the power." He showed the highest power and became the true son of God by just forgiving them.

Power to forgive those who are ugly, dirty, undeserving, slanderous, negative or abusive is the basic power of the human. If human is minus kindness and compassion, forgiveness and service, then we have an animal in the human body -- we don't have a human. That concept is very difficult to practice because your mind works in actions and reactions. Seventy percent is unknown, twenty percent is you, ten percent is the object you are relating to. So, against 80%, what 20% can do? That's why mostly you are hurt, you are angry, you are incomplete, you are unhappy. Just understand, the 70% is His will.

You plow the field, you put the best manure, you put the best seed... and it doesn't rain. Then what? All gone. You love your wife, you sleep with her, you make love, you try everything, and no child. You try the food, you put the fork in, you bring it to your mouth, and the food fell on your clothes. There are many slips between the cup and the lips.

There's a life to be lived. Not in love of God, but in trust of God. Accepting the bad and the good, beyond you. There's no elevation and there's no fulfillment if you cannot live beyond you. You live beyond you anyway. Write bad checks and credit cards and everything. That's all living beyond you. Lying, sneaking, saying something, doing something, this is all beyond you. But you can do the same thing with a spiritual credit. You don't have to do all these small things. You can practice forgiveness, trust, kindness. If you cannot share anything, share a smile. Just understand, you don't have to do everything. Small things can make all things.

Some of you must be knowing English. How many of you know English? That's reasonable. You know, the word 'small,' S-M-A-L-L. So, A-L-L is 'all', which is contained in 'small.' G-O-D, God, is contained in G-O-O-D, 'good.' G-O-D, God, is contained in G-O-O-D-S, goods. When you want to be good, you want all the goods, just remember to remember the root word, 'God,' first. It's a simple game. As 'she' contains the 'he,' S-H-E, 'she,' and H-E, 'he.' Female contains the male and woman contains the man.

Any woman who wants to be happy has to contain the man in one way only: she reflects. In the heavens, sun is stationary. Moon wanes and waxes, and moon reflects the sun. It does not control the sun. It does not sit on the sun. When it even comes across the sun with the earth, it's called eclipse. Even they eat each other. That's why how you eat each other in marriage, in love, in relationships. You become two polarities. Ego comes in the center, relationship, prosperity, spiritual, it is all eclipsed.

What is in the heavens is on the earth. There are no two ways about it. Man who is not stable, who is not stationary, who does not shine, is as useless as a dead planet. Woman who does not reflect, does not wane and wax to take a situation in hand, does not keep the cool, has no good life. I'm just explaining to you. I cannot tell you to be a male or a female. That the God did it. but I am explaining to you the source of happiness, the attitude, the attributes, the objectives which you have to adapt in your life.

You cannot become surplus, you cannot become minus. We, some of us, are poor, because we are not sure. Some of us are very rich because we all itch. None is happy. Happiness comes in giving. It doesn't come in taking. Those who take, they live as beggars. Those who give, live as royal kings. We worship God not because It is the identity but because It gives, and gives, and gives to those who do not care for It. You understand that part of it? Many of us do not recognize that God gives. Many of us do recognize God gives. But It always gives. When sun shines, it shines on the church and the temple and the garbage pit and the ugly man the same way. It doesn't give its warmth only to rich man and it does not keep the poor man very cold.

These are certain things you can learn from heavens and you can practice them if you want to go to heavens. You must know the rules of the heavens, and you must practice those rules. Otherwise, you will be alien in heavens. If you go to heavens and practise earthly rules you will be creating a lot of mud. It will not be happy. You have to practice what you want to be, today. Your tomorrow depends on today. Your today must learn from yesterday. Learn from yesterday, practice today, and create a tomorrow -- you shall be successful. Otherwise you will have a problem.

And just also as a word of caution: when you become very universal, kind and compassionate, sweet and wonderful and you submerge in your own identity, then you will have more animals and enemies than friends, because then you shall be tested. All men of God have been executed and rejected and insulted and have been charged with things you can't even believe or can't repeat. But they stood their grounds.
It isn't the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it. Your wealth, your beauty, your body, doesn't matter a thing if you don't have courage behind it to support it. If you do not mean what you say, you are the meanest man. If you commit and you change, you are the worst and all to yourself. You must know one thing forever: goodness is goodness and that is what Godliness is. But if you want to be good and play games, you will find out sooner or later it is no good.

Sun and moon shine all over the world without recognizing political barriers or the language of the people. Therefore there is a one central rule which governs us all everywhere, and that is to find out your mental, meditating point. You must find your own affirmation and you must find your own basic groundrules. "I will do this, this, this, but I shall not go beyond this." You have to draw your own orbit. You have to draw your own profile of your own conduct of honor. You have to draw your own profile and projection and define your own nobility.

Finally in life you have to bring yourself to a status and live by the statue of the status. That's a very simple way of life. My idea here is very simple. I happened to come after three years. I just wanted to share with you a few evenings. I feel obligated that I can do something for you. In my class you have to do nothing... simply you project and cooperate. The system is such that it will take care of itself. So if you cannot honestly do it, then you have to worry about it. Then it is your problem. You can cheat a little bit, but don't cheat totally. Are we okay? Are you recovered from yesterday? Ready today? If today is little harder than yesterday, will you do it? Huh?

I want to tell you today how Hitler made Germany the way he made it, and what kriya he used, and why he was wrong, for what reason that today you are what you are. Is it surprising? That happens to be a course today. Luckily I didn't make it up. You know, he used this "Heil Hitler." You remember that? Do you? Now this is not a joke. This is not a joke. And I want to show you what this actually means to you. I mean, energy is energy. You can use it for bad purpose or good purpose. That doesn't make any difference. I mean, he used it for good purpose or for bad purpose, he knows. It's not my problem, but I am just telling you what the science is. You will be so surprised to understand within your body is such energy, it can elevate you.

Germany was not a very organized nation. He wanted to organize it. His reasons were political. He went deep into the scriptures and he found out the answer. 60 degree straight angle five tattwas into the arm pit, where is the center of all three nerves. 'Heil Hitler,' you know? But you know what that does? Some does this, some does this. You know, they all use one thing or the other. Or we shake hands. You know why we shake hands? To neutralize the other person. You know what the secret salute of the Chinese is? Their body symbols are more strong, but if you just follow the mental strength, you can change all unhappiness to happiness -- that's all it takes.

And watch out now what we are going to do...


Take this right hand, shake it. Now follow it correctly today, to the letter. That will be the best. Don't go for or against, don't become judgmental. Just shake your hand like this. And then, "Hey," and just armpit and your body must make 60 degree angle. And straight fingers, and no problem. And your this hand, this hand, should have first gian mudra and this hand, this whole should sit on the navel point.

That's all he did wrong. He did not let them have the gian mudra. That's all was wrong. Otherwise Germany would have been a different Germany than what it was. He did the half thing, and let the half go. This mudra itself can make a most impotent, imperfect, lunatic man as the wisest, most powerful and absolutely heavy.

It is not I have to do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. I won't tell you everything about it. So I'll like to keep something for me. But, temporarily, at... now make this angle 60 degrees. Come on, let's do it! Imagine 60 degrees, elbow straight, hand straight, calm down, stare, and just correct. This is my correct posture. I am in absolute correct posture. And look straight without bothering what you are looking at. Please, try it... and become meditative, meditative, meditative, and start drawing the energy at the 3rd eye point, so that the pituitary can tell the other glands to balance out your body. It will take 11 exact minutes to do it. You have to be solid, without one millimeter of movement, for solid 11 minutes. It is 5 minutes to 9 by my watch. And seconds hand has come. You go. Now set. Set now, don't move. Just don't move. Look absolutely straight and put all thoughts in the 3rd eye. And do nothing else.

Play Bountiful, Beautiful, Wonderful, whatever so that they can encourage. They all know English, they are not telling me. That's okay. Play it well. Guru Hans Singh is outside. Ask him to participate if he wants to. He'll find a space. Look straight. Look straight, not in any remorse, and without wondering what you are looking, but with open eyes, start looking at your 3rd eye point, please. Stable, steady, be statues. Let the energy circulate. Steady, steady, steady. Try it, it pays to be steady. Make your state as a solid steady, physical state. Keep up. It hurts, don't worry. The nervous system does it. It will be all right soon. Your body is not your friend. It doesn't love you. It will not come through. So you have to fight your way. Now tell this body, don't fail you. It cannot be with you for eleven minutes, what it can be? Become solid, solid and solid. Start looking at your 3rd eye with open eyes. See your 3rd eye through the straight eye reflection. That will do. You don't have to do anything.

Steady, steady, steady. Put your total energy behind you now. We have four more minutes to go. Don't give up. Be it now! Command your all senses! Be in command of you. Command your body, mind and soul as you. It is going to be more painful and difficult but you must command now. Be in command. You be in command. Command your own body, own mind, and your own spirit. And stick with it for another 3 minutes. Now or never. These 3 minutes will decide everything about you.

Don't move. Don't move. Be solid. Wherever you are, let the whole universe shake, not you. You are in control, you are in command, you are you. Conquer the duality. Stick with it. 2 more minutes. Steady, steady, steady. And don't give up. Now is only one minute. Come on, come on, now better. Only 35 more seconds. Steady, steady. 15 more seconds. Steady, become steadier. Inhale deep and be steady. Inhale. Inhale deep. Inhale and hold and stiff the entire body. Stiff. Shake. Exhale and let it go. Relax. Shake your hands, please. Open the windows and open everything up. Great enough. My God. You are very good students. (Everyone claps.)
You know, in America we have the chance to practice. I come here after 3 years, I don't know you, you don't know me. But you all came just for the sake of the trust because you heard so. That's how it is.

I shall be very unhappy if I do not do to justice, so I shall be forgiven for all this hurt which you are having, because parasympathetic, sympathetic, and action nervous systems, though they are controlled in the brain, their meridian center is in the armpits. So if you want somebody's grit, or you want to build your grit... 60 degree. If you want to create love, at the heart center. If you want to create the strength, the navel center.

And we are doing the next. That means, the intuition. We'll do one more, can we? I cannot be dictated because I didn't learn by making it myself. I learned this also from my master. I teach exactly how I learned. I can't do that same thing. She's asking me, will it be left hand or right hand. I said, "Mystery." If it happens to be other hand, then how you know how strong you are? You mean, concession? So, ladies and gentlemen, are we ready for another 11 minutes? (Groaning in audience.) What you want? Oh, run, run. If I say, 'go to bathroom,' everybody's willing to go to bathroom. This exercise brings lot of bathroom. That I know, too. (Ha ha ha.) Should we have a bathroom break? How many say we need a bathroom break? And those who do not want bathroom break? I'll go with the minority because I have not come here to punish people. I have come here to love them. We'll have 15 minute of the bathroom break. I know many of you will go.

Hello, are you there? There's a confusion about those oils. Okay. The oils have two names, three names. One oil is called 'Spirit of the GRD.' The other is called 'Horn of the Cupid.' Which you know, 'cupid,' what it means. No? Without cupid you are stupid. Cupid is the angel which brings you the love. It has a bow and arrow. That is only one drop, period. That is for your creative, sensitivity, and all that kind of stuff. The five drops are for health. And then there is a Narayan Oil which you must not take internally at all. That is if you have a backbone or shoulder pain or something, you just put on it, and take a cold shower and you'll start burning like fire for about 15-20 minutes, and everything will be all right. That is for your back hurts, your shoulder hurts, your chest hurts, anything. That's very good.


...it does give you a power over pain, power over weakness, power over....As we say, 'Sat Nam,' when we talk to each other, that gives us prosperity, doesn't matter what we are. When we say, 'Sat Nam,' it means prosperity shall come, whether we deserve it or not. So we have the secret code, we do call, and we wish each other. We are clever. So was he, (Hitler) but he messed up half way. We don't mess up.

We have a simple rule, too. When I call you or you call me, they say, 'Sat Nam,' right? What it means? We don't say, 'Hello.' We don't say, 'Who's speaking?' We don't say a lot of things, right? The idea is, I wish you prosperity. Actually it is a selfish thing. When I wish you prosperity, I have to be prosperous to give you prosperity. You understand? It's called 'interlock.' It's called 'Siri Naad.' And that way we automatically create prosperity whether we deserve it or not. We may deserve, we may not deserve, we don't know. But when you call us on the phone or you meet us we say, 'Sat Nam.' That means 'prosperity granted.' What a selfish thing, right? But that works.

Going in the car is not taking it into the living room and breaking the walls. It means getting the journey done fast and comfortable, that's all it means. All mantras, all realities, all rituals, all things which we do have one motive: that we want to be happy in a right way, not in wrong way. That's why we discipline ourselves to go through the passage, so it becomes easy.

We'll have all of you students...what's today? Saturday? Actually it is the best time, it is a tantric time. We are also teaching in Eugene, Oregon a huge tantric course, and I am teaching here, so it is a very powerful energy. It is a good thing. Therefore today will be beautiful and light. Tomorrow we'll teach our final class and then have a party and introduce each other and say, 'hello,' and hug and all of that stuff. We'll talk. But today we'll work.

(Question: Hitler practiced this kriya at home like this, and he would lecture for 4-5 hours, and he would stay in that position. During the whole lecture for 4 hours?)

Answer: Oh, if you have somebody totally dead, nervously, impotent, insane, lunatic, just give him this. This is the wrong he did. He did this. (without gian mudra) All he has to do is this, and you do this (with gian mudra).

(Question: And when he lectured, everyone had to do this?)

Answer: Yeah, but that's how he built up the whole nation. It's the right thing. Thing is not wrong.

(Question: In the Roman, in the old Rome, Caesar did ....)

Answer: Hail Caesar. That means, 'I give you my heart.' Moment they stopped it, they fell apart. There is always power in us to find a mental meditating point and find out a physical posture in which we can grow beyond us. There's nothing wrong with it.

Please come on, the interval is over. Let's do it. Come on, come on, come on! Back to yourself. Okay...everybody's in? How many people we have outside? All set?

Your life is nothing but a living power. It is given to you as a gift. It is just like a credit. You can use it either way you want. You can be saint, you can be evil, you can be wasteful, and you can be serviceful. All doesn't matter. This all is for you. But just understand, you are not all for yourself only. You are interlocked with other psyches also. In that situation, other psyches interlock with you, you interlock with that thing, and it becomes sometimes a tug of war.

In any fight, you must not lose YOU. Everything is all right if you keep you within you. Even in the ugliest fight, be fair to you, because you have nobility, dignity, and grace as a human being. Don't bother what others do. Just see what your dignity, your nobility, and your grace tells you to do. That is your identity. When "I" becomes noble, it becomes "Thou." It is a simple way. "Thou" = God. When "I" becomes noble, it becomes "Thou." When "I" becomes grace, it becomes saint. Then "I" becomes the dignity. Then it knows the secret of divinity.

To be very honest with you, everything is "I." And human life is to shape the "I" to be multiple so you can have all. If you keep on solving your problems you'll be just hassling the life. You need something to solve your problems. You got a car to travel; you got a house to keep warm; you got a job to earn money; you have a relationship to multiply; you have friendship to socialize; you have culture to make your basics; you are a nation to protect yourself. All that you got, but you didn't get as you within you. You make all the physical environments, but you need mental environments. You understand?

Today what we are doing, which makes the impossible possible, makes the worst as the best, is a process of transformation. We'll complete it tomorrow, but we start today with you.


It's a very simple statement. You lock the first finger with your ego. This is ego, this is jupiter, this is saturn, this is sun, this is mercury. You all know that. This is Mars, this is Venus, this is Moon, and all that. Whole universe is in your hand. All I am doing is connecting my Id with my Jupiter, putting my three fingers straight at 60 degrees. I have no option but to sit straight.

What we are trying to do in this posture, is we are making the gray matter move, making the serum in the spine change at our command. Simple. We are not waiting for it to take its 14 days and go through the cycle. Who wants to waste that time? Life is too short. You will feel in this kriya very hot, and very different. You will put your eyes at the tip of your nose and this is how you will look, as I am looking. Watch me. Don't just do this. If you pull your shoulder out, you will sustain. If you keep your shoulder in, this is what will happen (demonstrates) because I do it every day and I know it. Therefore, don't tell me. Even if I don't pull my shoulder out, and look, this is what I will do. Yeah, that's right. Here is 60 degrees. See how set I am? It's just a habit. And this is how my eyes will go. But if I keep my shoulders in as they are, after two minutes it will start doing like this, and then when it comes here, it will be earthquake, just like this. It happens to anybody. It is not me, you, us. These shoulders have to
be pulled out so that the lower sciatica may be disconnected, then the body will not shake. Simple. It will make you fearless, dauntlessly clear, and extremely strong. Got it?

There's no dealing in life without a strength point. Dealing from weakness, from emotions, feelings, and yah, yah, yah, is self-insult... is useless. And pleasing? No, no, no! No pleasing business. You should sit and just look at the other man and say, "Yes, man? What I can do for you?" If your presence doesn't work, you do not work. If your presence doesn't work, you are not yet a human being. You can be some bird, some animal, something which walks on two legs. Human has one identity -- when a human walks, talks, and is up, its presence works. With all your makeup and your beauty and your clothes and your bank balance, everything... if your presence doesn't work, you are not a human -- you are a qualified idiot! It is true. It can never change. So you've got to develop of you the psyche that you first be aware of your presence, and see that it works. A person who goes to the door, knocks at the door, and is not welcomed in, is not a person for that time and that space. You know that law. That's also in the whole
universe. Your presence should be in a position to open the door. When it doesn't, either you are on the wrong place or you are on the wrong time.

As a human you are not supposed to subject yourself to time and space. Purpose of life is to COMMAND the time and space, because you ARE given the time, and space is designated to you. All you have to have is your own identity and your personality, in your command. Understand? These are simple philosophies, no big deal. Simple rules of life. Going into too much big philosophy and theories, and seeing UFO's and PFO's and TFO's doesn't work. It is all in you. You MUST identify with your personality! Don't live a split personality with a split identity. 99.9% live this split personality and a split identity.

When I went to United States, I was very shocked when people there started telling me, "I don't know." I said, "If this person doesn't know, then who knows?" "I don't know." "I can't say." "I have nothing to say." And when you see like 30 living idiots everyday, you can't sleep the whole night! All you do is pray, "God, help! Please! Look what you have created. What's going on? This is not fair. Come, come, help, help!" Then you start sending out SOS, because you are a human with feeling, or you call yourself a man of God, or whatever the bogus thing you are talking about, one thing is very real: A real man shall not see another man suffering. "Suffering" means ALL sufferings! You understand what I am saying? You shall not cause suffering; you shall not tolerate suffering; you shall not make to be in position, time and space to be suffering. That's not human. If you make peace within yourself, and you make peace with your own identity, and make peace with your own personality, you'll be
surprised to find peace even in your enemies. And if they cannot be at peace... you shall be at peace. Happiness of life is to be in peace all the time.

The relationship between a student and a teacher is between the chisel and hammer and a stone. What will happen when chisel starts working on the stone? Sparks. Chips. Finally things will be shaped. From a useless, ordinary stone you can carve the mighty elephant or the king of the beasts, the lion. But you have to chisel it. Carbon as a gas has no value. At one zero zero one point hard there is charcoal -- it has some value. It is a pure carbon. As a diamond, as a rock, it has thousand dollars a carat value, but that is also pure carbon. But when it is cut to its glitter, and it can reflect the energy, then it becomes priceless jewel. But it is all carbon.

You can live a bitter life or better life. It is your choice. God doesn't mean to put you in trouble. You put yourself in trouble. You should come out of it. That's all I can say about life. Life is a lie if truth is not found. Truth is just an idea if it is not lived. It is living which matters. That, too, with absolute courage, strength and grit. Let us see how much strength we have got. (To Siri Ved: Um, that "Humee Hum"? You have that? Ready? Put it on.)

We will give you a music which you can whisper if you want. If you don't understand, that's not necessary. It is just to give you an auric help, that's all we want to do. Be in posture, please, and start breath of fire. Hold, hold, hold. Steady, stretch, concentrate, close your eyes now, close your eyes and concentrate on the tip of your nose through the closed eyes. We'll carry you with us. Breath of fire, hurry up. Heavy breath of fire. I'll give you the rhythm. Heavy breath of fire, we'll expect. (Gong is played.) (After few minutes, 'Humee Hum' is also played.)

Breathe normally, long and deep. Stretch and strong, and interlock yourself. Concentrate, concentrate. Keep up, keep up. Don't worry. Try it again and again. Break the disappointment. You have already covered half of the time. Stable and steady. Walk through the pain, penetrate through it. Come on, come on. Bravo. Bravo, Bravo. Keep up, keep up, keep up. It'll be good. Correct the angle, it's very important. This is the last two minutes. Correct the angle and the posture. There's no substitute for victory. 60 more seconds, steady, steady, steady! Steady, steady, steady. Don't worry. Walk through the valley of pain with pride and victory. 30 seconds. 30 more seconds. 10 seconds. Inhale deep. Inhale, strengthen your body. Inhale and stretch it. Every part of every muscle, stretch it! Hard, hard, and hard! Now, ready, don't move anything else, but let the breath go. Stable, stable, stable. Breath of fire, one, two, three times. Great. Inhale deep, more, more, more. Now hold it tight and contract.
Pratyahar... pratyahar means contract, shuniaa. Let it go. Breath of fire. Breath of fire. Excite and in gate in you the oxygen, the blood, the purity and the strength. Inhale deep. Hold. And contract. Relax.

Now shake your hands and feel happy and enjoy yourself. Now you can dance and be happy, whatever you want to do. You are very good, I admit. When I go back to America, I'll tell them the stories about you. Now you have done it well. Now you cannot immediately go out. You have to talk and relax and become human. That's how the outside world accepts you. So come down and talk and just feel happy. Can you just clap hands with each other, just like that? Not with yourself. With the other person. Something to exchange energy. Yeah, yeah, get going. All right, all right, it works out all right.

May the Long Time Sunshine Upon You.....

Now be happy and relax, and be nice to each other and say hello. And we have to slip from here. Ten-o-clock and we have only few minutes left. We are already over time. So what we'll do it very nicely, talk to each other, hug each other, and get out and get home. And we'll meet tomorrow.

I'll like to come tomorrow early if I can. If I don't show up, watch me here. Now you are relaxed, enjoy yourself. Play something they can dance with it.

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Meditation #1: Begin by shaking your right hand up at a 60 degree angle for a few seconds. Then, place your right hand, palm flat and facing down, up at a 60 degree angle, keeping all the fingers straight, and elbow straight. Place your left hand in gian mudra having the thumb tip touching the tip of the index finger. The palm of the left hand faces up and the hole created by the thumb and index finger is placed in front of the navel point, so the hand basically is sitting in your lap. Draw the energy to the 3rd eye point and look straight without bothering what you are looking at. Become meditative so the pituitary tells the other glands to balance out your body. Be solid without one millimeter of movement for 11 minutes. Tape played during this meditation: Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful. In the end, shake your hands over your head for about one minute.

Meditation #2:

Mudra #2: In easy pose, put your arms up to a 60 degree angle in front of you, elbows locked straight, palms facing down. Have your hands in gian mudra (thumb tips touch the index fingertips with the other three fingers straight.) Close eyes, and put eyes at the tip of your nose, sitting straight. Makes the gray matter move and serum change at our command. Comments: You'll get hot and different as a result of this position. To be able to maintain it, pull your shoulders out and stretch them forward, so the lower sciatica is disconnected and then the body won't shake. This posture makes you fearless, dauntlessly clear and extremely strong.

Summary #2:

Breath of fire in this posture, for 3 minutes. Then, maintaining posture, begin long deep breathing with the tape Humee Hum being played for 8 minutes. (Total 11 minutes.) End: Inhale, hold and stretch tight for about 20 seconds. Then breath of fire for about 15 seconds. Repeat this 3 times total. Relax.


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