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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/03/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Everybody is born to be happy

I was late because I was getting my own spaghetti sauce and I had to eat it before teaching tonight. We end up with what is called a California traffic jam.

Let me tell you my story why I am teaching these classes. I had no idea that I would ever come to United States, forget about coming to the West. If Russia didn't want me in Tashkand... that is how terrible it was. I had to make a decision. I had to go to Tashkand to start investigation of para- psychological and yogic theories which they want to squeeze out of my head or else leave, and I knew it was coming. I walked out. But I had a double mind. I never wanted to come to the West. I do not like this civilization. I do not like the emotions. I do not like that everything is money and I had money. So I didn't come here to make bucks or to see white women or all that stuff. But one thing.

What you offer is just nothing. It doesn't give any mental satisfaction. It doesn't give any extension. There is so much enjoyable infinity about the aura of the man that you cannot even believe it. However something bothered me. You all used to go there with full bags of money. Travelers checks and God knows what. I used to meet you all at the airport. It used to be called at that time Palm Airport. And you used to all come back with empty pockets, thinking you have reached spirituality. I thought it was exploitation. When I got a chance to come to Canada to teach there Kundalini Yoga through the system... universities and all that... that is what biased me to come.

Unfortunately God played the trick. Everything was lost. The town called Amsterdam, all luggage lost. I end up in Montreal. They gave me $25 to proceed to buy toothbrush, etc., etc. I came to Toronto. Outside was minus forty five degree temperature and I was wearing a housecoat which was made of Indian raw silk. Do you believe it? The man who was to receive me was dead and it took somebody four hours to find me a place to stay at night. University didn't know what to do with me and people did not know what to do with me and somebody stole my shoes my feet are very wide. I did not know what to wear.

And so life started with absolutely minus zero. But I knew I had to do something. At that time I didn't do anything because I didn't know I have... Because I came with all the arrangements to become a professor in a University and teach something and you know high ego profile. But it ended up starting with nothing. I never came to America to become American. I walked in on Friday to stay Saturday and Sunday with thirty-five bucks in my pocket. I never went back. I came to Chicago, entered United States, I walked in here, Los Angeles for three days. What I saw here I couldn't bear it, and what I see today I absolutely cannot bear it.

You are all crazy. You think taking drugs, doing things, getting high from outside, stimulating yourself, stimulating your caliber, extending yourself there is an enjoyment. I agree. That may be true in your case. But you must understand, life is a harmony. Inside and outside must meet in balance. I am a medical patient. I am not supposed to teach. I don't believe in that. I have extended myself on that issue and for ten, twenty dollars to teach this class there is no money involved. But there is one satisfaction and that is that so long as I shall live I will pursue one thing: happiness is the human birthright.

Everybody is born to be happy. We are unhappy because we get short circuited. We are unhappy because our nervous system cannot take it. We are unhappy because our intuition does not answer us within nine seconds the time our brain has a system to respond to. I don't blame you. I blame our education system. You know I remember when I was three years old, I was given certain exercises to respond whether I can figure it out within nine seconds or not and my governess was not a psychologist or psychiatrist or extra child specialist. Nothing like that. I was told if you throw a stone this side, throw a stone this side, which side you think will be the angle where you will not get a splash. And all I knew is two stones which way to throw. Three year old kid. I knew it then. Now I knew what it meant. It was a training.

We are not educated or trained to answer pressure. We are not educated or trained to have stainless steel nerves. We give in to stress. The problem is very simple. You don't give in to yourself and there is a stress. You cannot meet stress. You are not you. Somebody had edge over you. And then you have to make up, you have to cover up. That is dead painful. There is no pain of your life.

How much you can eat? Four toasts maximum. Two omelets or that six cups of coffee, nineteen drinks. What you can do? One steak and potato. You eat junk or you eat the healthiest. You live in a palace or you live in a garbage, doesn't make any difference so long you feel you are happy. You feel you are in control, you feel you are you. Richness does not make you. Richness is that we stimulate all richness around us to feel secure. We put on makeup to feel secure. We do everything for sake of security. It is so important in our life. Our love is security. "That is my wife". Who knows whose wife she is? "That is my husband" . Whose husband he is? Even we go to the extent "It is my God". Unfortunately there is one God and everybody divides it.

Now, there is no happiness outside. You can never get it. You have to got to go inside and pull it out. "Yo parmandeh sahee pindeh". Whatever is in the infinite universe, that is in you. Because within you is the living God. Outside you is the relevant God. You don't understand me. For twenty years you have never understood. You just think I have come here for this, for that. I have not come here for anything! I don't need you! You don't need me at all! We have no relationship. I have to just tell you one thing: if you cannot live happiness there is no happiness in the planet as far as you are concerned. And everything outside is a relevant happiness. Inside you is the real happiness. Simple science.

Become a Jew, become a Christian, become a Sikh, become a Hindu. Become nothing, become everything, doesn't make sense. All is a garbage. Unhappy Christian and unhappy Sikh are two unhappy people. Simple. One freak to another freak said, "How are you?" He said, "Exactly carbon copy." They were truthful. One unhappy woman is the source of one unhappy family. One unhappy man is the frustration of one unhappy family. Man's frustration and unhappy woman... unfulfilled woman... is the source of our basic troubles. There are no two opinions about it. The problem is that we go for relevant happiness, not for real. When real is not there and relevant is there, we are falling apart. Doesn't matter what we do. Because relevant is a mirage if there is no base.

You want containment. You want control. I agree. You want containment, you want control, I agree, but without contentment you are wrong. There are three things: father, son, and holy ghost. Contentment, containment and control. You should be in control. You should contain and you should be contented. You know what I am saying. You think you can go to church and pray... half an hour, one hour. You come to the Gurdwara, you pray, one hour, two hour, three hours, sometimes extend it. You think you go to the meditation in the morning, extend it. Do whatever you do. But you know what you do it for? That you can be good? You are dead wrong. You are good to begin with! If you do that to be best you are all right. You do not accept the basic value.

You are okay. Twenty years in America I have moved, I have seen the highest to the lowest. I have met the richest and the powerful and the poorest and the totally man in the street. The homeless and the man who lives in the palace, and nobody accepts that he is okay. Period. "Yogiji, what I can do?" I said, "Do nothing." There is something to do. It is to just do nothing. Let God take care of it. Let it flow. It is the power to flow which you are afraid of. You are not afraid of the world and the poverty and the war and the disease and the sickness or the death. You are not afraid of anybody. You are afraid because you cannot get along. You are afraid you are not you. You are afraid your commitment has no roots. You might be thinking he is telling me: "I have seen people under whose one signature thousands of people's lives hang". Same stupid insecure. They used to ask me: "How come you are always calm?" I said, "I am very disturbed. I am not calm." "No we never see you disturbed." I said, "I not disturbed in one way. I
am disturbed in one way." "Which way you are disturbed?" I said, "I am disturbed because you are stupid and I have to deal with you. That is very disturbing. Isn't it? First of all I have to carry my stupidity and control it, then I have to carry your stupidity and control it. I have put two and two together, and if I come through then there will be a third person watching, what are they doing? It is too much."

Do you know in the West you do not know how to do a sexual intercourse? None of you know. I saw on the television. They have found a pelvic muscle, they have found this G spot, C spot. When they talk like this I say, "My God, thousands of years they wrote Kama Sutra, Science of Sex and I have seen thousands of interpretations of them in English. Nothing is real. Even the translation has to be explained to the West. You don't know what they are talking about. You know if a woman does three things on the moon center of the hand of the left hand of the man he has a different sexual feeling, does it on the right he has a different sexual feeling. Does anybody know it here? You are telling me that you are not sexed. You are not all virgins. Neither the man nor the woman. You must have messed around. That is what I call it messing around. You do not know the fact that the moon center of the right hand and on the moon center of the left hand if the upper teething is done taste is different,
lower teething is done taste is different, tip of the tongue taste is different. Tip of the tongue taste is different and with the lower lip the taste is different and with the upper lip taste is different. If not, then go tonight and check it out.

And I am absolutely true you do not even know sex, for which you are very proud. So what do you know kids? What is going on? Do you know many of you might have masturbated? You do not know how to masturbate. You know at the base of the penis there is a ring on that there is a meridian point? If you pull that meridian point, then after that, even if you masturbate you will be better off. Now who can teach you all that? The first person who should have taught you is your father. If not, you should learn somewhere. I was seven years old when I was told every sexual tidbit in the world and I said, "What?" And that lady who was teaching me she said, "You listen and you answer me correct you know or not." I said, "Why you are teaching me this?" She said, "One day you may have to use it."

Do you know your twelve moons woman? Which year in the Woman's Training Camp when I started talking woman and her moon and her movements? It is in the book, and I was shocked. I was taken aback. There were two hundred and fifty most intelligent women all over the world in the United States! I started to tell them how the moon moves and how the sexual tendency moves. They didn't know a thing. They said, "What? Moon? What moon?" And if the moon is on the left side of the navel point and you ask woman for intercourse you have a divorce in hand. She will never forgive you. And it is truth.

What you are living is, you are calling yogurt as hydrochloric acid, you know, and it is a problem between us that what we are trying to do is to get into media and kind of have a call-in program and let anybody question anything and spread it out... see if it reaches people. It is very unsatisfying to see absolutely raw kids moving around fifty, sixty year old. Because you have not one satisfied night, you have not one satisfied day. You cannot say: "I am I am". The balance sheet does not respond to the fact, I am I am. It is every day at the close of the twilight, what you call evening, "sundaya, sundaya". That is what you call "sundaya". In the morning they call it "paravaat". In the morning you must get up out of the night feeling "I am I am". Every night you must feel you are, you are. And each day is each day.

It is not that you have to pass a revolution or a resolution, or you have to be absolute or not absolute, you have to be complete or incomplete. Life is a status of self satisfaction, self enjoyment and self inheritance. You all want to inherit one thing or the other because somebody gave it to you. What you can inherit from God is you. Knowledge about you.

Somebody was talking with me today: "How can I get rid of the anger?" I said, "Don't produce it." I mean to say, "Why to get rid of something. Just don't produce it." "How can I do that?" "You feel you are angry." "You feel you have become angry. You are angry." "Yeah." I said, "Just don't be." "That is not easy." I said. That is all it is. It is not easy or it is not difficult either. You produce anger and you say, "I will get rid of it."

Tonight is my personal night with you. I asked for it. I have to carry you through certain meditative projects. Listen... don't trust me. I have done all those gimmicks of high power, super power and all that. I don't want to be known for that. Because that is not the way I have seen life is. Real life is within your own reality. Anything extra is a load. When you reach a certain stage of consciousness you will realize this, that body doesn't accept even a good injection. Body is self contained. It repulses the outside. That is why when you change somebody's heart... you put a new heart... you have to give certain medicine to tell body to accept it. Body has its own automatic chambers of acceptance and rejection. Body has own acceptance.

Just now I was going to come to you today. I got a call I had to meet somebody and I was told I can drive there today and I will be there in half an hour... twenty five minutes. Actually it was one hour and a half. But today the traffic was so much, we got stuck for two hours. I went there, mission was complete then I came back it was another two hours bumper to bumper. Didn't like it. Then I said, "Oh God, I had to teach a class. Let's heal ourself." Went to the kitchen, cooked spaghetti sauce. And they couldn't make spaghetti. So I just made a few toast, ate it, perfect, came back here, have fun. But I know what can carry me few hours from now, you know too. "Beej mantra -- Sarab koh gyan". In the very seed all total knowledge is given. Every seed has a perfect knowledge to become tree. If seed doesn't have knowledge to become tree, if seed doesn't have perfect knowledge to become tree, you can't make it. Every human has a perfect knowledge within itself.

What is a kundalini yoga? A simple thing. Unlock, uncoil the locked knowledge within you. What knowledge? Something to know. Happiness. Within you is the knowledge . Let us see if we can touch it or not. Maybe we will fail, maybe we will succeed. Who knows. Because gong is not the sound, gong is the resound. Before resound you have no power. You go in the mountain, you say one word, the echo will go thousands times more, thousands of miles. This universe and the other universes are not running with any petrol, gas or Mobil oil. It is the power of the resounding sound, "anahad". Unlimited sound vibrates and creates light and creates life.

I still remember in New Mexico I was walking. Somebody said, "How can we find God?" I told the girl, I said, "You have a good eye." She said, "Yeah." I said, "Look at that mountain." She said, "Yeah." I said, "What do you see?" "Mountain." I said, "What is on it?" She said, "Trees." I said, "Who did gardening there of these trees." Automatic answer came. "God." I said, "So, see God, growing trees on the top of that mountain." "That was easy." I said, "So you did it? I did it. No. Who did it?" "Kind of God." But there is no acceptance. There is no acceptance that around you whatever you do, God is. There is no acceptance and on the other hand we say God is almighty, God is everywhere, God is this, God is that. On the other hand we think we take the shutter down, God is outside, we are inside. That duality, that hiding, that lying to God is a continuous profession of all holy men and not holy men. Anyone who has nine holes is holy, and you all have nine holes. You know what a lie is.
Lie is not what you tell me is a lie. What I tell you is a lie. Lie is when you do not accept God around you, within you and for you. You lie to the one by whose virtue you live. That is a lie. That is a very painful lie. It cannot be accepted.

One student asked me. "When I will be enlightened?" I said, "You will be dead. You will not be enlightened." He said, "What are you saying?" I said, "You are enlightened." What enlightenment you want?" "When will my third eye open?" I said, "Time to close it. All the time, it sees everything." "What is the problem then?" I said, "You just don't release what your little voice tells you." Everybody sees what truth is. Everybody knows what truth is. Everybody doesn't want to relate to it. Because relating to truth is nothing but a commitment. It is a commitment, it is a commitment, and it is a commitment. Because once you relate to truth then you know what you have to do and you know you have to do it now. Moment you start living in the now, tomorrow will be perfect, yesterday will be already gone, goodbye to it. Your life will start being fulfilled and happy. But it is very difficult to live to now. You may look beautiful but you have to deliver it. You may make up for anything but you have to make up with your own God. How many times
you have tried to make up with your own God. With your own faith, with your own self. Is that make up not essential? But anyway that is the problem with some of us. Now for tonight... don't cooperate with me doesn't matter... I will like to do my best. You will like to do your best.

Right. First kriya of today is, Gian mudra. Lock it please. See? See? That is how it is locked. It is locked and it is pulled. It is not a kinesiology... we are testing your muscle test what suits you or not... but it is a lock of two mudras, and it is a lock to be pulled like this and then you move in a circle but just see the beauty of that is that the pressure should remain the same. And after a minute or two it will start taking the rhythm and your body will start responding and start breath of fire with it. Complete three circle in one breath of fire. Correlate the speed. It is a very fast movement for health purposes. You breathe in and breathe out, within that you move three times. Your gian mudra, the seal of the knowledge, inner circle, in absolutely rhythm.

No! Round and round. Round and round! Go! Coordinate your breath, your body. Breath, body, breath, body and its movement. Now close your eyes, look at the tip of your nose and keep doing it.

Idea is to have Friday night is we can go as much as we want. Every day we have to finish it on time. Tonight we have no problem. You can sleep tomorrow all day. Move, move, move! At a certain stage you will get tired but if you move just few more minutes of that you will not be tired and once your movement will come into the rhythm of it in the weight of it you won't be tired. Breathe powerfully, heavily, consciously. Don't let breath come in without your knowledge and get out without your knowledge. Breathe consciously. That is what breath of fire is for. It takes away the entire toxin out of the blood and through the lungs. It is the most cleansing vitamin you can every get. It works. We are experimenting. We are experimenting to experience.

Your body can take the proportionate of breathing in and out and rotating twice. If you are dis-coordinating, then try to coordinate. Time and space. Rhythm and harmony. Create music. Music of the breath. My God! You join health clubs, you pay so much money, you exercise, you sweat, you have the pole in the room and you try to go on the top of the mountain, just sticking with that pole and here we have to do something simple. No five hundred dollars for the equipment and you can't do a thing!

Coordinate in three things, your circulatory movements and your voluntarily conscious breathing. It will be responsible to bring changes in your body as you are required to. Do it as you are in a club and you got the best out of it and you have paid for it. Do all Western stimulation you need to just complete this. Some of you think, "oh my God, what I have got into." Come on, come on! You know these things are effective, so it is not just the physical exercise therefore, it is bringing the neuron changes and it is making you feel very dizzy, negative. Your anger is coming out. Look at the pink aura. I can't believe it! What for? Are we making love that we are so pink? But all that hidden frustration and anger which you have subdued is right out. Get it out. Get it out all right. Fight for yourself. More you will do it, more angry you will become. You will be not tired. You will be angry. It is going to make you dead angry. That is all right. Let it be out by doing exercise and feeling anything else. Frustration and anger,
these two will work. Because you are tying in your ego and Jupiter and you are circulating it and you are forcing yourself and the meridian difference will go and hit your hidden memory and release it. The subconscious... let it go and you will have a lot of release but you will this time feel uncomfortable, angry.

I am not going to use other words but I will stop. Keep going. Keep breathing, keep going, keep moving. Keep going even you are tired. Idea is there is no substitute for victory. Conquer! Move, move, move!

Inhale deep. Take the saturn finger and lock it and start moving, the other one next to it. It will be little difficult. It is a big finger which we do not raise. Remember that finger. Just this is okay. This you all do. Now this is the second one. Second finger, you see this. And you lock this and then you go. It is very easy if you do it right and put the rhythm. If you put this rhythm in the balance. If you put this balance out then it is easy and if you have to not coordinate then it is painful. It is simple. Now what saturn tests you out? Your impatience and patience. That is what Saturn does. Jupiter was knowledge. Your frustration. You were un-applied.

When a person cannot apply himself fully as the satisfaction can be, that is where the lack of knowledge, frustration and anger comes out. When you do not have a grit and patience to tolerate the impossible, that is what now you are going through. Come on. We have just to empty the garbage, that is all. The hands have to move in a harmony... circular harmony and fast. Breathing is breath of fire. There are no two opinions of it. Today what you will lose here is worth anything. You have to grow up with me. You start working with me. You start being happy, solid and in control.

Come on! What are you waiting for? We got to get rid of this wretched garbage in our mind. We have got to physically get rid of it. It is not going to be done by somebody... our neighbor. Move, move! Think you are skiing. Think you are anything. God! Get to any positive thought and move. Move! Move! Move! Jump! Move! Do! Just get into it. Get into the act.

All right inhale deep. Get the sun finger, the ring finger, the marriage finger, whatever you want to call it. And get moving. Now is the chance to feel the un-feelable. Move round and round right before your heart center. There is no other way that you cannot do it right or wrong. You can just do it. It will automatically happen. Once the rhythm gets in, it will not let you get tired.

Very good. Inhale deep. Get into pinky and move. That is difficult. But that is easy too. Just make a round wider and breath quicker. Unwanted memories we want to get out. Matter of the heart. Scars of the heart we are talking about. Love and hatred we are talking about. Romance and sex and love and this and that. All charades put together. That is what we are talking about. That is why it is difficult to move.

Today I got the good news, Dr. Saram, the food we are preparing for people is the tastiest and the best. And this guy is neurotically, analytically negative. That is why I told him that I will trust your taste. He is neurotically against everything we can do. So he tasted today and he said, "Wow, we have finally got it!" So that was a good news.

One God, one food. Skinny and strong. That is the right image. Skinny and strong. Good we will make it. You are skinny and strong, right? But not that skinny. You should get more skinny. Then nobody has to buy a skeleton. Come on, I said memory is memory. That is where you are. Some things you don't want even to remember will come right now.

Breathe, breathe, get out of the pain. You are doing so good. Even in the back people are working hard. All right, please take your hands, put them around neck. Hang your head and get lost. Put your hands behind your neck and get your neck, spine straight and get lost. Start concentrating in the center of your forehead.

Now start flowing with it. If you will resist it will create friction. You have got to go anyway. But if you start flowing with it you will be happy. As much distance from your identity you can give you will heal. Remember the principle. It is just giving a chance to yourself to heal. You have to do nothing. Just mentally give distance to yourself. Lock your neck. Put pressure. Those six vertebras. Take them in your hand. Hang on, keep going. Keep spine straight. Two things are difficult. But keep going and fly away, float.

(SSS plays the gong)

Let the body, mind go through. Give it a distance. Don't relate to it. It is going to pull every number and trick of the trade to do you in. That is how it works. Give it a distance. Take yourself away from your own body. Exercise the biggest command. Put your hand at your heart center please cross them. Breathe deep and calm and quiet. Breathe consciously now. Feeling the breath under your hands. Breathe in and breathe out. Make it the longest and the slowest. You have to do nothing. Your mind will go berserk and you will go berserk but whatever happens is none of your problem. Stay away. Keep yourself aloof what your mind does and what you do. Between you and your mind you are still an independent identity. Watch over yourself. Look at yourself. You have to create a hawks eye and watch at yourself.
(Tape of Har Singh, Nar Singh, Neel Narayan is played)

Steady, give distance. Watch over yourself. Body is going to attract you. Keep yourself away from it. Don't give in to it. Be above your own body. You are the tenant in the body. You are not the body. Inhale deep. Relax.

We are getting ready for our final exercise of the day. Final kriya. And I think you should just stretch your body and get ready. If you miss it you should not have come. If you do it you will be grateful. Dice are cast and that is how it is going to be. So we will give you little interval to stretch yourself so that you may not feel miserable. So stand up, stretch your body. Take care of yourself. Let the circulation come up. Little bit jump up so that circulation can be all right. Other exercise is very calm, very quiet, but it has a very heavy effect. Come on, come on, just, nobody is touching the roof. What is this. Touch the roof, roof, roof! Stretch out the body. Try to touch the roof! It is not that far away. Whatever you can stretch yourself don't bother, do it. Don't follow me. Make your own rule. You have almost a minute or so. After that you won't get a chance.

So I mean, this exercise you are going to do was the start of Zen Buddhism. Please sit down on your heels. I told you. Didn't I. I was not lying. This is how that great Zen master which started out of Buddhism. It is called Zen Buddhism. That means total self control in the internal being and he gave a situation. Somebody just cut his hand. He cut it and in a minute later he said, "Give my arm back." He took it with him and fixed it there and it was healed. That much control on the pranau. Pranau means on the nucleus of the body. Now we call it atom. When people saw it they were surprised. They were dazzled. Couldn't believe it. I don't think the Zen Buddhists have to lie about it... but the beauty of the Buddhism is that everything they did in the their experiment of life they recorded it. It is the most recorded religion in the world. It is not like our bible. Bible is a biblica as it went, as it went. Somebody said it is right. Somebody said. I used to have a bible of the fourth century, and that bible was totally
different than this King James version you read today. I mean things have been changed and modified to the extent that they want it. But in Buddhism the beauty is that anybody who discovered anything, recorded it exactly as it happened.

Sit on your heels and you know when you take a pledge of honor or something you put your right hand somewhere. Put it there. And today you do another pledge of honor. Put your left hand on your navel point. And exactly the pressure should be the same. It won't be the same, I know that. Fix yourself in that balance. Open your mouth. They call it dog breath. This is what they call, I don't have to name it different. Open mouth. Just like dog do. Everybody knows how dogs do. You won't enjoy it without this dog's breath. It is an essential part of this kriya. Dog is opposite of God. G-O-D, God, D-O-G, dog. God has to go. Dog has to do. God you don't understand simple things in English. Dog breath. It will put a terrible pressure on the thyroid. That is what they are asking you to do. I know what they are asking.

You have thirty more seconds. Any less oxygen in the body will hamper your enjoyment. Ten seconds. Inhale deep. Inhale deep. Breathe normally long and slow. Close your eyes. Meditate, put pressure and balance the pressure at both meridian points. Between the right hand and the left hand and touch of body should be the same pressure. And go away with it. This sound can penetrate with you.

(Tape of Nirinjan "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" is played)

You can sit on your heels or stand in a Christian kneel. Between church kneel and yoga sitting on heel is acceptable. Avoid the pain. Watch at yourself, don't be in yourself. Split, separate.

(SSS plays the gong)

Inhale and hold it. Inhale and hold it, inhale and hold it tight. Don't let it go.

Let it go. Please sit down and relax and shake your hands. Wake up, wake up. Shake your hands. Make whole body move temporarily. Every part of the body including nails. Move. Whatever shall not move shall have a problem, so please, keep on moving.

You know one thing you have been very good, extremely cooperative in terrible pain. Some of you do not know how to sit on the heels. We know that. But you were wonderful. May the long time sun shine upon you. Happy birthday to you... Dyal Singh Doctor stand up. Hey, stand up man! And many, many more. That is for the cake you are going to eat.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.

No, no, old fashioned. Long note. Inhale deep...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaat Nam.

May the process of life penetrate through the reality of the realism within self. May I find the giver of the I. May I become the I, and through the third eye may one seize the seeith not. May through the living, one see the liveth not. May being One see the time and space for the time being. May the essence of life project and prevail. May the power penetrate through every tissue and into timelessness of ourself into peace, tranquility, bounty, beauty, prosperity and purpose of life. Sat Nam.

Now you will share the birthday cake and don't get up and run. Relax. It is not very fair to jump up because you will take some time to coordinate. The whole class has to be served. So we will meet now on Tuesday right? All right this Tuesday which is coming, we will go through the what you call is "inner dream stage". We are going to tackle what they call is can of worms. We will start like this: childhood dreams and their conception of and then where you got constipated with those dreams and how they affect your daily life, and I mean it is a thing to tackle.

So what we do is we will like to meet you on Tuesday at 7:45 something like that but we will expect certain things from now onward, that you will take heavy dose of vitamin C and a lot of water and try to avoid as much anything but you can eat kind of cereals. No gas food. You know it better. Some people cannot take salad. Some can take salad. Any diet which does not bloat you. That is the only restriction. And come back on Tuesday and we will have a fun of life. You know one thing is there are some little children and they also do it better than all of you. It is very funny. And that is you know if a child is taught how to meditate, how to cleanse the mind... Hey, are you doing that tape? You know that girl has to have that opera song on Sunday in the Gurdwara. No, no, no! No cheating on that. I want tape first and alive on that day. That is the problem. You have to work whole night kid. There is no mercy in the creative world. We need a tape also. She has put in fifteen years in
singing opera. Why not she can sing? Everybody is served?

Tuesday we will deal with our dreams. Let us put it that way. I am not ready to interpret dreams and I am not going to read your lives and all that. I am... God save me from psychics. They pollute and dilute my faith but I go to every psychic I can find. It is very funny. I go to... I am the greatest psychic. They read me and we pay tons of money and sometimes they change and sometimes those great masters... I am now in you and all that. I know these split personalities. It is not something. I can do it myself. I am very perfect in that acting but the fact is, I don't like it, and in the end I end up reading them and that is the tragedy.

I don't think anybody can be a better astrologer, palmist or psychic than Anita. It is my twenty years honest personal opinion. Whatever you call. You don't understand her because she talks Hollywood language but she is on the dot. Saturn goes to the Mars twenty nine degrees. Market will go this and you read the stock chart, and it is true. I was telling her: "Why don't you start buying and selling stocks because you predict better?" She said, "It is not in my karma." You know she has been in a love with a man who has been in love with a man, who has been in love with a man. It is a huge story. But I don't think anybody can put stars together or anybody is a better psychic than her or anybody can be.

Those Tarot cards. Oh, she is fun! And once in a while I am lucky, I get her and I have the entertainment. That is the only entertainment I enjoy. It is a match of the equals. What they call it? Martial games. It is a fun to listen to somebody... what she tells me. I have a good luck or bad luck, who cares? I have only one luck. In Punjabi, in our language luck is called (...), and I have it anyway. The problem is not listening to her what my good days are, what my bad are. Forget about that. That is nothing but the play of Jupiter into Mars, and Mars into the Moon, and Moon over this and this. It is funny, and she has taken on new stars also which I have never heard before. It is true. So once in a while when I am very bored. I am bored to death, I call it. So I call Anita. So she does horoscope of all of us and the day we were born and the day we die and she knows all. And we sit down with that and we have fun. I love to see it. I mean in the afternoon she can tell you where
Jupiter is and where this is, that is. Don't you understand the play of stars? It is a fun. She is very accurate. The only problem is, she doesn't know. That is also in her stars she says. So, Dr. Dyal, what she made your horoscope today? What she say you will pass the test or not? ( Dyal Singh - "I didn't talk to her".) Try to talk to her, she is a fun. There is no fun but Anita. Name of the fun is Anita.

You know that is the first girl I met twenty years ago. And I cannot repeat what she told me when I met her first day. She came all the way from Mexico to search me. She is a very... most powerful psychic. Absolutely wild. I mean the word wild interpretingly fits with her. Am I wrong? Well tell me, am I wrong? Am I right or wrong? It is true. She is the wildest human being you can ever meet. She is very accurate and she is a fun. And she can tell you where your stars are and then hang with it. I love the psychics who can tell everybody what they are going to get but they do not know what they have got. That is what I tell you is the cheating. A holy man tells everybody how to be holy and he has so many holes in him he doesn't know where to plug. I am not kidding, and after this I have to maintain you for a few more minutes because your aura is still pink and I don't want you to go that way.

I was very desirous of meeting a very highly renowned respectable, honorable his holiness, hundred and eight old, two hundred and thirty four, whatever he was and I thought, I am in the area, because in those days I was working as an intelligence officer and I was checking out the places and I thought, my God, luckily this is a chance. Let us see it on a government expense. So I started snooping around and tried to go and see him. So first day we went as ordinary people, like fakirs and we were kicked out. Next day we just put on our clothes and went there left and right and brought silver plate and money and all that. We were welcome, welcome. We met him and he said, "I am very surprised and shocked you came yesterday, nobody recognized you. Everybody knows you, bah, bah, bah, bah. I knew that was just a plus, plus, nothing else.

Oh yeah, spirituality when it is done commercially, it hurts me. I can't adjust me. Had I been the capacity, if anybody says what is lacking in me is that I can't adjust commercially to this sales spiritual talk. I freak out on that. Well he did all that. I said, "Yeah, yeah, I am very glad to see you." He said, "These days I am very busy. I am very confined and I am not seeing anybody." I said, "That is true because from last three days you are deadly concentrated and nothing has worked on you." I said, "You are constipated. You are." He said, "Yeah, it is painful. I am not going round. I am not seeing anybody. I don't know what to do." The mischievous me was joking. Then I realized he is in a constant pain. He is totally locked in. And I said, "Have you taken medicine." I mean they have a whole ayurvedic pharmacy and doctors and let us put it this way... ten million people in India wherever they are bow to this guy before they get up. I mean that is the reverence. I am not kidding you. He is not a small kid. I am not
telling you I am meeting somebody as a Jerk Joe. And I said, "You are deadly constipated. If you don't do something, this is the end of it. This is our last meeting." He said, "What should I do?" He said, "Do you want me to help?" He said, "Yes." So you know all these holy men have a big belly and they are always pregnant and sometimes you see me too that way. That is the sign of a holy man because we maintain the garbage of everybody. We are a storehouse really. And I went and I took a measurement between the... it is a science of kinesiology if you want to move somebody's bowel. There are two meridian points and I measured from the navel and I put my hand. I deeply went to it. Press for a minute and the bowels moved. It came out. He was a different man. He said, "God blessed me. He sent it to me!" I said, "Sure. It cost me 1100 rupees and whole fruit and anything. God is not that kind to me but is kind to you.

And you know in my travels when I was to come here I took a leave and I went to see all holy men, and in those days to meet Satya Sai Baba was very different because he is a dog/God. And you cannot be permitted to see him. So with me there were about one, two parliament members and one minister and there were some attendants and all that. You know my robes were different. I was a government servant and also Yogi Baba at the same time. So at the duty, I will wear a uniform and I am Mr. So-and-so and when I come out I am Yogi Baba his holiness so-and-so. It was a fun. So I went to see him. We sat in that line where everybody waits and they chant. "Sai Baba Jai, Jai, Hari, Har." something like that. It is a devotional thing. It was beautiful. Then I look around, the children were thirsty and everything was dead gone and I looked around that water pump was broken and there was no water outside. Well remember India is quite a hot country. So I told one of my orderlies, I said, "Fix it." So
you know I was the officer. He was my orderly. He knew all the techniques and we fixed up the water pump and everything was fine and everybody has their water and so came Satya Sai Baba and he started giving to everybody. Very funny. I had it that "pabuti" too. Then he came around. He said, "You have a question?" I said, "I want to see you." "I don't have time. I have to go to Africa", he said. "Well do you. Then can you see me nine o'clock tomorrow?" I said, "On the dot." By that time we have been investigated who we are and who are the people with me so it was fun.

So we went to see him next day nine o'clock and my idea was not to... I am normally a good student and very respectable person. I like to honor people and that is the way you enjoy them. There is no question of telling anybody. I might have two hundred fifty million mistakes and thirty two zillion weaknesses, but God loves me and I don't care. You don't have to understand. It doesn't matter how powerful you are. It is how much near God is to you, within your consciousness, that matters. Gimmicks don't matter. Grace matters.

So basically I went. We sat down and you know he was very kind. He told us beautiful things. He gave presents to everybody. Somebody pearls, somebody this, somebody that. He should not have done it, but I can't tell him and he produced an enamel painting, a picture beautiful in gold of Guru Nanak like this, right there and handed it over to me. Naturally I said, "Hmmmmmm." You know you have to greet that way. And I said, "Matter cannot be produced and cannot be destroyed. You know it and I know it and this was a joke. He should not have done this. He said, "No, no, I just wanted to tell you just to convince you God is." I said, "There is no damn God and this is totally ridiculous. Now let me tell you. This morning seven a.m. local time with a Gillete blade you shave your beard. Is that true?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Why didn't you tell your beard, 'gilly, gilly go, gilly gilly go.'" I said, "Four thirty a.m. you went to bathroom. Is that true?" He said, "That is true." I said, " Why didn't you say, umm hum." I said, "I came convinced. I am leaving unconvinced but I respect you. I love you but I will tell this story to the whole world and I will write it in my memoirs." He said, "What is the problem?" I said, "I came to recognize you as a man of God. You didn't recognize me as a man of man." I said, "It is a simple law of physics. Matter can change into energy. Energy can change into matter. There are no two opinions about it. Why to change energy into matter and then produce it, what for?" "What you are going to do in the West when you are going to go there?" "Funny things. I will do funny things." "But you must have a plan." I said, "No, whatever my Lord who
created me, God wants me, I shall do."

And so I walked in country called United States. You must understand. How many of you know it is called United States of mind, body and soul and your country is called US. We. Us. U.S. God is very... and you are the only one country in which on your dollar bill it is written, "In God we trust." Though you don't. But that is what you wrote. When I saw in Canada the dollar bill, I looked at it. I said, "Look at it, these people are wonderful. They have the third eye open. They have the eagle in harmony and balance and in God they trust. What a wonderful land that will be." I came here and I saw what was going on. It was horrible. Everybody walking naked, everybody taking heroine, drugs. I said, "Mama Mia! There is something to do."

You know Nancy Reagan has after twenty years started saying from the White House "No". We started saying "no" twenty years ago. Because you shall take drugs. There is nobody can stop it. Man does not want to live and be impotent, weak, switch off, fuse out. They take coffee, they smoke nicotine, they take heavy drugs, soft drugs, downers, uppers... because you do not learn to coordinate your transmission of the body energy. Your body has transmission.

These acupuncturists, you know they say, these Chinese doctors, this is a gall bladder point, this is a gall bladder time, gall bladder energy. This is a kidney energy. You can talk to them. It is fun. Watch them. There are certain times for everything in the body and certain ways to deal with the body. Today I went there, somewhere they made me to eat a food. First I thought I should say 'no', but you know it was, prasad, it was langar. I had to eat it. And later on I knew that it was "sastar". There you go. Because a good made food that woman is from a village so they know how to make a food. So when that food was served I said, "Uh oh. Moment I am going to eat it it is going to space me out", and it did. No medicine in the world, no medicine in the world can relax you but a good meal. Good meal is the ultimate deal. I tell you the test. If you take a lunch and after finishing the last morsel within twenty minutes, just twenty minutes you do not get dozy, you have not eaten the
right food. And if it is a really good food, within ten minutes your eyes should become like they have one ton on each side. It is true. That is why if you take a hot glass of milk and four 7R you will space out in a few seconds. It is a food. It is nothing. Moment it gets on a protein ride, 7R, there you go. You have no defense against it. Take 4 cloves and 16 cardamon, blend in a diet coke. You have to use coke in that unfortunately, I can't explain to you. I can't explain to you, I should be forgiven. I plead fifth amendment. You have to and just sip that drink in easy chair. See what it does to you. Food controls the mood. If you are happy or you are rude it is all because of food. It is a poetry right?

Oh, by the way yesterday I wrote two poems, one is the 'silk flowers' and the other is 'she'. I don't think we brought it. Normally we don't. Well you missed something. Otherwise we would have read to you. Very nice. I was resting, lying down on bed. I saw those beautiful silk flowers in front of me so I dictated a poem. When I read it I fell in love with it. Then I looked at the person who was recording it. It was she. So I wrote a poem called 'she'. Both got printed.

You have to sit with me for a while. My apologies. I can't let you go. So I will entertain you a little bit. Because your aura has to come to be normal then I have to play a little gong and then you have to go. I am just waiting. That is why we are talking. The cake has been thoroughly served.

All right now please lock your index finger exactly over your head. You thought class is over. No, no, no, that was entertainment. Concentrate at the third eye point between two eyebrows. Close your eyes and you have to breathe exactly the way I say. Now pull the pressure not total maximum but to the tolerated maximum. Inhale deep, deep, deep, deep, and pump the navel as powerfully as you can. Pump it really powerful! Hold the breath and when I play the gong then let the breath go. Pump it, pump it, pump it!

(SSS Plays the gong)

Breathe in again, breathe again, deep, deep, deep. Hold it, hold it, hold it and flex the spine now. Flex the spine, please flex the spine. Flex the spine. Flex it, flex it, flex it, flex it, flex it! Let the breath go. Very good. All right, this is it. Breathe it now please. Breathe deep, deep, deep. Now stretch your hands and see that ring does not get lost, stretch the hands up, stretch the whole body, solid, solid, solid, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Relax.

Thank you for the night. Good night and best of dreams if you are in that habit. Oh, don't deny to drink water, please. Thank you. Even you are not thirsty you should drink water and within hour or two you should urinate a lot to get the toxins out, all right.

- end -

YB Teachings, LLC 1989
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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