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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/19/1989
Category: misc
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The Ten Manners of Life

If you want growth, you want glow, you want grace, you want everything; you will only get it if you follow the Ten Manners of Life.

This is the law of every human being to follow. These are ten good things that will make you win!
One thing will always make you lose, and that is reaction. There are certain other things in addiction, but you must start with reaction: rudeness, subjective insecurity, objective paranoia and creative fear. Aren’t they wonderful? When you have them all in your behavior, you destroy yourself. You don’t need an enemy.
…The biggest drum of the world is the ear drum. It vibrates at the center optical nerve of the third eye. And the neurons of the brain immediately translate the signals that we are hearing. Whatever you hear–you can hear thirty signals of gossip or thirty good things, wonderful things–they are all stored in the central nucleus part of the brain. Neurons respond to three things very immediately: those that you hear, those that you smell, third–those that you see. So what is the first principle?
When you will be half insane you will not listen. When you will be insane you will take power not to listen. When you will be totally insane, you will totally not listen. Sanity and “listen” have 100% proportion. You Westerners don’t want to listen because you think that if you listen then you have to act. You are prompted by a guilt thing. You feel guilty about everything and your guilt is all that you have. So you feel guilty; therefore you don’t want to listen. Listen and work it out. By listening you are understanding 100%. By listening you comfort another person. By listening you develop a mutual understanding with the other person: And for God’s sake, listen to me. Listen and you will develop intuition. That’s the easiest way to develop intuition.
…Totally zero in on the psyche of the other person when you speak, otherwise don’t waste your time uselessly. Barking is not speaking. Yelling and screaming is not speaking. Crying and becoming emotional is not speaking. “Speaking” is penetrating the psyche…. Any word uttered which has no prana in it brings offense in defense and reaction.
…Siri Guru Granth is the Guru of words. It has no body. It has the rhythm, it has the harmony, it has the music, it has the ‘thaal.’ It has the detail. What is the ‘raag?’ Raag is the technology to create harmonious sound to communicate.
Gurbani is nothing but a permutation and combination between the upper palate and the tongue to rotate on the eighty-four meridian points to give the hypothalamus a stimulation so that the moon cavity in the brain can turn around and the pineal and the pituitary become a listening partnership. What does that partnership do? Whatever you hear from the unknown world, from the known world, from the cell world, from the outer world and from the inner world is automatically balanced. You’ll become siddh.*
When you chant along with sounds you do not know, you are trying to practice to get your ear and your tongue to coordinate at the same time. Understand? Concentrate. That is called ‘dhiann.’ That’s called meditation. That when hearing the sound and using the tongue to speak, you become one.

Someone says to you, “I want to tell you something. It is serious. Promise me you won’t tell anyone else.”
“If you are not going to tell anybody else, why are you telling me?”
This is called interlock. Communication is the law of interlock. Dialogue is to interlock, one wants to interlock your psyche. That is what word does. Word is the basic foundation of the psyche. Without word there is no psyche, no understanding and no knowledge. Without words there’s no ‘gian,’ knowledge, ultimate knowledge. Without words everything becomes nothing. That is why God spoke.
…It is not what you say, it is from what chakra you say it. And it is not what you say, it is what chakra you say it to. “Dia” means what and “to” which chakra you are speaking. That is a dialogue. Trying to create a commitment is called communication.

Kabadshe Mantra: to give you the power of communication, your words shall have mastery and your impact shall be vital. All the knowledge of the three worlds and all the totality to come to come and what is will come to that person who recites this mantra. It is to conquer the wisdom of the past, present and future.
You overtake the enemy by fifty percent by just reciting it in your own mind. Because their psyche becomes turned around, interlocked and so half the side of that person shall not work.
This mantra is also called the Kabadshe mantra. It creates an armor around you and takes away half the psychic power of the enemy or attacker. So all you have to do is five percent and you win. This is mantra. It works on the spot. If you can speak and mentally chant this mantra, there is absolutely no defense against it.
Mudra: Easy Pose, hands in Mercury Mudra with the tip of the little finger pressed to the tip of the thumb, hands are resting on the knees, palms facing up. Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose. Chant aloud:
Chant: *Saa Re Saa Saa, Saa Re Saa Saa, Saa Re Saa Saa, Saa Rang
**Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rang
“Saa” is the God, “Har” is the earth. We are combing the ether and the earth.

*(one who has perfected powers)
** (Ed note: pronounce “Har” as if there were no vowel – and roll the “r.” “Re” rhymes with “say.”)
YB Teachings, LLC, 1989
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