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Lecture on: 04/01/1989
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Regaining Self Esteem

In spite of a good family background, innate high-caliber psyche, and good environmental background, in the 60s’, thousands of young people lost their self-esteem because of frustration, mis­guidance, failure of the nation to inspire credibility or loyalty, and an overemphasis on individual needs over those of the community.
To feel better, to feel different t, hundreds and thousands of young people got into drugs and tried various rites and rituals. Seeking a different experience, they went to any philosophy, psy­chology, or procedure that they could participate in with a new idea, thought, mechanism, methodology, or regimentation. In other words, they wanted to expand themselves like infinity, but lacked the deeper understanding that infinity is already within each person.
In 1969 I began to share with these young people the practi­cal knowledge of how to elevate themselves through the grooves of their own goodness. I made them understand that there are five tattvas and that there are eight chakras. They learned that they could regenerate their energy just as a cavity in the tooth can be filled to enjoy the chew of life again. They could respond to the challenges of life with excellence, with the full use of their God-given intelligence, using the applied wisdom which they gained by generating their own creative energy through uncoiling their reserve force, the therapeutic energy within, to meet the challenge of life. The hearts of thousands of Americans were touched by these teachings. Many are grateful for this experience, and I am grateful for having the chance to teach them.
The human being has been created as a pattern of energy flows: energy flowing through the spine, flowing through the body and limbs, and flowing through the energy centers known as chakras. The chakra system is composed of eight energy centers: seven in the body and one in the aura or magnetic field.
The First Chakra is located in the anus, and when the ener­gy is at the First Chakra level, the person is concerned with basic questions of security and survival. This is the arena of self and self-reverse, or survival and self-destruction.
The focus of energy at the Second Chakra level, located in the sex organs, is sexuality, sensuality, and creativity, and is the arena of projection and withdrawal.
At the Third Chakra level, located at the Navel Point, energy focuses on identity, power, and judgment and the negative, posi­tive, and neutral views of life.
The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Center, the arena of kindness and compassion.
The Fifth Chakra is in the throat. Here one experiences the arena of knowledge.
The Sixth Chakra is located at the brow and is called the Third Eye Point. Here one sets goals and assesses the long-range effects of one’s actions. It is the arena of projection and sophisti­cation.
The Seventh Chakra is located at the top of the head. Here one experiences the infinity of self, the arena of elevation.
The Eighth Chakra is located in the aura, the magnetic field generated by a human being that surrounds him or her up to nine feet in every direction. The quality of the aura reveals the person­ality in the projection of power or the depression of defeat.
There are five different, specific frequency ranges of pranic vibrations, each associated with a particular chakra. These frequen­cy ranges are known as tattvas and are designated as earth, water, fire, air, and ether. We can most readily experience them as emo­tions but they serve other energy functions in the body as well.
Self-esteem is nurtured by bringing a balance to the depressed energy of the physical body. When the nervous system and the muscular system cannot handle the outside pressure, the inside self needs to release enough extra energy not only to handle the chal­lenge and bring balance back into the being, but also to release enough extra energy to go one step ahead of the environmental time pressure, to give the person a comfortable, relaxed attitude about the hassle and the hustle of life. In the ancient times the technology of releasing this energy was known as Kundalini Yoga. Now we call it the science of Humanology. And God knows what it will be called in the future. Practically speaking, it is one simple, honest science which works for every­one as an instrument to restore self-esteem. Pranic energy, the energy of life, flows through the limbs and trunk of the body and can be blocked in the energy squares (located in every joint and between the vertebrae of the spine).

An excessive blockage results in arthritis, but if the energies flow freely, the life is graceful and healthy. There are also energy squares in every joint of the hand and toes.
Human energy continuously flows through the chakra centers along the spine. It also flows through pathways on the front of the body that are in the form of triangles. These triangles communi­cate energy throughout the body, and every two triangles have a central lotus or chakra.
The first triangle is formed between the eyes and the sixth con-chakra lotus, or Third Eye point. The second triangle goes from the corners of the mouth to the lunar center in the chin. The third triangle goes from the Fifth Chakra lotus to the nipples and has the Fourth Chakra lotus in the center. The fifth triangle in men goes from the Third Chakra lotus to the outside of the testicles encompassing the Second Chakra. In women, the fifth and the sixth triangles go from the Third Chakra to the left ovary and down the sex organ encompassing the Second Chakra lotus. The last triangle is formed between the fourth spinal vertebra and the sides of the hips. The end line of the triangle is a line formed by the sides of the hips and the anal opening, encompassing the First Chakra.

Loss of self-esteem can happen at the very moment of conception, if the parents are not in the mental, projectile, angular energy beam. And if at the time of conception the male and female do not have a mental harmony, the very act of conception can cause the child to be born with low self-esteem.
Loss of self-esteem can also happen during pregnancy through intense depression on the part of the mother and father, by household problems, social problems, biological difficulties, sociological handicaps, and psychological mismanagement.
Another way the child loses self-esteem is when he or she is raised in environments of unscientific love and is deprived of the inner seeding of the personality. All environmental inner centers may be stretched into diagonal forms, damaging the triangle and squares of the reserve energy and the projective energy. Rather than flowing through established patterns, the energy must compensate by taking imbalanced routes through the body. This results in an unmanageable personality. At that stage the human start taking the help of bourbon on the rock and other heavy narcotic drugs and then starts living a neurotic behavior. He or she starts developing a heavy, deep, seasonal depression or permanent mental depression which dulls the sensitivity towards the innate vigor of the personality. The result is a subconscious pattern of loss of self-esteem, which is felt both consciously and subconsciously.
Self-esteem can be very easily and firmly rehabilitated by balance the tattvas at both conscious and subconscious levels, equating the understanding of the participation of the chakras. Reconciling the conscious and subconscious emotions in the specific arena of each chakra will create a flow of energy and personality in which the human is consistent and not defeated with his conscious goals. In other words, if the balance between the tattvas and the chakras is established, then there shall be no earthquake because the personality will be harmonious. It shall have ample reserve through the squares of the being, because energy will flow through the body along the proper channels. Also extra energy may be stored in the energy squares of the body for use in the times of street; to write off the pain of the childhood; to overcome negative influences, negative thoughts, and negative company; to cope successfully with the pain of adulthood, the fear of old age, and the pressures of the family; and to withstand the projective animosity of social, economic, and personal environments.
The science of humanology is a very simple, scientific process, and it is very much hoped that people in the Western World will take advantage of this excellent technology. That simply means that the emergence of a projected human who knows the science and art of being healthy, happy, and of being holy. By holy I mean everyone has nine holes and the inlet and outlet of these holes should be consciously controlled, consciously directed, and unconsciously patronized. It is my prayer that these ideas may open your heart to some possibilities.

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