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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/03/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Espanola, NM

Shastra and Shastar

balancing the elements in the body, and the tattwas. It also talks
about communicating from various chakras to another person, and how
these systems are all interrelated.)

Let me tell you. There was a child. I raised her, I educated her, I paid for everything. And when she was to do high school, her examination was left... and I got a police warrant that I am keeping her against the will of the parents. And the sheriff came to pick her up and I asked the sheriff, "What wrong I have done?" He said, "Well, wrong or right it doesn't matter. It is the mother who is complaining, and she's gotta go." And I asked the mother on the telephone. She said, "What I have been, I don't want to count those words here. And how come my daughter is getting educated, and have a career and have a life? She has do exactly what I went through." And I asked sheriff, I said, "This is the reply. Give me two days and I'll reach her back." After two days she finished the examination, and I delivered her to her parents. And her mother exactly did to her what I never expected, what she told me. So, my blessing to those who have those kind of parents. Go to hell! That's
where they want you to go. Parents are to pay the rent, to give value, evaluation, higher consciousness. Not to send policemen at the gurdwara to pick up their daughter. And if father has a heart attack... that's not true. If that would have been true, then that story would have been there. That was one excuse to get her back, over there. And second excuse is to send the policeman. And have you seen them? And if any kind of a camper is here because of that reason, they better quit. We don't want this nonsense. We are here to give you values, give you future, give you something. Not all this. That's not a part of our way of life.

Now I am asking you in general how was it up there? (Referring to a camping trip to the Solstice Site.) You really sincerely understand that you do not want to be expert in self-defense? Physically and mentally you don't want to be trained in self-defense? That's what you think? You cannot act right in life if you do not know the technique of self-defense. Do you understand what "self-defense" means? All this mess up you all face every day is because you have not been brought up to understand the basic footing and foundation of self-defense. And any man or any woman who does not know the maneuver of self-defense shall commit one mistake or other, even though she knows she is not supposed to.

That is why Sikh Dharma is a religion of Shastar and Shaastraa. That's why it is "saint" and a "soldier." Because saints need the soldiers to defend them and soldiers need the saints to guide them. You understand? That's why the concept of Sant Sabhai was given. Anyway, I have not yet started. Let me start.

Tere meher daa bolanaa, tudh agai ardaas. Guru, Guru, Wahe Guru. Guru Ram Das. Aad gure nameh, jugaad gure nameh. Sat gure nameh, Siri Guru Deve nameh.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Word is "Sat Nam." Nam is the place of noun, person, personality. Noun is name of person, place or a thing. "Noun" we say in English. "Nam" we say in Guru's language. In Gurmukhi. Nam and Noun do not have any differentiation. Word is "Sat Nam." "Sat" comes from word "Satya." Satya means true energy, real energy, the Infinite energy. God of God of God of God.

So "Sat Nam," we chant. We call each other. Nam is acknowledging the identity. When we say, "Sat Nam," what actually we are saying is, "I acknowledge your identity is true." That's what I'm saying. "I acknowledge your identity is true." True to who? True to the person who is calling you? No. You are accepting the identity of a person who is calling you as true. That's the biggest good-will gesture you can give to another human being. That means whatever one says, one says, take it, investigate it, and investigate it by applying two methods: 1. inductive, and 2. deductive. Induce what is said and deduce what it is. And after that reach the bottom line of every identity. That's called, "Satya." Sat, Satya. The energy, the force. Force be with you. And that is what word, "Sat Nam," means. "Keertam naam jevee mere jeevo. Satinam tero purbalo." Question is very simple, that Sat Nam, the true energy, the Infinite energy, is very Real to God.

As five tattwas make the body, the five sounds make the word, "Sat Nam." And as the five fingers represent five zones, that's why the mantra represents five different areas, to balance the elements in you, the tattwas means elements: ether, air, fire, water, earth. If there is too much water and too much earth, your life will be mud. If there is too much air, too much powerful air, and very little earth, life will be like a tornado. Don't misunderstand me. If there is too much akasha and less of water, life will be dry. In Ohio, too much akasha. Open wide skies, no rain. No water.

In your life, five tattwas balance you, and balance your relationship with the planet earth, not only with one person. And whosoever doesn't understand the science of tattwas, does not reach the "tat" of life, that is called the "sat" of life, the truth.

You will meet a lot of people who will tell you one thing, "Oh, just do this. It is going to work out fine." No, you have a limited lifetime. You do not know whether you will rise tomorrow or not. You cannot afford it. There are a lot of other forces. The poor girl came here to learn in the Women's Training Camp. First father had a heart attack. Second time, two policemen on the door to pick her up. She is held against her will by a very freaky group. Well, they know us, we know them. They were polite to respect our religious feelings and didn't walk in and line you all up. And identify you, who you are. I mean, that's how things are.

But what I'm explaining to you is, there are five elements which has to be balanced in you. And there are five elements which has to be balanced outside of you. That is the "tat." The word is "Tat-sat." "Tat" IS the truth. Basically when you hear the word, "tat-sat", tat is considered the element. Element is true. That why your mala has 108 beads because there are 108 elements. That's why 108.

Whatever effects you and whatever you effect, creates a relationship. Relationship can be anything: you take land, plow it, put the seeds in it, give it water, try to grow. But what shall be growing will have the element power of only that of the land. Whatever you will achieve in your life shall be subjected to the balance of your tattwas. Doesn't matter what they pour in you.

And then from where you are projecting? You are a big armory of rifles, cannons, war things and you are defending yourself? Question is, which weapon you use and at what time to reply. It means, which chakra projects your tattwas? Which chakra projects your tattwas. And that will be what the effect will be on others, and not what you know, what you have, or what you are.

That's why you get manipulated. You know why? Somebody balances himself, and shoots at you from the heart center. Heart center is the 4th center. The person is shooting with the help of the 5th center, the throat chakra. Two chakras are active at you. Rapid fire is coming. Look at it from the sixth and seventh, and you will understand whether what is coming is real or non-real. But if you look at that from the 3rd and 2nd, you are gone on the spot. If you add first to it, you will lose three things: 1. Reputation, 2. Money, and 3. Your grace -- on the spot.

Life is a war game. Life is not what you look at it. Life is five tattwas. Enmities have enmities. Mentally disturbs have mental torture. And whenever your five tattwas are imbalanced, your mind is not yours. It can't be. Because either mind has to relate to the soul or mind has to relate to the tattwas. By itself, mind cannot exist. You have one established relationship. You are alive because your spirit is there and your spirit should guide the mind and govern the tattwas. You don't have to become saint. You are saint. When basically your spirit, your soul is there to reflect the balance of your mind and reflect the balance of your tattwas, you don't need a saint, you don't need a God. God will be proud of you and He'll sit in your heart.

At what time somebody shoots at you the word. In the beginning there was a word, word was with God, word was God. I'm explaining to you, "Sat Nam." "Sat Nam tero purboolaa." "God, your real identity is truth." Sat. Satya. Sat. Tat-sat. Sat created tat. Tat created projection, chakras. So tattwas created chakras. Chakras have a projection of frequency. That is called 'gunas.' There are three gunas: 1. sattvic; 2. rajuwis; and 3. tamish. Tamish is hot angry passion. Rajuwis is imperial, powerful wonderful. Sattvic is saintly, calm, quiet, peaceful. Those 3 gunas measure the chakras.

Chakra balances itself on the tattwas. And tattwas have a problem. Either your soul, the hub, the base, the beeja, relates to mind and through mind relates to balance of the tattwas, and thus intuition controls the chakras. The adjustment in you is required by the intuition. From which chakra you should project? At what angle, what range. This is how we used to teach riflery. Put it on your shoulder, aim front. Hold breath. From the backside of the you, fronts of the eye, and the object, look at zero, bulls-eye. Take the wind into play, angle it against the wind by judgment, hit at 6:00 down so that when the bullet leaves, it must hit the eye because of that projection. If you totally aim at the bull, you fire, you will go up 12:00. If you aim 6:00, you'll hit the heart where the hands of the clocks are. That's how we see the object of life.
Any person you want to talk to, what your spirit is? Ask yourself this simple question. What your spirit is? What your balance is, health-wise? If you are sick and depressed and bad and tired and all that, don't start long conversation. Not at good time. And suppose with all adversity on your side, you want to defend and project yourself by encounter. Use shashara. Use your presence, aura. Don't you see you used to have a teacher called Yogi Bhajan, he used to say, "When your presence doesn't work, nothing works anyway?"

Presence is 8th chakra, or it is called 'aura.' That's why we are always saying, "Wear bana, dress up properly. Look graceful." If you look graceful, other person will have 200 items in hand even to penetrate and try to do a mockery or try to do anything. You don't have to be good. You have to look good, look committed, look you are somebody. There is some 'tat' in you.

That's what Sikh Dharma is about. I know it is has been indulgent to a lot of rituals, and rallies and God knows. And whether anybody understands Sikh Dharma or not, I'm not worried about it. I'm not blaming them. It is their bad luck. But I'm just explaining to you, in reality, what 'tat' is.

'Tat' is the essence of your total personality and how you want to represent it. That identity. Totality when it is represented through an identity, it is called "Sat Nam." Sat is not hanky-panky game. "I am your wife, therefore I have a right to kick you. I am your husband, therefore I have the right to do this to you." Nobody has any right to anybody. There's no right. Only right you have to be, to you. You don't have right to listen to anybody or say anything. If you have right to say, then you must learn the right to listen. If you do not have the right to listen, and you only deserve the right to say, you are a mental mess. If you say what you want to say, you are mentally mad. You are a mad person mentally. Not acknowledged, but you are.

Because life is based on a balance. It is not based on ego. And balance is always mutual. Two people who are dealing, or the community which is dealing, or the persons who are dealing, have the right to bring their life to balance. That is called "Sat." Totality brought into identity. That's what "Sat Nam" means. People do not understand it. People think they can mature themselves. If everybody can mature themselves, there are a lot of people who have degrees, you go on their wall, their wall is full with it, right? You talk to them, in five minutes they are insane. You meet a girl, beautiful, charming, wonderful, alarmingly pretty. You talk to her. After three minutes, you say, "If I deal with her another three minutes, I'll be a dead rat. She's out to get." Because the beauty of the body is an attraction, it is a web. But where the mind is, that's the time.

If you want to win over time, you can only win through mind. If you want to win over space, you can only win through the tattwas of the body. Body represents space and mind represents time. And time and space makes the world move. Therefore, nobody knows.

"Tith vaar naa jogee jaanai rut maa-ho naa ko-ee.
Jaa kartaa sirtee ko saaje aape jaanai so-ee."
--Guru Nanak

"One who has created the world, He only knows."... Why? Why? He only knows who created the earth and the planet and He knows it well. Exactly you know who you are. And funny part of it is, you are always trying to know, "Who am I?" And you pay all the money to the religions just to know that. The fact is, you know who you are, but you do not know how to dispense yourself. How to deal the hand, you do not know. You have you in your hand, and that is a given gift by God because you have not learned, you don't have a teacher, you don't have a practice, you don't have a power of sadhana, you do not have grooves. Therefore you cannot hit the object of life and aim because you do not know how to deal the hand. You have the hand. Everybody has it. "Paale bane paralab, paache bano sareer." What you have to have in hand in this life, God first determined that, and then gave you the body accordingly. "Paale bane paralab, paache bano sareer."

"Sail patar meh jant oopaae, taa kaa rijak aagai kar dhariaa."

--Guru Arjan Dev, Rehiras Sahib

He has created in the stone, He has provided His provisions already. God is a Virgo. Knows details to a miserable end. Because that's why that zodiac sign of Virgo is a female. They couldn't make a male there. Gemini is two little baby males, showing you who they are. You cannot mis-identify them. But that Virgo is a female. And it has that wheat, creativity, and that love around it. But what is a Virgo? Total detail to the bare maximum.

But what I'm explaining to you, and what Guru says is, "When God created something in stone, He provided the life sustenance before." And how many of you believe tomorrow what you have to eat, it will be available? None. I don't want to ask that question. I know you. Because you know, you do not depend upon yourself. You want to depend on me, on this, on that, this, that, whole thing. You want to depend on somebody, and somebody's not you. Therefore somebody cannot be you. Somebody will have something to do you in. Because somebody and somebody, somebody is not everybody. And you may not be everybody, but at least you are you. And you must start with your own satya. Protect own satya. And tell your mind to bring the balance of these tattwas, and then you decide which chakra, at what time, you want to use. This process is called "real." Reality, religion.

Religion teaches you the context of righteousness. Religion, most of you do not like religion. Fine with me. But religion teaches you how to play your cards of life. Because majority of the time you play the cards from ego. Ego cannot play your cards.

"Homai naavai naal virodh hai."
--Guru Amar Das, SGGS p 560

"Ego has an animosity with God."

Ego has an animosity with the identity. Because ego has an alter-ego. Ego shall cater to alter-ego. Ego shall not cater to you. And somebody who is not going to cater to you, not going to serve to you, you put your whole thing in the hands of that thing. Are you not going to end up with a mess? That is why Siri Guru Granth is the Great Guru. It talks to my mind. It tells my mind where to shut up, and where to open and start. It tells my mind how to face the world, within and without. It tells my mind its own identity. It tells my mind its own tattwas. It tells my mind my own satya. That's why putting the word, "Ik Ong Kar," the second word that comes is, "Sat Nam." Your identity is true. How true it is? How true it is? How true the life is? "Karta Purakh." Your doing must be done by you. And how purakh comes? What is purakh? What is purakh? Is it a male? Is it a God? No. Which is beyond any limit.

And you know here I was discussing somebody on the phone. He said, "Don't you think I have overgrown you as a student, as a teacher?" I said, "You have overgrown on me very first day you saw me. And right now you are overgrown." He said, "But I have got a question." I said, "You have lost that right. You don't have answer, because you have overgrown me." He said, "But I didn't say it finally." I said, "You doubted it. Now work out this doubt and find it out." I said, "Your desire to overgrow me is the desire to destroy yourself. Because you cannot have the capacity or have found out you don't have the capacity to obey me. And what is me? The reflection of your tattwa." Spiritual teacher is nothing but a tat. It puts two and two together.

You know why spiritual teacher should be trusted? In spite of the fact that most are con-men. I'm not saying what is a spiritual teacher. That you should decide who is he. You should not get a teacher, you do not agree with a spiritual teacher who you think you want to be a spiritual teacher. Just check it all out and you'll find out if this man is intelligent enough to be my spiritual teacher. Fine. Otherwise don't bother. But why a real spiritual teacher can be safely trusted, or should be trusted or must be trusted? Why in Bible everywhere, Jesus the teacher says, "Behold, be on the hold." It means, "Listen to me, you idiots." That's exactly what it means in modern English, modern American language. As we say, "Hey, you. Screwed up, shut up, you idiot. Don't listen. Listen to ME!" You know, you say all that abusive language and say that? In those days it was, "Behold!" You know, time changes. And everywhere in the Bible, you'll find one word: "Behold!" Be at the hold. It means, "Listen to me." Because
spiritual teacher is the one who is interested in tomorrow. And he puts his all energy, all tat, all sat, in guiding tomorrow.

There's a one thing you must understand between a mother and a spiritual teacher, it is same thing. As a spiritual teacher will not like his student to die spiritually, a mother will not like the child to die physically. That's a very common interest. As God will not let His bhagataa down, spiritual teacher will not let the spirit down and mother does not let the body down of the child. All three are children of the three capacities.

Spiritual teacher is not interested in what you give. You know when you bring a gift to a spiritual teacher, what you feel, "When next time he is going to bring a better gift?" You think HE wants it? No. From there he judges how successful you are. It is called "Crystallization through pressurization." A real spiritual teacher will press you to death. Bring out in you the gem quality. To the point, moment you put that diamond, everybody is going to say, "It is real. It is far-out. It is A-1 Quality." That is his interest. You know why? Tell me why. Through which he lives? Spiritual teacher has no future. If spiritual teacher has big house and few cars and airplanes and 280 centers and the world bows to him, forget it. If he couldn't produce in his lifetime ten times better than him, he has died in vain. His trip has gone wasted. That's why after ten Gurus, we were given the Siri Guru Granth.

After Guru Gobind Singh becoming the Guru, there was nothing else but Siri Guru Granth could take over. No man was competent. That is why if you read Siri Guru Granth, every facet of your life, direct, indirect, positive, negative, neutral, mental and physical are addressed in Siri Guru Granth, directly, according to your emotions and according to your feelings. But we don't have time to study it. We hardly have time to read it. But you've got to know. You have to know. I'm very grateful that you come and bow and get blessed. But that is just for you for the day. You've got to know. Siri Guru Granth cannot sit in those papers and in that binding. Siri Guru Granth should sit in your heart, in every molecule and every atom of your being. Then it becomes your Guru. Then you can't fail. Because then it will tell you how to dispense, how to play the card of life.

There are 52 cards, right? Double them. 104. Right? You understand? Why 104? Why not 108? Fours are called "pad." Stages. There are 52 cards on the earth, 52 cards and 52 cards in the ocean. And that is called, "Currents of the psyche of the creation." 16's are perfection. Elevens are the unchangeable self bound with the support of the self. One and one makes eleven. One plus one makes two. One minus one makes zero. One and one makes eleven. When two minds join together, when two tattwas join together, when two satya's join together, when two chakras get together, one becomes infinite. When Guru and human get together, they become God. When Guru, the word of the Guru, the identity of you, one and one, it becomes eleven. That's why eleven in numerical language is an unchangeable number. Because it is as Infinite as God is.

You always deal in plus and minus. "I will do this for him. He will do this for me." I'll give him this, he'll give me this. I want this, he will give this." You are business people. But you are not doing the real business. You are squaring. You want the earth to be completely secured. When you secure earth too much, heavens don't come through. Your life will be comfortable, rich, but unhappy. "Nanak dukhia sabh sansaar." The world itself is unhappy. Only one person can be happy, who's a missionary. Because in the mission there is inrushia(?). It is a drunken man who's drunk with the achievement. If you want to achieve earth, you'll get earth. Dust to dust. If you want to achieve heavens, you'll have heavens. And spiritual missionary does not know any pain. Look at Guru Arjan Dev. Sat on a hot plate. Got hot sand on it. Got cooked and baked like a potato. Never gave an inch. Because he was one with the One. Two didn't bother him.

When you have oneness of your mind, and your oneness comes from your tatta -- when your tat and your tattwas become one, you become God. There's no other way. Every other way is to get your money and to build buildings. But those buildings are built for you to learn to be one with One. So don't start building everything and not learning to build one with One. And that's the conflict in every religion.

People think religious life is limiting because it does not allow corruption. And without corruption and without dealing and business you do not feel the ego. Yes, religion does put a collar around the neck of the ego. I know. As Harbhajan Singh I want to do totally different things. And I know, I am aware of them. And I feel them, I understand them. And I not only feel the pain, or the bug of it, I really feel very ashamedly reduced that I cannot defend myself. I get mad, I get angry, I feel horrible. When a little person who has no value gets up and starts accusing and abusing and doing that kind of thing, I just want to punch back much stronger. I have the means, I have the personality, I have the strength. That's one thing. But as a Yogi Bhajan, I can't move. Because then I have to see, "He's abusing me, he's calling me names, he's doing this." I have to admittedly become united with him as a yogi, and see where the error is. And how fast I can remove his pain. That is Yogi
Bhajan. But look at this Siri Singh Sahib gig. Then I have to see that his pain is gone and gone forever. At my cost. Damnit it, that's very painful. It is. And there cannot be anything but that. Not only the pain should go, it should go forever, and the person should represent Dharma in grace so that I may not feel that I have failed.

That's why we lose Mukhia Singh Sahib's. They become Mukhia Singh Sahib's. They cannot deliver it. That's why most of the spiritual teachers go wrong. They become spiritual teachers, they trust people, they bring their trust up, they cater to them, they create them, the whole thing, and in the end they can't deliver it. They are empty. "Anaa Guru, dukh moeh chele." Blind is the teacher, all the students will die in that pit of darkness. As that thing happened in that Central America. That Jone-thing? Jim Jones. A spiritual teacher trusted by 1100 people. He said, "D-day has come. Life is finished. Inject cyanide and die." And they all shall go to heaven because they laid their life on the word of this man who was a con-man, but in the trust of God. Because they really thought, don't misunderstand. They really thought he is a spiritual teacher. He is a messed up teacher, that is a karma he will go through. But spirit shall carry them. But it is a tragedy.

Before me, a Sikh teacher came to America. His name was Bhagat Singh. He was very well to do. Very acknowledged. He fought the greatest case in the United States when the Indian Sikhs were considered 2nd class citizens and like Japanese their all land and everything was taken and they had to, just to stay here, marry the Mexican ladies to prove their identity here. Bhagat Singh fought that case in Supreme Court and won. He was very intelligent. But we don't know about him now. You know why? He did everything he could do, but left everything to his married, most wonderful, beautiful wife. You know what she did? First she sold all rights to his books and everything. Secondly she sold the ashrams, and collected money, and declared that she is retired. She was afraid that she had to share something. There it goes. That wise man, Bhagat Singh, had a wife, had children. You won't hear it. Because one and one did not become eleven. It become one plus, one minus. I have told you about
Bhagat Singh. Have you heard it? If you read his books, you will freak out. Fantastic. Fantastic works of books, printed. But nobody there to buy them, and nobody is there to sell them. They don't exist.

Everything in this life needs nurturing, needs nursing. And that is why Guru Gobind Singh said, "Read five banis, five times a day, so that your tatta can be nurtured to balance the tattwa. So that your chakras may not clog up. So that your gunas may not mess you up."

You know, listen to them. If you have to be very imperial, and really, and at that time you become saintly, you create a mess. And if you have to be saintly, and you become tamish, you blow it. It is your personality which as people see, as your guna presents it, not as you present it. There is a misunderstanding right here. As your guna presents you, that is what others look at you and that is what you are to others. Not what you are. And as you present. You are biggest fools. You think what you present, others take it. No. Nobody trusts you because you don't trust yourself. How can an empty glass give water and quench the thirst. You don't trust yourself. How can anybody can trust you? But, your guna can make a trust.

Had I not been compassionate to death, and kind to my last molecule, you would not have been sitting here. It's not that I'm special. It's not that I know more than you. It's not that I am good. It's not that God talks to me every day. I sometimes don't talk to Him. I like to phone somebody else. You know what I mean? When God talks to me, I say, "What mess you have created around me, for what? You think I am the only janitor that is available? Nobody else? Give it to somebody else." You know, that's how we talk. We yell and scream as you and I sometimes do. I get even with so that the whole day I can be calm and poised and peaceful. Yeah, I let myself out. I tell Him everything. I question Him for everything and end up doing just as I am supposed to do, because the guna is the sattvic, guna is the peaceful. Little bit imperial. Little bit. Yes. Raaj yoga, no? Raaj yog. The throne of Raaj yog belongs to Guru Ram Das. That is what Sant Sabhai is. That is what the imperial
sainthood is. Let the saint govern the soldier. Let the soldier serve the saint. That is Sikh Dharma. Shaastraa and Shastar. Shaastraa means book of knowledge, book of gyaan, book of God. And shastar means the defending arms.

You know, those who do not have arms and only have big head, what they can do? You need hands, you need head, you need legs to stand on. The base, the tat. That's why the feet are called 'lotus feet.' Because the soul in you is represented by the sole, (only spellings are different) under the feet. If the sole is not under the feet, you don't have the feet. Are you listening? To differentiate, to understand, we spell it differently. The soul purpose of life is, your soul should be under your own feet. And your lotus feet should be your lotus feet. And just stand in a lotus feet and then do wrong. I'll bet you can't. When you stand on the earth, the ego, the other tattwas. And what lotus represents? Purity. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh. God loves purity. And purity is victory. Why we are hassling each other? You can go home. This house is not your home. When I said, "Home" everybody started thinking, "Is he sending us back to Virginia? Is he sending us
back to Boston?" That home. Homai. Ego. You know what they call ego in Gurmukhia? Homai. And you call it home. Oh yes. Man's ego is his home.

I was talking yesterday with somebody who loves me. "When you are going to get your own house?" It means, what I was being asked was, "When you are going to have your own ego?" And I said, "God provides me everything. Everywhere is my home. I don't have a home." Home, homai. People with ego, you will find, they have their own things: own car, own room, own, own, own. They damn own nothing but a bunch of dirt, which they have to lick in the end and eat it. You call it in English "home". We call it "homai."

You sometimes understand, "Is Guru has explained about God?" "Too meraa guru high." H-i-g-h. High. Guru high. Oh God, you are "too meraa guru high." You are my high guru. And sometimes western people say, "Oh, we are not mentioned in this." You are very badly mentioned, because your mind is going berserk and Guru talks to the mind.

"Eh man meriaa too sadaa raho har naale."

Oh my mind, be with God all the time.

"Har naal raho too man mere dukh sabh visaaranaa."

What will you get by being with God? "Har naal raho too man mere." If you be with God, oh my mind, "Dukh sabh visaaranaa." You'll forget all pain, all diseases, everything. You read it every day. "Har naal raho too man mere dukh sabh visaaranaa."

"Angikaar oh kare teraa kaaraj sabh savaaranaa."

In every 'Ang Sang Wahe Guru,' he is Ang Sang with you. "Angikaar oh kare teraa." And He does everything for you. "Angikaar oh kare teraa kaaraj sabh savaaranaa." All action will fall in His place.

"Sabhanaa galaa samarath suaamee."

That is the Master who's perfectly in the position to deliver perfection.

"So ke-o manaho visaare."

Why you forget it from your mind? Oh mind, why you forget it from your mind? It's telling the negative mind to the positive mind. "Sabhanaa galaa samarath suaamee so ke-o manaho visaare." What is next?

"Kahe Nanak man mere sadaa raho har naale."

--Guru Amar Das, Anand Sahib

Sayeth Nanak, oh my mind, be with the God all the time. You do not live with another person. How can you live with God?

You know, when somebody tells me, "I cannot deal with people," I say, "Thank you." I don't reject it. But I know that person has lived miles away from God, because God is everywhere in every human.

"Aval alah noor oopaa-i-aa kudrat ke sabh bande."
In the beginning there is a God and He has a light through which all the rays came, and that's all people are.

"Ek noor te sabh jag oopaji-aa kon bhale ko mande."

--Bhagat Kabir, SGGS p. 1349

From one light everything is grown. Who is bad and who is good? Do you understand why I am sharing with you? And that is what "Sat Nam" means, as we started.

Before "Sat Nam," there is only one objective, superlative word called, "Ik Ong Kar." One created all creation. One Creation of the Creation. And His identity is true, Sat Nam. And your identity is true. And in India you go, and they say, "Tat sat. Tat sat. Har ka naam sat hei. Raam Raam Sat Hei." This is the mantra they give when the body is on a cart or on a stretcher, or on a thing being carried to be put on a pyre. You know what these Indians chant at that time? They don't tell you when you are born. They tell you when you are married. They don't tell you everyday. But when you are dead and they are carrying the dead body on their shoulders, they are giving you a lesson at that time. Initiation. What a fraud is that. "Raam Naam Sat Hei. Har Ka Naam Sat Hei. Sat Bolo, Sat Bolo, Sat Bolo, Tat Hei. Tat Bolo, Sat Hei." Shocking! I said, "Stupid. You are his relatives. Now you are carrying him to a fire. Why didn't you do this damn thing six months ago? Six years ago? Sixty
years ago? Told this bum. But that's all it is about." No, they don't. They don't. They are not his relatives. They are his leeches. They suck him. They are suckers. They are not relatives. They are his suckers. And now he is dead, now they can't suck anything out of this guy. Now they tell him the truth. Now they tell him, "Tat bolo, tat hei. Raam Naam Sat Hei. Har Ka Naam Sat Hei." They don't say any other word. It is shocking. You call it relationship. There's no such thing as relationship. This is an organic word. It is an organism. And each one lives on each one. Everybody has an antenna of ego to suck out of you your life.

Don't learn from me. Balmiki, before the birth of Ram, who wrote Ramayan, wrote the entire thing, learned that way. He was a dacoit. He was a highway robber. He wouldn't let anybody go. There came a sadhu. Nobody knows the name of the sadhu. But there was a sadhu, real sadhu. I think God has to come Himself, the guy was so bad. Rishi Balmiki, the world bows, and he wrote Ramayan, before the time of Lord Rama. I'm talking of that guy. A man came, a sadhu, and he caught him, tied him to a tree, too away his loin cloth, took away his water, took away his staff, took away everything. The sadhu said, "Hey, this is not worth much." Balmiki said, "Doesn't matter, little little makes much." He said, "Exactly little little sin every day will sink your boat." Balmiki said, "Shut up, don't talk to me like that." Sadhu said, "Well, why you do it?" Balmiki said, "I have to. I have a wife, I have children, I have a respect, I have a village, I have to feed a lot of people. Why?" The
sadhu said, "Well, what do you think all this will get you?" Balmiki said, "Maybe a little money." The sadhu said, "Then what you are going to do to me?" He said, "I am going to kill you." The sadhu said, "Why?" Balmiki said, "I don't want to loot anybody who will then go and tell the story. So you have to die." He said, "Why?" Balmiki said, "That's my decision. That's the way I operate. I catch anybody who comes here, and many people come here, this is the short cut so nobody can go any other way. It is very tedious. One has to go over mountains and all that. It is a direct path, people come, and normally the king sends the army with it, and I let things go. But if like you, anybody comes, that's it. I catch him, take away everything, tie him on the tree, kill him." The sadhu said, "Okay, I am a sadhu, though." He said, "Well, what I can do for you? I can't change my rules." The sadhu said, "Then do me one favor. And the favor is, go back in your home and find out one person who is willing to die for you. Or die for me."
Balmiki said, "How it will go?" The sadhu said, "Say, 'I have got a sadhu, I have taken his everything, I have got to kill him, and he says, 'Don't you kill me. I'll grant you mukti, liberation of your soul. But get somebody who loves you the most and kill him.' So I need somebody who loves me the most, I have to kill him today."

So first he went to his wife. She said, "You are crazy." And then he thought he would call his son. The wife had already spoken to his son. They brought big sticks and they said, "You get out of this house." The whole village stood against this man. They said, "You want one of us to die for that damn sadhu?" He said, "I fed you, I raised you, I killed people for you, I did this." They said, "Well, you did what you did, what you know you did. But now we know what we are doing. We are not dying." He said, "You all will die without me." They said, "That will take time. We'll try to hustle. That may be, but not right now. Get out of the village." They threw him out. He came back, and sadhu said, "What happened?" He said, "Well, this is what happened. You sent me." The sadhu said, "What you have learned?" He said, "They are not mine. They let me down. I called them mine. I think them mine. They let me down." The sadhu said, "What you want?" He said, "I want to be crowned.
I have known God now through you. These are the sum I called my own, the let me down, and let God now crown." Sadhu said, "So be it."

Balmiki, the highway dacoit, highway killer, the highway looter, became Rishi Balmiki. And reached to the point that could wrote the entire what was coming. Wrote Ramayan before the birth of Lord Ram. That is what is called 'intuition.' Intuition when joins with the Infinite, tat joins with the tattwa. Tat joins with the sat. Man becomes God. And that's why you are in the image of God. When you find that reality, you become that reality. And that is the beginning of a Sikh. Not all this paraphernalia and all this emotional nonsense covered in white clothes. It's white in, white out, white everywhere. It's a light of man.

That's why many of you do not want to wear bana, do not like to wear it. Yes, you don't want to stand out and say, "I am, I am." I agree. I understand your weakness. But one who knows, that one has no rejection of self. Bana doesn't make anything but freaks out lot of people who like to flirt with you.

I was asked a question yesterday, "Why the Sikh Dharma ladies are not very kind?" I said, "No, they are very kind, but they are not flirting. Because they have gone through a lot of pain. They have found Dharma and they don't want to go another route like that, therefore they are not ready to flirt. They may be poor, but they don't bargain for benefits. They want to be fit." And when a Khalsa woman wears the bana, stands out, it is a deterrent. And most of you say, "How we'll do business? How people will come to us?" Come to Hollywood, I invite you. Stand there and see how prostitute attracts everybody. And in that attraction they get AIDS, too. And if you know that kind of aid, that kind of help, go ahead. Sikh Dharma has no vacancy for that.

One who cannot deal with you as a Sikh of the Guru has no dealing with you at all. And you will never be happy out of those dealings. Remember it for a while. I have seen men who have lead women to believe that Dharma is nothing. They took away from Dharma and then dropped those ladies. Because that man in sub-psychology wants her to be away from Dharma, from family, from everything, cut off her all supports. Then put her in the pit of misery. These men are those who has mother phenomena. They are psychologically sick people walking, looking healthy.

There are phobias, mother phobia, father phobia. They can be treated. But when it is a mother phenomena, father phenomena, only Guru can come through. There's no treatment of this bite. A lot of us has been bit in our life as young people by the very parents who were supposed to nurture us. If the head starts eating the crop, if the mother starts poisoning the child, there's no end to it. Just understand, a person came here to learn. Father had a heart attack and she is abducted and police has been sent. Do you understand that? How free and independent you are in United States?

Parents have never understand that children are for tomorrow and they are as good human beings as they could be, and their job is to serve them, nurture them, and grow them. And give them a chance. Child is nothing but to give myself a chance for tomorrow. They treat them like funny children. There is ownership.

There was a one mother, she said, "I am a Jew. My father was Jew. My grandfather was Jew. We are Jews from as far as I know. How can my daughter be a Sikh?" I said, "She should not. She should learn Jesus Christ was a Jew. How he can become Christ. He was as good Jew as you can understand." She said, "I never thought that way. Yeah. Yeah. You are right." I said, "My problem is, I am always right. And that bugs a lot of people. They want me to be wrong. That's all they want to see. 'Hey, hey, he's wrong.' That's all they want." And I said, "Therefore, I have to be, 'Hey, hey, I am right!' I am sorry. I have to balance it out. Can't be wrong. Can't afford it."

Because a lot of people want to be right, and they all fall apart. If the staircase falls apart, you don't get to the roof. And staircase has to have firm feet and steps. That's why the majority of the people don't love me. They are my relatives, they can't love me. They are my beloveds, they can't love me. They want me, they can't love me. Because I cannot do everything or anything which is not to that standard of right. That's why I ask opinions. Tell me how the western mind works, tell me how you think, tell me how it will be. I like to have opinion of everybody because I don't want to decide something which I know it is right, though that's ultimate right. Question is, I'm asking for the opinion whether the person can handle it or not.

Guru Nanak could have said one pauree and matter would have ended. He made the Japji in 40 paurees. Everybody has to go step by step. Everybody has to go day by day. Everybody has to learn thing by thing. And we are not here to push and we are not here to take. If we take up the matter, we'll take it with God. If we'll give, we'll give in the name of God.

I'm sorry I gave you a bad time, and I'm mad at God, it didn't rain so much. You should have been in that mud. But it was pretty cold and all that. My idea was to make you understand how -- look, this is how it is. If you do not know how to stand adversity, you will never enjoy prosperity. I said it and I said it and I said it, and that is me. And that is the only secret what God is. In God, every adversity, He remains calm.

You all have a one luck and a one bad luck. You have good luck that you have a spiritual name. You have a bad luck, if you don't match up to it, you are done. You know what I'm saying? You know this is very good? It is? What is it? (Sangat: A washcloth.) It looks good, it looks clean? All right? You understand. All right. You come. (Points to a person in the sangat.) Yeah. Let me tell you what the reality is. Come come, quick, quick. And smell it. (Person smells it.) Got it? What is it? What? Why can't you speak louder? (Answer: A little damp, a little mildewy.) It STINKS! This wash-cloth stinks. Why you are afraid to say that? Put it on your nose and keep it there. (Laughter.) Yeah, what is it? (Answer: It stinks.) Yeah. Because it is not thoroughly washed. It has not been deodorized. That's how human lives are. They are not cleansed of the karma. Therefore they stink with the karma. Where there is Dharma there is no karma. Where there is karma, there is no Dharma. Dharma means there is
no parma and no karma. No action and reaction, and no doubt. And this damn thing stinks. And this looks very clean, very colorful, and absolutely marvelous. Inside the fiber, the tantra, has contained karma. The diagonal energy cuts the square and makes two triangles. That's what tantra is. And the fiber, tana peta, what they call you in length and breath? All of you has got that mildew in it that stinks. That's called karma. And that's why it stinks. It needs that touch of a washer woman or a washing machine. Plus right ingredients. Clean or whatever they are. They tell you on television everything.

There is another one, let us see. (Picks up another cloth.) Now you come again. (Points to the same person to come up.) No, she has a right. If she has the right to smell the stink, she should also smell the freshness. (Answer: Very fresh.) Both are wash cloths. Both were given to me. And with both I washed. In one my nose told me, "Hell with you." The other he said, "Okay, fine. Thank you." And that's how life comes to you. Like as this wash-cloth has come to my life. Brought its stink with it. It needs to be cleansed, washed and brought to mint-condition.

Life has to be brought to mint-condition. It has to have a thorough tune- up. All oil changed. All pistons and pressures right. All brakes perfect. Life is played and life is dues paid. And driver's license in your pocket. And seat belt on. You don't have to learn from me. You can learn from the car, that's why "Ik Ong Kar." Kar is a kar. Which kar? The driving car or the universe as a kar? God has a car. The One has a Kar which He created. There's no different car than that Kar. You have wobbling wheels, you have flat tires, you have a terrible, over-rotten gas. Your brakes don't work, you don't tie the belt. You don't pay your license. You over-speed yourself to invite the police. A lot of things. You change lanes without signalling. Nobody knows what your mood is. You are super-stupid. It is a freeway, dear. Freeway. Freeway! You've got to get the signal out, you've got to look in the mirror, you've got to change the lanes then. Otherwise you are calling another person's death
and death to yourself. Nobody knows your mood, therefore nobody knows you have even the mind.

Therefore please understand, you must know what you are known to know. And your birthright is to know what your spiritual destiny is, and then deliver it. That's what Dharma is. If you have failed to do what you could do, at least don't take away from your children. Give them a future where they can be what they can be. Give them a chance and learn from your own pain so they may not have it. Do you hear me? That is what it means, "IK Ong Kar Sat Nam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang Gur Prasad. Jap." Again, the same thing. Guru's words, no? Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach. Then, Soche soch naa hovaee je sochee lakh vaar. By thinking this ridiculous thought forms and planning games and all that, a million times you'll do, it won't work. First pauree of Japji, the second one, which starts with "Soche soch na hovaee," tells a human very directly what won't work. And then it questions how the falsehood will break. You know
that pauree? "Kiv sachiaaraa hoeeai kiv kurai tootai paal." How this falsehood, wall of falsehood which is blinding us, will break? "Hukam razaaee chalanaa, naanak likhiaa naal." In the will of God, keep on moving. In the trust of God, keep on moving. In the life of God, be living. That's why Guru Gobind Singh said:

"Rehit piaaree mujh ko, sikh piaaraa naahe."

The living of a Sikh is my love, not the Sikh. He didn't count, "How many students I have got?" No, he counted, "How many students live the instructions?"

Teacher lies, student lies. They both lie. Wife lies, husband lies. Son lies, father lies. Mother lies, daughter lies. Everything is lies. All right, build a pit of lies and then lay in it, baby. You will have whole ball of wax. Nobody will take away from you your karma. Something which can take away the karma, Dharma, you don't want to relate to it. Because it is very confining, very boring, and very directing. Well, take a bullet, and hit it with a nail. Let it go. Why you need the gun? And take a gun, and don't put the grooves, you won't hit longer. Same things can blend. Shaastraa and Shastar will teach you one reality. If you want to make it, make it now, and do the way as it is done by our elders. That's why Guru Nanak, through Guru Gobind Singh, and that is why through rehit to Siri Guru Granth, we have been told a life of a discipline in which we can live as a disciple. That's why we call ourselves Sikh. And we have the Guru.

Have a nice day.

Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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