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Lecture by :
Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/16/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Spiritual Fraud

Before I start doing my prayer, I want to tell you the preface of my lecture. It is called "Spiritual Fraud." And I am taking something from Gurbani to show you, plus the study I have done in yoga and other spiritual methods. I just want to tell you what it boils down to in reality, and how little and corrupt we are as human beings in the face of the grace of God. But that is a subject I leave you to judge. I am not willing to judge for anything because I am doing it just to serve the Guru. And it is my experience and is my state of mind. If you can make any good of it, fine. If not, it is your karma, not mine.

Tere meher daa bolanaa Tudh agai ardaas. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das. Aad gure nameh, jugaad gure nameh. Sat gure nameh, siri guru deve nameh.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

There's a word in Scriptures called, "Trehe niter." It is called "third eye." Sikh Dharam acknowledges the third eye. It acknowledges drib drishti -- to see the unseen. It acknowledges knowing the unknown or realizing it. In other words, it totally and scientifically realizes the intuition... powerfully. And the majority of the bani of Kabir in Siri Guru Granth is a very beautiful and a scientific dictate to explain about the third eye. The rhythm, the centers, the inlays of the brain, the working of the neurons, and the chakras, the meridian points and the centers.

It is unfortunate that this science has not been understood from Siri Guru Granth because the Indian Sikhs do not know the science of yoga. They don't. And now it is very open that they hate it. So, if you do not know the science of yoga, and you do not know what it is all about, two thirds of the Siri Guru Granth you cannot understand. Period! You can read it, you can remember it, and you can sing it. But I can bet you, you cannot understand it. Because how can you understand something which explains something you do not like? If Kundalini shines in Guru Ram Das (Kundalini Surjhee), in Guru Ram Das it is great. But it is to be taken that it cannot shine in anyone?

Just remember the difference between God and Guru. There is a very fundamental difference. God could not create another God. Even now He is trying. Guru could create another Guru. That is the House of Guru Nanak. And that is the difference. And the difference between a God and Guru is that God IS the Ultimate, Infinite Self. It has to come out. Therefore there is nothing above It. Guru takes nothing, and takes us to the resurrection... the height of everything... to the Infinity. That's why even in Scriptures, God has to take a human form to deal with the emotion, to deal with the reality, to deal with the stature, to deal with the structure of man and mankind, to come down as we call it, "Awtar."

And Lord Shiva, who's supposed to be blessed with third eye, is also considered the Lord of Death. It means, once you are dead, karma is over, one chapter is closed, and second starts.

So what is the third eye? Third eye is an initial power of the brain, of the intellect. It does two things. By virtue of its status, it releases you the thought form and by virtue of trehe niter it also computerizes your wishes, your desires, to the point where it subjectively, objectively... you take time and space, and you don't have capacity.

The storeroom for the third eye consideration is the subconscious. You have three statuses: Unconscious, subconscious, and the conscious. You do not live consciously. Period. Very few people live consciously. Those who live consciously, their signs are such: they recognize the ownership of God; they recognize the power of God; and they recognize the Will of God. And those are the people who live consciously.

Those who live unconsciously, they understand God, there is some guy which is much more powerful and blah, blah, blah. And they should be like that and they should work it out, their thing, and it is just a hodge-podge. It doesn't make any sense. It has never made sense. But mind you, 99% of people are almost on that realm.

Unconscious people are, too. Unconscious people are those who are extremely innocent and they don't know a thing. Or, they are totally stupid and they don't want to know anything. So this is how three fourths work in a human mind.

Those who are trying to open their third eye and want to see everything must understand that day dreaming and night dreaming is nothing but a third eye work. The only thing we have to do is to close this third eye so we can look inward. This third eye looks outward all the time. Every person has a day dreaming they look to. And everybody has his own plan. Everybody lies.

And all of you who are sitting in this gurdwara at Guru's feet are very blessed, but you are not real. Because we worship God only for blessings, money, grace, comfort, on this earth. Beyond this planet, we have never any sensitivity. We have never understood how this earth works and how its rhythm works, and how this one ball in the space is standing by itself. Even the scientists have certain theories. Something is a magnetic attitude, something is the psyche of magnetic attitude, something is the inter-pull and outer-pull, centripetal and centrifugal force of the universal movement, and whether you are still or you are moving, you are moving at about 300 and some miles per hour just sitting still. So everything is moving. Inside your ten trillion cells are moving, changing in 72 hours. Outside the world is changing...the tattwas intermix... changing, psyche is changing... vibrating, changing... values are changing. And God is nothing but a constant change. Not away from reality, but a constant change to It's
reality, Itself.

This is how the bang theory is true. Bang theory is true in the sense that world got created to experience the Infinity of God, and God wanted to create someone in Infinity. That's what the universe is about. And in that creation and that way of life, everything has to come into the source where it comes out from. And that's what we are all part of it.

Now my lecture is not to teach you science and the study about space, though it is a very interesting subject. Also it is not my day today to teach you astrology, astronomy and psychology of the mankind. My day is today to tell you something definitely. You are very little and extremely belittled. You cannot even be worthy of containing the grace and blessing of God, and how It works. That's what my subject is today.

God does everything for everybody, and God creates environments for everybody. But there is something very powerful in us, and that is called "God." God is never outside of us. We deal everything in this planet... in this city, in our daily business... without our spirit into it... fundamentally forgetting that if there is no spirit in our body, we'll be considered dead. How can your body, without spirit, can be dead? And how can you deal with anybody of idea, structure, business affairs, love, and other human beings, and you do not understand the fundamental flow of the spirit of the soul, and the spirit of the body? And thereafter you think you can achieve something? No! Your attitude is emotional. Your satisfaction is emotional. Your relationship is emotional. And how do you measure your emotions? How big a house it is, how many rooms are in the house, what a status of the car is, how much jewelry you are wearing, how much bank balance you have got, how good is your wife or husband, how
good your children are, whether you have a house on the seashore, or on the top of the mountain.

Your total life is based on one word. I can repeat it three times, or seven times. In real estate, they call the value of the property... in real estate is based on three things: location, location, and location. And I tell you, your life is based on: location, location, and location. You try to either conquer something or get conquered by something. And as the location demands, you adjust your gears. Is it human? Are you a human? You call yourself human? This is total animal behavior -- to act under impulse.

Look in you. How much impulse acts in you and how much consciousness acts in you? Intelligence is neutral. Intelligence is a rescue mission. Intelligence will come through when you are in trouble, because intelligence is given to you for right of life. Negative mind is given to you for right of life. So whenever you will be in any trouble and you want to justify your trouble and want to get out of it, one thing you will do: you will use your utmost, supreme, cute, intelligence to cover your situation.

So, my dear friend, when you have the intelligence to cover your acts, deeds in your life, why God should do it? God promises:

"Amrit velaa sach naa-o, vadi-aaee veechaar.
Karamee aavai kaparaa, nadaree mokh du-aar."

4th pauree of Japji Sahib

You will see the salvation and you will be covered if you get up in the morning and recite the Name of God.

You know what morning... Amrit Vela... business is? When you give a preference in the ambrosial hour, before the start of the day, you start and deal with God, then you realize the earth is temporary and totality is permanent. That is the only gimmick which is understood by man from centuries. From religion "A", religion "B", religion "C", religion has done nothing but only created a bogousity of those characters, because religion ultimately belongs to what? A religion belongs to men! And so long the religion is interpreted by men, it is no religion. It will change according to the laws of the land and the rule.

That is why in Sikh Dharma after Guru Gobind Singh we have Siri Guru Granth which no man can change, no man can write, no man can understand or not understand, it is their problem. Guru is one, says one thing, and that's all it is about. So those of you who want to be Sikhs must understand: we start with "Ik Ong Kar," the word, "One." It's always going to be one to one. There's nothing in Sikh Dharma you understand. Sikh Dharma does not give you the right to understand 'two.' "One" by Itself. And if I am wrong and you are right, then just tell me when Guru Gobind Singh said:

"Jab lag khaalsaa rahe niaaraa,
Tab lag tej dio mai saaraa.
Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.
Mai naa karo in kee parteet."

-Guru Gobind Singh, Sarab Loh Granth.

I will give divine radiance to the Khalsa
who will live as distinct.
But if they adopt the common ways,
I will not satisfy them.
You are not Sikhs. Sikh does not seek the second. He does not deal with the second. He has no attribute and attitude for the second. He believes in One, and One God only, by, and within himself. He is not a dreamer, he is a realistic. He is a living reality. Humble, powerful, weak, great, small, it doesn't matter to him.

Wherever the candle shall be, the darkness will be there only until it is not lit. When the candle is lit, darkness cannot be. That's the law nobody can deny. Whosoever Sikh will be, his attachment will be to the One God. His acts and deeds will be just like that One God. His root mantra is: "Ik Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Kartaa Purakh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibhang, Gur Prasaad." That is what every Sikh has to learn.

And my dear, in this planet, if you can learn these few words, if bihaaree is taken as two, all written words are put together... the mool mantra... now there is a dispute. It stops at "Gurprasaad", or it stops at "Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach"? You know, the British did one thing... the British wanted to destroy Sikh Dharma. They conquered the Sikh Raj because of mutual nonsense. They gave us certain things which are very beautiful. One thing is, they made us to recite not Anand. They made us to recite five paurees and then the fortieth pauree, to ruin it that we may not have the concept of Anand. It happened in 1925-1926, and it was then the British ruled, and they interfered in our religion very badly, very adversely. They did everything to demoralize our spiritual spirit. It is the British who brought a religious democracy. "Vote and elect the people in the gurdwara," -- so there shall always be two parties and never a peace.

Religious aspect is for peace, tranquility, cleansing of the mind, spiritual strength, facing of the world. Religious place is for something where you have honor, nobility... you achieve strength. It is a house which is your altar. It represents nothing but the cleansing of your spirit. It is where you come out in mint condition. Or in English you call it "A-1" condition. You go there as you are, and you clean your mind. I see this carwash. I see the dummiest car with a lot of mud around it. They just put it on that crank shaft and there it goes in and it is soaped and it is done and it is out.

I was thinking this morning, what is the difference in gurdwara? We get up in the morning. Ten o'clock we come there, some come 11:00, you know, some come whenever they feel like coming. Some just to come so that Yogiji may not be mad. And some these days come because later on I call them, "I didn't see you in Gurdwara. Where were you?" So they feel responsible. But basically what is the difference? We come here, we sit, we bow, and we try to disassociate ourselves from the outside world and try to go inside world and we listen to the Guru's words through music, so that we may not feel bored. Otherwise sitting quietly and going inside is the most boring thing a man can do. Because once you do not know how to bore inside, you cannot find the jewels inside. Sikh Dharma says that there are a lot of jewels inside us. We have to do the mining of it. Mining has to be done by the mind. Mind is not under our control, therefore mining is not under our control.

All of you love me, I know that. But you know how ridiculous you are? You love me as a man. That's why you are very dissatisfied with me. And I play the biggest game. I play as a man but whenever I try to pull you out of the ground where you are at, you feel very insecure and very angry. You think I don't know? I know you more than you know me. Every forklift driver has to know how much weight he is carrying and how much higher is the platform where he is to place it. Is that true or not? Is not a simple science? And how he does it? Intuitively. If the forklift driver sometimes takes a very dead weight which the fangs of the forklift cannot lift, you know what happens? Either his chain breaks or the thing falls apart.

And many of you have left the Dharma, you have fallen apart. And in many cases my communication has broken, my chain has broken, it didn't work out. But the fact is, it is incumbent on the part of a Sikh to play the part of a man and show the path of the Guru. Lighthouse is built with bricks and cement, and it shows the light to the ships to find out where they cannot knock themselves to get rocked.

So basically the mental incumbent within me, if I have to search deep into the jewels and the values of me, and I go within me, I'll not judge my status, what I have outside. I'll judge my status what I have inside, and I have found inside there is nothing but One God and Its light which keeps me alive. It is the breath of life which is most valuable. And it is the spirit which brings the breath of life. It is the spirit of man.

You know what we seek today? We seek comfort. We do not seek fulfillment. You know what fulfillment is? Fulfillment is against every temptation possible, every ability of temptation possible if you still can relate to your consciousness and conquer your emotions, you are fulfilled. It doesn't matter which religion you belong to, the purpose is the same. Some will tell you a long route, some will tell you a short route. Facts are the same. Fulfillment does not come to you, what you achieve, what you have. What you have and what you achieve is a given gift to you by that of God's Will.

"Jo kichh paa-i-aa so ekaa vaar."
--31st pauree of Japji

You got all that what you have. What you are going to get tomorrow is also predestined. What you are going to lose tomorrow is predestined.

The game between fate and life is going to be played forever. Loss and gain is not a part of us... but we can only have one thing in our life: can we experience fulfillment as us, me, I? Can I be fulfilled?

I can be rich, I can be a saint, I can be a yogi, I can be Siri Singh Sahib, I can be a billionaire, millionaire. I can have, like Krishna, 18,000 wives or I can have concubines. I can have prostitutes. I can have the dirtiest thing in the world. I can have everything known and unknown. I can marry Marilyn Monroe, whatever she was, dead or alive. I can do anything. But can I be fulfilled? The answer is "No!" You can be rich, you can be powerful, you can be a manipulator. And I tell you how Guru Nanak says what I am saying.

"Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh.
Navaa khandha vich jaaneeai naal chalai sabh koeh.
Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i kai jas keerat jag le-eh.
Je tis nadar na aavaee ta vaat na puchhai ke."

--7th Pauree of Japji Sahib

If you do not see the unseen in you, you are unfulfilled. Your mission... your life on the earth... is a waste. You leave behind garbage. Matter cannot be changed, cannot be destroyed. It can be changed into energy, and energy can be changed into matter. My dear, it is not different. So where are you fulfilled? Are you fulfilled that you have tons of money and you have a better car and you have a good status and you have a good income and you have a good home, you have good children, good food, good breakfast? Huh? Lot of people like you? Do you understand what Guru Nanak says?

"Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh."

If you have a life to all the four yugas and it goes ten times and hundred times.....

"Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh. Navaa khandha vich jaaneeai naal chalai sabh koeh."

You go on nine spheres of the space. You know what that means? Let me explain to you what that means. We have found a couple of million suns. ("Sun" means one sun and all the planets around it.) And that is just what we have found with the naked eye and the lens, because man has two powers: lens and lever. These are the two discoveries which has made man to really see reality in a physical sense. But however...

"Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh. Navaa khandha vich jaaneeai naal chalai sabh koeh."

"Navaa khand"... three Khands we know. The world of the demons, the world of the angels, and the world of the humans. That's what we know. And where are the six more? Ask me privately. Why should I tell you now? There are nine spheres. If you know nine spheres and you are not only known, people love to walk with you. That much respect you carry. People like to have your autographs. People love to have pictures with you -- you know... "navaa khand" all did that.

"Je jug chaare aarajaa hor dasoonee hoeh. Navaa khandha vich jaaneeai naal chalai sabh koeh. Changaa naa-o rakhaa-i kai jas keerat jag le-eh."

If your name is so good, if we are reciting it, people can have the greatest virtue and blessing. Like Lord Rama came as an Awtar. Krishna came as an Awtar. Jesus came as an Awtar. Anything goes bad, we say, "Jesus." You know? We call him at the time when we fail. Otherwise we don't even remember him. You have got the biggest church in Los Angeles. You go there, you will not find one person there. That's the population of a visit. Sunday? Yes. When you go for show-off, fine. Sunday this Gurdwara has everybody. Now... see how filled it is? Just come in the evening, see, there are only one or two people.

What I am trying to relate to you is very simple: "Je tis nadar na aavaee ta vaat na puchhai ke." If you do not see your own inside; if you do not see within you -- "vaat na puchhai ke" -- nobody cares for you. The time of life which you live is already given. You think you manipulate. You think you are clever. You think you can cover. You think you can do lot of things. You are wrong. Its already there. What belongs to you, belongs to you. When there is a pain, prayer can solve it. When there is a pleasure, prayer can solve it. Pleasure is also an emotional inertia which can cause problems. And pain is also an emotional inertia which can cause problems. In the level of psychology, they are not different. People, when they get afraid, they get heart attacks. People get happy, they get heart attacks. Heart attack can happen any time. Therefore, please understand: "Je tis nadar na aavaee ta vaat na puchhai ke."

And then what we are going to see inside? You know what? If I can recite entire Siri Guru Granth... I can sing entire Siri Guru Granth... I can speak entire Siri Guru Granth... if when it comes to action I am not kind and compassionate, then I don't know one word of Siri Guru Granth! If I call myself a Sikh of the Siri Guru Granth and I am little and I belittle, I don't know Siri Guru Granth. I don't know what Sikh Dharma is! If I am needed and I wait behind my status, I am not a Sikh. I don't know. Because I am being called upon... not me... I am being called upon as a Sikh of the Guru. If I do not come as a Sikh of the Guru, not only I insult myself, I insult the Guru. And I am no Sikh. And this is so for everybody.

I was asked a question that day. Because a Sikh was asking for a work compensation plan... something like that. And some innocent person who was not a Sikh asked me, he said: "Yogiji, do Sikhs get work compensation? I think they don't get welfare but do they get work compensation?" I said, "I don't understand. What do you mean?" He said, "These sturdy strong people?"

That's what people think about you. People don't think that you play games. People don't think that you have weaknesses. I tell you... you have weaknesses. You have games to play. You have every rotten thing you know, but you can overcome all that, because if you answer the call of the Guru's mission, you come through. You know what that means?

That means you put yourself second, and Guru's call first!

If you hear Guru's call,
"Suni-ai sidh peer sur naath."
--8th pauree of Japji Sahib

then you'll become the extremist of all.

"Mane kee gat kahee na jaa-eh."
--12th pauree of Japji Sahib

and you agree to that. There are two things: Hear and Act. When somebody wants you in the Name of the Guru, that is a Sikh.

People come here, wear bana. You see them later on... God, you can't even recognize them! Sikh has no way to hide his identity. I go for my medical exercises. I wear shorts and shirts. But I am decent. I have seen you very funky, many of you. You think that your funkyness comes out of the divine right? No! It comes from within you. You are figureless, fakey, and funky because that's in you. Because at that moment you forget you represent the Guru. You represent Guru when you are a thief.

Biddhi Chand was a thief. Is that true? Anybody wants to challenge me on that? Hey! Anyone knows better than that? Biddhi Chand was a thief. A professional thief. His job was to steal. He came to the Guru, "I want to be your Sikh." The Guru said, "What is your profession?" He said, "I am a thief." Guru said, "Do you know anything else?" He said, "No." Guru said, "Can you do anything else?" "No." Guru said, "Do you want to do anything else?" He said, "No." Guru yelled, "Why not?" He said, "I am a perfect thief. I have never been caught by the king or his entire forces. Why should I let go the department of mine in which I am perfect?" Guru said, "So what do you want?" "I want to be your Sikh" said Biddhi Chand. Guru said, "A thief and a Sikh?" Biddhi Chand said, "Want to accept me?" Guru said, "Do you know what it is to accept ME?" Biddhi Chand said, "What it takes?" Guru said, "You will do what I say because I am Guru and you are a Sikh." Biddhi Chand said, "That's fine.
That's okay. I bow to this. I give you my word as a thief."

Now look at this, gentlemen. Look at this. This is the exact conversation I am relating to you. He said, "I give you my word as a thief that I will exactly do what you tell me to do." And the Guru laughed and he said, "It is a professional honor. I'll exactly do what a Guru does and you'll exactly do what a thief does. You are my disciple, I am your Guru." So the matter got settled. Biddhi Chand said, "What next I have to do?" He said, "Go and catch up whomever is stealing the Guru's property, watch it out, because thief knows how to catch a thief.

And Biddhi Chand served the Guru's house perfectly. He found out that in the langar people are stealing vegetables and ghee. He found also in Guru's langar that wood is being stolen and being used by private purposes. He also found that someone was stealing the money which comes to the Guru in bheta. He found every theft and plugged every leak in the world of the Guru's empire. People started looking at Bhai Biddhi Chand... "Bhai Sahib", they said. Wherever he goes, they were scared. I mean, he is going to find something. It is a correct part of the Sikh history. I am not telling you something. I am not just making it up to make you misunderstand. It takes a thief to catch a thief.

One day Guru saw him catching something very perfect. Guru was very pleased, and meanwhile the sangat had come and they brought two horses. The Nawab of Lahore, the governor of Lahore, stole one horse by force and the other was there. Other was not eating. There was nothing to do. Guru called him. He said, "Biddhi Chand, you are a thief, right?" He said, "Yes sir, I am." "You are catching every thief?" He said, "Yes sir, I am doing the same." He said, "But now there is a big job. In the fort of Lahore... those two horses belong to me. One has been stolen and it is in prison. And you go steal that back. It is a professional job. Only a great thief can do it, who never gets caught. And mind you, don't get caught! If you get caught, I am going to say you are not my Sikh." It was a job. He said, "Yes, my master. My lord of the world here and hereafter, I shall do it."

Biddhi Chand went there, he sent an application to the Lahore Nawab, that, "You love a horse?" He said, "Yes." He said, "I know what to feed that horse. I can make it healthly and I can save him from dying." He said, "How, why? Where are you from?" He said, "One question.... I will do everything which I promise. Nobody will question me. And if I don't do what I say I will do, you can behead me. But if I do what I say I do you will not question me. Is that a deal? And also it will cost you a hundred thousand golden pieces." The governor agreed. No questions will be asked, nowhere you will be stopped, no problem will be. And hundred thousand gold pieces I can pay you now... or do you want it later? He said, "Now... in advance. This minute." Orders were given, hundred thousand gold pieces were brought, and Biddhi Chand was given them. He said to governor of Lahore... he said, "You trusted me. I'll save your horse." That was the promise given. He didn't say, "I'll keep it with
you." Remember this. He said, "I'll save your horse. It won't die." Governor said, "That's all I expect from you. Nothing more, nothing less." Because ego sometimes blinds you. You think everything is secure.

Biddhi Chand had massaged himself with the real horse which was with the Guru so much that his body and his clothes smelled like that horse. Horses smell. They can smell an enemy. They can smell a person. So he went and brought the grass and mussed it with his clothes and took it to the horse. The horse immediately started eating because the sense of loss of his partner with which he grew was gone. Biddhi Chand taught him to trot, go up, go down, jump, this, that. He fed him, stronger, stronger, stronger.

Some day the governor asked, "What do you want to do with this horse?" He said, "I want to do with this horse a simple thing. I want this horse to jump the fort and meet you in the court and say, 'Hi!'" The governor said, "Can a horse do that?" He said, "Yes, if I am the trainer, that's what this horse is going to do and you're going to watch it, or you're going to know it." Governor said, "I'll pay you another hundred thousand gold pieces." Biddhi Chand said, "Fine."

One night when it was the most stormy night... deadly night, he told the horse, "Baby boy, today's the day you have to follow Biddhi Chand." Horse went on the ramp of the fort, jumped right into the canal and walked away. And next morning horse was standing with the other horse in the court of the Guru. He said, "My Lord, your thief is ready with the booty. They are yours." And Guru says, "What is in this for you?" He said, "I want a letter to be sent to the governor of Lahore. He owes me one hundred thousand gold pieces."

Biddhi Chand was a Sikh. So even if you are a thief, do it in a graceful way. The world can learn from you not to be a thief. If you happen to falter, correct yourself. Don't let your intelligence be with your emotions. Let your intelligence be with your consciousness. Don't live like exploiters. You have come to this earth to plunder and exploit. You have not come here to live as humans. Human is supposed to see light within. This part you leave behind -- family, children, grandchildren, houses. Will your soul live in them? If your soul is going to live in all the houses you purchase, and kiss all the relatives you have produced, you will end up as a ghost. That's what you want? That's what your biggest desire is? So be it! Die as a human and live as a ghost, you stupids!

Look subconsciously through the third eye through the niter of the Braham. You see nothing but to build yourself from a human to a ghost. "Gur kirpaa te bhagat kamaaee, taaeh maanas deh paaeh." From Guru's grace you earned the human body. Angels want it, and you got it, and you want to live after death as nothing but ghost because subconsciously through the third eye you are working on just attachment and super-attachment and supreme-attachment to nothing but to be in love with those which are here, not hereafter.

You don't expand as infinity. You are mentally very limited. In 1430 pages in a direct dictate and communication with you, Guru says, "Expand!" Don't lose the life like a diamond in exchange for the seashells. It tells you, it tells your mind, it tells your body, it tells your different parts of the body their activities and their possibilities. And you still say it is a "holy book"!?!?

I'll be gone from among you physically. This is my time of my last mile of my life. But I want to tell you something: Unfulfilled life with all richness is as painful and as frustrating as in poverty. In poverty there is a hope that if we work hard perhaps we'll make it. In richness there is not even a hope. Life of a rich is the most miserable life ever one can live if you cannot see clarity of mind and virtue of status of self through the inverted of that third eye and that is called the "window of the mind," to which Guru addresses.

When I'll be gone there shall be a Siri Singh Sahib or there shall not be, I don't know. But guy has to have a virtue. I know if you put a monkey on the chair it will rule, but not in the spiritual world. Spiritual world is not a business. Spiritual world is not a dialogue. Spiritual world is not a power of public relations. Spiritual world is not health, wealth and happiness. Spiritual world is God in the Word and God in the Word. What John said in Bible, "In the beginning there was a Word and Word was with God and word was God," or Guru Nanak said:

"Asankh naav asankh thaav, agam agam asankh loa.
Asankh kahheh sir bhaar hoe.
Akharee naam akharee saalaah.
Akharee giaan geet gun gaah."

--19th pauree of Japji Sahib

It's true. It's the word of the man of God which makes God come down and make man to resurrect to God. You are a Sikh of the Guru. How you act, behave, live, deal and come through... when you leave yourself behind and you come through in the name of the Guru, that makes you a Sikh. That's the Sikh religion! And if you don't have the third eye to see it, you do not know Sikh Dharma! If you do not have the intuition to know it, you don't know Sikh Dharma! If you don't have the sex and strength to go for it, you have no creation! It takes a sexual sensitivity and high pretentiousness, creativity and supreme intuitive intention. It takes moral mode and morality. It takes the total reality in a man to answer the call when it is given in the name of status of individual as a human being. And worst of that, if it is called in the name of Guru, whosoever hesitates is a coward and lives a lie as a human being.

Therefore please understand that the life is to experience, not God within us. There's no need of living in caves and meditating and experiencing loftiness. That's not Sikh Dharma.

I saw a movie recently. What was that? Oh yeah. "Memories of Me". How many of you have seen that? Two, three, four?... doesn't matter. Okay. There's a one scene in that movie. The guy has a heart attack as a doctor. And the doctor... he was doing surgery and he got a heart attack. And in surgery, in heart attack, he is lying down and he is guiding the other doctor, what to do, where he finished, where he should continue job. And then he comes to see his father to recuperate, to enjoy and relax. And right in Hollywood, somebody gets in an accident by a car. He says, "I am a doctor." He goes, he does everything what a doctor does. Later on, other things came to take over. And his father said, "Are you stupid? You could have been sued. The man could have been dead. You should not have touched him." He looked at him and said, "I am a doctor." He said, "You are a patient. You are here for recovery and recuperation." He said, "Still, it is a doctor that is in recovery. A doctor is recuperating." Because it was answering
the call of duty as a doctor. Is that true? Isn't it professional? When something happens, if doctor is around, then he has to answer that call. Is that professional courtesy?

And if something happens and you are called upon as a Gursikh, as a human being, and you don't answer, how you feel? THAT is Dharma! Dharma is not to be Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh. Nothing!


That is Dharma! And that spirit, that attitude, that morality, that courage, that personality...that is all that God is. Everything else is bogus nonsense, ridiculous...it has no meaning whatsoever.

Dharma is when you wear bana, you stand before the mirror and watch yourself and you say, "I look like a Singh of the Guru now." "I look like a Kaur of the Guru now. I look like a princess now." That's Dharma! That is Dharma! Dharma is NOT between you and all! Dharma is between you and Guru and God! It is a trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost practiced everyday with every breath of life. And it shall never change, whether you are an Indian, German, American, God knows who you are. It will never change! "Asa isht to paasanaa, khan paan paraan." These six things, when are dictated, done and directed under Guru's Will, only then man understands Sikh Dharma. "Rehit piaare moeh ko, Sikh piaaraa naaeh." Rehit means blood. Rehit means through which the blood lives and circulates. These are the dictates of the Guru.

And we call ourselves "Sikhs"? Sikh is a disciple. And a disciple without discipline is no disciple at all! And man without discipline is no man at all! That's why your moodiness, your emotions, your cumbersome attributes and attitudes... that's why you are blind, you don't see through the third eye which sees above. These two eyes, my dear, only read the traffic signs! They are no more than that.

It is very funny. I asked somebody to read one day and she said to me, "I don't have glasses." And I said, "Ha ha ha ha ha!" I laughed. I said, "You are like me. You can't see anything. I am very happy I can't see anything and you are very unhappy you can't see anything." I said, "See through the third eye and see what it is." And she said to me, "I don't have a third eye." The fun part of it is, on two eyes you can wear glasses and on third eye you can't. You can wear a bana and dress up yourself perfect, but when you open your mouth, everybody will know whether you are a Sikh or not. That's the problem.

I'll tell you what Sikh Dharma is. If I do not get up tomorrow and be with you, then I will have done my job. Now let me tell you what it is... Sikh is a Sikh, whether dead or alive! And Sikh does NOT need to introduce himself. By very presence, by very acts, by very factuality of being, Sikh is known, recognized and understood. When we are not, then we are not Sikhs.

I hear a lot this question: "What will happen when Siri Singh Sahib will die?" Siri Singh Sahib sits on a chair which has four foot spikes. Somebody who has the stainless steel buts to sit on six foot spikes will be another Siri Singh Sahib. or you won't have one. Simple as that.

When I was not in America and there was no Siri Singh Sahib, everything went well, and so after my death, everything will go all right. Don't worry. Siri Singh Sahib I didn't become because some man made me so. I became Siri Singh Sahib because Guru Ram Das wanted it. So if Guru Ram Das wants somebody else, it will happen. I honestly and truthfully believe that I didn't do anything to do anything. It all happened. The ownership and the leadership of this Dharma belongs to Siri Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Deva! Not to stupid Indians and stupid Americans and stupid Germans and stupid French! No way Jose! NOBODY owns this! It shall always be owned by Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Deva, and those who shall follow those two shall be called the family, the Khalsa, and shall be the Sikhs. Others can dress as punk, junk and crunk, I don't care! When we gave our five heads, Guru gave us the bana. So we wear it. He gave us the bani, so we recite it. He did us the greatest
service, so we serve. He did the simran to become one with God, so we do it. A Sikh lives in the name of the Guru as an angel lives in the name of God. It is for humans to understand.

Sikh Dharma does not just make you human. It makes you human better than an angel. It's surprising.

Try this formula which I want to give you today:

For one week for every act, leave yourself behind and take the Guru with you and do it.

I'll tell you how I act. I am not very unlimited by sources, by strength and by other worldly things. The only thing I am is that I am the most clever human being ever produced by God that His manufacturing machine absolutely stupidly can. And you know what I do? I have used all that human weakness and human force to do one thing:

I believe Guru Ram Das works everything and I have just to follow behind.

That's it! I don't care what happens. Take it from me. THAT's why everything happens. In my stupid weakness which is real, I have accepted to survive. I came to America. I found out I cannot match you with your emotionalism. I am no match to your stupid inverted self-destructive attitude. I saw you absolutely. Today you are with parents, tomorrow you are not. I saw your parents hanging you in the court of law and doing you in. I saw your tragedies. I saw you walking into a house of 16 bedrooms, walking naked in the festivals. I saw you taking drugs. I saw you doing everything. I saw you. I was with you in the evolution and revolution of the sixties. I saw it all. And it was very classic work to tell you what to do. Therefore I didn't do anything. But I took courage. I called you in the name of Guru Ram Das and I called you loud and clear. I called you to pray with him, to be with him, to make him understand and give him your feelings and emotions and have an attachment
of feelings and emotions and satisfaction from him. And in lieu of that, you will get all. You will get everything. That's what I said.

First you were finding somebody new... You were very, you know... listening. Later on from the third eye you went to the second chakra. Penis became Venus for you. And pussy became pushy. And many of you lost stupidly the greatest opportunity that ever Guru Ram Das gave you. And today I say to you: "Watch out! The time and space of tomorrow belongs to the Guru's house." I'm not saying this because I'm a Sikh. I'm not saying this because I'm a yogi. I'm saying it as a PROMISED FACT! The pure SHALL rule! "Raaj kare ga khalsa, akhee rahe naa koeh. Kuar hoeh sabh milenge bache sharan jo hoeh." I believe in this line. I don't dream about it -- I KNOW it. The pure shall rule! And indifferent, there shall be none.

You know, between a father and a son, relationship remains as a father and a son, but some are indifferent and some are obedient. "Akhee" means indifferent. A rebel. "Akhee rahe naa koeh. Kuar hoeh sabh milenge." You know 'kuar'... when your nose is rubbed in the dirt. That is called 'kuar.' I'm just giving you an English expression. "Kuar hoeh sabh milenge." After your nose, you idiots, will be rubbed in the dust, you Sikhs, you shall join together at the Guru's feet. "Kuar hoeh sabh milenge. Bache sharan jo hoeh." Saved shall be that one who takes the shelter of the Guru. I believe it. I don't say the Ardas and read it and just go through it. No!

Hey you! I came to America... I brought you the Guru, because it is WITHIN me, it is IN me, it is ME! I could have set up businesses. I could have set up meditation business more than anybody. No! That was not the purpose. Purpose was to give you the message of the Guru so that you can survive until Infinity... so that tomorrow can be yours. Hey! Today we are not many, but we are VERY many. We don't have to draw a fish on the ground to direct toward in which cave we are meditating. Everybody knows where Guru Ram Das Ashram is. It doesn't matter how small it is!

1988 years ago, where was Christianity? 3000 years ago, where was Buddhism? 5000 years where was Judaism? Religion comes and goes, but TRUTH lives forever! You belong to that everlasting TRUTH. That's why Guru Nanak said, "How that will be achieved? Jap! Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach." That's exactly what that means. Don't misunderstand me. I didn't do any good to you nor any bad to you. All I did was, I knew the path and I showed it to you. You walk on it or not, it is your personal professionalism. It's not my problem. I tell my own children, my own blood relations, "I am three. I am Harbhajan Singh which you know. I am Yogi Bhajan which you try to know. I am Siri Singh Sahib which you have to know." And I say to you too, all of you. I am Harbhajan Singh. Fine! We are humans. I am a Yogi Bhajan, which you have to know. And I am Siri Singh Sahib, which you MUST know, if you have anything to have in tomorrow.

I didn't have a public relations firm and tons of money and everybody knowing me. I didn't have a billboard that I was a yogi. I was wearing a red, pink polka dot turban and torn pants and a shirt which has absolutely arm pits like ventilators. And I am still stupid enough that I do not know how to take a dirty laundry to that coin thing and do it. Once I did it and I lost the whole thing. I don't say I am perfect. And it doesn't matter. When Guru cleans your laundry, there's no dirt. And that's how beautiful Guru is. When you give a little of you to the Guru, Guru gives you a lot.

Who knew this Harbhajan Singh? Nobody! But I read in the Siri Guru Granth, "Kaho Nanak ay tat bichaaraa. Bin Harbhajan nahee chot kaaraa." I said, "My name is Harbhajan. Without me there is no freedom, no mukhtee, nothing." What is this means? I started looking into it myself. Harbhajan means divine song. And I said, "This is my name. Let me then do it." That's the way I learned.

There are millions of people. You are the ones who asked for the spiritual name and you have it by Guru's grace... and that is the destiny name. Don't give distance to your destiny. You will be very sorry. You are losing the diamonds for the seashells. If you have to open a third eye, open it inside. If you have to open outside, open outside and spread the light of the Guru.

Hail Guru Ram Das and heal people! Hail Guru Ram Das and heal people of their spiritual, mental, and physical ailments! Do it in the name of the Guru, NOT on the strength of what YOU know and what you don't! Because what you know and you don't is not sufficient. What Guru knows is all sufficient and efficient. Therefore I ask you today, like any other day: Get out of your personal neurosis! Remove your hand and foot brakes... your fear and your complexes. Go out and TEACH in the name of the Guru! Teach yoga so that people can unite and excel and learn and trust. Because they need somebody to unite them.

You sit in your homes, on your comfortable couches and in your wonderful beds, and you think you have achieved. You have achieved nothing but a glorified prison around you! Go out where nobody goes, and touch the heart and the dirt of that land. You'll find yourself exalted. Go out and TOUCH people! Your physical touch, your mental touch, and your spiritual touch should be that of Guru Ram Das, and then you will be entitled to this: "Jinee naam dhyaaeeaa, ghae masakat ghaal."

Those who have meditated on the name of the Guru...

What is meditation of the name of Guru? Is meditation on the name of Guru yelling, "Wha Guru, Whe Guru, Wha Guru"? Meditation on the name of Guru is to call on everyone in the name of Guru and serve them. Simran which does not give seva, which puts conditions, is not simran. If simran has not brought you the openness and the light of Guru then you don't belong to the Dharma! GO! Heal others! Uplift others! Serve others so the God should send angels to serve you! It's a very good bargain. It is the BEST!

"Tehel, mehel, ta ko milay, jeh peh sant kirpaal." Palaces and services only come to those whom a saint blesses. Which saint? "Bhag hoaa Gur sant milaaeeaa" -- Guru Arjan's words. "Bhag hoaa Gur sant milaaeeaa. Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paaeeaa." -- I am blessed. Guru has made me to meet a saint. That's Guru Arjan... he's talking about Guru Ram Das. "Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paaeeaa" -- the unfinished, the undying God, "Prabhu", I have found in my own house. "Naanak too lehnaa too hei, gur amar too veechaariaa....Dhan Dhan raam daas gur jin siriaa tinai savaariaa."

Our Guru's birthday is coming. '88 is leaving. This is the last Guru Ram Das's birthday you can celebrate in 1988. Sikhs have suffered from '84-'88. We knew that. These four years were of suffering, torture, tragedy, misery, and whatever. Now those who will wake up and dedicate themselves on this birthday to Guru Ram Das shall be glorious and prosperous.

You know it is funny. A Sikh has not to be blessed by saints and angels. It is the privilege of a saint to bless a Sikh. But it is the privilege of an angel to serve a Sikh. Learn Sikh Dharma as I have learned. Experience Sikh Dharma as I have experienced. See through my eyes. You are all blind... you don't understand. I know NOTHING! I don't WANT to know anything! It is STUPID to know anything! It is so ridiculous.

That day I went to the yoga center. I wanted to teach a very beautiful class. Ha ha ha ha! I was thinking in the limousine, "I want to do this, do that." I went there and all I ended up teaching was "Siri Singh Kriya." You do not know what I did that night. I slapped my own face so bad my jaws were hurting and I couldn't sleep well. I said, "You sit in a car and you think what you are going to teach? You useless stupid person! You have forgotten that you don't teach? What a sin you have committed today. Ha ha ha! And what you end up teaching?" And that day I had to humble myself before the class. I said, "You won't read these 3 kriyas in any book anywhere." I know that nobody can teach, NOBODY knows!

I'm not saying that sometimes I don't forget. I do forget sometimes who teaches. I forget it. But I do have to correct myself as you have to do the same. This planet earth revolves, this planet earth rotates by God's will. When you are a part of God's will, then God can take care of your routine on one condition: that you give yourself to the Guru's dictates. Because then the line comes through: "Jinee naam dhyaaeeaa gaeh masakat ghaal. Naanak te mukh ujale ketee chutee naal." Those who have done this hard work and meditated on the name of the Guru (and meditation does not mean something you sit and close your eyes)... Name of God is wherever the existence creation is, if any service is required, Sikh should be first to go and do it. Sikh is the one who answers the call of duty to all humans first. To those who have done it, what Guru promises?
"Naanak te mukh ujale" -- they will be bright and beautiful. Here, and in the court of God. There is God and He has a left hand and right hand, and if you want to sit on his right hand, then you will be first to answer the call. "Tee muray, jo kolu laaj laaveh. Ut mare jo firma bardaa naahe." Let the daughter be dead who brings insult to the family. Let the son be dead who is disobedient, and let that Sikh be dead who doesn't answer the call of the Guru in the name of humanity... its existence and life. You live a lie if you do not answer life... if you do not answer in the name of the Guru, and you have no consciousness if you cannot see through the third eye what your duty is.

If you do not know what your duty is, then you do not know what your beauty is and you are ugly as it should be. And you know, garbage is ugly and it is put to dump. Those souls which will carry the ugliness will be put in the dump called hell. Otherwise for a Sikh THIS is heaven AND hereafter is heaven! If you do not know heaven on earth, how you are going to find heaven in real where it is not? Make heaven here! Fake it! In the heaven you will make it.

What is a heaven?

Heaven is a totally dedicated soul who has a sole dedication in God.

And so why not try it here? Dedicate yourself to God solely and you will become holy.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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