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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/11/1988
Category: Khalsa Council
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Does your Oyster Have a Pearl in it?

First thing to remind you is that I have come to this room so many times to attend Rotary Club. It will be a great privilege to understand, to seek within ourself, the capacity to take the expanded view of ourself. The logic that we are ourself is not enough. This council is going to face a responsibility which you have never understood as Western. This challenge is very unique. You have to see beyond the limits of your own mental scope, and realize that you are the hope of the eleven million Sikhs in faith, who are your brothers and comrades, whether that belongs to third country, first or second country, or super power or no power. It's not the geography, it's not the political line, and it's not what we have to do... but question is what we have inherited with us, what is our heritage. Those fifteen million people have come to us in a dowry. It is our heritage. Their plight has to be very well understood. The thing which we are lacking is, they love us, they like us, they want us, but we cannot speak very frequently, their
attitude language.

Every language, behind it has a person, and person has it's attitude toward life... communicates through verbalization. My feeling is that whether we want to deny or accept, role of leadership is being thrust upon us day by day. When I say role of leadership, I mean the service, the intellectual, intelligent strategy planning, thinking, philosophizing, understanding. This is the challenge. You can meet here, you can discuss here, you can understand. THEY don't even have the right for more than four people to get together! Is this acceptable, that Punjab shall never have a democratic government, to be voted in by people, though the rest of India can have it?

Look at the rule of the majority. They have amended the constitution, and now the formality, to go every six months to the president, to accept marshall law, is over. It must be an alarming situation, but on the other hand, they say they are in the best shape, we are their best friend, any service, what you can do. Our personality and our service attitude is very fixed, it is very marvelous. I'm not trying to disturb that balance until I have to. I am asking, we have to technically understand, there are people who have no voice, they are confined to the territorial jurisdiction. A very cross challenge situation.

First of all, I feel that we have to grow and govern ourselves. Secondly I feel that we, for the spread of the world, and our own existence, so that we can have a better input, we must qualify ourself with the simple attitude of working through presence. Our grace should be much more, our intelligence should help our consciousness. There are going to be people who are very, very dense. Not that they will not be complete and successful, but the shakiness in the human faith itself is going to be experienced very heavily, to the point of insanity. What fifty years we have not heard of, people used to not lock their doors, now there are bars everywhere. Time changes things. Circumstances will change, further and further into situations where by your own presence you will attract people. Question is... are you present within yourself? Are you ready to take the burden, to grow, expand, and face the consequences which are for you? That's an individual decision as well as a collective decision. That you
have to decide.

My relevance to that is that I feel personally that we must have handicaps, and we have them, you can just put them in the pending tray. Personal handicaps. On the other side, minus handicaps, you have what is called opposition. If you take the opposition straight and honest with you, and start sharing and giving people what they need, and grow from there, not only you will be prosperous and happy, but you will not go through the confused period of middle age crisis. When a person reaches the age of thirty-six onward, male or female, the insecurity comes more to a person, because boredom becomes real. Routine and comfort brings to man nothing but boredom. If somehow life is without challenge, harmony has been established, then male and female do create challenge, do create disharmony, do erupt their life. It's called time bomb. Then, with that challenge, they have all the logic, reason, to justify.

When thirty-six plus eighteen years, I think is fifty-four, then they sit down and say, "well, it was a great experience, we tried, it didn't work, I'll still work out something." After fifty-four another crisis starts. Every eighteen years you are going to be a different person, with different methodology, different technology, different geography, different understanding. You only measure that you grow in age. Intelligence also grows by the cycle of eleven years, and consciousness does grow by the cycle of seven years. Those you don't accept, you don't acknowledge, that I am changing inside. Just now I am speaking, you might be remembering it. Normally, when you assess anything in your life, bad or good, you should be in a position to assess it that way. That, alright... I am two eighteens, and what is my two elevens, how does that fit in? And how my three sevens or four sevens fit it? Then assess it. Life will be very different, your decisions will be different. Your challenges will be different. My
projection at this time to share with you a basic reality is very simple, very honest. You are responsible, you have survived, you have come a long way. Now assess it, if your shoulders are ready to carry the weight! If not, why not?

When Gurujohn wrote the curse of the Mukhias I didn't respond. I tell you why. If one is a Mukhia Singh Sahib, and doesn't live like Mukhia Singh Sahib, doesn't act like Mukhia Singh Sahib, does not behave like Mukhia Singh Sahib, does not inspire people like Mukhia Singh Sahib, what is a Mukhia Singh Sahib? If there's a peach tree, and it starts having ugly fruit on it and it's not peaches, how long you expect people to call it a peach tree? What is going on? Rather, if there will be a branch cut out from it, lying down on the road, and there's a peach hanging with it, everybody will say it used to be a peach tree. There's a peach with it. When there is no peach, and tree is peach tree, it doesn't give the peaches, then nobody will call it a peach tree. Am I clear?

Mukhia Singh Sahib is Mukhia Singh Sahib when he acts, lives, behaves as one. When he stops doing that, people are people. If you think you are that powerful, that having an orange tree, you make people believe it's a peach tree, you are out of the way. That won't happen. Some of you are trying that trick. I just want to tell you it doesn't work. Peaches and oranges do not mix. Don't try it. We'll wait, we'll be patient. You must understand something as a council, how the secretariat works, how the office of the Siri Singh Sahib works. Don't have any misunderstanding that we don't know. We know. Also, with all what we know, we do not want to disturb our patience. Patience gives us the capacity to wait. Waiting is a must because we have a hope. Hope is the only thing which is the spice of life. We do not want to have life without the spice of life. You understand the pathway? Knowing this person is obnoxious, knowing this person is breaking rules, knowing this person is out of the window, or not
knowing, not understanding, all of a sudden sometimes you confront things.

So many situations can be heavy. As a secretariat, as a pivot, as a hub of this Dharma, we have to wait and wait and wait and hope and hope and hope. Even to the extent, our ordinary behavior is to hope against hopelessness. Super hopelessness. I don't care what objectivity you want to use. We shall exercise hope, because that's the spice of life. Some of you who are over enthusiastic, and super righteous, and fanatic, may try to accuse me of no action. What should I do? You can have somebody else as Siri Singh Sahib, just go through the process.

I have absolutely three things I'm not going to change. Whether you like me or I like you. I can dismiss you if you won't behave. Whether or not you dismiss me so you can take the responsibility. I will never ever, I will never EVER change my attitude of tolerance. I shall always believe that there is a hope against hope. I will not ever, (I can't) say "no", I can't! To me, "no" means I am a coward, I'm negative, useless, I can't think, do, perform, cannot deliver. I can't be that impotent. Are you crazy? A person is stupid, then he goes super stupid, then he goes super, super, super stupid, why should we lose our wisdom?

When you challenge the situation, that so and so is lying, I know there is a lie or not, but there's always a chance. The gates of Harimander are four, and they are open. I don't think I am going to have any other attitude. This cut and dry business is not my way.

I would like to explain to you the situation. I feel the beauty, the beauty in us is that we have tolerance. Confrontation everybody can do. Tolerance needs courage, compassion, kindness, self discipline, Dharma, blessing, grace, moral support, social support, it needs lots of things. Then person becomes a competent practitioner of tolerance. To me tolerance is as important a faculty of God as God is. If God would not have had tolerance, he would have gone berserk. That's how I feel honestly. Also, there is one situation which I have seen to. "I am alright, but I cannot deal with people." That's a very rotten attitude. If you are alright and cannot deal with people, then you are not alright to begin with! Then you are a living crazy. I am alright! I can deal with people! That's not enough. I am alright, I can deal with adversities.

What is a human being, what are you talking about? One who eats pizza, eats spaghetti, runs around, goes to bathroom, gets up in the morning, takes a shower, and just makes a little money, has cars, houses, you call this a human being? He's a worm among human beings. Nobody will notice when he's gone, he can celebrate his own birthday, bring his own friend. What is that man, the whole world and society does not celebrate his birthday? What is that man who does not leave behind the memory that he lived, after his death people do not celebrate, his teaching, his learning? What are you talking about?

You have to understand. It needs intelligence and consciousness, to be helping, serving others, going out, tolerating, taking it and still growing. That is what Khalsa is. That is what the Council is.

Also, we shall not let anybody act as an agent to negativity, we'll keep it pure inside and out. That's the way to be. Nobody's ego, negative or positive, is going to work. If anybody's positive and negative ego does not work, you are alright. No temptation and no confrontation, should bother you. Pair of the opposites, positive or negative should not unstabilize you. That is the beginning of the Khalsa. I have ears and eyes. I see things, hear things. I'm pretty intelligent. I may be old. You do not know me, you do not understand me, how do I work, who am I. You think I'm just a little piece of meat, running on two legs, and that's all it is. There is something different between you and me. I cannot abandon anybody. I cannot disgrace anybody or reject anybody. I cannot do certain things which an ordinary person can do.

I hope one who shall follow me in office, shall be ten times better than that. It is my piece of advice, that if a future Siri Singh Sahib does not have patience, he will not have even one week in the office. It is very funny. We are all Singhs, lions. He has to learn to live in the den of the lions. He is only Siri Singh if he is a Singh himself first. Do you expect any of you is normal? You are sharp, you are cute. You are up and up. Comparative to the normal people we deal with, you are up and up. Maybe not 70%.... maybe 30%. Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that your dedicated self, your projection of dedication, is very powerful. When you leave sadhana, you leave Dharma, you go away, there is a cavity which everybody has faced. I wish they should have continued at the same level of height of their flight of life, and would have gone further. Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way. Myself I am studying it. Something disappears. I have never understood how a person can do
something nicely, gracefully, for fifteen, eighteen years, then all of a sudden, poof! For what?

There are things to be studied. There is an understanding that has to be created. With all that, I will say that a tremendous amount of understanding, and patience, has to prevail. When I see somebody as a Singh Sahib and a Mukhia Singh Sahib, getting emotional, commotional, talking not in Cherdi Kalaa. The most funny experience is my own experience, which I can never forget. Somebody bothered Guru Ram Das's door. Sevadar for awhile. I understood the guy has seen an avtar, seen this and that. Normally, this is very tasty, gossipy thing. A juicy situation. So I said, "oh fine." Later on, I said, "Your holy sir,you have an audience with the avtar, bless me." He said, "you are my Siri Singh Sahib." I said, "I am not your Siri Singh Sahib. Siri Singh Sahib and his people are avtars by grace, not that they see something outside and look like monkeys. That is not Siri Singh Sahib, that is not Singh Sahib, that is nothing."

We see everything. Those who have seen and have not let it affect themselves, that's called seen unseen. My attitude is that a stage is set now to force you to a responsibility. You have to act as a responsibility.

When I went to New York, and I was given conditions about that law suit which we are all going through, it was very optional for me to do anything I wanted to do. Nothing was optional for the future. In my personal convenience, I preferred the future. I'm grateful to God and Guru that you all came through. God knows inside what you might be thinking. I can tell you what I thought at that time. My thought was very clean to myself, and that was, this man wants to break our spirit, I am the target, I shall fight, and I shall ask my men to fight to the last breath. We have infinite spirit.

It is my very honorable feeling that you must understand, the next few years, weeks, days, are the days of responsibility. Don't look left and right on your shoulders, and think someone else is going to take responsibility. You have to take it! When I was very fortunate, and Guru Amrit could go to Harvard School, it was also arranged that she has to go there twice a year, everything was set. There was no joy that could touch me more than that. It was her initiation. She asked me, she said, "Sir, I think I should practically spend a few years, to have practical wisdom, then all the academia I can go through." When the responsibility came, that she had to take the responsibility, which she took first temporarily, then permanently, it was a question of getting ready to. Otherwise, it was a very good opportunity, she should have gone another two, three years to Harvard, had the degree, put it on the wall, then asking somebody, "What did you say, what is this, what I can do?" Rather, when I appointed her
assistant Secretary General, she called her home back, that she had been appointed that, they said, "Longer is the title, less is the responsibility." I said, "No, longer is the title, harder is the training."

My personal feeling is that exactly she is the Secretary General, she will lead the situation. She should share with you, personally, how from an ordinary girl she could become Secretary General. Let us not leave it to personality or luck, let us not be stupid this way or that way. I'm just explaining to you how much she works to keep it going. I think if she won't work that hard, she won't be Secretary General. How many supports you can give to a wall to keep the roof on? Not possible.

What I'm trying to explain to you, that as a Khalsa Council, as this body of people, who have destiny for tomorrow, you have to take the responsibility very direct and honestly. You can be yo-yo's. It's not a question that anybody will check anybody. But that's what I'll ask. Do it just to let God know that you are honestly doing it. That I believe is a meditation. That I believe is life... Truth. My belief is do it really well or not at all. Maybe there are many other philosophies, they may be more successful than mine, because my philosophy might be this way or that way. This philosophy has one advantage, and every disadvantage you can name. The advantage this philosophy has is that you sleep well. When at night I put my head on the round pillow, I at that time very well experience that I have done the day well. My doctor was bombarding me with very heavy artillery this morning. "What about you? What after you?", all that. I said, "Look, my health is not good, I am aware, I am
ashamed, I'm sorry. I'll try to do it again and put it together, period. Number two, five days it will be Khalsa Council, I'm not going to promise anything at all. After that, I have a little more responsibility, I must be permitted to do it alive or dead. That is important to me. After that I'll be a good boy." I couldn't say more than that, there was no discussion.

If I have goofed, I have goofed well. One should know, that is conscious living. If you do wrong, you should know, if you have not done wrong, then you know you have not done wrong. Not, "I don't know, maybe, maybe not, I don't know." That's not a communication. My feeling is that we are strong. We are very together. My feeling is that we are progressing very well. In the near future, my feeling is that what we have practiced from the sixties, through seventies, through eighties, and what we have experienced through our grit, strength and stability, may be the only way of life for people to follow. We are very qualified, intelligent, very sophisticated survivalists. We have gone through all emotion, commotion, shredding, and we have come out what we are today. I think that is a very wonderful human experience. All we have to know is to put it together, so people can see it, people can read about it. If somebody who is going through what they go through can feel and see that
there is a path, which is in people of invincible aptitude. That's what I call you. I want to call you people with invincible aptitude. Your aptitude cannot be destroyed, cannot be conquered, cannot be lowered. You have aptitude for life. You are very real to me. I am not going to justify the ends with means, and means with ends. I am going to justify a simple situation of creativity. I think we have to have food now.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

There are two sciences in this world, chemistry and physics. Actually the entire universe is based, to be acknowledged as matter and energy. Reading that, man has found certain facts. Every day, what we have found today, comes to be something more. Guru Nanak said, "The unknown is limited not at all. It is not only not limited... unlimited, but infinite of the infinite." Double infinite word has been used by only one prophet on this earth, Nanak. The word in Japji, if you understand the meaning of that, God, what a vastness is this. Infinite beginning, if you can understand the expression of this vastness, and compare yourself with it... how you think, how you work, how you deal with it, how you understand your life, how you give, how you take, what is your life, how you look at it? Two inches, four, six, twenty, how big is the well, you frog, and how huge is the ocean you have to swim. What you walk, do you walk like a leopard, the fastest you go at the aim and grab it, or you just want to walk showing off your
legs and dancing. You have to make a choice.

Free will gives you the idea, ideology, identity, and institution of self to make a decision. You are the deciding factor, but if you take one mistake, one wrong turn, you shall pay by your life. That's also the law of the free will. One wrong turn, just like a freeway, take one wrong turn, you have to go all the way around to come back to it. What is the theory of karma, incarnation, that freeway can teach you? Those who believe in God, those who do not, just understand... when you break the traffic rules, moving violations, and when the traffic policeman shows up, that's it.

This body as it is, is responsible, it's a spiritual body. Each one of you is not human here. Each one of you, I am not saying if you agree with it or not. I am not asking you to believe me. I am just telling you what you are. You can tell me anything you want, I have no ears to hear. You are what Guru Nanak said: "Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Karta Purkh, Nirbao, Nirvair, Akal Moorat." You are the picture, the painting, the presence of the undying God. You didn't have the coming and going business, you are by yourself. The beauty of Sikh Dharma in the Western Hemisphere is that every Sikh is by himself and herself. So, his grace will be by himself and herself, and his stupidity will be by himself and herself. Therefore, it is obligation on the part of the administration, knowing everything, knowing, seeing, hearing everything, to remain calm, conscious, and hopeful. That is an act of kindness.

I understand that this honorable body discussed that six page letter yesterday. The six page letter was my property as Siri Singh Sahib. I gave it to the assistant chancellor, with certain remarks. I decided to take a lenient view, to enforce by my Mukhia Singh Sahib a leave of absence. My privilege and privacy must be respected. I'll request this body to note in future, that also it is my right to guard the members of this house. It is also my privilege to serve the members of this house. Also, I am very independent, and an extremely sovereign identity. What I shall decide is that Siri Singh Sahib must behold his behavior and his individuality. My private mail and my private consultation and communication, is absolutely private, even in the court of law. Mr. Chancellor, as a minister of Sikh Dharma, is my communication subject to inquiry and inquisitiveness? Even law does not allow me to say what I don't want to say. Is that understood? Therefore, I would like to have
this house understand, one thing will be very act of unkind behavior, if anything which people in trust have communicated to the Sikh Dharma Secretariat, leaks out, or becomes a part of gossip, or is used for the convenience of shutting down anybody, or putting down anybody, I shall not allow our standard of commitment to become human. Our standard of commitment, either is saintly, or there is no standard at all.

We come here to purify ourself. We don't come here to waste our time. We come here for the most of the most desirable thing. To come to the source, the fountain of longevity, divinity, nobility, to look at each other, feel each other, feel, sit, let each one know. So that we can cross the auric psyches, and purify ourself this way. It's most important, it's very genuine. Also, we come here to acknowledge and recognize that we are alive, we are together. Not that we are in control. That we have to serve, harmonize, and essentialize what we believe in. There is nothing more powerful than what you believe in. At this moment, not only the fifteen years of your belief you have to honor and carry on, but this belief you have to transmit those who shall follow you. That's important.

Not only you have to recognize the fact of who you are. I'd like to repeat to this body a personal experience. We were in India, we were to leave India. A lawsuit was filed to detain all of us. The lawsuit was... I brought with me so many people, there was one girl, and I was paid six thousand or ten thousand rupees, and I shall be making the engagement of that girl with this Indian boy, now I am leaving India, taking away the money and breaking my promise. Affidavit was filed in the court of law, summons was issued not to allow me to leave India along with my people. There was a lawsuit, it's on record. The purpose was, that if we miss that plane, we would lose eighty-four tickets, reservation was done, that was the last plane, our ticket period was over, the idea was to totally defunct us. In other words, eighty-four people were to be given different tickets if we couldn't go. A normal situation, which in spiritual world we can face. Fortunately I used to work in customs. The superintendent met us at the
crossing, he gave us the whole report and information. I said, "It's very easy, we can deal with it." He said, "yes sir." I allowed everybody to go and pack up and get on the plane. I went to the magistrate's house, he got up, touched my feet. "Oh my God, you have visited me?" I said, " yes, you have issued my warrants, here I am." He said, "No I didn't." I said, "well the clerk must have signed it on your behalf, this is me, this is the charge, this is the allegation. I am going, 84 tickets will be lost. We'll be lost in it." He said, "no problem." He got two people, got their personal bail, "get me the bail!", God knows what he did, he did everything. He came all the way to the airport to put me on the plane. Am I corrupt? Did I steal 6,000 rupees? Did I promise to marry one of my girls who came with me to that man? Neither I know the man, the girl, or the money. The court acts on the evidence. Court doesn't have to see what is what. That's why in America, England, western or civilized world a person is not guilty
until convicted. Is that true? Isn't that legal? We who know how to lunch talk, we convict everybody, and then we don't convict anybody.

If I can tell somebody to eat beets, and she a few years later can get her tubilization done, and I can be sued for a large amount, how much can I believe in a lawsuit? Give me a break! I don't want to insult this body to tell you what the third lawsuit is. It's fantastic. I have been told by the chancellor not to change my lifestyle, mood of living. I'm medically unfit these days. The fact is, he said don't change your style. These lawsuits come with the territory. I'm very calm, quiet, I'm not jumpy, talking like a baboon. I'm keeping the grace of the office in which I am. Look my dear ones, when I'll be gone, and some of you dare to sit in that chair, don't worry, lawsuits circle around it. When the baby is born he lives in placenta.

Accusations, recusations, anger, drama, trauma, and lawsuit. These six things come with the job of Siri Singh Sahib. Siri Singh Sahib is the biggest entertainment secretary. Absolute caring and catering bureau of the universe. He's supposed to always be nude, open, absolutely transparently available. He has absolutely no right to any privacy anytime in any situation. Still with all that availability he does something wrong, because somebody's mood is off. Isn't it amazing? We prayed and that painting of Guru Gobind Singh, you see with that fire on the head, exactly I realized Siri Guru Gobind Singh in that way. I said, personifiedly, "Master, my Lord, why there is a flame of fire from your head?" He said, "Follow me in the darkness, I have to reach to the other world, where your light will never be extinguished no matter what comes." Some artist in 3HO heard that story, made that picture. (ed. Smiling Kaur)

Yes, I sat on the airplane, I came to San Francisco. When Los Angeles came I was awakened, I came to consciousness, I understood. It was Baba Singh who brought coconut water to welcome me to the United States. I went to San Francisco, I had pneumonia, one thing or the other, I don't know what it was. I tell you one thing, my temperature was 104 or 105. When I used to breathe, in my bone structure, I would feel one or two million needles. With that temperature, with that pain, I was lying down in the ashram. It used to be Banana Ananda ashram. Later on it became Hargobind Sadan. That is my credit, I feel very proud about it. From bananas to Hargobind is a long way. I know you, don't tell me that you are not those fireballs who don't know when you can burn yourself or anything around you. I know you.

Don't think in fifteen years that I've forgotten where we started. I know history very well, I know you very well. There are landmarks which remind me to remember that hope is the only way. It used to be Banana Ananda ashram, they used to talk very proudly, and we used to cater to them. We tolerated them. Knowing they don't belong to the creed. It was pronounced... that Archbishop from Japan arrived in and he wants to have a kundalini experience from me. A point of dilemma in a man's life, who is in so much shivering, pain, fever, and misery. I couldn't even lift my head or my hand. When it was announced to me, I closed myself and I said, "Guru Ram Das, in the form of my tenth master, has brought me over here, well who else can bring this guy? Let him come in." I was very pleasantly surprised when this Archbishop came. He brought pearls, mala, dollars, dolls, presents. He sat down, meditated. He said, "Great master, I'd like to have the experience of raising my kundalini through your grace." He was very humble.
He was sweet, looked very radiant to me. Better than me at that time at least. I said, "Alright", I said, "Archbishop, get your hand in the quilt and find my right hand. Put it on your forehead and see what happens." I was so healthy, so gracefully enlightened. Can you believe that? I couldn't even lift my own hand!

Every iron pipe knows it cannot give water. Water knows it doesn't come through without the air. Iron pipe. Relationship is very established. He went in, he took my hand somewhere, God knows where it was, and he put it on his head. Because there was a tremendous fever and whatnot, he had a great experience. That is the reality.

You do not matter, you do not exist, you are not you. It is one who comes through. Create a relationship with that. You are all messed up. You are all a bunch of great honorable members of the Khalsa Council, I cannot say things to you. If you do not develop a relationship that things can come through you, then you are just a forgotten statue. Nobody will recognizee to what you want to belong to. As a member of the Khalsa Council, through you must come the divinity, nobility, and grace of God. You want to sacrifice everything else and prove this point? You are fantastic! If you want to cheat, you can. That light, that sainthood, that rishiness, won't come through you. You can be rich, poor, beautiful, great, this or that. One thing you can't be, because that thing has to come THROUGH you, that is not you; that is the projective kindness, compassion, divinity, nobility, and grace. You have to keep on your own head the crown of spirituality. It cannot be conquered, it can only be bestowed. The day
somebody shall be born who will claim that he can conquer the crown of spirituality, that day God won't exist. Every title, every responsibility, is bestowed. If there shall be no gratitude, it will wipe away you and your status. It's a simple law. Undeserving containers always spoil the milk. If you want to keep nectar, you will always like to have a container worth it. In this container of yours, comes the grace, radiance, life, style and projection of Guru Gobind Singh. Like father, like son. There's a personality. We know that personality. We can feel it, we can experience it, we can imagine it. That personality cannot be by itself. It has to come down, and through you, and be experienced by the whole world. That is what a member of the Khalsa Council means. Let it be defined.

A member of the Khalsa Council is a human being who can project, reflect, and initiate the entire complete family history and tranquility, grace, divinity, leadership, sacrifice, and every positively original thing of the father of the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh.

It doesn't mean you are a tin pipe, iron pipe, raw steel, stainless steel or gold pipe. Question is, what flows through you is nectar or not? That is the deciding factor. Are you everlasting? Or you get off on little things. These are the situations towards which you have given the prime years of your life. The last eighteen years.

There's no such thing as middle age crisis, depression, misery. Those who know to deliver, they deliver no matter what their physical condition is. There is only one thing, either you deliver or you don't. If you're pregnant you'll deliver, if you're not you won't. If you're faking pregnancy, you'll have to fake delivery. Simple law of nature shall remain as simple law of nature, it will never change. If you even fake it to make it, then you shall make it! Faking a reality, is the supreme courage and sacrifice of the shallowness of the human being. A shallow, hollow, empty individual, can totally become a mold for reality, if he decides to fake it. And that is where we excel God, where we win over God. That is not human, that God obeys such people. That is where infinity gets molded into the finite, becomes ever shining glory and grace of the Self. Of that infinity, this little finite belongs. That's realism. That's Dharma. This life doesn't matter.

Whatever you produce here, billions of dollars, houses, everything, well described in the words of Nanak, you remain still nothing if you have not molded the infinity in your shell of finite. If there is no pearl in the oyster, there is no price. The empty oyster can have mental muscles, and do himself in. In the values of the heavens, it will have the price of dust. You better decide. You want to barter your pearl for dirt? Or you can take the pearl out and let it be taken to and penetrated to the very heart of it, to become a necklace of infinity. I'm asking you! History won't record you what you think, history will record what you DO. History will record all that you do which is excellent. History has not recorded... I've read hundreds of stories of Guru Nanak... they have never recorded that at 5:30 PM he went to bathroom, 9:30 he took a bath, one-o-clock he had his lunch, not a thing. That is what you feel about the importance of you? You don't belong to this world at all. You should just be making a
pithole and live like a worm. You are useless. What is recorded from Guru Nanak was that a merciful lord went to a cannibal, he was eating this bull headed madonna. He calmed him down, he went there. He went to such and such king, sent all his dancing women, did the whole thing. How he behaved, how he came through it. Although impossible, he went. A man which cannot make the impossible possible has no line of his personality recorded in any history. The tree won't give pulp to make paper for such an idiot. You hear me?

You've got to decide what Khalsa Council means to you. You've got to decide what being a member means to you. You've got to become, to have a page in history, which we have started writing after the year 1500. I hope you will learn.

If you are such a macho man, and you think you are so perfect, I'm not questioning you. There are two things which Guru has said, look at the definition, and fit in. If you want to be a woman of that utmost grace, you believe you want to be. The relationship of God and soul, self and its totality and infinity, has been described in those two shabads. You want money, you want prosperity, you want your domain. There was one couple, they were in trouble, they asked me for help. I said keep repeating this pauri: "Bhota Karam...", eleven times a day. Repeat it one hundred eight times a day. "We are in so much trouble." "Go ahead", peace and tranquility came. You have so much power of the creative identity of projectivity. You have projectile which can give you all the grace you need. I am with you. At one point we'll cross roads. When the children will be subjected to your neurotic dramas, traumas, and unfulfillment in life. I have everywhere compassion for you, but when you ruin the life of
your own born, and poison that person because you cannot handle your own life, that is a treachery. That's not real! Our future generations should be precious to us. We must value it above us and we must give them the values that they may not suffer our handicaps. I am asking you directly. You want to treat them as a piece of furniture? Give them your best garbage? You want to talk like idiots? Hire with each child one psychiatrist, one behavior expert, one breathing therapy expert? All that kind of thing, it is your pure luck. I want my children and grandchildren to be as good as stainless steel is! Am I clear?

In my understanding, in this last mile of mine in which I'm walking through life, I have no grudge against anybody. I am grateful to those individuals who have insulted me, attacked me, alleged me, even who will convict me, prove against me everything. Dirt is dirt... it doesn't mean anything in heavens. I'm very aware of it. After this magnetic field, this doesn't exist. Our own airplane can cross the magnetic field. What happens to me, happens to me, it is just a drama. I'm not going to laugh over it, I'm not going to cry over it. My karmas are my karmas, the weight of my cross weight is my cross weight, I have to bear it. I'm asking you, for God's sake, try to understand, you have a direct responsibility to those who are born out of you, and to those who come to you to be born in the House of Guru. That is a standard calling. If you cannot adequately answer it, you will meet your own pain, deficiency, and plunder of your own life until you are dead.

It is my heartfelt desire, that this body of the Khalsa should take the responsibility of the eighteen million parts of the family of Guru Gobind Singh, bad and good as they are. I know you have excuses. I know you don't like it. I know some of you have reservations. I agree. I'm asking one simple question: Do you belong to Guru Gobind Singh, and do you want to not inherit what belongs to Guru Gobind Singh?

I'll leave you with this question to ponder, and I hope that each member of the Khalsa Council will write a personal letter to me, confidential and at length, what you think about it. I can tell you my feelings. Those who deny their heritage, never existed ever to be alive, recognized either by time or space, which you are supposed to be servants of those who are the servants of God.

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

- end -

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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