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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/03/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Unknown

Patterns and Partnership


It is my prayer that you will accept to understand what I am going to talk to you. It's not that I am against any religion, but actually to be very honest with you, there's no religion practised by man yet which can even describe the reality of God. What we have done is, we have taken a few pieces of things, facts, "gospel truth" we call it, which is really a gossip truth. Because the fact the God spoke to us, there are no two witnesses to it, and we don't accept anything until it is notarized and there are two witnesses that God spoke to us. So what we have done is, we have created our imaginary situation about God and we bring it to a reality. And then we propagate it, and we are always in a majority. So majority rules the minority. Quality is always ruled by the quanitity. You can't produce something with quality if the majority does not want it. So, basically, first of all, all these prophets of God, they freaked out. They got a little bit of it, and they started dishing
it out and people were very much willing to accept something superior.

The man doesn't understand God. Don't try to be foolish. God doesn't exist in you. I mean to say, there are three ways you accept God: 1. One is out of fear. 2. The other of being a social person. 3. And third is just to accept there is something higher than you that you can achieve. You think it is that easy. So that's the way you have a performance, a performer, and an understanding there is a God so we all run after it. But it's not true.

Where is that paper you were reading? (Speaking to Sada Sat Kaur who has just finished playing kirtan.) Let us tell you about something. She was reading, you listened to her, she was very melodious, right? Read the whole thing. Now, I don't want to be part of these situations, but I'll ask her to read this English translation of what she is saying.

Sada Sat Kaur: His alone is the light in all. The Creator of the earth and heaven above. This light never.....

Siri Singh Sahib ji: Slowly, slowly, slowly. They have two ears, Therefore they resound. So slowly if you speak they will understand. The way you are speaking is, it will go in one ear and (out) this ear and then there'll be 'buss.' So just slowly. There's no hurry. We are not going anywhere.

Sada Sat Kaur: His alone is the light in all.

Siri Singh Sahib ji: No, no, just one by one. Who is 'He?' Who is alone?

Sada Sat Kaur: 'His' alone. God.

Siri Singh Sahib ji: He is alone. God.

Sada Sat Kaur: His alone is the light in all.

Siri Singh Sahib ji: Ummm, He is alone.

Sada Sat Kaur: The Creator of the earth and heaven above. This light never waxes or wanes.

Siri Singh Sahib ji: It means, never changes.

Sada Sat Kaur: It stays balanced and steady for all times. He has no deficiencies and no addictions.

Siri Singh Sahib ji: No deficiencies, no efficiency. You can't accept this from God. Can you? God has no deficiency and God has no efficiency. You can't accept it. I know you can't accept it. But that's what she's saying. That's what she said, what she was saying. What else?

Sada Sat Kaur: Unchanged He is ever the same. He dwells in homes, He dwells in humans. His light shines divine beyond measure. He has no bounds, he has no home. He has no caste, He has no parents. He has no fixed mantra, He has no fixed sign. He is of no paternity, no school. He has no partner....

Siri Singh Sahib ji: It means He is uneducated, He doesn't go to any school. You understand that? All right.

Sada Sat Kaur: He has no partner, no comrade, no relatives, no family. He is of no nation, no village. No blemish, no scar, no flesh has He. He is neither a lion nor a jackel. He is neither rich nor poor. He needs no honors, He has no kindred. He has no rancour, He has no delusions. He is no demon, not a man nor a woman. He is not a thief, He is not a king. He is not the son of a king.

Siri Singh Sahib ji: Do you agree with this? I'm asking a question. Do you agree with this? This is what she sang. Then what are you hassling for?

Let me tell you about God, and listen to it for the last time. I may not live very long and may not be in a position to tell you in the physical language which you understand, but let me tell you about God. God is no partner to anything but It has a partnership in itself. That is the destiny and the fate. God has no life and no death to It, but It has the patterns. The logic of God can be understood if you understand the neuron chemical action into the magnetic creativity of electro-magnetic fields through which you rationalize your own creativity of actions and reactions. It is a psychological nonsense. It's not that you cannot grasp it. You can grasp it if you bring harmonies through the pattern within you. You are a complete instrument, like you are a harmonium. But, if you do not play it right, there shall be no harmony. The partnership with God does not exist, but nobody can exist without it, that's the problem. God is complete, absolute, fulfilled to the point
that He doesn't want any more fulfillment.

Let us see a physical phenomenon. There is a sun. Sun has rays. Rays take time to reach the earth. God has part called "soul". Though He is the soul master of all souls, though God has souls, and souls reach the earth....it is not that there is not life, by the way. Don't misunderstand. There is much more! Zillions and zillions of more living beings on all the planetary systems and the space. But they are transparent. They don't need food, they don't need sex, they don't cry, they don't laugh. They are sensitivities. You are not. You are essentially very gross and manufactured neurotic sensitivities are far as they are concerned. It is just like you give somebody sixty pounds of diamond cut into a statue. Sixty pounds of diamond cut into a statue, right? And then you make a statue out of the clay and both weigh sixty pounds. You understand in your mind the difference of the value? Those species which are transparent, you can't see, can't feel, they can understand, can know, feel you are just
earth. You are valueless because you have no value. You have no sensitivity. They are pure intuition and you cannot even develop it. You understand the vastness, the gap, which exists?

So life has partnership and patterns. There are two parts. The partners of the life school. One is the fate and the other is the destiny. When one does not pursue the destiny, one walks in the fate. It can never be that one can find it via media. It can never happen. So you have a situation, you come to the earth, you eat here, do nothing, and go away. It is just like you visiting a motel, and you live there and you have your holiday, you are gone, they have forgotten you and you have forgotten them. But sometimes you go to a place, you stay there ten, twenty days, you do certain good things, and they always remember you. Next year you go, they say, "Oh Mr. Singh, ha ha ha! You have come again! Welcome, Sir! Bah bah bah." Whole thing. Because last year you put some impact. So long the life is intact, it must have impact. That's a law. It cannot change. And, there is a truth. A gospel truth, and a gossip truth. "I, me, you, us, we," create a gossip truth. It's a truth.
Because that's what you like. That's what you like to hear. That's what you understand. But there is a gospel truth, and gospel truth is what you do not even want to relate to it. And one gospel truth is, there is but One God, and everybody is just that One.

You can't accept it. We do not have that capacity of kindness; reality of relationship; power of that projection; dimension of that destiny and degree to the point of our own dignified self. We do not grow enough to be graceful. And then we blame the whole earth. We get uptight when we are in power. We cannot tolerate the wrong. IF YOU CANNOT TOLERATE THE WRONG, YOU CANNOT ENJOY THE RIGHT. Did you know that? Did you know that, how stupid we are? Do you understand if you cannot tolerate the wrong, you cannot enjoy the right? Because you are always a yo-yo. If good happens, you are happy. If bad happens, you are unhappy. So you run between the frequency of happy & unhappy. Now this happy-unhappy is here. It doesn't go there. There's no relationship between you within you, therefore there's no relationship with you and beyond you. Do you understand? "I have a domain, I have a dimension, I have an area, I line it up." That's it. And anytime a man lines himself or boundaries himself, it's a limit. And everybody
knows. A Jew knows, a Christian knows, a Buddhist knows, and everybody who calls himself religious knows, God is limitless. God has no limit. God has no boundary. God has no dimension. So what we have to create in a relationship of pattern of projection, is that we should elevate ourselves to the point that we, being the finite, start believing, experiencing, sharing and manufacturing infinity.

And you know, all this what I have said so far, is in one line that I have said...."Sarbat ka bala." Sarbat ka bala means good for all, blessing to all. Nanak Nam cherdhi kala, tere bane sarbat ka bala. Cause and effect. Cause is, to chant the Nam. Cause is, to meditate the Nam. Cause is, to relate to the Nam. Cause is, to create a pattern of the Nam. What is a mantra? Mantra is a pattern causing sound system. That's a mantra. When mantra...maan-traa...the vibrations of the mind, are controlled by the sound of the word. And the word is in the beginning. Word is and word shall be and word was and word will be, and there's no problem about the word. So you get one word and you start causing patterns. And when the pattern is caused, it starts projecting the 'trang'. 'Trang' means projecting. Started projecting. So if the mantra is Infinity, the finite becomes Infinity. Naanak naam cherdhi kala: A rising spirit. An elevating spirit. A thing which goes up, and up, and up. And one who
keeps up, when reaches the up, of the up, of the up, of the up, some up, somewhere, some up...when you up, up, up, you sum up. When you sum up, you realize it was the same zero. I was not, I am not, I shall not be....He was, He is, and He shall be. Now that's all is the realization. Not to become up tight, but to sum up. Sum up how intelligent the other person is. He has done seventeen mistakes, and 250 good things. You punish for one mistake, you'll lose the person. Then who's going to do so much for you? When somebody does wrong for you, he just reminds your inefficiency. If somebody does good for you, he just reminds you of your good direction. It's all you.

Nobody's wrong, nobody's right. So long you play the pattern of wrong/right, good/bad, high/low, left/right, darkness/light, enlightened/unenlightened, foolish/not foolish, you are playing a game. That game is here. There's nothing hereafter! Hereafter is Infinity. So not getting ready to meet Infinity within the finite, not experiencing the Infinity, is the most dangerous game a man plays.

Somebody once asked me a question: "How many are there of Sikhs?" I said, "Five billion." He said, "How can there be five billion Sikhs?" I said, "Everybody born is a Sikh. But they do not become Sikhs afterwards. Sikh is one who seeks the truth, so there are five billion people on the earth, there are five billion Sikhs." He said, "Then what happens to them?" I said, "Some become Christians, some become Jews, some become Buddhists, some become something. Some become aethists." He said, "But what happened to Sikhs?" I said, "Few pretend to be Sikhs." He asked, "Well, then what happened to those who pretend?" I said, "One or two realize it." He asked, "What happened to those who realize?" I said, "They become very mad that everybody's not realizing it. And they lose, too." He said, "You mean, there's no chance?" I said, "I'm not...I'm just explaining. I'm not...you have asked question and I'm giving you answer. Is it wrong to give you the right answer? You can't
even accept a wrong answer. " He said, "You mean, there is no Sikh?" I said, "There are... few." He asked, "What do they do?" I said, "They get mad. There are not many. Few get mad there are not many, and many get mad there are not few. Don't you understand?" If somebody is somebody, he wants to be special. And special wants to have everbody. That's the law. And I said, "This game has been going on from the time Infinite and will go on to the time Infinite."

Jinaa naam pachaataa virale se janaa.

Those who have recognized and merged themselves in God,
they are far and far in between.

People are not everyday to know, everyday not to know. Because this universe of ours is the partnership. God didn't create you just to create you. God became pregnant with the boredom.

Sun samaad bahe to jite so upajaae juntaa.

God became absolutely bored with the boredom. So He created the Universe.

Even God didn't know what He has created. Because He is so Infinite, He doesn't know what He has not created, He doesn't know what He has created. If He knows, then He is not God. That's what she said, "He has not gone to any school." He is not educated. God has gone to no school, so can He be educated? He has no degree. So what are you following? Knowledge was, knowledge is, and knowledge shall be. You understand? Water was, water is, and water will be. You drank, you don't drink, you want to drink, you want Evian, you want Perrier water, you want tap water, it's your problem. You brand water. Branding things to identify things, to relate things. You know, there's a simple law:
Those who love have reverence.
Those who have no reverence have no love.

Those who are negative, are not positive. Those who are positive are not negative. Those who are humble are not stupid. Those who are stupid are not humble. Those who are intelligent are calm. Those who are not intelligent can never be calm. Those who are fulfilled are not upset. Those who are upset are not fulfilled. Those who are beautiful are always smiling. Those who are not smiling are not beautiful. Don't you understand, we represent our little world by our own projection? There's nothing beyond it.

I asked this morning, "God, how many people you have created on the earth?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "Look, God, you have created people on the earth. I know it, I see it. You have created me and you are telling me there is no number. Even World Health Organization has tabulation and I understand our United Nations says there are five billion people on the earth." God said, "I don't know. What is United Nations?" I said, "You don't know?" He said, "No. I have no nation, that's what you were singing." And that's what I spoke to God. And God said, "There's no nation, there's no united nation, there's no non-united nation, there's no nation." It is a transparent, clarity of Khalsa. Purity. Piety. The human has to learn to be as good as God. God is not good. You have to live as good as God. Without freaking out, with no traumas, without dramas and without tantrums. And when you have to learn that you have to live without crutches then you know how to live. And
that living which has no support or needs no support or does not want any support is self contained and then you start finding how God is self contained. Lesson One: Whatever the date is....God doesn't know any date, neither has any date, nor month nor year, so how can I as a man of God can tell you that? But this is my first series of projections about the purity of the Khalsa which I'll like to share with you. I'll ask the congregation to forgive me because I have an obligation to go today and I'll be rushing out. But I have done my job, the clock rang and warned me what the time is. So therefore sit in the presence of the Guru and become Infinite. For few minutes you sit here in the Guru's house, drop your faculties, your identities, your projections and your projects. Forget everything and get LOST. If you can get lost on the earth, you'll merge up in heavens. When you identify on the earth, you have got lost in the heavens. You are all here as get lost from the heavens to the earth and we have to get lost here to get
back to the heavens. You understand? This is the negative of the positive. The positive here is up there negative. You understand the relationship? And these are the patterns, projections and proprieties which we have to understand practically in a simplest way that our patterns and our partnership with our patterns can make us the strongest or make us the weakest.

May the Guru's grace be with you and you may find your own reality and your own truth within your own concept of what you believe. In my humble service I'll like to make you understand that you should donate in your life, in your day, a few breaths. One takes 15 breaths per minute on average, so you can take an hour, fifteen minutes, ten minutes in your life when you just breathe and un-breathe, without any thoughts. Thoughtlessness can be achieved by the breath, and breath of life, once it gives you thoughtlessness, then that can give you the Infinity, the experience of Infinity. It's not difficult. It's very easy. Wrong and right is in your head. It doesn't exist! Because it's your concept, "This is right." Then there has to be a concept, "This is wrong." There's nothing wrong or right! The forces of life are just a vibratory system of patterns and every pattern has partnership with negative and positive. But you have to remain neutral.

Neutral partnership among the patterns we'll talk next time when we come and present ourselves to the Guru. Blessings, prayers and my love for you.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

- END OF TRANSCRIPTION - Tej Kaur Khalsa 4/7/88


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