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Lecture by :
Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/10/1987
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Gurdwara Talk

Tere Meher daa bolanaa
Tudh agai ardaas
Guru Guru Wahe Guru
Guru Ram Das

Aad gure nameh
Jugaad gure nameh
Sat gure nameh
Siri guru deve nameh

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

The subject I am going to touch today will be either boring or
uninteresting, but as far as I'm concerned, my life is on my
last journey and I have to say on record certain things which I
have experienced, which you may not experience, your children
may experience.

There are 70 hundred million Indians, something like that. If
I am wrong, right. Four and a half billion world-wise
population. And in one way we are commoners, we are as
everybody is. In other ways we are very special. We may not
be very successful in creating an empire or ruling or it or
associating with people. Maybe, we may be very different. We
might be lying to ourselves that we have relatives, we have
friends, we have students, we have congregations. We are not
honest in any assessment of the situation. I'm using very
polite words because I'm sitting in a very holy place. But fact
is, the debauchery, the demagoguery, the lies, the
untruthfulness, the ugliness of a man is so distasteful in the
consciousness of the divine, that it cannot be even described.

Had you been animals....you are better animals. You are...you
are not more than little bit more than an animal, because your
habits are all animalitical. It is not possible that you all
the time use consciousness and concept of consciousness to
guide your, guide your reality. And the reality of all of you
is not what you think is the reality. Reality is, have you a
realtionship with your soul? Is it permanent? Do you see the
light inside you all the time? Do you recognize it? Do you
value it? Are you willing to do away with everything else but
your consciousness? Do you have a deep understanding of who
you are? Are you grateful that God made you the way you are?
Isn't it something you are, you have still eyes and you can see
through it? You have still teeth and you can chew the food?
You still have tongue that you can speak? You still have some
ears to hear? All these mechanisms, sophisticated and
priceless mechanisms given to you by God, is there is a time
when you just said, "Thanks," for it? And was that thanks from
your heart? Or you did it just for social conception of...are
you religious in a socio-concept of conception to impress
others and you are catering your ego in the most wretched way
by asking yourself to be recognized as spiritual and being a
holy person or associated with any kind of God when your
totally terminology is totally selfish, black and beasty? Try
to understand sometimes. Sit down and analyze your virtues and
analyze what you are doing, because there's no much time. Do
you have any understanding, you are in love with your children,
your grandchildren, and with your shirts and your shorts and
your things and your cars and your houses and I mean, forget
it! Where all that has to go? Is there an evaluation by you?

Spirituality is not knowing the scriptures. Spirituality is
not being holy. Spirituality is the assessment of your inner
enlightened and enlightened consciousness. Guru's Shabad. The
words is Guru's Shabad. That's what I'm going to speak
whatever Sunday God permits me to. Guru's shabd, the word, is
that word big enough than you? I'm not talking, my apologies
to Siri Guru Granth. You come and bow, thank you. I see your
ceremonial bow. I mean, you are good. Any paid soldier can
give a good salute. But does he salute it from the heart or
does he salute it with the head? Is the Guru is bigger than
you or the Guru is just a Guru? If Guru is just a Guru, then
you have not found a thing. Is Guru the bigger than you to the
extent that you can feel grateful having a relationship with
it? Then its word will be penetrating. Then you evaluate.
Then you assess. Please understand me. It is a very concept
which I am trying to relate. Because look, you like me or not,
but internationally I am known as a yogi. I mean, there's no
doubt. I don't need a certificate. And there are not a lot of
yogis here in the world. And not as blunt as I am. It's very
difficult. I am a very controversial figure, because I do not
understand to say a word which I do not understand within
myself, first. I am not willing to say ceremonial things which
I know look very good, very sweet. And precisely they are very
carrying. But God, you know, it is all wrong not to understand
with you. It is just like you have a full laboratory and you
have all the chemicals and you can experiment and you can do
all that, and you can come to an understanding. You go to
laboratory and read the daily newspaper and eat bananas. And
in the evening close it and go back home. I mean, that's what,
that's what we are doing.

We have come here as human beings, we have come here to
experience that light. We have come here to have an
understanding. You can share the, share the knowledge. You can
share the technology. But you can never share experience. I
cannot give you what I feel today. You say God is Infinite. I
am saying God is so little, it's difficult to find It. Now,
are we enemies. You say God is everywhere. I am saying God is
nowhere. Everywhere is ego. This "Almighty God" is just ego.
It's all your ego. You are preparing for the Star Wars. You
don't even look at the stars. What right you have got for the
Star Wars? You don't have a concept of beauty, that's why you
have a concept of destruction. You don't have a concept of
love, that's why you have a concept of hatred. You do not have
a concept of compassion. That's why you are commotionally
conceptually very destructive. You do not have a concept of
Infinity, that's why you are very limited. Because understand,
the law of vacuum is there is no vacuum and the fact is either
you have "A" or you have "B"; either you have God in totality
or you have no God in reality. And this you can't change.
Every religion is a super-bogus invitation to walk and keep you
alive and that's all they are doing, but are you accepting the
reality of religion, the reality of reality, the reality within
you, that of the God. God is not a temporary thing. It is not
going to go away. If you worship God, it doesn't matter to God.

To be in reality, God has sent you here, "Get out kid. Come
(back) after 68 years." God is not waiting in contemplation
that, "When Ram Lah Saroff is coming after cheating on the gold
ornaments all his life, and when so and so is coming after
doing the whole thing." God has absolutely no concept of time
and space. Just to get a concept of time and space, God turned
Itself to be a human and that's the part of God in us.

The Infinity wanted to know what the finite is like. Otherwise
there's no purpose of this creation. And purpose of creation
where has assembled reality of all of us, and remind you, that
all bad things, all worst things, all rotten things, are
challenged to all goodness you can lay a hand on. And that is
a first concept when the pair of the opposites does not affect
a human.

Now, this is a yogic concept: does pair of the opposites
affect or not? It does. But does it shake you or it break
you? If it shakes you, you are a human yogi. You have to be a
human and then a yogi. You cannot be only a yogi and not a
human. If you are only a yogi and not a human, you should be up
there, somewhere, not here. Then your game is over. Forget
about that concept. The concept is, you are a human yogi.
Things must shake you -- accept them. Accept negativity.
Accept loneliness. Accept....you are all afraid of...everybody
tells me, "I am lonely." Oh God, you cannot relax, not being
lonely. The only thing which today cannot be taught by any
wise man is the Parthahar. When totality can be brought into
absolutely defined zero, to shunya, the entire concept of
Krishna, the Lord of the Gopis and God of Incarnation and he
has already been incarnated 10 times. He's going to be eleven
times, and everybody.....Forget about all that. The word is
"Krishna." Kar-ish-un. "Kar" means the creativeness. The
entire dialogue and mono-dialogue, or multi-dialogue of the
creative universe. Out of that, when it comes to shuniaa, it
comes to zero, that is Krishna. And if your concept is just
like that, you can bring everything around you to zero, that is
the real loneliness. You do not know how to be lonely, either.
That I have understood. You know what you say? You say you
are lonely when things don't go your way. Your loneliness is
when your ego doesn't get what it wants. You are lonely. When
your ego gets everything it wants, you are happy.

That's the now concept of happiness and loneliness which is
totally ridiculous. Which is a bunch of standard lies which
all speak and then they say, "I am very truthful. I am very
holy. I am very noble. I am very nice. Believe me. Trust
me. Leave your money here." Can't, can't, it can't go along
with it. It's not a religious reality. It is not Guru Nanak's
religion. Guru Nanak is not hypocrite. Guru Nanak does not
believe that Guru Nanak is "The" son of God, and Guru Nanak
does not believe that Guru Nanak is nothing. Guru Nanak
believes in nothing to everything. All it believes is deeply
effective concept of consciousness and alertness. Alertness of
Guru Nanak that everything he saw as human, he commented on it,
evaluated it, assessed it, and said it in shabad. Why? Why,
why you bow to this? You don't bow to this because it's a holy
book. No. It is a living experience of those bhagatas and
those Gurus and those Bhats who get into that experience,
acknowledged experience. And that is what it is. It's not a
story book. It's not a great musical writing. It's not a great
poetry, either. There can be poetry which can be better than
this. There can be some conception and story which can be
better than this, but fact is, this is acknowledged experience
of those who understood in every walk of life and told human
being. It is an authorized, authoritative, experimentation
recorded by those who walk on the path of spirituality, found
in every aspect. They can define God. Dhanna can define God.
Ravi Das, shoemaker can define God. Kabir can define God, and
can knock at Him, joke with Him, mock at Him. Say, "Hey, I was
saying, 'Ram, Ram, Ram.' Today you are saying, 'Kabir, Kabir,
Kabir.' Have you gone insane? What goes on?" Look at the
human defined mind, limited human being, 150, 160, 180 pounds,
this little machine which runs with a few bones and muscles and
blood, can get to a concept, can totalize the God, and then
befriend Him not. Buddy Him to the extent, can mock at Him.
These are the situations which each human being has to grow to.
These are the acknowledged environments. These are the stages
to which you have shoot up to.

"Guru's word" and "Guru-ward." There are two words in English
translation you always read. "Guru Word" is that which gives
you bigger than all you are. Otherwise you can never, ever
understand wisdom. Wisdom is an experience. Knowledge you can
share. Technology you can share. Wisdom you cannot. If you
want to have wisdom shared, then you have to share the way Siri
Guru Granth says.

Now, let us talk God, huh? Let's talk. Today I'm in a very
good mood. I just shook hands with Him, just now. I said, "Hi
God, how are you?" God said, "Fine. Get out of here." I
said, "No, you stay here. I'm getting out of here." You say
I'm talking crazy? Yeah, according to your conception it is.
But I'm saying God is everywhere. You can talk to Him
everywhere. But you talk to Him everywhere, then they say,
"He's a self-talking person, he is insane. Take him to
psychiatrist ward." That's what you do. But these are your
earthly rules. These are you and your limitations. These are
your concepts and that concept will consume you without giving
you experience of God.

God is an experience of giving. Let us talk giving. Let us talk
giving, all right? God gives. God gives. Follow the law.
God gives, you give. God gives like God. At least you give
like human. Giving makes God THE God. And giving shall only
make you experience God. Otherwise whatever you do, you are
wasting your time. Now, that's called "giving." Give like
God. Now Give like God, is giving in the Name of God, give in
the feeling of God. Give in the experpience of God. Give in
the understanding of God. Gives as just a way to give. And
the best concept of giving is, "Give for the giving's sake and
then feel obligated, feel obliged, and feel grateful that you
got an opportunity you could give." I am very grateful that I
could come and and sit and talk. I can share with you. I am
very grateful that God has given me few more years, days,
minutes, seconds to share with you little more.

You know what I enjoy about this earth is? The only enjoyment,
joyness, happiness about the earth is that you can enjoy, with
all nonsense, that you can still make once in a while, sense
out of it. A chance to make sense out of the entire sense and
entire nonsense. Still if you can experience sense, the common
sense, which is in all of us..and what is common sense? What
is the common sense? When you are most disturbed and perturbed
and obnoxious, if at that time you cannot let the manners go
away and if you can hold to manners, that is the common sense.
When you are totally depressed, desperate, angry, and extremely
obnoxious, low to you animalitical nature, you want to tear up
the everything, at that time if you can put up a smile and say,
"Hello," you are saintly. When you are very insecure and
extremely disturbed and....

Jaa kao muskal at banai dho-ee ko-i na day-i
Laagoo ho-i dusmanaa saak bhi bhaj khalay
Sabho bhajai aasaraa chukai sabh asaraa-o
chit aavai os paarbrahm lagai na tatee vaa-o.

One who is confronted with dire difficulty,
to whom no one offers any support;
Whose friends have turned into enemies,
and even kinsmen have deserted hiim;
When all support has given way and all hope has been lost -
If he should then remember the Supreme Lord, even the
hot wind shall not touch him.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Siri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 70-71

If all sides the enemies have walked on to you and the friends
have run away, and enemies are just on the gates of you and
there's no place for shelter, all hopes are tarnishedly gone,
and all possibilities are impossible. At that time, if your
faith rises in the limits of God, you are unlimitedly protected
and you shall win. I'm not talking of your moral judgements,
I'm not talking of your strength. I'm not talking of your
"Bhao, bul, bojaaban." I'm not talking of all the mighty
power that you are. I'm talking of a very simple, meek concept
of the one whom God takes the responsibility to give It's total
Self to protect. But give God a chance. Call on Him when you
cannot call. Talk to Him when you cannot talk. Feel Him when
you cannot feel. Be God when you cannot even have the conncept
of what God is. That is divinity. That's the science of
divinity. That is Dharma. Otherwise, otherwise is otherwise.
I don't want to say it because you don't like me to say it. If
I start saying it, somebody will out of the context quote me
and say, "Yogi has gone crazyji. And he's rebellious and he's
not towing on the line of the religious decorum." And why
should I get all that negativity for? Unwanted negativity.
Wanted, I want. But unwanted I should avoid.

Don't measure your strength how many people obey you or how
many people love you, how many people want you and how many
people you can serve and how much money you have got and how
much show biz you can about yourself and what trauma and drama
you can create and how many absusiveness you can effectively....
what a severe harsh tongue you have got, how can penetratingly
eye you have got. And how many miracles you can do. This all
doesn't mean a thing. When you cannot walk, you walk. When
you cannot sit, you sit. When you cannot serve, you serve.
When you cannot be, you be. That is spirituality. That's a
reality. When you can walk naked and covered by God's hand,
that is spirituality. When you say things whether they are
truth or lies, but it happens because God is bound by your
word. When you are sick (now look at this concept)...when you
are sick, so sick that your body is shivering. The chest is
closed and in pain. You understand that? And all the morphine
cannot take away the pain. Each time you breathe there is a
hundred million needles going in and out. You are so feeble
that you cannot even cry. In that tragic moment, your pillow is
wet because pain is getting the tears out of your eyes. At that
time, if you touch somebody's forehead and his Kundalini rises,
then you are a yogi. When for all the months, you have not
seen the face of a dollar, and you in your concept, poor to the
extent and the brim you fear what you'll do tomorrow, at that
time you bless somebody, "Be the millionaire," and he becomes a
millionaire. And if you do not believe what I'm saying, you do
not belong to the house of Guru Ram Das, the house of miracles.
That is what this great Guru stands for.

The concept of Krishna and the concept of Rama, Ra-a-ma-a, the
one who produces the sun and the moon, it's totally merged from
Infinity of inspection to the nothingness of zero and infinity
of zero to the Infinity of Allness, pranayam and parthahar.
Otherwise, my friends, you'll be in the first kindergarten
stage, yams and niyams. Do's and dont's. When do's become
dont's and dont's become do's and still the concept is pure,
you have started Dhyaan, you have started meditation. Pranayam
pratahar, dhyaan, dharna, dhyaan, samadhi. These are the
stages of the yoga. I'm just giving you the concept of it.
Dharna is a stage in which do's can become dont's and dont's
can become do's and still the basic man is pure. Purity in
Infinity is the reality of totality. And if you cannot enjoy
the total sumness of your total self. Hey, you have not even
found out you total self. What you are come to find out here?

I have never seen this, it is very funny. I was going to ask
you. Can somebody write an article, "How you see through your
eyes? What is the power behind which sees through the eyes?"
If it is God which sees through the eyes, it is the light of
God which sees through the eyes, then whatever you see why
don't you dedicate to God because you use somebody's power and
for personal reasons you keep it to your own thoughts? If
through your eyes, what is seen through your eyes is the given,
elementary power of the light which is called, "God", then
whatever you see, why don't you dedicate it to God? I'm asking
one simple question today. If the ears hear, these ears when
you are dead are exactly intact, but they don't hear. If the
senses are from the common sense, then the common factor of all
senses is God, then why don't you dedicate common sense to God?
Then why we are having so many diversities and then spend all
the time to create unity? Why we are having wars and negotiate
and end up with the peace? Why we are coming to the brink of
death when we have not even enjoyed a moment of life? And then
once a week, or each day for a few hours, we come to sadhana or
once a week we come before the Guru like paying the tributes
and the respects and we bow. And stand before the Guru. And
we ask for limited things, "Make me a millionaire," "Make me
happy." Why, why you do that? Why don't you ask, "Hey Guru,
make me better than you." I mean, is that not a better way to
ask? Why you ask limited things? Why not to ask infinite
things? All right, first of all, begging is no good, but you
end up begging, beg something. After that you should not have
to beg. Why can't you not ask, "Guru, look, between you and
me, I am here, you are there, okay? I'm asking you, and then
give me Infinity. Make me ten times better than you. You'll
be happy, I'll be happy." Isn't that the concept of happiness?
No, "Give me a good car, give me this."

There was a movement, once I came in America, they said, "Chant
this thing for so many days, you can get anything you want."
One day they all encircled me. Four or five of them. They were
very convincing. God, I have never got such a PR in all my
life. They told me, they said, "Yogiji, just this mantra, 'Naam
deeo ho reng gay keeo.'" And they gave me all that thing, and
the beads and the whole thing, and they even brought that
wooden thing which was about $250 worth. I accepted that whole
thing. And they said, "If you do that, you'll get anything you

I said, "I'll keep it? The only thing I got out of you is this
stuff. But I won't do it."

"Why not?"

I said, "Becuase I don't want anything. I want everything. If
you can give me certain more things and with that you can
assure me that I'll get everything, I'll go for it. But
something or anything? No, that's not my concept."

"Why not? Don't you want to be good?"

I said, "How can one be good if he does not know what is bad?"

Knowing good and running after good and talking about good and
thinking about good and totally forgetting what bad and rotten
is, is totally ridiculous imbalance. It's craziness. There is
no way that you can know one side and not the other side. The
acknowledged experience of human consciousness in the reality
of life in existence which is called the impulsation of life
feeling is when you feel all over the pulse of the bodies all
over, the nerves of the bodies all over, circulation in your
bodies all over, beingness of your being, all over. And that
is the concept you live with. And this life can be continuous.

It is so funny. You change your clothes everyday. At night I
have not seen one person who sleeps with a 3-piece suit. If
you find somebody, please let me know. I'd like to have the
darshan, the audience, of such a person who sleeps with a tie
on and waistcoat and coat and overcoat and socks and boots.
Have you found anytime in a bedroom a person sleeping like
that? You change. But this body you don't want to change.

And you know, the greatest freaky thing you do? "Oh, somebody
lived 450 years." I have never forgot when I met Yogi Shanti
Saroop. And he said, "Yogiji, I have got the most marvelous
thing for you to show."

I said, "Fine." I said, "What is it?"

He said, "It is a picture of my Guru."

I said, "Well, I have a Guru, too, you know. You have Guru, my
Guru, you know, let us have mutual respect for it. You come to
the Gurdwara, you bow to my Guru. I bow to your Guru. Guru to
Guru basis, not that your Guru is better and mine is smaller,
and mine is better, I don't want to do that. I'd like to see
it. But, let us go somewhere, sit respectfully." I mean, he
was going to show me right standing there. I said, "Wait a
minute. You're going to show me your Guru? Then show it in a
Guru style, you know? Don't do this. Not right here."

So I took him on the side of the hotel place and made him sit
down and I held him, that tela, whatever that was, and pulled
out of something, which was very beautiful silken cloth. And
out out of that, there was a picture. It was a Rajisthan style
picture made by hand on ivory. Most fascinating detailed work
I have ever seen. I mean, you have to understand, it was
something very great. And I said, "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.
Blessed be your Guru, Swami Shanti Saroop, who has blessed you
to be who you are."

He said, "I worship my Guruji. I love my Guruji. I want to be
in Guruji."

I said, "Great devotion."

He said, "This was the only Guru who lived 450 years on this

I said, "Nonsense."

He said, "What?"

I said, "God never wanted him earlier? Kept him here 450
years? That's a very long time, Shanti Saroop. Good people
are wanted by God soon. Don't you want to meet good friends

He said, "You think the long life is the great life not?"

I said,"On earth? On earth? Long life is great life?" I
said, "What's wrong with you? Where you have lost your
concept?" I said, "The very fact you are on the earth, enjoy
as much as you enjoy the exile," I said, "it is a burbaas(?), a
raam burbaas(?)." Lord Rama was told to go 12-14 years into
the jungles and run around and not be seen and don't come back
to Ajud(?). I said, "That's all it was. It is just from the
very Infinite of God, our soul has been sended from in the
capacity of 50-100 years to run around here." I said, "Going
home, the earlier the better."

He said, "No, no, no, no, no. Living is a great principle in

I said, "No Shanti Saroop. Either define me living or withdraw
your remarks."

He tried, my friend tried. He said, "All right, you tell me.
Define the concept of living."

I said, "Define the concept of living is very simple. You can
experience little more."

Finite experience of living is the concept of living principle
of God. When you experience the limit in the limit, then you
deny God. You might be thinking that you are very divine
people. When you limit yourself in the conception of God, and
your judgement is, "This is IT!" How right you are, you have
denied God. Because when this is it, then that is not that.
And that and this are in conflict. Moment you create duality
for God, you have denied God. Therefore, your consciousness
must come to rescue you from this demogogy and misconception
and you must come out to see in all illness, health. In all
insanity, sense. In all ugliness, beauty. In all limits,

Now the bottom line of the situation is, whenever you will
apply the consciousness to all what you experience and go
through, you'll find it very easy. That is why the Guru is
bigger than the ego. And the word of the Guru should have a
command over your ego, not over you. Your consciousness, my
friend, does not need the Guru, because consciousness is the
Guru. The Infinity you don't need for your definned purposes.
Infinity you need from your great purposes. If you have a
fixed horizon, then you must understand, you have to break the
horizons. Today please learn, God is everywhere. And that God
is everywhere must start with you, not with others. God is
good and bad. It must start with you, not with others.
Because each individual may be a part of God, may be a total of
God, may be a small of God or big of God. But you will never
be afraid of the virtue of death. You will never accept death
if you will not accept the Infinity of God. The fear of death
only hangs on those who are limited to accept the concept of
God, because they do not know, they all built everything here,
they all secure themselves here. Here is all they want to talk
about, see about, and feel about and experience about God.
Hereafter they don't know. God is here and hereafter. That's
all I wanted to share with you.

And I do feel the fourteen hundred and thirty pages of Siri
Guru Granth's wisdom can only be experienced if you understand
the first line of the Siri Guru Granth: Ik Ong Kar. One
Created the Creation. The Creation belonged to the One which
includes you. Words of Guru Nanak must be understood properly.
Ik Ong Kar, Sat Nam. Identity of One's Creation is True. It
is identified identity that whatever one has created is true.
There is not saying, "Ik Ong Kar, Baalaa so Baalaa." No. Good
is good. God has created all and good is good. That is not
the mantra. Mantra is: "Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam." Identity is
true. And then if you challenge what is true and not, then
they say, "Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam Karta Purkh." He does it all.
Bad is bad and good is good. That is your judgement. But Doer
of bad and good is God. Are you accepting God who does only
good and not bad? That this heat wave which is in the mid-west
and is burning everybody out is created by Jimmy Carter? Or
President Reagan should take a pipe hose and go and create a
shower? What are you talking about?

When the chips are down, then just remember: Karta Purkh. And
so it is, Nirbhao, Nirvair. It is fearless and there's no
vengeance. Now these are the faculties of God which you have to
accept and then comes a very beautiful word: Akal Moorat.
Moorat means the picture, the photo. Akal means the Undying has
a photo. And that is what I wanted to actually talk to you
which Japji says, "Mane kee gat kahee..." The western concept
is, when you obey....now this is the western concept. It means
you have lost your self-respect, you are a slave, you give into
your identity, you give into your intellectual concepts. You
have damaged your creativity. You are hopeless. Because you
have obeyed. Now the real concept of obedience is, you have
intelligence, you have consciousness and you have an Infinite
power, unimaginable power to create exactly what you have been
told to obey. Command has needs million times more resources,
more strength and more positiveness and more acute observation
to create.

All right, one man comes, he says, "Create a palace." King
said, "Create a palace." Shahajan said, "Create Taj Mahal."
Hundred thousand people and masons and artisans and everybody
went into work for 20 years to create Taj Mahal. Now you said,
he said, "Taj Mahal and Taj Mahal got created in a second?"
Not true. Power does not lie in the one who said, "Do."

Joy and happiness is in that who said, "It is done." And that
concept, if it is not learned, happiness is not experienced.
Happiness is in producing according to the command what was to
be done, to which Guru Nanak says,

"Manne kee gat kahee naa jaaeh,
je ko kahai pichhai pachhutaa-eh."

The state of mind of the devotee who obeys the Lord, cannot be
described. One who tries to describe it, will have to repent
--Guru Nanak, 12 pauri of Japji Sahib

I cannot say the grace and the greatness of the one who earned
and learned the science of obedience. Even I say it, I'll be
sorry. Because to obey needs all the power. To command is to
command the concept. To obey is to obey to produce the reality
of the concept. To dream is dream but to bring dreams to
reality, it's needs realism of activity. Therefore, the
principles on which we celebrate the Sikh Dharma is to meditate
on God in the morning,

"Amrit velay naam jap. Dharam de kirat
kar." Amrit velay naam jap. Dharma de kirat kar. Saaj veley
sukh hoay ho, vand vand singha kaa." (This Gurbanee needs to
be checked.)

You come in the evening, you share. Early in the morning,you
meditate. During the day, you creatively create the concept.
And let your each action during the day make doubtless
projection that you have a Guru and you are a Sikh of the Guru.
That is the word which means in reality, "Ang Sang Wahe Guru."

Those who go, go everywhere, Guru goes with them. They don't go
alone. That's why you are never alone. But if you are not
concpeted the Guru, you have not impregnanted yourself with the
Guru, Guru doesn't go. Only with you it goes at some places
and doesn't go anywhere, you are still a wanderer towards that

It is my prayer, it is our prayer, that we may all find that
grace in a short time and at the space we are sitting here, to
understand that wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever we
feel, whatever we give, whatever we take, let it be befitting
to the grace of the Guru. Then you are entitled to say, "Wahe
Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh."

Yogi Bhajan, 1987

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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