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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 01/23/1990
Category: misc
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Comments on Moscow trip

---<An informal talk to some women in Hamburg>---
It is so cold when it is cold. When it is not snowing. When it is snowing, it is all right. It is just like this. If it is snowing, you walk around, it is fine. When it is NOT snowing, your blood can freeze in the lungs, it is so cold. Really! We had to put the muffler on our nose and breathe through it, otherwise they said you can die. That was one thing which was very scary to everybody.

Secondly, you had to know skiing, otherwise you can fall any time. The roads are so wide that a 747 can land on the road. It is as wide as about two blocks. Very wide roads. It is unbelievable.

And people are very tolerant. Very tolerant. Whatever the image is about those people, it's not true. They are very warm and extremely tolerant. I've yet to see people so tolerant as they are. But the problem in that is that they are not emotional. They are mathematical people. You have to exactly tell them what they want and you have to exactly tell them how much... and oh God, it's just a mathematical... it is like a cash register. It can't go wrong. But if you play with them, they will play with you, but they will not BE with you.

We were 700 people there. I won them all because I was very exact. A lot of people play a lot of games and they are very good to know the games. That's why it is very difficult to reach them. Especially Russians. Not the Dattars and Orthadanis... Muslims are little fanatic and emotional. But Russians are very very solid people and they have a tremendous amount of tolerance. To live in that weather... Oh! Impossible. Everybody has a coat, and a coat, and a coat, and then that sable hat. You can't get out without that sable hat and then one muffler. All you see mostly is the eyes. When it is cold, it is cold!

And stores are as big as five blocks. And huge! And there may be only three things. And about two shelves like this big. That's it. It's amazing. But still there is a long line to even go and look at that.

They really are very, very good. You can tickle them but they won't smile. I think they have gone through a lot. It was very strange experience. After Moscow, this is heaven. It is not cold at all. I was wearing my pashmina shawl, which is the hottest thing on the earth. And then my fur coat. It was still cold. So you can understand... it was VERY cold. It is a strange kind of cold. It is not... you cannot describe it. It is not... but when it snows, then it is all right. But when it is not snowing, and there are now clouds, oh! You get out of the hotel. In three minutes there is all ice on your moustaches. Everywhere. It takes three minutes.

Question: You met with Gorbachev?

Answer: Yes. We talked, we met, we shook hands, we got the signatures.

Question: What was the reason you went to Moscow?

Answer: Oh, I went to Moscow because there was a conference to conserve the world, to save the world. Planet Earth. It was that forum. It was a world forum of the politicians and the religious leaders. Five days. And it was "How to Save the Planet Earth." That was the theme.

Question: How many politicians were there?

Answer: It was half and half. After seven hundred people were there. Say, three hundred and fifty. There were senators from America.

Question: She's wondering if there were women or men only?

Answer: They were not in majority but there were twenty or twenty-five women. But there was one woman... she was the Congresswoman from Holland. She was one equal to everybody. If you cut her out, you can find about five women out of one and three men. I know her name, and she was extremely powerful. She was the co-president of the whole thing. And she was on every committee and she was... She is from Holland

Question: What was your impression of Mr. Gorbachev?

Answer: He is very fine. Extremely intelligent. You can just understand, four years ago we sent him Yogi Tea and some tapes. Mrs. Reagan gave him the Yogi Tea. That's the time we sent him the package. And moment we met him and we shook hands, we said, "We are the people, manufacturers of Yogi Tea." He said, "We both enjoy it, and listen to that meditative tape even now. We enjoy that." How many politicians can remember that?

Question: He listens to the tape?

Answer: Yeah, we sent a few tapes and that Yogi Tea.

Question: Maybe the tapes changed his consciousness.

Answer: And he said, "How was your visit?" We said, "Wonderful. Very fine." And I said, "We are willing to work with your youth, now." He said, "We are ready. We'll talk about it later." Strangely enough, he intentionally gave more time than anybody else could manage it, you know what I mean? Unfortunately we were told there were no cameras available, so there was no picture. But he signed my invitation to the Soviet Congress. He and his wife signed both. So we brought that as a token of memory.

The Soviet Congress Hall is very big, very huge. And the banquet hall is totally of marble. It is equal to a one football ground. Huge. It has marble floors, and it is huge. And the Congress Hall... the entry to Congress Hall and the place where they show the jewelry of the czars and the bibles... it is called armory. Arms and carriages. It is priceless. It is really something very good. But I have seen the collection of the Shah of Iran. I have seen that also. I don't think after seeing that, you want to see anything. You can just understand, there were unbreakable glass cases, six feet by four feet wide. One was filled with diamonds, other was filled with emeralds, and other was filled with rubies. Just like that. Gold has no value there. I mean to say, the queen's jewelry was all around the wall. And we asked why these four pieces are missing. He said, "Queen is wearing it today." I have seen that. I have seen there an emerald that is four inches by four inches.

Question: The queen of England of the wife of the Shah, you are talking about?

Answer: The Shah, yeah. They call her 'queen.' Not England. In Iran. I went to that museum vault. It is equal to this whole block. That is what precious stones there are. But that's all it is.

We have a great appreciation of the Russian people after visiting them. They are making a university outside of Moscow... fifteen kilometers out of Moscow. It will be a high technical university at the cost of two billion dollars. They have invited me to come and teach there psychology.

Then we gave a lecture and the project is called MPM, "Moscow Project Management." And they brought in very high technical people to listen. Then there's a governmental education system. We met the education minister. And they are publishing my book, "72 Stories of God, Good and Goods," and it will be the story, how to win the world, and they are going to translate it into Russian.

And then they have invited me to come to the summer camp which they want for children... teenagers. This is the Pravda (Russian Newspaper) where you can see. It carries our picture and Gorbachev talking on that day. Out of seven hundred people, they picked us.

Okay, close it now.


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