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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/22/1996
Category: Master's Touch Course
Location: Espanola, NM

The Art of Communication

Does anybody know the meaning of the word "communication"? What is the naad of it? How does sound work? Tell me what we mean by “communication"?
Communication is “common notion.” Common notion. The intentional notion of a person is to be together. Man is a social animal— biologically, psychologically, sociologically. God cannot live alone; God cannot create another God; God is impotent. Therefore God created creation. So man created communication. That’s all it is. That’s the only thing common between us and God; God is not outside; God is within us, we are God, and we communicate. But at what level do we communicate? That is it. If we communicate at a higher level, akasha, then we are more than God. When we communicate through air, we are just human. When we communicate ourselves into the fire, we are an angry beast. When we communicate with water, we are yo-yos. And when we communicate Earth, we are garbage. You want to learn something more? Is that not enough?
The question is: From which chakra do you speak? Which chakra is behind your communication? Do you talk, do you speak, do you utter? There are three ways. I have done my Ph.D. in the psychology of communication,1 do you know that? The common notion of a person is to speak, to talk, because you are not you. You are empty, a hollow shell, unloved, crying for socialization. The only tool you have, fools, is that you communicate. You have never learned. Neither your mother told you, nor your father told you, nor your neighbor told you, nor your priest told you, nor your rabbi told you—that your presence is communication. Did you ever learn that? Your existence is your communication, and your projection is your relation. You are the power.
Life is very sour. There’s no happiness, there’s no sweetness, because your communication has no purpose of self. You communicate because you are an idiot. You communicate to impress somebody. You don’t communicate to relate you to somebody. That’s the most dangerous thing you do as a human. That’s why you suffer now, you will suffer tomorrow, you have been suffering. You don’t communicate you. You are our tomorrow. We want to tell you exactly how things are.
He is here. (YB points to the teacher sitting off to the side.) When he was here (YB points to the teacher’s bench where YB is currently sitting), he was me. When I came in, he couldn’t continue. He became himself, fell apart, shredded into pieces. Then I hit him. “Ohhhh,” he said. “Wow.” He communicated. He told me, “Don’t hit me in the presence of these people. What are you doing?”
I said, “I am just merciful—I didn’t break your head.”
He thinks he didn’t say anything, but I heard it loudly.
You also do not know how to speak. You talk like idiots, qualified and sanctified, because there’s no flexibility in your communication. Like, “I love you.” “I love you.” “I really love you.” (YB speaks these sentences with different intonations.) But if you can say, “I love you, hm hm hm,” if you make it a little thin and flexible, it goes “squawk,” right in. (YB extends his arm like an arrow piercing into somebody.)
But you do not know what love is. What is love? Yes? You are in love these days, I understand. Are you married or are you single? You are married?
Student: Married.
YB: And you are in love.
S: Yes, Sir.
YB: Really? Tell me what love is.
S: It’s the transmission, merging of....
YB: Spermatozoa. (Laughter in classroom.) Love is the transmission of spermatozoa. Ha, ha. You Gringos, you think I don’t know what love is for you? Nanak says a very beautiful thing:

Beej mantar sarb ko giaan.
-Guru Arjan, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 274 (Ashtapadi of Sukhmani Sahib)
The comprehension of the seed of God’s Name is within everyone.

Even the seed, the genetic seed, the spermatozoa of man knows that thirty million will start, one will reach, and it has to go eight times around the egg to get in. You don’t even know that.
However, “I love you.” For what? "Why do you love me, for what do you love me, who are you to love me, who told you to love me?" Have you answered all those questions? No, you want her, that’s why you love her. She wants you, that’s why she loves you. It’s a love of want. Sex is like a water bucket. You put a stirrer in it and stir it. It’s called a “quickie.” So, it’s love. You make love.
Define love. Take the words of Nanak, you will love it.

Dhan pir ay-eh na aakhee-an bahen ikathay ho-eh.
Ayk jot du-eh mooratee dhan pir kehee-ai so-eh.
-Guru Arjan, Siri Guru Granth Sahib page 788
They are not said to be husband and wife who merely sit together.
Rather they alone are called husband and wife who have one soul in two bodies.

He defined love. "Don’t call them together who live together, or are together, or everything is together with them. They are not lovers. One jot, one light in two existences, they are the great lovers." When all faculties and facets are dissolved, and oneness becomes one, that’s the power of love. Where there’s love, there’s no question. Where there’s a question, there’s no love. Where there’s a want, there’s absolutely no love. Where there’s a need—no, it’s not love.
Communication is the art of hookery. You hook each other with it. It is called the science of hookery. There are two sciences through which man lives—the science of cookery and the science of hookery. In cookery, you cook, you can make it gourmet, and you want what you want, and you taste and test life. In hookery you project and procure other beings. Cookery is the science of food. Hookery is the science of the applied mind to conquer people physically, mentally, and control them spiritually.
One of the biggest hookeries ever practiced on this Earth is religion, because it teaches you to belong; it doesn’t teach you to Master. “I’m a Sikh, I’m a Jew, I’m a Christian, I’m a Muslim....” Are you a human? Have you ever been introduced to anyone who says, “Hi, meet me. I am a human?"
Did she say, “Yeah, I’m a human, too.” In your whole life have you had that experience? You met somebody, shook hands, and that person said, “I’m a human.” You won’t even say it. It looks odd, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what you are. Lovers. Lovers with rose-colored glasses.
Here is the fish. Woosh. Lovers. What is the fishing wire? Words. What is the bait? Promise. What is the purpose? Transmission of spermatozoa. It’s true, it’s the naked truth. You can deny it. You can feel offended, “No, no, I’m a true lover.”
Somebody said, “I want to love this girl, Yogiji, with your blessing.”
I said, “Is that true?”
He said, “Yes.”
I said, “You love her?”
“What do you want?”
He said, “I want to marry her.”
I said, “That’s true. But there’s one condition.”
He said, “What?”
I said, “You shall never have intercourse with her.”
“Ahhhh ! Ahhhh,” he said.
I said, “What?”
“Then why am I getting married?”
I said, “Then have intercourse, but don’t marry her. If that’s all you want, it won’t last."
Your words mean nothing; therefore, you are the most mean living mammals on the Earth. You do not communicate what you mean. You are very very very mean.
You are delightful liars. You never tell your notion, forget about intention. Intention very honestly should be told. But you don’t even tell your intention. You don’t even tell your notion. Notion is in the negative sense of what you shall be.
Now ask me questions.
S: What is notion?
YB: "In the most negative event, I shall be here and hereafter with you." That’s my notion. My intention is that you should be better than me. Why should you trust me?
“Why should I trust you?”
"You have nobody else to trust."
“Why not?”
"Because nobody says so."
“Why so?”
"Because I know it."
“What do you mean?
"I’m not mean. I have done it many lifetimes."
"I am, I Am."
The same dialogue is yours when you become teachers—not exploiters, hookers, fishers, and faceless idiots. When you are a teacher, your intention is to make somebody greater than yourself. It is not a teacher's intention to have somebody.
You are a bunch of liars, faithless to your self and to your integrity and to your honor. You have no commitment as humans. We do not have a relationship. Our relationship is a pure service to uplift a person, to be part of the glory unto the Infinity and to the standardization of God. And that’s the pride of a teacher, that he has the privilege to serve another student, because somebody served him. Do you understand that? No. Do you? "Yes, Sir!"
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: You don’t even know how to respond to your teacher. You expect your students to respond to you? Where are you coming from? Is this a movie theater, or a class? Be classic. Have power, have strength, speak with soul. Did you hear me?
Class: Yes, Sir! (Spoken very forcefully.)
YB: That is the spirit. Learn to be alert. Answer with the power of the soul. Relate with an affirmation. Every word you say should be an affirmation. What is hello? “Hell-O.” You want to go there? The first time I heard somebody say to me, “Hello,” I said, “I’m not going.” “What should I say?”
I said, “Heaven-O.”
“I can’t say it.”
I said, “Then say 'Sat Nam,' say 'Shalom,' say any damn thing, but what is this 'hello'?”
You say, “Hi.” Do you know when you say “Hi?” When somebody’s dead. It’s a communication of pain. “Hi!”
“Hey” is Thou. “Hi” is dead.
The first role of the teacher is to be humble, grow under, see the growth, and then bring the fruit into the life of the person. The power of the character, the courage, the grace, and the magnitude of a person is in practicing humility. One who cannot go under can never grow. The first power of the seed is to go under, and then grow. The role of the teacher is not exploitation. Do you understand?
Class: Yes, Sir!
YB: Ha ha ha, you caught yourself! (Class responded powerfully.) One who is not alert is dirt. How much time do we have to live as dirt? How many lifetimes are we to live as dirt? Applied consciousness is alertness. Alertness is learn on the altar; and altar has no alternative.
I have to give you one kriya and go. I might come again this evening and teach.
Quickly, join me! With all your power, join me. In these two weeks either you have wasted money, you have wasted time, you have come here, you can get nothing, or you will get everything. It's up to you.

Open up your chest cavity with a shock of a current, as if eleven hundred volts have hit you. Put the Tantric Har tape on. At the sound of "Har," with all the power, you will stretch out. Concentrate on it. Achieve it. See what it does. Don’t worry about what you’re doing. See what it brings, okay?
Class: Yes, Sir!
YB: That’s why when I say, “Don’t trust me,” they say, “Why?” Never trust your Teacher, God knows what he’s doing. The most dangerous man in your life is your Spiritual Teacher. His job is to catch you; your job is to keep free. That’s the game, the relationship between cat and mouse.
Camera Person: Sir, I don’t have that tape.
YB: “No” is in the life of those who have no life. “Yes” is in the life of those who have faith and integrity. “Yes, Sir,” is in the life of those who have faith, integrity, and dignity. We need that tape. With that tape, what this meditation can do will be marvelous. Why waste time? We’ll wait.
A set of all tapes should be available here—absolutely! Yes, Sir!
Camera Person: Yes, Sir!
YB: Speak from here. (YB puts his hand on his navel point.) One who doesn’t speak from here is dead. Every communication which does not come from the navel point brings disease, sickness, sorrow, sadness, madness, insanity, and bad luck. True. It’s as true as anything. Never speak from here. (YB points to his mouth.) Never speak from here. (YB points to his throat.) Never speak from here. (YB points to his heart center.) Speak from here (YB points to his navel point), from your original self. Do you see when I talk, how this thing goes in and out? (YB points to his navel point.) Practice.2
Speak it from the guts. Speak it with your soul. Speak it with your power. God gave you a chance to speak. God gave you intention and notion to communicate. Speak truth which is you. Anything else you speak is untrue. And the word must have power, must project, must hit the target. If you speak from here (YB points to his navel), hit the heart. If you speak from here (YB points to his Third Eye point), hit the heart. Never aim your language at the head of a person. It’ll come back to you as a boomerang, and hurt you more than you know.
You must understand. When people go home, they’ll call up and say, “Robin, Robin, are you listening to me, Robin?
“Oh yes, you just left, what happened?”
“I talked to you, but I’m very confused. I, I don’t know what you were talking about.”
“Well, you agreed to everything.”
“I know. Oh Robin, I don’t know what you said. You said a lot of good things, but I don’t know what you said. I kind of have a feeling you didn’t say something.”
Have you had that experience? Because you did not use the language. You just used the hookery. You said beautiful things, you promised a lot of things, you baited, you put that little snail on the hook, and this fly, and “shht, shht” (sound of someone casting off with a fishing rod). But the unfortunate part is, my sweetheart, when you control something, then you have to carry something. And how many things can you carry in life?
So communication should not have the power to control. It should not have the power of promise. It should not have the power of impression. It should be a statement of fact. How many of you can say something like this? “I would like to love you and screw you.” We are talking communication only. Try to be a student. Understand that. How many of you have the guts to say so?
S: Yes, I’ve said that before. They’ve said "no" sometimes, too.
YB: Thank you. Because your talk must not have a hook. It must not create an impression. It must not try to control. It must not try to dodge. You must not lodge your purpose in anybody. You must be nothing but straight, truthful. So speak your intention, rather than your complicated words. You’ll have the happiest life. All will be taken care of.
S: How would we start to do that?
YB: It is so simple. Thank you for asking that question. Somebody asked me this morning, “I want to have your counsel, advice, and guidance.”
I said, “Find some dog in the street, because you are a bitch. That will do better.”
“Ahhh! Sir, you’re abusing me.”
I said, “I’m not. I’m shocking you. My intention is to shock you. Your question is affectionate. My answer is most brutal, but you didn’t accept me. Love, cruelty, brutality, harassment, all are a part of one person. To accept a person, you must accept all facets. So when you start telling somebody something, first try to be polite:
“I’d like to tell you, I hate you with all my guts.” (It is more effective than hours of argument.) “I just want to tell you, honest to my God and to me, I hate you from my guts, and you are so naughty. You screwed my friend and she told me. Look in my eyes. Is it the same you who said you will be my partner here and hereafter? Are you the same lover, man of God, human? Do you dwell in your soul or in your penis? I’m not saying anything. I just want to know.”
What answer will you find? Flat. He will just talk to you like this, then he’ll be off.
There’s no greater power than the power of the word. The spoken word is the only essence you have. You as a hue (hu-man) are like a bulb; your mind is like a bow string, and your word is the arrow. Strike, using your faculty of chakra, and you shall always win.
That’s it. Speak authentically straight. Start slow and small, because in the word small, S-M-A-L-L, “ALL” is contained. Just start today.
You can have wealth, you can have health, you can have the world at the tip of your fingers, but you shall not have happiness. Happiness only belongs to those who are straight. And it’s not too late to be straight.
What can make you great? That people can trust you. What can make you trusted? If you talk straight. Simple or not. One day your lies will be found out by your friends, and you shall have enemies. They will know it. No person is less than God, and no lie can be hidden. It’s a matter of days. As you speak today, so you suffer tomorrow.
Come on. Let’s do it. This chest cavity is called “heart chakra.” You are going to open it, and it has to have the entire power of your being. You must shock your central nervous system—that is shushmanaa, when you speak the sound of “Har."
(Tantric Har tape begins playing.) Don’t give up.
Hold! You have difficulty moving. Opening of your heart center cavity is opening up to your Infinity. There lies your central nervous system, agan granthi, place of fire—your food digestion, breath, everything. When this is locked, the ribcage is out of placement. Then the diaphragm doesn’t act right—you’ll lose one third of your life force. Simple. You started with a good intention, and within a minute and a half you found out that it is very difficult, and it is. But we have to do it for eleven minutes.
Don’t utter the word Har. That’s why I gave you a grace. He will just put the tape on, and at the sound of that Har, you will open up Almighty’s power. Whatever you have, put it in. In return, it’ll give you what you never had in experience. Ready? Set? Go.
No speaking. Silent! Move the power of the ida and pingala, and open up the shushmanaa. Simple. Go for it. Go for gold! Win, win, win! Bravo, bravo, do it. Open the chakras. Wow, go, go, go! Come on, come on. We have no time. Just do it. Cross all boundaries.
Inhale. Hold, keep on doing it though. Hold the breath and keep on doing what you were doing. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale deep. Pull, pull, pull. Relax.
Hello. How are you? You know, when you read in books about ida, pingala, shushmanaa, sense, sensory, sex, stimulation, power, empowerment, modern, later, orthodox, this religion, reality, me, you, we, us...you are getting all confused. It’s too much. When all doors are closed, nothing can enter. Nothing. Inside there’s nothing, outside everything wants to come in.
Learn that what you say is gold. What you hear should be a diamond. If it is less than that, don’t accept it. When you speak, if it is truth, others will know it. If it is not, it will confuse the other person whom you want to befriend. That’s how you create your enemies. That’s how you ruin your relationships. That’s how you bring pain to your life, and that’s why you are lonely.
Look at me. When I came twenty-seven years ago, I didn’t know one person. Not at all. Look at me today. People didn’t like me, people hated me, or people wanted something, expected everything. All I said is, "I have come here to teach you a system to be healthy, happy, and holy. I have not come here to learn anything from you. There’s no exchange. I don’t have any need; I don’t have any want."
“How will you live?”
“All will be taken care of. You don’t have to worry about it.”
“You must learn driving.”
I said, “People will drive me.”
“You’ll need money.”
“Everybody will spend it.”
“You’ll need this, you’ll need that.”
“Nothing. I want you to listen, learn, and become learned. That’s my happiness.” I said it twenty-seven years ago, I say the same thing today.
You are all my relatives. You are all my extensions. I am your yesterday. You must respect me. You are my tomorrow. You must respect yourself. You have to have a tomorrow if you don’t want sorrow. Therefore, you must create another Teacher. You shall have no option other than that. A Teacher who does not create a better Teacher is the most cursed person ever born.
I’m not your today. I’m your yesterday. I’m your memory. God brought you here. The whole world will not bring you here. You owe it to yourself to master yourself. You owe it to yourself to be yourself. There’s nothing beyond yourself.
Whenever you are going to find Self within yourself, you’ll be one with the One who created you, because the One who gave you the Self knows the Self and has the Self. As long as you don’t have yourself, you are empty. And to fill that emptiness you are going to do so many things; and these so many things are going to confuse you more and more. What’s the idea of having the most beautiful, sensory life, sensitive living, and wasting it in confusion? Why?
Serve me and the world will serve you. That’s how the law of karma is. Those who will not worship their yesterday, shall never have tomorrow, and if they try to have it, they will have it with a lot of sorrow. I shall be gone. You shall continue. And when you’ll be gone, see there is somebody to continue. Do you understand?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: Good luck. God be with you. Now you know. It is good to have you.


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