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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/10/1991
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Unknown

Human Longing

Your longing to be beautiful is based on your grace. You want to be happy, you want to be worshipped, you want to be radiant, but you have been trained not to do a thing. Who supports that longing? You? No. The planet Earth? No. The angels? No. The longing in you is the one thing which God shall serve.

Pooran paar brahm paraa paar brahm parameshwar.

That infinite God of all infinity, shall serve longing.

He is infinite. He is sovereign. He is imperial. He is free: that great sovereign becomes a slave before human longing. Understand and value that prayer is the power of the person. Your prayer has to become so powerful and pure. Then how can anything go wrong?

Once you know your status and your depth, and you have earned that status by your longing, God belongs to you. There are two ways to live: either you hassle and sweat and die, or you sit tight and firm in the glory of your longing, in the best of yourself and your grace, and all will come to you. When your ego conflicts, then there is trouble, because fear will come. The moment you are a victim of fear, trouble is everlasting: if one goes away another will come in. God, who rotates the planet Earth, can take care of your routine. What is that key strength in you as a human being that can make God work for you? It is your longing.

There is only one power which nobody can defeat, it’s longing to belong. Your strength is your longing to belong to that identity which is the reality, which is the Infinity.

The concept of longing to belong is the human concept of ecstasy. That ecstasy, the power of Infinity, is where you can find the totality of God which comes as a sense of longing. Without a sense of longing, all is nothing.

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