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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/04/1987
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Guru Ram Das

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

You are very fortunate to understand something. We are sending Sikhs today to announce today in the Indian Gurudwaras that this is the week of Guru Ram Das's Birthday, they don't know. Can you believe it? Can you just believe it? There can not be more shocking when I learned this morning that yesterday we tried to announce the idea that this week is Guru Ram Das's birthday. Nanak Too Lehena Too He, Guru Amar Too Veecharia. This is in Siri Guru Granth and for that Guru they are not even ready to celebrate the birthday. It surprises me. I'm just not sharing anything with you except that surprise.

The Lord of the Universe, the giver of the Golden Temple, the founder of the Amritsar City, the Master of the Rag Yog Takhat, Guru Ram Das, it has not yet stuck to the head of these people that on the Guru's Birthday, whatever they ask, they get. Anyway this was a recorded shock, just like this morning at 4:00 o'clock. (Note: There was an after shock of 5.5 that hit Los Angeles at 4 a.m., the actual quake was a 6.1 on October 1st.) Four o'clock shock was not that bad but this shock was more. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru Jin Siria Tinai Savaria. Pooree Hoee Karamat aap Sirajina Harai. For that Guru there is no celebration and the most shocking thing of all shocks which I had this morning was when I was told, "They will announce next Sunday that this seventh and eighth was Guru Ram Das's Birthday. They will announce.

And now they call themselves Sikhs. But just understand it doesn't fit in with the whole science of it. It is very difficult to even treat them as Sikhs, even to say, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh." and forget about saying "Sat Nam." to them or "Sat Siri Akal." or whatever they want to. It is very difficult in this head to even recognize the fact that, who is a Sikh? Who are these people? Who are they? What made them to be a Sikh.

Not only that we made an effort to tell them that this whole week is Guru Ram Das's Birthday, not that we are sending people to announce and pronounce it, that's not enough. The response is that they will announce it. And that was practically very shocking. So our rational attitude has come to a point to understand that fundamentalism has come to a change. Sikh Dharma has to be understood as a science of realization of reality, not as a ritualistic bunch of seasonal, methodic, situation in which you just call yourself a religion.

I was talking to you yesterday that there are 22 religious practices, 22. Out of these 22 practices there are 8 major religions which came into existance. Every religion is practically good because one thing it does is make you realize there is a God period. Some tell you how to find it, some tell you how to reach it, some tell you how to realize it, some tell you how to understand it. There are different people, different methods and then religions split between itself.

It is not that one religion continues the way as it originally was started. It spreads into many branches. We call it denominations. So religion has religious denominations. Like among Sikhs now being Amrit has denomination, Amrit A, Amrit B, Amrit C, Amrit D. There is no Guru Gobind Singh's Amrit anymore, I mean that's how it is. And the selection of the five beloved ones is different in different areas and all that. It is a sad story, but that is the reality which can not be denied.

Things will continue like that. Religion will get into denominations but here today we are not discussing denominations, we are not discussing religion. We are discussing something fundamental. That is to make you realize, make you understand what Guru Ram Das means actually. Original name like me and you was Jetha. The orphan boy. Orphan boy, Jetha, me and you. Nothing special, nothing great.

As an emotional person you can say he was a Guru in the beginning. You can say that, I disagree with that. Then there was no purpose to be a Jetha. If you are right and if your commotions are right, if your institution is right, if your evaluation is right that Jetha doesn't exist, then what is the idea to be a Jetha?

Then same misleading statement in Sikh Dharma which exists is that Guru Gobind Rai is not a Sikh Guru. Now you have to understand that Guru Gobind Rai is as valid a Guru as Guru Gobind Singh. Tenth Guru of the Sikhs is Guru Gobind Rai. First Guru of the Khalsa is Guru Gobind Singh. That distinction has to be clearly made. And it has to be made forever.

Guru Gobind Rai asked the Five Beloved Ones to give him the Amrit to become Guru Gobind Singh. Then there is no purpose for that ceremony. And action of the Guru is not a fake. A valid action, valid action of a Guru of the Sikhs, full fledged body of the Sikhs accepted Guru Gobind Rai as a Guru. And it's the action of the full fledged Guru as Guru Gobind Rai to ask the Five Beloved Ones whom he gave the Amrit, to bless him with the Amrit.

The essentiality and the reality and the purity and the concept and the creed to be changed to be point of purity was established by Guru Gobind Singh himself to become Guru Gobind Singh. Therefore it cannot be acceptable to not separate these two identities. Exactly, it will not be acceptable not to accept the part of Jetha. And Jetha became Guru Ram Das.

So the value of a spiritual name is established. People do not...when you call somebody Billoo, Nicki, Chota, Kaka, Bootah, Alloo, Pataloo, you know these kind of names Indians give them. This is not a Sikh tradition. This is not a Sikh tradition. This is not the Sikh way of life.

Identity given by the Guru's Grace is a established identity. Among the millions, among millions, among the billions, few shall be fortunate who shall call upon to get the name, spiritual name, to ask for it. Among those who ask for it few will live it. Among those who live it few shall experience it. That is how it goes.

Now there was a gentleman introduced to me and they said, "He is Sardar Ghandar Singh." An onion is called ghanda. He was Sardar Ghanda Singh. Now Sardar Onion Singh, now can you believe for a man we have already made him an onion. And I was supposed to greet him. I refused. It was a very great annoyance to the entire family and great disappointment....and I do disappoint Indians. I am Indian myself. I know the pain of being Indian.

I also know the pain of being an American. But I refused to greet him. He said, "Quion?", why? I said, "I am not going to meet an onion. I want to meet a Gursikh." "Okay, my name as a Sikh?" I said, "No. Your name is very clear to me. Your concept of your spiritual name is from human to become onion. You are a Ghanda Singh." And it is the reverse of the Guru's tradition.

Jetha became Ram Das Guru. Jetha, one who controls the Jeth. Jeth is known as the elder brother. It is called Jeth. So listen to the technique in which you have to understand the Guru's mantra. Elder brother of your husband is called Jeth. Jeth-aa, one who commands the elderly-ness. Given name, eh? Then when he reached the stage of ecstacy he was blessed by Guru Amar Das then he was as Ram Das, servant of the God, Ram Das Guru.

"Bheta sodhi potch." Understand that first tinglyness appeared divinity and royalty appeared in the form and shape of Guru Ram Das. The heritance, inheritated, herited, inherited by the lineage of the Sikh has been progressed and processed.

That what I told you there are 22 religions. I am not against any religion. And I am not preaching Sikh religion that you must join it. It is not my combination also. Because religion can take you to the state of sublimation. That is the beginning of the end of every religion.

Sikh Dharm does not start with the process to take you to sublimation. It starts from sublimation to crystalization, see through to the purity. That is why ten Sikh Guru up to Guru Gobind Rai turning to be the first Guru of the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh. I know a lot of people say that Yogiji twists things. I do. Because to insanity talking sane is called twisting. Because that's the insanity.

Insanity has one thing. Anything you tell them which is historically, spiritually true, they will turn against it and shall say it's not true. And one who tells them is a twister. But one day this twister will hit them and they shall not exist. They do not know the force of the twister when twister comes man, nothing stands in the way. It rolls over everything. That's what I am telling them, that Sikh history and Sikh rights and Sikh way and Sikh methodology is real.

Lot of people these days are believing in channelling. Channelling to what? Channelling from what? Which radio station to radio station, which T.V. channel to T.V. channel? Some people want to know their past life to get the clue to this life. What clue? What past life? Some people want to know. I am the biggest astrologer on the planet. Learn from the biggest master. After learning I can tell you. Astrology, numerology, astronomy, sociology, psychology, psychiatry all this is necessity for idiots.

Because you do not know how to pass time. You are not sure of yourself. All problems belong to all people and belong all the time and shall continue to belong. And it will never change. Doesn't matter which religion you belong to, what you practice and who you practice with. Because you do not trust yourself. You do not know yourself. And you are not yourself. When you are not yourself you will not know how to pass time, how to pass, how to take care of the space.

Therefore in Sikh Dharma everything one should know and should understand there is nothing worth knowing. Because you must understand where Guru Nanak starts. Let us start with Guru Nanak. All right? Is it not a fact that Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikh Dharma? Is that true? You believe it or not, am I making it up? No, I am not making it up it is true, right? Sikh Dharm starts with Guru Nanak. All right.

Where Guru Nanak starts. Guru Nanak starts, according to our knowledge, with Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, that's where Guru Nanak starts. And then he starts, Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Karta Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akal Moorat, Ajuni, Saibhang, Gurprasad, Jap. Ad Saach, Jugad Saach, Hebi Saach, Nanak Hosi Bi Saach. Right? Now after you learn all this do you want to learn anything else? Then Guru Nanak explained why.

Now explanation starts. Now the debate starts. Try to understand Sikh Dharma, the basic of Sikh Dharma, do not ever misunderstand Sikh Dharma. Sikh Dharma is the highest, scientific, truthful way of learning God within you. Experiencing God within you. There is no power, power is when there is a tragedy, there is a treachery, there is absolutely nothing, insanity if you make sense in that, that is called power.

In prosperity you can have millions as friends, only when you are going through not prosperity, calamity, adversity, and then you smile and you go through it. That is called....that is what Sikh Ardas is. Jina Nam Japia, vand chakia, dharma pichai sis ditai, bhand, bhand kutuwha-ey, cut limb by limb. Today if your nail gets hurt you start making so much cries and then you want to hire an attorney for injury and claim and God knows what. You do not know what we are talking about. Those who were cut limb by limb, those who were boiled alive, those who in wood logs and cut in the center, those who were hung upside down and put kerosene oil and burnt. There is a numerous list of sacrifices and they never said a word of sorrow or never uttered a sound of sigh. Can you believe the state of mind? From where they got it? They got it from what? Ginseng? No, I am just asking. Where they got this strength? They ate Ginseng? They went to a psychiatrist? Huh? They had a psychologist as their
friend? They went to the University? Now, where these people got that mental clarity, mental strength, mental reality? You know?

You take a beautiful body and you walk with it inside there is a garbage. And someday the garbage will come out. Yes you are a soul, you are a spirit that is true. You have a body that is true. Human body, human soul, yes, but what about mental garbage in it? That is what Sikh Dharma tells you. Sikh Dharma tells you that there is no need of this garbage. There is no need of poverty and richness. There is no need of weakness and strength. The need is to be to be. That is the need. What is the need, I mean I just want to ask you?

If Jetha can become Ram Das Guru, Gobind Rai had to become Guru Gobind Singh, we who believe who believe in the Siri Guru Granth and we are the Sikhs of the Siri Guru Granth, we run around and make ourselves cheap emotionally, socially, economically. Where is the logic? Where is the reason for it?

Guru Ram Das gives us a message. That you can be an orphan boy like him, you can be a good for nothing like him, you can be an outcast socially like him, but when the Guru Amar Das touched it, he became the King of the Kings. That is the lesson which Indians refuse to celebrate and in their Gurudwara they shall only take the privilege to announce it. That Guru who takes all the orphans, all the poor, all the social boycott, economically understood poor, and gives them the Kingdom. His temple still stands in the entire world is called Golden Temple. That Guru belongs to us and we belong to him. That Guru can heal all wounds. That Guru is the Guru of miracles. Pooree Hoee Karamaat, the miracle perfected itself and all of you who believe in partially, believe in him totally, associate with him, you have hundreds and thousands of miracles happening to you.

This morning somebody told me on the telephone. I just said, "How did you escape?" That was my word. " What happened?" He said, "When I knew I am surrounded by the enemy, there was nothing I could do, there were two ideas, one was to give in, and the other was to die. But before this scene I said, all I uttered was, Guru Ram Das and then a heavy current hit and I was washed away and when I woke up I was miles away from where I should have been. I dragged myself to safety and I realized I am not where I was, there was nothing around me." I said, "Then what did you do?" "I walked and walked to safety." I said, "Great." He said, "No, no, no, I have a question." I said, "What is your question?" "What happened?" I said, "Nothing happened, you are asking me a question and I am telling you nothing happened. Maybe incidently water might have washed you away, because you were in the water and maybe the current came and you were and I started...." He said, "Yogiji, please, for God's sake don't do
this to me." I said, " My son, this is his week of birthday, 7th, the 8th and the 9th and you call on him on whom angels and tattawas, on whom the powers and demi-Gods and Gods call on him, what was the difference. Then water is a tattawa it did what it could not humanly, possibly be understood or explained. That's all. No big deal." He said, "No big deal? I am a hundred and so many pounds. I was there, I was surrounded by so many people there was not a possibility." I said, "So why are you discussing the possibility, non- possibility? Is it possible for you to stop talking and say thank you Guru Ram Das? He said thank you, thank you, thank you about 20 times. I said I look like I have to become evangelist to let you know to say thank you but don't send me the money I don't need it. But just thank your own stars. I said I feel very happy that at that moment you could call on Guru Ram Das. That made me happy. That is a blessing in itself. He said, "Then I have to ask you one last question." I said, "You have to. Please." He said, "Why Guru
Ram Das?" I said, "It's very difficult to explain but it's simple". Then I read that line, "Nanak Too Lehena Too Hai, Guru Amar Too Veecharia. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru Jina Siria Tinay Savaria." I said, "In Siri Guru Granth there is so much this said for this one identity. Because it is a reality." And he said, "No, no, no, please, I know you are a Gursikh, I know you are a Khalsa, no, no I have one question. You always chant to Guru Ram Das first." I said, "Yeah. Because the combination of the imperialness and the spiritualness (I am using two words.) Combine in one personality as a total identity in a blend and it was the personality of Guru Ram Das. You look now on all sages, all messengers of God, all Holy Men, all identity, all great people, all Avatars, whatever you want to see, there shall be one thing very common. Either they lived very unattached with the earth and guided, denounced or they ruled and pronounced. Starts a new era in the spiritual world of Guru Ram Das. He announced and pronounced God is Bhagati and Shakti blended in one identity
and that is Guru Ram Das."

I would like you to research the spirituality of the universe and understand what I am saying, those few words. In all the eras of the universe two things have come to us separately, either the messenger has come with utmost denouncement or the messenger has come with utmost pronouncement and people have accepted. I am not saying that people have not accepted. But in the identity and the personality and the reality and the spirituality the duality of Bhagati and Shakti amalgamated into oneness and that is what Guru Ram Das is. It was not my decision, I might have given a different opinion but it was God's decision. First time.

You are supposed to be spiritual, real and regal and not orphan before your desires. You don't know the real orphan. Real orphan is the one who has no control on his desires. Who is weak within himself. Who cannot command his grace against the race of time and space. What an unfortunate animal is that. And that is what Guru Ram Das's personality stands as a light. It tells, us be spiritual, be regal in the duality of the world, don't let your personality fall apart.

Once a man flew in from New York to ask me a question. "When there are some Sikhs not very rich how come there is a Golden Temple?" I said, " There is the security. As gold is the security behind paper money. It is a security to every spiritual Sikh. That regalness, sovreignty is our birthright. Even our Temple represents the richness."

Some people will tell you, "Don't wear jewelery, don't do this, don't do that, it's against this, it's against that." Sometimes I laugh. Who are they talking to? If Kara is not a jewelery, then what is it? Even after my death when you will put the milk water on the pyre, bring the ashes, this Kara will remain as a sign of the man who lived bonded to the Guru. With all his weaknesses, with all his strengths, with all miracles and all his defeats and with his victories, with all his lies and with all his truth, with all his nothing, with all his everything, this represents that bond which the fire cannot burn. And that man wore on his right hand as a vow of bondedness with his Guru.

And that is the reality of life. That is the truth of life. One commandment among the Sikhs is "Vand Chako." Share with others. Share. If you don't have anything you are useless as a beggar what you can share? You do not understand the fundamental of Sikh Dharma then how you are a Sikh? To the Yogis Guru Nanak, the greatest yogi himself, said, "In Hee Kirpa Mangal Ja-ay." You are going to be fed from the houses whom you teach.

Let us start where Guru Nanak starts with us. "Soche Soch Na Hovai Jai Soche Lak Var"...come on, you know this at least first pauri you know, right? You know that? I hope. Come on let's read it together. (First Pauri of Japji is recited by the Sangat.) Stop it here. By thinking, your thinking, thinking won't solve the problem. Because man is not made to think.

It is a very scientific fact. Because your shashara, your brain releases one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. It is called intellect. Intellect releases thought whether you like it or not. So long you are alive, you breathe and intellect will release the thoughts. These two faculties are human faculties. So when you think, what are you thinking about? What happens is those thoughts become feelings some of those thoughts not all. There are so many thoughts, all pass away. Some gets feelings. Some become emotions, some become desires. And then you fulfill the desire and then there is another desire and another desire and another fulfillment and another fulfillment. Easier to waste his time. Because he is caught by the process of the intellect and not by the virtue of intelligence. Intelligence says sit still the word shall come to you. "Soche, soch na hovai, jai soche lak var." Lak, hundred thousand times. It won't work. First line Guru Nanak uttered.

And now look at the Sikhs. Perhaps a Sahib Singh goofed. What a tragedy. Intellectual goofs. Intellectual and intelligence do not have a relationship. You must understand that. He said, "If I say it, thinking is not right and thinking can not make you right and if you even think a hundred thousand times people will think that Guru Nanak is no good as a Guru. So let us find a way out." So I twisted the words, "Suche, such na hovai, jai suche"...something like that. Twisted the very meaning. Just to justify and still idiots in the Guru (unintelligable). These people have nothing to offer. A Guru Granthi says, people have nothing to offer. People shall not give you anything. It is you who can give yourself something.

If you don't believe in Guru Nanak that is another story. "Je jug chare arja hor dasuni hoe. Nava Khanda Vich(i) janiai nal(i) chalai sabh(u) koe. Changa nao rakhae kai jas(u) kirat(i) jag(i) le-e." Hundred and thousand people take your name and feel grateful. Millions of people are with you. Dharma is not a play to show. Dharma is not a play to go. Dharma is a play to self-evaluate. Dharma is a science to cut/ get rid of karma.

Everybody is born to pay karma. The process which brought you to this planet is karma. "Karma lakit-ey pay-ey" whatever you got pain and sorrow, it comes from sorrow. How to be neutral in the karma is the strength of the Dharma. And that is what Sikh Dharma is. By thinking, thinking your cowardly thoughts you cannot think but by being hungry and fasting you cannot fast. "Sochai soch(i) na hovai je sochi lakh var. Chupai chup na".....by silence you.....

I met a very funny guy. He was on a permanent silence. He would write on the slate then I have to write on the slate. I cracked up, you know my nature is very bad I am not a professional religious man, that's what I realized that day. I mean I am meeting this man in the presence of his diciples and I looked idiot.

I look very idiot to the Indians and especially to the Sikhs. And I am going to declare with you, I am going look more Indian and more idiot to the Indian brothers and sisters because I sick and fed up of this. They come from the land of the Guru and they do not practice anything. It is very sickening to me. I refuse to cooperate now. Why for the last few days I have to bother with these guys. I don't understand.

I went to this great man, Swami Hari or something, I forgot what his name was. He wrote on the slate I welcome you and I blessed by your presence. And I said my God first he has to think, then he has to write, then he has to give me and he says he is silent? Who is silent. The mind goes all over the time.

Who is silent? There is a volcano of thoughts, running around and insecurities and nonsense going on. Hundred twenty dollar to a psychiatrist can't make sense. Psychologist analyzes everything doesn't make a dent. Because this mind has gone scot free. It has taken over the human identity and made him a good for nothing. First line Guru Nanak said, "Sochai Soch(i) na hovai je sochi lakh var. Chupai chup na haovai je lae raha liv tar." Through the silence you cannot be silent, who are you kidding?

I was telling somebody, I said, "People do not teach or preach religion, they sell it." It is a business. If you are hungry and you want good food come to Guru Ram Das Ashram in the evening. There is good food. Fortunate come and take it. Why? "Sel paturnai jantu piai taga rehia"....those who are born in the cave of the stone, their food is already there, nobody gives anybody, nobody takes from anybody. Thank you doesn't exist. Thank God your own creator.

You know the relationship between you and God has become ceremonial. It should be real. You have to do lot of rituals. You know I saw this man singing here and you are listening. Why weren't you singing with him? You couldn't become one with him? You couldn't repeat the Bhani? Then you adopted a second position, you listened. You enjoyed. Majority of you didn't understand a word. That I know. It was saying, " Oh black CooCoo, how come you became black? Why you are black? Well, CooCoo is black, totally black. And she said, "I am so separated with my love, I am burnt out." That was the answer. That's what he was singing, wasn't it? That's what he was singing.

He was singing that, but he was adding rag to it, he was making it as soft as he could. And you were enjoying it. But you do not understand the state of mind how separation from God you practice all the time. My child, my house, my wife, my lover, my fury, my practical, my show, my this....I'm the only one. When I see this idiot doing it then I said, "No doubt, he is totally a million miles away from God."

"Ong kar ee pursh parey na parmeshar." Ego maniac is man shall not touch God. Cannot. Where I live thou shall not enter where thou lives I shall not exist. It's not a problem it's a reality. So some person asks, "Why fourteen hundred pages of Siri Guru Granth?" I said, " To tell you idiot that one, two, three, hundred, thousand million times....

You know you have to tell a Leo ten times, you have to tell a Cancer a hundred times, you know all signs have degrees as earthquake is 4. some this and that. You have to tell an Aries once and you have to explain two thousand times, that is the sign Aries. If you ever talk to an Aries tell one thing and then you will get to explaining two hundred times and then maybe not you'll be squared up. So every of these zodiac signs have animal signs. They explain lot of science behind it.

So Guru took, Guru took fourteen hundred thirty pages to write sutras as many times naturally you breathe in one year. So Guru told you about God and Godliness in one years string in a scripture per rate of your breath. That is why Siri Guru Granth is fourteen hundred and thirty pages. If you multiply fourteen hundred and thirty pages and all those sutras and mulitply one year, hours into sixty minutes, into twenty four hours a day and you do all that mathematical equation and you get to seconds and you take fifteen breaths per second and you come to the calculation the Sutras in the Siri Guru Granth and the breaths in a year will come to the same number.

(Note: Siri Sahib Singh, Ram Das Kaur's baby is crying and Siri Singh Sahib is speaking to her.) Now it is very practical if you ask this great man to not start lecturing by the side and be silent. Can he do that? Ya, I know you are a Leo I have to tell you ten times, but it's all right. But keep on giving him this food and keep him calm. That's his necessity. Don't go away. Don't feel afraid. Don't feel also embarrassed. And don't blush. Just serve this child and prayerfully. That's why a mother has to have a mind to silence the child as man has a mind to silence his ego. And divine has the power to silence the "I". These are the practical things of the Guru.

This Guru teaches. And if you happen to believe in the Leap year after every four years there is a year, then read Rag Mala, otherwise, don't. Now these Sikhs are disputing should we read Rag Mala or should we not? I said, "Should we accept Leap year or should we not?" They don't understand what they are talking about. But in the Indian system because the year is by the moon there is no Leap year. That is why Guru Ram Das's Birthday sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down and you do not understand what is going on.

Because Sun is stationary, Moon is not. So moon calendars are very exact. They are calendars of mind. There is no leap year. That's why Rag Mala is there. I am just telling you, you people who have accepted the Guru there is a conspiracy going on to take away the Bhanis, the Bhagats from the Siri Guru Granth and add other Bhanis to make it look like Siri Guru Granth. Those treacherous efforts are on the way. And it's a very funny thing. Somebody that called told me, "why these American Sikhs call Sat Nam to each other?" There is no word Sat Nam. I said, "This is the third time I have heard and I have tolerated. Fourth time I may not tolerate it." "Why it is not? Sat Nam, means Wahe Guru." I said, "No, Sat Nam means Sat Nam. Sat Nam gave birth to Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru got born out of Sat Nam. Mother can not be a daughter. Don't do this. Where it is written "Sat Nam tero poro poobala?" It is the tatawaa name for God. God could not create tatawaas, could not create creation, could not create
Kar, he could have become just "Ik Ong." If He did not know Sat Nam. He pronounced Himself the word. In the beginning there was the word, word was with God, word was God, that word was Sat Nam. John should have said in the Bible. I would have not had the trouble. Things could have been said. And you say there is no word, Sat Nam? Tattawa Shakti, five tattawa of this whole creation is from the sound of the word Sat Nam." I said, "If there is no Sat Nam, where is Waha Guru then? If there are no believers who will worship the messenger?"

So realize in this House of the Guru we are celebrating Guru Ram Das's Birthday week. Rejoice. Meet. Exchange happiness. You will have happiness for the year. What you shall sow, you shall reap. Sow happiness in this week. Use Thou in this week discard "I", miracles will happen. "Kiv sachiara hoiai kiv kurai tutai pal(i)." How we become truthful and how this wealth of lies can fall. "Hukam(i) rajai chalna Nanak likhia nal(i)." In the will of God, Thou.

These relationships are temporary. People are very lonely. You are all lonely. You can have 200 husbands, you are lonely. You have six hundred wives you are lonely. Horses, Houses will make you lonely. Nothing will make you not lonely because you are not with you. That is where you are lonely. You have no self-respect. You have no self-love. You have no self-knowledge. You have no self-experience. Isn't that enough to tell you, you are lonely? Then you go around and try to build.

It is very funny you want to live in Los Angeles, right? And you buy a house in San Francisco. Huh? Is that possible? You have no relationship with yourself, you have no knowledge of yourself, you have no experience of yourself, you have not understood yourself, you don't talk to yourself, you don't control yourself, you can't stop yourself and you are telling me that you don't want to be lonely?

A car is going down the stream, down the road from the height of the mountain, low, below and your brakes don't work. You know what will happen? You are saying "No, no, no it's my Rolls Royce, it can't, it can't, it can't, it can't what? You are pressing the gas pedal, can't, can't what? It is going, the more it goes the more it accelerates. Fire the desire the more wood you put on it the more it will flame more it will burn you. You'll end up with nothing but a bunch of smoke. Nobody will know you. Nobody will remember you. Nobody will be with you. You'll be lonely. You came lonely, you'll go lonely. You came lonely with Karma, you go with Dharma so God goes with you. That is where Sikh starts. That is Sikh Dharma.

We don't....This is a very funny thing I am going to say I know they are going to discard me, they are going to say I am not a Sikh. But anyway, who cares. I don't care for them and they don't care for me. Actually the fact is Sikh does not seek God. Not at all. Now you are all shocked, then what Sikh is about? Now I'm not going to tell you what it is about, little bit. Let me create your curiosity.

Sikh does not seek God. Sikh does not protelize about God. Sikh does not sell and buy God. Sikh doesn't do anything. Sikh represents God. That's why in our "Mool Mantra" Akal Moorat Ajuni Saibhang Gurprasad that is what it means. Sikh is a representative of Godliness, Saintliness. It is a combination of Bhagati and Shakti. Therefore it should not be misunderstood.

When a Sikh lies, God lies. When a Sikh defaults.... And it is not my words. It is yours. You said it in the song of the Khalsa. No, no, no, didn't say. In the song of the Khalsa there be no world at all. You sing it everyday. If the Khalsa falls, there won't be a world at all. This is what you said. You sing it everyday. You don't understand what you are singing. Is that true? Or you do not realize the impact of it. When a Khalsa falls, God falls with it. It is just slapping God in the face. Mortal slaps the immortal. There is no problem. As God is everywhere, so you can slap him everywhere, but one day He will slap you, you will be nowhere. Get ready for that.

That is why Sikh Dharma is crystalization of self in which one's own soul is seen and shines. And that is what Guru Ram Das represents. That is the miracle. And this is the week we start now and we inaugerate this week to celebrate Guru Ram Das. It should be every day celebrate. Everyday there should be Langar. Everyday there should be Kirtan. Every.....don't listen and wait that Staff will call you and you have to take permission. Just do it yourself. Represent Guru Ram Das, he'll protect you for the year to come. Simple bargain. Nobody knows in the little seed if there is a huge tree. But all you have to do is to sow it. So shall you sow, so shall you reap. Make this week of celebration.....

Go and call these Indian Sikhs their misfortune will go away. Tell them their tragedy will go away. Tell them their children will be saved only if they celebrate this week. Go as missionaries, walk those feet you'll walk to their houses. Call them on the phone, tell them. Write them letters. Tell these forgotten Sikhs, this "malech" Khalsa, tell them. Because let that word not come through "malech Khalsa hosi nass, panth Khalsa hosi prakash." Go for one week to everywhere where you find a Sikh and remind him that this is the week of the Birthday of Guru Ram Das.

Wake them from this sleep of ignorance. You shall be blessed. Do it individually. Because you belong to the Guru exactly the way Guru belongs to you. And that is the way to go. Then see what happens. Then it will come true. "Dhan dhan Ram Das Guru jina siria tinay savaria. Pooree hoee karamaat aap sirajina harai dharia." That God in self embodied himself to complete the miracle. That is what it means. God embodied himself to complete the miracle that great, great is Guru Ram Das. "Jina siria tinai savaria." One who has sowed him in any form or shape got completely perfected. What more do you need? In these virtues, in these moments what we have shared there is a lot to do. There are a lot of opportunities. So let us celebrate this week in the Glory and the Grace of the Guru. Let us understand. And let us rebind ourselves, let the bond become clear and understood, let's recapture ourselves. Let today we decide not even for the forgiveness of the past but let us build for the
future. Let us establish a tie that will not let go.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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