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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/28/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Glendale, CA

What I Feel I Share, Because I Care

the lecture of 5/29/88. It also contains many Gurmukhi words explained in the science of Naad.)

This word is very powerful - "love." And equivalent to that in the Gurmukhi is "prem" and "piaar." I'm not going to go into that aspect but I'm just going to tell you there are three words: "liv," "lo," "love."

I'm just trying to make you understand because you are Sikhs of the Shabad Guru. You must understand the sound, how it means, what it means, and to what extend it means.

"Liv" - unbreakable, continuous connection. Unbreakable union. Unbreakable contact is called "liv."

"Lo" - the light. The spread of the light.

"Love" - piaar. It can be platonic, it can be satanic, it can be negative, positive, featured, unfeatured, mental, spiritual, possible, impossible.

But those of you who have credited themselves as human beings (and you always believe in love, and you always say so) you have to be fanatically understanding of one situation: without "lo" and "liv" there is no such thing as "love." So each time when you express the word "love" you lie. Love lies. Love lies and love cheats and love defrauds its own blood acquaintance, social, economics, everything. I am yet to meet a one single person who even understands not to lie!

So what is a lie? Lie is an expression of baiting in the name of love where you cannot confront the reality and you gain the time. Otherwise there is no such thing as lie. Nobody lies. You're wrangling your way through, defrauding yourself from a situation. You want...everybody wants, a little time. And the time situation is so seriously authentic that it can never change.

Let us see what we call this world... "jagat." Jagat. "Ji" has come to this universe to get the gaddee, redemption. The soul has come here to get the redemption. Redepmtion from what? From me? From you? No. Redemption from time and space. Desh and kaal.

The word in the Guru which no Sikh has understood yet is very important, "Akaal Moorat." Let your identity, personification and your personified personality be Infinity. Now, we are all going to die. We have body, we have mind, and we have a soul. Our soul doesn't die, doesn't matter. That's not the sole purpose of the soul. And mind fluctuates, that's not either the purpose. The body never lies, that's a definite fact.

Now the question arises, what are you going to do about it? The actual effectiveness Guru has given us, "Akaal Moorat", and then he opens the door. None of you understands. You think by doing things, you will come to an understanding. Communication, "veechaar," which Guru says:

Taal vich tin vasatoo paee-o sat santokh veechaaro

In the platter are placed three things: truth, patience
and meditation.
Guru Arjan Dev, pg. 1429, SGGS

does not mean to win or lose. Wherever in your life you talk to win and lose, you will break the relationship. That's the law which you cannot change. Whosoever will lose will be angry. Whosoever will win will be an egomaniac. Both will be unhappy.

The communication... shabad, is only for understanding, because you are Sikh of the Shabad Guru. You are not the Sikh of the Guru. No Sikh can say he has a Guru. Whether it is a person or anything else. You are the Sikh of the Shabad Guru. That is why: Gur, Guru, Siri Guru, Wahe Guru. 'Wahe Guru' is your mantra and Siri Guru Granth is your Guru because it is Shabad Guru. Nobody can be Siri Guru until it is a Shabad Guru. Period!

Therefore you have to understand this aspect. Akaal Moorat. Moorat = picture. Picture is what? Pick is our word. "Char Shabad" means happiness. English has not come from heavens directly. Some communicative aspect body language has mixed. "Eh too hei meraa hi." Now high, "h-i-g- h," high. Guru Nanak knew English all right. Otherwise how can you have it in the Siri Guru Granth? Picture = pick the chaar, happiness. Whenever you see a picture you become happy. It is automatic aspect of it. And that expression has come into the English word, "picture."

FIGHT BETWEEN MAN AND GOD: So basically what I'm explaining, "Akaal Moorat"... you are the picture of the undying Creator, God. And if you once become that (now I'm not going to go into the details because two minutes are over) if you become...there's a fight between man and God. "Atma dee paramatmaa na jang hei." Til rai hei... Atma: the soul, fights with Paramatmaa. It is a total lie, certified lie, that you are ever in peace with paramtmaa, you are ever in peace with God. It is a lie. I, in my life, have nothing to deal with it. In my 58 & 1/2 years all people who claim to be religious have met me, or I have come to meet them. And I feel they all lie, including me, if we do not understand one simple thing: that there is a war going on between man and God. And everybody wants to be beautiful because he wants to be beautiful. Is there anybody sitting here who got up, dressed up this morning and wanted to be beautiful to please God? Or be like God? Undying God? In the Mool Mantra, this word comes, "Akaal
Moorat, Ajoonee, Saihbang, Gur Prasaad. Guru opens the door to those who surrender in this war and thus merge with God.

Now you can ask me, there are going to be five billion people on this planet. Those who do not listen to Guru Nanak's Mool Mantra cannot be freed from the bondage? Don't worry. There are more than 5 billion living under the ocean. There are more people living in the air. There are zillions and zillions people, there is 30 trillion people living in you. You are a constitution of ten trillion cells, and each cell has three working parts. So thirty trillion you are. If you come to the sophistication of knowing what life is, you will understand the life has to come, you have to come, to shuniaa. You have to come to "Krishna." Kaar-i-shuniaa. Where the whole Prakirtee becomes zero. Krishna. "Hari Krishna Hari Krishna Hari Krishna." Do you understand what you are saying?

"Rama." Raa-ay-maa. The one who created sun and moon. Guru. Pavan Guru. When you all do this "Pavan Guru, pani pitaa," I don't know if you understand or not. Praan. Vaan. Praan Vaan is called pavaan. Where life rises to reach. Utaam. Guru could have said, "Vayu Guru." But no, he didn't say, "Air Guru." He said "Pavan Guru." Praan. Praan rides into you. Guru. Guru. "Gu" is the darkness and "ru" the light. When the praan comes to me, I am from darkness, from death, to light. The man is one breath. If it goes in, comes out, and again goes in, you are alive. Once it goes in and stays there or goes out and doesn't want to go back, that's the end of you. That is the total sum of you. So basically "Pavan Guru."

The light of the Shabad Guru, "Shei" "bud." I am talking to you with a Naad. Shabad. Shei-bud. Bud means to cut it. Shei is a very simple word. Where ego is cut, that's called "Shabad." What shabad does? It cuts the ego.

What I'm trying to explain to you, sometimes you should sit down and talk with your Siri Guru Granth, and Siri Guru Granth should talk to you so that this life may not go to waste. Unecessarily we are spinning everything by centrifugal and centripudal force and by impulsative and inner rotation and we are keeping our life going. And we eat well, we sleep well, we make love without knowing what it means actually. Purposely we avoid to understand, because once you understand, we have to stand under. That's the obligation. And nobody wants to stand under anything. And up, up, up they go without knowing where they are going.

So life to everybody, to me, is like a balloon and there it goes, and when it touches, the very cool air it can't handle it. A life which ends without understanding stands not a chance.

I'm not going into your accounts, I'm not going into your bank accounts, I'm not going into your daily accounts. That's an individual affair. But what I feel, I share. I share, because I care. So my personal apology. I have taken up a minute more than the two. I just wanted to share a thought.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Yogi Bhajan 1988
Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA 1988

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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