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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 06/05/1988
Category: misc
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Peace Sunday

our Peace Prayer Day, sponsored by the Interfaith Council for the United Nations, and attended by people of various faiths and walks of life, dedicated to promoting Peace. The audience seemed to enjoy the talk by "Yogi Bhajan" a great deal.)

Should I say "Good Afternoon?" He pronounced me as a Yogi and it is said in the scriptures, "Yogi knows it all." And sometimes people meet me and they ask me, "You are a yogi - tell me when the Third World War is going to start. And what will happen?"

I predict the Third World War will happen when the United Nations will fail... when it will die. That day you can all very calmly and quietly have your last supper and you all will die. Russians will die, Americans will die, Indians will die, Japanese will die. Nobody is going to live. And it doesn't take much of wisdom to find it out. Because when League of Nations dies, a big chunk of our world dies.

And now United Nations is being suffocated by Americans withdrawal of funds. We Americans have to totally understand what is going on. What is going on right now is, "Don't give any funds to the United Nations. They don't know what they are doing. They spend money here and there. They don't know anything about it." And United Nations is being suffocated. "Cut it out, don't send representatives, send a junior one there. Third world countries work together, they don't understand America."

And this information is being given to us, we the tax-payers. You know how many months we work for this government? Three months out of every year! Can you believe that? And over and above they have the right to audit us. Over and above they charge us the interest, and they penalize us.

What we did? We took somebody to a wrong dinner. That's not admissible. So that kind of scrutinizing government should understand that every four years our turn comes. And now it is our year. We can fix them, we can nail them. Now they are coming out shaking hands, "Hello, I have met you. How are you? You are a religious representative?" Because they know. And United Nations has gotten up too, that they are talking to the religious people. They don't understand. If they want American funds, they have got to talk to us. We know how to collect the money and rough it up. (Audience laughs.) We know how to pass the loot, PTL, you know? We are very accustomed to things.

We Americans are very shrewd. We are intelligent, we are shrewd, we are survivalists, and we are great, not by the fact that we have special brain. We are great because geographically we are all immigrants, and we know how to survive. Most of you know, its your basic genes.

It doesn't matter where I come from. Today you talk of the children, you were talking about. You forgot to talk about the Sikh children in Punjab which are being killed by genocide. They are being killed just in an onslaught. Their only fault is that they have full hair and they are Sikhs. And look at the tragedy of the circumstances. Pakistan, which is a Muslim country, and the Sikhs had to leave Pakistan, are getting shelter there. I mean, the coincidence of circumstances. It's not that you like it or dislike it, you want to have it or not have it. There are a lot of things coming out tomorrow, but you Americans who want to live, who call yourself successful... and you have a history for that; you who say, "Let us compete well." It's all going to be a dream if United Nations fails. And you don't have to write a calendar when we are going to have a blue moon or when the stars are going to collide and things are going to happen and California will go into the ocean.

I was in New Mexico at my ranch, and I overnight came back here. And somebody... I said, "You know, if I leave California and if I am not in Los Angeles tomorrow, they'll say, well, Yogiji ran away. And everybody's going to get in a plane and run out. And California's not going to go anywhere. It's going to very much stay."

Life means nothing to us if at this time we do not participate with full health to keep United Nations going. I'm not asking right now that it should be one world and every decision should be made there. Otherwise what our politicians will do? They will be out of business. They need to keep their jobs, too. I mean, they are also a creation of God. But, this is one year, 1988, when those who are going to rough us up for the coming four years are at our gates, shaking our hands, telling us, "What you want?"

Take the guy, put a cookie in his mouth and tell him, say, "Peace." If he says, "Peace," with the cookie in his mouth, then vote for him. That is a test. No, no, no, that is the test! Americans love cookies and coca- cola. (Audience laughs.) So if somebody... you know, people come to me, I have an influence, yeah, I have influence. There are certain people whose fate in the political world hangs in my just turning left, turning right.

We spiritual people are very powerful. We look very humble but we carry a lot of weight. True, true. Believe me or not. Except that criticism that somewhere we goof... and to error is human and with all that stuff. God, when we stand above the pulpit and we talk, and we sell that unknown, unseen God to people just like this! We are not crazy. We know our business.

So thank God that United Nations is turning to a new phase, making this kind of gathering where spiritual people can get together, because once the spirit gets together, mind gets together... then body gets together. I don't think the Assistant Secretary General came here to learn a sermon, but let me teach him something. And that is, that once the spirit gets together, mind has no option... and then body will follow. It's a law of nature from centuries. And if you can understand and go in your record, there is an application in the NGO, non-government organization, where we Sikhs want a representation because we have no government anywhere. And we never knew what happened to the application. Perhaps Secretariat lost it somewhere. We applied it again. They said, "It has gone to an office in Paris, France." It didn't get found out. But we had a hope. We have a hope. We have a hope that mankind has started walking and is not crawling anymore.

Total mankind is a child. It doesn't know where to spit and where to change his diapers. You must understand, YOU, the big machos, who think....what do you think? Star Wars is going to protect United States of America? Forget it! We are going to die with our own atom bombs. When my friend Ronnie came from governor of California -- as a friend -- I'm not saying anything against him, I know he would not like it if I stick a needle in him. He's a Californian, he's going to live among us. We're going to find him in some restaurant doing things. Today he's in the White House and he thinks everything's white. Just tell him there are certain things black in Los Angeles, too. Baby, you'll come back home, you don't do good job, we'll see what you can do. But anyway. When he went to that White House, he understood where Americans stand. And he understands today that we don't want war.

And those four friends which have been introduced from Russia, let them tell Mr. Gorbachev we don't want war and neither he wants it, neither he can afford it, nor we can afford it. We are just like, you know, two good dogs playing between themselves. They don't need to bite each other. And this all is a game, fooling people in their countries, telling them, "We are the Mighty One!" Not at all!

The electromagnetic field will fail with three-directional war-heads first. And after that, God, nobody knows what will happen. It is so predicted in our book of religion, that the prayer at Golden Temple shall stop thrice, and after that, world shall face a disaster. I never believed it can ever happen. It is a temple where everybody can go and pray and God knows. We never thought it will ever happen. In the last few years, '84- '88, it has stopped twice already. So if there is any warning anywhere, it doesn't mean a thing because that temple which I bow to... you don't, that doesn't mean a thing. And there are a lot of predictions. There's a French philosopher, I remember not his name, what do you call him? Nostrodamus, he has said world is going to come to an end. I think all predictions will go wrong.

One prediction will come true, which I made it today. It's me and me alone, and listen to me, people, behold! The day they will fix up a needle in United Nations and bleed it to the death, that is the day your threat is so granted, so certified, it can never be wrong.

And you talk of children today. There will be no children to tell the story.

Thank you.

- end -

YB Teachings, LLC 1988
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