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Lecture by :
Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/26/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Direct Heart Line


(Note: This talk was given at an evening gurdwara where
everybody in the sangat made a dish of food, and brought
it before the Guru with a wish. "A dish and a wish.")

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

This universe is a living experience between time and space, and no doubt there are a lot of human beings. At the moment we are five billion people on the earth. We started the tragedy to go through in 1984, and this is the last Taurus moon and... next to Guru Ram Das' birthday today... we are completing the 1988. It has taken a very heavy toll on the Sikh religion, or people who believe in the Sikhs.

The majority of the Sikhs who have been killed, slaughtered, burned alive, were those who were innocent. And always in a sacrifice, the most holy lamb gives the sacrifice... the purest of all. Sacrifice is always the right of a saint. It is a privilege. And we have given a sacrifice in thousands in number.

The Golden Temple was attacked before. It took down the imperial of the Mogul Empire. Golden Temple was attacked again. It blew the British away Golden Temple has been attacked now and what shall happen, time will tell. But we knew all along that it is not an attack on a religous place. Golden Temple is not a religious place, not just "a" religious place. It is THE nerve center of the psyche on which the harmony and the peace of the world is balanced. It was the crown star of India, and it was the shield and protection of the government.

Pakistan attacked government many times with a very absolute sophisticated arm and a tremendous trained army. They could not even cross. Not that Indian army were one of the best. Indian army has been eaten up in Sri Lanka. Indian army everybody knows. But they couldn't come a foot in Punjab because the psyche of the Punjab and the army became one. Fight became on inch to inch. Finally they won.

I'm not here to tell you how the war is won and how it is to be fought. I'm just telling you, when death is confronted, how the spirit is exalted in a man. And the Golden Temple, Harimandir, is a place of exaltation. Guru Ram Das Ashrams carry the name, the seal, of the Guru. And today is the question, "What shall happen to the Sikhs?"

If I'll be next year on this birthday with you, I'll tell you, "One year more has passed." But I tell you what will happen. It will exactly happen as 1988 years ago there was no Christianity, 3052 years ago there was no Buddhism, 5060 years ago there were no Jews, and 169,000 years ago there were no Hindus. So religion comes and religion goes, and every time the religion comes and it gets settled and it is a step inspiration for the mankind to grow, to understand.

Sometimes you find it difficult to do Rehiras. It is not a Western style. Western style is to have a bourbon on the rocks. That's a Western style. That's also included not in a religion... that's a part of our society. But just understand in Sikh Dharma, social and personal, spiritual and mental reliance is that in the evening we should be Rehiras. Now what that does to us? It takes a lot of nerve to sit down for a few minutes and say Guru's words, but it saves a lot of the nerves, too.

Understand the religion. In the morning in the ambrosial hours, it tells you to meditate. It tells you to meditate. You may do it, you may not do it. It's not obligatory, but you believe and you'll do it. Now doing the sadhana in the morning brings you tranquility, peace, mental strength and grit. It makes you go through the day with all tranquilized sanity and tolerance. You look a better person. Because this is a religion of a saint and a soldier. We have to fight the adversity like a soldier. We have to answer it like a saint.

Now how a saint has to be? We have to come out with a statement of an answer which should look not saintly but may be felt by another person saintly. Just understand a quality of a Sikh.


You will say, "Sikhs are not like that." I agree. They are not like that. Cartoon can tell you a story but cartoon cannot talk to you. Some Sikhs are cartoons. They don't do sadhana. They don't read their banis. They do not live in a Rehit. They do not eat right. They do not behave right. They are a more commotional bunch, only reliable to be given to a psychiatric hospital.

There's not a one Sikh who dresses up in the morning for himself. Sikh dresses up in the morning for the Guru. If you are a Sikh and you dress up in the morning for yourself, you are not a Sikh for that day, because you didn't get ready for the Guru. Sikh is of the Guru. Guru is of the Sikh. There is no other relationship in Sikh Dharma... a religion which guarantees to take off your adversities, your insanity, your commotionalism, your nuisance. It guarantees! Therefore it has to have a code. The code is to get up in the ambrosial hour and give your 2-1/2 hours to yourself so that during the whole day you may not freak out, you may not look flakey.

Man is not worshipped because man is 6 foot 9 inches. Man is not worshipped because he is very sturdy and stout. Man is also not worshipped because he is very pretty and beautiful. These are the first stages of impressions. Normally man is worshipped because he is sturdy, he is stable, he is wise and he is pure, he is dependable, he is trustworthy and he is God-worthy. You may say anything to any religion. Religions are the most, biggest hypocrisy practiced commercially by certain insane, immoral people who dodge and lodge impact of poison in others and take other people's money and they live themselves. That's not religion. And that's not a religious way of life. Sikh Dharma forgets not it, and prohibits it.

"Kaal kaahe kojat to deh. Nanak sach pachaane se."

This is a ridiculous! It is a religion of all people. Every Sikh is supposed to participate in the religion. Every Sikh has to live as an embodiment ambassador of the Guru. Guru Gobind Singh, father of this nation, took away the difference between the disciple and the Guru. And with what a pride... with what a pride we sing:

"Waho Waho Gobind Singh apay gur chelaa."

And with what a hypocrisy we practise it! If the disciple and the Guru is one with the Guru Gobind Singh, why the disciple and the Guru are not one today?

Sikh Dharma, a path of life, gives you the Gurudom. And Guru is a state of mind which takes the darkness away and spreads the light. It is a path of the people of light -- enlightened people -- who against the calamity of darkness can see light. How you can do it? That's the question.

Question is when you have the patience and you enjoy the pleasure of that patience, and you have the depth of the ocean of tolerance, and then you come out to speak to people in Guru's words, that is where you become representative of the Guru of which you call yourself Sikhs. That's why, just remember, in Sikh Dharma, though there are Sanskriti sloks in Siri Guru Granth, but an ordinary language was used to make an ordinary person divine. The dividedness, the duality in the man was taken away, and the divinity was substituted with a simple mode of conduct, and that is: a man of God is a man of God, therefore a man of God should act as a man of God. A seeker of truth should act as a truth.

You go to a geometry class, you study geometry. At that time when you are studying geometry, you do not start singing poetry, because poetry is a subject... it is a good one.... geometry is a subject... it is kind of a dry one, but between geometry and poetry the relationship is knowledge. The relationship is to be learned. Sikh does not only seek light... Sikh PRACTICES light. Your life and your answers, your behavior and your dress, your food and your dealings, your relationship with others and within your self... your relationship in family and around your family, should be that of God... of saintliness, of that purity.

Sikh Dharma will not spread because somebody will go preaching. Sikh Dharma will not spread because somebody will take the sword and conquer the country and say, "Either become MY religion or DIE!" Sikh Dharma will not run crusades. Sikh Dharma has one simple way of life. Sikh lives as the one who has self within the Guru and Guru within the self.

And Guru Gobind Singh vouches it:

"Jab lag khaalsaa rahe niaaraa
Tab lag tej dee-o mai saaraa."

I will give divine radiance to the
Khalsa who will live as distinct. And then conditions it:
"Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.
Mai naa karo in kee parteet."

But if they adopt the common ways,
I will not satisfy them.

--Guru Gobind Singh, Sarab Loh Granth

If you become the commoner and deal common ways, you will have those common problems. If you become special and deal specially, you will have special problems. And special problems have special answers. Common problems have common answers. Commotional man has a variety of variance. Variety of variance is a very enjoyable thing to live, but in a variety of variance you will never know who you are. In a conduit disciplined life, you will be suffocated, trained. Within yourself you will feel as one. But you will experience the One within you. Therefore the universe will become yours.

Sikh has not to seek a saint. Sikh IS a saint.

Sikh has not to seek a Guru... "Khaalsaa meraa satigur pooraa."

Sikh IS a perfect True Guru.

But when you tell Sikhs today: "You are a true perfect Guru," he says, "No, no, no, no, no. I am the dust of the dust of the dust of the dust..." of what? Well now, if Guru says you the Sikh are a perfect true Guru, then conduct of behavior has to come up on behalf of the Guru.

You know why you are afraid? You are afraid when you act. But when you act in the faith of Guru Ram Das as the Sikh of the Guru, there should be no fear, because Guru shall cover. Life is no more than a dollar bill. The biggest scripture on the earth. This is the only one dollar bill in currency unit in the world which says, "In God we Trust." And Sikh has a dollar bill in himself, "In Guru he Lives."

In all actions of yours don't think too much. Don't think all commercial things. Don't think all corner and fact of psyche. Just think one thing:

Whenever you act, act in the Name of the Guru you believe in.
Don't act yourself.

Therefore there shall be no reaction. It is a simple way to feel enlightened. It is a simple way to feel rich. It is a simple way to prosperity. It is a simple way of fulfillment. It's the mostly best public relations for opportunities. Because when one is saintly, one is trustworthy, one is gracious, one is enlightened, one is wise, and everybody seeks such a person. That's the life of a Sikh.

Learn! To be a Sikh is a science to be a God. Guru Gobind Singh has done us the greatest favor which a father can do to a child. He gave us rehit. He gave us bana, bani, seva, simran. He gave us Siri Guru Granth... Guru. He gave us Siri Guru Granth as our Guru but the enemies today will create a doubt in your mind, "Siri Guru Granth is a paper or an ink, is a word of... it's a this. Why you worship this way? This is right in it or not?"

Just remember, if you want to live a tranquil peaceful life, anybody who creates a doubt on Siri Guru Granth, NEVER see that person again! That person is a fatal poison. That person who's creating a doubt on the Guru is totally creating a doubt in your total identity and personality. Religion is not an opium of mankind. Religion is a source of ecstasy of mankind.

Nobody on the earth will take away from us the Golden Temple. So long we will live and our generations will live, Golden Temple will live in our hearts. It is HARImandir, it is God's temple. Wherever we'll go, we'll build temples. We'll honor Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru. Four is a cup of prayer. That's why the prayer to Guru Ram Das becomes itself a solvent. That's why:
"Naanak too lehnaa too hei gur amar too veechaariaa.....
Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur jin siriaa tinai savaariaa."
Siri Guru Granth explains Guru Ram Das well in advance...

You, YOU who are in the Western world, you who have never been developed and born under the rule of the Brahamin, you who have come from the freedom of the man and his thought, you who have the psyche of the philosophy to question, answer and learn, you do not now what a Brahmin is. Brahmin is a person who tells you the science of Braham, the God. And finally what it became? It became a clan on man of spiritual death. You can't get married without Brahmin. You can't get up without Brahmin. You cannot sleep without Brahmin. You cannot lie down without Brahmin! You this, this. You rent out this, you rent out that. It is kind of a tuxedo which we wear to look good. That's why Guru Arjan Dev took it away from us. That's why Guru Gobind Singh took away from us the difference between the Guru and the Sikh.

A question was asked that day, "When anybody has a question he goes before his Guru... and who will answer him his doubt?" I didn't answer that man. I said, "Well, we can go to Siri Guru Granth, open it up, it will speak to us as exactly it should be." "Oh, no, no." I said, "Why, 'oh no'?'" What is a Guru? A man? No! An INTUITIVE man. If a man does not have drib drishti, an acknowledged ecstasy in the sense of knowing, he should not practice to counsel others, because he's counseling his opinion, he's not counseling Truth. And why a Sikh should go to anybody to seek advice when a Sikh IS the advice itself?

You want to have something today. Today you have come to the House of Guru Ram Das. You have brought a dish. You cooked it or you stole it or you paid for it. You did something. But the sense of creativity in you is, that you have one wish per dish, and you want that to be fulfilled. Isn't that true? Now it is an act. What its reaction is? You have already meditated, purified and intensified what you want, and what you want happens. All you have to do is to want it with a purity and intensity enough to create a reality.
"Kar ta tere subh kich hei..."

God has everything in his house, but gives those who ask for it, gives those who deserve it, and gives those who it is good in their interest.

We, who are the Sikhs of the Siri Guru Granth shall never bow to a man. We, who are the Sikhs of the Siri Guru Granth will understand the sophistication and loftiness of the world. We, who are the Sikhs of the Siri Guru Granth will learn the steadiness of unchangeability by time and space. Guru Granth will give you hukam all the time. What it gives you, you cannot change it by bribing it or patterning it.

You worship a man... any man... take him a big gift, he becomes very happy. Take him a small gift, he becomes small happy. These stupid gurus! You sit down there, they take a big thing, "Oh ho, ha, ha, ha, come on, come on, sit down by my side. Oh, beautiful, wonderful." And if you go in rags, same way... if you go in rags, you look weirdo, you go by that, "Oh, cha cha cha, take him away." I did that in Hardwar. I went to see this Mahan Muni blah blah blah, whatever the damn thing is. And I took all the fruit and the money and the silver plate and this and that. God, you should have seen the reception. They even brought a bugle and a band to receive me. Well, eleven thousand rupees can do a lot. No big deal in those days. Three days later I put upon me a torn kurta, barefooted, and all that best make-up of a rotten person on the earth is available, and I went to the door of the same man. I cannot tell you, I had three black-and-blues. When I insisted that I go back to see him,
they almost beat me up. You think THAT man will answer your question?

Oh Sikhs! The Guru is within you, around you, above you, below you, all around you! You don't have a question! You have been taught to be beggars where you are the imperial Sikhs of the Guru! Your destiny belongs to Raj Yog! The throne of Raj Yog has been given to Guru Ram Das. You can never be poor, you can never be unhappy, you can never be unprosperous! You cannot have anything wrong. Look at me! There is so much pain and so much distress, and so much everything. Am I not looking good to you? Trust in Guru Ram Das. Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world! You are saints to start with.

Mother Teresa did not become a saint because she was specially going to convent. Never she did a thing. All she did was to take the destitute, rotten people from the streets, clean them up so they can die in peace... which was Bhai Khanyaia's mission... and she is a better Sikh than all of you. This is a Bhai Khanyaia's mission. Today there is a Red Cross, there is this... first Red Cross was started by Bhai Khanyaia. First brave retribution was started by Guru Gobind Singh. He put gold on his arrow, even the enemy may die. First grace and nobility and royalty was practised by Sikhs when in the evening Guruka langar was ready, they will even invite... if there is anybody in the enemy camp, he can come and eat safely and then go back and fight with us tomorrow. That's the character.

Sikhs are not trusted, and they were not sardars because they were this, they were that. They were trusted and respected because they not only looked like rishis, they lived as rishis. It is a religion of a divine man. It is a religion of a sage. It is not a religion of worldly fashion! It is a religion of divine fashion!

Therefore, just remember, don't ask for things! Start something! Start blessing people. Sikh is not a man of the earth. Sikh is a man of the Guru. Just imagine in a situation which is adverse before you: What will Guru Gobind Singh do now? Now! And then do EXACTLY what you think he will do. Things will come automatically right. Don't think whether you can do it or not. Just think, "As a representative of Guru Ram Das, what Guru Ram Das will do now?"

I understand you had a terrible night last night. I also understand you didn't do your sadhana. I also understand you didn't pay your bills right. I understand you lied to your work. I understand that's all you did. But at the moment of confrontation forget about all that and just act as Guru could have acted. Start a habit. Make a deal and keep going. See where you go! One by one, step by step, day by day, minute by minute, breath by breath.

"Saas saas simaro gobind..."

When you sleep at night, do you know where you are, and who's chanting for you? No! Even in that thought, just see that you belong with a longing to Guru Ram Das.

Why our children are calm, quiet and peaceful? Why not others? Because we expect a mother on 120th day to start thinking, "The soul has come in, Guru has blessed it," and it keeps on going. Why our children are given the Lullabies of Guru Ram Das at night when they go to bed? Why we tell them the stories of the Guru? Because we expect them to be good, right? Are you not children of the Guru? Why don't you give yourself a lullaby sometime? Is that something wrong? Why don't you read Rehiras so that in the evening your nerves can be so much calm so that you cannot fight with your wife and your wife cannot fight with you? It takes one Rehiras to have a good evening and a good night. It takes one Kirtan Sohila to sleep well and deep. It takes one wonderful morning to get up and say Japji and Jaap. It it takes one Anand Sahib to face the entire day and it takes one Sukhmani a day to change the entire destiny from misery to prosperity! Guru gave you all that. It is the Brahmin who told you to
let him worship for you and you will get blessing. Forget it! Sikh Dharma has no in-between agent!

You talk of ardas. I'll tell you the shortest ardas once I did and it happened. We were in a very crunch up situation. There was nothing we could do. And I said, "Guru Ram Das, hurry up." That was the shortest ardas I ever did. Shortest ardas. I'm not lying to you. It is his birthday, I'm sitting in the gurdwara... Siri Guru Granth as my Guru. I am Siri Singh Sahib. I am not supposed to lie. I am not supposed, right? With all that? In that car it was the situation, one minute it would have been over with, and one minute it would be this way. And all I said was, "Guru Ram Das, hurry up." And I didn't even say, "Please." I'm sorry for that even today. It was in seconds the help came. Seconds! Later on I asked the poliice officer. I said, "How you knew we were in trouble?" He said, "Well, I do not know. You can call it intuition." I said, "How you knew?" He said, "I had some feeling that you guys are in trouble so I came in." I said, "Thank you."

Later on I felt, it is my habit, as a man, as a person, as a human, to call on Guru Ram Das... but the difference is I call on him in good and in bad both. And that's what you need to develop a relationship. Because bad is also good because it tells you what good is. Good is very good, it inspires you to reach for it. Good and bad is a game of the earth. Heavens do not know what is good and bad. Heavens know who is who, in identity merged or unmerged. If you submerge into the identity of the Guru, you don't have to worry about God. God shall be looking for you. And this is not a time and a space, happiness and unhappiness. It is the time to understand to learn. Because I'll tell you why: Humanity has crossed the stages of doubt and duality. Humanity is advancing towards living in a psyche where people will be intuitive and acknowledging. Therefore please understand.

One day somebody was telling me, "In the gurdwara we should always say good things." I said, "Yes. We should do bad things and say in gurdwara good things." In gurdwara we say all the things which we do, and remember all the standards through which we live, and through all the knowledge what we can practice. Here we learn the art of being a Sikh and the science and the strength to live as a Sikh. That is not enough! That is not a complete statement. Sikh of the Guru. If a Sikh lives as a Sikh he will live as a most painfully confused man. It is a very simple situation. Sikh cannot have an identity. Sikh has to merge the identity in the Guru so that the God can merge It's identity into the Sikh. That's the relationship of this Dharma.

I know many of us are confused, because we have adapted this Dharma and we have not practised yet thoroughly well and understood. And we just...

"Serman daate ole pare...."

Somebody got his head shaven and then he got those snowballs and got bleeding. We even just got up and we came out of this ritual of this nonsense... and this Brahaminism has started coming and seeping into us. I'm tired of it! It never suited me in India; it never suits me here. And those of you who want to practise groupy-ism and this man-ism, get out of here! Don't make this space dirty! It's not required! There's no place for you. You are wasting your time and you are wasting your lifespan. It's useless.
If Guru has blessed you and you have virtues to come to the door of the Guru, then BE the Sikh of the Guru! Practise it! We SHALL rule this earth, there's no doubt about it! People say:

"Raaj kare ga khaalsaa."

We'll not conquer the earth with guns and cannons. We'll conquer the earth with the spirit of the Guru. We'll guide the earth not by controlling and directing. We'll guide the earth by the Light of the Guru.

All of you are better than me. Yes, you are. Today my life is not that I am alive by the medicine. Today I am alive because of your prayer, so you have proven your sainthood. There's no doubt about it. Now have reality and honesty and start doing this to the whole world! If today on the birthday of Guru Ram Das, you promise you will touch the heart of one person a day to elevate that person -- don't teach him religion, don't proselytize, don't say a thing -- but if a person calls you and says, "I am miserable, I am horrible, I am terrible, there's hopelessness, what should I do?" Tell him to inhale and say, "Wha." Exhale and say, "Guru." And meanwhile in your heart say, "Guru Ram Das, help!" You know, it is easy to say... Shortest prayer. You don't have to repeat it next minute. It will be all done. That quick is the direct heart line. Quick!

I was to go today somewhere for the Sikh Dharma work... I had an obligation. I promised... and I was told it would take two hours. I was advised so bad against it, and listening to the advice... and listening to the advice and listening to the advice I lost 27 minutes by my watch. And finally I said, "Forget it. Let's go." It was on time. Because I felt on Guru Ram Das's birthday I have given a word, and I've got to do it. It all happened and we came back, we are all with you, and we did a wonderful job. I don't have any power, I don't believe there is any other power, but all I said was, "Guru Ram Das, prevail, now, please." This time I didn't forget to say 'please.'

Hooray! You need a friend, you need somebody to cheer you up, you need somebody to fulfill your heart, you need some good news? Make friendship with Guru Ram Das! God is good. Good are goods. And Guru Ram Das gives it.

Look in Christianity also. In the Western world they have to create a mental Santa Claus. Now they say, "We believe in one God." Is that true? They believe in one God? Well, why didn't they ask God to give presents? No, they didn't believe in God! They had to create a demi-god like a Santa Claus, which doesn't exist. Saint Nickolas of Russia is not a Santa Claus. It got manufactured in the garment division of the New York, in some little cartoon shop. Today Santa Claus has been started manifesting and celebrating and it will go all the way up to January. Santa Claus is a more known saint than any other saint in the whole world. And believe me or not, Santa Claus is not a saint. It was never born, it never existed. It was a cartoon drawn. It comes from the north pole with reindeer and brings gifts in socks and throws it through the chimney. Every damn thing is impossible! Reindeer never drive in the sky. Reindeer never can live in north pole, it is very cold. And they
cannot come through the air. And things cannot come through chimney, either. But this impossible idea is all from an elevating idea of a gift. You know how many children write to Santa Claus to send them gifts? You are children of Guru Ram Das whose temple exists! It exists in your hearts! It still shines with the golden shine and it is still pure center of God. Can you not do it?

Therefore on this birthday, there's only one thing to do. Forget about ALL what I have told you, and forget ALL I will tell you and forget ALL what you listen and what you hear and what you read! Put all that away. Just take one line: "Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World!"

Heal the world of physical, mental and spiritual troubles, problems, pain. You know what you have to do! You have to just do it, and Guru Ram Das in person will do the rest! Trust me! It has worked for me, it shall work for you. Trust me! It shall ALWAYS work! Just one second, one spur of that moment, trust Guru Ram Das, and you can do a lot of good to yourself and to all you know. That's the best we can do today, for our tomorrow, for our children and for our children's tomorrow.

Let me vouch today something to you: Whatever the wish you have come today with the dish, it shall be granted, and you shall experience the strength of it. Now with a confidence I can say that that is how you have to develop a confidence and say it. You and your children and their children shall, within this earth's time, SHALL rule with purity, with light and with grace.

Nobody will take away from you the prosperity, the comfort and the luxury of the fulfillment of life. You have sought Guru Ram Das and Guru Ram Das has owned you. Let us rejoice in this relationship and celebrate this birthday so when next year it comes, we may be happier to help those who need us. We may be serviceful to those who need us. We may be gracious to those who need us. And we may be elegant and noble to those who need us.

Remember: Live for others, God shall live for you! Live for yourself, your own will leave you. Repeat it after me what I have said.


And this truth is everlasting: Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World. Please move! '88 has take it's toll. For four years, Sikh Dharma has paid its dues. And we paid with a lot of pain and with a lot of tolerance and very graciously. Time will turn, the tide will turn forever for us. Let us rejoice in that. Let us meet it half way.

Remember, there's a condition... Those who shall wear bana, believe in bani, do the seva and the simran of Guru Ram Das, Almighty God shall serve such individuals. I said it today under the seal and the date of my hand and I guarantee it is true!




10/26/88 - pm talk

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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