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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/12/1989
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

An Attitude of Deathlessness

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

It will be difficult for all of us to live through '89 to '96. These are the years of prosperity. In '84 to '88, the years of adversity, we stood as a Khalsa on the trial; even there was a threat that forces were willing to terminate us. There was nothing unknown to you. You went through it. The whole humanity went through it. But now its more dangerous because when prosperity comes, anxiety comes. When prosperity comes, happiness is the root source of anxiety. In adversity comes confrontation. In confrontation you have to meditate, whether you like it or not.

Meditation is not what you do in the morning; that's a practice. Don't misunderstand: meditation does not belong to people who meditate. I have seen people who have meditated for years and years, and when comes a confrontation, they are the only ones who go berserk and everybody else goes normal.

So don't misunderstand that religious people are very religious. Or that non-religious are very non-religious. There comes a day of test where you stand alone to test your own meditation and your own freak outs. Nobody's going to meditate for you, and nobody's going to freak out for you. Nobody's going to sell you, nobody can do your public relations, nobody can tell you you are a saint, nobody can tell you you are a devil, nobody can tell you that you are good, nobody can tell you that you are bad. Not at all. It is a bunch of lies and these lies are religiously spoken to squeeze money out of your pocket. Every religion does it and if this religion starts doing it tomorrow, it is going to do the same thing, because religion sells people 'authoritative hope.' That's the curse of the religion. Religion sells people 'authoritative hope' in lieu of the fact that they shall pay. Now that, every religion does. Person who IS intuitively authoritative, and one with the God, "Aad ant
madh," and that is where the reality of religion is.

But, when comes adversity, automatically we meditate. Not that we have to go join TM and CM and BM -- no, not at all. We meditate. We cannot survive through adversity without meditation. Meditation is a process through which you take your total self and your total pride and your total ego and your total spirit and your total and you put it on the line. Meditation is not closing your eyes. Birds close their eyes; do they even meditate? Huh? That's not meditation.

SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION OF MEDITATION: Meditation is when the unit self of the electromagnetic field and the frequency of the triple of half over above into the triad, comes to the triangle, and angle and congruent of the sides are the same; the gamma, theta and alpha states of mind and consciousness concentrate; and then heavenly forces move at the command of the individual. That is called meditation.

I didn't say this for you, but 100 years from now, our children will like to define meditation. You don't even understand meditation. They will like to know meditation. That's what meditation is. It is not what you think meditation is. Meditation is the power in the individual to take him through ALL adversities. And prosperity is a proportionate available of circumstances in which man has to practice to be together. Just understand, everybody freaks out when they are rich and happy. Nobody freaks out when they are struggling, because struggle itself is a very unifying factor. Challenge doesn't come to small people. Great challenge comes to great people.

And funny part is, you are not Sikhs. And sometimes you go to certain gurdwaras, and they don't accept you as Sikhs. And I agree, now. You are not Sikhs; you are Khalsa to begin with. They don't understand you. But we are grateful to them; they challenge you. They say, "Hey, what is wrong with you? Why you are tying this cloth hanging here? Why you are wearing white? Why you look like that? Why you are having a beard?" These fools do not understand that it takes a lot to even look like a saint, forget about being a saint. There's no gimmick going on. It takes lot and lot to even fake it.

Last night I saw on the television, they were making an actor to act as a priest, and they were dressing him up. And one person I liked the most, there was a guy who was dictating to the actor how to act as a priest. He was not the director himself but some little guy, like a kind of an extra. He told him, he said, "Behave." Now this is the star of the whole movie. He was going to go on the stage and play as a priest. The guy told him, "Behave. Priest has to be priest, you understand?" The actor said, "Yeah. Tell me again." So he explained to him how a priest blesses, how a priest walks, how a priest moves and how a priest sits. And this guy was learning how a priest is. Have you not seen in many religions where priest is a priest? He's fatherly, he's nurturing, he's caring, he's supposed to be a symbol of honesty, tranquility, calmness, power. He's a power source. We believe, we earthlings believe if we tell a priest something, he's going to bring God on the earth, as God has
already left the earth. No, but we feel that He has a code number which we have forgotten. We feel that the priest is a professional meditator. We feel his ardas (prayer) is more to God than ours.

So in the film industry you have an agent, in other industries you have an agent, and in religion you have an agent, you call him 'priest.' Whole thing is a business, and then what is this business? This is a spiritual business. It is a serious business. Because when you are dead, what goes out of you? Spirit. Soul leaves you. When the soul leaves you, the sole purpose leaves you. The entire solar university is closed on you. This universe which has a university, it is run by the sun. It is the solar energy, it has the sole purpose, you have the soul and that goes off. You are the same person, as beautiful as you are today. But what do we do? We put woods, put you on, put fire underneath, and we feel happy. But there are those who are put on that fire pyre and they burn to ashes and out of the ashes their soul lives, phoenix rises out of the ashes. They are Amar. AAd, madh, ant. Their words stand. That is what you have got in Guru Gobind Singh.

You have got in Guru Gobind Singh a practical knowledge of transformation. Don't love Guru Gobind Singh as a Guru. There are so many Gurus in the world and he'll be one of the guru's. If you do that, you will just drag your feet in the spiritual world. You won't have what you want to have. But you are not Sikhs because a yogi came from India and gave you the message. You are not Sikhs because you want to be Sikhs. You are not Sikhs because it is a matter of convenience. You are Sikhs because you are destined to be Sikhs and you'll remain Sikhs so long as you are destined. The day you will lose your destiny, give you a distance, you shall not be Sikhs. And there's no regret to that. Play is a play. And God plays it. It is HIS chess game; nobody's a part of it.

But just understand, so long you are a Sikh, what is available. There is available a role, a model. There is available a profile. There is available a Zafarnama -- the Song of Victory. There is a role where the emperor has been told, and he has been told in the circumstances when Guru Gobind Singh didn't have a blanket to put on himself. Look at the beauty of comparative study. There is a role model available to you, and to every human being, in the one who has become one with God such as Rishi Dushtdaman. There is a role model.

Understand Guru Gobind Singh. Don't just jump to conclusions. A Rishi who meditated at Hemkunt Sahib, the place where you go. When you go, you say, "Ahh, ahhh, it is so high up and God, it is so cold!" You go and dip and you run back. At that place there sat a man who meditated. In his own words he became One with God and God became One with him. He is a role model. It's no lie. And God told him, "Go back to the world again, at my request." And he said, "I don't want to go." It is between a father and a son. Son doesn't want to go, and father says, "Go. You are the best, so you go!" What he comes back as? He comes as Guru Gobind Rai.

That part in the history is always forgotten, never emphasized and never understood. Rishi Dushtdaman, who became One with God, absolutely got united, didn't want to come to the planet earth. But look at the love! You have to understand the theory of love. What can be more love than when God is in the presence of you and you are in the presence of God? Is there any greater miracle that can happen? At that stage he was told, "No, you go! Do the job." He comes back as Guru Gobind Rai, the Guru. At 9 years old he becomes the Guru and is known as Guru Gobind Rai. Guru Gobind Rai, not Guru Gobind Singh.

You must understand something. It is a very typical thing, which if you once understand you were born here as George Smith. And what is the difference between a George Smith and Rishi Dushtdaman? It is a profile. We are discussing here profiles. We are not discussing here status of the profile. We are not discussing here the power of the profile. We are not discussing here the Infinity of the profile. We are discussing here that everybody is born and born to crawl. Everyone. King did it, Queen did it, and a beggar did it. But a one man got to the height and became a rishi.

That's why you tie the rishi knot. This is in honor of Rishi Dushtdaman. This is in honor of Rishi Dushtdaman, the root, the soul of the Khalsa. That is the answer of why God gave man a beard and hair, and why man's hairs are longest among all mammals. That answer is there. Because whereas Guru Nanak said, "Akaal Moorat," Rishi Dushtdaman practiced to face God. And in that practice, Rishi Dushtdaman and God confronted each other. And God said, "Son, you go back." He said, "No, I want to visit you." It was an affair of love, of REAL love; not the love we make. A REAL love. He loved and he was responded with love. And union took place. And in that union he said, "I want to be with you." And He said, "No. You want to be with me? Then go and do the job. You are the only one who can do it. I have waited 3-1/2 million years to purify and crystallize what you are. 3-1/2 million years." In the word of Guru Gobind Singh, he dictates the entire history of five thousand years. It
is there he explains how stage to stage, this throne of Raj Yog continues. He explains in his own words. And it does accurately verify with the history.

So the God said, "I have taken 3-1/2 million years. You have merged in me. You have confronted me. I have confronted you. Please do my job." Every father will say, "What is in the Infinity is on the finite." What is in burmande, soe pinde. What is in the universe is within you. There's no two differences. He said, "Please do the job." So then he was born as Gobind Rai. At nine years old, (look at the stages) he became Guru Gobind Rai. That's not enough. That doesn't work out. What worked out was when Baisakhi came. That Guru Gobind Rai, that Guru Gobind Rai, look at this page of the history. This line you should tell your children. This should be your bedtime story. This should be morning ardas. That Guru Gobind Rai who was a perfect, nirvana, sought, already God confronted-oriented-shaken-hands man, who got born under the Will of Guru, God Itself -- as Guru Gobind Rai, became Guru Gobind Rai -- he took a sword at this time and asked for a head.

Now these fools say he took those people in the tent and some say he chopped off the goat's head. Now, this is their standard. I am just trying to tell you. This is how they look at the Guru. This is their standard. Because just remember in your life there will be three things; you can never get rid of them. The day you get rid of those three things you will have no trouble whatsoever. Param, karam, dharam. There are three things. Param means doubt. Karam means action and reaction. Dharam means when you have absolutely no action or reaction; at that time universe will serve you and you'll become a watcher. Because you need in your life 2 million things. You cannot go after 2 million things. You have to wait and let two million things come to you. Because Guru Nanak says, "Don't go and leave your home in a search. Because when God comes to your address, you will not be there. You are out searching." Don't be a fool. He said, "If by running into the forest God can be found, then
the deer should have found Him. If by taking bath in all places, God could be found, then the frog should have found Him." He said, "If by going away into the space and sky if God can be found, eagle would be the most spiritual." He said, "Don't do that. Be at home. Be with your people. Face the negativity. Be in the ashes but rise like a phoenix."

That Gobind Rai, on a Baisakhi, asked. Now sometime you all freak out, right? It is a written record that there were about 80-90,000 people who came in devotion to meet the master, in absolute grace. Solid grace. But when he asked, "I want a head," three fourths started looking that way, one fourth started sneaking out. Finally one came up. One came up. He said, "Head is yours." Now they say, he did a drama. I am trying to tell you how this little human judges. Parama. It is the supreme of the param -- supreme doubt. Supreme doubt on Siri Guru Granth, whether we are to read Rag Mala or not. 1430 pages we read, and for one page we say, "This is not our Guru." Can you believe these people? Can you believe how hard they are hitting you? They are all after you? Can you believe them and their sayings?

I was saying that day, whether Guru put Mund Mala, Rag Mala or any mala, mala is a mala. We wear. Sometimes we have "a" mala, "b" mala, "c" mala -- who can tell me what I wear? Who can tell you what you wear? Who are you to tell me it is Guru or not? Who are you to tell me my Guru decorates in one way or not? But these are the people who have forgotten dharma: they have doubt. A man who lives in doubt, he has to scout out his doubt. When a doubt is there, you have to scout out your doubt. That takes time and that makes space. In the end you have limited supply of the prana. Para-par shakti. Para-parabraham paramesharam. Para-shakti. And that pranas are limited.

Well, enjoy sexually, have a drink, go to a party, freak out. Nobody wants to stop you. You shall be stopped. Don't not sin. Sin. One day sins will leave you. "Sir tampio pag nag mage nain jo thaahee." Eyes won't see, head will shake, legs will tremble. What about sex at that time? Where you are going to go? Huh? You will never leave to be sinners -- sins will leave you. He said, "Thank you. No good." Your juice will be out, your fuse will be off, you have lost the game. That's the way it is.
Don't lose. Go ahead, keep on doing sin after sin, sin after sin. Pile it up. Don't worry. Even sins have consciousness. What I'm trying to say is the devil has consciousness. Even devil will leave you. If you say you are bewitched by a negative force, that negative force will leave you. You are a neutral identity of God. That is what Rishi Dushtdaman tells you.

From Rishi Dushtdaman came the second stage of Gobind Rai -- a child born to be a Guru. A man born at the parallel line of destiny and fate. And he became Guru Gobind Rai. From Gobind Rai he became Guru Gobind Rai. Then on one Baisakhi he took a sword out, "I need a head." One, two, three, four, five - five people said, "This head is yours." I can understand one who gave his head, fine. But the second who saw the bleeding sword, must have been a super man. And third must have been a super-super man. Think of the fifth man who has seen the four gone in, and sword is bleeding, and he stills says, "Yeah, my head is yours." That Guru Gobind Rai took five men's heads and then dressed them himself, and gave them the bana. He gave them the Akal Moorat. Because as Rishi Dushtdaman, as the great yogi, as the great human and great excellence, he became one with God, he talked with God, he understood the command, he came and at that time he performed one act in his life, open and honest. "At the price, offer your head." He said that. He reads it.

Jao tao prem khelan kaa chaao.
Sir dhar talee galee meree aao.
It maarag pair dhareejai.
Sir deejai kaan na keejai.
--Guru Nanak, pg. 1412

If you want to play the game of love with me, and walk in my street of love, put your head on the hand, palm of your hand, and walk into my street. If you cannot offer the head, you have no need to come in.

There's a one Gurmukhi word: Sancoach. Sancoach means when you are not total. You are partless. Your behavior is partless. You know, if you want to give somebody $10.00, you give him $8.00 and you keep $2.00. You know, maybe a little later. It is called 'sancoach.' You are cautious, you are little less than what it should be. Five people gave their heads. They didn't do any sancoach. "This head belongs to you. Life belongs to you. We are you!" He dressed them up and he brought out five beloved ones. We say in the ardas, punj piare. Char sahibzadi -- four sons of the Guru. Five beloved of the Guru, forty liberated of the Guru. That's our history.

And when those five came, what was in that five? Love. Love, one with God. Love, obeying the order of God. Love, serving the God. Love, creating the God. With his own hands he gave them bana. We never got anything, but first we got bana. He dressed those five himself, and then brought them out. Then all those who were in doubt, they said, "Heh, heh, heh, I should have offered my head. If I would have known in the tent that everybody's going to come alive and so beautiful, so radiant, Hah! My God, I missed the chance, I missed the bus." Bastante, because it was in their mind bus.

Those five came. Guru Gobind Singh after 72 hours gave them the amrit. Bana, bani. Decorated them, and told them, "You are Khalsa." And then he kneeled before them. Guru kneeled before a disciple saying, "Now make me Guru Gobind Singh." They said, "Hey, wait a minute. We gave you our head. Remember that day when the sword was saying, 'I need a head.' Remember that? We gave you head. We didn't know whether we'll be alive or not. We had at that time no relationship to death. We became deathless. We became Akal Moorat. You confirmed on us Akal Moorat. You gave us the bana. Now tell us what you will give. Nothing is free in this world. Don't be a free rider. Come on. First of all you are our Guru. Now what are you doing? Is this another drama?" He said, "No. It's a humble request. I have kneeled before. I have folded my hands with you." They said, "You could give us the Amrit. Why you want it?" He said, "Without having it, things don't go right. The beast cannot be
conquered. Make me the Singh." They said, "What you will give?" He said, "I'll give you promise that I'll keep giving and I'll never stop giving. My head belongs to God, the righteous an the truth."

I say to you today that so long as one Sikh will live, sacrifice shall continue because they will never tolerate injustice. It is not in their genes. It is not in their product. They will always conquer death. They will always become deathless.

I was standing before the mirror. I was tying my rishi knot, and I was remembering Rishi Dushtdaman right there on the spot. This time particularly I looked in the mirror. I saw that little rishi knot on my head and I said, "Ji, this is their crowning me. My root, my nursement, my nourishment -- it's not hair. It has nothing to do with it. I am putting my rishi-ism together. I am crowning myself." Then I started covering myself with a turban, and I said, "This is my reverence."

Exactly the same way, Guru Nanak said, "Akal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang Gur Prasad." And Guru Gobind Singh performed it. He became Guru Gobind Singh. He became Lord of the Victory. That is why he could say, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" He became the Lord of the Victory. You don't speak if you don't experience. You must remember this. Words will not come out of you if you don't have an experience. If there's no wax, candle cannot have light.

You can live a lie. We all live a lie. We all live in a param. Living in a param, living in a doubt is living a lie. Simple english. There are not two things about it. So long there is a doubt, it's a lie. When you live in karam, you are living a battlefield, action and reaction. It will never be real. It will never be. It is a lie for trust and no trust. It'll be a lie for hope and loss, hope or no hope. It's a strangulating struggle. Nobody knows what it is. It is on and on and on. There's no peace. In karam there is no peace. Karam has no peace; just action and reaction. Equal and opposite. Newton's third law.

Then comes Dharam. There's no doubt. There's no doubt who head belongs to. There's no doubt whether I have to put my rishi knot on or not. There's no doubt I have to come in bana or not.

Then there is a history of those, they got shredded on the death field, they got boiled alive, they got burned alive, they were cut into pieces, but they never gave an inch. Then there is a long history of the excellence of the human, there is a long history of the deathlessness, there is a long history where the man became God. So long man fears death, man is just animal. Only man has the faculty of the meditative mind to conquer death, and to become deathless.

Guru Gobind Rai, Guru Gobind Singh, can you touch his body? Yeah. This is the body. Wherever there is a body of the Khalsa, that's Guru Gobind Singh. Time and history shall record him. He shall live in our memory. Think of love. Love is a continuous jappa. Love is anhad. Always in my memory my love lives: at human level; at animal level.

This morning I was giving instructions, "My dog should be groomed." He's eleven hundred miles away. I am here. This is love. I want my dog to be groomed. I want a special person to do it. I want that bath to be taken. I told them it should be totally air conditioned first, whatever that thing is, and he should be taken there, fully brushed. Now, look, dog is 1100 miles away and I am sitting here. I am making an urgent long distance call. Now, who's the dog, who's the master and who's the servant? Me, the servant. And dog is the master. That's why a Sikh became Khalsa; Khalsa became Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Gobind Singh became Khalsa. That was the practical deathlessness. Distance, time, body does not work it out. Does that dog write me a letter? Has he made a phone call to me? Huh?

You great lovers in America. You have all the sensuality and sexuality and all that what you talk about and you write millions of books and movies, right from Playboy to Boyplay, everything is going on. Do you know what love is? Love is consistent memory. With each breath it comes, it lives, it excels in you. Body is the shell experience. Mind is the perpetual experience. Soul is the real experience. If man has a relationship with dog, dog has relationship with man, that exists also. Doesn't matter where the dog is, doesn't matter where the man is.

Exactly a Khalsa remembers his father. As you remember the earthly father, we the Khalsa remember our heavenly father who taught us one thing: deathlessness. Akal Moorat, Ajoonee Saibhang, Gur Prasaad. That line you will never understand if you do not understand deathlessness. Deal today everything in your life with the attitude of deathlessness. See what happens.

I'm not saying, "Do yoga. Put your leg up. Put your head down." I have done that. I have done it for 24 solid years. I have done it. I am sitting in the presence of the Siri Guru Granth. I have done it. I have done it successfully, perfectly. I know all these gimmicks, and I also know there are five tattwas and how to play with them. I know that, too. I know all these riddhi, siddhis. I have gone through all that. It did not work. Nothing shall work with you. What you are collecting, what you are going after, what you are seeking, shall not work. Watch my words, read my lips. What will work? When you will become nothing, you shall see everything, you shall feel everything, you shall know everything, you shall command everything. Zero commands the numerical. That's the law. It was mopping the floors of Guru Ram Das Ashram, the Harimandir, that Golden Temple, that gave me what I have got. These riddhi, siddhi nao niddhi, they are good things. I am not saying they are bad. If you can play a gimmick, you can
heal somebody, you can make them experience. I mean, these are very convincing tools. I am not saying anything. I don't want to put it down. Some people have wasted all their lives to just see imagination. And somebody once said to somebody, "I can show you the Christ as he was feeling on the cross." And this poor Catholic closed the eyes, sat down, kneeled down, and this guy put his hand on his head, and the guy really saw it. Now, I saw him, that he was going to freak out. And I said, "Hey, did you really see Christ on the cross? Did you feel it?" He said, "Ohhh, I have become Christian today." That was his experience. I said, "I can do it." He said, "No, no, you are not a Christian. How can you do it?" I said, "I can do the same thing. We are friends. I know Jesus Christ, also. If you will just kneel down for a minute I can show you a little better." Because I didn't want him to get sold on this guy. I wanted to confuse the situation. So I said, "He put hand and he did the
whole thing. I'm not going to do anything. You just kneel down and watch what happens." He woke up after an hour and a half and he said, "Ohhh, I saw the whole thing!" I said, "See? Now you are a REAL Christian?" He said, "Well, this is the Christian thing. He does all the time. But how can you do this?" I said, "I also studied these kinds of stuff." He said, "How it happened?" I said, "My dear, it is all within you. Simply you clean the glass. Your desire was so much."

Beej mantra sarab ko giaan. Seed knows all the knowledge. Knowledge cannot be achieved from outside. It is always within you. Happiness cannot be achieved from outside. It is always within you. Purity and piety cannot be achieved. It is always within you. Just understand what Guru Gobind Singh gave us. Akaal Moorat: deathlessness. He knew he has to drop his body. I know I have to drop my body. You know you have to drop your body. Why to stick to it? Go out, today, as sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh. As Sahibzada and Sahibzadi of Guru Gobind Singh. As a he and she of Guru Gobind Singh. With a one message in your heart. Don't do anything. Everything means fake. I'll tell you the real thing. I'll tell you my 60 years experience.

You know, there was a very private conference. I want to go on record. They said, "Yogi ji. We five Sikhs have come to you, and we fold our hands. Don't start abusing when people come to you. We want to make a deal." I said, "Tell me the terms of the deal, first." I mean, deal has to be heard to see whether I acknowledge it or not. They said, "The deal is, you don't use abusive language to the people who come to you. You know, be nice to them. And we'll just propagate you that you are a saint." I said, "I don't want it. I am going to abuse." "Why? It is a bad language, and sometimes you reaallllllllly abuse!" I said, "Yeah. I take a big sweeper and clean out somebody and in two minutes I wake him up. I tell him who really he is." "Oh, you tell people they are bastards." I said, "They are. Those who forget Guru Gobind Singh, they are bastards, and I do tell them." "People are very angry." I said, "Then what? Telling a bastard that he is a bastard is a service. It is a real service. It takes a lot of guts, a lot
of energy. You should thank me for that." "Well, we then cannot make you a saint." I said, "Who wants to be a saint? I can put five gunmen behind me and start walking. I should then be a saint? That's the standard of the saint you have got? You want to hear MY standard of the saint?

Bhag hoaa gur sant milaa-i-aa,
Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paa-i-aa.
Sev karee pal chasaa na vichhuraa,
Jan naanak daas tumaare jeeo.
Ha-o gholee jeeo ghol ghumaaee,
Jan naanak daas tumaare jeeo.
--Guru Arjan Dev, from Shabad Hazare

That's the saint. Guru Arjan Dev, as Arjan Mal wrote three letters and Guru Ram Das said, "Complete the fourth letter." He wrote the fourth letter; he got the Guruship. And then Guru Ram Das out of his blessing of his heart, God bless his heart, said, "Whosoever will read these four letters shall become MY soul, MY projection, shall heal people, shall have places. Wealth will go after him again and again. There'll be nothing in the life of that man which he will fall short of."

Meraa man lochai gur darshan taaee.

Can anybody write a love letter like that? Nobody can. There are four biggest, most beautiful and penetrating love letters in the Siri Guru Granth. That is called love. Just see the longing, see the profile, see the power in those letters.

I said, "Why? I know who a saint is. My standard of a saint is Guru Ram Das. Guru Arjan Dev said so. Why you want to make ME a saint?" "No, no. We want you not to abuse." I said, "What is abuse? Telling a bastard he is a bastard is a service. Now if you go to Boston and you say that Boston is New York, are you speaking the truth? When you are in Boston, call it Boston. When you are in New York, call it New York." I said, "I have a job to do. I don't want to be a saint. I want to love my father. I want to serve my father. I want to be something with my father, and I want to tell those who have forgotten and have become bastards, to tell them, 'Forget it, this is a chance, it won't come back again. Wake up, man! Recognize. Understand! Pranas are going away.'"

You have a limited prana. Para-shakti. You don't have unlimited Shakti. You are a part of that sun Shakti, that solar Shakti, that prana Shakti. You are the son and daughter of Guru Gobind Singh. You don't have to freak out. You don't have to do anything. Just feel the light in you. Feel the deathless in you. And feel it deep. If nobody has awakened you, nobody has abused you, that is your privilege. If somebody has awakened you, somebody has called you a name, somebody has challenged you, that is also your supreme privilege. Face the challenge. It is the enemy which gives you the strength. Friends don't. Friends are with you; you are with your friends. If you do not understand the life is there to challenge you on every breath of life, you do not understand living. If you do not challenge your life yourself, somebody will challenge it.

Why there is a misery on the earth? Why? There is a synagogue, there is a temple, there is a church, there is a swami, yogi, padre, priest....God, it is 7 billion dollars worth of only charity. It is 200 billion dollars worth of a project if you look at the whole world at large. Just understand what a big business this religion is. Religion is a great business to find reality without finding it, because once you find the reality, they put you on the cross. They put you on the hot plate. They want the sale continuous. But now Guru Gobind Singh put an end to it. He said, "Live deathlessly. Be deathless."

I don't want to tell you what to do and what not to do. I just want to tell you, "Thought it the most powerful thing in the world." There is nothing more powerful than the thought. Everything starts from thought. Your intellect has the absolute capacity to release a thousand thoughts per wink of the eye, so you have no dearth of thoughts. Just create one of your own thoughts, "I am deathless. I'll design, face, see things deathlessly." And then you'll become deathless. This is the faculty of the Khalsa. This is the faculty of the purity. Purity belongs to God. Victory belongs to God. And you belong to God. There is a trinity: father, son and holy ghost. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa: Purity belongs to Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh: Victory belongs to Wahe Guru. Why? Because YOU belong to Wahe Guru. And those who meditate and chant Wahe Guru, those who understand that Infinity and grace and ecstasy of Wahe Guru, those who want to enjoy that -- and it is not happening, they are complaining. A lot of you are
complaining, "Well, where IS the happiness? Tell me." I'll tell you where it is. In that thought. In that deathlessness.

The seal of the Akal Takhat has a beautiful word -- "Akal Sahai." 'Sahai' means that has come to support. Let the deathlessness come to my support. Akal Moorat: this is what Guru Gobind Singh gave us the performance of becoming a deathless warrior, so nobody can win over us. Nobody can conquer us. Because we have conquered ourselves. If you conquer yourself, you have conquered the time and space. If you conquer the earth, you have conquered 'a' time and 'a' space. That's the difference.

So please remember what Guru Nanak started teaching you, what Guru Gobind Singh completed. That is coming. Your birthday is coming. Soon there will be a Baisakhi. 13th of April. That is your birthday. Your physical birthday. Your mental birthday. Your spiritual birthday. Your Infinite birthday is coming. All I'm doing is congratulating you in advance. Happy Birthday, Khalsa.

What I am saying to you is, sharing with you something -- a thought. Make your own profile. Spend only half an hour on yourself. Go from the Gurdwara today and make your own deathlessness profile of activity, and see what it does for you. See what it can do for you. See how much experience of self you gain out of it. Just understand, all happiness in your life you lose because of the fear of death. You are afraid. And a man in fear and phobia has no intuitive sensitivity. It's simple psychology. There is nothing I can tell you.

Fear numbs you. Anger aggravates you. Attachment squeezes you to death. Attachment is a very powerful thing. You are stuck. Greed shall make you to commit a mistake, because when you meditate so one pointedly, you forget there is a Totality. If you have even found reality, you have to have found Totality. Rishi Dushtdaman had to come as Gobind Rai. He found Infinity, he found Totality, he found Totality by serving the humanity. That's why he had to become Guru Gobind Rai.

You understand something. If you have found reality, you still have to serve totality. Because totality IS a reality and reality IS a Totality.

Eh jag sachai kee hai kotaree, sachai kaa vich vaas.

--Guru Angad, SGGS pg. 463
This earth is the house of truth.

This universe is of the truth and truth lives in this universe. Therefore please understand that.

We are going to celebrate the birthday of the Khalsa. We all should participate. Individually, collectively, totally, deathlessly.

Look, I'm going to go away. I'm not going to bother you much. But I'm telling you certain things. There's no need to hurt me. You have done enough. I'm not going to hurt you. But I cannot compromise, either. Dharma is my mission; I'm a servant of it. I've got to serve it. You have to decide whether you want to inherit it or you don't want to inherit it. This is your father's property.

When I was born, I didn't bring an ashram on my back. Not at all. When I was born, I never knew what was the United States. I don't have to bother even now. This whole thing is your father's property. It's a property of Guru Gobind Singh. It's a property of the Khalsa. It's nobody's property. You have to inherit it. "Koe kis ko raaj andehai. Jo leh hai bal se leh." Nobody gives anybody rulership. Those who take, take with a strength. You have to grow strong. You have to be, to be -- and everything SHALL be for you. Yeah, that's waiting. "Raaj jog takhat deean gur raam daas." Forever. It is yours. In time it will appear.

I was joking with my wife that day. I was saying, "You thought there should be no cost. Puri. That's our cost." And she said, "Yeah, no cost." And I said, "Well, everybody has adapted to be Bhai?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "Guru Ram Das Puri. Where you will take the Puri away?" We gave it up, Guru Ram Das picked it up. Puri remains. "Puri" means "city."

This all what is happening is not individual and it is not collective and it is not total. It is that real which is destined to happen. Simply you have to inherit your destiny.

And I'll remind you, the destiny of the deathlessness has to be inherited by deathlessness. Death shall never inherit. Death will never come to purity. Defeat will never come to purity. And poverty will never touch purity. And you are that which has to inherit all that. So prepare your mind, yourself and your being, to meet it half way. 13th of April is not far away. And you know, to prepare ourselves for the birthday of the Khalsa, no, if you are fake, that's okay. If you are not right, that's okay. If you are miserable, that's okay. Wake up. Even you are fake, make it. Make it. When fakes make it, God is forever. When wrong becomes right, it is forever. When impurity becomes pure, it is forever. When man becomes God, it is forever. That's why, whether you are Christian or not, when the name of Jesus Christ will come, you will respect it. Whether you are Jew or not, when the name of Moses will come, you will respect it. Whether you are a Muslim or not, when the word of
Mohammed will come, you will respect it. And whether you are a Sikh or not, when the word of Guru Gobind Singh will come, you will respect it. Because these individuals have crossed the deathlessness. They have gone beyond. They have no death. They are not dead dudes. They are real. They are one among us.

You have to follow what you want to follow. But if you plant today the thought and a profile of deathlessness for you, until Baisakhi, things will change.


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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