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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/20/1995
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Qualifying Your Self in Intuitive Awareness

For all of you life is about living, is that true? I am asking you this question. Life is living, you know. It may be good living, bad living, happy living, unhappy living, commotionally living, emotionally living. It's a living. Do you know anything more than that? That's my question.

STUDENT: To excel.

YOGI BHAJAN: How will you excel?

STUDENT: Meditate.

YOGI BHAJAN: Meditation will only help you to keep your head clear. This is a critical deciding factor of your life today. Because you have only one idea about living from the very day of your birth to this day. With that idea you then force your habits of living. "I have to live, and I have to live well. I have to live protected. I have to live secure. I have to live this..." Every terrible insecurity and bad feeling in your life comes because you have been trained from day one that life is living.

And if life is living, if quote unquote, that's what the trend is, then the question is ‘If life is living, living for what?’ Living for living? If so, then I have to protect myself, I have to guard myself, I have to secure myself, I should have a bank balance, I should have a reserve, I should have friends, I should have connections... Just think about everything. This all comes from one phenomenon, the thought, "Life is for living."

But if you happen to be told, "Let me qualify my life," all your problems will be gone. Can you do this one little thing for yourself? You go to libraries, you read, you go to college, you do Ph.D.'s, you become doctors, you become engineers, you become businessmen, you become artists, God knows what you become. But you couldn't become human. You are not! Five billion people on this earth are suffering only because of one thing: you do not qualify yourself for living. You’re just living.

This morning your day started? Yes? Did you ask yourself, question yourself, "Am I going to qualify my day today for myself?" Do you? Why not? What the hell do you think you are? You can question the whole world, the whole world can question you, but you can't question yourself? You think that starting your day by not questioning yourself is a good start to your day? Is this what you have learned through religion, through wisdom, through good manners? Don’t you know how important it is for you to be for you? You want the whole world to be for you. Everybody should love you, everybody should take care of you, everybody should come through, but you can't come through for yourself?

Each day you should say, "I am going to qualify myself for this day, and I am going to make this day a qualified day for myself." You should say the same thing each night, each moment, to each person, to each opportunity, to each friend, to each idea. Finally when you become great, you should say it to each thought.
What is a meditation? When you start separating. The intellect releases one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. You automatically start meditating when you start qualifying thoughts.

A human who does not learn to qualify thoughts is worse than a bird, an animal or a fish. Scriptural abuse of such a human is very ugly. You want to hear it? You want to? They call him vishtaa kaa keeraa. You know what a vishtaa is? Human stool. They call you a worm in human stool. It is not that the Torah has said something different than the Vedas or the Siri Guru Granth or the Bible. If you really go through any religious scripture, this is what you will find. Sometimes it is said in a language that you don't mind because you don't know the real meaning

Any time you do not qualify yourself, you do not qualify time and space for yourself you do not qualify heavens and earth for yourself, and you disqualify yourself to be human. Quote, unquote. That's Yogi Bhajan. That's a fact. You and you alone can qualify each moment of your life, each thought of your life and each reality of your life, mentally, alertly, objectively, projectively and in an absolutely calculated progression, For you!

You are not you. Why are we dealing with you then, if you are not you? You are just you know, yo-yos. You come and go. That's why you divorce, that's why you get married, that’s why you are sick, that's why you live in your past, that’s why you have mental problems, spiritual problems, social problems, religious problems. You are nothing but a bundle of problems. And these are all problems you create. Actually there are no problems. How can that be?

Jab dant daa(n) dee-o, to doodh dee-o,
jab daant dee-e, to aan da(n) de gaa.
--Not Gurbani
When you had no teeth, He gave you milk from the
breast of your mother. Now He has given you teeth
and you think He won’t give you food?

When you are born you are given milk. Now, when you have teeth, He is not going to give you food? When you didn't have teeth you got milk and a nurse who changed your diapers, gave you exercise, massaged you, but you can't believe that you are made in God. There is somebody who owns you. You are not yourself. Because you have never tried to qualify yourself as a human. You are born out of the light, you are the light and if you qualify yourself that you are born out of the light, and you are light, then you are enlightened.

What? Paying me five thousand dollars a minute is going to qualify you? No! That's giving money, that's fine, but it won't work. Going for therapy? Going for religion? Go for anything, you will still be nuts. Go for yourself, that's a start. Because you are born from the light.

There was but one light and from the spread of that light the life was born. That's how prana travels. Everybody was born by the trend and tendency and caliber and capacity of his karma. So who's bad, who's good? We all belong to mother nature, prakirti.

Now, will you meditate with me on certain things, then I have to give a class. This is all part of the preface, right? Now, say, "I. I, I, I." This is a lingua (points at tongue). You are working on your hypothalamus, you understand? So your tongue has to rotate on certain meridian points, you create a sound and it has an affect. "I." Tongue won't touch. You understand? I am teaching you the science. I did this paper, Ph.D., for nothing? "I." "I, I, I." In this "I, I, I" you see where the tongue touches? It touches up there. See? "I, I, I." "I." "I, I, I." Just make it little, little free, you will be fine. You will get it. You do not know. It looks very simple to you, it is not. "I, I, I." "I, ay, ay, ay." You know when you are in pain you say, "Ay, ay, ay?" Do you know that? That's a human language, “Automatic language” is what you call it. That's your response. "I" is not a response, "I" is ego. You declare your existence. But when you say, "Ay, ay, ay," that's the pain. If you now hear your own words, you'll find in your "I" there's no pain, in your "ay, ay, ay," there is pain. Now qualify it, judge it, assess it.

Now watch this. Say, "I. Ay, ay, ay." Just assess it. The same words, you are saying at the same moment, but automatically your response will be different. Why? There was movement. The tongue touches the hypothalamus- a movement. The meridians, your entire memory, the brain constituents, will immediately be affected. It sends a message up. Hypothalamus only controls the automatic actions. So it will say, "This is not automatic," so it will transfer and shift to the personality in the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe will respond and say, "Wait a minute, he's saying three times "ay, ay, ay." It means he doesn't know what "ay" is. So there is something wrong somewhere."

Basically, you talk your misfortune yourself. You talk your “misfortune” yourself. Now this word is "miss." Miss Smith, Miss Katz, Miss this, Miss that. And this is “Miss Fortune.” You understand what I mean? So you are going to miss this. This miss is different, when you miss your fortune.

Mis-take and mis-fortune are two words which you should know. That means what you have to take you missed it. Your missed your fortune. You create your own misfortune by your mistake, because,,,? Because you do not understand yourself. You never understand yourself, it doesn't matter how much you study and how many teachers you go to, and how many services you do. Nothing works.

Nothing will work until you personally qualify yourself as human. A doctor becomes a doctor when he qualifies himself as a doctor. Have you gone to a doctor? I went to my doctor today. How qualified he is! His office is filled with certificates just to impress the patient how qualified he is. There's an effort to show his qualifications. If you are not qualified and you practice medicine they call you a quack. Like a duck you quack, quack, quack. And it means you are not right, you are not real. You understand?

To be a human is the same. As a human, when you are not qualified you are a quack human. And out of five billion, four point nine nine nine ninety-nine are quacks! So what do we hear here? Ducks: quack, quack, quack. I went to Stanford University and we were having a lecture outside. There was a pool there and these ducks came. They quacked so loudly that the lecture couldn’t happen. The ducks all started quacking and that was it. Nobody could lecture. No loudspeaker was big enough to beat them. So they asked me, "What should we do?"

I said, "The real lecture is already happening. That is the real thing. I mean to say, you are quacking here, you are going to charge money, but we have come. Pay us the money, we’ll go home. The real lecture is there. They are quacking very well. Simply you don't understand. They don't understand you, you don't understand them."

Do you know you are not you? And do you know every lie, every manipulation, every effort you make to prove that you are you and that you are perfect in your control? You know what a bogus hypocrite you are? Have you ever had an idea? All the effort you make is to prove you are perfect. "I am perfect. I am good. I am fine, I know." You know nothing, not a damn thing.

There was a person once who said, "I can predict anything."

I said, "Here is a hundred dollars. Predict what time you'll go to the bathroom tomorrow."

He never knew that I would ask this question. He laughed. He said, "Yogiji, you are joking."

I said, "No. Here is a hundred dollars cash. Predict the time of your call of nature tomorrow. Why do you try to predict if I'll be rich or I’ll be poor? I mean this is a bogasity. Just predict your own urge of nature to go, which is an essential part of the body."

He said, "I can't say."

I said, "Well, then what else can you say? What does it mean? Son, there's a law. Those who know, they say not. Those who say, know not. This is a quackery, guessing.”

If you start qualifying yourself, qualifying your day, qualifying your relationship, qualifying your personality, qualifying your directions, qualifying your work, qualifying everything for yourself, you will start feeling who you are. Then weakness will go away because you are part of Infinity. You are born of the light, therefore there's no darkness in your life and there's no shortness in your life. You will have humongousness.

Tehel Mehel taa kao milai,
Jaa kao sadh kirpaal.
--Guru Arjan, SGGS pg. 255

He alone obtains Lord’s service and mansion
to whom the Saint is compassionate, to whom the Saint has blessed.

Services and palaces shall be bestowed on those who are blessed by the saints. And what is a saint? They who accept the will of their Creator. In English we call Him God. God is trinity, God is three letters: Generate, Organize, Deliver or Destroy.

Make a resolution, not dissolution, of yourself. Don't follow the fad. It is very funny. Have you gone to a restaurant? Are you qualified to go to a restaurant? Now, I am asking a question. Are you qualified to go a restaurant? Really? You are? And then are you qualified to order the food? And are you qualified to eat the food? Do you eat it? No. You leave half of the food always. This is our national figure that one third of the food order is left and twenty percent of the food order is always wrong. Because we never qualify ourselves.

I once met a person who came to have lunch with me. That person, I thought, was qualified to order. He told the waiter, "I’d like to have a baked potato with absolutely two scoops of -- watch this -- two scoops of cottage cheese." I couldn't believe what this gentleman was ordering. Well, he ordered. So, a baked potato came, he opened the silver wrapping, it was cut in half. They had the butter and everything on the side because it’s part of the dish. He didn't eat those. He put the cottage cheese in it, munched it all up, ate it nicely, drank a glass of water, and said "Thank you.”

Whenever you are qualified you are exact. Then specialization comes out of you. That's called wisdom. Exactness, specialization. Because you are qualified. Do not misunderstand that if you stand on your head, your legs spread, you are going to be a very, very virtuous person. Forget it! You’ll be just cooked like a potato Nothing will happen. An idiot will remain an idiot whatever he goes through because an idiot will only do idiotic things.

A human is born to always be alert at his or her own altar. Those who have an altar for themselves, they have no alternative but to be the most pure, powerful wise people. That’s a law. Because when you sit at an altar, you sit at an altar to be you.

What is an altar? An altar is one place where you can create your own deity, or environment, to be you. The moment you start being you, your problems start leaving you. Happiness starts walking in.

Did I have a billboard on my forehead written, "I am a Yogi?" Not at all. I didn't look like a Yogi. I had a pink polka dot turban, striped pants, and a blue shirt which I couldn't even button. Who could have imagined I was a Yogi? I couldn't imagine it myself. But when people came to see me ,they asked me questions, and they found me qualified.

Don't think that if there is a challenge in your life then you have no life. Life without challenge doesn't exist. Challenge is that which is answered by you, and your answer is by your qualification. So you have to qualify.

MEDITATION: Why go into detail? Let us go to the medulla right here and get to the third ring of the brain stem so that we can reorganize the neurological system. Then we can be in our intuitive awareness. Does this sound very scientific? That's how life is going to be in another fifty years. All this knowledge you have so far is bogus. It doesn't work, it doesn't qualify. So, ready?

Right hand, palm up. The center of the palm has to have a depth. It should not be flat.,. It's a very qualifying factor. It's a very simple exercise, it won't hurt much, just a little. Put your left hand on the diaphragm line, palm up. It will cut your magnetic field, that's all. This left hand will only separate apanaa and praanaa at the point of udhiaanaa. Apaanaa and praanaa are just separated. This hand has only this purpose. This other hand, the right, is what will create the miracle. Sit with your chin in and chest out and close your eyes. Have no thoughts. Refuse to think.

Refuse to think. Become thoughtless. Play that beautiful lofty song from Singh Kaur, Rakhe Rakhan Har, God will protect us. Just meditate. Be thoughtless. Eleven minutes of thoughtlessness. Struggle begins now. Moment the music starts, your struggle starts. Take long slow breaths. Twenty seconds inhale, twenty seconds hold, twenty seconds exhale. (Music that is played is Singh Kaur's “Guru Ram Das” chant.) This is the mantra of miracles. Be thoughtless, let everything go.

After 11 minutes meditation: Inhale deep. Hold the breath, and squeeze the hand on the chest, and squeeze the entire body. Put maximum pressure on the diaphragm line. Exhale. Inhale deep again, hold the breath, do not spare your diaphragm line. Press it as hard as you can and squeeze the entire body. Bring the entire force over that point. Squeeze in all the energy there at one point. It's not a big deal, you can do it. Breathe out. Now if you have not done this twice, this is the last chance, okay? Inhale deep, hold tight. Now squeeze the entire body and press the left hand on the diaphragm strongly against the chest. Press it hard as if you are going to touch your spinal column through the rib cage. Relax.

Okay. May I ask a question? Was it good? Liars. It was thoughtless -- how can you know if it was good or bad? The thing to do was to be thoughtless. What do you know good and bad? Now you feel good, right? You don't know. When you come to the state of thoughtlessness, then the master mind and master thought of the universe starts serving you. Then man becomes a God and God becomes the servant. The polarity reverses itself, by just becoming thoughtless. So long as your intellect is giving you thoughts, you are in your own cobweb. Then you have all the fears. You have all the proportion, proposals, projections....."Ah ya ya; God, I just can't believe it."

I live among you, I know you. I lived like you once. I was just like you. Now I live among you, I know you. But if I can do something, you can do it, too. Start qualifying your thoughts. Moment you start qualifying your thoughts, you will start purifying your being. And purified being becomes the temple of the spirit. Then all shaktis, all powers, all prakirti, start coming and serving. It's a good thing, right? Not bad. Otherwise you are on sale. Fifty percent off, sixty percent off. All thoughts, all ideas, are just to pull you into something. That's not right.

Therefore, May the longtime sun shine upon you all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on....(Class sings.) Saaat Nam.

Yogi Bhajan’s ending prayer: Blessed Light, prevail, prevail, prevail the way through. Let all born of light in origin recognize their origin, qualify it through their actions and deeds, behavior and thoughts. In love, in compassion, in kindness, and in care may we proceed in the beautiful, bountiful, blissful light of God. As creatures of this creation, may the Creator help us, in oneness of the environments of love, joy and happiness. Give us the grace and the radiance that we can be recognized by ourself to be one with the Lord. Sat Nam.
1995 YB Teachings, LLC
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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