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Lecture by :
Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 08/02/1987
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Espanola, NM

Reality is Essential


I'd like to say a few things authentically. It's not going to
take much time. As far as I know for thousands of years,
people have been talking about spirituality. Spiritual
eruption, God in many forms, many ways through many religions.
I agree that the food for the soul, urge for the soul, love of
the soul is to merge in the great soul. Love of the spirit is
to merge in this great spirit, but it is not in a position to
do it because of the karma.

So when man realized the purpose of the soul is to finish the
karma, get into the dharma, so that the soul can merge in the
greater soul, that is where religion came to play. But
unfortunately, religion has not done a good job, because the
purpose of religion is to show you the reality so that you can
practice. But what religion has done is to show you the ritual
so you can practice, so you feel religious when you are not
religious. Rituals are there to practice reality. So rituals
are essential but most essential is the reality. And if the
rituals and all the rituals you do, do not lead you to the
point of your own power where your inner discipline can win
over the outer temptation, then your rituals are not doing
anything for you.

If you feel that you are religious or you feel you want to be
religious or intend and pretend to be religious, it's a good
idea. It's much better from those who are not religious. But
when you walk on a freeway and you are pulled out on the side,
your speed has to be right, your papers has to be right, your
registration has to be right, your driver's lisence has to be
right. Everything has to be right. And if on a freeway,
walking in our own car which we own for which we pay, either we
pay monthly or yearly or we have bought it, all is cleared, its
ours, whatever thing is, karma by the car, and the freeway, by
the path, dharma. But when you are pulled out by the test of
the maya, the policeman, highway patrolman.....I am trying to
make you understand, make it easy, because I know you do not
have the sharpest brain in the world anyway. Because otherwise
16 years what I have said should have changed your life. You
would have been flying in the skies and things would have been
different but they are not, so...I have agreed to the point of
understanding now but difficulty is neurons are not working
fast enough to get the message through and make you understand.

However, now when you are pulled out by the patrolman, highway
patrolman, and he asks for all the papers, everything has to be
intact. That's the way it is. If that's the way it is, that
is what maya does. That's what temptation does. That's what
life does to you. It pulls you out to check you out. At that
time you have to come through. Then you are reality. Then you
are real. Then you are okay. Otherwise the fact of life is,
you are a challenge to yourself.

Now listen to this theory. Maybe it is Aquarian Age theory.
You don't have to believe it. Nobody is born wrong and nobody
is born poor. As we lose innocence and add insecurity, that is
our poverty. As we lose innocence and add push, that is our
richness. But within that push, and within not push, richness
and poverty is not the point of security. Ultimate security is
based on your experience of faith and that can make you radiant
enough that whole world and opportunity will be at your

But none has taught you so far. You have been taught, if
you have money, you can make mare go. But money can make the
mare go, but money can buy the grass. Suppose you are fit in a
desert where there's no a water, not a grass, not the money, to
make the mare grow. When you are in a mental desert of
insecurity and non-reality, there's no water, there's no grass,
your money cannot make the mare go. You get struck. You get
sunburned. You get dehydrated, and you die. That's called
"spiritual death." Spiritual sickness, spiritual weakness,
invalidity, spiritual invalidity, unable to confront, unable to
excel, unable to face spiritually....you want to face things
logically, rationally, emotionally, commotionally, physically.
That all confrontation does not mean a reality. Real
confrontation is when you face everything spiritually. But you
have been not taught. You have not been told, that this body,
five tattvas, and these eight chakras, and this maya, is given
to you to take the soul back home. Purpose of the life and the
journey is take the life back home. Purpose of the life is not
to spread yourself so much here, pin yourself so deep here, get
attached to everything that much that you can't even pull
yourself when time comes. That's not the purpose of the life.
Some of you are still on honeymoon. Neither they have seen
honey nor they have seen the moon, but they thing there's
imagination romance.

I went to see that movie, specially that day, that charming
prince will come, "Snow White." Now I think you are all the
product....that one picture movie showed me where you come
from. You come from, you are waiting for that sacred kiss of
love, of that prince who'll take you away to be happy
thereafter. Therefore you don't want to work for yourself.
You don't care. And you live with dwarfs. You live with those
7 dwarfs. You are the craziest, most phony, irresponsible,
disrespectful souls having all the embodiment of the energy of
the divine and the reality.

It is very funny. Once I saw a great car, very new car stopped
on the road at California. Out of the curiosity, I wanted to
check. I thought the guy forgot to put gas in it. Now what a
great car could do if there's no gas in it? What great life and
money can do if there's no spirit in it? You are not trying to
relate to the spirit. You do not understand the purpose of the
life is to take the life, the spirit, back home. You do not
understand spirituality. Rituals are rituals. Rituals are
only to give you, keep you in tune. And in this intunement you
can reach where you are born to reach.

What I'm saying today to you is, "Face the facts." Life is a
real challenge, is a shell and all the papers have to be
intact, lanes and the signals and the roads and the mileage,
everything should be known as a ritual. But you fail. And
fail badly if you cannot answer the test of the maya. The maya
is the highway police patrolman who pulls you on the side,
shows the red light and asks you for all the documents.

I am very funny, I am not going to mention, we bought a car, we
had it, and then we found it for 3 years nobody has paid the
registration. How did it happen? Then it was we didn't pay it
for that much time. It was such a funny, bizarre situation.
You have been driving for such a long with light line
everywhere you are going and you don't have a registration.
And that's the kind of fun we deal with our life.

The problem is basic and that is that we do not face life with
spirit, with the soul. We do not understand the purpose of
life is to take this soul back to the great soul where it has
come. That's our purpose. And we do not understand. What we
actually want to do is...."I, me, me," some people talk to me,
"ME, I am very important!" I know you are very important. It
will take about two tons of wood to burn you if we are very
kind. Otherwise it'll take a box of wood to pack and put you
in the ground. That's "Me." That's "You." That's the
importance. For that even we can't collect the money. But if
you are not responsible for your soul, I am not either. And if
you can go and run amuck and hit left and right and break the
walls, and run into people's homes, you will not be allowed to
drive the car again. Your license will be cancelled.

Why you want to create this confrontation in life and be
miserable? Misery is not to you because you are born
miserable. You are miserable because you want to be. I have
seen and this is my concluding remarks: PEOPLE WHO DO NOT
are not secure are insecure. Subject. People who are insecure
have to have attention or commotion to become secure. Those
people are really a pain in the neck. They are not worth
anything. And this worthlessness is what has made this most
beautiful world a hell.

People think doing sadhana is a favor. Doing sadhana is
relating to your soul. Soul has to be fed. Soul has to be
enriched. Soul has to have prominence. Soul has to have
overriding factors. Soul has to have executive order. Things
have to be done for the soul. But you do things for the body.
You polish the car, you wax it, you clean it, you vacuum it,
you water it, you do everything right and you ride it. After
five miles you find there's no gas, there's no spirit in it.
It will be dead. Then, you are running a Rolls Royce, it is
dead on the highway. You have to put your thumb up to get a
lift to get somewhere the spirit, a can of it. Come, put it
in, drive it back, and then go to a gasoline station and do it.
When you can do this thing for the car, can you not understand
same procedure applies to Ik Ong Kar? (Child answers, "Yeah.")
Look, that little child says the same thing.

Life is Ik Ong Kar. And you in America do not understand
anything other than "car." Car is your great security. And I
have found out now something very special. People do not want
to be driven by a car. Because when you are driven by a car,
you are not independent. When you drive your car, you are
independent. So you need that freedom at the cost of your
comfort. So basically the freedom you want is nothing but
abuse of the soul of the spirit of the life you enjoy. You are
not worth a penny. You will die in vain, in shame, in
shambles. Nobody will remember you, nobody will know you.

All this wrong mixing you do in the life, while doing so, you
will just die useless. You are pursuing useless work. Work
and making money is to be comfortable so that your soul can be

I do not understand, some people wants to put beautiful clothes
and look beautiful. You talk to them, 2 minutes later you feel
like vomiting. What's the idea of that $700 dress when you
cannot give somebody 7 minutes to talk to you and feel graceful
about you? You do not understand, physical beauty cannot be
better than the mental beauty. Mental beauty cannot sustain
itself without spiritual beauty. If the spirit is not there to
support you, & the mind is not there to give you clarity, & the
physical beauty is not there to give you the way, you are a

You don't like me? Fine. You don't want to hear this? Okay.
What I'm saying is, I'm saying it! I'm saying it so that you
cannot be in vain, insane, blind, dumb and deaf. Wake up and
listen to the fact! Your life is a trinity. Father, son, the
Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the spirit. The operant father is
the mind. And the body is what that it is all that about.
Welcome those who are clean outside. Best are those who are
clean inside. And wonderful are those who are radiantly clean
-- gem quality. You go to buy a stone, they say, "It is
opaque." "It is semi-precious." "It is precious, gem-
quality." Beyond that you don't need a certification. Because
gem-quality is you are real and you can be seen through. Dev
Atma, they call it. Transparent soul. Everybody sees it.

What Guru Gobind Singh did is give you bana, bani, seva, simran
so that you can be facet attractive to look at. Then this bani
was there to make you understand. Bana is there to give you
the facet, give you the first attraction. It's a challenge
which you have to meet later but other person is attracted to
this challenge. Then there's a bani. With bani you have a
clear mind. Clarity of mind. Giaan -- knowledge will give you
the merit. From that merit you will have the purpose of life,
which is the spirit, the seva. That's the language of the
soul. And when you'll have the seva, then is the simran. Then
you can really appreciate God, sound right, and everybody will
sound right with you. That is simran.

Simran is not that you chant Holy Nam loud and clear, wake up
all the neighborhood. When it comes to the test, you are the
worst ever human being everybody has met. That is not Simran.
Do you know the word, "Sim-ran?" Just disconnect it. Sim-a-
ran. Those who are dead. Go and walk out in 18 million Sikhs
and ask that what Simran means. They don't know. They will
never know. They do not have the capacity to know, they have
never learned it, they have not understood it. "Simran karo,
Simran karo, Simran karo. Naam jappo. Simran karo." (Said
sarcastically like he is mimicking someone.) What is the idea
of that? Saam-ran. Word is Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. Saam-ran. And in
Gurbani there are so many lines of those who are liberated who
die while alive , Jiwan Mukht. Sim-a-ran.

Se-vaa. Those who totally do the grace, vaa. Anybody who
comes to you, you do feel he is your relative, and you make
special food. ANYBODY who comes to you. Even a stray person,
you treat him as relative. That is seva. Sev-aa. Sim-a-ran.

Baanaa. Baa-naa. Don't misplace yourself. Baa-naa. Baa-naa.
Don't spoil your identity. Baa-naa. Baanee. Don't misplace
your identity in the self of the soul, nee. Bana, bane, seva,
simran. Four words are called the whole Panth. Basic
literally sound which is naad is very clear. Baanaa. Don't
miss your identity, don't spoil your identity. Baanee. Do not
spoil your communication. Projection. Grace, grand. Naa-nee.
Nee. Maternal grandmother is called Naanee. The great grace.
Naa-nee. When "naa" comes first it means, don't get out of it.
Sevaa. Simran. These are the basic things. But we waste our
time and we pretend and we do the rituals and we do things.

What we do actually? I'll tell you what we do. We dig holes.
Holy holes. We think they are holy. Money holes. Wife holes.
Children holes. Everything. Holes. There are holes in life.
And then we put concrete in it, then we put hooks in it. We
hook ourselves with it. Somebody's wife is a security.
Somebody's children are a security. Somebody's money is a
security. Somebody's status is a security. God knows, there
are so many. Every individual has his basic security. One who
doesn't have the spirit, the soul as security does have some
other security. Clearly understand it.

So whosoever has the soul has a security shall have to go
through a process or procedure and that is bani, bana, seva,
simran. All simple words, no complication about it. The
problem is that if Sikh Dharma will become a dharma like
others, it should not exist. Sikh is not "a" follower, or "a"
faith. Akaal Moorat, it is the personified picture of the God.
That is your mool mantra. Sat Nam, true is your identity.
Therefore, you are limitless. You can be poor, you can be
rich, you can be dumb or you can be wise, but you cannot be
shallow. That is what Sikh Dharma is. Deep.

So if you understand what I'm saying today...God knows whether
next Sunday I can say it or not. Everybody has to understand.
You are wrong. You think I am permanent. No, no, whatever is
born shall die. And I am not upset with dying because I want
to tell you very pleasantly, look at what is happening. What
is happening is very clear. I am not well. Granted, medically
I am not fit, I am not well, and I cannot do things which
normally I am supposed to do. So naturally the burden is
shifting slowly and things are maturing slowly. And that
maturity will transform the power in a very graceful manner.

There will be a question, "What after Siri Singh Sahib?" Now I
tell you all. Listen to me. Nobody shall be Siri Singh Sahib
who doesn't deserve it. You can be Siri Singh Sahib for a week,
ten days, fifteen days -- you won't cross a month if you do not
have the capacity to be Siri Singh Sahib. I'll tell you what
your future Siri Singh Sahib will be. He will be the one who
will sacrifice everything for the sake of the word, "Siri
Singh Sahib." And Siri Singh Sahib is very well defined. One
who shall serve with all his might the one who has uttered
"Wahe Guru" by mistake. That person alone will sit in that
chair. Otherwise that chair will eat him up. That chair has
its own beauty. So if you are ever worried in a dream as a
thing who will be tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.
It's a well established rule. Yes, maybe we'll select wrong
people. And maybe we'll keep on selecting everyday one Siri
Singh Sahib and another the next day, and maybe we will never
have the Siri Singh Sahib. But whenever we will have the Siri
Singh Sahib, it will be the one who will sacrifice everything
for the fact of the post. Not fact of the self. Because all
these children are grown with the image of the Siri Singh

What is going on now? It's not anything going on wrong with
me. It is going on two ways. The enemies want to do two
things. Or people who dislike us. Or people who are opposite
to us. Or people who are, you call them drop-outs. They have
two things to do: one is character assassination which they
are trying to do. After they fail that, it will be physical
assassination. That they are going to do. And that is a
procedure for centuries going on that way. Nobody can stop it.
Because that's the only thing which can challenge you to
tighten up your belts. That's the only way you can be on the
seva of the security and not sleep. So that I can go on a walk
and hear my security officers snoring, "Grrr, grrr, grrr." I
mean, that might be their electromagnetic way to wake up the
people and keep the enemies away, but that's not security.
That's not. You are the committed nation of the Khalsa. You
will be regretful that day when one mistake on one part of a
person will make you to understand and realize what the loss
was, because of that.

So what I'm trying to explain to you is, things are very
simple. And keep them that way. Bana, people don't want to
wear. I was told I should send people, children in India, a
tape to tell them what bana is. My dear, bana is very simple
thing. Baa-naa. Baa, baa. Baba means wise. Baba means wise.
Bay-bay, that's the female of it. That's called the mother.
That's the wise, affectionate mother. Baba, Bay-bay, bee-bee,
bee-baa. These are all the sound currents. The word is baa-
naa. Don't let your wisdom go. And wisdom is to maintain your
identity. That's why it is called bana.

Baa-nee. Projection. Jee is the soul, nee is the self. These
sounds do not belong to Punjabi, English, German, French and
Persian and Spanish. These are the basic sounds which man
learnt to start it's own life.

You have four things: Bana, bani, seva, simran. Simran comes
in the last. Sa-ta-na-ma. Saa, the totality. Mran. Totality
for them does not exist. That is Simran.

And one thing I want to tell you. Do not insult the Siri Guru
Granth by chanting the Gurmantra, "Wahe Guru" in any other way
than the way it is written in the Siri Guru Granth. There's no
other sound. Because Guru mantra is one thing which is given
to you to resurrect you. It is the mantra for the soul. In
Siri Guru Granth it is written and sound is, "Waa-he Guroo,
Waa-he Guroo, Waa-he Guroo, Waa-he Jeeo." Am I right or wrong?
Does anybody have an objection to it? That is exactly the way
you will speak if you have to speak. Every other situation to
it is nothing but an insult.

There will be a controversy that Sat Nam is not a mantra. Sat
Nam is a Panch Tantra Mantra. It is a panch shabad. It is THE
ONLY mantra. When Almighty God wanted to test His reality, He
created the tattvas, and at the time of creation of the
tattvas, Sa-Ta-Na-Ma is the sound. In the beginning there was
the word, word was with God, and word was God. That sound is
right there and that is Sat Nam. True Identity. God created
the tattvas so that you can find the true identity of yourself
as well as of the God. That's why He says, further in the
mantra, "Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saihbhang, Gurprasaad."

So my dear, the problem now is as you Sikhs of the Sikh Dharma
are very united, your leadership, your work...you may feel
there is something wrong but for others, forget it. You know,
you may be having five vegetables, yogurt, about 7 things and
eating and you might be thinking it's not a 35 course meal.
But to one who has never seen a chapati, for him, you are
having the greatest feast in the world. So other people who do
not know how to unite, those who are only in the parts, they do
not know what whole is. You are very wholesome, you are very
gracious, you are very right. People do not want you this way.
So all attempts are being made to dislodge you from your
reality, from your cherdi kala. I do not know what more cherdi
kala can be.

I have never seen more cherdi kala than that which one day I
saw on the television. We were in the television, channel 13
or something. Guru Bachan was singing, Guru was there, his
wife was behind, his son was sitting in the presence, along
with Kabir and one other lady. That all was the sangat. But
God, when I saw that scene, I saw the Guru, the spirit of the
God, and the angels there. Because that was done in the spirit
of the cherdi kala. It was not done in the spirit of, "Get all
the propaganda, get everybody, create big langar, and tell Guru
Bachan is having a feast-like and Guru Nanak should come." No,

And so said the Jesus to the Judas, "Do what you have to do and
do it fast. Don't wait." We are very grateful those who have
been wrong to us. They have put us together. They have showed
us the path, they have given us the unity, and we are so
united. I am so grateful to the sickness. I love it. I never
knew retirement is a relaxation. I couldn't believe it. Look
at this summer, I couldn't work, I didn't work. I'm supposed to
lie low. Well, if that is lie low standard, then you should
start working from that standard onward.

And I know some people are very mad at me. They have lost my
respect. They have lost my respect in the sense that they
don't have any respects in the sense they don't have any
respects because for them I was all who could not fall sick,
who cannot be wrong, who can be perfect. I think for them it
is a good thing. They have learned to mature themselves. They
have learned to build their grit. They learned to be who they
are. And this dependency of love and affection which is a
normal social law of universe that we are a family of the Guru,
we have elders. If money can have family and the lions can
have a pride, can't Khalsa have a family and a pride? It's
ridiculous to think that everybody's an individual. It's the
most selfish... these people will not go to hell, I can bet
with you, those who say, "I, I, I, I." They will stick here
with the I. And they will burn in the ego of their stake, "I,
I, I, I, I." You know, say it, "I, I, I, I," for some time,
and see how bad it looks. It's just when you are hurt you say,
"Aye, aye, aye, aye." Something dirty. Don't you do that?
There are two sounds you can say, "I, I, I, I," and, "Wow,
wow, wow, wow." One is of the rise, one is for the fall. But
I'm not discussing that.

What I'm discussing today is that you have to understand, once
and for all, I came, I might not have served, I might not have
been done what I was supposed to do, but whatever my love for
Guru Ram Das was, I did my best, subject to my dishonesty. And
my dishonesty is I have the great romance and imagination to be
what it should be, but I couldn't create it. That's all, I
feel very handicapped, very dishonest because I could
have...there were many opportunities where I could have done
little hanky panky, could have come out all right. But I didn't
do it because I am handicapped in one way. I want YOU to do
it. I feel as sons of the Guru, daughters of the Guru, should
participate in the House of the Guru. I want you to build your
totality brick by brick, so that you may have the pride of
doing it. That's why I did not grab the false opportunities
for the correct imagination. My romance is very real, and my
life is very practical. Perhaps that is why my zodiac is
Virgo. I believe that you can start from the scratch and build
a palace, rather you can take a loan and buy a palace and go
bankrupt. I have a different attitude.

However, many of you have forgotten seva. You have become very
commercial. You want to do everything with money. Money makes
the mare go, that is what you have even practiced as Sikhs.
But money in the desert cannot buy the dates. Cannot buy the
water. You cannot stand thirsty and eat gold and your thirst
will quench. Don't be foolish. Seva is seva. And now when I
tell somebody, "Ask so and so to do seva," and he says, "They
don't have the time," they shall die in hell. They'll be
slaves of the time. If you don't have time for seva, you shall
be encrounched and slaved by time.

So therefore understand the basic things. You are to serve the
spirit, the soul of the Khalsa. You are responsible for it.
You cannot stop it. Seva, simran, nam, bani, all that big
ritual which we tell you do not mean anything. It is not true
that spiritual one person is that who has all the holy clothes,
who has all the understanding, who knows all the scriptures.
Hey, take a donkey and put every scripture on it, you cannot
make a priest or a pandit out of it. And you take a donkey and
put a skin of the lion, you can never let it even sound like
that. Donkey is known by the hoofs. Lion is known by its
claws. If you call yourself a Sikh, a Khalsa, you first thing
is bana. Baa-naa. Don't lose your wisdom. The identity,
Bani. Seva. Simran. And that is what it's all about.
Simran, when totality is dead and God lives, that is called
Simran. Simran is not chanting the holy nam and not letting the
neighbors sleep. Bani, that when you project it should be
graceful and wise. Bana, don't let the identity and the wisdom
go. What can I tell you? I am telling you again and again.

And don't, for God's sake, learn Sikhism from those who do not
know how to spell it. According to our statistical
information, there are 600 people, perfectly Sikhs, looking
like Sikhs, and are a paid staff of the Marx Communist Party of
India, and they are in Canada and in America. They look
perfect. Two thousand people more have been exported in the
United States via Mexico. These are not the Sikhs. These are
the paid staff in the form of the Sikhs. One thing, if you
ever want to know who's a next light communist agent among the
Sikhs, I tell you very wonderful thing. Start discussing with
him. Just start a topic. He will not let you speak. They are
trained argument debaters. That's one sign, you can never miss
these people. And also, when they quote Gurbani, they only
quote particular lines of Gurbani. And they don't know the
counter-lines. So don't get impressed by them. Unfortunately
they tried to plot a lot of people with us, but they couldn't.
When they bought some people, those people couldn't stay.

It's very difficult in 3HO to plant anything, because.....it's
very difficult, unbelievable, because anything you plant in
3HO, because what you hear this morning at 7:30, you can hear
in Boston by 7:31. "Hey, did you hear it?" "What?" "I can't
tell you, it's a secret." "What is the secret?" "I can't tell
you." The other said, "Did you hear that secret?" And secret
is known in one minute all over. It is called, "Khalsa
Network." So it is very difficult and that is what the
difficulty is with the great super powers. Super powers are
very much in great difficulty. They can't plot anything among
us. They tried.

Now they are doing two things: assassination. Character
assassination, and physical assassination, to which you will
fall victim to very soon. That's the second state.

So be careful. Trust in God. And trust in yourself. And
doesn't matter what happens to you. Keep smiling, and keep
together. Even fishes move in a school. Together. Word
school is so-cool. So rhythmic. Because in school we learn
knowledge. College. College, knowledge and fallage, remember
it. When you fall apart, when you learn to be, and you have the

So learn the sound current and be graceful and I will be
liberated soon from the dungeon of the rib cage and I want to
sit today before the Siri Guru Granth and apologize to those
who couldn't understand me, and couldn't find me right.
Whatever they did, they did with all honesty, out of all
curosity and they did their best. But what I say to you is, I
have no chance not to feel eager to go home, but I want to tell
you something: Come home to me with all your grace.

Compromise everything in life, but not the Guru's grace. If
you can just understand that, you shall never be wrong. Things
come and things go, my friends. Goodness and badness, sickness
and health, sun and darkness, all has polarity except one
thing: when you carry the Guru's grace, not your own, what
happens? Then God shall protect you, God becomes a shield.
Remember this.

When a man carries the Guru's grace, God becomes the shield.
That is the simplest, easiest, and most lotus path to the
divine. When you carry your grace, you will be in trouble.
When you carry my grace, you will be in trouble. When you carry
Guru's grace, God shall become your shield. That's the only
relationship in the spiritual world. Rest is all false. All
wrong actions.

There's no organization except God himself. There's no
generation except God Himself. There's no generation gap except
our own darkness. When we do not radiate, our children do not
see us. We are black and dark, our light is off. Because we
put everything into maya, nothing to our spirit. That is why if
God blesses me, extends me, I shall be with you next week. If
not, good-bye. That is how I am feeling now, day to day, minute
to minute, time to time, breath to breath. Because man is one
breath. If it doesn't come in, that's the end of the great ego.
If it doesn't go out, that is the best of the great Id. And
that's all it is about, friends. The charm of the maya is, it
is a mirage. It's like in a desert you run for the river
because you are thirst. I'm not blaming you for it, but you
can't drink sand. Therefore take the wisdom and take the word
of the Guru, carry the grace, so God Almighty becomes your
shield, and you carry on what you are born to carry on.

My personal prayer and my greatest thanks to those who served
me in silence. My blessing on those who served me loud and
showed everybody, showing that they served so that those who
are not awake, wake up. And my very great gratitude to those
who dramatize and traumatize the service because that's the way
they showed there is also something in existence is going on.
Movie, drama. You might be aware that people act those ways.
Silence, whisper and loud talk. That's the way we chant the
Name, also, of the God. But all those who did in any way,
negative, positive, plus, minus, I pay my thanks. I might not
have done anything to anybody, but it did serve me. All bad
things have shown me this is not my home. All good things have

shown me, when I'll be gone, things will be all right. That's
all my mental state is.

And I just want to let you know because when I drop my this
shell and I free my soul from this rib cage, don't have any
pain on hesitation that I was not aware and what is going
around me was not acknowledged by me and that's why to you,
sangat, I say, Live in peace, tranquility, service, and grace.
That is what Guru's House is. This world is temporary but we
never ever understand it. The greatest understanding is, don't
make temporary things permanent. Don't think changing things
stand still. They will be dead and stinking. Keep on going
with the grace of the Guru and God shall be your guardian.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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