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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/19/1989
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Busyness for Profit

(Ed. Note: Yogi Bhajan majored in economics at Punjab University. Incorporating common sense, spiritual consciousness and the awareness of the mundane necessities of the everyday business world, Yogi Bhajan’s business courses have provided unique guidance and inspiration. As he put it, business is busy-ness for profit. One of the points that stood out most in my memory of this course was the fact that each business has its own identity. It is not the identity of the owner, it is not the identity of the employees, it is the business itself that becomes its own identity and has its own ego. You have to relate to that to be successful.)

The Public Relations of Business
“Without a smile a business is a mile away.”
Business is a continuous romance with people you hate the most. If you ever think that in a business you do not need good will of the people, you do not need PR of people, you do not want to send presents and receive presents from people, you are out of business.
Your human capacity is to romance people you like the most. In the business world you romance people you hate the most. Send a present to somebody who is going to complain about you six months from now, so that present can shut him up. It is called pre-confronting syndrome. Never present yourself without a present because you won’t attract anything, but your present will. Some special present with your presence will make the dialogue. Guard your interests.

In a business, if you do not entertain new territories, new thoughts, new blood, new contacts, you may be successful but you’ll be out of the field. No business can sustain by itself. You have to expand. If in business you remember one line “the end is endless;” if you can maintain that psychological mentality and not mess around and goof around on small things, you have a perfect attitude for business.

The Caliber of Business
You must understand that business has an identity and it has to be served by certain calibers, not by your friendship, not by your likes, not by your dislikes. Ask yourself if you are willing to make friends in business when you know they are your sole enemies. Business is business. You have to watch the interest of the business over your own interest. Your personal interests, personal likes, personal habits, personal projections, personal dreams, personal relationships–business has all these as well. The choice is either you win or you let the business win. If you want to win, the business will destroy you and itself. If you let the business win, you may get destroyed but the business will live.
When business is not going well we patch up, we cover up and don’t want it to be known, because our ego is involved. Remember business has its own ego which has nothing to do with you. It is just providing you an opportunity.

The Tragedies of Business
The two most tragic things in a business are individuality and authority. We all have the attitude in business “I want to do the business.” Business wants to do you. You can never do a business if you want to do a business. If you let the business do you, you are in business. If you let the business do you, you will become a specialist, you’ll become expert. When you want to do the business, it will be only you and nothing more.

The Rules of Business
Everyday you should know

Business has to be recorded daily in a journal covering all the above points. By doing this you can see on a daily basis the income, the projected income, the analysis report, whether your goals are being matched, your contacts, expansion and new territories. The tragedy of business is that we don’t start thinking about these things until we are confronted with them. Watch the interests of the business, don’t make assumptions. Read the words on the wall, see what the business is telling you. Don’t ever feel afraid to investigate what is going on.

Having a Business Attitude
Keep your options open. You never know who will come through for you. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver. You can take one chance and the second time nobody will trust you. Blow up anything but don’t blow up trust of people. It hurts people, talk spreads very fast and bad will engulfs you like an avalanche. Don’t ever do it.
Business is not a puppetry of emotion, business is not a drama of feelings, business is not a trauma of ego. Business is a pure sense of purity. Business is really a meditative living. There is a very popular saying, “With business we can live, without business we do not know why we are living.” If you know why you are living, have a business.
Be smart, have humor and run businesses like businesses.
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