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10/08/1989-= LIFE =- (Espanola, NM)
10/16/1989-= TRUST =- (Los Angeles, CA)
12/31/19891990 - Time to come out of our shell and trust ourselves (Pompano Beach, FL)
05/07/1989A Man's Life is Not a Man's Life (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/12/1989An Attitude of Deathlessness (Los Angeles, Ca)
08/13/1989Anarchy and Infinity (Espanola, NM)
06/22/1989Believe Nobody, But Trust God (Ram Das Puri, NM)
11/19/1989Cherdi Kala- Continuous Resurrection (Los Angeles, CA)
02/19/1989Corruption of Religion (Los Angeles, CA)
12/31/1989Happiness is My Birthright (Pompano Beach, FL)
11/17/1989Healing Your Handicaps (Los Angeles, CA)
02/10/1989It takes a long time to be nice (Espanola, NM)
07/12/1989Reversal Love (Espanola, NM)
10/01/1989Sikh Dharma and the Core of Happiness (Los Angeles, CA)
04/23/1989The Calling of the Soul (New York City, NY)
09/24/1989The Keystone of Prosperity (Los Angeles, CA)
03/05/1989The Law of One Hundred Percent (Los Angeles, CA)
07/03/1989The Path of The Kundalini (Espanola, NM
08/14/1989The Two Legs of Commitment and Character (Ram Das Puri, NM)

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