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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/10/1989
Category: misc
Location: Espanola, NM

It takes a long time to be nice

The idea was not to speak to you in the evening and not to speak in the gurdwara, but now the weather has not permitted us to sit outside and talk.

There are certain things I wanted to share with you because I know today is our last day and we have to disperse. Those who come and meet also separate. Those who get born also die. "Jo jo so bin se..." who is born shall die, no matter what. So we meet, we separate. We separate to meet again or never to meet again. Who knows.

But I'd like to tell you something about spirituality. You might have heard a lot of things, and you will know a lot of things, and you would like to admire a lot of things, investigate a lot of things -- different teachers, different people, different religions, and different theories. But those are religions and those are theories and I have nothing to do with that. But Japji has a message in it and that's what Guru Nanak talks about, and that's a little bit what I understand.

And, let us see. You come to a teacher... a spiritual teacher... and you come with the idea, with a reservation: "What he says, is it true or it is untrue? Whether it is good or it is bad? Was it real or non-real? Should I trust him or not?", then you have NOT come to a teacher, you have just come to a person! You have already devaluated, under valuated and non- energized your visit. You only listen to those things which suit your passions. You do not listen to things which suit your consciousness. That's why you are always in conflict with your teacher, your spiritual guides, or with anybody else in the world.

You have come here to suffer and you collect suffering. What is a suffering? The word 'suffering?' Pain, uneasiness, disease. That's suffering. Where it comes from? It comes from your doubt, from your insecurity. You collect suffering. It's not real, it's not true, it's not God. There is One God. How can there be suffering?

The question is, "Why you need suffering?" The world goes by two ways: happiness and suffering. In happiness you sleep. You come to gurdwara, you sleep. You go to the movies, you never sleep. So, comfort puts you to sleep. "Dukh daaroo sukh rog bheaa jaa sukh taa naa hoe." Comfort puts you to sleep and discomfort keeps you awake. Prayer is much more fast and long and deeper and real when you are in pain or suffering.

I do not believe that people accept Guru at all. I believe they do, but it's a ritual. It's not an unconditional acceptance. And you who are to get the blessing, if you accept Guru conditionally, then you shall get blessing conditionally. Then you'll pay for it. And that's a very, very sad situation. Accepting Guru without conditions, accepting Guru as your own, accepting Guru around you, within you... If your eyes have not seen God in everyone, your tears have not heard the word of God, and your mouth doesn't see the word of God, then you don't know what God is.

The earthly things you will get by the karma. But God you will get by Dharma. And difference between a karmee-purash, and dharamee-purash (human being which lives in Dharma and one who lives in karma) is very simple. The man of God will feel everything IS God. If you close the doors of the house, then you also close the doors on a friend. If you think the enemies cannot walk in, then you must understand, a friend cannot walk in, either. Some of you will develop to be very unfriendly egomaniac, ritualistic and pervert. And a human who does not see God in everything and realize the gratitude is a pervert. Because there is nothing but One God.

And you will be told as children as you grow that you should work hard and become rich, and have this and that, and go after a beautiful girl and go after a beautiful man and all those kinds of nonsense. But just remember one thing: those who go out of their house in search are never found at home. It's a simple truth. You understand that? So if you care to go out and run after something, I can vouch to you something, things will never come to you and you will be stupid, miserable, idiotic, nonsensical, unfulfilled, hallow, shallow, empty and stupid! I can guarantee you this thing. You're never home. You're always going out, looking at the earthly beauty and looking at the earthly wealth, and manipulating and planning. I am with a lot of them. I am always around them and I see them, what they do. They don't listen to me. They don't listen, they don't see me.

I was talking to somebody and I said, "Do you see God in me?" And the person said, "No." They don't see God in me. I said, "If you don't see God in me, whether I have God or not, that's not the problem. But do you see God IN me?" The person said, "No, I don't think I see God in you." I said, "If you don't see God in me, how the hell you are going to see God at all?" I said, "You refuse to see God in anything and everything." People are very strong and questionable. She said, "Do you see God in everything?" I said, "Unfortunately, God took away from me the eyes to see anything else." To see a person and his features and her features, I have to change my sight. I have to change my lens faculty and my optic nerve to connect with the brain to feel. If God would not have given an arcline at the breast and arcline (what you call a halo) to a person, I would never have seen the difference between a man and a woman. The difference between a man and a woman to me is that she has a breast arcline and man doesn't have it.
Also man doesn't have a right brain, and woman has both. I mean, there is a basic difference. And she gets pregnant, and a man doesn't get pregnant. So that's the difference between male and female.

And I just want to tell you, if you want to know what God is... Now this question will come in your life when you grow up and I may not be there to explain it to you. And I don't want to lie to you because I am going through the last mile of my life and I want to be very straight. You were raised with me, you were born in my hands, I have changed your diapers, I have kissed you, hugged you, and many of you have had the privilege to spoil my clothes as you wanted and wished, and as innocent you are.

I give you very practical example. A man and woman make love. And I know you don't make love, but you all are going to make love. And some of you might be dreaming about doing it and some might be much faster than we think you are so innocent. Who knows? Some of you are flirt, and we know them, also. It is the samskars. It is the karma of this land and the way the society is and the way the things are. Nobody accepts anybody, nobody trusts anybody, nobody loves anybody. And all we see is, "What is his motive, what is his purpose?" There's not that we are people of God. Living is also a purpose. No. You look like a baboon all the time. (Makes ape noises.) You see? That's the condition. And then you want to be loved and respected as a human. No! It's not going to work out. Not at all. One thing is only worshipped. It is purity and simplicity and straightforwardness in a person. Nobody is ever worshipped or loved. King can be a king and then die, and all he gets is the droppings of the
pigeons. But when a saint dies, it is forever.

But I'm going to tell you what God is. One day there will be a girl and there will be a boy among you and you will make love. And whether it is legal or illegal, there may be a woman who will get pregnant. It may be a teenager pregnancy or old age pregnancy, I'm not discussing that part. But pregnant woman will be different. She will work, she will cook, she may go to work, she may go to dance, she may go to movies, or she may be all the time reading Siri Guru Granth. But she'll be pregnant. Is that real? Is it that when she comes home she becomes pregnant, and when she goes out, she's not pregnant? Is there any such thing? Pregnant woman is a pregnant woman. A divine person is a divine. She does everything remembering there is one thing in her: another life. And that is born again, that is reborn, that is Christ consciousness. Not that everybody was loving Christ. It's all... you are told false stories. He was called a bastard, he was called an idiot, he was told, "Get out, you son of a carpenter." It is all a
written record in the silk route(?). Nothing. But you know when he became Christ? When they put him on the cross and they said, "YOU who walked on the water! Now you fly in the air!" He said, "These idiots do not know. Forgive my father, what they do. They do not know what they are doing." That forgiveness, Infinite forgiveness for the enemies, made him Jesus Christ from Jesus Carpenter.

Guru Arjan was no small thing, and there was nothing he couldn't do. But when they put him on the hot plate and put hot sand on him, and Miramir, the greatest saint who has oneness with God (and the entire state, empire, understood there is no saint like him), he said, "Guru Arjan Partakh Har. You are personified God. What are you doing?" Guru Arjan said, "Miramir, you are a warrior, you are a man of God. Close your eyes. Close these earthly eyes and see with the real eyes." He saw with the real eyes, he saw Guru Arjan is putting the fire under, Guru Arjan is putting the hot sand over, Guru Arjan is sitting on the hot plate. And he opened his eyes and he said, "I don't understand... but one other question I have got." He said, "Okay, ask that, too." He said, "Why you are doing this?" He said, "If there will be a tyranny of the rule of the mankind and a man of God raises his voice and he goes through this tragedy and this tragedy of the _____. I am a Guru. I have to leave, I have to give an example."

You are Sikh children.

"Jab lag khalsa rahe niaaraa.
Tab lag tej dee-o meh saaraa.
Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.
Meh naa karo in kee parteet."

I will give divine radiance to the Khalsa who will live as distinct.
But if they adopt the common ways, I will not satisfy them.

--Guru Gobind Singh, Sarab Loh Granth.

You are Sikh children. You have two strengths in you other than a normal child. One is you believe. If you don't believe, you start doing it. "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." God is with you. So closing the door, and putting the curtains down and lying and manipulating and playing games and doing things... shame on you! It won't work. These are menial jobs and you have to believe in Ang Sang Wahe Guru. God is with you. You have thirty trillion parts dancing in you, you have ten trillion cells to be your body, and that's all God. And in 72 hours it all changes.

So please remember in your life that you are Sikh children. Guru is with you. God is everywhere. God knows everything. So those of you who have that foolishness that God is not seeing you, you are idiots. You are blind. You are not seeing God, but God is seeing you everywhere. God is subtle, and you want to know where is God. God is like that pregnant woman. Everybody knows from her walk, from her talk, from everything she is pregnant. God is like fragrance in the flower. Nobody sees it, but that's all it is. Otherwise what is the use of flower? God is like butter in the milk. Just churn it little bit and it'll come out.

You will be the most wasted garbage of humanity if you have to work and sweat hard. A man who does work hard and sweats gets $3.50 a hour. You fools! Remember, purify your mind, clarify your consciousness, and shine. God shall come and say, "Do you want something?" That's also one way of living. If you go after things, it is just you go for the search of things, "I'm going to get it!" Your ego is involved... you are going to get something and it will be useless. But if you sit home and be happy and don't worry and feel God's blessing or grace is with you, then remember what will happen. Then things will come to you! That rich man who has a huge palace, 250 rooms and 690 bathrooms and all marble and whole thing, it was never a home so who cares? It's a ghost house. Going out and searching for money, fulfilling desires, chasing emotions and commotions is a neurotic human waste of life. Sit as saint. Do with purity the simple deeds of life.

Now, it is your responsibility to educate yourself so you can know the tricks of the earth. You should know better spelling, better English, better grammar, better geography, better history, better morals, better ethics and etiquettes, so that your personality is no use. Personality is useless if it is not perpetual. I never have seen a prostitute being worshipped. A woman of grace, yes. I have never seen a king worshipped. A saint, yes. I have never seen that planet earth is without day or night. We require day, we require night. We want to know what is wrong and we want to know what is right. But we have not to be proud to be right always. We have to only go with the right. You understand? That is right.

There shall be temptations. There shall be some quick and fast money, and quick and fast satisfactions, quick and fast relationships, quick and fast everything. But just remember, among metals,only mercury is called a quick metal. It is a poison when taken raw, but it is also a medicine. It cures almost everything. So, in your life there are two ways to look. If you look at the riches as the gift of the God and it is the property of the Guru, you'll all come in your contact or contact gracefully, and you will have a better life. And if you do numbers, I tell you, people will do numbers with you that you will be sorry. Evil is quick, fast and done. It takes a long time to be nice. But nice is nice, it never changes. If you have any limit, and you build horizons and opinions and conditions, then you are not a Sikh of the Guru. You will ask, "If you meet a bad person, what will you do?" Meet a bad person and elevate him. But you can only elevate if you know how to elevate yourself. Lift can't carry a person up if it cannot go up.

So basically I have been with you in this beautiful snow felt weather, and you were all here and I came along to be with you and you came along to be with me. But if you are asking me to feel satisfied, I am not. There's much to do and much to learn. But there is a one line actually this morning I wanted to inject in you.

Ekaa maa-ee jugat viaa-ee tin chele parvaan.
Ik sansaaree ik bhandaaree ik laa-e deebaan.

--from 30th pauree of Japji Sahib

There is but One God which created this universe. He gives the birth, he sustains you and he kills you because your permit is out. You are here on a permit. And a visit to earth is never more than going to a hotel. You go, you register, you stay there, but how good or rich you may be, you steal a few pillows, they catch you and then God knows what they'll do. So if you think you are going to carry anything from this planet earth, you are the biggest blunderers, the most blind fools ever born! So take off the wool from your eyes and just understand that all things come from God and all things go to God. If you just remember that song and live it, you shall never be poor, you shall never be dumb, and then opportunity will feel privileged to come to you all.

There are two ways as I know. I don't know much about it and I'm not going to say I know everything and nobody knows else, and they should listen to me. Damn me! What do you care? But I know if something works for me and doesn't work for you, then you are not listening to me and we have no love relationship and you all say, "I love you." But just understand, when you love, you listen! You can say, "I like so and so." But we like different weathers and we like different habits. You have 200 things you dislike and one thing you like. What a wishy-washy idiot you are! One thing works, folks. See God in everything, which you even cannot see. And see nothing but God because there is a God in everything just as there is a fragrance in every flower. Feel it. These eyes are given to you to read words, and when you will be my age you'll have to wear glasses, and they won't read. Their job is done. Your body won't do those kinds of things which it will do when you are young and your ears won't hear. You will say, "What? What's that
you say?" They won't hear. And then you'll speak like this,....(imitates an old senile person talking.)

But in this body there is a power to feel, know and understand, and that's the third eye. Intuition. What IS intuition? Intuition is a little sound of God in you called consciousness. And third eye is nothing but a conscious vigilance. You are not to open it up here with a knife and cut it out and make another eye here. That's not what the 3rd eye means. Between the two eyes, 3rd eye is above it. It is called "Eye of the Shiva." Shiva is the God of death, right? And it means: remember death. But what is death? What is death? You know what is death? Tell me. (Child: when your body dies your soul goes to God.) Soul goes to God. Remember, you come home from the hotel, you give to the bellboy the money, maid the money, room service you leave the money, you leave at the desk the money, you leave good note to the manager. Don't you do that? Why you do that? To develop good relationships. "My visit was good, I was happy." Exactly that's the way death is.

One day you all will die and one day I will die. Question is, that day it will be decided you are going home, do you have something to leave behind for the maid? For the bell-captain, for the receptionist, one who cleaned your room, one who changed your bed, or not? Or you are a weird, empty, shallow fool who has nothing to leave for anybody because you do not know where are you going. And then you will be going nowhere.
Normally they say the spiritual lecture should be small because people go to sleep fast reading the spiritual things. But if you want to keep them awake, you have to tell them a little funny stuff. You know what I mean? So I feel I'll not talk much to you. But I just want to tell you something. Listen... and if you develop to listen to the Infinity, God shall listen to you. Quote me on this. If you listen and you listen to the Infinity, that Almighty God shall listen to you. "Hoodee ko kar baranday tinaa ke rat jug bir se peleh"... if you want to have ego, have it SO big that before doing anything God should consult you, "My son, it will offend you or you will like it?" Don't parents sometimes say it? "Should we go to movie or should we go to restaurant or should we...." You know, like that.

All right. You have nine gates. Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, and your lingam or your yoni and your anus. You know all that. And you have five tattwas, you have ether and you have earth, in between you have air, fire and water. You have ten trillion cells which change in 72 hours and the body changes. And you have systems, and you have three ages: you are young, child, and you are going to be youth, and you are going to be old age. When you'll become youth, your childhood will die. When you become old, your youth will die. And what you will do as an old person? You talk about when you were young. When you are young, you talk about when you were a child. Idiot! That's all dead. Prepare for the last death to go home.

And you are American children. You should not have any problem, because you see that thing going up in the sky. What do you call that? Space shuttle. Right? And it drops its rockets. Boosters. Just so, when you go to God you drop the body. You have ten bodies. You have a soul. Spiritual body. You have mental negative body, mental positive, mental neutral. You have physical body and you have arc body, you have aura body, you have subtle body, you have pranic body, and you have radiant body. Got it all? Soul enters the subtle body to leave the physical body. Physical body are those two big boosters which are dropped in the ocean when that shuttle goes off. Nothing more.

And in the last, I'll just say a way to live. If you hear and through your ears... these ears have power which gives them the power to hear... THAT is the real power! That's the mental power. And with that mental power if you hear the Infinity, then God shall hear you. If with these eyes you see the Infinity, then God shall see you. And if with this tongue you speak the Infinity... the grace of the Infinite God... then God shall speak of you. "Jis neech ko koay naa jaane, naam japat jog kamaane." That mean, mean man who sins again and again. What is it Nirinjan? The rest? Yah... When he chants the name of the Lord, four corners of the world bow to him. If you swim and you are the best swimmer and you jump in the ocean, you may end up dealing with the sharks. But if you get into the luxury liner, man, your journey will be smooth. So next time you go you will eat, dance and enjoy and sleep well and be romantic. There are two ways to cross the ocean of life. You make the choice. You are independent sovereign souls created by
God in His own image. I am nobody to shadow you or enhance you to do something. I only share that experience which I have.

Just understand one thing: on this planet whatever you will see, whatever you will hear, and whatever you speak, it should be nothing but God. If you ever want to avoid problems, call it disease and call it uneasiness and call it poverty, just remember one thing: That whole thing will be decided by how you use your mouth. What you speak will decide your fate, decide your opportunity, decide your luck, decide your everything!

What you eat decides your physical strength and your health. That's why there's a 1430 pages of Guru's word so that you can remember them and speak them. They are the process conversation for every conversation of life. That's why our Guru is so thick and so big. Not that you can't carry it... not that we needed it. There are facets of life, multiple facets of life. What Guru has decided, human level, emotional level, levels of feeling, levels of consciousness, levels of intelligence... and then at Infinite level. That's what Siri Guru Granth does. First of all, you read any shabad. Start with anything. It will start dealing at human level. Then it will just change little bit of his note, and deal with you intelligently, and emotionally. Carry you little bit. And then in between you will find the "rahao." And then it will start dealing with you absolutely on an elevated sense of Infinity and consciousness. And we'll like you to look at this. And in the end Guru Nanak will speak. Under the seal of Nanak you
will hear the last line. That is the resultant.

I have read Koran. I have read Vedas. I have read Smritis. If I couldn't read them, I hired the best pandit to read it and translate and do all that. I had a beautiful rabbi. Not only he read me all the Torah in the way he was moving, the whole thing, but he translated and wanted me to convert to be a Jew. I have studied as a Catholic in a Roman Catholic school called Sacred Heart, so I know Jesus Christ more than that, and I converted my Mother Superior to be a Protestant. I showed her what she is doing... and I was a little kid, three years old, no big deal. But I had a feeling what God is all about. So please understand, not only it is good you wear good bana, but it also good behind this bana, there should be a bani of the Guru.

And, for your strength so that the bana and bani can be maintained, you have GOT to do simran!

"Amrit velaa sach nao vadi-aa-ee veechaar.
Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar.
Naanak evai jaaneeai sabh aape sachiaar."

--from the 4th pauree of Japji Sahib

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This is what it means, actually. Ambrosial hours are those where sun is at 15 degrees to the earth, while going down and going up, and that is the elevated time when your mind can perceive infinity and restore the reservoir with it. That's why those two times are very powerful. Early when the sun rises, and when sun sets and before the night takes.

Number two: If you become consciousness to understand day is going away, night is coming, or you become conscious that night is going away and day is coming in, then you will always know everything what happens in the earth, and beyond, and beyond and beyond. That's the only way to conquer death. Time is not under the control of the man. Space is. Man shall conquer the space. Man is given time, and time is unconquerable because time can be conquered only by man's mind. Mind is faster than God. So you have to conquer your mind. That's why in Japji Guru says:

"Man jeetai jag jeet."
Ekaa maa-ee jugat viaa-ee tin chele parvaan.
Ik sansaaree ik bhandaaree ik laa-e deebaan.
Jis tis bhaavai tivai chalaavai jiv hovai furmaan.
Oh vekhai ohnaa nadar na aavai bahotaa eho vidaan.
Aades tisai aades,
Aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug eko ves.

--30th pauree of Japji Sahib

And then it comes to the yogis. There is a pauri for the yogis.

Mundaa santokh saram pat jholee dhiaan kee kareh bibhoot.
Khinthaa kaal kuaaree kaaiaa jugat dandaa parteet.
AA-ee panthee sagal jamaatee man jeetai jag jeet.
Aades tisai aades,
Aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug eko ves.

--28th pauree of Japji Sahib

Man jeetai jag jeet. God is into the Infinite of the Infinity. God is into the Infinity of the time. God is through the actions and reactions of all, and God is all, always, ever. And I bow to Him. "Aades" means "I salute."

So I think your teachers who have given their time and space to be with you were very nice and they did the best effort. I tried to do everything, whatever my health would permit, and you were very nice that you could come. But I've got to go to Los Angeles and work it out, because we need about $78,000 which is unpaid debt on the foreign ed. to even send you to school. So I've got to work, as they say, my everything off, to see that money is procured, and done and taken care of. I have my responsibilities and I'll discharge them, and you have your responsibilities, and you should discharge them.

And word is responsibility. As American kids you hate this word, I know that. There's nothing to tell me. But let me tell you the meaning of it. Response-ability. It means, "Ability to respond." And if you have not the ability to respond, then you are foolish. You are nuts! And "understand" means "Stand Under." And all of you girls, "She" contains the "He." "Woman" contains the "Man." And "Female" contains the "Male." And "Good" contains "God." You cannot write "Good" without writing "God" in it. G-O-D, God, and G-O-O-D, good.

And there is the problem of those who are macho and indifferent and they want to do something. Just I'll tell you something. Write down "Ego," and write down, "God." Take the "ed" -- ed means higher self. ID is a psychological word. I-D, id means a personal working ego, and E-D, "ed" means the ed, the higher self, the consciousness, the elevated self. And take E and D off, and you'll be nothing but go-go. $3.50 an hour sweating, hurting, divorcing, marrying, being beautiful this way, being beautiful that way, ugly this way, ugly that way. Blah, blah, blah! You will have no hair, still you will wear a wig. You'll have no eyes, still you'll like to see. You'll have no ears, still you'll like to hear. You know why? When the time was to hear, see and speak, you were mum and dumb. You didn't do it enough. Therefore, desire to live continuously, because you came for one week to stay in hotel, to enjoy and it was just to relax and go back fresh and good. Rather you messed it up and you don't want to go, and you have
no money and all you do is end up in the same result: washing dishes because you have no money. And there are many people who come to the earth and do not do good acts or good deeds. They build up their personality... take care of themselves, and when their time is up, they pay the hotel bill through washing dishes. That's what you want? Think about it. Huh?

Hello, we are friends again? (Addressing a child.) You speak now? We are Khalsa people. We don't stutter. Why should we stutter. Tell me what you are afraid of. You know how many we are in pain? We develop these problems to stutter. There's a one problem like this. (Begins spastically twitching one of his eyes.) You see some people do like this? Psychologically it's a problem. It is called 7th, 3rd sciatica nerve into the 4th meridian. You know what it means? Person is not sure of himself. And then you always say, "I don't know. I'm not sure." And when age will grow up and your nervous system cannot keep your facade all right, and cracks started coming, then one crack will do. Just like that. It'll start showing on the eye. (Begins twitching his eye again as an example.) And also you will see....you made that drama for me, right? (Referring to a character with a funny walk in the play that the children put on.) You know that, right? Sometimes you walk like you are blind without brakes, without lights.
It's just as there is a car without its lights on or anything. You are calling for an accident. Be flexible, be meek, be humble, be wise. Nothing is worshipped in the world but purity and nothing is respected on the earth but wisdom! Got me, all? (Students: Yes, sir.) And it is easy to happen when you feel God is within you.

Now they are telling me to shut up. So thank you. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! And have fun and have a good time, okay? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bless you, bless you, bless you. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. You are all beautiful! How many people will touch my feet for nothing? Na na na na. That's nice, nice, nice. Love you, love you, love you!

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Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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