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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/26/1996
Category: Master's Touch Course
Location: Espanola, NM

Self Reverence

Today we’ll discuss projection. Is it all right with you?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: Were you born? Were you dropped or were you born?
Class: We were born.
YB: You have a nervous system, you have a muscular system, you have a structure, you have features. Did you organize that?
Class: No, Sir.
YB: Did you desire what you got? Were you aware of where you were going to be born? Did you decide who should be your parents? You were told, “These are your parents.” Is that true?
Class: Yes, sir.
YB: You were told, “This is your mother.” You immediately were nurtured by her, therefore, she became a mother. Then she told you, “This is the father.” It’s called, “reference by action.” There were actions with which you were trained. You were told, “Sit, poop, up, dup, dee, doo, daa.” That became your classical reference. So you are human by reference.
YB: What subject are we talking about today?
Class: Projection.
YB: I thought you forgot. So you are human by....?
Class: ...reference.
YB: Not by reverence. Over the years, every religion has lied, lied, and lied, and made a fool out of you as humans. You don’t have a chance to be human, because you have never been taught to be human by reverence. Reverence means “self-reverence,” not somebody else’s reference. You have always been taught by reference: “That’s my mother, that’s my father, that’s my religion, that’s my Kabbalah; and that’s my synagogue, that’s my church, that’s my temple, that’s my husband, that’s my child. That is, that is, that is....”
When somebody does good for you, you have a good reference to that person. When somebody does bad for you, it is a bad reference. You are the most unlearned, unlearnable mammals; you are egomaniac, arrogant individuals—and extremely stupid. You suffer so much. Oh, God, help them!
Animals eat their grass, birds fly with their rhythm, poop where they want, and sit where they want. But you have no place. You are the most misfit category of life. You have no projection, therefore, you are trendy. If everybody’s screwing, you are screwing. If nobody’s screwing, you are not screwing. There was a time when everybody became celibate. The world population became one third. And now everybody’s screwing; the world population is unlimited. There’s no room. A boy has a girl, a girl has a boy. A screws B, B screws C, C screws D. What a drama!
Do you know, the word intercourse really refers to when you and I talk. Intercourse doesn’t mean a sexual relationship. When you say, “He sleeps with he,” or, “He sleeps with she,” you mean sex. Sleep really means you sleep—with a pillow, you know? Sleeping means sleeping with your pillow. Sleeping does not mean what you mean by sleeping. And when you say, “I love him,” or, “He loves me,” you are insane, because neither do you have your reference to reverence, nor do you have reference to reverence to another person. That’s why your relationships never project right.
What subject are we talking about today?
Class: Projection.
YB: I just want to make you understand the meaning of projection.
If a bow and arrow, and its string, and its strength, and the pressure of the air are not measured, you will never hit the bull’s-eye. You can’t. Even with a rifle, the holding of the breath, the shoulder, the pressure, and the trigger, and the wind pressure have to be measured. It’s called “zeroing the rifle” before you fire. Do you do that in life? No.
You have not been taught to have reverence. You have been taught to have reference. But with reference you are prostitutes. You live by reputation, and your reputation goes ahead of you, so you are already known and set. That’s not living. That’s a low-grade mammal existence. LGME. In high sociology, they call it LGME: Low-Grade Mammal Existence.
And what do you think of yourself? You have landed on the moon. Then what? The moon was already there, he wanted you to come, so you went. What have you gotten from science? If you read the Mahabharata, you find that over three thousand years ago they had individual planes in India. They called them vimaan, airplane, and they were powered by mercury vapor. That was the energy they used—crystal mercury vapor power. They used to fly from India to visit their second home for the holidays called “America.” They called it pataal desh, the underworld. You are the underworld. When I was small they used to tell me that under India—India is called bharat —there is an underworld—pataal desh.

Bwrt dyS nIccy iek pqwl dyS hY ] vhw rwkS vsty hY ] gEU kw mws Kwqy hY ] mdrqw pIqy hY ] ivSy ivkwr Bogty hY ]

“Under India exists an underworld where raakshas —demons—live. They eat beef, they drink wine, they have sex with each other,” and they die. This is what I was told at three years old.
Leave the other underworld in what you eat and what you do. Vishay vikaar. The world is known as vish. Vishva means the universe. Vishay means the complex. Vishaa means a heading, a label. Vikaar means wrong heading, corruption.
So all your headings of life are by reference, not by reverence. You don’t project that you are born to be. You are born, and you are divine, and you are you. You don’t have to become a human. You are human. Being a human is better than being an angel, and better than a sage, and better than any power of God that there is. You are human, therefore, you are in the image of God. You want to look like your own image, therefore, you are stupid. You are not being like the one who made you. Do you understand?
Nobody wants to tell you this. They want you to be easy, have fun. Fun for what? Folks, what fun? You have “x” amount of prana, and “x” amount of energy called “youth,” and in “x” amount of time you can make the best of it, and that’s all it is. It’s as if there is a bank, and you have ten thousand dollars or one million dollars, whatever your expense account is, and you have a sixty-five year visit in which to spend it. How you’ll live, which motel you’ll live in, which hotel you’ll live in, what you do with life, that’s your problem, not God’s.
Yes, with your reverence, you can increase yourself. With reference, you can decrease yourself. Now do you understand projection?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: You do not love anybody. Absolutely not. You hook people. You project your sensuality, not your sensitivity. What do you need friends for? For personal satisfaction and exploitation? That’s why in your relationships you are here, there, everywhere, because you are not within yourself. Your self is empty of you. Forget about becoming a Teacher and then getting into the heart of another person, and understanding the head of another person, and forklifting—that’s the job of a Teacher.
I have seen it over and over again in marriages. They fall apart. You counsel them, they fall apart. You tell them, they fall apart. You don’t tell them, they fall apart. Why do they fall apart? Because the marriage was based on reference; it was not based on reverence. It was not reverence, greatness, shine, beauty, power of the spirit, the soul. It was sexual—the penis and vagina met. And you expect victory? No. You can’t get it. You can’t! Any relationship which is based on the second chakra shall never have the quality of the sixth chakra. Anything which is not based on the sixth chakra will not command the universe. “Not command the universe” means that the universe will not come and serve you, although it is your birthright. Happiness is your birthright. You can’t get your birthright, so you start fantasizing and you start romancing. Romance and fantasy take you away from reality. That’s why you have no endurance, you have no courage to have endurance, and you fall apart. One opposition, two oppositions, ten oppositions, twenty oppositions: You go down as if you don’t exist. Jack and Jill went down the hill. Wooshh. Not right, folks. What is not right is left.
You know how simple I am? Things are very simple. There is no complication for us. Life is not a complicated thing. You complicate it to become prostitutes and pimps of the very life which is supposed to be divine and reverent and gracious and absolute for you. And it’s given. The tragedy is you don’t even have to earn it. It is given.

gur syvw qy Bgit kmweI ] qb ieh mwns dyhI pweI ] ies dyhI kEu ismrih dyv ] so dyhI Bju hir kI syv ]

Gur sevaa tay bhagat kamaa-ee. Tab eh maanas dayhee paa-ee.
Is dehee ka-ho simareh dev. So dayhee bhaj har kee sayv.

-Bhagat Kabir, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1159

Through the Guru’s service the Lord’s loving adoration is practiced.
Then alone is the fruit of this human body obtained.
Even the gods long for this body.
So through this body of yours, think of rendering service unto God.

With the Guru’s blessing you earned this life, and you have earned this human body which is worshipped by angels, not only by you. And through this body you can understand infinity, and with reverence, worship, and understanding, you can understand the totality of God. You know how blissful it is? You see one little thing and you say, “Wow!” “Oh, I met a very beautiful girl today. Wow. Wow.” Have you seen these kids? “Wow!” Do you understand these stupids, when they take all that.... (YB demonstrates a person taking drugs by sniffing some substance through his nose.) Do you know what I mean? “Oh, I’m in ecstasy.” Well, you have three hundred dollars less and you are stupid forever. Yes, you are in ecstasy. Other than that foolishness, you will never do it.
And under the influence of these drugs you do things. You have wet dreams. You have cold sweats. Sometimes you get the shakes. What is this? It’s not you. It is good to get sick and fall apart once in a while. A car does it, why not you? But the problem is, your parts are not replaceable. They don’t have a Jiffy Lube to lube you up. Do you know what I’m saying?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: Once you lose a part of you, folks, you are gone. One part that you are losing these days with drugs is called Impactuous Sensitivity. This generation, the Sixties generation, has lost it. Drugs may do good to you for a while, it’s your money. I’m not asking you not to use them, but you shall never be you again.
That’s why I started Kundalini Yoga here. I wasn’t interested in gaining my leadership or membership. I saw the tragedy of mankind. I saw how damaged they were. We picked up young bodies left on trails, eaten by animals, unrecognizable, and sometimes their identification led us to their homes. You can’t believe it.
But what is a drug? When you take any drug which makes you hallucinate, it means your brain cells are stretched to the area and extent beyond what they should be. So the chances of developing sensitivity and experiencing infinity are lost.
I remember somebody ate a brownie. For six days he was saying, “I am Yogiji, and I am with Guru Ram Das, and I am having all there is. And I know what it is. Understand me? (YB says all this in a sing-song voice.) They are all my friends, I am in Heavens. I’m seeing angels. Lord Shiva came yesterday to massage me.” For seven days I had to sit by his bed. And this is what I was hearing: “Oh, oh, Yogiji. I am Yogi Bahan, I’m here. He has gone into my whole body. And my legs are his legs. My hands are....” And I was sitting on the chair, by his side. Seven long days! Finally I got tired of sitting, my buttocks started hurting; I just took care of his temples and he woke up.
I said, “Hi, Yogiji.”
He said, “No, you are Yogiji.”
I said, “Oh yes? I just wanted you to come back to yourself.” There was no self. The self, whether it was great or it was bad, right or wrong, it got stretched. And sometimes when you stretch something, it doesn’t come back.
So people have acid and cocaine and all these drugs, but the worst of all is marijuana. That’s the worst. Every drug has a limited feature and flushes out through the urine. Marijuana does not get out through the urine. Actually marijuana is an herb which is used for stomach ailments. It numbs the internal wound of the digestive system. That’s what it was used for. But the moment you smoke it, it hits your pituitary and that’s it, you’re gone. It freezes the serum in the spine, and you will never have gray matter of the quality that you had, doesn’t matter how you think you may be.
You don’t want to project you. You want to project somebody else. You are the power. You don’t need the power. You are the beauty. You don’t need the beauty. You are the success. You don’t need the success. You are the sex. You don’t need to sex yourself.
The Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs—you name it, the whole humanity has no self-reference to reverence.
Somebody once said, “What can you do?”
I said, “I can give you a face and grace, or I can condemn you.”
“What do you mean by ‘condemn me?’”
I said, “I’ll write down that I met so and so, and he was a living idiot, and that’s it. That’ll become record. In five hundred years when the world will be different, you will be a living idiot. You will be referred to as an idiot. That I can do.”
“Why would you do that?”
I said, “I’m not doing it. You asked me, so I’m telling you what I can do.”
I said, “I’m a Mahan Tantric, I’m a Lord of Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Attitude. I can do what I want. You are not going to tell me what to do. You asked me, ‘What can you do?’ I’m telling you what I can do. Is there any question?”
He said, “Well, what does it matter if you write me off as an idiot?”
I said, “It shall matter. It shall become a universal energy. You think I am a person. I’m an institution. I am the mansion which has many rooms. Look at the way I am, not the way you look at it.”
He said, “I’m looking at it.”
I said, “Look again.”
He said, “Wow!”
I said, “What did you see?”
He said, “You disappeared into light.”
I said, “No, I was sitting here. I never left the room.”
“Well, what was that?”
I said, “I just made you see me. I didn’t do anything.” I said, “This is the power of a Master of Kundalini Yoga. One who practices in a pure form can become the living light, can become the living awareness, can become the living beings of all beings, and time and space shall serve such an individual.” I said, “I just showed you. I’m not showing you anything more or less.”
“Well, man, I want to study with you.”
I said, “No.”
Now watch this. This is called Super Insanity.
“Ten thousand dollars a lesson.”
“This lifetime.”
“Why no?”
I said, “You are no. Because you tried to measure with maya a man who is a Master. You missed the chance. You tried to measure it.”
Infinity cannot be measured. Reverence cannot be explained, because reverence is Infinity. Reverence has such a power that it becomes Infinity, and for you to become Infinity, you have to have self-reverence, not reference.
What do you do? You prostitute yourself. “I am this, I am beautiful, I have boobs, I have this....” Everybody has. You think others don’t have what you have? Some have less, some are right, some are wrong. There’s a white gringo student of mine, he married a black girl, and I said, “Will the family accept this marriage?”
He said, “That’s why I married her. I don’t want to be accepted.”
I said, “Wow. Why?”
He said, “I want to get even with my family. This is the only way. But Yogiji, please bless me.”
I said, “Why?”
He said, “Just bless me. That’ll give me satisfaction.”
I said, “I bless you a hundred times. I have nothing to lose. To me it’s neither black nor white, nor yellow, nor pink. To me it is all human. But you are not marrying for the purposes of marrying. You are marrying for the purposes of getting even with your family. That’s what you are doing.”
The majority of young kids get even with their parents, and they lose from the start. Do you know what they say? “I want to do what I want to do. I don’t want to hear you tell me what to do.” That’s called “the first act of disobedience,” and nobody has ever recovered from that, because that becomes a mantra.
You live in the world of pushers—sexual pushers, not sensual pushers. You are sexual pushers, like prostitutes with a reference. You are not human with a reverence. Your beauty and your power and your universe guarantee you all happiness if you have self-reference to your reverence. That’s the first projection.
You want to look beautiful? What you’re seeing in the mirror is the trend and the tendency of the time. You never look in the mirror of your mind and into your soul.
Because you live by reference you have patterns. Five marriages, same pattern; sixteen friends, same pattern; action reaction, same pattern. And sometimes you patent it; it becomes permanent, you are predictable.
I know of a girl who every two and a half years has to have a major shift in her life. I was telling her one day: “Hey,” I said, “‘Two-and-a-half-years is closing in. “What’s next?”
She said, “Well, I know it is coming. I’ll try to stop it.”
I said, “The last several times in the past you didn’t.”
Once somebody asked a guy, he said, “Why are you swimming when you can go by boat?”
He said, “I want to swim. I don’t want to go by boat.”
“Why not?”
He said, “I want to be a fish.”
The guy said, “You never forgot your previous incarnation when you were a fish.”
You become human but you don’t forget your previous incarnation. Have you seen some people who frown like this at everybody? “Heeeee.” They were dogs. Have you seen people who hiss at you? They were snakes. Have you seen people who say, “Wonk, wonk, wonk?” They were frogs.
Anyway, you already have nicknames for your friends, don’t you? You all have, don’t lie. I know. You have their real names, not their legal names. You say, “Hey, save you from this guy. He’s a fox.”
How many words do we use for naming people? One is fox, that’s very common. What else? There’s a weasel, and so forth. There’s a long list. Once I was given a list that had the real names of the humans. It was the theory of reincarnation. Somebody just sat down and figured it out. From a common focal behavior you can totally study and understand what the previous life of that person was. Absolutely. You don’t have to spend five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars to know previous incarnations.
Somebody once brought me about a hundred tapes. “Yogiji, will you listen to this?”
I said, “What for?”
“These are my previous incarnations.”
I said, “Then what?”
“Oh, it’s very important.”
I said, “What did you eat the day before yesterday at lunch?” She couldn’t tell me. I said, “If you cannot tell me what you ate two days back, what is the idea of going through these hundreds of tapes? You were something. Why do I have to deal with that?”
“Well, I want to know what I was and what I can do.”
I said, “You can do doo-doo, or you do to be. But do me a favor. I’ll help you as much as you want, but there’s one condition.”
She said, “What?”
I said, “Don’t become a Sikh. Promise me.”
I said, “Then it becomes a headache, and I have a lot of headaches. Please. One less. That’s all I want.”
I said, “You are nuts. I have so many nuts to deal with, so please, do not become a Sikh. You promise me this and I’ll do everything for you.”
So we agreed. But she became a Sikh, anyway. That is the tragedy now. And I said, “You broke the promise.”
She said, “I broke my promise with you. I now have everything with the Guru. Don’t tell me anything. I know.” And she is very smart. But what can you do?
She said, “God is infinite. Guru is infinite wisdom. I don’t need you.”
I said, “That’s true. You don’t.” And every third day I am on the phone. This is how she starts. It is a very typical idea. She says, “I was reading Siri Guru Granth. At page such and such, line such and such, now Guru says, ‘da, da, da, da, da.’ But what does he mean by this?”
I said, “What do you mean? The Guru spoke, you heard it, this is a direct relationship.”
She said, “No, you explain to me what it means.”
She knows I cannot say “No.” So I start saying, “Well, Guru said such and such, it is in Rag such and such. This is what the story is....”
After forty five minutes she says, “Well, what I mean to say is, why did I read that line today?”
I answered, “Now you are behaving nuts.”
“Well, I want to talk to you.”
I said, “No, as far as the Guru’s explanation goes, it’s over. I’m going to hang up the phone.”
“No, no, no, one more minute. One more question.”
I said, “What?”
“Why did the Guru say so?”
I said, “You ask Him directly. We have no relationship, do you remember?” Can you find a more qualified nut than that person? It’s fun to watch people.
It is very difficult for people to admit they are wrong, because once you admit you are wrong, then you have a chance that you will be right. And it’s not as though I can be your judge, and judge you right or wrong. You know you are right or wrong.

bIj mMtRu srb ko igAwn
Beej mantar sarb ko giaan.

-Guru Arjan, from Sukhmani Sahib, Siri Suru Granth Sahib, page 274

The comprehension of the seed of God’s Name is available to everyone.

Every spermatozoa of yours knows how to go around the egg eight times and penetrate. That spermatozoa never went to a university, did it? Did it go to the university and study and come out a graduate, and then go into the human and ejaculate through the penis, and go in with the other millions of them, and then finally reach the egg? And did the egg know how to form itself? When the egg wants to accept the spermatozoa, it takes its shape, to facilitate this little thing to go eight times, and penetrate. So your seed has all knowledge, like a little seed contains the whole tree. So your genetic self contains the entire Infinite Self.
If you remember this line, you’ll project correctly: Your genetic self contains the Infinite Self. Life is like that. A car says, “Seven years guaranteed. Five years guaranteed.” You know what I mean? So your genetic guarantee can be very predetermined. “This man is going to live this much and that much.”
You need fifteen breaths a minute; that’s what you normally take. And when you are excited, emotional, drugged, sexual, sensual, excited, whatever, you go up to twenty-four. Sometimes you go to thirty-one, something like that. It’s very simple mathematics. Suppose you have enough breath of life at the rate of one breath for one year, so you take one breath a minute, you can live fifteen years. Suppose you have breath of life for one hundred years. At fifteen breaths a minute, at that rate, you can live 1500 years. That’s how yogis extend their life—by practicing one breath a minute. When you practice one breath a minute, then you become Pavan Guru— you become the light and knowledge of the prana, and then you know the universe, the universe knows you. That’s why Nanak, the Guru, said:

Pavan Guroo paanee pitaa, maataa dharat mahat
Divas raat du-eh daa-ee daa-i-aa, khay-lai sagal jagat
Changi-aa-ee-aa buri-aa-ee-aa, vaachai dharam hadoor
Karamee aapo aapanee, kay nayrai kay dhoor
Jinee naam dhi-aa-i-aa, ga-ay masakat ghaal
Naanak tay mukh ujalay, kaytee chhutee naal
-Guru Nanak, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 7 (from Slok of Japji Sahib)
Air is the Guru, water the father, and Earth the great mother.
Day and night are two male and female nurses in whose lap the entire world plays.
All of our deeds shall be judged by the Lord of Law,
By our own actions we draw Him near or far.
Those who have meditated on God’s Name will leave this world
after putting toil in the right direction.
Shining are their faces and they save many others.

In this Slok, he totally completes the human anatomy, excellence, process, projection in the most clear words which one can understand. He says it with absolute clarity, sparing nothing.
Guru Nanak salutes God as a yogi, by using the yogi’s salute: Aadays. Aadays means, “I salute Thou.”

Aadays tisai aadays...
I salute Thou. I salute Thou, again and again.
Aad aneel anaad anaahat...
Aad . You are the beginning. Aad. He describes all dimension of limitlessness...
Jug, jug ayko vays.
Remains True through all Ages, through all time.
-Guru Nanak, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 7 (from 30th pauree of Japji Sahib)

God is primal and pure with unknown beginning, Who cannot be destroyed, and Who remains the same in all Ages. Through all time You will remain.

Because he wanted to let everybody know the nature of God and this universe.
When I said, “The Aquarian Age has come, the axle of the Earth changed,” everybody laughed at me. I said, “Fine.” Now they say the axle of the Earth has changed, and the Earth is moving slower. They say it is because we have made dams, and the weight of those consolidated waters has slowed down the movement of the Earth. Can you believe that man can now slow down the Earth? First ask him, “When will you start rotating it?”
I asked one of the same scientists, I said, “Well, do you remember in which year you started rotating the Earth, and what type of gasoline you used?”
He said, “You are joking with me.”
I said, “You are stupid. I’m not joking, I’m telling you.” I said, “I didn’t call you, You called me, because you read my note.”
He said, “That’s true. I want to know, how do you know?”
I said, “The axle of the Earth changes, the momentum of the magnetic field changes. In the Earth, what you call “lava,” or “ferrum” exists, and that changes. And the flare of the sun in relevancy changes.”
Look at your ability to communicate with a walkie-talkie. Sometimes you can get through at a long distance easily, sometimes you can’t. Or with a cell phone, when you go through mountains, you lose communication, then you have communication. Or sometimes on the telephone, you have interference. What are you using? You are using electromagnetic force. Instead of mentally projecting this, you do it through the telephone.
The telephone is nothing but you. The television is nothing but you. People used to have vision, now you have television. But the difference between television and vision is, in your vision you can see what you want to see or not see, with concern for your psyche. In television it is what you are being shown.

Your faculty of projection with your personal reverence will win all for you. That is the path of victory. Play that tape Reality, Prosperity, Ecstasy by Nirinjan. It’s a prayer of prosperity. This is the sound and the word of a most religious woman. Her name is Nirinjan Kaur. Just listen carefully to these lyrics which she sings and go into prayer. This is the prayer of the lotus. Do it. Let us see what happens.
(When it comes to an end, YB asks for the tape Dhuni, and the meditation continues.)
Stop, I want to tell you something.
Do you know what the word “Sat Nam,” actually means? It’s a code number for the Prakirti, the Creation. If you call New Mexico, you have to dial the 505 area code. Do you understand?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: It’s an area code number. Mantra is a code projection to decode the mystery of divinity. And when your mantra is perfect, connection is perfect, you get what it is.
“Wahe Guru” is the code mantra of the Purkha. There are two things, Purkha or Purshaa means Creative God, and all of creative Creation which stimulates itself in existence is called Prakirti. So there are two area code numbers for the human. One is “Sat Nam,”and one is “Wahe Guru.” And there’s a common number, which in Christianity and other religions is used as, “A-men.” Actually it is “Om.” It is not Amen. And Om is not a sound which verbally means anything. It’s called “Common Code.”
You know when you stay in a hotel and you have your own key? And sometimes you lose the key so you call the floor service and they bring the master key to open the door ? And Om is chanted like this. (YB demonstrates how to chant “Om.”) It’s chanted in the conch of the human. It’s not verbal. “Om,” is in “Ek Ong Kaar,” which is what you call an “effective code” of the Om. That’s why Nanak did a wonderful, scientific job, when he added to this Om, “Ek Onnnng Kaar.” He did a fantastic job for the human, so that you may not be debauched about things. He gave you a sense of mastery by giving you this Ek Ong Kaar, because when you chant it, you revitalize the entire brain matter. There are so many things in the skull. It’s not a cantaloupe, and it needs service. These mantras are called “entry codes.”
We’ll talk about it. We’ve done enough for today. Thank you.


YB Teachings, LLC 1996

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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